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Gimme More


Roman "Romi" Mitchell and Taylor are friends, or that's the vibe others receive from them out in public; but then a man like no other came around and fell for the both of them. Three years of being together pass them by when suddenly, Michael changes the game...

Erotica / Romance
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March, 2020

It had been a long day at work for savvy business woman, Taylor Klein. In the wonderful world of marketing she had become a tycoon - cornering the market in biodegradable packaging for major companies and businesses like Urban Decay, Tarte, and Morphe makeup brands, and even Bare Minerals was trying contact her office as of recent. However, there was nothing she loved more than walking through the front door of her home, calling out to her two favorite individuals in the world, and hearing them call back to her as they made their way through their home to greet her. And here she is walking through the large, polished oak door, dropping her Louis Vuitton bag on the small entry table, calling out for her two loves once again.

"Babes? I'm home!" She called out into the vast house. Shutting the door behind her she kicked off her heels and decided to let her nose dictate where she ventured first. By now she would have normally heard from one of her darlings, but no sound had met her ears to her dismay.

Thankfully, her nose led her to the kitchen where a plethora of interesting smells were wafting throughout the house. Turning the corner of the kitchen, she found Roman Mitchell, or Romi as she preferred to be called, with her head popping in and out of several appliances throughout their well-equipped kitchen. Taylor smiled, leaning against the kitchen island with a smirk on her face as she watched Romi work her magic. She always found it fascinating to watch her work in the kitchen; see, Romi is a professional chef. And as a popular, up and coming chef, she's been working on a cookbook inspired by her favorite chef: Julia Child. She'd told Taylor and Michael one day how much she wished she could have met Julia before she'd passed away - which is how Michael felt about James Brown, who died back in 2006.

Being the brilliant man he is, Michael suggested she do something in honor of her, like he had done when he wrote several songs in memorial to one of his favorite late performers. She'd became inspired and thus we have in front of us the product of that proposition: a messy kitchen and a happy Romi. Doing a double-take, the being in question realized Taylor was watching her. She blushed while tucking a full mixing bowl under her arm.

"Taylor, when'd you get home, darling?" She asked. Taylor simply shrugged, pushing herself off from the granite island countertop and walking to wrap her arms around Romi's waist for a messy hug.

"Not very long ago. How did your day go?" Taylor gently squeezed her waist once more before letting her go reluctantly. She bit her lip as she took in her counterpart's state of being. Romi had donned a periwinkle blue apron, which was now soiled with flour, egg white residue, possibly some chicken fat as well... Taylor had seen much worse, in all honesty. There was one time she'd come back home after a long meeting and found a still somewhat raw, roasted duck on the ceiling of their kitchen, and Romi who'd sat in the corner on the floor in quite a state of sorrow. It'd taken the efforts of both Michael and Taylor to bring her out of such a bout of sadness, as well as a pillow fight amongst the three of them.

"Oh, I'm in the middle of figuring out how to debone a duck, shove some creamed stuffing in it, then sew the duck back up. After this I have to wrap the duck up in some cold pastry, then we bake and behold: Pâté de Canard en Croûte." She told Taylor while gesturing about the kitchen at all the various stages of the dish she'd accomplished.

"Another French recipe?" She asked the budding chef, a finger running along her jaw while analyzing the partially deboned chicken . Romi nodded. "Huh. Do you think that might be a tad fancy for movie night?" Romi's eye widened at her statement.

"Movie night? Oh, shoot." She wiped the back of her hand across her forehead as Taylor let out a lighthearted chuckle.

"It's Friday. What else would we have planned to begin our weekend with?"

"Well, it'll have to do. I'm almost ready to put it in the oven anyhow." Romi and Taylor exchanged loaded glances with each other, the air becoming heavy and suggestive. They both sighed, knowing full-well they had no time to engage in the nonsense running amok through their heads at this point in time. Taylor backed off, knowing she needed to go find the third piece of their complex puzzle.

"It will be perfect, I'm sure. And a killer addition to your cookbook too, no doubt." She pointed a thumb behind her, gesturing towards where the staircase laid beyond the wall. "I'm going to go find our Michael. See you in a bit." Roman smiled, wiping her brow with the sleeve of her arm this time and getting back to work as she left the kitchen.

Taylor made her way up the stairs and towards one of the couple rooms that belonged to Michael, her second piece of their precarious puzzle. The oak door creaked open, making a slight sound. She tried to remind herself that she'll need someone to take a look at that door, maybe ask her assistant to order some WD-40 possibly. He stole her attention away from the door, making her grin like a fool - something he was always capable of doing somehow in absolutely any situation.

