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Primus Promise

By movieexpert1978

Action / Scifi

Primus Promise

Ch. 1: Discovery

The base had been abandoned quickly with the autobots arrival. There were no signs of the unnatural intruders. Dragons were supposed to be myth and legend. Nobody could explain their natural existence, not even a Cybertronian historian or scientist. There were many theories for their existence. They could have been lost sparks that had taken formation. They could have been the early ancestors on Cybertron and that human forms had been their evolutionary form. They even went so far as to say that seekers were the closest ancestors to dragons. Of course there was never a conclusion and dragons were in near extinction from the Great War.

The team split up to look around the base and see if anything was useful. Optimus Prime went into a room that looked like it could be used by a scientist. Lots of equipment were scattered over the counters and floor. There was a monitor present and Optimus pressed down on the surface and was surprised to feel that it was very warm from recent use. He pressed several buttons and finally it turned on. The screen showed several tabs with files on them. One of them read: Elisa I.

He clicked it and a video appeared on the screen. The camera was pointed at a small dragon that was a light blue color with a dark blue helm.

"We are starting to begin the first stage of progression. Elisa is one week two days of age. Injections of steroids to increase growth starting now." The narrator stated. The small dragon in question, or Elisa was shown held down to a table by the large claws of an adult. The sparkling squealed in pain at the injection and instantly started snapping at the retraction of the needle.

Optimus turned off the footage and scanned the key pad again. CLANK! Optimus instantly retracted his gun as he looked for the source of the sound. He heard a light continuous clap of something hitting the ground so he kneeled down and his optics blinked in surprise at what his optics found. The little dragon was staring at him with bright blue optics and was shaking. He shifted his weapon back to his servo and cautiously approached the dragon so as not to scare it. He retracted his face mask as well to appear less menacing.

"It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you." He said gently. The dragon continued to shake as it cautiously went forward to his outstretched servo. The dragon dragged itself forward and it finally sniffed him. Optimus patiently waited and finally it licked his fingers in recognition that he wasn't a threat. Still, he slowly walked forward until he was finally close enough and carefully pulled the dragon into his arms. He held it as a human would with a new born, but still the dragon squeaked in pain. He gently placed the sparkling on the table and was able to see why.

The back of her neck was completely torn open down from the start of her helm to the start of her back, a little past her shoulders. The wound looked dirty and covered in crusted blood. It could possibly be infected.

"Optimus do you read?" Arcee spoke through the com link.

"What is it Arcee?" He answered.

"We found a decent supply of energon in one of the storage vaults, all cubed up and ready to go." She said excitedly.

"Excellent Arcee. Ratchet lock onto Arcee's coordinates and activate the groundbrige."Optimus said. He returned his attention back to the dragon and it looked up at him with curious optics. "Hello Elisa." He said and she reacted instantly. She jumped to her feet, but whimpered when she fell back down. Her body must be weak. "Ratchet I require your assistance. Bring your medical kit and a flash drive." He ordered.

"Are you hurt Optimus?" Ratchet asked in concern.

"No, but someone else is. I'll explain it when you get here." He answered. He traced his fingers over the sparkling to try and comfort her. She managed to lick his servo every once and while and she did crawl closer to his form. Ratchet appeared a few moments later with his medical kit in on his back and a flash drive in his servo. His optics instantly saw the dragon.

"By the Allspark." He whispered in amazement. "Optimus, do you know what this is?" Ratchet asked still amazed as he walked over to him.

"It's dragon sparkling Ratchet. I found her here." He answered.


"The files on the monitor are what I need the flashdrive for. I watched one of them and they said her name is Elisa." Optimus explained.

"How is she hurt?" Ratchet asked looking over at her. Elisa had scooted over to Prime's side, afraid of the new comer.

"The back of her neck is torn. I fear the wound might be infected." Optimus answered. He gently picked up Elisa back into his arms and showed the wound to Ratchet, who flinched at the condition of it.

"I'll take a look here." Ratchet handed the flashdrive to Optimus while he set Elisa down on the table again. She instantly bit him. "Ouch." Ratchet snapped and shook his hand.

"Introduce yourself. Hold out your hand. She's just frightened Ratchet." Optimus explained gently. The medic grumbled in reply as Prime set to work on the files. He did as he was told and the dragon sniffed him this time and she finally submitted to him. He gave her a light pat and set to work, by putting the medical kit on the table. He gently applied antiseptic to the wound to clean it out and the dragon just wailed in pain.

"It's alright. It's alright." Ratchet whispered and he rubbed her side to calm her down as she continued to whimper. He was very gentle with her and eventually her cries died down.

"Optimus all the energon is at the base." Arcee spoke.

"Ratchet and I will join you shortly lock onto our coordinates and send a ground bridge." Optimus said while looking at the monitor. It opened quickly and the two retreated back to base. The sparkling was in Prime's arms as the bridge powered down.

"What is that!?" Smokescreen shouted in surprise. The dragon instantly became alert and hissed at the other autobots baring her teeth.

"It's a dragon sparkling. What else?" Ratchet snapped at him.

"I thought they didn't exist." He said confused. Ratchet blinked in surprise as he realized Smokescreen was just too young to know about the dragon legends.

"They became nearly extinct during the war on Cybertron. A few scattered into space to survive, while others joined both the decepticons and autobots, but because of their mythical properties they were never fully trusted on either party and the fled." Ratchet explained.

"What's a sparkling doing at that base?" Arcee said as she walked over to Optimus. Elisa hissed again, but stopped when Arcee held out her servo. Optimus lowered her down so she could sniff her and after she did, Elisa just stared at her in curiosity.

"Bebebe boop buuummm." Bee said. Elisa instantly looked at the scout because of the sounds he made. She let out a little high pitch roar that sounded almost like a music note at him and Arcee chuckled.

"Yeah I know we saw dragons in the place, but they left just as soon as we got there. They were obviously in a rush and left a few things behind." Arcee said. Elisa made a roar again a Bee and looked at him with curios optics. "I think she's trying to talk to you Bee."

"Wheeep!" He said surprised and Elisa turned her head at him, making Arcee laugh again.

"It doesn't seem like she hasn't heard those sounds before." Ratchet walked past Arcee and went to get Elisa again. She huddled in the medic's arms as he took her into the medical bay.

"So what's it's name?" Bulkhead asked.

"Elisa. I found some files on the lab that she was in. It seems as if they were experimenting on her." Optimus stated.

"But she's a sparkling!" Arcee protested.

"I'll have to watch the other files and see if there is anything conclusive." Optimus said calmly as he plugged in the flashdrive. The others looked over at Ratchet who was trying to heal a whimpering dragon. She was laying on her stomach as Ratchet worked with pinchers to remove dead skin from her wounds.

"Why isn't she leaking energon?" Bulkhead asked, seeing that her blood was actually red.

"Dragons are more organic than mechanical. Instead of wires and cables, she has muscle and bone. I have thoroughly studied the science surrounded dragons since they were around during my time, but I never thought I would actually use it." Ratchet explained.

"Can you tell how old she is?" Smokescreen asked looking at the dragon curiously.

"No, maybe Optimus can find something on those files." Ratchet answered. Finally the wound was clean and it naturally started bleeding again. He pulled out some pain killers and Elisa snapped at him. "Easy Elisa." He said calmly. The dragon growled at him, but she was staring at the needle.

"Hey take it easy." Smokescreen said before he grabbed hold of her snout and held her down.

"Smokescreen, don't hold her so tight." Ratchet ordered before he injected them into her. The race car slowly released her, but she didn't react.

"She's inebriated Smokescreen. The pain killers will make her sleepy." Ratchet explained. He turned around and faced everybody. "Also, nobody touches that energon we found at the base until I clear that it's stable and un-tampered with." He ordered and returned to the dragon.

He found that Elisa was six months old now and heavily subjected to abuse. He couldn't see what her captors looked like and he certainly hoped that it wasn't her creators who had hurt her. She was malnourished and her wings had some damage to them as well. Her wounds were not infected as they had been somewhat treated, though very minimally in Ratchet's opinion. She slept heavily, so Ratchet was able to give her a full physical examination.

Ratchet also found that she hadn't bonded with her creators.

When a creator bonds with their sparklings their spark shows a circle of energy and has a very strong heartbeat. Elisa had no energy and her spark was weak. Not to mention that Optimus had no idea as to who her creators were from the files he saw. The others were a little nervous of having the sparkling, but they had to go along with it as she had nowhere else to go and she couldn't be released out into the wild here because on earth dragons were myths. She had her nice light blue coloring and she had a little bit of red strips in her wings, after Ratchet cleaned her up. Everyone laughed at the medic fusing over the dragon who just wanted to play and splash away.

Finally Optimus held onto her as Ratchet looked over the energon. After over an hour of studying it, it was cleared to be of use to the others and Ratchet instantly set to work to make a formula for the sparkling. He gave Optimus a small liquid cube a few minutes later.

"Slowly Optimus. I don't want her to choke or purge because Primus only knows the last time she refueled." He said. Arcee had the biggest grin on her face to see her own leader, the high and mighty Optimus Prime, sitting down and feeding a dragon sparkling. The dragon let out a small hum as it grabbed hold of the cube.

"Auuuoooo." Bee said.

"I know, she's so cute." Arcee said. Optimus paused every so often to make sure she swallowed properly and then feed her again. When she pushed the cube away he gave to Ratchet, who kept it in cooling. She let out a little mumbled of something and Bulkhead laughed.

"I think she burped." He chuckled.

"Bulkhead would you like a look at her? She needs to meet you too." Optimus said. Bulkhead walked over to the sparkling and she looked at him in pure curiosity. He held out one of his big fingers and she started rubbing against them to get some attention.

"You're a winner Bulk" Arcee said with a pat on the back. Smokescreen approached her and she warmed up to him this time.

"So what are we going to do with her?" He asked.

"Raise her as one of our own. She's already had a very difficult start." Optimus answered.

"So we're keeping her?" He said and Arcee whacked his shoulder. "What?!" He snapped.

"She's a sparkling not a pet rookie." Arcee snapped at him. Both bots turned to Prime when she gave her little roar. She was trying to squirm out of Prime's arms, but he made sure not to let her go.

"Watch it you two." Ratchet said. "Dragons are highly sensitive beings. They can sense your energy field and know when there is someone in distress." Ratchet explained. "It's even been said that some of them can actually see energy fields as well."

"Weeeppp bebe booom?" Bee asked.

"Well, it's never actually been proven since we can't exactly see in a dragon's optics now can we?" Ratchet stated. Elisa was calmly down and was starting to fall asleep in Prime's arms.

"So who's going to watch her?" Arcee asked a little nervously.

"I will watch her for tonight Arcee. We must decide what to do about taking care of her in the morning." Optimus said and with that he left for his room. He suddenly realized he didn't exactly have a proper bed for the sparkling. He gently placed her on the bed and she only stirred slightly as he thought of what to do. He finally got another blanket from storage and bundled it up into a little ball for Elisa to sleep on. When he picked her up again she flipped over in his servos and started licking his chasis. "Hello Elisa." He said as he sat down on his berth.

He waved his fingers in front of her and she gently nipped at them, knowing he was playing with her. He had to smile at the presence of an innocent mind. He gently placed her down on her makeshift bed and made sure she was covered. Ratchet's healing showed as the stitches to her neck were sturdy and clean. He rubbed her helm a few times and she hummed in approval as she got comfy and fell back to sleep. Not too later Optimus did the same.

Ch. 2: Parents

Optimus awoke the next morning on his side and Elisa wasn't in his sight. He instantly became alert, but the feeling passed just as quickly as it came as he saw the little sparkling was nestle into a ball by his side. He took a moment to look at her. Her helm looked a lot like his with the pointed antenna and dark blue color. Her body was mostly a nice sky blue; she had curved spikes along her back which were a neutral black. There were small stripes on her wings, but they were mostly light blue as well. Her breathing was normal and she occasionally flinched while she slept from her dreams.

"Elisa." Optimus whispered and her optics slowly opened and blinked a few times at the light. He got up out of the berth and gently picked up the sparkling, who whined in protest. He went out into the medical bay where Ratchet was already on one of the monitors, probably doing research. He got the cube out from yesterday and Elisa instantly warmed up at the sight of food.

"How was she last night?" Ratchet asked as he walked over to Prime.

"No problems Ratchet. She was by my side when I woke this morning." He answered as he slowly fed her. "Have any of the others woken yet?" He asked.

"No, just you of course." Ratchet answered. She had finished her cube and looked up at Ratchet. When he stared back at her, she did her little music roar and tried to go to him. He took her quickly before she could fall and she started to lick his chest plates. "Stop that." He protested, but she just ignored him.

"I think she's bonding with you." Optimus commented. The medic let out a sigh of frustration.

"I don't see why." He mumbled.

"We were the first two people she saw and we've treated her much better than her captors have. It's a normal reaction Ratchet." Optimus explained.

"I'm not a creator." He whined and instantly ate those words when Elisa started to get comfy in his arms and she let out a small burp, making him laugh. He blinked in surprise and Optimus just looked up at him. "What?" He snapped.

"Did you find anything of use?" He asked nodding over to the monitor. They both walked over to it and Ratchet open a file to him.

"It's some of the data I had from when we were still on Cybertron. It's nothing big, but it's some of my basic notes on the dragons. Here." He handed a data pad to Optimus. "She likes you more so you might want to read this." He explained. As Optimus read Ratchet checked up on Elisa's wounds. "Her wounds are healing nicely. I should be able to take the stiches out in a day or two." Ratchet said and Optimus nodded, still reading. When Ratchet was done and putting his tools away Elisa stood up on all fours. She looked around the small base for a few moments and spotted Optimus. She squeaked to get his attention, but he was so engrossed in his reading he didn't hear her. When her cries didn't work Elisa started to flap her wings. Ratchet looked up at the sound and was surprised to see the baby so active. The only problem was being a sparkling she couldn't fully open her wings up for another few months. She jumped off edge of the table and lasted only a few feet before she fell hard on the floor before either mech could react.

