Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two


Carol Woodham
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Chapter 1

The story is based on the Harry Potter books and movies. It is not intended to recreate said books or movies. It is solely a work of fiction based on the imagination of the author.

A/N This story is a sequel to Harry Potter Child Prodigy. Harry is adopted by Sirius at the age of eight. His parents were killed by Voldemort whom Harry managed to banish but not destroy. Severus Snape discovered his godson, Draco Malfoy was being abused by his father. The parental rights were stripped from Malfoy and Draco has been adopted by Severus. The boys are being raised as cousins since Sirius is related to Narcissa Black Malfoy, Draco's Mother.

Ch. 1. Summer's End

It has been four days since Severus Snape, Sirius Black and their sons arrived back at Hogwarts. The men are there to begin preparations for the upcoming school year, which is set to begin in two weeks for the younger students and four weeks for the older students.

Knocking for the fourth time on his Uncle Sev's door to his Family Quarters, Harry shifts from foot to foot impatiently. Finally the door is pulled open to reveal a boy with dirt streaked clothes and dusty blonde hair.

"Draco? Have you been playing in the fireplace? You are a filthy mess! I thought we could go to the kitchen to find a snack. Dad's letting me go for the afternoon. I don't have to stay and help clean or unpack any longer."

"Hi Harry! Going to the kitchen sounds wonderful! I'll do anything to get out of more cleaning! Dad has been trying to turn me into a house elf. All I've done in the last two days is clean. I suggested we use the real elves or magic but he wouldn't take my ideas. I'll see if he's in a good mood yet. He wasn't this morning so I've been staying out of his way. On second thought, you come with me and we'll both ask if I can go with you."

Finding his Dad in his study, Draco and Harry walk quietly inside. They see Severus bent over some papers on his desk and he's muttering to himself. Harry catches the words "Impossible…. Of all the idiotic ideas… why would …. Pure idiots…" Harry looks over to see if Draco heard this too and sees Draco grin back at him. The grin fades quickly when his Dad looks up frowning.

"What are the two of you in here for? Haven't I told you to knock before entering the study? Draco, have you finished cleaning the fireplaces yet?"

Ignoring the first two questions, Draco answers the last one. "Yes Sir, I am finished with all the fireplaces except for the one in here. Uncle Sirius is letting Harry off chores for the afternoon. May I please go off chores too? We just want to go walking and visit the kitchen."

"Do you both promise me you will stay out of mischief? Boys tell me the rules we set down for you both. ""Yes Sir "the boys answer together then Harry says "Rule one - We must not wander off. We have to stay inside the castle unless we have permission to go out and stay within sight of the castle at all times."

"Rule two - Stay away from the Potions lab and the forbidden areas." Draco recites.

"Three is -Do not do anything to put each other or yourself in danger." Harry takes a turn to talk.

"The last rule is, we must be back in our family quarters by five o'clock unless given permission to stay out later." Draco intones solemnly putting emphasis on several words making Harry giggle.

"Very good recitation there boys. Now Harry, there's not a thing funny about being home on time. I'm pretty positive your Dad enforces that rule does he not?"

"Yes Uncle Sev. It wasn't the rule that was funny just how Drake said it, sir. If I'm late coming home, I'm in trouble. May we go Uncle Sev? We'll both behave and come home on time. Please?"

"Yes my troublesome twosome you may."

As the boys whirl around and start to do a fast walk to the door Severus calls out "Draco, stop. Come here son."

Taking the five steps back to his Dad, Draco looks at him curiously. "Sir?"

"You can't go off looking like a chimney sweep, child! Stand still while I clean you up." Lifting his wand he swirls and flicks it mumbling something. Draco can feel the dust and soot vanish. Looking down he's now wearing clean pressed jeans and a green and black striped T shirt. His cleaning clothes of worn out shirt and pants are gone.

"Thanks Dad! Dad, just why is it you approve of cleaning ME with magic but you do not approve of using magic on the fireplaces? " Draco can't help but ask cheekily.

Eyebrows raised, Severus lifts the wand and flicks it once more. "YOUCH! DAD!" Draco complains rubbing the stinging spot on his bottom.

"I've already explained several times why I don't use magic to clean house. You were being cheeky so you got a stinging hex on your bottom! Now both of you may leave and remember the rules!"

Walking alongside the lake, Harry asks "Just what is the reason Uncle Sev doesn't use magic to clean? My Dad doesn't use his magic to clean house either. He uses ME!"

