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“Sign your name,” I stated. His eyes glowered at me. “Sign it,” I growled from the back of my dry cracking throat. “Never,” he smiled menacingly. A story of betrayal, fear, faith, strength and a whole lot of chaos. And werewolves. Hope you enjoy!

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Found

“Lilith I need you to go to town,” the Alpha ordered. Lilith nodded, “Yes, Alpha. What do you send me for?” He cleared his throat, “I need you to pick up more blood bags for Carter. He says with the number of warriors in the E Unit from the recent border fights they’re running low.” “As you wish,” Lilith replied.

There was no need for her to question the alpha on his demand. She knew to do as he commanded. This was a request usual to Lilith at 3am. After all, her husband did work at the human hospital as a doctor. Made things easier for her kind to recieve medical supplies. With the list in hand Lilith went to the maid parking lot where her small suv sat. Lilith worked for the Karden family. The alphas of her pack. They paid decently and were kind. Lilith started the old suv with a wease of the engine.

Once in town she sent a short text to her husband Marcus. Luckily he worked the night shift and their exchange would go smoothly as well as unnoticed.

Marcus smoothly slid out the back door of the hospital with three full ice chest of different blood types on a morgue rolling slab. Lilith slid the door to their suv open smoothly with no sound. She smiled blushing at her mate, “Hey handsome.” Lilith was nearing thirty and it seemed everyday Marcus had to reassure the woman she was beautiful as the day they linked. But this time Marcus frowned at his wife. Her senses pricked at her insecurity and she knew something was up.

Marcus loaded the van as his wife stood there awkwardly. Once the ice chest were covered and disguised he faced the beautiful ebony woman he loved. Her silence finally broke, “Marcus, what’s wrong? Did I do something?” Her heart pounded in her chest. His brows narrowed and he felt her anxiety coursing through him as he placed a hand on her shoulder. “Oh sugar, it’s not you. There’s been an issue and I’d rather discuss it at home. It’s something we need to discuss at home. Not here.” Lilith just nodded. Her body tensing with his words.

After a squeeze of his hand Marcus went back to work and Lilith began her drive back to the pack house. Once there she gave Carter the suv keys to her car for his men to unload. “Someone will park your car in your normal spot Lilith. Alpha Parker also told me to inform you that you’re good to go home for the night,” Carter smiled tiredly at the woman. Lilith nodded and left the pack house gates on foot heading down the narrow lane that lead to the small houses that many of the Alpha’s employees live at. Their own private neighborhood right down from the Pack House.

When Marcus arrived home he found Lilith curled up on their small brown couch covered in a blanket with the tv on. It was 6am and he could tell his lovely wife had been awake waiting until she fell asleep. Marcus shook her softly. Groggily Lilith sat up stretching. Once awake she patted the cushion next to her. Taking off his doctor’s coat he sat down next to her. Lilith then laid her head on his chest, “What’s wrong? Tell me.”

Marcus wrapped his arms around her gently, “The sponsors I met with this morning from the council denied our request.” Lilith sat straight up her body shaking violently with rage. No that wasn’t it. It was more of a deep despair. A horrible crack seemed to splinter across her heart. Marcus looked at his woman, “Baby...” before he could finish a sob escaped her mouth. Tears poured from her eyes as her body shook.

“What’s this mean,” she finally spat out between the sobs that rattled her small frame. Marcus took his wife’s hands in his and whispered, “They won’t approve our IVF or any treatment.” To assure his wife he did his best he continued, “Alpha Parker even tried to pursuade to pay for us. But to no avail the council agreed that the money was not a good cause for our pack.”

Two years later....

Lilith had gone for a walk around town. Alpha Parker had let her have off for the day. Marcus was at work on mornings now and she was trying to find the perfect gift for Isabelle. Alpha Parker’s Alpha Female. She decided to check the hospital’s gift shop. Inside she found a beautiful embroidered shaw. She checked the price. 75% off! She gleamed with a smile. Her infertility made her jealous of her sweet and kind alpha female. But she wouldn’t let her jealousy get the best of her. Isabelle had become a good friend of hers. Isabelle’s son Trenton was now 2. And the alpha heir had the same birthday as his mother.

After looking for Isabelle’s gift she then settled for a toy chest set. The pieces were big plastic sized pieces with an inflatable board. Isabelle requested toys for Trenton that had intelligent building qualities. She settled on the two gifts and purchased them. She then swung by the intensive care unit to see Marcus. She watched him unnoticed. His chocolate biceps moved tensing as he carefully assisted two nurses lift a patient onto a bed from a gurney.

Lilith decided to leave her husband for warm greetings at home. The ICU was full of new patients and she didn’t want to bother him. Before she could make her escape she heard Alpha Parker’s voice behind her before the exit to the parking lot, “Lilith, wait a moment.” With the gifts in hand she turned to her alpha. “Hello, Sir,” she managed out in a squeak. He chuckled, “Sorry to startle you. I need you and Marcus to meet me at the Pack House after his shift. It’s urgent.” Parker then opened the door for Lilith and then headed back into the hospital. One thought passed through Lilith’s mind, What was the alpha doing at a human hospital?

