Everyone, including Dimitri, thought Rose Hathaway was crazy after an incident which left her with a broken heart and a scar. Then one night she's given a second chance.

Action / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I stood in the kitchen drinking a glass of water like my life depended on it. Dimitri and I were on forced vacation after an incident. Abe had rented us a house in Baia so we could be where he knew where we were safe. I couldn't help but stop and set the glass down remembering the nightmare I just had as I felt the scar on my stomach that looked like I had been through a field C-section. Dimitri didn't seem to mind it but I did cause I felt horrible about it and myself.

I jumped hearing a knock on the door. It was about 4 am by human time. The sun would be up soon which made me alert to what could be on the other side. I grabbed Dimitri's silver stake off the dining room table where we had left his before heading upstairs. I got to the door and froze hearing a crying sound on the other side. It wasn't like a woman or anything like that. I opened the door and looked down seeing a basket with a bundle that was crying. I didn't bother to look around as I picked up the bundle and brought it inside with the basket shutting and relocking the door.

"Dimitri!!" I shouted. I heard a thud above me meaning I had scared him awake and he probably finally feel off the edge of the bed where I had left him when I came down to get a drink.

"What?" he asked when he finally came downstairs. I had gotten the crying bundle to stop crying and was now looking down at it in shock. "Roza, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Someone left a baby on our doorstep," I told him smiling to myself. As the ten month old held onto my finger tightly. She smiled a toothy smile at me. Dimitri had moved closer and he stood next to me. I felt his body stiffen.

"Roza, her eyes." he breathed. Her eyes were red.

"I know but she hasn't tried to bite me which is probably a good sign," I replied.

"Roza, let's call someone and ask them to come look at her." he said. Then I looked at him.

"What do you see Dimitri?" I demanded. He looked at me and sighed looking back at the baby.

"I don't know Roza. On one hand I see a baby that is clutching my wife's index finger and watching her in amazement. On the other I see a child that if she grows up could be dangerous for everyone around her," he said.

"Fine call someone but in the mean time I'm gonna get Reyna something to help her sleep." I retorted walking to the kitchen.

"You named her!" he exclaimed.

"Yes. There's a letter in the basket. It's in Russian so I can't read it," I told him. Reyna looked at her surroundings in awe. It was adorable to see and I ended up mashing up an apple from the bunch we had bought earlier that day. I was still attempting to feed Reyna when Olena walked into the kitchen.

"Oh Dimka there is no way that this child is dangerous." she laughed. Reyna had mashed apple bits all around her mouth as she shook her head to keep the spoon away from her.

"Nah!" she said. I smiled finding it was adorable but also frustrating since she wasn’t eating.

"Mama! Don't side with her!" Dimitri said. Both of us chuckled knowing he was going to lose this argument as Olena grabbed a towel and started wiping off Reyna's face who scrunched up her nose in dislike.

"Dimka, eye color does not dictate the person. Look at her; healthy skin color, no fangs- nothing to say she is a Strigoi," she said straightening as Reyna then yawned. I had been holding her in my lap in my attempts to feed her.

"I think we're gonna go to bed. Come up when you feel like it." I said kissing Dimitri before I headed upstairs.

(Dimitri's POV)

"Mother, how could you say that?" I asked. She shrugged at me. Shrugged!

"Dimka, how much do you love Roza?" she asked me as she started cleaning up the mess Roza had left.

"With all I am," I replied not sure where she was going with that question.

"When I walked in that smile on her face was priceless. That little baby girl could heal that broken part of her heart. No woman can stand to lose a child. What they did to her, Dimitri, broke her. She is still yours but you two were supposed to have a child together thanks to the queen and her magic," she said. I looked at the attempted applesauce Roza had made and smiled.

"So, you're telling me to let that child mend the wound in Roza and I?" I asked.

"Yes. That little girl is a blessing. Accept that blessing." she said. She finished what she was doing. "I'll be back tomorrow with some stuff for her to play with. For now that bag I brought will help." she said as I followed her to the door.

"Thank you." I said managing a smile.