"Yeah, why do they keep trying to turn us into house elves? I really want to know." Draco adds when Harry giggles at his question.

"I don't think they really want us to be elves. What did your Dad say was his reason for not using magic?" Harry answers.

"He said I need to learn to take responsibility for my belongings and learn to keep things clean. He said if you are responsible for something, you take good care of it. Part of this is a punishment for leaving my broom outside one night. It was right after your birthday party. I was flying and then he called me to come in. I propped the broom up by the door to go see what he wanted. I forgot to go back and get it. The next morning it was wet and the handle was warped."

"Oh that was bad! Your broom is expensive! Did Uncle Severus spank you? If I did that my Dad would put me over his knee!"

"I think he thought about it but didn't. Instead, I had to clean all the fireplaces at Spinner's End, in our quarters and I lost broom privileges for a fortnight! You know what? I'd rather have had the walloping than give up my broom for two weeks! I also absolutely hate getting all sooty and cobwebs in my mouth! EUYUUCHH!"

"Yeah, me too. I've had to clean out the ones in our quarters too. What about your broom though? Did it get fixed?"

"Yes, Dad was able to repair it with a restorative spell. I still got punished though! It's not my fault that I forget to look after my things! At the Manor, we had house elves to clean and put up our things for us. All this keeping up with my own chores and belongings is still new for me."

"Uh Huh, you've only had four months to get used to it!" Harry says snickering at Draco's rolling his eyes. "So how many more days are you grounded from flying? I wanted to take a trip around the castle on our brooms before we start classes."

"I have five more days to go. We might have time to fly together before school starts but if you don't want to wait that's alright. I wouldn't mind if you were to fly without me, Harry."

"My Dad wouldn't let me. I'm not even allowed to leave the castle unless someone is with me. It's that same old thing as last year. He thinks someone is out to get me. Do you hear someone calling us?" Harry asks looking around.

"Uncle Remus!" Harry yells running down the path to greet the man he sees.

"Well what a nice welcome. How are you my Cub? I haven't seen you since you came home from abroad. I'm sorry I wasn't able to come to your birthday. Full moon and all you know."

"I'm good Uncle Remus and I understand. I'm sorry you didn't get to come though. We had a blow out!"

"A blow out?" Remus asks confused.

"That's American for a good time, Sir. Hello Professor Lupin." Draco says walking up.

"Well hello to you too Draco. My, you boys have grown some since I last saw you two. You look older. What are you twelve now?" Remus teases.

"I'm almost eleven sir and Harry here just turned ten. I will be eleven in January sir." Draco answers formally.

"Draco, we are all family now. You can drop the sir and the Professor too. Just call me Uncle Remus unless we are in a class or around other students. Alright?"

"I'd like to Sir, but you need to check with my Dad first. He has a big rule about being respectful. I'd be in tremendous trouble if he thought I was disrespecting a professor! He's not in a good mood lately and would punish me if he heard me be disrespectful."

"I will talk to him Draco. I can get him around to our side. He's not acting the same at school as he did at home?"

"Not right now he isn't. He's grouchy and impatient all the time. He's lost his sense of humor too. I can't tease with him anymore. I don't know what it is that I did to make him mad all the time."

"Oh Son, you didn't do one thing. I know how Severus gets this time of year. I promise it isn't you!" Remus says before asking "Harry? Are you having the same trouble as Draco? Is your Dad fussy and not himself too?"

"No Uncle Remus, Dad isn't acting much different. He's just busy and doesn't have much time to talk and play with me right now. It's Uncle Sev who is acting all different. He's gone into the Professor Snape role already."

"The Professor Snape role?"

"Yeah, the one where he hates kids and is all grouchy and mean. He punishes you if you don't jump to do as he says or make any mistakes. Right Draco?"

"He is different alright. I can't say much more without being disrespectful and putting my backside at risk." Draco says nodding.

"Well it sounds as if we need something to cheer us up. I know just the thing too. How would the two of you like to go to Hogsmeade for some special ice cream? I missed Harry's party so I want to treat him and you too Draco, to an ice cream. Will you come?"

"I love ice cream Uncle Remus! I'll be happy to go with you." Harry says beaming.

"That's one. What about you Draco? Will you come with us?" Remus asks as Harry says "Please come too. I want my adoptive big brother with me too."

"Harry, we have to have our Dad's permission first. We can't just pop off to Hogsmeade! We'd get our bottoms blistered good if we did that and you know it!"

