Majora's Return

7: Hide and seek

"But your Majesty - "

"Sorry Viscen. I have to be out there. I am not a princess to cower and hide when my people are in trouble."

"Your Majesty..." Viscen mumbled under his breath. This wasn't part of the plan, this wasn't supposed to happen.

"No, Viscen. Jairek, get my arrows. I'll see to this monster." Zelda left quickly and took her light arrows.

Viscen looked around nervously. This wasn't happening...the monster hadn't arrived and the princess was not keen on being protected. The plan was ruined...What was that monster doing?


Colin ran faster and faster, but the monster seemed to be right on his heels as he ducked and dove through the alleyways of castle town. No matter where or how far he ran, the monsters mocking meritone sounded like it was right behind him.


Majora was hell-bent on catching the boy with the sword that he had 'recognized'. But from the way he was talking, it considered this run little more than another game.


Colin darted into an alleyway where a barrel and a ladder were nearby. Not daring to catch his breath, he formed an impromptu plan.

"Talo! Aliyah!"

Rusl caught his son's friend and his daughter as they ran out from the castle town exit. Suddenly he noticed someone was missing.

"Where's Colin?"

Talo gasped out spasmodically. ""

"OK KIDDO!" the most hideous child's voice rang out that minute. "Where'd you go?"

Rusl didn't think twice. He took his sword and charged towards the monster and his son.

Majora turned the corner, expecting to see the scared child backed up against a corner with that miserable sword clutched in his hand. Instead, he saw a barrel and several crates.

Majora chuckled. Could it really just come down to this?

"Hide-and-seek, Hm? I LOVE Hide-n-seek. I always win at hide-and-seek. Aheeheehee..." The creature promptly ripped out the top of the barrel and found it empty.

"Awwwwwww..." Disappointed, Majora turned his attention to the crates.

"Geee...I wonder where you can be..." Majora blasted the empty crates with orbs of energy. Another disappointment.

"I Know you're here...I'm gonna find you!"

But Colin wasn't there at all. He had climbed the ladder and was on the rooftop of one of the buildings. He watched the monster with mute fascination, praying that it didn't look up. Colin then noticed a loose stone on the roof. Without any other real plan, he decided to throw it.

The monster looked around the alley puzzled.

"Gee, wonder where he could be?"

The monster was promptly answered by a stone on top of his head. It didn't faze him at all, and he quickly looked up to see Colin.

"Cute. Real cute." Menacingly, Majora began clambering up the ladder towards Colin.

Suddenly, he was startled by a sword to his back. Turning around speedily, he saw another swordsman behind him.


"Colin, run?" Rusl was immediately knocked out by one of Majora's claws. The monster began to speed up towards the boy.

"I'm gonna get you..."

Link was on his way back from the lake when he saw the crowds around Hyrule from afar. He sped up and charged towards them.

Colin was cornered. The Monster was on the roof with him, and he was too high up to jump. He held the sword out desperately. The monster cackled insanely, chattering away.

"Thought I was dead, didn't ya? Thought you'd never see me again, huh?"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about!"

"What, ya don't recognize me? It's me, MAJORA! I'm back! Miss me?" Majora began charging up another energy blast when something far away caught his eye.

A swordsman in green. Majora looked again...yes, it was the same outfit, but he was clearly older and bigger. It was definately him, though...or at least a dead ringer for him, anyway.

"Wait a minute...who-"

That was as far as Majora got. One of Queen Zelda's light arrows hit it's target and Majora screamed in pain.


Another arrow made contact, and Majora decided that this was not a good place to be.

Colin saw the monster grin and wink at him before it disappeared.

"See ya later!" came from the creatures mouth before the monster dissolved into what appeared to be squares of shadow that sped upwards and outwards, leaving behind a very relieved but also very worried boy.

"See you later?"

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