"Oh and it's odd isn't it- that baby is probably the same age as yours would be. Perhaps they never killed her or him Dimka. Maybe they kept the baby and one of those monsters suddenly had a soul. He or she returned the baby but this could also be the ramblings of an aging woman." she said before leaving. I stood there in shock and speechlessness at what she had said to me. I then picked up the letter and started reading it. It didn't say a lot more than to take care of Reyna and keep her safe. I frowned, keep her safe? Safe from Strigoi was a given. I hadn't been one long enough to learn a lot about them except where safe houses and such were but I had heard rumors of a group of Strigoi that were called Ancients. Killing no longer was their main focus as they had found a way to keep themselves entertained though. I sighed running my hand through my hair before making sure everything was locked and all the lights turned off as the sun slowly started to rise in the distance. I headed upstairs to get some sleep. I'd call Sydney later and ask her to come over since she and Adrian were in Russia as well. Both were meeting with a new spirit user. He was young and an orphan raised by the school near Moscow.

-Next Day-

"Awww, she's so aplorable!!" Adrian said when they had arrived. I knew he meant deplorable and adorable together. Sydney smiled as she asked Roza if she could hold her.

"So what are you two doing here?" Roza asked.

"Dimitri called he thinks Sydney could answer a few of his questions. Wow, ya know she has a really pretty aura. It's like tinged gold but it's like a royal blue.... Odd thing is that it's not bright." Adrian said

"What?" I asked.

"Well, a child's aura is usually bright no matter what. As we age it might change in brightness or in cases with strigoi it'll disappear. Her's is..... Between all that." he said as he gently grabbed her hand that had been raised to catch some of Sydney's hair that hung in front of her.

"Uwaaa..." Reyna said fascinated by Adrian now. She stared at him like a thief would a jewel.

"She seems fascinated by you," Sydney giggled.

"Who isn't?" Adrian grinned despite Roza's glare in my direction and the look she was giving the two.

"What questions?" she demanded.

"Ones that can be answered through a DNA test if you let me." Sydney said before giving Reyna back to Roza who now glared at me full on.

"Please Roza, for the sake of my curiosity let her take a mouth swab from her and us." I said. Roza realized what I was getting at and then nodded.

"F-Fine but if there is anything strange about her I don't care." Roza said. I nodded.

"Okay." Sydney said as Roza handed Reyna to me despite my look of surprise. I held Reyna in my arms and looked down at her. She then smiled up at me trying to reach for my hair. I felt a smile tug at me and I couldn't stop it as I had let her but then she touched my chin that had a light stubble on it as she grabbed my hair. She was now fascinated by it feeling my chin. I heard laughter and looked up at the three.

"What?" I asked.

"You two look so cute together." Roza said as Sydeny then held up two swaps looking at us.

"Open." she said. I opened my mouth and when she got the swab I ran my tongue along my cheek not liking the feeling it left. Reyna had the same reaction and if at all possible somehow she glared at Sydney for it.

"It'll take a few weeks and I think if Rose is fine around her nothing is terribly wrong. I think you're just afraid of what kind of dad you'll be." she said. Adrian then grinned a knowing smile.

"Alright. We'll see you two back at the court then." Rose said pretty much telling them to go away. Both of them left. Rose then turned on me giving me a death glare.

"What are you so afraid of?" she demanded.

"Nothing," I replied which was a lie.

"Dimka..." she sighed using my nickname. "You are. What are you afraid of?" she asked me again stepping closer to me and Reyna.

"That I'm not truly ready for being a father that- I don't know Roza- I'm afraid that I'll mess up." I said.

"You won't. You're way better than most men and I think she likes you. Look at her, she’s absolutely fascinated by you." Roza told me. I looked down at Ryena and then at Roza. A smile grew on my face.

(Rose's POV)

Our vacation was soon over and when we got back to the court Lissa was ecstatic about us having a child. She, of course, was going to start spoiling her despite the fact she was planning her wedding. Christian proposed finally and they were to be married in three months if nothing happened or changed which I hoped wouldn't.

