Majora's Return

3: Reunions

Link had paused in Hyrule field just before he came into Castle Town. He had stayed the night there, sleeping under the stars. A bulbin once approached him, but then ran off without the slumbering hero noticing him.

Now it was dawn, and Hyrule castle was within sight. Link calmly packed up his gear and rode Epona into town.

It was actually good to be back. He couldn't wait to see his friends again.

Jairek popped into the Princess's chamber nervously, hoping under his breath that Zelda had already changed. To his relief, she had.

"S-sorry about the intrusion, milady, but one of the guards has spotted Link coming towards town on the west side."

Zelda got up out of bed and stretched. "It's early morning...good, I guess. Every other human creature is still asleep. Come on, Jairek. Let's give the Hero of Hyrule a quiet welcome before things get crazy."

"Yes, Milady. Right this way."

Link, having hitched his horse outside the gate, ambled into castle town. It was still too early for most people to be out and about, and the only person in sight was a red-haired salesman that was busy on a shop door.

Link made a few mental notes of the places he should go. Telma's, to say hello to the barkeeper and possibly the remainder of the force that had aided him, Jovani's for some income, he should probably avoid his fan club on the East side, and then he should head to Ordon...

"Mr. Link?"

Link turned around to see a blond young man in a fancy coat walking up to him.

"Mr. Link, my name is Jairek, I'm the Queen's aide...Um, she has requested a private audience with you before Hyrule knows you're here..."

Link nodded. "OK."

"Follow me, please." Jairek ambled towards the castle, nodding politely to the new salesman on his way. Link followed closely as they set off to Hyrule Castle.

Zelda was waiting by the fountain. She gave a playful smile and chuckled "Welcome to Hyrule, noble stranger! This is Hyrule castle. You wouldn't recognize it, it's been rebuilt after a very nasty band of monsters arrived and took over it. A bold young wolf came and saved everybody...pray tell, have you seen this wolf? He disappeared about a year ago."

Link laughed along. Jairek excused himself as the Hero and ruler of Hyrule sat down together to talk.

"So where did you go?"


Zelda raised an eyebrow. "A Hero of few words."

Link replied. "Quiet places of peace, so I don't really have any exciting stories to tell. I can't even remember the name..."

"That's alright. But tell me...why did you leave so soon?"

Link lowered his head and said nothing.

Zelda sighed. "You can tell me."

"I-I just needed to think, I needed to reason, relax...everything had happened so fast...I needed some peace... I-I wanted"

Zelda looked at him gently and said one word. "Midna."

"Y-yes, Midna. I needed to come to terms with what she did, why she could've done it...why she said 'See you Later'..."

There was a silence, and then Zelda spoke up. "So are you going to try and find a way to get back into the Twili realm?"

Link shook his head. "No, she severed the connection between the realms for a reason. I may never know why, but I respect her, so I'll respect that reason."

Zelda smiled again. "You have moved on."

Link chuckled. "I think so. Besides, I was getting Homesick."

Zelda stood up. "Well, you're just in time. We're putting together a carnival for the New Year, we're all celebrating. Your friends from Ordon and Kakariko will be coming."

Link smiled and got up. "That's great! Can't wait to see them."

"We'll make your triumphant return public at the carnival. If you want to keep a low profile until then, than..."

"Sure. I was just going over to Telma's to request a room to stay in for tonight. I can make it a few days..."

"By all means."

Link politely got up and walked out. He was halfway through he gates when he called back to Zelda.

"And if I see the wolf, I'll give him your regards!"

Zelda was laughing all the way to her room.

"We'll be at Hyrule tomorrow morning, children. Rest up."

Talo blinked. "I thought you got from Castle Town to Kakariko in one night?"

Renado chuckled. "That wasn't me, that was Telma, Link and Ilia. Those were extreme circumstances. Besides, we're in no hurry."

The cart from Ordon had met up with Renado, Luna and a group of Gorons that were heading to Hyrule as well. They were resting for the night by their carts.

"Well, I'm in a hurry t' see Link again!" Colin stated.

Ilia chuckled. "Me too. I need to talk to him about something..."

"Me too!"

"Me Three!"

Ilia and Colin almost jumped in surprise as Talo revealed himself. The irrepressible youth laughed aloud at their shock before trouncing off to his parents.

Colin caught his breath. "I wish he wouldn't do that...I still don't like surprises..."

Rusl overheard. "You'll have to get used to them if you wanna be like Link."

Colin nodded uncertainly. "I guess so..."

"Sometimes the time to be brave comes as a surprise."

Viscen had slept off his encounter with the Mask, not quite remembering exactly what had happened. He had heard about Link's return from the grapevine, and he was inwardly seething.

"We'll have to postpone our plan" he told the mask. "The farmboy's here, so I'll have to make him leave somehow. Then we can do our job, mask."

Goody. Goody. Heehee. I can wait for a little bit.

Viscen stared at the mask that was hanging on the wall. "By the way, how do you plan to come up with a monster?"

A giggle erupted from the mask. Oh, I have my ways. You'll know it when you see it. So what do I - aheheh - It do?

Viscen relayed the plan to Majora's mask quickly.

Hyrule castle town and everyone who lived there was in for a rude surprise.

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