"But they're busy and grouchy and probably would say No. Come on! We can go and be back by five!" Harry pleads.

"Hold up there young man! I'm not taking you one step off these grounds unless you both ask your Dad's permission first. Before you get any ideas about sneaking and saying you have permission, I'm going to go with both of you while you ask." Remus scolds.

"UNH! Uncle Remus, can't we just go like you said? Cause they might say Noooo!" Harry whines.

"I never intended to take you without getting permission from both your parents first young man! Now let's go ask. They may surprise you and say yes to the request."

Thirty minutes later a beaming Harry and Draco walk into the ice cream parlor with Remus right behind them.

"Hello Professor Lupin and boys. What may I get for you today?" The young waiter asks.

"It's Mr. Percival isn't it?" Remus asks.

"Yes sir, I was a student at Hogwarts until three years ago. Would these by your sons?"

"No, they're my honorary nephews though and we are here for a blow out which I'm told means good time. Let them order anything they want. For me, I'll take a bowl of Wizardly Warts, please."

"Yes sir, and what may I get for you young sirs?" The waiter asks.

"I'd like a three mound sundae. I want Wizard Pox, Witches Brew, Dragon's Breath and Slimy Goo on top." Draco answers.

"I want a three mound sundae with what Draco ordered except for the Slimy Goo on top." Harry tells the young man.

"I'll get those orders to you in seconds. Would you like water or butterbeer or Snake Spit to drink?"

"Snake Spit!" Draco and Harry both say at the same time while Remus answers "water please".

Eyeing Harry, Draco asks "Harry did you mean to order the Wizard Pox?"

"Yep, it's one of my favorite flavors. I love Snake Spit too. In America we had something called Seven Up that was a lot like it. Remember Draco?"

"Uh Huh. I like Coke better than Seven Up though. You know why I asked if you meant to order that don't you?" Draco asks Harry but gets no answer.

"Uncle Remus? " Draco grinned to himself at being allowed to call another man "Uncle". His Dad gave permission when Remus asked.

"Yes Draco?" Remus answers watching as Harry glares at Draco.

"Uh, I was , I um, I need to use the loo, sir." Draco whispers across the table.

"Go right ahead then. It's the second door in the back."

"Yes sir, Harry come with me so you don't have to go later." Draco says pulling Harry up by the hand.

"Draco! Why'd you drag me along? I do not need to go to the loo right now." Harry complains as he's dragged back to the loo.

"Yes, well I wasn't sure you really knew what you ordered. Wizard's Pox is dark chocolate with marshmallows. You aren't to eat chocolate remember?" Draco asks concerned.

"Oh hush, I'll eat it if I want too. You just mind your own business and let me have my birthday fun."

"Fine by me. I don't want to hear about you getting in trouble or getting sick from this. I tried to warn you."

"Yeah, fine. Keep quiet about it, Draco. Come on let's go eat our treats." Harry says leading the way back to the table.

"Everything okay boys?" Remus asks seeing Draco looking put out and Harry ignoring him.

"We're fine and ready to eat." Harry answers tucking into his Wizard Pox mound first.

Remus doesn't miss the sigh that Draco tries to cover. Something is up with these two but I don't know what. Remus thinks.

Draco tucks into his ice cream too. He starts on the Witches Brew which is lime green and melon flavored. The flavor is made even better with the caramel sauce or "slimy goo" as they call it.

"Harry, do you remember last year when you wanted to take DADA?" Remus asks.

"Yes sir. The Hogwarts Council will not let anyone under the age of twelve take it you said."

"That's right. This year we are starting a new class for the younger students. It's not exactly DADA but close. I will be the professor and the class is Theory and Practice of Defense or TPD. We won't be fighting any bogarts or other dark magical objects in this class. It's more spell work and technique. Would you two be interested in taking the class?"

Draco answers first with his eyes shining "Yes Sir! I really want to take that class!"

"Yes, me too. I just hope my Dad will let me. He doesn't like it if I want to learn about dark magic." Harry answers.

"We will not be discussing dark magic at all. That's why it is not a Defense Against the Dark Arts class. I don't think either of your Dads will have a problem with you taking the class. I must say I'm not going to be easy on you. You'll have to meet the requirements just as everyone else. You do understand that don't you boys?"

"Yes sir. We know. We have to take both of our Dad's classes and they don't let us off of anything! We actually have it harder than the other kids because they know exactly what we are supposed to do."

