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Dusk and Moonlight


Amarone Camin is an 18 year old Cinderella Girl who lived with her aunts and grandparents to support her studies leaving her parents at their province in Philippines. After maintaining a high grade and gaining a lot of achievements in junior high, her mom's uncle decided to take her in and take her with him to Alexander, a province in Manitoba, Canada. As she started Senior High, she met a lot of new people including Taylor Moon, the bipolar and mysterious guy in her class.

Fantasy / Romance
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From The Author

I will be dedicating this story to my aunts Carissa, Christine and Catherine. To my thoughtful grandmother Emma and my grandfather Arsenio. To my parents, Joseph and Cristina and my beloved friends-Anrry, Kyla, Lyka and Diane. And to my dearest adviser, teacher and friend Mrs. Lilian Arinton.

This will be my short introduction just in case someone could be reading this. I’m an 18 year-old student writer from the Philippines, I would like to apologize if my english isn’t that good. My inspiration for writing this story is definitely Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I really am a fan and I’m so in love with Taylor Lautner! So I’ll be considering this novel a fanfiction.

By the way I’ll be writing the whole novel using first name basis, actually in the Philippines, we call people in a more polite way like Lolo for grandpa. Tita for Aunt and etc. We’re not using first name basis but I’ll be doing that here. Lol Okay why am I explaining?

So Yeah! Everything here is a work of my imagination so just in case there’s some things similar, it’s out of my intention. That’s all thanksfor reading.


R.M. Camingao

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