Majora's Return

8: Recuperations

Uli and Rusl were all too eager to make sure their son was alright and keep him that way. Giving him medicine that he didn't really need and trying to keep him in or out of the sun like most parents do.

"I'm fine, dad. Really.""Are you sure? Did it do anything to you? What happened?"

Colin related the story to them as calmly as he could, being sure to point out the monster's reaction to Link's return and its name.

"Majora? I never heard of such a beast...who do you suppose it thought you were?"

"I dunno, and I don't really care. Long as it's gone.""Let's hope it is gone."

Colin turned around to see Link striding up.

"Hey Link...where were you?"

'At the lake...a guard told me that the Bulbins were threatening to raid our festival."

"Oh. Well, don't worry about missing this, nobody's hurt." Rusl reassured him.

"That's good...still, seems funny."

Suddenly they were all called to attention as Queen Zelda made an announcement.

"Friends, countrymen, townspeople...we must not let this strange attack deter us from our community or our obligations. I thank the gods no-one was hurt, and the damage was low. We must repair, but we must prepare for our celebration. Hyrule will continue."

The impromptu speech was not her best, but everyone agreed with her. Soon the townspeople spread out to their respective duties, and the ordonians were left to relax by a large tree just outside the town.

Bo let out a sigh. "Well, we're all okay. C'mon, let's get something to eat."

"You go ahead." Colin told them. "I'll catch up, I need to rest."

"Alright. Stay there." Link and Rusl followed their friends into castle town for a good meal.

Colin sat back and looked at the sky. That was a nightmarish experience, to be sure. But he was okay, that was what was important. But something still troubled him...

See ya later...


Colin suddenly felt someone push on him from behind. He was startled to say the least. He turned around to see who had 'tagged' him.

A boy his own age was behind him. He was wearing a similar outfit and was wearing a mask. That was all Colin could note before the boy darted off swiftly out of Colin's sight.

Colin shook his head in bewilderment before sitting back down. A short time later, he was surprised by the boy appeared in front of him upside-down.

"Ya know, you're supposed to come after me!"

"Wha-" Colin nearly jumped out of skin with shock, and then calmed down. "Don't do that."

"Do what?" The boy asked, his heart-shaped mask rotating slightly in curiosity.

"Scare me. I don't like surprises."

'Pity. I love'em." The boy popped down from the tree with remarkable agility and righted himself.

Colin got his first good look at the boy. He was redheaded, and was wearing an ordonian outfit that seemed to have been dragged through every thornbush in Hyrule. Scrawny arms peeked out of the weathered sleeves and his shorts had frayed edges. He was wearing a heart shaped mask with spikes all over it, and had big yellow eyes with green pupils.

The boy spoke up again. "You wanna play? I'm bored."

"Uhhhh...sorry, maybe later. I gotta catch up to my friends..." Something about this child was setting him on edge.

Colin half expected an angry retort, but the masked boy just shrugged. "Ok. Later, then. We'll have lots of fun. Heehee."

Colin walked in the direction that his friends had walked earlier, feeling the masked boy's eyes bore into the back of his neck. He quickened his pace and ran into Mak.

Mak promptly pushed Colin down meanly. "There ya are! Been lookin' fer ya, pipsqueak! Ya gonna cry now?"

"No." Colin picked himself up and started off again.

Mak turned to go after him, then saw another kid standing on the path, one he didn't recognize.

"Huh. Must be the pipsqueak's brother. He'll be easier." Mak pushed off towards the masked boy in the field.

The boy turned towards him. "Do you want to play?"

Mak laughed. "Oh yeah, I want to play. My game."

"Sounds fun. What do I do?"

"You CRY." Mak shoved him down and let out a string of insults. "Wimpo! Idiot! C'mon, get up, pathetico! Let's keep playin'! Hahahah!"

"This isn't fun..." the masked boy growled.

Mak was startled by how menacing this boy sounded, but he was about to keep on him when Colin reappeared.

"Leave him alone!" Colin demanded.

'Or what? Ya gonna hit me? You hit like a girl!" Mak laughed. "Ya ran like a coward when that monster arrived, Colin!"

"You ran too!" Colin shouted back.

"Yeah right. C'mon!" Mak was winding up for a punch when he suddenly tripped. He looked and saw the masked boy giggling heartily.

"You'll pay fer that!" Mak charged at the boy, but something stopped him again.

"MAK!" A rather large woman was standing outside the gate in an irate temper. She had her hands on her hips and was glaring at Mak.

"Mo- er, I mean, Aunt Magg-"

'Quiet scamp! I've called you five times! Get over here now!"

Mak scampered off embarrassed, throwing Colin and the boy a dirty glare.

Colin relaxed and the masked boy let out a merry laugh.

"hahaheeheewoohoo! Lookit him! He's scared o' his mommy! HaHEEEEeeeee!" the boy then turned towards Colin. "Hey, good job. Ya really saved 'im."

Colin shrugged and put his head down. "Thanks, I just - wait...saved him? What are you...?"

But when Colin looked up, he was alone. The masked boy was nowhere to be seen.

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