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The Masked Brokenness


A 23 year old girl named Reena and her weak old mother travel from their small town to a new city called Magnolia. Ever since she was little it had been just her and her mother, her father had died in an accident. She had to learn how to fight just to protect them. After moving to Magnolia, Reena has a run in with some dark mages but is saved by some good mages. Join Reena as she journeys through all the good and bad things that are coming her way. Terrible truths of her past will be revealed and she will uncover secrets about herself that she didn't even know. She had always been the kind of person who hid her brokenness behind a mask, but all that changed once she met one man... Find out more in the story.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins

It was a hot, sunny day and Reena and her mom, Amy were traveling with all of their belongings. They were officially moving from their small town to a bigger city named Magnolia. They were looking forward to it too. Reena had long wavy, curly dark hair that went to her waist and had toffee colored skin. She had brown eyes and was around average height. She was pretty and she was toned, she had learned how to fight and so she had some muscle on her. She had a few scars here and there but nothing too noticeable. She was wearing ripped jeans and a red crop top and had on black converse and she had a ruby necklace on. Her mother Amy had long curly black hair. She was much shorter than Reena and not as fit. She was wearing a long black skirt and a tan colored top. She was a little old and was a little weak so her daughter looked after her. Reena was making sure her mother was ok and also keeping an eye out for her surroundings, she was always cautious and wanted to protect her mother at all cost. They traveled for quite some time until finally they had arrived in Magnolia. Once they arrived, Reena and her mother went looking for a place to call home. After almost an entire day of looking they found a small house they could rent. Reena helped her mother Amy set up everything around the house and got her settled in and then she left to go look around the city and to see if she could find a place to get a job. As she was leaving she told her mom to take care of the house, stay safe and to rest.

As Reena was walking around town looking at the shops and buildings, she was fascinated with how big everything was compared to her small town. She started looking for places to work and found a small café/bakery who was hiring. She went inside and saw an old man standing off to the side watching over the place and she walked up to him. “Excuse me sir, do you know if I can see the manager or the owner of this place?” He then turned to look at her and smiled, “Why yes, I actually am the owner of this place. How may I help you?” Reena looked at him and smiled and politely started talking to him. “Hello, my name is Reena Mathew and I was wondering if I could apply for a job here?” The owner smiled back and said, “Well hello Reena, My name is Zuro Madaki, and yes we are hiring people at the moment so you can gladly apply for it.” Reena got excited and so they both went into Mr. Madaki’s office and he conducted an interview. After the interview was over he hired her and asked if she could come into work starting Monday. Reena nodded her head, “Thank you so much Mr. Madaki! I’ll see you on Monday, have a great weekend!” She then left the café and went home.

After a month of Reena working at the Magnolia Café, she had started to grow accustomed to the place. One day while she was working a bunch of men came into the café and sat in a corner booth. She went over to take their order and after they had gotten their food she walked away. About half an hour later the sound of glass shattering could be heard. The men had knocked over a table in their efforts to make their way to the register and they told the cashier to give them all of the money. At first the cashier didn’t move because they had no weapons so they thought that nothing would happen. “Give me all the money now!!” said one of the men. “Or what you’ll yell at me some more? You don’t even have any weapons, what do you plan on doing?” said the cashier. All of a sudden there was an explosion and the coffee machine behind the cashier had blown up and of the men stood there with his arm aimed at the coffee machine. Reena looked at him in shock because for a brief second she saw what was a magic circle activate in his palm. The leader then leered at the cashier and said, “Do I need to ask again?” The cashier got scared and started emptying out the register and putting all the money into a bag. The leader of the dark mages turned to look at Reena and looked up and down her body. Reena was wearing jean shorts a t-shirt and an apron with sneakers and she had her ruby necklace on. The leader walked up to Reena and said, “Hey sweetie, you’re pretty cute. Wanna come and be my girl?” Reena glared at him and firmly said, “No.” He scowled and grabbed her and then started using magic on the building to scare her which resulted in more explosions. “Now be my woman or I’ll use my magic on you.” She stood there trying to calculate a move but not showing any fear to him. All of a sudden another explosion went off. “I will never, and I mean NEVER, be the woman of some disgusting man such as yourself.” All of a sudden a deep chuckle could be heard throughout the building. Both the leader of the dark mages and Reena looked in the direction of the sound and noticed four people standing near a hole in the wall.