A little while later after many sidelong glances from Draco, Harry finishes the third mound of ice cream having left most of the chocolate in the dish. The Dragon's Breath is actually his favorite of the three being a lemon flavor with chunks of walnuts and raspberries in it.

"Well boys now that we have all finished our delicious ice cream, you two go wash your faces and hands please. We'll visit the Quidditch store next." Remus tells them.

Both boys walk back to the loo to do as told. Coming back to the table first is Draco.

"Draco, what is going on between you two? I know something is up the way you keep looking at Harry. I want to know what it is." Remus tells him.

Draco is saved from having to respond when Harry bounds back to the table. "I'm all ready. Let's go."

"Calm down there Cub. We don't have to be in that much of a rush."

Then seeing the pleading look on Harry's face, Remus gives in. "Alright, let's go boys."

"Now boys, I want you to feel free to look around the store but remember not to touch anything without my permission. Understand?"

"Yes sir." The boys answer both nodding at the same time.

"Harry, I want you to pick out something you would like for your birthday. No brooms though. Sirius would spank ME if I let you get a broom."

Both boys find that extremely funny. Still chuckling Harry walks off to look around the store. Draco starts to go too when Remus takes him by the arm. "Not yet. You need to answer my question first."

"What question is that sir?' Draco asks trying to stall to think up a reasonable answer.

"I think you know which question Young Man. Now I want a straight answer."

"We just were enjoying our ice cream sir. I was only looking to see how much Harry had eaten. That's really all there was to that. It was kind of a competition between us." Draco says stretching the truth some.

"Umm hmm. I suspect some of that was partly the reason but not all of it. You were upset with Harry before the ice cream even came to the table. I'll give you one more chance to tell me the whole truth. If you don't wish too, we can take it up with your Dad back at the castle. I'm pretty sure he has a cure for lying, doesn't he?"

"Yes sir, he'd spank me with a hairbrush for lying. I'll tell you, just please sir, don't say anything to my Dad or Harry's either. We'd both be in trouble if they found out about it."

"I'll decide that after you tell me. Now out with it."

"Yes sir. Well you see the truth is I was worried about Harry. He's not supposed to have chocolate and I was afraid he was going to get sick again. He had too much chocolate not long ago and it made him sick. He's allergic to chocolate but sneaks and has it anyway. Uncle Sirius would spank him good if he knew about the sneaking. My Dad might spank me for letting Harry have it. I tried to stop him when I took him to the loo with me. I tried to get him to not eat it but he wouldn't listen."

"Well thank you for being truthful, son. I won't say anything to your Dad about this if you promise me to always continue to look out for Harry. Do you promise?"

"I've looked out for Harry all summer, sir. He's my little brother now. I don't want to see him get in trouble for this. Are you going to tell Uncle Sirius?"

"I feel I have to tell him son. Not about the sneaking around but about Harry having some chocolate today. What if he starts having a reaction later and Sirius doesn't know what caused it?"

"But if you tell, Harry's going to be in big trouble!"

"I think I can work it where no one is in big trouble. Let's go round up the bad seed and get back to the castle."

Finding Harry standing in front of a display of Quidditch posters and books, Remus says "Well now, did you find something you want to get?"

"Yes sir. Could I get this book and two posters too? That's Pierre D'Avignon on the posters and he's our favorite rookie player. The book is a guide to the best moves in Quidditch."

"Those are great choices but are you sure you want two of the same poster? Don't they have two different poses?"

"I want one for Draco."

"Well then, let's go pay for them. We need to be heading back to the castle. I've kept you two out longer than I realized." Remus says guiding the boys to the front counter. Purchases made and shrunk into easy to hold packages, the trio begins the walk back to Hogwarts.

Halfway up the trail, Remus says "Did you boys know that when I was a small boy I couldn't eat chocolate or eggs? I would break out in a rash and itch if I had any at all. I grew out of it by the time I was thirteen though and I can have chocolate without breaking out. I can't eat it everyday but just once in awhile is alright. I can have eggs anytime now. Are either of you allergic to anything?"

"Yes sir, I'm allergic to bee stings. I break out in hives if I get stung. I had that happen when I was seven. I stay as far away from bees as I can get." Draco answers.

"Uncle Remus? There's something I didn't tell you and you might be mad." Harry whispers looking at the ground.

"I won't be mad Cub. Tell me please." Remus says stooping down to hug the young boy who looks as if he's trying not to cry.

