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Muggle friends go to Hogwarts


A bunch of normal students catch a Wizard using magic in London and follow him, finding themselves in a school called Hogwarts. Join them on there journey to help Harry save Hogwarts using muggle methods and lots of pranks. What could go wrong?

Humor / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Kaitlyn’s POV

“KAITLYN WAKE UP”, My eyes shot open to see my mother standing at the door.

“Mmm….five more minutes” I groaned and pulled a pillow over my head.

“NO NOW, YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE!!!”,My mother yelled as she ripped the pillow off my face.

“Fine I’m up I’m up” I yawned.

“You are so ungrateful” She mumbled under her breathe, Just loud enough for me to hear. Ignoring her I got out of bed grabbed my towel and headed towards the shower.


I went down stairs after my shower grabbed a piece of toast and my bag than headed to the car with my mum. We sat in the car in silence as we drove to my school. I got out of the car said goodbye to my mum and walked through the school gate. When I entered the school gate I saw one of my best friends Maddy.

“Hi Maddy”, I waved and walked over to her.

“Hi Kaitlyn”, Maddy greeted with a smile as we headed towards our lockers. When we finished grabbing our stuff for class we headed to the library to wait for the bell. When we walked in Maddy and I were greeted by our friends. My best friend Savannah and my other friends Jane, Rosion, Tiffany, Vincent, Thomas, Matt and Jamie.

“Hey guys”, I greeted as I walked over to the table and sat down.

“Hey Kaitlyn” Savannah greeted.

“What are you doing?”, I asked curiously as I looked at my two friends Jane and Rosion as they try to rip the playing cards out of each other's hands.

“Well we were playing snap until Jane and Roisin started ripping the cards out of each other’s hands”,Vincent explained.

“Oh Okay...so what are you doing then?”, I asked looking at the notebook he is writing in.

“Homework” Vincent answered still writing in his book. I then realized what he said.

“Wait we had homework?”, I asked nervously.

“*sigh* you forgot didn’t you”, Savannah sighed

“What no…..yeah I forgot”, I whispered.

“Ding….Dong” The bell for the beginning of class rang.

‘Arrgh and hell begins’ I thought.

*TIME SKIP* (to lunch time)

“So… you gonna eat that?” I asked, peering over Vincent’s shoulder at the bag of pringles he was carrying. He held it protectively around his chest, arms clenched tight around it.

“You still haven’t paid me back for my pocky, Munster,” he stated, accusingly.

I let out a small pout. “You don’t make Savannah pay you back.”

“That’s because she “helped” me (cough cheated cough) with my overdue religion homework”, Vincent answered.

“Hey let’s sit over there” I pointed to the empty table in the shade and ran towards it as everyone else followed me. We all sat down and started talking about class and other things until the bell rang telling us it’s play time.

“Well,” I said with a sigh, stretching my arms. “I’m going to work on my yaoi fanfiction during class”.

Vincent made a grossed out face while Jane peered over his shoulder, interested.

“Ooh about who?” Jane asked.

“Thomas and Jamie” I answered.

“Thamie is real” Roisin piped in.

“So...do you guys want to walk to the shops after school?” I asked as I stood up and after they all agreed I went to class.

*TIME SKIP*(End of school)

After I went to my locker and grabbed my school bag and spare clothes then headed to the school bathroom. After I was finished changing out of my uniform and into some comfortable clothes I waited at the front gate for my friends.

“Hey Kaitlyn” I heard a voice shout behind me. I turned around to see Savannah waving at me with the rest of my friends behind her. I walked over to them. “Are you ready for the shops?” Savannah asked.

“Yep let’s go” I answered walking in front of everyone leading the way. As I was walking along I saw a bright light flash out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and started walking to where I saw the light.

“Where are you going?” Vincent asked.

“I thought I saw something through the window of that house” I answered walking over to the house to the window.

“Kaitlyn you can’t just look through someone's window” Savannah whispered yelled.

“It’ll be fine know one can see us” I assured her. “I’m just going to take a peak”. I looked through the tiny gap in the window and saw a dragon. A fucking, real life dragon.

Its scales were a deep crimson with scarlet tips, and it had yellow eyes that burned like the sun. There was a strange man; a huge, hulking figure with messy dark hair and a full, bushy beard. The strange man was cooing at it and stroking its head, as if it was a pet.

“Holy shit…” I muttered to myself in shock. “Holy fucking shit.”

Vincent peered over the window his dark eyes widened in shock. “Is that a…?” he questioned.

I nodded silently, jolting as it suddenly dawned on me. “Dragons are fucking real… Dragons are fucking real.”

Thomas looked excited, and I could see a sort of mischievous mania swirl around in his eyes. “Let's follow him,” he hissed in excitement.

Savannah looked agast. “Absolutely not. What we need to do is call the cops.”

Jamie shook his head. “I agree with Thomas; I’m following him.”

The figure then turned his head towards the window, and we all ducked our heads down. Savannah looked frightened, her eyes filled with fear behind her glasses.

“Oh shit,” she muttered to herself, her voice shaking. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit.”

“Geez can you try and calm down you're going to have a heart attack” I whispered to Savannah trying to calm her down. While Savannah was trying to calm down The huge man started walking somewhere. “Well come on let’s follow him” I whispered as I started walking slowly and carefully after the strange man trying not to be seen as the others followed close behind. After following him for a while he stopped at a decent looking house and knocked at the door with loud bangs from the strength in his hands. Finally the man went in, and we all shared scared, anticipated glances with each other. I inched a little closer, desperate to find out what was going on. At first there was nothing but silence, but a few minutes later, I heard screaming.


Savannah shrunk back, shaking, and I took a step in her direction; a protective reflex. “Wh… what was that?” she stammered.

“I don’t know,” Vincent muttered in response. He opened his mouth to say more, but then screaming erupted from the house.

“HE HAS A TAIL! HE HAS A TAIL!” A feminine, scratchy voice shrieked. I walked closer to the house to listen to there conversation. I peeked through the window. ‘This is the second time today I have looked through someone's window I feel like a stalker’ I thought. In the window the strange man was standing next a small looking boy with glasses and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. The boy looked really pale like he hasn’t been in the sun for days. The boy was standing there laughing as a tall woman started chasing the boy that looks around the same age as the skinny one but had a pig tail.

“What the….” The rest of the group came up behind me and looked through the window. The small skinny boy around the same age as us stopped laughing and turned towards the strange man.

“Who are you?” the boy asked

“My name is Hagrid I have been given orders from professor Dumbledore to take you to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Hagrid answered. ‘Why does that school sound familiar’ I thought

“Witchcraft and wizardry?” The boy questioned with a confused look.

“Yes you’re a wizard Harry” Hagrid told the small skinny boy named Harry. After a while Harry and Hagrid began to leave the house again. Hagrid grabbed a weird cup out of his pocket and held it in front of Harry. “Grab a hold of this, it is a portkey that will take us to Hogwarts” Hagrid explained.

“Hey guys when I say now I want everyone to grab a hold of the cup okay” I told the group in a whisper so only they could here. They all nodded in reply and waited for me to say the word.”okay…….NOW” I yelled just as the Hagrid and Harry were about to disappear we all grabbed onto the cup. Everything around us started to disappear and now looked like we were in a large brown cloud until Hagrid yelled to let go. After I let go I started to fall as did my friends after me and then everything went black.

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