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Unnoticed Office Break In (VKook)


Jungkook-Top Taehyung-Bottom Used to be named NTD

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Unnoticed Office Break In

No One's POV

It's 3:00 PM

Yoongi was about to go home but he got stuck with more work. You see he is the CEO of the biggest company but he is very lazy that he has a bedroom in his office.

Once he finally finished he went to his car, got in and drove to his house. Once Yoongi got home he went straight to bed but he didn't get a chance to sleep because his brother came out of nowhere and dragged Yoongi out of bed and Yoongi was pissed at him.

His brother dragged him to the dining room.

Yoongi:"stop Taehyung I'm fucking tired" He says as he struggles to get out of Taehyung's grip.

Taehyung:"but we have to eat" He starts to pout.

Yoongi:"fine just hurry" He says as he sits down.

Taehyung starts serving the food for the both of them. After eating Yoongi went straight to bed again and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Taehyung went to his bedroom. Taehyung checked the time and it was 8:00 PM. He started getting ready to go to sleep. Once he took a shower, changed and did his routine he got into bed and fell asleep.

The Next Day

???'s POV

I just woke up and got out of bed and went to the bathroom and got ready and went to eat breakfast with my best friend Jimin.

???:"hey Jimin"

Jimin:"hey Jungkook"

Jungkook:"..okay let's eat" I say as I sit down.

No One's POV

When they finished eating Jungkook had to go.

Jungkook:"okay Jimin I have to go to work now" He gets up with food still in his mouth.

Jimin:"okay bye" Jimin says but Jungkook already closed the door. Jungkook got in his car and drove to work. Jungkook started working.

Jungkook's job is that he is the mafia boss and Jimin doesn't know about Jungkook's job.

When Jungkook finished he found out that he had to steal very important documents from Yoongi's company tomorrow.

With Yoongi

Tomorrow is his day off so he is getting his work finished for the day. So tomorrow he is going to leave his brother in charge but he is getting everything finished for his brother won't have to do anything or much tomorrow.

Yoongi went home when he finished and went to bed and fell asleep. This time Taehyung didn't do anything since he knows that Yoongi does a lot more work on the day before his day off.

The Next Day

With Jimin

(Jimin lives with Jungkook like how Taehyung lives with Yoongi)

Jimin got a new job at Yoongi's company as his secretary (Yoongi didn't hire him for the job) but it doesn't start until tomorrow and Jungkook doesn't know about his new job but that is because Jimin is planning to surprise Jungkook.

With Taehyung

Taehyung just got to the office. He opened the door and that's when he saw the most handsome man he has ever seen.

Taehyung didn't even realize he was staring but the young man noticed and a smirk spread across the young man's face as he stood up and started walking closer to Taehyung.

The man stopped walking but he was very close to Taehyung.

???:"hey baby boy"

He said as he looked up and down checking out Taehyung and that's when Taehyung snapped out of it and asked.

Taehyung:"who are you and what are you doing here?"

???:"I'm Jungkook but you can call me daddy"

Taehyung:"there's no way in hell I'm calling you that"

Jungkook all of a sudden pins Taehyung on the wall right next to the door which made a loud bang as Taehyung's back hit the wall. Jungkook holds Taehyung's hands on top of his head with one hand and with the other he slowly puts it on Taehyung's waist.

Jungkook:"why not?"

He says as they locked eye contact. They look at each other for a couple of minutes until they start to lean in closer.

Their lips connected, it was sweet, gentle kiss but quickly turned into a rough and passionate kiss, Jungkook licks Taehyung's bottom lip asking for entrance but Taehyung didn't allow him. So Jungkook squeezed Taehyung's waist making him gasp at the sudden action. Jungkook takes the chance and slides his tongue inside Taehyung's mouth.

Taehyung became needy wanting more, wanting Jungkook. He gently pulls on Jungkook's shirt asking for him to take it off. Jungkook understands and quickly takes it off and he goes back to kissing Taehyung as he somehow rips Taehyung's shirt off. By this point Taehyung couldn't control himself anymore.

Jungkook:"jump" He says as his voice is muffled by the kiss.

Without hesitation Taehyung does as he is told, wrapping his legs around Jungkook's waist and his arms behind Jungkook's neck. Jungkook carried Taehyung to the desk. Moving anything that's in the way with it falling on the floor and softly puts him down on the desk.

Jungkook started to unbutton the top of Taehyung's pants and was about to unzip it but there was a knock on the door. They froze in their spots and quickly part their lips as they were still kissing and Taehyung quickly answers.

Taehyung:"w-what is it?" He says as Jungkook starts sucking, kissing and bites Taehyung's neck and tries to hold back his moans.

Employee:"I need you to sign some papers" The employee says very loudly.

Taehyung:"j-just come back l-later" He says as he lets out soft moans.

Employee:"yes sir" He walks away.

Taehyung lets out his breath that he was holding. He all of a sudden starts moaning louder as Jungkook has found his sweet spot. Taehyung could feel Jungkook smirk against his skin as he goes down to his nipple and plays with Taehyung's other nipple with his hand and stops to continue to unzip Taehyung's pants but Taehyung stops him and says while softly moaning as Jungkook went back to sucking and kissing his neck.

Taehyung:"come follow me" Taehyung gently pushes him and jumps off the desk and starts walking to a door. Jungkook quickly follows, Taehyung opens the door and it revealed a bedroom.

Jungkook:"Why is there a bedroom in your office"He says as he walks to the bed and softly sits down.

Taehyung:"Its not my office it's my brother's and he sleeps a lot" He says as he walks up to Jungkook and sits on his lap grinding on Jungkook softly as Jungkook groans.