Once Marcus was off work and changed Lilith gathered the gifts she had wrapped. Marcus seemed as puzzled as his wife, “This is odd. Normally Parker only calls for me when Carter needs assistance. It can’t be for Isabelle and Trenton’s birthday party. That’s in two days.” Lilith shrugged, “I know my love. But he requested us personally. I’m still stumped on what he was doing at the hospital. Only you and Rick work there. Be mindful to call them their title respectfully dear.” Rick was another pack member that was an RN at the human hospital. Marcus smiled, “I respect our alphas as much as any other pack member but in our home their titles aren’t necessarily a issue.”

With confidence the couple drove up to the pack house nervously. A guard greeted them at the gate allowing them entrance. Once parked in the workers parking lot they entered together. Alpha Parker greeted them as they exited the kitchen doors, “My friends welcome. Welcome. Isabelle and my boy are in the living room. Come follow me.” The couple shuffled after their alpha. Isabelle sat watching her son play with a wooden toy truck that belonged to her husband as a child. Isabelle about squealed when seeing Lilith.

She practically jumped into her arms throwing a hug around the barron woman, “Lilith, my beautiful friend. Look at you glowing with that prestine ebony skin. I am so excited for you!” Lilith stood there puzzled. Parker came around the two slightly slinking an arm around his alpha female, “In time my love, for now they brought you gifts.” Marcus grabbed his wife’s hand and pulled her to a couch. Trenton then crawled to Lilith throwing his arms up to be held. “May I Alpha Isabelle,” Lilith questioned. “Of course, and enough with the formalities. That’s for public but here we are friends,” Lilith smiled sweetly.

Lilith handed the gifts over to Isabelle after Parker took their son on his lap from her. Parker assisted Trenton with his gift as Isabelle opened her own. The both seemed to enjoy their presents. Lilith gleamed with a huge grin, “Darling, can we please?” Parker groaned. His fourty-six year old smile made him look as young as twenty. His son shared the same cherry wood colored hair. Brown with a hint of red but the boy’s eyes were mirrors of his mothers. Deep green orbs.

Marcus cleared his throat, “Yes Alpha, we were anticipating on something urgent as you had stated to my wife.” Parker sighed, “We have a gift to you. A gift that we hope you will be willing to accept.” Isabelle didn’t let her husband finish before yelling, “ Elizabeth!” Lilith recognized the name as a fellow coworker she was rather close with knocked gently on the big wooden door into the living room. “Come in,” Isabelle beamed. Elizabeth came in holding a black silk ball. Lilith looked confused, “Is...is that...” Lilith trailed off until she heard the cry. A cry only a yearning mother would feel deep in her chest.

Isabelle reached her hand out to Lilith, “Come my dear. Come with me.” Lilith shakingly took it and stood up. Marcus stood up along with his wife. The baby cries intensified. Elizabeth stuck the silk wrapped baby out towards Lilith. Tears streamed down their faces. Marcus looked over towards their alpha, “How?” Parker smiled; a smile of pride. Lilith took the little baby wrapped in black silk in her arms. The baby immediately stopped her whimpers. Lilith sobbed her broken heart healing with joy. “Alric found her. Found her at the edge of the pack perimeter. Bundled in a old paper sack. There was a letter. But it’s addressed to the infant. Isabelle spoke with the council. And the council spoke to us. The money that we donated for your treatments were put into a trust fund for you both...”

Parker continued, “The council will deposit 2 million dollars into two accounts. One million for the both of you and one million for her. The child. Carter has checked her over. She’s a three week old were and if you accept her we will accept her into the pack. Anyone who questions my authority over this will be exiled. Decide.” Isabelle gleamed with happiness as she picked up her son and followed her husband out the room with out another word. Elizabeth followed behind them leaving the couple to their own decision.

Lilith’s face began to become sticky with wet tears as she held the baby. Marcus sat next to her looking at the sleeping child. Lilith looked up at her husband after an hour of staring and calming the tiny child becoming defensive, “I won’t pass this up Marcus. Please don’t say anything.” “Sugar, there’s only one thing stopping me from saying yes,” Marcus stated in a calm tone. “What’s that,” Lilith gritted her teeth in a hiss. “Calm my love, calm down. Look at us. We wouldn’t even be considered her parents. The pack would have a field day with that child. She should be with some people who wouldn’t question where she came from,” Marcus stated flatly. Lilith squeezes the child to her chest protectively, “Becuase she’s white Marcus? Are you seriously pulling the race card at this moment? That cus’ we’re black that we can’t raise a white baby? Are you insane?!”

Lilith’s nostrils flared at her husband. Rage began building in her chest. Marcus knew he’d crush her if she didn’t keep this child. Their own marriage would faulter on it. “I’m sorry sugar. We’ll take her home. We’ll raise her and watch her grow. Forgive me for being foolish,” he smiled at his anxious wife. A breath of relief escaped Lilith, “Good. Because she’s mine. Ours, I correct. Let’s go home.”

After loading a few baby things borrowed from their alphas the couple returned home with the baby. Lilith held her the entire night. Comforting her.

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