"She's so adorable." Lissa said holding her. Again Reyna watched a moroi with amazement in her eyes. I couldn't help but wonder what she saw. "So, Sydney said the results should be in soon. She says the elder alchemists want to take some blood to test it. No surprise there and I can already tell you something about her." Lissa said as she slowly grinned at me.

"What?" I asked still staying alert since I was on duty despite us being at a cafe at the Court. With other guardians around but still I didn't want to let my guard down especially since a few moroi had already given me the death glare over Reyna.

"She's gonna be amazing and beautiful as her parents." she answered.

"What are you a seer now?" I asked laughing lightly.

"No she's not but I can tell you that cause if she really is yours and Dmitri's daughter she's gonna be a looker like her parents." Adrian said sitting down at the table as Sydney gave him a look of pure 'shut up Adrian' as she took a seat next to me.

"So?" I asked eagerly.

"Here you go. I know you’re hoping she is yours Rose but don't be disappointed if she isn't." she told me as she handed me a vanilla envelope.

"Hey the fact someone trusted me enough to put a child on my doorstep I'm surprised by that," I said before stopping looking at the envelope. "I should wait until Dimitri is here." I added.

"Oh please don't. I wanna know, she wouldn't let me open it and sneak a peak. I personally wanna know before the cradle robber." Adrian said before wincing when his girlfriend dug her elbow in his side. I looked at Lissa who was busy making baby faces at Reyna who just kind of stared at her. I sighed and then opened it taking out the sheet of paper. I read it and then hugged Sydney feeling like I should cry.

"What?" I heard Adrian asked. The paper was taken out of my hand.

"Holy shit! She wasn't crazy!" Adrian exclaimed.

"Adrian!" I heard Lissa exclaim. Yep, I was missing nine and a half months kept in a hole by god knows who and the only thing I remember is being pregnant. Everyone thought I was crazy cause I would tell them Dimitri was the father. They thought that the worst had happened to me and that well, I had simply replaced the man who made me pregnant with Dimitri. The only one who believed me was Lissa and Dimitri but even he had some doubts.

"Hey, look who's walking this way." Sydney said and I looked behind me to see Dimitri. The cafe had a short fence around it that I then hopped and tackled my Russian god. Kissing him passionately.

"Roza- Roza- what- is it?" he asked between kisses that I kept planting every time he attempted to pull away but I wouldn’t let him and then I stopped letting him have a moment to look at me before I told him the news.

"She's ours. Our baby. I wasn't crazy." I started crying as I buried my face in his chest. He held me then saying nothing for a moment. I think he was just shocked.

"Hey, Rose... Can I have my guardian back?" Christian asked. "I realize that you just found out the greatest thing next to sex but he's still kind of on duty." he added. Dimitri stood up with me still in his arms. I looked up at him still wanting his reaction. He smiled lovingly at me.

"Thank god Roza," was all he said before kissing me softly. It held so much love and passion. "We really are a strange pair." he added. I smiled brightly knowing he was lost for words as much as I had been. I also then began to notice everyone that was around the cafe and us were staring. You know me though, I couldn’t care less what those people thought of us.

"I should call my mom and yours to tell the,." I said letting go of him. He nodded unable to stop smiling. I think he was glad that our miracle had been real and that she had come back to us through another miracle.

"I'll see you after work Roza," he said kissing me again before he followed after Christian. I went back to Lissa and took Reyna back. I kissed her gently petting her head that had a mass of dark curly locks on it. Her dark red eyes staring up at me as if wondering why my face was wet.

-About Three Months Later-

"Dimitri! They're here!" I yelled at him as I answered the door. Today was Reyna's first birthday party. True she didn't have any baby friends since Lissa insisted that Sonya and Mikhail could take care of her instead of a daycare. Which they did. Sonya loved having her around since Mikhail was at work a lot. Though Reyna did come home covered in dirt cause Sonya would have her with her in their garden.

"And to think Reyna and I were going to eat the cake." he joked as they walked in. They being Lissa, Christian, Adrian, Sydney, Jill, Sonya, Eddie, Mia and-

"Where's Mikhail?" I asked.

"Hans still has him in his clutches." Eddie told me.

"How could she eat the cake?" Christian demanded.

