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At the bar


Meet Keisha the party girl who fell in love with the mysterious guy who leave her in the dance floor after asking her name

Romance / Drama
Miss Rainne
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Loud music is all over the bar. The smell of liquor and smoke are keeping Jisoo alive. Gosh! How much she miss this life.

"Jisoo! come on the party is already started! Let's dance!" Jennie shouted on her and she just nodded. Jennie went back on the dance floor and enjoyed the music.

While Jisoo stayed in their table for a minute before she decided to go in the dance floor. The music is slowly changing. Until it become a sexy song.

Her body follow the beat of the music. She sexily dance in the middle of the dance floor trying to get anyone's attention but sadly no one can notice her because others are busy with their own steps!

She continue to dance sexily until a guy hold her waist. She looked at him and gosh he is super handsome. She dance more sexily in front of him.

She checked his face. He has a pair of two beautiful blue eyes that can hypnotize you. He also has a pointed nose. She took a deep breath before checking his lips. He has a kissable lips omg!

She begin to startle when his lips touches her ear. "What is your name pretty girl?" he sexily asked. Ugh!

'Why does he even have a sexy voice?!' she asked on her mind.

She could feel her heart pounding so fast and she begin to stammer, "I-i'm K-kelly". Even he is handsome she wouldn't going to tell him her real name, it's for her safety afterall he's still also a guy. And because her parents told her that don't trust strangers.

"Nice name", he whispered and leaving her alone in the dance floor.

Her jaw suddenly dropped while watching him walking away from her! She tried to chase him but it's too late. She can't see him in the dance floor even his shadow. She sighed in disappointment.

Jisoo decided not to go back in the dance floor so she went in their table and drink a glass of alcohol. How she wish she could see him again...


So this the first story that I'll publish kindly support me (>.<)

Thanks for reading. Have a good day!

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