"Elisa!" Ratchet shouted in concern snapping Optimus out of the notes. This time her cry was a high-pitch roar that sounded like a sad screech. Optimus picked her up first and she started licking him for comfort.

"It's alright Elisa. Sssshhhh." Optimus rubbed her back to comfort her and she finally calmed down.

"I told you she likes you more." Ratchet snapped.

"What happened?" Smokescreen said from behind them. Both mechs turned around and he waved good morning at them.

"Elisa just fell that's all." Ratchet answered first.

"Awww poor thing. Hey Elisa." Smokescreen said and walked over to Prime. He waved his fingers in front of her and she playfully bit at them, making Optimus hand her over to him. He laughed at how playful she was. "She's got some nice colors. Even her helm looks like you're Optimus." He said as he continued to play with her. He tapped her nose playfully and she looked at him confusion he did it again and she tried to catch his servo with her own.

"Watch out for her claws Smokescreen. She maybe playful, but their sharp." Ratchet warned.

"'K Ratchet." He said and he didn't raise his servo so high after that. The other quickly got up soon after and they watched Elisa for a little bit before going on patrol, which included Optimus. Ratchet made sure to watch her as she wandered on the floor, looking and sniffing everything new, plus he didn't want to trip over her. Being so small she could crawl up to the second level in the base and looked around their too. She let out her more peaceful roar when she appeared above the keyboard Ratchet was working on. He gave her a little pat before going back to work. She stayed that way for another hour as Ratchet looked over his notes to find any more information, when she started to whimper.

"What's wrong Elisa?" She continued to look at him in despair. "Are you hungry? Do you want food?" He asked slowly, but she didn't respond to the words. When he tried to reach her she avoided his grip and hurried down the stairs. "Elisa!" Ratchet watched her as she ran into the groundbridge portal, which was off for the moment. She laid down in the glass floor and whimpered again. He blinked in surprise when he realized what was wrong. He gently picked up the sparkling and she kept looking at him and then back at the portal. "It's alright Elisa. Optimus will be back soon I promise." He whispered gently to her.

He was petting her helm when he saw a smudge on it. He went and got a rag to clean it, but she yelped in protest. He looked at it more closely and saw that it was actually a mark of some kind. "By the Allspark." He whispered as he realized what it was. This wasn't just any mark. It was a marking in the language of the Primes. How was this possible? He had never heard of a dragon having these kind of marks, but this could only mean one thing though.

Elisa was going to grow up and be a Prime. It was possible because with dragons, Primes were actually a breed of them. Unlike the humans where one had to earn the title, it was a common occurrence to see a Prime Dragon. The most distinct trait was their helm as it looked just like Optimus' helm. The most common were male Primes. Males were more valuable as they continued the family and female Primes appeared less and less. Many dragons had different views on a female Prime as their creation. Some thought it was a blessing, while others terminated the sparkling as soon as they knew what the sex was. Female Primes were more powerful than males for unknown reasons so they might be considered a threat as well.

As Ratchet cradled the sparkling in his arms it made him wondered if her captors were trying to harness her natural power for their personal gain.

Bulkhead was the first go come back from patrol, making Elisa awake from her nap. She had been wrapped up in her blanket from Prime's room and she made a mess of herself as she tried to stand up.

"Easy there girl. Don't want you to trip and fall." Bulkhead said as he walked over to her. She gave his finger a lick before squeaking in joy. "How's she been doing Ratchet?" He asked as they continued to watch each other.

"She misses Optimus." Ratchet answered.

"Awww poor girl." He said in sympathy. "Hey how about a game Elisa?" He said excitedly. She only tipped her head at the foreign word.

"Absolutely not." Ratchet snapped at him.

"Relax Ratchet, I'm not going to throw the ball at her. I'm just going to put it on the floor and roll it to her." Bulkhead insisted. Ratchet thought about it for a moment and finally let out a sigh of recognition.

"Fine, but be gentle, she's still injured." Ratchet snapped before returning to the monitor.

"Alright. Come on Elisa." He said before gently picking her up in his arms. She clutched his arms tightly for a few moments before she realized she was safe with him and she started licking his chestplates. "Hey hehehe that tickles." He said to her and she only responded by licking his chin. He held her in one arm while he got his ball in the other. They quickly returned to the main room and he placed both the ball and sparkling on the floor. She stared at the ball for a moment before crawling around to look at it. Both Ratchet and Bulkhead watched as she tampered with it.

She bit it, licked it, and sniffed it before she finally put her front servos on it. She yelped in surprise when it move forward knocking her down. Bulkhead chuckled as she continued to look at it. She repeated the action again and got the same results and finally looked up at Bulkhead in confusion. He pushed it forward and Elisa jumped back and tensed up looking at it. Bulkhead laughed again as Elisa continued to stare at it. He pushed it again and she jumped back again. After a few more moments, she pushed it with both servos and it rolled a few feet and Bulkhead quickly rolled it back to her. She finally understood the action and jumped up and down excitedly while squeaking in joy.

"Beepp bob bop!" Bee said over the monitor.

"Alright, Bee I'm opening the groundbridge now." Ratchet answered and Bee quickly came into the room. "Wheeop bob." He said excitedly as he saw Elisa playing with Bulkhead. He kneeled down and waved at her, "Weeeoooppp." He said and she responded with a little roar of her own and pushed the ball to him.

"She wants to play with you Bee." Bulkhead said. Soon everyone was back at base, with the exception of Optimus. Elisa quickly became upset again at the absence of one of her true caretakers. Arcee picked her up and cradled her as she whimpered in distress.

"It's ok Elisa. He'll be here soon." She whispered and just as she finished talking a familiar honk sounded, making Elisa look at the sound. When Optimus transformed Arcee could barely hold onto the excited sparkling.

"Easy Elisa, we wouldn't want you to fall again." Optimus said calmly. She nudged her helm into his chest and listened to his sparkbeat in comfort.

"She missed you Optimus." Ratchet explained.

"It's understandable. She in a new environment and doesn't understand the concept of coming back yet." He added.

"I also found something interesting on her neck Optimus." Ratchet stated, making the Prime look at him. "See these markings." Ratchet said pointing to her neck and Optimus blinked in surprise at what he saw.

"The language of the Primes." He stated.

"Whoah. How did she get that?" Bulkhead asked amazed.

"I don't know, but I'm pretty sure she'll grow up to be a Prime." Ratchet answered.

"Hey that's not fair, Optimus had to earn his title." Smokescreen protested.

'Smokescreen, it's not her fault. She was born a prime. Back on Cybertron, dragons came in all sorts of breeds and the Prime breed was one of them. They were the alphas of the dragons." Optimus explained.

"How can a Prime be a breed?" He asked confused.

"No one is certain, but there is the possibility that the Prime breed is a descendant of their own version of the Thirteen." Optimus answered. "We were always unclear of their origins and since the dragons had no ancients to speak of it, much is left to speculation and myth. However, Elisa's case is much different as she is a female prime." He explained carefully.

"What does that mean?" Arcee asked.

"Female primes were always more powerful than males, but they were not valued as much as males. So females became rare and a delicacy with many powers. Some were cherished and others killed." Optimus finished.

"I never saw any females, just us guys." Bulkhead said.

"Neither did I Bulkhead. The only dragon I interacted with was a Prime named Aquarious. His team led different missions than mine, but he kept me informed." Nobody saw Elisa's eyes open at the mention of the name.

"What happened to him?" Bulkhead asked.

"He was killed in battle by another rival Prime named Magma." Optimus stated and Elisa suddenly squeaked, making the others jump. She continued to squeak even as Optimus gently rocked her back and forth. Ratchet handed him a cube and she instantly calmed down.

"She hasn't eaten when I've tried to feed her Optimus." Ratchet explained as Elisa started to suck on the cube.

"Why did she get upset?" Smokescreen asked.

"Bob beep booom beeb." Bee said.

"No Bumblebee. She couldn't possibly know those names. Aquarious was lost on Cybertron and Magma disappeared soon after." Optimus explained. This time Elisa was more focused on food to pay attention. "But I do fear that what those files tell us is that her captors were trying to harness Elisa's power." Optimus said.

"For what purpose?" Ratchet said.

"To possible wipe us all out."

"She could do that?!" Smokescreen gasped.

"With maturity and the harsh conditions of abuse, I believe it is quite possible that this little sparkling could have become a fierce predator." Optimus stated. He took the cube away from her and she let out a burp, making everyone laugh.

Eventually everyone refueled and started playing with Elisa again, but soon the excitement was too much and she actually got scared of the loud noises. Arcee reacted first and scooped up the sparkling into her arms. She hummed a melody to her and Elisa quickly calmed down.

"Not so loud guys." Arcee whispered.

"Her hearing is extremely sensitive right now since it's still developing." Ratchet explained. Arcee continued to hum to Elisa, who quickly fell asleep. She handed Elisa back to Optimus, who headed to his room for recharge. He had to smile at her tiny form so comfortable in his arms. He gave her helm a quick kiss before recharge.

High in the night clouds a deadly figure was gliding through the black sky. It's red optics glowed deadly in search of it's objective.

"Have you found it yet?" A deep voice growled into his com link.

"Negative." The other replied.

"Return to base to regroup."

Ch. 3: Bonding

It didn't take too long for everyone to adjust to Elisa, but it took the sparkling longer to adjust. She didn't understand for a long time that Optimus would come back for her and so she waited by Ratchet most days. The medic didn't want to admit it, but he was starting to enjoy the company. Elisa always watched him with curious optics and occasionally "talked" to him when his emotions changed in his energy field. There was only one problem.

Elisa's spark was still weak.

It wasn't a big problem and it would eventually go away in time if she didn't receive a parental bond, but Ratchet believed it might help her immensely in the long run. The problem with that was that two teammates would have to bond with her.

"I would consider the possibility Ratchet." Optimus said to him. They were in his quarters and Elisa was playing with his fingers in his lap. Her wounds were completely healed and her body just seemed to glow with her good health. She was more active both physically and vocally. The team had even caught Ratchet playing with her once or twice.

"You want to bond with her as a parent?" Ratchet asked curiously.

"Ratchet I am already taking care of her as one." Optimus stated. "The only thing I am concern with is who else would be willing to bond with her. Sparklings always bond with a carrier and a sire."

"Arcee might be a good candidate." Ratchet suggested.

"Actually Ratchet I was hoping you could bond with her as well."

"What?! Me? Bond with a sparkling!" He asked amazing. Elisa jumped up at Ratchet's outburst and stared at him.

"You don't have to Ratchet and I am not going to order you to do so." Optimus said gently, trying to calm Elisa down. She did lie back down, but she was still staring at Ratchet. "But you seem the most ideal partner as you are the only one other than myself who spends the most time with her." Optimus explained. Ratchet blinked in surprised.

"Oh well, I'll have to think about it Optimus." Ratchet said while in thought.

"I understand old friend." Optimus said kindly. As if to sense his thoughts, Elisa chirped and jumped into his lap and started licking his face as if to persuade him.

"Elisa." Ratchet laughed as he picked her up to hold her back. She continued to chirp to make him happy again. "I think she's trying to persuade me Optimus." Ratchet said as he handed her back to him. She still wasn't able to open her wings yet as she still had a few months before she could have the strength to try it. "Good night Elisa." He said to her and she licked his servo before he left the room. The instant he was gone she looked up at him and gave his face a kiss as well.

"Thank you Elisa." Optimus smiled. True he did enjoy the idea of being a bonding figure to her, but he still had to consider all his options first. The idea of being a parental figure to her was very promising, but Optimus was fighting a war and had a team to lead. Not to mention that there was the possibility of Megatron discovering her. He hated to imagine what the warlord would do with a powerful being such as her in his possession. Not to mention that he could get hurt and she could get hurt.

The other thing was that what happened if Ratchet did bond with her as well. Would this change their relationship at all? He certainly hoped it wouldn't as Ratchet was one of his closest friends. They had spent so much time on Earth and Cybertron that it was hard to imagine him without his old friend. Elisa sensed that he was deep in thought and laid down on the berth with her helm on his thigh just looking up at him. His field was giving off a calming emotion and it was quite a lovely shade of gold tonight. It took him a few minutes, but he finally noticed Elisa and had to smile at her loving nature.

"Time for bed Elisa." He smiled.

"Any sign of her yet?" A deep voice asked.

"No Sire. I haven't been able to locate her signal since we lost the other hideout." Another answered. Not a second later another signal came up on the screen.

"Is that it?"

"Yes Sire."

"Both of you come with me. Titania you're in command until my return."

The decepticon warship was quiet this time of night. Lord Megatron was at the bridge starring out into the clouded sky. There had been no sign of the autobots as of late, which peaked his interest, but didn't concern him too much. Megatron found it quite boring just as much as his second-in-command Starscream did. However, tonight was different as a signal sounded on the monitor. He looked over to see the vehicon was trying to decipher the signal, but found he could not.

"Lord Megatron, there is a signal of unknown origin." He stated.

"Autobot?" Megatron asked as he walked over to it.

"No my liege. I cannot decipher the signal." He answered. Soundwave was instantly working on the monitor. He couldn't find out who it was, but rather what it was.

"It cannot be." Megatron said in awe. "Soundwave are you sure that's what it is?" Megatron asked. The spy only nodded in reply.

