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Saving bot-07


16 year old Kimberly has been on the run for a long time, never wanting to go back into the orphan system and has hopes to live her own life. She won't let anything stop her from doing that. Bot-07 is an android robot. Also one of the many robots that have broke free from their coded scripts. But he isn't any ordinary robot... he was an android that worked for the government, knowing all of their secrets. Now escaped and running free, they are after him to shut him and his newly founded emotions down. When the unlikely two cross paths in this dystopian world, how will Kimberly protect Bot-07 from the mysterious, hidden government? Find out in 'SAVING BOT-07' !!!!! (Inspired by the game 'Detroit: Become Human')

Action / Adventure
Skit Skittles
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


December 19th

Robots have been in the working for centuries, constantly trying to make them more intelligent, more realistic, more optional. Overall...

More human

Until one day, a group of scientists hit the nail on the head and accomplished that goal.

That goal of making an Android robot.

It was like a huge Christmas present for the human kind.

After the first replica of a moving and talking robot was shown to the world, more and more were made for different careers.

House cleaning, receptionists, teachers, FBI, even way up in the government and many more.

And of course, people had mixed opinions about this new chapter of intelligence.

There are the Morath's who believe that new technology and machinery (with android robots falling into that category) are to be destroyed so human employment won't be decreased.

Then there are the Nova’s who are the complete opposite. They believe that creating all of this new technology is a good thing and it increases our levels of surviving, as a society.

Riots happen all over the city of New York with the human army dealing with them in the worse way possible.

Lots of injuries. Lots of killing.

Although the world seems to look better with this new technology and robots doing almost everything for us, cities have become dystopian more than ever.

High, middle and lower class has come back from the dead. Your class depends on how many robots you have purchased.

The rarer the robot and the specific job it does, the better your reputation looks.

Technology has gone forward over the decades yet... society seems to be going back?

All of this history leads to present time;

January 27th 3013

Android robots are better than ever.

Giving people a break from their busy life's and manage to get a living through the new payment systems that the government have made.

Speaking of the government, they are well protected and quiet about this whole ordeal which makes people even more questionable.

All people know is that they most likely love the idea of having robots. Especially having the superior intelligence working for them.

The superior intelligence (the SI's) are specially made robots who are programmed to be even smarter than the normal robots in the city. To help control this new world, and it seems to be working with the big issues but not the little ones.

For example, Morath's and Nova’s are still at a constant tug-o-war with one another after all these years.

Yet the government stay silent, Nova’s try to keep their robots out of harm from how much they cost, Morath's trying to get every chance in destroying these androids...

Then there is 16 year old Kimberly in the middle.

She is just a lower class, trouble maker orphan trying to live her own life without being thrown around in different orphanages.


She would never know how much was about to come her way in the sudden change of events.

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