"Tay, babe." He stood up from the piano stool and walked over to her, wrapping his strong arms around her body to bring her against his. His lips pecked hers, slowly. She pulled away, knowing it wasn't her turn with him.

"That's not fair and you know it." She accosted him, waving a finger in his direction and looking anywhere but at him. Her cheeks flushed with color against her wishes. His chest wracked with a hearty chuckle.

"I've been telling the both of you for months now, there's plenty of me to go around. You two are simply stubborn." He stated in response, sounding devious.

"Mmm... Romi and I have boundaries, we've told you this." His large, warm hands found the small of Taylor's back, holding her where he wanted her to stay for the remainder of the evening. Michael is a man of many sides, a man of many wants and desires, and for some odd reason he'd fallen for two women - two very different women - and that's ok with him, quite ok. As of right now, all he wanted to do was skip their movie night and ravish his two women as they whole-heartedly deserved in his opinion, together, mind you. There was one problem: Romi and Taylor were skeptical. He couldn't fathom why, but it held them back regardless. Michael bit his bottom lip, looking down at Taylor like she was the air he breathed.

"Boundaries." He sighed, accepting defeat... for now. She wiggled out of his arms, another smile playing at the corner of her luscious lips. His jeans were becoming uncomfortable as a familiar sensation made itself known to him. Trying to think of other things, Taylor directed him out of his music room and downstairs. Tonight is movie night after all. That means, junk food made by his talented Romi, couch snuggles with both his ladies, and three movies - one picked by each of them. He really couldn't ask for a better evening.

Other then...


He stopped himself mentally, trying to compose his thoughts had become difficult for him recently. The three of them sat together on the couch, curled up under fuzzy blankets in their pajamas. Everyone had the weekend off and this had become a quick tradition between them, a way to start their lazy weekends right. Michael was able to take a break from song writing for a few of the artists he worked with on a regular basis, which made him relieved every time a weekend came his way. Taylor wouldn't have to go in to her office, or wear those suits - though Michael liked the majority of those, it was always a secret pleasure of his to see her take her hair out of that consistently tight bun and relax.

For Romi, she'd spend time in her art studio painting, sculpting, whatever she wanted really, it just couldn't be cooking. Taylor and Michael took over cooking on the weekends and time and time again, had to refuse poor Romi entry into her blessed space. He loved watching her paint, and if he felt like it, Michael would sketch while she painted. He's never considered himself to be an artist in the same sense as Michelangelo or Gian Lorenzo Bernini, but he knew he could capture a likeness quite well - not to toot his own horn.

He shifted in his seat on the couch between his two gorgeous ladies. Roman had her head on his shoulder with her legs tucked under her bum, making her look even cuter then normal - if that was even possible - as she relaxed on his left. Taylor had both her legs draped over his knees as she sat with her back in the corner of the couch, a large bowl of popcorn sat in her lap. Michael would be lying through his teeth if he said he didn't want to reach for more than popcorn right now, his teeth ground together in frustration. Why was he feeling this crazy urge suddenly? And why now of all times? The three of them had been together for three years now, nothing about it was new... but the thought of truly being together - all three of them - was making his loose pajama bottoms tight and uncomfortable, as well as making his heart yearn for it all the more.

Little did he know that Romi and Taylor knew almost immediately that Michael was becoming frustrated, they had become so intuitive towards him it was second nature. Staring at the screen the two knowledgeable women smirked at the same time, though they were unaware of it. Michael kept his eyes on the TV screen as well, trying to focus on the classic feature he'd ordered from Amazon for tonight. He really did want to watch this movie, but his mind and body weren't letting him. His desire got to the point where he had to palm his crotch underneath their blanket, thereby removing it from around Taylor.

Meanwhile Taylor had decided now was the time for her to leave the room and let nature run its course, she began to stand up from the couch when Michael's right hand that had been lingering between his legs grabbed the back of her pajama shorts, pulling her back down next to him. She let out a surprised yelp, gaining Romi's attention. Romi raised an eyebrow as she processed what just happened. This was out of character for Michael. They took turns, having devised a clear and even system between the three of them, and it was her turn so-to-speak. She wasn't mad, this wasn't Taylor's fault. More so, she was slightly confused but also extremely curious.