"I thought they were extinct Lord Megatron." Starscream said.

"As did I. I remember a few left Cybertron in the remaining days of the war, but the ones that joined the decepticon cause perished in battle." Megatron said to him. "Soundwave, keep on monitoring the area. Starscream with me." He ordered.

Sure enough the human and his troops landed in the area of their signal with their weapons drawn.

"Show yourself." He ordered. The mech was obviously an alpha with large size and ordered demeanor. When they finally did the mech's optics went wide with shock.

"Well, well, Megatronous it's been quite a while." The dragon smiled, showing a mouthful of fangs. Megatron growled at the name. He only allowed one mech to call him that every so often and even that was being generous.

"I am Lord Megatron!" He shouted into the air and taking aim. Before he could fire Megatron was instantly pinned against a rock while as two other dragons wiped the vehicons and had Starscream on his knees with their claws on his sensitive wings.

"I think leadership has gone to your processor Megatron. I liked you better as a gladiator." The dragon whispered. He felt Megatron trying to react but he growled deep into his neck warning him of a threat.

"What do you want Magma?" Megatron snapped.

"Now we're getting somewhere." Megma said and let go of Megatron, but he remained standing in front of him.

"We thought you dead." Starscream snapped, but winced in pain when one of the dragons dug into his wing.

"Shut up Starscream. They'll tear your wings out without a second thought." Megatron snapped at him. He took one look at one of his captors and he smiled back with nice white teeth.

"As to your question Commander," Magma laughed, "no I didn't die. It was merely a cover up. We came to Earth and started exploring. Once we got settled in we started making plans." He explained. Megatron took his time looking over the old dragon. His body was deep shade of blood red with black wings that had red stripes covering it. His spikes were a dark orange. His eyes were a deadly glowing red and very observant.

"What kind of plans?" Magma started to walk away from him and looked over at his two companions, but he made sure his back wasn't to Megatron.

"Oh in time Megatron. You remember my two sons don't you. Rhodius and Rising Dawn." Magma said cheerfully. Rhodius nodded first. He was the spitting image of his sire, but his spikes were red and his wings didn't have the red stripes. Rising Dawn had the red body, but his wings were orange as well as his spikes, plus his eyes glowed yellow instead of red.

"Unfortunately yes." Megatron grumbled. Dawn smirked at him. "Release my second in command I need him if you are going to make a proposal." He stated. Magma looked over at Starscream who scowled at him.

"I'm surprised Megatron hasn't offlined you yet." Magma chuckled before nodding over to the two boys. They let him go and he grumbled to himself as he got to his pedes. He stayed by Megatron's side, keeping an optic on his former captors. "You know me all too well Megatron, but I can assure that this proposal has a great benefit to you." Magma stated.

"And that would be?"

"Recently my bonded gave birth to another sparkling."

"Where is that wretch anyway?" Megatron mocked. Magma frowned in disapproval, but continued.

"The sparkling has been taken by your stupid little autobot rivals." He snarled and Megatron laughed.

"Why is this sparkling so special?" Megatron laughed.

"The sparkling is a female prime." Megatron's optics went wide instantly and even Starscream couldn't hold in his gasp of shock. Any female sparkling was a precious gem that had unbelievable power.

"A femme?" Megatron whispered.

"I need your help getting her back and if you do you can use her in your quest to kill the autobots." Magma smiled knowing Megatron would never let this slip by him.

"That could take years." Megatron frowned trying to remain unimpressed.

"I always knew you were a patient mech. This is my only offer." Magma teased.

"Give me a moment." Megatron asked and gestured over to the other two. Magma waved his claws over to them so they could be away from the humans.

"I would exercise extreme caution master." Starscream whispered to him.

"Are you suggestion I help them?" Megatron arched an eyebrow at him.

"My lord this dragon could end the war for us and then some." Starscream whispered. Megatron looked over at the other dragons before looking at the seeker closer this time. "You know how he works. He could turn her on us as well."

"Get to the point." Megatron whispered angrily.

"If we could get a hold of her and train her like he wants us too, then maybe we could convince her somehow to get rid of them." Starscream said. Megatron blinked in surprise at the idea. It could have it flaws, but think of the reward it could bring. "And if this goes wrong I will not get the blame for this because you agreed with this." He added and Megatron chuckled.

"We'll see Starscream." Megatron said to him before he looked back at Magma. "I believe we have an agreement." Megatron said calmly and held out his servo. Megma firmly shook it and the deal was sealed.

The next night Megatron and met with Magma and Titania at the abandoned base.

"Well hello Megatron, long time no see." She winked at him.

"Not long enough." He grumbled. "What are we looking for?"

"This was where we hope to contain my little Elisa." Magma explained. Megatron tilted his helm in curiosity at the name but remained silent. "Our energon signal must have been spotted because the autobots invaded the base. That was when they took her and our files, but Seek Gazer has obviously made back-ups." Magma explained. "You remember Seek Gazer?" He asked curiously.

"Soundwave is still better." Megatron shot back. The dragon only chuckled. Magma pressed a button and Optimus appeared on screen. Megatron frowned at the image. He finally got a good look at the sparkling though. Quite the contrast of sky blue compared to blood red. She wasn't even Titanian's colors of black and gold. "Quite the contrast from her creators." Megatron pointed out.

"Oh come now Megatron. You know that not ever sparkling has to have the same colors, but it is rather unfortunate that she has the colors of the late Aquarious." Magma teased.

"Primus' Promise." Megatron said outloud making Magma look at him. "That's what her name means doesn't it." Megatron said casually.

"That because she is Primus' Promise as she is the last." Magma snapped.

"That's not my problem."

"No, but it's your fault."

Megatron growled in respond, but remained silent yet again. Ratchet appeared in the video and looked over the sparkling, who snarled at him. She eventually calmed down and eventually the two left with the sparkling in Prime's arms. The video clicked off and they both looked at each other.

"They obviously took her to the base." Megatron stated.

"And the energon cubes." Magma added.

"Not from my mines."

"Oh please, it's a dragon's natural ability to find energon. It's called a survival skill." Magma mocked. Megatron looked around the base while avoided Titanian's lusty gaze on him. They sure made a perfect match.

"Now what?" Megatron snapped and then a groundbridge appeared before him and Magma gestured for him to follow. They entered a new base that seemed better equipped and had plenty of soliders for him. "It's been a while since I've seen an Omega." Megatron said to himself. They were the dragon equivalent of an insecticon since dragons, even femmes, were never smaller than humans, even Titania was a little larger than Starscream.

"Seek Gazer can find Elisa's signal anywhere, but if the autobot base is shielded like your ship, then we will have a difficult tracking field." Magma explained. Seek Gazer was a silent dragon like Soundwave. His optics glowed a mystical white as his silver claws easily grazed over the computer keys. His spikes were small and black and his wings were thin and black. He was a watcher dragon that was made for gliding silently while watching and eyes that were precise and could take in plenty of detail. Seek Gazer stood out from the dragons as he was a misty color. In light he was white in shadows he was grey and speaking of shadows.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Lord Megatron himself." Another dragon teased him. Megatron frowned at the new comer.

"I'll make it perfectly clear Magma. I always hated your group." Megatron stated and Magma only chuckled. Shadow was his name and thankfully his bondmate SkyBlade wasn't present. Shadow was just a typical mech dragon just like Titania was a typical femme. He was a commoner and he lived up to his name by being pitch black all around, except for his optics which were red.

"Guess you don't miss me huh?" Shadow asked sarcastically.

"Not even close." Megatron stated and walked with Magma.

"Perhaps if we put our resources together we could resolve our problem more quickly." Magma said and he opened a door to reveal a nice pile of energon. "Consider it a thank you as I still remember quite clearly that you humans consume far more energon than we do."


"They will have to be looking for energon as sparklings naturally need the nutrition. I would suggest keeping a closer eye on your mines just in case." Magma suggested carefully, trying not to aggravate the former gladiator.

"Noted." Megatron repeated. He was also doing the same as he so fondly remembered the Alpha's temper as well. Magma had been the only one to openly confront him once during their brief time in the war. It had eventually been broken up by Soundwave and Rhodius, but the two Alpha's new they both had to defend their territory against the other. Magma gave a quick tour before they both went on their separate ways. When Megatron was back at the helm of his ship he looked over at Soundwave, who looked back at him.

"Magma says hello."

Three months had passed with little Elisa in the base. She was just as playful as ever and a little bigger now too. Everyone had gotten used to her now and she was starting to get used to everyone leaving and coming back. Optimus had made up his mind about Elisa. He was going to be her creator and make a bond with her. He would announce it tonight. He smiled at how she was waiting for him by the bridge when he came back to base. He picked her up in a playful manner, making her squeak in delight and kissing him.

"You should have seen her Optimus. She's trying to fly, but her wings won't open yet." Bulkhead said in wonder.

"Elisa you know you can't fly yet." Optimus said while he tickling her stomach. She wiggled in his arms and kept grasping at his fingers. Ratchet only nodded at him in greeting before returning to his work. He sat down with Elisa who was nuzzling his chest plates now. "Autobots I have an announcement to make." He said catching all their attention.

"Wheep?" Bee asked curiously.

"I have decided that I am going to be Elisa's adoptive creator." He said proudly. They all smiled and clapped for him and Elisa looked at them in confusion.

"Boooop beee beeeb buuuuoom." Bee cheered.

"You said it Bee. Congrats Optimus." Bulkhead. Elisa looked back at Optimus in confusion and instead he held her close to his spark. She listened it and purred at the sound. He looked at Ratchet who was just smiling at him. Elisa squeaked and tapped him with her servo to get his attention, which he gratefully returned. That night Ratchet went into Prime's quarters to watch the bonding, just in case anything happened with Elisa.

"When you open your spark to her, she will open hers as well. The bond will form quickly as she has already gotten attached to you." Ratchet explained. "Take it slow Optimus, she might get scared." He added and Optimus only nodded. He took a deep breath before he opened his chest plates and exposed his spark to the sparkling in his arms. Elisa stared at it for a moment before her chest glowed a bright white. She clawed at his chest plates in order to get closer which he did. Elisa let out a yelp of fear for a moment before a burst of energy reached out to her spark, calming her.

It's alright Elisa. I'm here now. Optimus said through the bond.

Eeeep, was the only reply as Elisa couldn't form words yet.

I am your Sire Elisa, nothing will change that. Optimus said kindly.

Hurrrrrrr, Elisa purred in happiness and actually licked at his spark. Optimus cried out in surprise at the sudden action, but quickly regained his composure. When she looked up at him, her optics were glowing a bright blue at him.

"Hello my sparkling." Optimus whispered and his chest plates closed as the glow dimmed. He almost fell back on the berth if Ratchet hadn't been there.

"Easy Optimus. It's the energy burst. You should regain your strength in a few moments. He looked down at Elisa, who was laying down in his lap and was very close to falling asleep.

"Why did she…lick my spark Ratchet?" Optimus asked a little embarrassed.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about Optimus. She is acknowledging the bond that has been formed in the only way she knows how. By giving her creator kisses." Ratchet explained with a smirk. "Trust me she's more tired from this than you are. You both should stay close for a few days to solidify the bond. Once everything is in the clear you can return to duty Optimus." Ratchet finished.

"Thank you Ratchet." Optimus said kindly.

"What title did you take? Sire or carrier?" He asked.

"Sire." Optimus answered.

"Still hoping someone else will help out?" Ratchet joked.


He woke up feeling different for some reason. When he looked over to see Elisa lying next to him helm he instantly remembered. His fingers lightly traced her small helm and she seemed to nudge into the touch.

Good morning sweetspark Optimus said to her through the bond.

Hummmmm, she whimpered back as she didn't want to wake up yet. He decided he could wait a few minutes as Ratchet had told him he needed to remain close to her. Elisa moved a little bit and her body curved into arch as she continued to sleep. He laughed to himself at the odd position she was sleeping in. He tried his best to get out of the berth quietly. Elisa still didn't move, so he carefully wrapped her up in a blanket and walked out of the room.

"Even when you sleep in you're still the first of the others to wake." Ratchet said once Optimus entered.

"Well, not everyone is awake yet Ratchet." Prime said pointing to Elisa. Ratchet wave him over to the medical table and he did a quick scan of Elisa, who didn't even flinch as she was sound asleep.

"She's doing just fine Optimus and look," Ratchet said pointing to what the scanner showed on the screen, "even her spark is getting better. She's got a stronger spark beat now." Ratchet said and Optimus nodded in approval. "She'll be tired like this for the next few days as she too went through a lot of energy." Ratchet explained.

"Morning guys." Arcee said from behind them. Both mechs nodded in return as Arcee walked over to sleeping Elisa. "Gosh she's adorable." She chuckled and Elisa's optics opened for a second. She saw Arcee first and then Ratchet and Optimus. She waved her tail in her own lazy greeting and then fell back to sleep as Arcee covered her mouth to keep her laughter quiet. "She must be exhausted." Arcee chuckled.

"Optimus has to stay with her for a few days so the bond can settle." Ratchet explained.

"Makes sense." Arcee agreed. "So are you her carrier now?" Arcee winked jokingly.

"Sire Arcee." Optimus answered.

"Hurrrmmmmm." Elisa murmured at the sound and looked around again. Optimus gave her helm a few pats before she was satisfied that everything was alright and back to sleep for her.

"Maybe you can take her out for a drive Optimus." Arcee suggested.

"Hopefully she'll wake up for that." Optimus smiled. He sat by her side as the others awoke too.

"So how's the little sparkling?" Smokescreen said a little too loudly.

