Majora's Return

6: The return

Link saw the Bulbin king and two of his followers fishing on one of Lake Hylia's small islands. He made his way down there swiftly. Immediately one of the Bulbin guards spotted him, and notched an arrow to his primitive bow.

Luckily, King Bulbin saw him too, and grabbed and twisted the guards arm painfully. "No, No Fool! Leave him!" The Bulbin king had been defeated by the hero too many times for him to think of him as anything but a being to be respected.

Link came up to the obese king with his sword drawn. "Hello."

"Hullo." The creature shooed his guards away. "Go fish other place. No try anything. Talk with him. Go!" The guard whose arm he had wrenched walked away sullenly. The Bulbin King turned to Link respectfully. "Why need you see me?"

Link glared at the king. "I was told your raiders were attacking at nightfall. i told you to leave Hyrule alone after I defeated Ganondorf."

The fat king shrugged. "We have. I ordered my soldiers to at least, but they go down to field to catch birds, out of my control. If they have attacked any, they will be punished, sir."

"Hmmm." Link was troubled, but knew the king wouldn't lie to him. "One more thing...stay away from here for the week, PERIOD. We are having a celebration, and I will not take kindly to anything interfering, whether it's under your control or not, Bulbin."

The fat king raised an eyebrow. "Party? We had party in Gerudo desert last night. All Bulbins were there, no trouble in field."

Link started. All the Bulbins? He was told there was an attack last night..."Are you sure all your soldiers were there with you? Someone told me that Bulbins had raided last night..."

"Someone lied. All Bulbins there. My celebration. All who don't arrive are killed. All know this. No Bulbins in Hyrule field."

"Uh...keep it that way for the week."

"Any Bulbins in Hyrule yours to punish. Give my word. I follow strongest side...word to you good." the king shuffled off to carry his catches back to Gerudo.

Link was puzzled. The guard had told him that Bulbins had attacked last night... or rather, that Viscen had told him.

Why would he lie?


Colin was practising with his sword outside Hyrule gates, much to the bemusement of a few passers by.

"Look at the boy, trying to be a hero!"

"Is that sword too heavy?"

"What can he do? He's a little boy."

Colin groaned under his breath. He knew he was young, why did they have to rub it in?

"Ignore them."

Colin expected Link to have said that, but when he turned around it was the bizarre salesman standing there, as if he had appeared out of nowhere.

"They forget all too soon that when the first hero saved Hyrule, he was really your age. You actually look very much like him."

'Er...Thanks, mister."

"Don't worry about it. And as I said before, don't listen to what they say about your age. Just believe in your strengths, believe..." He looked into the distance and Colin could swear he saw his persistant smile dissappear, "You'll need them soon..."

Colin shrugged him off and turned towards the dummy he was using. When he turned back a moment later, though, the salesman had vanished.


Viscen had shaved, washed his uniform and sharpened his spear in anticipation. Zelda saw him, all clean and standing dutifully at the gates to Hyrule castle.

"Good Morning, Milady." Viscen said with forced respect.

"Good morning, Viscen. I trust you received the letter that was sent?"

"Yes milady. I understand, but I'm a bit insulted that you would think I would step out of line. I would guard you with my life."

"Let's hope so." The wise queen sensed something was up, but she couldn't put her finger on it...


The sentry shrill, paniked voice startled Zelda and Viscen to attention.

"There's a monster approaching the city! Guards, Viscen, watch the queen! Everyone else, get to the South gate, and order an evacuation! I don't know where Link is, but I hope he gets back soon! Guards!"


The monster looked like a huge man with red, blue, green and purple tattoos that seem to have been scrawled into doodles on his purple body. Horns potruded from his sides and the top of his head. Three green eyes with an insane glint were placed over a mouth filloed with sharp, yellow teeth shifted into an evil smile. Fierce claws and two tentacles waved menacingly as the creature lumbered towards the gate. The creature chattered to itself under it's breath.

"Straight on to the castle, attack the pretty princess, let Visc-whathisname hit me, dissappear. Heeeheeheeheheeee this is gonna be so much FUN! HAHAHAHAHEEEE!"