Taylor gave Michael a dirty look as he wrapped his right arm around her, thereby holding her in place and making her unable to get back up. He throbbed wildly without the restraint of his hand preventing this for him. She huffed, making the aroused man chuckle deeply from satisfaction. The sound only made her more perturbed as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, the strings of her tank top being dragged downwards slightly and showing off some of her cleavage to Michael's joy. If anyone ever tried to call Michael Jackson gay, let it be known that these two women that sat next to him currently would call them liars to their face, and proceed to defend him in the most diplomatic and passionate way they could.

Michael Jackson is all man, and they can attest to it.

"I want you both." He whispered, bringing the two of them closer to his body with both his arms. The two women groaned in unison - this conversation had happened many times before. Michael bit his bottom lip, no longer trying to hide his arousal from the two of them. In the same breath he'd also finally allowed his mind to wander, his consciousness coming up with the most illicit fantasies he could think of concerning the three of them. It became official: Michael erected a tent, and it wasn't small either.

Taylor blushed and looked away, trying and failing to be released from his horny grasp. Romi put a hand to his chest, her full lips becoming a fine line of discontent and reprimanding character. Michael simply rolled his eyes and decided to do what he wanted - which is kiss his ebony goddess, Romi, on her soft lips, and so he did. She sighed, content and all previous emotions gone. She was the easy one to convince, kind of, it was easier to distract her anyway. He pulled away slowly, turning his head to his right and finding Taylor as far away as she could possibly be within his grasp.

"Darlin' don't be like that." He cooed, splaying out his long fingers on her torso. She has a soft spot for his hands around her, and he knows it. She made a disapproving sound and gave him a glance.

"It's not my turn, now let me go Michael. I'll go take a bath or something." His eyebrows raised at the suggestion of her slipping into the tub upstairs, and his imagination was vivid too. He felt his member twitch at the thought of her toned legs dipping into the bubbled water, where Roman already resided, nude in his thoughts.

"If she wants to be let go, Michael, you should let her go." Romi spoke, a haze threaded throughout her voice. A moment passed between them before Michael spoke once more.

"I can handle two." He told them as his hands gripped both their backsides, giving them a hearty squeeze at the same time. They gasped in unison.

Michael was whole-heartedly determined to get some tonight, and he knew he would. The real question was: Will I be handling one, or two pussies tonight? His decorum was long gone now as his heart raced in anticipation. Without letting go of either of their shapely asses, he brought them as close as he could to himself - the women's faces on either side of his. Romi's mouth was parted, waiting for him to claim her lips with his own. Taylor looked conflicted, it was clear he'd turned her on but she was still unsure despite his advances and reassurances. She shook her head.

"We'll get jealous. It'll ruin everything." Her resolve was crumbling before his and Romi's eyes. Surprisingly, it was Romi that replied.

"What's there to be jealous of? We already share him, his bed, his moves. I bet you everything he does with you, he's done with me." She was challenging Taylor, teasing her in a way that hit home. The reluctant woman looked away, crossing her arms. Now her chest was in Michael's direct line of sight and he found it difficult to look away as tensions between the three of them rose. He heard Taylor huff.

"That's simply not true." She sounded confident, but then she tacked on a question after. "Is it?" Her eyes found Michael's, tearing his gaze from her chest and momentarily bringing him out of his hot haze. He frowned, feeling his heart clench in response to the sudden shift of emotion in Taylor's voice.

"Of course not. It's different with both of you - you're different people, unique souls... How could I treat you the same?" With Michael's confession Taylor's confidence regrew as she decided to straddle his waist, he took in a sharp breath as a result. She felt his hardness hitting her clothed core, and it only made this situation more complicated. If they were going to go through with this there would be no turning back, they wouldn't be able to change it. With Michael's full attention, Taylor turned her head to face Romi as she spoke once more.

"Kiss me?" She asked her softly while biting her lip. Michael's jaw dropped slightly. Defiance and rejection he was expecting, but willingness and enthusiasm? Oh hell no. Not in a million years would he have thought he'd ever hear Taylor say such a thing to Roman. Her counterpart wavered, contemplating if she should indulge both Taylor and Michael as a by-product. She began to lean forward but paused once more, entrapped by Taylor's overwhelming stare. She grabbed her by the cheeks, bringing her lips home to her own for the first time in a gentle manner. But that gentle manner didn't last very long - Romi and Taylor's kiss became as heated like a whistling tea kettle at the point of peak boiling on a stove-top, and Michael couldn't handle it. He decided they weren't going to make it back upstairs tonight - not at first anyway.