"Hrrrrrrrr." Elisa growled at the loud noise, even with her optics closed.

"Hey take it easy Elisa." Smokescreen before he patted her side. She instantly snapped at him not knowing that it was Somkescreen and not an enemy. "Hey!" Smokescreen shouted back.

"Smokescreen don't do that to her while she's asleep. She doesn't know if your friend or foe." Ratchet snapped at him as Optimus walked over to her. She stood up and swatted at Smokescreen, who's back was to her. When he looked back at her she gave his armor a lick to apologize.

"Reeeeppp." She squeaked.

"Awww, that's ok Elisa." Smokescreen laughed and Optimus pulled her up into his arms.

Eppp, Eppp, Eppp, she chirped through the bond to show her excitement to her sire.

Hello baby, Optimus replied and he started to feed her. When she stopped feeding she looked over at Smokescreen. That's Smokescreen Elisa.

Sssssssrreeennnn, she replied. She was just trying to mimic the sound.

That's Smokescreen Elisa


He gave her a pat on the helm for her effort, knowing it would be awhile before she could figure out words. When Bumblebee came up to her and gave her a playful wave she chirped excitedly.

That's Bumblebee sweetspark


He pointed out everyone's name, but when Ratchet came up something interesting happened.

That's Ratchet

Crrreeeeeerrrrrrr! She chirped.

No Ratchet. Optimus said gently.


Suddenly Optimus blinked in surprise at what she was trying to say.


"Optimus are you alright?" Ratchet said suddenly, pulling him from his thoughts.

"Oh yes Ratchet thank you." Optimus replied quickly. "She certainly has some interesting thoughts." Optimus said out loud.

"I'm sure she does." Ratchet said still looking at Elisa. She started chirping again and trying to get to Ratchet, which Optimus helped by handing her over to him. She instantly started licking his chest plates.

"Crrreeeerrrrr!" She chirped, making Ratchet blink in surprise and looking at Optimus.

"Carrier." He said gently to him. His finger gently scratched at her cheek and she started sucking on it as if she wanted to give him a nice gesture as well. After a few moments she looked over at Optimus and chirped loudly.

"Ssssrrrrrrrrrr." She chirped.

"Sire." Ratchet whispered. "Optimus I have been thinking about your offer for a while now." Ratchet said as he cradled Elisa in his arms. "I…I…I…I would like to be her carrier." Ratchet finally said and she looked up at him again because of the word.

"I think she agrees with you." Optimus said.


Ch. 4: First Encounter

Ratchet had to wait for Elisa to recover from her bond with Optimus before he could bond with her as well. Seeing Optimus so happy with the sparkling just made him want to be there for her even more. He spent the days with her, while Optimus spent the nights with her. He didn't want to admit at first that he was bonding with her, but soon he couldn't help it as he had to comfort her when Optimus wasn't around. In the months that followed he had grown to care for her just as much as he would for a sparkling of his own. She was a pleasant distraction for him at first, but soon she came to be a playful sparkling that he was starting to love to chase around the base in case she wondered off. He soon realized he wanted those feelings to stay.

So he chose to be her carrier.

While she was still recovering Optimus took up Arcee's suggestion and took Elisa for a drive. While he was driving he talked with Ratchet.

"Ratchet this won't affect our relationship at all will it?" He asked over the com link.

"Optimus, you and I have known each other long before the war. This is just another thing we can share together." Ratchet said calmly.

"True, but we've never worked together as creators." Optimus pointed out.

"I don't mind learning." Ratchet said.

"I think the same way old friend." Optimus came up to an empty stretch of land and stopped. He wasn't in plain sight as he transformed and opened the back of his trailer. Elisa blinked in surprised at the light and instantly jumped into her sire's arms. She huddled closer to him at the unfamiliar area. "It's alright Elisa. We are outside." He said gently. He placed her on the ground and she didn't leave his pedes for a while. He gave her a gentle nudge of encouragement and she finally started walking around. Well crawling was more like it as she sniffed the air and took in so many scents. She got to a tree trunk and looked at it.

Optimus just watched as she growled at it first and the tree didn't move. She licked it and shook her helm at the bad taste and Optimus chuckled. She finally put her two front servos on the trunk and pushed. She pushed it several times and it still wouldn't budge. She looked up at Optimus and squeaked in distress.

"It's a tree Elisa." Optimus said.



Soundwave got a signal up on the screen. A quick click and he found the location and immediately told Lord Megatron.

"I told Magma you were still better than Seek Gazer." He chuckled.

Optimus couldn't help but laugh when Elisa chewed on a leaf and instantly spit it out. She was certainly learning alright. When she felt her Sire's happy mood she looked at him and then rolled around in the dirt to make him laugh again. His energy field couldn't have been more positive.

Until a groundbridge opened.

Optimus reacted immediately by picking Elisa up into his arms and point his gun at the approaching stranger.

"Optimus you have company." Ratchet said gravely. Megatron walked through first and was followed by a squad of drones. His optics went wide when a dragon came through.

"Magma." Optimus stated and instantly brought his battle mask up.

"Why hello there Prime. I believe you have something of mine." Magma stated. Elisa whimpered in response. She didn't like these strangers. Their energy was very different by being very hard and angry. The silver stranger's aurora was a deep purple, while the dragon's was a deadly black.

Srrrrrrrrrrrrr! She whimpered through the bond.

It's alright Elisa. They will not hurt you.

Srrrrrrrrr! She continued to cry through the bond and was whimpering in his arms.

"So she's yours than?" Optimus said cautiously. He was far more concerned about the dragon than Megatron. "Why should I give her to you? You've treated her with nothing but cruelty." Optimus said holding his ground as Magma paced in front of him. He still remembered the first bit of advice that Aquarious had given him so long ago.

Never back away from another dragon. It shows your weakness. Hold your ground and assert yourself like any Alpha mech would do.

"It doesn't matter!" Magma snarled and bared his teeth. He started to directly approach Optimus, who stayed put. "Give her to me now and I'll let you leave with your spark intact." He growled.

"Hhhhrrrrrrrrrhhhh!" Elisa hissed at him with her own teeth bared. Magma looked at her surprise and when he did Optimus fired. The dragon reeled back in surprise as Optimus bombarded him and forced him to knock over Megatron. Optimus started running as Megatron shouted an order at his troops, which quickly followed with him being surrounded by gun fire.

"Optimus everyone is here and I'm bridging them to your coordinates now." Ratchet said through the com link. A groundbridge opened to his right and his teammates started firing. He didn't let go of Elisa as he fired, but he made sure her helm was covered. He didn't see Magma charge at him from his fast speed and the dragon Prime slammed into the human Prime. Elisa was thrown out of his arms and she hit the ground hard.

Srrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! She screamed his name through the bond, but Optimus didn't have time to respond as Magma charged at him again. Optimus dodged his claws and slammed his pede into his side. Elisa scrambled behind a tree trunk and fearfully watched the two battle. Magma let out a deep roar with his wings expanded to make him look bigger. His spikes suddenly flashed red and a red energy beam fired out of his mouth right at Optimus. He couldn't dodge it in time and the fire slammed him to the ground. Magma approached him slowly and he flashed his claws that were glowing red with power.

Optimus responded as quickly as his sore body would allow, by transforming into his guns and repeatedly firing at Magma. The dragon fell back as he swopped into the air with a grunt. Elisa kept her terrified optics on the dragon stranger as he did an air dive right at her sire. He easily dodged it and grabbed Magma's tail with both servos. He cried out in surprised as he was slammed to the ground, once, twice, three times before he was thrown into the trees. He hit the trees hard as they scraped his skin on impact.

Optimus was too focused on Magma to notice Megatron was searching for the little sparkling. He quickly found her trembling behind a tree, watching Prime battle Magma. He smirked at his good luck and approached the sparkling from behind. She didn't hear him come up because she was so focused on the battle in front of her. She yelped in surprise when he easily picked her up with both servos. She looked up to see the silver stranger looking at him in curiosity, but she was frightened by those red optics.

"SRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" She howled into the air. Optimus turned at the sound and saw Megatron holding Elisa in his servos. He started firing at him only to get taken down by Magma.

"Elisa!" He shouted into the air alerting the others. Megatron's glare seemed to mock him as a groundbridge appeared behind him. Elisa was desperately trying to get out of his grip and started biting at his fingers. He knew his fingers were tough and he certainly could take a little nip from a sparkling. Starscream appeared in front of him with reinforcements as the other autobots tried to get to Megatron. He turned around to go into the bridge only to get knocked down by Bulkhead. He grunted in surprise at the blow, but held on too tightly to the sparkling and she whimpered in pain.

"Put her down bucket head!" Bulkhead snapped at him. He was kept at bay by Megatron's fusion cannon.

"Now now Bulkhead," Megatron sneered, "name calling won't get you anywhere." He smirked. He didn't get enough chances to play fun mind games with autobots, so he wasn't going to miss a chance.

"I could care less about manners. Hand over Elisa NOW!" He shouted at him. He didn't wait any longer as he started swiping at him with his wrecking ball. Megatron easily caught his wrist with one servo and slammed Bulkhead into the rock wall. He fell to the ground dazed before Megatron gave him a good kick to his helm to knock him out. Elisa squeaked in distress. He looked over the little sparkling and he was curious all over again about her name and color.

"Easy little one." He whispered to her. He gave her helm a soft rub and she looked at him with bright blue optics. Just as quickly as the moment started, it ended when Smokescreen snatched Elisa out of his servos.

"Made you look." He cheered as he left the decepticon leader in shock. He quickly recovered with a frown and charged at him with a battle roar.

"Srrrreeeeennn!" Elisa chirped excitedly at her savior. She liked his aurora a lot better as it was a light blue and gave off positive energy.

"That's right baby girl I got you. Ratchet open a ground bridge I've got Elisa!" Smokescreen ordered. The bridge quickly flashed before him and he went through first.

"Autobots retreat!" Optimus ordered. Arcee helped Bulkhead to his feet as Bumblebee was still firing. They quickly ran to the bridge and managed to get through without another scratch. Optimus scanned the room quickly to find Elisa was in Ratchet's arms and trembling against his chest. He didn't look at Optimus as he gently set Elisa down and did a quick scan of her body. He quickly let out a sigh of relief as he saw that she wasn't hurt.

"She's fine Optimus." Ratchet said before going to check on the others. He scooped Elisa up into his arms and she reached up to lick his chin.

"It's alright Elisa. I'm here now." He said calmly as he gently rubbed her sides in comfort. When Ratchet was working on Bulkhead's helm, Elisa kept trying to go over to him, so Optimus brought her over to him.

"Reeeeeeeeeddddddd." She squeaked at him, making Bulkhead laugh.

"Close enough Elisa." He said with a chuckle and tapped her nose playfully. She still kept trying to get to him, until Bulkhead finally moved away from Ratchet.

"Bulkhead, I told you don't move." He huffed in annoyance.

"Relax Ratchet, Elisa's upset." He said as he took the sparkling in his servos, but she quickly jumped on his shoulder and started licking his helm, making Bulkhead laugh. "See she just wants to make it better." He chuckled since it did tickle a little bit. She stopped after a few moments and licked his chin. "Awww thanks Elisa. All better." He smiled and handed her back to Optimus. She smiled at him before Optimus took her out of the med bay.

Bbbb…bbb…bbbbrrrrrreeerrrrrr." She said through the bond, having a lot of difficulty with the new letter b.

Yes Elisa he's all better.

Magma growled in annoyance at the situation.

"She was right there!" He snarled.

"You'll get another chance. They don't know how to block her signal yet." Titania cooed. Magma knocked her to the ground with a roar.

"She has been contaminated with the autobots. We need to get her back NOW!" He roared. Both Rhodius and Rising Dawn remained silent at their stations as Titania mumbled to herself before retreating out of the main hall. "I can't afford to piss off the gladiator or else I could lose him." Magma muttered as he paced the room. "We have to find that damn autobot base in order to proceed anywhere."

Megatron was at the bridge staring through the open window deep in thought, but like the bad solider he was Starscream interrupted him.

"If I may say my lord, I did get a little glimpse at the sparkling and she certainly has some interesting colors." Starscream said. Megatron thought for a moment before deciding that he could afford a "conversation" with his SIC.

"I did notice that myself." Megatron said without turning to look at him. "She kept snapping at my fingers." He chuckled as he waved his claws around. "Sparklings are always fascinating creatures." Megatron said finally looking down at the seeker.

"I'm surprised by Magma's reaction my lord. I would have thought he wanted to rip your throat out with the glare he gave you." Starscream said cautiously.

"He can't afford a conflict with me because if he does he knows he's on his own." Megatron stated. "We both know we can't afford to lose the other so this "truce" of ours might take some time." Megatron said thoroughly not pleased with the predicament.

"I didn't trust him then either master and I don't trust them now." Starscream spat.

"Really Starscream? I would have thought you got along quiet well with SkyBlade." He teased.

"Blech! That idiot couldn't keep his mouth shut and his wings open." Starscream said in disgust.

"We might not get this opportunity again for a long time Soundwave." Megatron said as he looked over at his station and Soundwave returned the gaze. "Analyze the sparkling's signal in every way possible." He ordered and Soundwave returned to work.

"Oh scrap! I should have thought about this before." Ratchet snapped to himself.

"What's the problem Ratchet?" Arcee asked as Elisa climbed into her lap.

"Sssseeeee." She chirped.

"Like all of us Elisa gives off a signal, but she doesn't know how to block it because she's too young." Ratchet said.

"That's how the cons found Optimus so quickly." Arcee finished.

"Is there any way we can make something that will scramble her signal?" Optimus asked gently.