Jungkook puts his hands on Taehyung's waist and pulls him closer, they can feel each others breath on their lips.

Jungkook:"Then why are you here and not him?"

Taehyung:"Why would you rather him be here?" He pouts

Jungkook:"No, but answer me" Taehyung now has a small smile on his face.

Taehyung:"Because it's his day off and I take over"He says as Jungkook continues to unzip Taehyung's pants and pulls them down and takes off his own pants and changes their position for Taehyung is under him. Still only in their boxers and both have visible boners. Jungkook was about to take Taehyung's boxers off but Taehyung snapped out of it and grabbed his wrist and said.

Taehyung:"I've um.. n-never done it- had sex before"He says looking down and so shy. (I know so random I mean he has gotten so far only for him to still be a virgin)

Jungkook:"I'll be gentle"He says grabbing his chin with his other hand to make Taehyung look up and starts rubbing Taehyung's bottom lip with his thumb and locking eyes.

Taehyung:"okay then"(I know it seems easy but Taehyung for some weird reason feels very safe with Jungkook and he is nervous and scared but he feels safe) Taehyung says as he lets go of him and Jungkook continues to pull off Taehyung's boxers. Once Taehyung is completely naked Jungkook brings his hand down and starts to rub around Taehyung's entrance and slowly puts one finger inside Taehyung making sure not to hurt him. After a while Jungkook starts to slowly thrust his fingers into him and going faster each time.

After a while he puts two more fingers in and does the same. Moving slowly and Jungkook going faster making Taehyung moan louder.

When Jungkook thinks Taehyung is prepared enough he pulls out his fingers making Taehyung whine then Jungkook started to take off his own boxers and slowly entered Taehyung not moving for he could adjust when Taehyung nods, he slowly started moving, Taehyung lets out moans of pain but soon after it was of pleasure and a little bit of pain but Taehyung liked it.

Taehyung:"Ahhh Jungko-"Taehyung got cut off by Jungkook slapping his ass. (Soooo gentle)The slap made his ass sting a bit.

Jungkook:"That's not my name right now" He says slapping his ass again but harder leaving a red handprint on his skin.

Taehyung:"I'm s-sorr- Ahh d-daddy" Says as he lets out sinful moans full with lust, desire and pleasure. (God I'm bad at this and this might be the only time I write smut.. maybe not) Taehyung was a moaning mess, a complete mess and Jungkook loved it but Taehyung managed to moan out.

Taehyung:"Ahh daddy c-can I Ahhh r-ride y-you?"He said as a little bit of blush comes on his cheeks and Jungkook thought he was cute and sexy at the same time and he wonders how that's possible.

Jungkook:"Of course baby boy" He says pulling out and lies down. Taehyung gets up and he positions himself above Jungkook's dick and slowly starts going down and up while he softly moans.

Taehyung:"Ahhhh Jungk-daddy Ahh"(I'm pretty sure I ran out of things for them to say) Going faster each time. (Again sooo gentle) All of the sudden his moans get louder, Jungkook found Taehyung's sweet spot and Jungkook smirks and starts thrusting up hitting Taehyung's sweet spot over and over again meeting him with every thrust.

Taehyung starts getting tired and Jungkook noticed so he sits up and puts his hands on Taehyung's hips tightly holding him as Taehyung holds onto Jungkook's shoulders. Jungkook helps Taehyung bounce on him as he thrust up.

Taehyung:"Ahhh d-daddy faster Ahhhhh"they are both close so Jungkook switches their position so once again Taehyung is under Jungkook and he goes faster. Jungkook kisses him roughly trying to pull Taehyung closer, going in him deeper. (like I said gentle, I'm sorry I'll stop... maybe)

Taehyung:"I-I'm.. Ahh c-close Ahhh"His moans get louder and louder. Jungkook going very hard and fast but getting sloppy as he is close.

Jungkook:"Me Ahh too" After a few more thrust Taehyung screams Jungkook's name and comes and shortly after Jungkook came groaning.

Jungkook then pulled out and fell next to Taehyung. Both with heavy breath, Jungkook grabs Taehyung's waist pulling him closer giving a kiss on the back of his head as Taehyung's back touches Jungkook's chest. Hearing each others breathe and feeling the warmth of each other and feeling safe. Soon after they both fell asleep.

3 Hours Later

Yoongi is at home and hungry and plans to buy soon food but can't since he forgot his wallet at work. Yoongi has been trying to call his brother for the fifteen minutes until he finally gave up and decided to go check on Taehyung.

At The Office Door

The office was filled with whispers.

Employee 2:"what do you think happened in there?" She whispers to her desk neighbor.

Employee 3:"you know what happened" He wiggles his eyebrows with a knowing look.

Employee 4:"Oh please they were so loud so of course it's what we think but we know one of them is Mr.Kim but who is the other?"

Employee 2:"well I didn't see anyone go in there"

Employee 3:"yeah me too"

Employee 4:"same-" He stops talking as Min Yoongi comes in and he noticed that the room got quieter so he looks around and sees some of the employees looking worried as they glance to the door that is his office. Yoongi just ignores them and continues to go to his office door.

Yoongi knocked on the door twice before he finally entered and what he saw surprised him. There are papers, pens and everything else that was on the desk is now all over the place. Even the computer and keyboard, everything.

He slowly walked through trying not to step on anything while he walked around. He then went to the bedroom door and slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door and he was shocked by what he saw.

Yoongi saw his brother naked in bed with someone and yet all he did was walk out of the bedroom, slowly grabbed his wallet and walked out the door.

As he sees all the employees looking at him with wide eyes as they can only guess he saw.

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