One was a tall buff man with blonde spiky hair and a he had a smirk on his face and a lightning shaped scar over his eye. He wore long black pants, a purple buttoned up shirt, black shoes and a giant fur-lined coat over his shoulders. He stood there with his arms crossed and he was chuckling. There was another man with long green hair who was dressed like an elegant man and had a rapier at his side. The third man was tall and wore a visor over his face. He stood with his tongue sticking out and four little totems flying around his head. Lastly stood a woman with light brown hair in a green dress and glasses, she help a fan in her hand. They all stood there watching the events occurring. The man holding onto Reena laughed and said, “Wow more people, goody! What’re you guys here for?” The blonde headed man smirked and said, “We were just passing through and heard all the commotion and thought we’d check it out. What’s going on around here?” The leader looked at him and laughed, “Hahaha we’re here to get some money and I’m trying to get this woman to be mine.” he said as he tightened his grip around Reena who looked at the man in disgust. The blonde man looked over at us both and then said in a low voice, “Let her go.” The leader laughed and said, “Let her go? Why on earth would I do that? Plus I could crush you guys in a second, I am a mage after all.” Slowly the men who were with the leader started to surround the four strangers. The tall blonde man slightly nodded his head and in two seconds all of the men were down and the three people who were with the blonde man had magic circles around them. The leader tightened his grip on Reena in a slight panic and then raised his hand to Reena’s throat. “Stay away or I will kill her!” His hand started to glow slightly, and the blonde man and his people stopped moving. The blonde man gestured for the other three to get everyone else out and away from danger and so they did. He looked at the leader and Reena and tried to calculate a move but everything he thought of would get the girl hurt too. Reena on the other hand was calculating some things of her own. Once she noticed that the place had been cleared out and that they were the only three people left, she decided to figure out what to do. She knew that the blonde man could take care of himself just by looking at him so she then came up with a small plan. She looked right at the blonde man and waited to see what he would do. The blonde man looked at Reena and wondered how he was going to save her. He then saw her facial expression change to bored and then annoyed. He was confused for a second and so he looked at her with an eyebrow raised. Reena, seeing the look on his face got annoyed and decided she would have to make a move herself. She then reached up to grab onto the arm that was wrapped around her and then stomped on his foot and pulled him over her so she threw him on the floor. As soon as she did the blonde man who was in shock for a moment reacted and Reena saw lightning strike the man on the floor. After that he was out cold. She stared wide-eyed at what just happened. The blonde man then came over to her, “Are you ok? I was not expecting you to do that.” Reena looked up at him and nodded her head, “Yeah I’m fine. And I had to do something, I couldn’t just stand there all day and wait for you to do something so I decided to do something myself. I can handle myself pretty well you know.” He then looked at her and laughed, “Pfft~ haha yeah that’s why you were stuck in your situation?” Reena glared at him and said, “The only reason I didn’t do anything before was because I knew he could use magic and wasn’t trying to get anyone else who was here hurt.” The blonde man then stopped laughing and said, “Well at least you’re ok. By the way my name is Laxus, Laxus Dreyar. I’m a lightning dragon slayer from Fairy Tail.” Reena looked at him with a blank face, “Ok? Is that supposed to mean something to me?” Laxus stared at her in shock. “How is it that you live in Magnolia and don’t know who Fairy Tail is??” She looked up at him and shrugged and then headed outside with him following her. “I haven’t been in this town for that long so I probably wont know a lot of things.” She then turned to look at him, “Oh and im Reena, Reena Mathew.” Laxus smiled and said, “Nice to meet you.” Reena then heard her name being called and turned to look and saw Mr. Madaki waving at her and running in her direction. “Reena! I’m so glad you are ok!” said Mr. Madaki. “Oh im completely fine Mr. Madaki. I’m just glad that you’re ok.” Just then Reena’s Phone started to ring. “Hello?..... WHAT?!..OH NO! IM ON MY WAY!!” Reena looked frantic and then started to run in a certain direction. Laxus looked at her confused and decided to follow her.