"Beep beep boom baaabooom." Bee added.

"I know she can't stay in her forever Bumblebee. Her wings are proof of that, but I'd have to contact Agent Lennox about building one. I may be a scientist, but I honestly don't know much about wave, frequencies, and such." Ratchet said. Agent Lennox is their liaison to the outside world. They had quickly told him about Elisa and naturally he wasn't happy about the idea of there being a third party coming in. He hadn't seen her in person yet, but he saw the sparkling through a video feed. "I'll contact him in the morning and see what I can do." Ratchet grumbled.

Lennox still couldn't believe his eyes at what he saw. The small creature in Prime's arms was staring back at him with just as much curiosity as he was. Dragons were supposed to be myth and legend and yet here one was staring right in front him with bright blue eyes.

"It's…It's cute." He finally got out.

"Elisa is a female Agent Lennox, a she." Optimus said politely.

"Oh right sorry. Hello Elisa." Lennox said quickly with a wave. She replied with a chirp. "So how does she give off a signal if she's organic?" Lennox said. Ratchet explained to him how dragons weren't like themselves as they didn't have wires or metal plates, but skin and muscle.

"She's still a Cybertronian Agent Lennox. Even on our home planet dragons were surrounded by legend and magic, but every Cybertronian gives off a signal, human or dragon." Ratchet answered. He only nodded as he went to one of the human size computers and looked up the files Ratchet had on his monitor. One of them was a sample of the dragon's signal. As he was downloading it he heard a scratching sound. When he looked up he saw the dragon was trying to get out of Prime's hands.

"Elisa no." He said sternly, but she didn't understand. She stopped moving, only to look up at Prime then at Lennox then back at Prime. "No Elisa." He repeated.

"What's the problem?" He asked.

"She wants to see you." Optimus stated.

"She's not going to eat me is she?"

"No you're just the first human she has seen." Optimus answered.

"It's ok I guess." Lennox shrugged a little nervously. Optimus walked over to the balcony and held onto Elisa with both servos as he edged her towards him. She sniffed the little stranger and was a little surprised by his aurora, as it was a tan color. "Hi Elisa." Lennox said shyly and waved at her. She chirped in excitement and licked the air, trying to say hello to him.

"She likes you." Arcee said with a smug smile on her face. Optimus pulled Elisa back into his embrace as Lennox walked towards the elevator.

"I'll see what I can do Ratchet."

Elisa had adjusted very well to the bond with Optimus. In fact, she seemed to have more energy than before. Ratchet waited a week before deciding to bond with her.

"You going to bond with her or what Ratchet?" Arcee asked.

"I had to make sure she was stable from her bond with Optimus." Ratchet argured back.

""Bout time. She's been calling you carrier for a while now." She winked.

"Crrrrrreeeerrrrrr!" Elisa squeaked on cue, making Arcee laugh. She walked over to Elisa who was in the floor looking up at Ratchet, before she picked her.

"That's right Elisa." Arcee said in an energetic voice. "He's your carrier." She smiled.

"Crrrreeer! Crrreeerrrr!" She chirped happily. Ratchet looked at Arcee and couldn't help but smile at Elisa bouncing joyfully in her arms. Arcee quickly handed her over to Ratchet and she started licking his chin.

"You and Optimus talked this over right?" Arcee asked.

"Of course we did." Ratchet said, trying to dodge Elisa's kisses to speak.

"Good." Arcee finished. They both turned at the sound of car engine and Bee pulled in. Elisa saw him squirmed out of Ratchet's servos before running over to him.

"Beeeeeee!" She said happily. Sire had been teaching her words and she was getting better at it.

"Wheeeooop!" Bee waved before he picked up Elisa and gently swung her around. She found Bee fascinating because of the sounds he made, plus his aurora was bright yellow, so how couldn't she be happy? She greeted everyone the same and stayed with her Sire for most of the night. She did get confused when she was brought into an unfamiliar room. Optimus handed her over to Ratchet as she looked around the room in confusion.

"It's alright Elisa. This is my room." Ratchet said to her as he sat down on the berth. She sniffed the blankets and felt a little better as it smelled a little bit like her Carrier.

It's alright Elisa. Optimus said calmly through the bond. That seemed to calm down as she relaxed in Ratchet's lap.

"She doesn't know my room." Ratchet mumbled to himself.

"She will." Optimus said with a pat to his shoulder.

"I can't believe how nervous I am." Ratchet huffed.

"It's a big responsibility Ratchet, a new change in your life. It's alright to feel nervous. I was too." Optimus explained.

"EEEppp." Elisa sounded. She was looking at Ratchet with concern on her face.

"I'm alright Elisa." Ratchet said as he picked her. She gave his face a few licks, just to make sure before he opened his chest plates to reveal his spark. Her own chest instantly responded with a glow of its own.

"Huurrrrrrrrr." She purred out loud as they felt energy exchange between them.

Crrrreeeerrrrr! She said happily through the bond.

Yes, Elisa I'm your carrier. Ratchet said through the bond. He tried to remain still as she gave his spark a lick of excitement before he closed his chest plates. Optimus caught him as he almost fell backwards.

"Easy old friend." Optimus said with concern. "It's the energy exchange." He explained. Ratchet only nodded as he looked down at Elisa. She got up again and purred against his chest plates and Optimus rubbed her helm in comfort as well.

"We love you Elisa." Optimus said. She looked up at him because of the new word.

"Yes we love you Elisa." Ratchet answered.

Love Ratchet said through the bond. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to decipher the word.

Love sweetspark, Optimus said as well.

"Llllllooooovvvve." Ratchet said slowly.

"Lllllllllaaaaaaaaahhhhhh." Elisa said slowly, trying to repeat the action.

"Lllooooovvvveeeeee." Optimus said this time.

"Llllllaaaaahhhhhhvvvvvv." Elisa said.

"Very good Elisa!" Ratchet said eagerly.

"Lllaaahhvv. Lllaaaahhhv!" She chirped excitedly. Ratchet picked her up and gave her a kiss on the helm, which she oh so eagerly returned.

"I'll be right back." Optimus said and left the bedroom for a moment. He quickly came back with her blanket in tow. "I think you might need this." He said as he handed the blanket to Ratchet. Elisa was busy wondering around the unfamiliar berth and Ratchet jokingly tossed the blanket on top of her.

"EEEEEEPPPP!" She cried out in surprise. She tossed and turned in the blanket making a mess until she finally poked her helm out from underneath the blanket. Ratchet laughed as Optimus just smiled.

"She feels so happy." Ratchet said as wrapped her in the blanket.

"I know and she's full of energy." Optimus added. Elisa then yawned on cue and lay down on the berth. Optimus picked her up and kissed her nose. "Good night my sparkling. Be nice to your Carrier." He whispered to her.

I love you Elisa. He said through the bond.

Laaaahhhhvvvv Srrrrrrrrrrr." She answered back with a kiss of her own. She watched him leave the room before looking up at Ratchet.

Laaaaaahhhhvvvvv Crrrrrrreeerrrrr. She said to him.

I love you too Elisa. Ratchet said and he never felt so proud before.

For the first time, Elisa fell asleep to the sound of her Carrier's spark.

Ch. 5: Learning

When Ratchet woke the next morning, Elisa was cuddled up into a ball by his side. She looked so cute while sleeping Ratchet didn't want to wake her up. He just watched her sleep for a while before gently rubbing her helm to wake her. She took a deep breath and moved a little, but didn't open her eyes.

Elisa, he said through the bond. Her optics blinked open and her blue eyes seemed to glow for a moment as they settled on him.

"Crrrreeeerrrrr!" She chirped excitedly and jumped to give him kisses.

"Good morning to you too." He chuckled before rising up. Elisa easily jumped ahead of him in the hallway, but made sure he was coming. Optimus wasn't up yet, but he figured he soon would be with Elisa awake. He got Elisa a small energon cube and started to feed her. He always did it carefully to make sure she didn't choke. He was so engrossed in his task that he didn't hear Optimus walk into the room and just watch. When he was done feeding her Elisa jumped out of his arms and ran over to Optimus.

"Srrrrrrrrrr." She hummed as she rubbed against his ankles.

"Well hello and good morning Elisa." Optimus said cheerfully as he picked her up. She gave his cheek a good kiss and rubbed her helm against his face as she purred.

"If you get a chance Optimus, can I have her back please? I need to scan her spark." Ratchet said gently.

"Saaaaaarrrrkkkkk." Elisa said suddenly, making the two blink in surprise.

"What did you say Elisa?" Ratchet said amazed.

"Saaaarrrkkk." She chirped again.

"Very good Elisa. Carrier said spark." Optimus said gently. She let out a little roar of excitement jumped into Ratchet's arms.

"Easy Elisa. We don't want you to fall." Ratchet said quickly before he brought her over to the med bay. She watched her carrier as he scanned her for a few moments. "I figured she would be alright, but I had to make sure anyway. Her spark is doing just fine Optimus." Ratchet said pointing to the screen. Ratchet picked up Elisa and showed her the screen and pointed to her spark. "Look Elisa, that's your spark." Ratchet said quietly.

"Saarrrrkkkk." She chirped again.

Elisa went to sleep once everyone left for patrol. Ratchet looked over her signal in the monitor to try and see if he could come up with a solution as well. He kept tinkering with things for a while and didn't notice Elisa look around the main room in boredom. She wondered over to the groundbridge and looked around. She noticed her feet were making a different sound so she looked down and squeaked in surprised. She jumped in the air and crouched to the ground as Ratchet hurried over to her. He didn't see anything wrong with her, but decided to watch her just in case. She looked down at the glass floor again and growled at her own reflection. Ratchet couldn't be more surprised. He hurried to the med bay and got a mirror and went back to Elisa.

"Elisa." Ratchet said gently. He kneeled down next to her and she hurried over to him, squeaking in distress. "It's ok Elisa." He patted her helm and she relaxed a little. When she looked back at the ground bridge she became confused because the "other dragon" was gone. "Where did it go Elisa?" Ratchet gasped playfully, trying to get her attention.

"Eeeep, eeeepp." She cried back at him and then he showed her the mirror. She instantly growled at her reflection and swatted at it with her claws. Ratchet did his best not to laugh as she slowly approached the glass again and sniffed it.

"Ratchet is something wrong with Elisa. I feel she's in distress." Optimus said over the com link.

"It's alright Optimus. Elisa is just seeing her reflection for the first time." Ratchet answered.

"Oh I see. She probably thinks it's another dragon."

"She sure does. Poor thing is so confused." Ratchet chuckled. Elisa's nose was finally touching the glass and she pulled back and touched the glass again. Still puzzled she wondered around Ratchet's servo that was holding the glass. She pulled at the glass with her claws as she was slowly discovering it. "That's right Elisa. It's glass." Ratchet explained slowly. She looked up at him with confusion for the new word. "Glaaaaasssssss." He said slowly.

"Rrrrrraaasssssss." She tried. He chuckled as he put the glass down and picked her up.

"Ggggglllassssss Elisa." Ratchet repeated.

"Rrrrrraasssss." She said again.

"No gah gah gah." Ratchet said trying to teach her the letter g.

"Rrraahh." She squeaked.

"No Elisa try again. Gah gah gah." He repeated. Her optics narrowed as she tried to process the sound she heard.

"Rrrah..grrraahh, grrahhh." She tried slowly.

"That's it Elisa, keep going." Ratchet encouraged.

"Grrraahh... grrrraahh…gggaaah." She said again.

"That's it. Gah, gah, gah." Ratchet smiled.

"Gah gah gah." She repeated eagerly.

"Glllllllllllass." Ratchet said.

"Glllllaassss." Elisa repeated.

"Yay Elisa you did it." Ratchet cheered.

"Glllaassss, gllassssss." She chirped excitedly.

Srrrrrrr, glllllaassss, glllassss! She said to Optimus excitedly.

Very good Elisa. Optimus said back to her proudly.

Of course being the cute sparkling she was, Elisa made sure she told everyone about the glass. They were all smiles as she eagerly said the new word to everyone and pointed out where it was. Optimus was no exception when he drove it.

"Srrrrrrr, srrrrrrr!" She said eagerly looking at him and then at the groundbridge.

"Yes what is it Elisa." Optimus said back, kneeling down to her. She looked at him once and then back at groundbridge before running over to it and jumping up and down. She kept chirping for him to come over and when he did she started talking again.

"Gllassss glaaasss." She said excitedly while jumping.

"Yes that is glass Elisa." He smiled and rubbed her helm. She quickly crawled in her Sire's arms and gave him kisses.

"Eager little thing isn't she." Smokescreen said.

"All sparklings are like that. They want you to know what they have learned." Arcee said to him.

"Now if she can get sire and carrier right, we'd be all set." He laughed.

"There's no rush newbie." Bulkhead added.

"It was a joke guys relax. I know sparklings have a lot of learning to do." Smokescreen laughed.

"Boop be?" Bee asked.

"Yes I do Bee." He chuckled. Not long afterwards Elisa started falling asleep. She had gotten so excited that she used up her energy for the day. She slept on the balcony for a while until Ratchet carried her into his room and they fell asleep.

The next day, Elisa did a little exploring in the med bay. She sniffed a few things and looked around, but didn't find anything interesting. She laid down for a little bit to watch Carrier for awhile, but she was getting bored again. She looked around again and managed to find where the glass piece was, but she couldn't get it out.

"Glass. Glass." Elisa said to Carrier. He looked over to her and saw that she wanted to look at the mirror again so he pulled it out and propped it against the wall for her to see.

