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You are a Monster

Chapter 1

"Mommy wake up"

Jimin felt someone tugging his sweater paw. He groaned and opened his eyes only to find the best sight he has ever witnessed. His baby boy was watching him from the side. Excitedly waiting for him to wake up and make breakfast.

"Hoonie !!! How many time should I tell you to not call me mommy " he said with fake anger.

"But you is pweaty like a lady. And I awweady have appa. So you is mommy. " Jihoon pouted.

Jimin melted at the sight and kissed his son's cheek.

"Now what my baby wants for breakfast. Tell me and I'll make it for you " Jimin said ignoring that jihoon just called jungkook his appa.

Jihoon always whined about not having both parents with him. But now jimin's best friend jungkook has tricked jihoon into thinking that jungkook is his missing parent.

Jimin don't appreciate it. But he has to keep quiet for jihoon as he threw a fit when Jimin corrected him first time. He hates yoongi what he did to him but also don't like someone claiming to be in place of Yoongi. Yoongi did gave up on him but he can't find himself getting over him.

It's been 4 years since he left yoongi and disappeared. He loves yoongi so much that he can't find himself dating someone other than YoonGi.

Yoongi's been his first love his first kiss . He gave his all firsts to yoongi. That's way he can't answer jungkook's all advances with yes.

Jungkook has been trying for a year seriously now. He knows everything that how Jimin was rejected by YoonGi on being pregnant. He caught Jimin weeping infront of his apartment 4 years ago. He is with Jimin till now. Unlike Jimin Jungkook is in contact with other for years now.

"..... Aaaaaaa huwts. Mommy "

Jimin came back to his senses when he felt his baby crying.

Jihoon was holding his head in his hands and crying.

"Baby what happened?? Is your head hurting again?? " Jimin asked worriedly.

Jihoon nodded in response Whimpering. After A few seconds he let out a loud shriek and passed out in jimin's arms.

Jimin was crying hysterically when he called an ambulance and told them to pick his baby boy to hospital.


Jimin was now infront of ICU when the doctor who checked jihoon came out.

"How is my baby now?? What happened to him?? " he asked getting impatient.

"Have you any idea how frequent is patient getting sick?? " Doctor asked.

"I don't remember him getting this sick. He might have had slight headaches before but I thought he was getting them by playing games frequently"

Jimin said.

"Well I want you to come to my office. I'll tell you in details. " Doctor said before walking away.

"Can't I see my baby before?" Jimin asked impatiently.

"No. We sedated him. He'll wake up in an hour. But First I want to talk to you. " Doctor said.

“What you wanted to talk about? ”Jimin asked.

“Were there any complications in your pregnancy with patient? ”

Doctor asked.

“Jihoon. My son's name is Min Jihoon. ” Jimin replied.

“Yes but after 6th month I and baby both were stable and delivery was normal. What about it? ” Jimin asked nervously.

“Well... Your son has leukemia. We are treating him. You have to come after 3 weeks for his Remission induction therapy. ”

Doctor replied.

“Will he be okay? I d-didn't know he was this sick. ” Jimin said softly crying.

“Don't worry Mr. Min. Come for his therapy after 3 weeks. I'll tell you confirm results after that. ”

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