"Easy, I eat for two." Dimitri told him grinning. Reyna on the other hand had been staring at the cake.

"Wow Rose, that must make you the man if Dimitri is pregnant." Adrian joked. I glared at him halfheartedly.

"Come on lets light the candles and see what the little one got for her birthday~." Sydney said snatching Reyna away from Dimitri. The one year old giggled happily as Lissa came over and started making faces like she usually does.

"And to think, we'll probably be having one of those really soon." Christian said. Their wedding was next week.

"Expect to be ignored for a good several weeks." Dimitri chuckled as I came and stood next to him. Gently punching his arm at his comment.

"It was two."

"It was an eternity Roza," he kissed me on the cheek. I smiled despite the gagging noises Christian and Adrian made before Mikhail interrupted.

"Oh, so Sonya might possibly have her old job back finally." he said.

"What? But I thought you loved being here." I said realizing what this meant.

"I do Rose but I do kind of miss being a teacher. I'll be able to do that and teach any students who might have spirit." Sonya said. "And there is always the day care." she added as my nose scrunched up at the thought.

"I can't though. I've already had a few moroi mothers call me and tell me what'll happen if they see her. They don't like her just cause of her eyes and then.... I had some kid ask me if she was a monster." I said leaning into Dimitri. His arms that were wrapped around my waist tightened. He didn't know that story.

"Well, you could always hire someone." Sydney said. Then I looked at Jill.

"What?" she asked.

"How long are you at the college during the day?" I asked.

"Um, til about 5 in human time. Why?" she asked.

"Want a job?" I grinned.

"I'm not good with babies though," Jill said.

"She's one. She's already learning to walk and things like that. It wouldn't be that hard. Either Dimitri or I would come home during lunch if we had a chance. She eats solid foods and besides look at her. Does she really look strong enough to hurt you?" I said hoping Jill would be my savior in all this. Then, the doorbell rang. Adrian was the one who answered it.

"Ah, hey Abe." he greeted. "Guardian Hathaway." he added. Dimitri and I looked at each other. No I did not forget to invite my parents. They were supposed to be half around the world. They walked into the apartment.

"Good to see you too." my father said happily. He looked at Dimitri and I.

"So, where's our granddaughter?" he asked grinning. Janine walked past him over to Lissa. I had told them everything the look of shock on my mother's face was expected but her words weren't.

"She looks so much like her father." she said smiling. Abe on the other hand didn't.

"Well that sucks I was hoping some of our family traits would be there." he said.

"Abe." she and I said together. There were some 'family' traits there. Dimitri had pointed them out. Reyna had a light tan complexion and she had my nose.

"So she's not as tan as I am but she has my nose." I told him.

"She smiles the same way Rosemarie did as a baby." she said smiling at Reyna. I was kind of surprised by it.

"Alright fine. You and I still need to go on that hunting- gah!" Abe was interrupted by the launch of the cake into his face. I then looked and gave Adrian a steely look. He just grinned at me. Dimitri gave him a look of thanks.

"I guess I better go wash up." Abe said and looked over at Reyna who was giggling and clapping her hands.

"Roza and I can go get another cake if you all want to stay and watch Reyna." Dimitri then suggested.

"Nah, I say we just open her presents and let it go. Ice cream is just as messy." Sydney giggled. We all looked at her and smiled. Guess Adrian was rubbing off on her in a good way then. So that's what we did, we took pictures of everyone helping Reyna open a gift. Lissa and Christian had got her a dress to wear. Adrian and Sydney had each gotten her something. Adrian gave her a one of those painting things for toddlers and Sydney luckily had just decided to get her a stuffed toy kitten.

Sonya and Mikhail got her a little gardening outfit since she would be spending time with Sonya before she had to leave. Jill had gotten her a little rubber bracelet that she said would help her keep her hands out of her mouth. No more sucking on her thumb. My parents had gotten her a nazur just like mine and thank god she wasn't a teenager yet. My dad told us he had set up a bank account for her for when she got older. We all had ice cream, Reyna wore hers pretty much. After that everyone pretty much had to leave. I cleaned up after the party while Dimitri gave Reyna a bath.

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