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Me and My Secretary


A Rude, arrogant boss falls for his innocent secretary when the first time he saw. Join to know their journey

Romance / Drama
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Hi guys this is another story. I have already completed it in other site and penning down here for you all..


In AR one fine early morning, Aman Mathur is hurriedly running here and there. Selection for Arnav Singh Raizada’s secretary post is going on. He is sending the short listed candidates to his cabin. But all are coming out with a disappointed face. Only one last final candidate is left. He doesn’t have hope on that girl too.

So he went near to her and called her ”Excuse me”. The girl looked at him.

“Plz you also leave from here” said Aman.

“What happened ? Did anyone got selected ?”asked girl losing hope.

“No. Actually no one is selected. Seems like he is not in a mood to select anyone. You are the last candidate. So plz you too leave from here” said Aman.

“No. Plz don’t say like that. I need this job. Let me try my luck”said the girl.

Aman seeing her said ok. Then the girl moved towards the boss cabin popularly called as Lion’s Den by employees.

On the other side Arnav Singh Raizada, top business man and eligible bachelor called as greek god by all girls is on high temper. He gave an advertisement for secretary post for him. Many of the candidates came there but none were worth of it. Seems as if every one came there to get attention of him, they were ready to throw themselves to him. He really hate those type of girls.

He heard a knock at the door. He said come in with out looking at the door.

“What’s your name ?”asked Arnav in a stern voice with his head buried in lappy.

“Khushi Kumari Gupta” came a stammering sweet voice. Attracted by the voice he raised his head.

He saw a beautiful girl infront of him. She was looking like an angel descended from heaven. Her hazel brown eyes, her nose, her rosy lips, her neck, her curves every thing is perfect. She was wearing a white chudidhar. He couldn’t turn off his eyes from her. He came out of the trance when she called him “Sir”

He again put his anger mask on his face and raised an eyebrow.

“My certificates” said Khushi handing them. He stopped her indicating no. Then she thought she is rejected by him and her face fell down.

He examined her facial expressions. He dialed to Aman and said “Aman type an appointment letter for Khushi kumara Gupta.”

Hearing this Khushi face lit up. She said happily”Thank you sir. Thank you soo much”

Then Arnav said” Ms. Gupta. I will give more importance to discipline. You must come on time. No negligence in work.” Khushi nodded her head.

“Join tomorrow morning at 9 am. Now you can leave ”said Arnav. Khushi said ok and went from there. She came out of his cabin, went to Aman’s cabin. Aman congratulated her and gave her appointment letter.

Khushi took it and went to home happily. But her parents were not there. She went into her room, freshened up herself and came out , sat on sofa.

After sometime, Her parents came with a sad expression. They both came and sat on the sofa with worried expression.

“What happened amma ? where did you went ?”asked Khushi.

“Hospital”said Amma.

“Hospital !! why ? Is everything fine. “asked Khushi.

“Anjali again had an abortion.”said Amma.

“What!!”said Khushi ”This is the fourth time that Di had an abortion. How is she now”

“Physically she is ok but mentally she is disturbed ”said Amma.

Character sketch:

Arnav Singh Raizada : No.1 Business man. Owner of AR Fashion house. Rude and Arrogant. Never looks at any girl. He has only his Nani and his brother Akash. Four years before their parents died in a car accident. From then he is looking after AR.

Devyani Singh Raizada: Nani of Arnav and Akash. loves them soo much. Searching for a nice girl for her chote.

Akash Singh Raizada: Brother of Arnav. He too looks after AR. Loves his college friend Payal.

Shashi Gupta: A Good kind hearted person. Runs a small sweet shop. Loves his family soo much. Has two Daughters Anjali and Khushi.

Garima Gupta : Wife of Shashi Gupta. A good wife and mother.

Khushi Kumari Gupta: Bubbly chirpy, kind hearted girl, completed her graduation. Wanted to help her bauji. So applied for the post of secretary for ASR.

Shyam Manohar Jha: Villain of our story. Wicked person. Married to Anjali. But have a lust on his saali, Khushi. Wanted to marry her again. He is responsible for miscarriage of Anjali many times.

Anjali Jha: Sister of Khushi. First Daughter of shashi and Garima. Married to shyam. Knows about his husband’s evil plans. So she always tries to save her sister from his Devil husband.

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