"You be careful with that Elisa." Ratchet said sternly before going back to the monitor. She played with her reflection with it for a little bit and even licked the glass once or twice. She finally kept bouncing on it with her claws when Ratchet noticed. "No Elisa don't do that." He said sternly again. She looked at him confused. "I don't want you to break the glass." He answered. When she chirped for an answer Ratchet went back to work. She played with it again, but not with her claws, until she charged at her reflection and jumped onto the mirror making it shatter instantly.

"Crrrreeerrrr! Crrrreeerrrr!" She cried instantly.

"Elisa what did I tell you." Ratchet said angrily as he hurried over to her. He picked her up and brushed her off to make sure there was no glass on her to cut her skin. When he was finally done he let out an annoyed huff. "I said no Elisa." He said aggrevated. Elisa looked away from him upset. Not wanting to be too harsh, he gently brought her face to his own. "That is no." He said at a gentle volume, but in a firm voice. "You could have gotten hurt." He insisted. She blinked at the new word.

"Eeep." She said quietly.

"Hurt." Ratchet repeated. She licked his fingers as if to say sorry. Ratchet left her for a moment to clean up the glass and quickly returned to her. "That is no." Ratchet said sternly again. "You could have gotten hurt." He repeated. Elisa noticed that his energy was giving off an emotion that she never felt before with anyone. She realized that it had to do with the new word: hurt.

"Hhhhuuurrrr." She whimpered to him. Ratchet blinked in surprised when she said the new word.

"Yes Elisa Hur-T." He said slowly.

"Hurrrttt." She repeated.

"I was worried you might have gotten hurt." Ratchet said gently. He took her into his arms rocked her against his spark to comfort her. She didn't know it yet, but Ratchet's energy was giving off worry and concern, something she never felt with her captors. She stood up in his arms and gently licked his neck cables to try and make him feel better. "It's ok Elisa." He whispered to her and placed a loving kiss on her helm.

I love you

Llaahvvvv Crrreeerrr.

Elisa stayed close with Ratchet for the rest of the day as a sort of apology for her actions. Slowly his white aurora glowed back to its normal brightness and she felt a little better. She knew that she didn't want Carrier to feel that way again so she was good for the rest of the day. She even stayed closed to him when Sire arrived home.

"Elisa what's wrong?" He said gently as he took her into arms.

"Huurttt." She chirped into his chest. He looked over at Ratchet with concern.

"She was playing with the mirror today and she started pushing on it. I told her no for fear that it might crack or break. Later she jumped on the mirror and broke it. I kept telling her no and she must have sensed my concern." Ratchet explained. Ratchet rubbed her helm as she remained in Prime's arms.

"Llllavvh crreeerr. Llllaaavvvh srrrr." She said to them, as the others smiled at the scene in front of them.

"It's alright Elisa. We were just worried about you." Optimus said gently. She perked up at the word again, but felt that neither Creator was worried. Their energy felt warm and positive and full of love.

"I think maybe this emotion might be foreign to her as her captors weren't obviously concern with her safety." Ratchet explained quietly so Elisa wouldn't get upset. Then the room started blinking green. "Looks like Lennox is here." Ratchet announced. He came in wheeling a large device that allowed any autobot to hold it.

"Well I've got your signal scrambler." Lennox said. Arcee gently took hold of it and looked at it.

"That was fast." Bulkhead said as he looked at the device.

"Well after we managed to convert Elisa's signal into a frequency it was a piece of cake from there." Lennox explained. "How long will she need it for?" He asked.

"Probably until she reaches the first stage of maturity." Ratchet answered.

"What does that mean?"

"It's like when humans reach puberty from what I have read." Ratchet answered.

"Oh. Hey what's wrong with her? She looks a little down." Lennox said as he pointed to her.

"We had a little accident today with some glass. She got upset because I was upset." Ratchet answered.

"Alright Prime, what about these other dragons that you mention earlier?" Lennox asked, changing the subject.

"The decepticons and the dragons have formed a truce so that they can reclaim Elisa as their own." Optimus explained with a brief glance towards the sparkling in his arms.


"She will be a powerful dragon when she grows up and they want to harness that power to destroy us." Optimus answered solemnly. It was a sad reality that a sparkling was born into this world just so that her creators would just use her for their gain. A sparkling was meant to be loved and cherished by their creators, no matter who they turned out to be. A sparkling was meant to be born because creators want it not because creators need it.

"So who is this guy?" Lennox asked.

"Magma is his name. He was the alpha dragon of his tribe, which joined the decepticons. I don't know if any of his team survived, but I believe it is safe to say that his partner may be still alive as Elisa is here with us." Optimus explained.

"Who's his partner?"

"Her name is Titania. She was his partner before the war even started. She gave birth to twin boys. Their names are Rhodius and Rising Dawn. I have not seen them, nor do I know if they are alive." Optimus answered truthfully, unaware that Elisa had been looking at him the entire time. She had never seen Sire with the names she had heard in the dark room, so why was he saying them?

"They're working for Megatron huh?" Lennox asked amused.

"No, Magma would never work for a human. He always believed that humans were inferior and he would strike when the time was right."

"Hey but, oh Megatron would be a human on your world because of the dragons duh!" Lennox said to himself as Prime nodded.

"It would be the other way around Agent Lennox. Megatron is working for Magma."

"Not that he would ever admit it." Arcee said from the sidelines.

"Hurrrmmmm." Elisa whimpered, making Optimus look down at her. He rubbed her helm, but she seemed uncomfortable about something.

Elisa what's wrong? He said through the bond.

Mmmmmm She continued to whimper. Arcee came over to Optimus and offered to take her. He gently handed her over to Arcee.

"What's wrong Elisa?" Arcee said sweetly, rocking her back and forth in her arms. Elisa relaxed and snuggled into her arms. "Maybe she might know the names Optimus." Arcee whispered so Elisa might not catch on. Both Ratchet and Optimus said nothing and Lennox took over again.

"Well let me know if you spot any more of them Prime." Lennox said before he left. He figured this was more of personal issue with the baby so he figured it was time to go. Once he was gone Elisa's creators returned their attention to her.

"How would that be possible?" Ratchet said, slightly irritated.

"I don't know. Maybe they said their names when she was…captive." Arcee said quietly. Optimus and Ratchet looked at each other again and then back at Elisa, who was now sleeping in her arms. Smokescreen walked over to Arcee and looked at Elisa. He kept quiet and just stared in wonder at the sparkling, making him smile. Optimus let out a deep sigh before he spoke.

"You are right Arcee. I saw all the files on the hard-drive and their names were mentioned often." Optimus said sadly.

"They might be trigger points for her." Smokescreen said quietly.

"We may not be able to help her like we would any of you, but with time, love, nurturing and care, she can be at peace." Optimus insisted.

Optimus decided to let everyone enjoy the day, so they all drove to a nearby valley a few hours out of Jasper and watched Elisa play. She was in a much better mood today than last night. She instantly recognized the trees and ran over to one.

"Reeee, Rrreeee!" She chirped excitedly.

"Tree Elisa Tree." Smokescreen spoke first. She turned her head at him confused. Isn't that what she had been saying.

"Pronounce the T Smokescreen. She knows she's saying tree, but not the T." Ratchet explained as he laid out the signal disabler and turned it on.

"T…T…T." Smokescreen said. Elisa blinked at him in confusion for a moment. "T…t.t.t.t. ." He said.

"Ratchet is the disabler working?" Optimus asked.

"Elisa's signal is not on the map." Ratchet said pointing to the green light. They looked over at Smokescreen trying to teach her the letter T.

"Teeeee, teeeeee." He said.

"Eeeeeee, eeeeeee…" Elisa paused for a moment because she realized her sound wasn't matching Smokescreen's. "Eeee…eee…Tttteeeeee." She finally said.

"Hey way to go Elisa teeeeee." Smokescreen cheered.

"Teeee teeee!" She jumped excitedly. Bee was the first person she saw and she ran up to him excited. "Teee teeee!" She chirped again.

"Wheeoooppp!" Bee cheered with a clap of his servos. She saw her creators and ran over to them.

"Teee teee!" She said excitedly.

"Very good Elisa. Trrreeeeee." Ratchet said as he picked her up and brought her over to a small tree.

"Trreeeee! Treeee!" She chirped and gave him a kiss.

"She's a lot better than she was last night." Bulkhead said across from Ratchet.

"True Bulkhead." Ratchet said with a glance his way. He put Elisa on the ground and she ran over to the tree again. She stood up on her back legs and pressed her claws into the wood and jumped up. "Elisa no!" Ratchet said in concern, but Optimus held him back.

"Easy Ratchet, let her explore." Optimus said gently.

"What if she falls and breaks something?" He snapped. Elisa looked over at her Creators, while hanging onto the tree and saw that Carrier was going through the new feeling again, worry.

"I will catch her and then you can say I told you so." Optimus answered. She felt better when Sire sent her a positive wave through the bond and so she looked back up and continued. Ratchet was still tense as Elisa climbed higher and higher up the tree, but she stopped around the middle of it and looked around. She saw Bulkhead and gave him a playful roar.

"Heeaad, head!" She said to him.

"Hi Elisa." Bulkhead waved to her. She climbed up a little more to get some support from the branches. When she did she got her herself into position and jumped forward, trying to spread her wings.

Except she was still too young to open them.

"Whoah look out!" Bulkhead said before he lunged forward and caught Elisa in his servos before he crashed to the ground with a loud BANG! When the dust finally settled, Elisa was safely in Bulkhead's servos and she gave him one little look before she started licking his helm as if nothing had happened. Ratchet picked her and frowned and Optimus.

"I told you so." He grumbled as he did a quick check to see if she was alright. He set her down when he was satisfied and did a quick scan of Bulkhead as he stood up.

"You alright Bulkhead?" Arcee said as she watched Elisa.

"Yeah no worries." Bulkhead answered.

"Awesome catch!" Smokescreen said excitedly.

"Hah, thanks." Bulkhead chuckled.

"This was a bad idea." Ratchet grumbled.

"Oh come on Ratchet. She saw me and wanted to get to me, no harm done." Bulkhead insisted.

"She could have broken something." He argued back.

"I caught her. She's fine."

"She shouldn't have gotten up on that tree in the first place." Ratchet snapped, getting angry.


"She's a sparkling Ratchet. She was just exploring." Arcee added.

"She's only nine months old! It takes about a year for a sparkling to open her wings."


"Ratchet!" Optimus finally spoke, making everyone be quiet. "Would you please excuse us?" Optimus said as he guided the medic away from them with Elisa following. She was crouching to the ground in submission and looking at Ratchet.

"What?" He grumbled.

"Creer hurt." Elisa said making Ratchet blink down at her.

"Oh by the All-Spark." Ratchet mumbled, his voice heavy with guilt as he kneeled down to Elisa took her into his arms.

"She can sense your emotions Ratchet. Don't forget that. She knows when your happy, concern, or angry." Optimus explained gently as he rubbed Elisa as well.

"But you let her up on the tree." Ratchet insisted.

"Yes I did because as Arcee said she's a sparkling and she needs to explore. She needs to learn about this new world. She's not an experiment." Optimus said.

"I thought you weren't watching her as closely as I was." Ratchet said.

"True I wasn't and I am sorry for that. I will watch her more closely because that is my responsibility as much as it is yours." Optimus said with his servo touching Ratchet's shoulder.

"I'm sorry I overreacted." Ratchet said.

"No Ratchet, you didn't overreact. You reacted as a carrier would." Optimus said sincerely.

"Loove Crreerr." Elisa said suddenly, making both of them smile.

"Yes we love you too Elisa." Ratchet said gently. Carrier felt a lot better now and he showed it by kissing her face and Sire quickly followed.

Everybody was happy again.

Ch. 6: Growing

Even though the autobots had Elisa for six months, she was a year old now. She was a little bigger and started to explore the base more, so Ratchet had to keep an eye on her. She had definitely learned a lot more as well because she had many teachers. Elisa was a sweet and generous sparkling, but she still didn't understand a lot about the world. She didn't understand why her family kept leaving, but she understood that they would come back. She didn't care that her creators didn't have wings as she just loved everybody. She was always puzzled when the small creature came and talked to Sire and Carrier. She didn't understand why they were talking about her captors. As far as she knew they were gone forever so why were they talking about them. Sire got upset with her when she talked to the small creature one day.

"No Magma!" She insisted.

"Elisa don't do that." Optimus said calmly.

"No Magma!" She yelped again.

"Elisa don't interrupt." Ratchet said joining in.

"NO MAGMA!" She shouted in a high pitch voice. Everyone started at the sparkling as she got upset.

"Elisa don't do that. That is very bad." Optimus said sternly, his deep voice seeming deeper than usual. She lowered herself to the ground and crawled away into the med bay under the berth for safety.

"Uh-oh someone threw a tantrum." Lennox said.

"No it's not a temper tantrum. She just thinks Magma doesn't exist anymore because she hasn't seen him since we brought her here." Optimus explained. She stayed under the berth until the small creature left and her creators came over to the berth.

"Elisa come here." Ratchet said gently. She refused to move. "Elisa." Ratchet said more sternly.

"Elisa stop." Optimus said. She still wouldn't budge and Ratchet let out a frustrated sigh. "Elisa come here. Now." Optimus said with authority. She finally relented and slowly came out, her body low and her optics on the floor. "Elisa look at me." Optimus said more gently this time as he and Ratchet kneeled down to her. Optimus gently raised her face to look up at him with his finger.

"No Magma." She whispered. Ratchet gently rubbed her back to calm her down.

"No Elisa, Magma is not here." Ratchet stated.

"No Magma." She insisted again. He wasn't here so she was right, but why were her creators upset with her.

"Magma is alive." Optimus said. She looked over at Sire. She understood the word alive.