"I'm not supposed to eat chocolate anymore. A few weeks ago I had three big chocolate shakes all at the same time and it made me really sick. Uncle Severus told Dad I had a leergeic reeeaxsion and Dad told me I had to stay away from chocolate. I'm going to get a spanking if he finds out I had chocolate."

"Well now Harry, thank you for telling me. Did Severus say you would always have an allergic reaction if you had chocolate? Did he say you were not to ever eat it or it would make you sick?"

"No Sir. He said I had too much chocolate at one time and that's why I was having a hard time not being sick. The bad charm didn't help me out either."

"You'll have to tell me about this bad charm sometime. Let's see you were not to have too much chocolate. Harry, was today the first time you have had any chocolate since that time you were sick?"

"No sir. Don't tell. Please? I snuck some from the Kitchen when we got here and ate it. I didn't get sick then. I don't feel sick now either. I was careful to only eat some both times. The time I snuck some and today. I wanted all of my chocolate ice cream but I just had four spoonfuls."

"Let's go on to the school boys. Thank you for telling me the truth Harry."

Nodding and walking along with tears now running down his face, Harry feels an arm go around his shoulders. Looking up he sees it's Draco hugging him. "Thanks for the poster Harry. That was a really nice thing you did thinking about me. It was your birthday not mine."

"I wanted you to have one too. I know I was acting ugly today and I'm sorry, Draco." Now whispering, Harry asks " Can you help me figure out how to get out of trouble? Uncle Remus is going to tell Dad about me getting chocolate and then I'm in trouble."

"All I can say is just tell the truth. You know it gets really bad when we don't. Maybe telling the truth and if you tell Uncle Sirius first, he won't spank you." Draco whispers back.

Remus smiles to himself hearing that advice. He can hear every word they said with his unusual sense of hearing.

Reaching the castle all too soon for Harry's liking, Draco says "Well good luck Harry. Owl me tonight and let me know what happens. Maybe we can get together tomorrow. Bye Uncle Remus and thanks for the trip to get ice cream and for the poster too. I like having a new uncle!"

"You are quite welcome my new nephew. I'll see you soon. Go straight to your Dad's quarters now, no stopping anywhere."

"Yes sir, I will. Bye Harry."

"Bye Draco. I enjoyed knowing you."

"Come on Cub, it's not going to be all that bad. I'm sure we can calm your Dad down. Let's get this over with." Remus says taking Harry by the shoulder and guiding him to his quarters.

"Well, it's about time you two came back. It's going on six o'clock and you have been gone since three! I didn't think it took that long just to have ice cream." Sirius teases as they come inside.

"What's wrong?" Sirius asks after seeing his best friend and his son have matching looks on their faces.

"Well you see Sirius…." Remus starts before Harry interrupts him.

"No Uncle Remus. I have to be the one to say it. Let me tell him, please."

"Tell me what Harry? What has happened?" Sirius asks beginning to sound stern now.

"Dad, I have to tell you something and you are not going to like it. Please listen to everything I have to say before you talk Okay?"

"I'm listening and I will wait for you to finish. Now start talking." Sirius says sitting down on the couch.

"At the ice cream parlor, Draco and I ordered a Three Mound Sundae. I had the Wizard Pox, Witches Brew and Dragon's Breath. I like Dragon's Breath the best." Harry stops there to check his Dad's reaction.

Looking puzzled but not upset, Sirius says "Go on tell me the rest." He guesses there must be more because so far he hasn't heard anything to be upset about that he can tell anyway.

"Dad, I only had four spoonfuls of the Wizard Pox flavor. I feel just fine and I'm not feeling sick at all. Uncle Remus didn't know not to let me have it because I didn't tell him." Harry says with a deep sigh.

"Would this Wizard Pox flavor just happen to be a chocolate ice cream?" Sirius asks looking at his son.

"Yes Dad."

"Harry James! You know you are not to have chocolate! Do you want to be sick again?"

"No Dad, I don't. I just ate a little bit of it. Didn't I Uncle Remus?" Harry desperately wants the attention to go to Remus now.

"He only had four spoonfuls Sirius. He was very careful eating it. I apologize for letting him order it to begin with. I didn't know at the time he was to avoid chocolate." Remus says.

"Harry was the one who did wrong here, Remus. You didn't know. I should have told you but it slipped my mind. Come here Harry."

Moving as slowly as he can get away with, Harry approaches his Dad.

"You did wrong son. You disobeyed and you misled your Uncle Remus. You should not have ordered the chocolate. Are you sure you are not feeling ill?"

