Majora's Return

31: Battle

Fierce Deity Colin hadn't even blinked when Majora set upon him.

Majora leapt out, long claws outstretched in a deadly attack. Colin managed to sidestep, but the claw cut a part of his new face.

It didn't hurt as much as he thought.

Majora turned around from it's missed attack and dealt a ferocious tentacle whip that DID connect fully. Colin felt his huge body be slammed into one of the playpen's walls like a ragdoll.

The fierce deity winced, but didn't stay down long at all.

Majora fired an explosive energy orb at the child-god that missed narrowly as Colin sidestepped yet again.

The deity glared. Majora had had three shots.

It was his turn now.

Colin drew up his Helix sword and swiped at Majora. There was a blinding flash where it connected. The monster child screamed in pain and leapt away a distance. Fierce Deity Colin smiled and charged towards Majora.

One of Majora's tentacles managed to whip around Colin's legs and throw him into the air again. The Fierce Deity cut the tentacle in two with his sword and fell to the floor with a thump.

Majora winced at the shock, staring at his 'playmate' in disbelief. But he regained himself and let loose a barrage of explosives that he hoped would destroy the deity.

They simply did not.

Colin swiped his sword once again, apparently at thin air. But something had told him to, and a bolt of ice-white lightning ran through the air and hit Majora full blast. The monster shrieked in wrath and pain before counterattacking with a ferocious whip attack.

Majora promptly lost another one of his tentacles.

Colin charged at the insane monster with a determination that he had only gained recently. Majora clawed at his face right before Colin struck him again with his helix sword, sending the monster flying.

The fierce deity leapt up to do a crushing blow, but Majora dodged again and hit Colin with a lightning bolt. The Fierce Deity winced in pain, but counterattacked with a lightning bolt of his own.

Majora was thrown into the playpen's walls with such force that the wall cracked slightly. The monster circled angrily, glaring at Colin as he began charging up another attack to fell his playmate.

Colin struck Majora with a bolt before he could finish charging, and the monster snarled at him for that. He didn't sound remotely like a child anymore.

That didn't stop the Fierce Deity. He charged at Majora, sword in hand, ready to strike again and end Majora's games. Majora wasn't keen on an ending, and dodged.

Now Fierce Deity Colin was between the cracked playpen wall and the very angry Majora. Majora let loose a barrage of energy that forced Colin back hard. However the fierce deity managed to slash away the orbs with his sword...

Only to see the monster leap at him like a kamikaze bull.


Link had only just gotten his mobility back, and stood up, wavering slightly and trying to maintain his standing. The moon no longer seemed to be looking at's eyes seemed somewhat empty.

A ruckus inside the behemoth drove Link's attention away from the moon itself. A huge battle seemed to be going on inside, and Link suddenly remembered that Colin had followed Majora into the moon. Link felt utterly helpless for the first time in a long time when something happened to the back of the moon.

There was an explosion at the back of the moon that drove up several mounds p sand in the air. The moon itself seemed to shudder. Link righted himself at walked to the back of the moon as best he could.

If it wasn't for the size of the creature's fighting, Link would've mistaken it for a schoolboy scuffle. But these were not schoolboys. The monster Link knew to be Majora was clawing at the other man's face, having knocked away a strange sword, and the other man...

Link was puzzled. Was that Colin? The giant in white and black armour that fought like a demon against Majora's attack. Link saw his face for a second and recognized Colin under the dark red tattoos and gulped hard.

Fierce Deity Colin was strong with or without his sword, and he got Majora thrown off quickly. But that was only half the problem. Majora got back up again and charged an attack at the boy.

Colin ran to the Helix sword that Majora had knocked away and picked it up, wielding it to deflect Majora's energy. This caused another scream from the monster and it charged at him again.

Majora's talons hacked at the armour pathetically at Colin slashed with his sword again. This time, the creature's shriek seemed wounded and pathetic. Still, the monster fired another bolt at Colin and was responded by another electric blast from the Deity.

Majora was swaying now, teetering weakly as his energy was depleted at the bolts of his playmate. Majora was determined to go down fighting, and fired another bolt at fierce Deity Colin.

Colin dodged, and the Fierce Deity charged up the most powerful bolt in the world. Even Colin winced at the effort as the sword buzzed with a white energy that buzzed his hands. The sword glowed a blinding white before Link and Majora's disbelieving eyes.

The Fierce Deity fired at Majora and hit hard.

Majora screamed in agony as the bolt connected and fried his body. The monster form that Majora held broke apart like a shattered egg and crumbled into dust.

The moon crumbled away as well, and Link turned around to see the monster's efforts transform into dust before his eyes.

Fierce Deity Colin walked over to where the creature's body had been. He found dust...

And the mask that he had seen the masked boy wear the first time he saw him. The wide eyes stared back at him, almost pleadingly. What they were pleading was unclear, but the Deity knew that it was time to end it all.

Bringing the Helix sword up over his head, Colin pointed the blade at the monstrous mask that had caused so much destruction. In a heartbeat, the helix sword came down and drove itself into the mask.

There was a final monstrous scream as a blinding ray of light came from the mask. Then the mask exploded with such force that even the giant Colin was thrown back like a leaf.

The Fierce Deity mask was thrown off his face to be buried forever in the sands as Colin slammed into the ground hard. Link had to shield his eyes from the light, and he opened them to see his young friend unconscious on the sands.


Colin was dreaming a strange dream. He was back in the field again, and the masked boy was facing him, the eyes of the mask seemingly dead.

The boy removed the mask.

Majora looked a lot like Colin under the mask, but with red hair and a torn face that had seen a lot of suffering and been through a lot of pain. The boy stared at Colin for a short time before speaking.

"Umm...Can I ask a question?"

There was nothing happy, insane or mocking about his voice this time...he was perfectly sincere now, nothing to laugh or cry about.

Colin nodded.

"Well...How do you...I mean...well...How...

How do you know you're good or evil?"

Colin couldn't answer. The unmasked boy stared at his feet sadly for a bit. But he raised his head again, a sincere smile on his face.

"I guess it doesn't matter now..."

The boy began to fade, as well as the field, into a bright white light. The light was peaceful and calm, all the masked boy had ever really wanted.

"Thanks little buddy."

"You're welcome..." Colin managed to speak before falling into an unconscious darkness.

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