"Alive?" She asked.

"Yes he is alive, but he is not here." Optimus emphasized his point with that word. She slowly started to understand why they talked about him.

"Sire sees Magma?" She asked.

"Yes Elisa I see Magma." Optimus answered.

"No hurt!" She suddenly shouted in fear, but both creators sent warmth through their bond to calm her down.

No Elisa he won't hurt you.

That had been one of the few times Sire had been strict with her. Carrier was usually the discipliner because she wondered around base to much. She slowly learned not to wonder out of his sight for too long otherwise he would make her stay with him for the rest of the day. Sometimes Carrier got upset at the others, but it was mostly at Bulkhead.

"Bulkhead I needed that!" He shouted at him as his tool sparked in defeat. The first time she had heard that Elisa jumped and was instantly alert. When Carrier still hadn't reacted towards her as he looked at the broken tool, Elis jumped on his shoulder and started to lick his face. He instantly started groaning at her, but he understood that she was just trying to make him feel better.

She still didn't understand Bumblebee, but she was starting to understand the tone of his beeps and boops. If it was high-pitch he was happy and when it sounded almost like a moan he was sad. She liked playing with him and Bulkhead, who seemed just to laugh all the time. Smokescreen annoyed her to no end. He kept teasing her and she couldn't catch him, but to make him pay she snapped at him every once and awhile. However, Carrier and Sire told her that biting was bad so she apologized for it. When they both talked him for a brief moment, he started playing with her again and she was able to catch him every now and then. Arcee was her favorite of the team. Her dark blue aurora was strong and nurturing. She was very peaceful towards Elisa and she helped out a lot when her Creators were busy. It was no surprise to the others that on some nights Elisa was by Arcee and eventually fell asleep by her side at night.

It was quite interesting when she finally met Wheeljack for the first time.

He had been briefed ahead of time about Elisa so he pulled into the base slowly in his vehicle mode. She heard a new sound and looked up at the stranger when he transformed. His aurora was grey and she didn't know him so she started growling at him, baring her teeth.

"Easy girl." Wheeljack said casually as he kneeled down and held out his servo to her. She stopped growling and stared at his servo for a few seconds before slowly coming towards it and sniffing it. She jumped back when his finger rubbed her cheek, but she quickly realized he meant no harm and leaned back into the touch. When he withdrew she walked over to him and sat down in front of him, just staring at him in curiosity. "Hey there." He smirked as he started to pat her helm.

"Her name's Elisa Jacky." Bulkhead said first as the others watched.

"Hi Elisa." He said as she looked up at him. "I think you and I are going to get along just fine." She didn't understand that he wasn't a permanent member of Team Prime and was upset for a few days when he didn't come back. Bulkhead thought it was so cute that Elisa was looking for him, so he explained as bests he could that he would be back again later. It was then that she truly understood the concept of being alive, but not being at home at base.

Ratchet was looking over some data when he suddenly heard a strange noise one day. It came from the hallway and he knew it had to be Elisa. He finally walked into the opening of the hallway and watched as Elisa crawled around very slowly for some reason. When she stopped she stood up on two legs and started to flap her wings.


"Very good Elisa." Ratchet smiled. She could finally open her wings. Her red stripes were barely noticeable as her wings remained open.

"Carrier look!" She chirped and started flapping her wings again.

"You can open your wings Elisa." Ratchet said proudly.

Sire open wings! Open wings! She said through the bond. He had to think about what she said for a moment before he finally understood that Elisa could open her wings up now.

Very good Elisa. You'll have to show me when I get home.

Show! Show!

Like everything else she had learned, Elisa made sure to show everyone her new ability when they arrived home. They were all smiles and cheers and Elisa flapped away. She was ecstatic when Sire got home. She actually ran to him flapping her wings and when she jumped up to him she flew a few feet before Optimus quickly caught her in his arms.

"Oh dear Primus Elisa." He gasped in surprise when caught her quickly. "You can fly." He said. She looked at him puzzled at the new word.

"Sire?" She asked confused.

"Fllllyyy Elisa. FFFFFlllyyy." He said slowly.

"Ffffffllllyyy?" She repeated back slowly.

"Yes Elisa. That's it. Fly." He said.

"Fly! Fly!" She chirped excitedly and she gave his face a few licks as the others laughed.

The next day Optimus and the team returned to their familiar forest where they let Elisa play ever since they got the signal scrambler for her. Optimus and Ratchet kept a closer optic on her than the other teammates, even though everyone wanted to see her fly. Optimus made sure she jumped from a rocky ledge than wobbling tree branches like she normally did. She was up higher than she normally was and this time she noticed.

"Siiiire!" She cried in fear.

"It's alright Elisa. Just open your wings and I will catch you. I promise." Sire said sweetly to her. She looked over at the others who were silently cheering her on. All their auroras were glowing bright with positive energy.

"Come one Elisa, you can do it." Bulkhead cheered.

"Beep Boop Beep Boop Beep Boop." Bee said as he chanted her name. Arcee just looked at her with a bright smile on her face.

"You can do it baby girl." She winked. She looked back her at creators for a moment before she steadied herself. She didn't wait a moment before she leaped off the ledged and opened her wings. Everyone watched in awe as the sparkling glided through the air and right into the arms of her Carrier.

"Elisa that was wonderful!" He smiled as he held her close. Everyone was cheering and clapping for her.

"Fly! Fly!" She repeated.

Either Primus or Unicorn were giving him good fortune today or it was just dumb luck that brought the decepticon warlord to a merry band of autobots on this fine sunny day. He was well above them when he spotted them so he headed down quietly as he could in his jet mode before transforming and landing softly on the ground. He got as close as he could so they wouldn't suspect they were being watched. The whole team was here so if they were to attack he would have to call the Nemesis. He held in his small gasp when he saw the little sparkling. She had grown in their care and was actually flying. She jumped into the air and circled Optimus letting out quiet squeaks that should have been roars. She landed on his back and licked his helmet as he chuckled at her playfulness.

"I love you Sire." She smiled. Megatron blinked in surprise at the words. Optimus as her Sire. That could only mean that Magma and Titania hadn't bonded with her when she was born. It made Megatron growl inside. Even though he knew he had no hope of having any sparklings of his own, he knew a creator's bond with their sparklings was meant to be special and cherished for as long as they lived, not to be an abandoned concept for the sake of a power struggle. With Optimus as he Sire that left only one question: who was her Carrier? Elisa chirped in surprise when she fell over Optimus, but she quickly caught herself by flapping her wings and regaining her composure.

"Elisa be careful." Ratchet said.

"I love you Carrier." She smiled. Megatron turned away from them so he could cover his mouth with his servos to muffle his laughter. Optimus Prime's medic as a Carrier for a dragon! He clutched his waist and dug his palm into his mouth as he continued to silently howl with laughter. This was just too good to be true. Ratchet just never fit the bill to be a carrier. He finally calmed down and looked back at them and just watched for a while. He saw the unlikely couple acting as Creators and it brought back memories to him. Memories of a young gladiator and an enthusiastic librarian who dream of many things. They dreamed of peace and equality and hope for a bright future and a family. Megatron let out a heavy sigh at the long distant memories now. Those mechs were long gone, replaced by a dark warlord and a wise Prime.

Soon everyone when their separate ways to enjoy their day. They still had several hours left as it was just barely noon. Elisa started to wonder his way.

"Elisa don't wonder too far off alright." Ratchet said a little sternly.

"Yes Carrier." She said before sprinting away. Megatron remained still as he heard her approach. Elisa tensed as she saw the purple aurora, but not the Silver Stranger. She moved cautiously forward and jumped in front of Megatron baring her teeth. Megatron had to smile at her courage for such a young sparkling. He kneeled down and held out his servo so as to show he wasn't threatening her. She cautiously moved forward sniffing to the air around him to make sure it wasn't a trick. When she nipped at his fingertips he chuckled quietly.

"I remember you too little one." Megatron said quietly.

"Little one?" She whispered as she looked up at him. He slowly rubbed his fingers over her cheeks and her skin felt cool to the touch. When he reached for her she jumped back with a hiss. "No hurt!" She snapped at him.

"I won't hurt you little one." He said calmly with his palm exposed. She slowly approached him and he gently picked her up into his arms. Even at a year old she was tiny his arms, even his servos still seemed a little big compared to her size.

"Elisa." She said suddenly.


"Elisa." She said pointing to herself.

"Megatron." He said pointing to himself.

"Megatron." She repeated. She looked him up and down for a little while, until she settled on his purple decepticon insignia. She gently touched it with her claws as she looked at it with curiosity. "Like Sire's and Carrier's sign." She said.

"Almost." He said quietly.

"Megatron sad." She whispered before she crawled up to him and nuzzled his face to try and make him feel better. She was feeling an emotion that she never felt before with another. The emotion was conflict. He gently kissed her helm before she looked back at him. "You no hurt me." She said at the memory of how he held and gave her some brief comfort.

"No I did not."


Before he could answer Megatron reacted instantly by aiming his cannon at Optimus who had his own gun pointed at him. Elisa squealed in fright as she scrambled behind her Sire.

"Soundwave, ground bridge now." He ordered. Thankfully no autobots appeared to block his path as the others arrive close to Optimus. Ratchet held Elisa in his arms.

"No hurt! No hurt!" She cried as Megatron casually walked back towards the bridge.

"I couldn't think of better Creators for her." Megatron taunted.

"Don't you dare!" Ratchet shouted, knowing what he meant.

"Perhaps I won't tell him right this moment, but Magma will find out sooner or later. He already suspects something since she has been gone for six months now." Megatron answered.

"He abandoned her Megatron. She was never bonded." Optimus added.

"I'm well aware of this. In all sincerity I applaud you taking on a Creators role." Megatron said with his weapon down. Optimus did the same and soon the others followed, but watched Megatron as he hovered by the groundbridge.

"Then leave her be Megatron. Why go after a sparkling?" Optimus asked, his optics were pleading as if to tell Megatron to stop this quest right now.

"Because I want to win just as badly as you do." Megatron said before he went through the bridge.

"Megatron!" He heard the little sparkling cry before the groundbridge closed behind him.

"Elisa did he hurt you?" Ratchet said with concern.

"No hurt." She answered quietly, but both of her Creators could feel her sadness and confusion in her spark. Everyone went home and Optimus split everyone up to do patrol, including himself to look for any cons. Elisa just stayed in the medical bay berth, thinking of Megatron all day. Why was he so sad? What was that emotion he felt? She just laid in her own little world for the day and she didn't even hear everyone come home until Optimus and Ratchet came over to her.

"Megatron sad. Why?" She said to them. Ratchet stepped away as he knew Optimus could answer better.

"Megatron was my friend once Elisa." Optimus said. She looked up at him, but he thought for a moment before he decided to take her into his room.

"Why go in private?" Smokescreen asked.

"Because it's private that's why." Arcee answered.

"Megatron friend?" Elisa asked curiously in his room.

"He was my friend once." Optimus repeated. He laid on his berth, while Elisa laid on top of his chest plates near his spark as a way to comfort her. "But that was a long time ago. We are enemies now." Optimus said sadly.

"No friends!" Elisa insisted.

"Maybe when you're older you will understand."

Elisa didn't sleep well that night as she wondered through the halls of the base. They all left their doors open a small crack, just in case she wanted to go in, but she didn't tonight. Sire was hurt by the fact that he and Megatron weren't friends anymore. This new emotion hurt her spark and she had a restless night.

"Elisa baby." Carrier said as he gently lifted her into his arms. "What's wrong?" He asked as he rocked her back and forth. Her sparked flashed it's white glow in response so Carrier went into the bond and felt the emotions that Megatron felt. "You feel the conflict Elisa." Carrier said.

"Conflict?" She said confused.

"It's when a person doesn't know what to do." Ratchet explained.

"Megatron conflict." She said and Carrier blinked in surprise. He sent positive energy through the bond and slowly she fell asleep. Ratchet cradled her for the rest of the morning, even as Optimus and the others rose.

"She felt conflict in Megatron Optimus." Ratchet said as he rubber her neck.

"How is that possible?" He asked.

"Well she was with him a little longer before we got to him." Ratchet answered. Optimus only nodded.

"Elisa, sweetspark." Optimus said kindly as he gently woke her. "Goodbye Elisa, I will be home soon." He whispered as he gave her small servo a little kiss before he was off on patrol. She snuggled back into Carrier's arms and purred against his chestplates.

Love you Sire

The next emotion Elisa felt was pain. She hadn't felt pain in a really long time, but this was a different pain. Instead of getting ignored like she had in the dark room, she had her Creators who looked after her and wouldn't leave her side. She had gotten hurt when she was practicing flying again. She had tried to do a running start, but she tripped and had a nasty fall.

"RRREEEEEAAAHHHHHH!" She screamed in pain as Sire lifted her into his arms as gently as he could.

"It's alright Elisa. We're here. Creators are here." Sire said as he hurried over to his trailer.

"Be careful something might be broken." Carrier said, trying not to sound too panicked, but his spark said otherwise. Arcee climbed into the trailer and held her arms out Sire didn't question her as she gently held her in her arms. Despite being a year old Elisa still fit comfortably in Arcee's arms. Sire drove as quickly as he could home and was thankful for Bumblebee's speed as when he got to base he opened a groundbridge for Prime and the others.

They didn't see the speck of rock and dirt fall as a white dragon flew back into the sky to inform his master.

Elisa cried and sniffled as Carrier scanned her over. She had cuts and scrapes on her wings, wrists, and back. Nothing was broken, but her right wrist was dislocated.

