Majora's Return

5: Preparations

Viscen paced his house impatiently, thinking. How could he get the farmboy to leave? He needed a good excuse...

Majora was also getting impatient. What was so important about his farmboy, anyway? Why couldn't they just charge now? He could handle anything that stood in his way. Heeheehee.

Suddenly, Viscen stopped. "Of course! The Bulbins! All I have to do is tell them they've been raiding at night, and he'll head over to the desert to confront them and their leader! No-one will miss those miserable barbarians anyway. It's perfect! I'm in!" Viscen quickly made for the door, rehearsing what he would say to the, not the farmboy, he'd get suspicious. Better he heard it through the grapevine...the guard at the east gate was a better idea.

As Viscen walked out, the Mask let out an audible sigh. Finally. Soon, they would be playing.


Link was inside the upper part of Telma's bar, puzzling over whether or not he should put the mysterious wolf mask on or not, when someone knocked at the door.

"Who is it?"

"One of the Hyrule guards. Markis. I need t' tell you somethin."

The hero of hyrule opened his room's door. The somewhat small, clean-shaven guard was looking at him with awe.

"Wow, so you're...uh, anyway, you know those Bulbin savages?"

"Yes, I defeated their leader. I thought they left us alone nowadays."

"They do, mostly, but they've been raiding some travellers recently...Last night, I was told. Our captain Viscen is worried they might attack at the carnival...get some of the food. He thinks you should warn them to stay away...They respect you, right?"

"They follow the strongest side...alright, I suppose I could head over to the desert to warn them..."

"Don't bother."

Link looked at the guard carefully. "What?"

"You don't need to go to the darkness. I dunno if Viscen knows this or not, but their chieftain comes down to Lake Hylia every so often to get fish, we set up a guard to watch him. I think he'll be down today, so you can just head over there now."

"Ok." Link went back into his room and suited up.

"Um,...can I say something, sir?" The guard asked nervously.


"Ummmm...It was an honor meeting you, really. All you did, while I had lost my nerve and was snivelling like a coward with the other soldiers...T-thank you." With that, the guard turned to leave.

"You're welcome."


Colin was showing Ilia the mask he had bought when another kid ran into the picture, grabbing the mask from their hands.

"Hey! Give that back!"

The swarthy, chubby bully retorted back. "Or what? Yer little hero babysitter gonna get me? Hahah! I Know ya, weakling! Yer not a hero at all, ya wimpo! Whiner! Chicken! Idiot!"

Colin could only growl in response. He would not cry. Wouln't give the bully the satisfaction.

The boy was a bit insulted that this kid hadn't cried, and turned around and ran into Colin's Hero babysitter.

"Yipe! Sir!"

Link, who had seen everything, simply grabbed the mask back from him and shot him a warning glare that sent shivers down Mak's spine. Mak was the boy's name, and he was well known as a troublemaker.

"Don't do that again." Link walked over to Colin and Ilia and returned the mask to them.

Mak growled sulkily as he stomped away. "Babysitter. When I see that kid agin, I'll Make him Cry! No-one doesn't cry fer Mak!"

Link returned the smiling mask to Ilia. "It's good to see you again, Ilia."

"You too, Link. Listen, can you spare a moment? I need to talk to you for a second..."

"Uh...sure, Ilia."

Ilia smiled nervously and shook her head. "When I saw you off, you seemed a bit eager to told me it was because you needed some time alone..."

"I-I did, and I'm back now...What is it Ilia, what's wrong?"

"You've changed Link. It's not that it's worse or anything, and I can't blame you, everybody's changed, Colin's changed, but... Well, your not the boy I knew in Ordon..."

Link's face fell. Upon seeing this, Ilia quickly regained herself.

"It's not bad, I feel I need to know you all over again, You'll always be my friend I mean you're a good person but I want to know you better I mean -"

"Ummm, Ilia?" Colin nervously spoke up.

Suddenly becoming aware of Colin's presence, Ilia blushed embarrasingly, as did Link. Ilia slowly calmed down and started over.

"I'm sorry...This is not a good time to talk. Um, why don't we talk later...tonight. Yes, tonight. That'll be good. We'll catch up. Sorry to delay you, you were heading somewhere, right?"

"Just to Lake Hylia. I'll be back soon."

"Oh...Ok. See you. And Link..."

"Yes Ilia?"

"Keep Epona safe for me, Ok?"

That broke the discomfort, and Link smiled again. " I will." Link mounted his good horse and left quickly. Ilia and Colin watched him go.

So did Viscen, smiling. He went back to his house and the mask.


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