Reena was running down the streets making her way back to her house. The phone call she had just received said that there had been a fire in the area that she lived in and that a few houses had caught fire and hers was one of them. She finally made it to her house and there was smoke and flames everywhere and there were people trying to put the fire out. Laxus caught up to Reena and saw what was going on, “Damn, what happened?” Reena completely ignored him and headed towards her house and looked around for her mother. She didn’t see her anywhere so she asked one of the people who were putting out the fire. “Have you seen a middle to elderly aged woman who kinda looks like me?” The man looked at her and said, “we called into the house but no one was in there so we have been trying to put out the fire.” Reena looked around frantically for her mother and she couldn’t find her, so the first chance she got she took off running into the house. People tried to stop her but she was too fast. Laxus saw her run into the house and tried to figure out a way to help her. Just then Laxus saw Reena coming out of the smoke and out of the front door with an elderly woman on her shoulders. Laxus headed towards her and as he did he saw a young blue-haired girl he knew. “Wendy!” he cried out. The little girl looked at him and ran over, “Laxus what are you doing here?” “Long story but I need you to help heal these people as best you can, starting with that woman.” he said as he pointed at Reena and her mother. Wendy came over to Reena and leaned over her mother. She then put her hand over Amy’s chest and started healing her and taking the smoke out of her lungs. As she was doing this Reena overheard a woman asking someone to help find her husband, her children stood around her crying for their father. The man she was talking to said, “Ma’am I know you want to find your husband but there is no one in that house, we checked and the fire is getting worse.” After Reena heard this, she ran to the house the family lived in even though she wasn’t supposed to. She found the man laying under the couch and tv stand. She helped him up and pulled him onto her shoulders and started coughing from breathing in the smoke. Reena then helped take him outside, when she made it outside the rescuers all came running to help her out and take the man to get help. Laxus ran over to her and yelled, “What were you thinking?! Are you out of your mind? You could’ve gotten yourself killed.” Reena just looked at him with a blank expression and said, “I wasn’t going to leave someone in there to die, even if it meant I would die trying to save them.” She then walked away, leaving him speechless, towards her mother and the girl Wendy who was trying to heal her.

Reena’s mother, Amy had passed out due to the fact she had inhaled too much smoke. Reena started to cough a little as she stood there waiting to see if her mother was ok and Laxus walked up to them and asked, “Are you ok? Wendy maybe you should check on her too.” “No, no I’m fine really. Just make sure my mom’s ok.” Reena said and backed up a little bit so they could take care of her mother. Wendy then continued to try and heal Amy and then said, “She’s fine now but she seemed to have passed out so with some rest I think she will be ok. I don’t know when she will wake up though because she inhaled too much smoke from the fire. We should take her back to the guild Laxus.” Laxus nodded and then picked up Amy and headed towards the guild with Wendy and Reena following behind him. Reena reached up and started holding onto the necklace around her neck, which her mother had given her as a child and she thought to herself, “Please be ok mom.” Once they got to the guild Reena looked up at the building in front of her in amazement and read the giant letters, Fairy Tail. “Wow this is a really big building and I can hear the loud noise of a lot of people having fun inside.” Thought Reena as she was walking into the building. When she got inside she saw all of the other mages hanging out and saw a few having a friendly brawl in the corner. Laxus took Amy and headed to the stairs with Wendy following behind him. Reena then started coughing again and then she started to fall to the ground from all of the smoke in her lungs and she passed out. Laxus turned and saw her laying on the floor and asked someone else to take Amy up to the infirmary and he came running down to grab Reena. “Hey Reena, are you ok? Hey!” he yelled while he shook her and tried to wake her up. He then picked her up and took her to the infirmary and called to Wendy, “Wendy I don’t know what happened she just collapsed. Can you see what’s wrong with her?” Wendy then came over to them and started to use her magic to see what was wrong. “She inhaled too much smoke and it’s filled her lungs. She was losing oxygen, that’s why she passed out.” Wendy then started to heal her, “She should be ok now but I don’t know when she’s going to wake up. She inhaled a lot of smoke, way more than normal. Probably because after she saved her mother she went to save that man. Maybe just keep an eye on her for now.” Laxus nodded his head and then moved to sit in a chair so he could watch over Reena and her mother in the infirmary. He looked over at Reena and scoffed “This idiot, she really meant it when she said she wasn’t going to let someone just die and would risk her life to save them” He shook his head and then smirked. “This girl is pretty interesting and strong willed, she has the makings of a great mage although she doesn’t have any magic.” Laxus then leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed and started to fall asleep. He would just have to wait and see what would happen next when she woke up, if she wakes up soon that is.

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