"Hold her sides Optimus." Carrier said quietly. Sire did his best to hold her in comfort as Carrier took her bad wrist into his servos. She shrieked in pain as Carrier did his best to find the area quickly.


Everyone flinched at the sound as Elisa cried out in pain. Tears of pain flowed down her face and before Carrier knew it Elisa snapped at him.

"Ouch!" He snapped and looked at his fingers, but there was no damage. She growled at him as he looked at her. The others blinked in shock that Elisa would snap at her own Carrier.

"It's alright Elisa. I'm sorry." Carrier said calmly.

I had to make you better baby.


Yes, you were hurt and I had to make it better.

"Better." Elisa said out loud and she lowered herself to the berth. When he held out his fingers, she licked them in apology. "Sorry Carrier." She whimpered, ashamed that she had snapped at him when all he did was help her.

"You were in pain baby. It's alright, you were mad, that's all." Carrier smiled and gently rubbed her claws in forgiveness. Elisa moaned in pain when they cleaned up her scrapes and put medicine on them so they wouldn't get infected. Afterwards, Elisa was given food and put to sleep.

"Poor girl." Bulkhead said sadly.

"I'll bet yah she's playful tomorrow, or if not the day after." Smokescreen said with a wink, trying to stay positive.

"What is it?" Megatron said calmly as Magma entered.

"Seek Gazer saw the humans with Elisa. She's learning to fly." Magma said as he came over to Megatron. Neither failed to see Soundwave tense, but he continued to work. Thankfully Magma came by himself, but he knew to be on his guard.

"She's over a year old now. Isn't that to be expected?" Megatron said casually.

"She's bonded to those…those…humans." Magma snarled.

"We value the bond between a creator and creation. No matter what kind of sparkling we have, it is loved and cherished without a second thought." Megatron said darkly.

"Even if the sparkling is a dragon?"

"She was found abandoned with no bondings, the autobots simply took up the responsibility. The species here call it adoption if I am not mistaken." Megatron said casually, enjoying Magma's squirming.

"She's bonded to Optimus Prime and his medic!" He roared.

"Really?!" Megatron said, faking his shock.

"Of all the humans, I wouldn't have cared if you had bonded to her, but the Prime! Rrrraaaaaarrrrrr!" Magma roared and stomped out, seeing that his message was received. Megatron wasn't offended by statement at all. In fact it made he wonder what would have happened if had bonded to Elisa if he had found her first.

Would his librarian come back if he had asked him to be her Carrier?

Ch. 7: Understandings

"Hey slow down Elisa!" A young man with brown hair and bright blue eyes ran through the woods after a little girl no more than eight years old. Her dark red hair had highlights of dark blue that were almost black and she had her Sire's bright blue eyes.

"Can't catch me Smokescreen!" Elisa giggled as she ran, trying to get away from the race car driver. He decided to double back to make his move. She screamed in delight when he caught her and twirled her in his arms.

"Gotchya!" He laughed. "Now come on it's time to go home." He said as he held her hand.

"Awww man." She pouted the whole walk to Smokescreen's true form before she got in the car and he dimmed windows black so nobody could see that there was no driver as the holoform faded away. Unlike the others, Elisa couldn't make a holoform. Instead she could turn into an actually human and they had learned that the hard way.

Elisa was five when she first transformed into a human. Not by accident of course, but it was a big scare none the less. She was sound asleep with Sire the night before and when she woke up she was on the floor and cold. She looked at herself and saw ten little fingers in front of her as her hands wiggled in the air. She felt her face and skin and hair. Her skin felt smooth and warm, while her hair felt soft and a little tangled. So Elisa reacted the only way she knew how.

She screamed.

Optimus woke with a start and looked around the room for any sign of the decepticons. When he found none he suddenly realized that Elisa wasn't next to him on the berth.

"Elisa, honey where are you?" He asked as he got out of bed.

"SIRE!" She screamed into the air, making Sire look down on the floor. He gasped when he saw a tiny child in the corner of his room. He kneeled down to her and saw the little girl was crying and that she had bright blue eyes.

"Elisa?" He asked amazed.

"Sire!" She cried again as she fell to the floor, holding herself and crying. Optimus transformed into his Peterbilt and out came his holoform with a blanket. He was well over six foot tall, with black hair, autobot blue eyes, with a t-shirt, jeans, and boots on. Elisa flinched when the blanket was wrapped over her.

"It's alright baby." Sire said as he cradled her back and forth. She continued to cry as he held her as she was afraid of this new body. He just cradled her back and forth as she slowly quieted down and started sniffing.

"What is this Sire?" She cried.

"It's alright Elisa. Look at me." He said gently and she suddenly realized that he wasn't a giant robot.

"What are you?" She asked amazed as her fingers traced over his soft skin.

"It's called a holoform." Sire answered.

"Holoform?" She repeated and Sire nodded yes.

"It's a human body."


"Like Lennox?"

"Yes like Lennox." Sire stood up and went over to the truck. He got inside and he drove out into the medical bay, where Carrier looked at him in confusion.

"Optimus?" Carrier said confused. He came out with Elisa in his arms and Ratchet transformed into the ambulance. His human form came out, but Elisa wasn't looking at him.

"Who is that?" He asked as he came over to Sire.

"It's Elisa." He answered. She looked up when he name was called and she looked over at Ratchet. He looked to be the same age as Sire, but with brown hair that was greying around the edges. His eyes were the same autobot blue and he was fully dressed.

"Carrier?" She whispered.

"Oh my." Carrier said wide-eyed. He took Elisa into his arms and she snuggled close to his chest.

"It's alright Elisa. We're both here now." He smiled at her. They walked over to the ambulance and he opened to doors and they sat down on a bench.

"Why now Optimus?" Carrier asked as he continued to hold Elisa.

"I'm not sure. I never thought that she could be a human." Sire answered. Carrier handed her back to Sire and got out a scanner out. He scanned her body and everything came back healthy.

"Why human?" She asked quietly.

"Humans are main inhabitants of Earth. It could be that maybe one of your powers was active and changed your form." Carrier answered.

"We chose a human form so this way we can blend in more with the outside world at times." Sire added.

"I'm scared." She cried.

"There's nothing to be scared of. You'll be alright Elisa. We'll stay with you." Sire said.

"What happened here? You two having a little tea party?" Arcee said as she walked over to them. She was in a black biker outfit with short brown hair and nice strong blue eyes.

"Arcee?" Elisa whispered.

"Hey Elisa." She said sweetly as she walked over to her. She patted her hair in comfort as she saw that the child was trembling. "Don't worry, we've all got human forms." She smiled.

"Even Bulkhead, Smokescreen and Bumblebee?" She asked hopeful.

"Yes even those big lugs." She winked.

She got better as the day when on, but they had to call Lennox to get clothes and food for her.

"Hey Elisa I got you something." Lennox said after she came back out fully clothed. He held out a stuff animal that was a husky dog.

"He's cute!" Elisa said as she took the dog and squeezed it tightly.

"What do you say Elisa?" Sire said to her.

"Thank you Lennox!"

She had transformed back into her dragon form two days later. They had discovered that if she concentrated she could turn into a human and form and back. After three years of this Elisa was a pro at it. She was given a little bit more freedom in human form because a human didn't give off any signal. Carrier and Sire were waiting for them when they got back to base. She instantly transformed into her dragon form and flew right into Sire's arms.

"Hello sweetspark." Sire said as he kissed her helm.

"Hello Sire." She said before rushing over to Carrier. "Hello Carrier." She said cheerfully. He gave her a kiss and hug as well. Most nights were un-eventful and during the day everyone took their turn watching over Elisa, unless she wanted to spend the day in the base with Carrier. Most of the time that happened. She was starting to become more aware of the situations around her, like the war between autobots and decepticons. She still didn't understand why Sire and Megatron couldn't be friends, but she knew not to ask. Sire always got sad if she did.

Today she wanted to play outside and everything seemed quiet and peaceful. She was allowed to go off on her own for a little while before checking back in with Sire. He took watch over her today. He watched for any decepticons from his hiding place in the brush as his holoform watched over Elisa.

Like the silent watcher he was Laserbeak saw them easily.

Elisa was just walking along, making sure she was in sight of Sire when she lost her footing suddenly and stumbled down a hill. She cried out in pain as she twisted her ankle.

"Sire!" She cried out into the air, but no answer came. She called out once more, but when nothing happened she crawled up to see where he was. She froze instantly when she saw Sire was battling Magma. She fell backwards again, trying to figure out what to do. She kept hearing snarling and laser fire, so she decided to go forward and go hide somewhere farther away. Her leg was throbbing with pain as she limped away. Some of the roars were getting closer so she had to move faster. When she looked back she saw Magma was gaining on Optimus and more dragons were coming into the woods. She turned away and tried to start running. She didn't get very far before she cried out in pain.


Something in her leg snapped and Elisa screamed and fell to the ground.

Sire I think my leg is broken!

Elisa hide!

She groaned in pain as she started to crawl away. Her eyes were closed as tears of pain and fear flowed out so she didn't see she was coming up another hill. She cried out again as she rolled down the hill, her leg just feeling as if it was on fire. "Sire!" She moaned her voice barely a whisper. The pain kept coming and soon she lost consciousness.

When Elisa woke up, it was dark outside and it was quiet.

"Sire!" She cried out, but nobody answered. "Carrier!" She called out, but again nobody answered. She tried to crawl to her feet, but whimpered again when the pain hit. She rolled over so that she was on her back instead of her stomach and saw that the night was cloudy and no stars showed.


She gasped when she heard a small twig break. She quickly got to her knees, trying to muffle the sounds of her pain as she crawled over to a trunk and tucked herself into a ball. The footsteps got louder and louder as she trembled in fear. They finally stopped behind her and she closed her eyes shut tight. For the longest time nothing happened before the footsteps finally moved closer to her. She whimpered when fingers brushed her tears away.

"I will not hurt you little one." A familiar deep and raspy voice said to her. She opened her eyes and saw an older man staring at her. He had scars over his face from battles long ago, his hair was silver, his body was large with muscle, and his eyes were red.

"Megatron?" She asked fearfully. He gave her a small smirk as he looked her over.

"What seems to be the problem?" He asked.

"I think my leg is broke." She answered and let her legs drop slowly.

"Which one?"

"Right." He started to gently squeeze and looked at her face to see her discomfort. Right before he got to her knee she cried out in pain. "I..I…I think that's it." She cried tears coming down again.

"Anything else?"

"I hurt my ankle too. I tripped down a hill and that's when I hurt it." She explained. He took her shoe and sock off and saw that there was already a dark bruise on her ankle and that it was swollen.

"You did a number on this one." Megatron chuckled. "You just twisted your ankle little one." Megatron added. "Starscream," Megatron said as he tapped into his com link in his ear. "send Knockout to my coordinates with a medical kit and in human form." He ordered.

"Master?" Starscream said confused.

"Did I stutter Starscream?" Megatron growled, but Elisa only giggled.

"Of course Lord Megatron." Starscream said quickly.

"Who is Starscream?" She asked him.

"Your Sire didn't tell you?" Megatron asked in curiosity.

"No, he says I'll learn more when I'm older." She said quietly.

"But you already know some things already don't you?"

"I understand you and Sire are fighting each other, like a war I think." She said quietly avoiding Megatron's gaze.

"Perhaps that is enough." Megatron said quietly.

"Why are you so sad?" Elisa asked suddenly, but before he could answer a groundbridge opened and Knockout came out.

"Well, well, well, who is the pretty patient today?" Knockout said with a wicked smile. She instantly backed away from the stranger. His aurora was a deep red just like his eyes. His hair was also a slicked back red with some black highlights. His outfit was red too. Elisa didn't like the feelings he gave off, but it wasn't her fault for she was too young to understand lust. He walked over to them and gave Elisa a deadly smile as he kneeled down to her.

"This is Elisa Knockout. I expect you to keep your manners in check." Megatron snapped, making the medic lose his focus.

"Of course my liege. What's wrong with her?" He asked, trying not to get into trouble.

"Her leg is broken and she twisted her ankle." He answered.

"Double wammy hmm." Knockout said causally. He opened his kit and took out a scanner. He went up and down three times on her leg. "That's a broken bone alright." Knockout said as he looked over the x-rays on his handheld. He wrapped her ankle in bandages and got out some straps to keep her leg in place. "Hey where's Magma?" Knockout asked suddenly. Elisa's eyes went wide with fear and Megatron growled at Knockout.

"None of your concern Knockout." He growled darkly, making the medic hurry back to his work. Elisa flinched when he tied the strap in place. Before he could finish something swooped down next to them. The dragon stood on two legs and stared at Elisa for a moment making her tremble in fear. "What is it Magma?" Megatron snapped, drawing his attention away from her.

"Were you not going to tell me you had her?" Magma growled.

"I was when we had her on the Nemesis. I couldn't risk her trying to get away." Megatron answered.

"Fair enough." He shrugged bitterly, hoping for some backlash. "Doesn't look like she could have gotten away though. Is her leg broken?" Magma asked.

"Yes sir." Knockout answered still work. When he finished he got up and went to his medical kit, Magma leaned over her.

"Get away!" She cried at him. His black aurora made her whole body turn cold.

"That's no way to talk to your Sire." He teased.

"Optimus is my Sire!" She shouted back. She cried out in pain when he slapped her across the face.

"He's a filthy human that has contaminated you and nothing more." He growled darkly, making Elisa sob in terror. Elisa's fear made Megatron's energon boil in rage. Even though he had a short time with his creators, Megatron had always been loved by them no matter what circumstances.

"Enough!" He shouted at him. Magma gave him a sideways glance, but that was enough for Elisa, wh