Five Nights At Freddys-The dark beginning


After the rumors and stories of Freddy Fazbears Pizza, Elda wishes to find out the truth of the pizzarea and avenge her friends and family. Elda is just an ordinary girl who wishes to become a detective some day. Working at the news station, she soon learns about the incident at Freddy Fazbears pizza that 5 children went missing. When finding out that her friend, James, had been killed by Fredbear and now her sister was supposedly killed at the pizzarea as well, she wants to know more! Will she get revenge? Will she find out who the murder is? Will she survive Five Nights at Freddys? (I play Elda)

Mystery / Horror
Kaycee Wolf
5.0 5 reviews
Age Rating:


In the dark of night, the faint light of the lamps flicker while Alina walked the dark bitter night in the streets of New York City. Crickets sing and the owls howled with each breeze, carrying the wild sounds across the streets and fields while cars drive by in the pitch black night. As Alina enters the dark and chilling pizzeria entrance, she clocks in, and beings the night. After waiting 1 hour, the silent is suddenly broken and Bonnie is gone...

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