The guard at the south gate had the sense to bar the gate when he saw the monster coming and alert the sentrys. This didn't matter to the monster, simply destroying the gate like matchsticks with an energy blast.

"What a Loooousy door! What is this? HaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEEEEEEWOOHOO! On to the big shiny castle! Wahooooooooo!"

Colin heard the laugh over the loud noises of the panicing crowd as they haphazardly ran through the town trying to escape.

"Get me otta here!'"It's coming this way!""Where's the hero?""HEEEEEELLLLLLP!""Run for it!"

"COLIN!" Rusl ran up to his young son in a relived panic. "There you are! Listen, I'll see what I can do to stop this's headed towards the castle. Get your sister and the others out as fast as you can! And see if you can get a message to Link!"

Colin sorely wanted to help his father, but he wasn't going to argue with him in the least. He ran to Talo, Malo and Beth, who were huddling with Uli by the shop.

"C'mon guys let's get out of here!"

"Don't Haveta tell me twice!" Talo picked himself up and started running towards the West gate with Beth and Malo. Uli and Colin started, then noticed something.

"Aliyah! Where is she?"

Colin looked around and saw that his new sister was not among the crowds who were pushing and shoving towards the gates. Colin ran up and stopped Talo.

"Where's Aliyah?"

"I-I dunno! She was at the playground in the new school when I saw her..." Horror gripped Talo. "OH no. The school's on the South side - where that monster's coming in!"

Colin had bolted towards the south side before Talo could finish the sentence.

"Colin? Don't do anything stupid - Colin, Wait!" Talo took off after his brother as Uli watched them run.

"Please be ok...all of you...please help them..."


Majora was having the time of his life triapsing through down and destroying all that he saw. After all those years suspended on that wall behind that suffocating tapestry, this was the life! Wahahahheeheewoohoo! Majora was dancing around happily as the buildings fell around him.

Then he saw her.

A young infant, rather obliviously playing with blocks in the middle of the road. Majora stared at her for a short time, watching her happily placing the blocks on top of each other in a world of her own. Unconcerned, happy, peaceful of mind...

Envy replaced Majora's previous joy. His grinning face transformed into a fearsome scowl as he chargede towards the girl ferociously.

Colin saw the monster charge at his sister with a horrible glint in his eyes and didn't stop to think. Picking up a sword that was oddly placed on the ground, he charged towards the space between Aliyah and the monster as Talo watched horrified.

Colin placed himself, sword pointed upwards, between the small girl and the charging monster, determined to protect his sister. He pointed the sword at the monster and faced him.

Talo was expecting the monster to knock Colin out of the way and keep charging, hopefully overstepping Aliyah, but he was also hoping the monster would impale himself on the sword Colin was holding out. Instead, something that no-one expected occured.

The monster stopped, dead in it's tracks, and stared at Colin with wide eyes.

Colin found himself looking into the green pupils of the monster and saw genuine shock and suprise. He also noticed the eye designs on the creatures chest...two yellow eyes with green pupils that were staring directly at Colin, as if he was someone the monster recognized well. The creature seemed to know him...or at least thought he knew him.

They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity, and Talo took the oppurtunity to drag off Aliyah from the way. The two of them ran towards the exit with a renewed speed.

Colin found himself unable to tear his gaze away from the creature's eyes, as they started to warp into a vicious glare.

"YOU." the creature finally spoke with a snarl that was scarcely human, but sounded disturbingly young.

Colin was disturbed. Who did this monster think he was?

An evil smile placed itself on the monsters mouth. "What a suprise. It's been a long time..." Two powerful energy orbs appeared in the monster's hands.

That broke the spell. Colin thrust his sword into the creature's and then turned around to run as the monster let out a squeal of agony.

Majora regained himself quickly. He healed fast, and he stared at the running boy with the sword. Yes, This was him, Alright.

"That was mean..."

Majora ran off after Colin, Viscen and the plan totally forgotten.

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