The women before him began moaning sensually as they made out with each other, their hands starting to wander about their cheeks, along their jawlines and down their necks. Nails raked over shoulders, bringing down spaghetti straps along the way, hands eventually and tantalizingly moving down their waists and hips. They'd both forgotten about Michael until his hips bucked involuntarily into Taylor. He groaned loudly, running a hand down his chest as he breathed hard. Romi smirked at him.

"Don't think we forgot about you, Daddy."

"Fuck." He cursed, throbbing and twitching like he was about to cum rigth then and there before the real fun had even began. Romi leaned towards Michael, letting their lips lock as he met her part way. Believe it or not, Taylor had fantasized about this happening - albeit, not as much as Michael had - but enough times for her to know exactly what it was she wanted to do while Romi occupied his mouth. Deviously, she slid down his pajama'd legs till she rested her knees on the plush, cream-colored carpet.

All doubt had since left Taylor's mind as she kneeled before her African king, ready to please him in one of her favorite ways. Bringing her petite hands up to the waistband of his bottoms, she tugged gently enough for him to understand what she wanted him to do. As he lifted his hips off the couch she divested him of them along with his nonexistent boxers. Naughty boy, she thought as his member sprung free from its cotton prison. She took him first in her hand, stroking lightly and observing the way he pulsed as he made out with Romi. What a sight he is, moaning lightly into her lips while Taylor pleasured him with her mouth and tongue. Michael's hands weaved into Romi's hair as their kisses became open-mouthed and sloppy, while Taylor's head bobbed up, down, and around his thick shaft. Her hand moved around the base of his penis, seeing as he was much too large to fit entirely into her mouth - albeit, she's tried multiple times and ended up choking on him instead to Michael's glee.

"Oh my god." Michael whispered in between kisses. His large hands cupped both of Romi's cheeks, while one of her's rested against his chest. They broke apart long enough to divest him of his white t-shirt, throwing it off in some random direction to be discovered later. Roman's hands now roamed the planes of his lean upper body, following along with the curves and dips of his collar bone, pectoral muscles, and down to the dip of his bellybutton. Michael let out a low chuckle. "No teasing..." Then with a growl, he flipped Romi on her back with him kneeling between her pretty legs. "Sorry in advance about your pajamas, baby."


He'd taken her pajama bottoms and ripped them clean off her body like peeling a banana, easy as pie. Now that Roman was fully nude, Taylor knew exactly what would come next, she didn't need to meet eyes with Michael to know he was about to fuck Romi senseless. Not wanting to be the third wheel for the time being, she divested herself of the remainder of her clothes, stepping out of their pooled form on the floor. She walked around the coffee table as the movie still played in the background behind their lustful activity, finally coming to Romi's head to whisper something in her ear.

Michael watched Taylor with darkened eyes. He loved how bold she was in bed. She enjoyed trying new things with him all the time and this moment felt like they were simply trying another one of those tiny things they'd previously talked about: a threesome. Michael had called Taylor his seductress many times before, because that's exactly what she was to him; his incredibly sexy, siren of a woman, and she's all his. Romi on the other hand was timid, shy, and very much his baby girl behind closed doors. Having both ends of the spectrum watch him as he penetrated Romi's pretty little pussy drove him crazy. A deep, guttural moan escaped him as he began to pump in and out of her.

A small nod was then given to Taylor from the wanton Romi, approving her next daring action. Taylor then straddled her counterpart, hovering over her awaiting mouth. Michael watched the entire exchange as Roman began feasting on the sensitive area between Taylor's legs.

He almost came. Almost.

Biting her lip, Taylor cupped each side of Michael's face, bringing him in to her lips in an open-mouthed, sloppy group of needy kisses. Together the three of them made the unnoticed shape of a triangle, something Romi filed away for later to translate into a painting or another art medium. She's always taken inspiration from her own life experiences; it's a more organic way of translating emotions, to have your own experience.

But back to the sex.

The position changed with Taylor and Romi switching positions, only Taylor was on her knees with her hands wrapped around Roman's thighs as she returned the favor. Michael groaned at the explicit sounds the three of them were making together. This was only a small fraction of the fantasies he'd had about the three of them. He hoped that by pushing this encounter, he hadn't ruined what the three of them already had going good. No need to ruin a good thing, right? Is that what he'd just done? Ruined it? His dick told him to shut up and enjoy the gift in front of him.

He did just that. Enjoyed the heck outta this. Sucked every last drop of pleasure from both of his women as they all vehemently participated in the next three rounds they shared throughout the house before crashing. And man, did they crash hard. All of them were exhausted, and rightfully so.

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