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NCT's Female Member


Riley Byul Yein is a member of NCT

Drama / Romance
Riley Song Yein
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Riley Byul Yein/Buppa Daoamjarasseng Profile

(Face Claim: Yein {LOVELYZ})

BIRTH NAME (STAGE NAME): Riley Byul Yein/Buppha Daoamjarasseng (Yein)

BIRTHDAY: 2nd Feb, 2001

PLACE OF BIRTH (HOME TOWN): Scotland (Scotland)

NATIONALLY (ETHINICY): Scottish (Korean-Thai/Australian)

POSITION: Visual, Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper

HEIGHT: 158cm

WEIGHT: 40kg


*Both Rachel (Super Junior) & Caitlin (SEVENTEEN) have admitted that Yein is Thier cousin

*She has been a SMROOKIES/Trainee since 2010

*She become a Host on YouTube Channel Chups Chupas in October, 2019

*In 2017 she was one often lucky Thai's who wasn't kidnapped by Kim Yuna, Park Suki & Jeon Minyoung, however she was out looking for her cousin Caitlin, with her cousin Rachel

*In 2018 she was later kidnapped by former Female Member Gong Taeho

*At the start of 2019 she got her appendix removed because of something in her genetics which makes her appendix burst when she turns 18/19

*She admits Caitlin is the ACE in Pledis & SEVENTEEN but also in the whole family line




*NCT 127


*NCT Girls

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