Majora's Return

32: Festival

Colin woke up in Telma's bar. He couldn't help remarking that this was where he had hoped to be all along this whole time. He chuckled humourlessly.

"Good news Rusl! Colin's awake."

Telma's voice brought him back to reality. He suddenly panicked as to what his father would do. He had disobeyed and nearly got himself killed. Now what?

But Rusl wasn't angry when he came by his son's bed. There was an air of relief and pride as he sat down and looked at his son the hero.

There was still a somewhat uncomfortable silence for what seemed like hours before Colin had the nerve to speak up.

"Dad, I'm sor-"

He was interrupted by one of his dad's powerful hugs.

"Don't be. You did me proud. Link told me about it. I'm just glad you're OK."

Colin was puzzled, but smiled before long.

Talo burst into the scene with his fish mask. "Hey Colin, ya gonna sit in here all day? There's a festival happening! C'mon!"


"It's OK Colin. You need to get out anyway." Rusl raised his son up and led him out the door.

The cheery sounds of the carnival reached Colin's ears, and he smiled. A crazy boy who knew what he was talking about once told him that he could only have fun like a child for a little time. And he was right.

Colin was troubled about the memory of Majora. He was glad that the monster had been destroyed forever, but he secretly hoped that the masked boy had found peace at last.

Colin laughed as a clown promptly fell down in front of his house and fireworks and dancers were heard in the square. No-one could harbour troubled thoughts here and now.

Link had something to do before he joined the festivities.

Making his way through the crowd quietly, he made his way to the mask shop where the salesman had helped him and Colin.

When he arrived, however, the shop was deserted.

There were no masks on the door or windows, and the booths that had been there a day before had vanished into nothingness. The shop was almost totally empty, as though no-one had lived there.


A black crate was in the centre of the empty shop, and Link walked up to it. A white mask with swirling symmetrical patterns was on top.

Link opened the crate.

There were several masks there. A fox mask, a Goron mask, a Zora mask, a stone mask, a mask with a single red eye and more. They all seemed to buzz with an ancient energy.

A letter was on top of all the masks, addressed to Link and Colin.

The letter read...

"These masks belonged to the ancient hero.

Thank you."

Nothing else.

Link stared at the crate shortly before returning to the carnival, planning to come back to pick up the gift from the salesman later.

Teeka popped another chestnut into his mouth as he watched the fireworks from his tree in the field.

There must be magicians at the six-peaked mountain as well, to create such lightshows. Maybe he should look closer later. Maybe he'd see those shapeshifter's again.

The lightshow carried on into the night, a happy celebration of another year in which Hyrule lived and prospered, thanks to the courage of it's heroes.


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