"I'm feeling fine Dad. I don't feel sick at all."

"That's good to know. We are now going to discuss the consequences to your bad choices today." Harry swallows nervously as he whispers "Yes sir."

"Harry your punishment is going to be no dessert for the rest of the week. You are also grounded for the next two days. I want you within eyesight at all times after tonight. Since you can't be trusted to make good choices, then you have to be watched. It's time for you to go to your room and get ready for bed now. Apologize to Remus and go. I'll be up later to check in on you. We'll talk more then."

"Yes Sir. I'm very sorry Uncle Remus. I know to behave better." Harry says wiping the tears out of his eyes.

"I accept your apology Cub. Good night."

After Harry has left the room, Remus says "You handled that very well old friend. You have the Dad thing down. I think this will make more of an impression on him than a paddling would."

"You thought I was going to paddle him?" Sirius asks surprised to hear this.

"No, but both Harry and Draco were absolutely convinced you were going to give Harry a "good spanking" as they called it. I think Draco was even a little worried you might blame him and then he would get a spanking too. He tried to get Harry not to eat the ice cream at all, just so you know."

"Well good! I like the fact that they are worried about me spanking one or both of them. Both of those rascals have caused their share of trouble and received a spanking from me more than once. I'm trying my best to find other punishments and save a spanking for the most serious behavior."

"That's good. It loses its effectiveness if you use it all the time. You know I prefer other punishments. Now, did you hear about my new class? I'm going to be teaching a Theory and Practice on Defense to the junior level students. It's not dark arts at all. Just basic technique of defense with some spellwork and theory of defense thrown in. Will you allow Harry to take the class? He wants too."

"Yes, as long as he isn't exposed to any dark magic I will be happy to have him learning some basic protection and defense skills. Do you feel ready to begin a new term, Moony? I'm not feeling ready. I was enjoying the time with Harry alone. It seems a little unfair for the Headmaster to require the Junior level students to start early again this term."

"Yes, I agree with you there, Paddy. It would be nice to get the whole three months of summer sometime. What with the week after the students leave and then the two weeks we have before they return, we lose nearly a month of the summer break. This new Junior level is good for the kids but it's wearing us old guys out early!"

"Who are you calling an old guy? I'm not even well into my thirties yet!" Sirius exclaims grinning. But I agree with you between teaching and trying to be a good Dad to Harry, I feel much older. Is missing my bachelor days occasionally a bad thing do you think?"

"NO, I think you need to start going out again. You haven't been out on a date since you took custody of Harry have you?"

"I haven't but I don't feel the need to date. I have my son and that's all I need."

"Sirius! Listen to yourself. That's all YOU need. What about Harry? Doesn't he deserve to have a Mum again? Young children need a Mum in their lives. Think about that will you? I need to take my leave now. I'm through rearranging your life for you. Tell Harry, I enjoyed being with him and will try to take time to be with him some more before the term begins. I have meetings three days this week to discuss the new class. See you soon, Paddy."

"See you soon, Moony. You know your way out." Sirius says walking back to the kitchen area. Hearing the front door close he begins to fix a sandwich for Harry. Putting the sandwich and crisps on a plate and pouring some pumpkin juice in a glass he sets it all on a tray. Reaching for his wand he warms the roast beef with cheese sandwich until the cheese melts and then places a sticking charm on the whole tray.

Opening the door to Harry's room while balancing the tray, Sirius sees the boy is face down on the bed.

"Pup? Can you wake up and sit up for me? I've brought your supper. I didn't think you would want much after such a big helping of ice cream. Come on Pup, sit up for me." Sirius coaxes.

Rolling over to look at his Dad, Harry sees the man smiling at him. He's holding a tray with a delicious smelling sandwich.

"Roast beef with cheese, Dad? That's my favorite. I thought I was being punished." Harry says after taking a big bite of the sandwich.

"Just because you are on punishment doesn't mean I'm going to starve you or deny you your favorite foods. You have to eat something other than sweets or you'll make yourself sick."

"You said you were going to talk to me more. Does that mean you are going to spank me now? "

"Do you think you deserve a spanking?"

"Probably. I deliberately did something I knew I wasn't supposed to do. I didn't tell Uncle Remus about not having chocolate because I knew he wouldn't let me have any. I was mean to Draco and he was trying to help me be good. I'm sorry for acting that way Dad."

"It's good to know you understand what you did wrong today. In answer to your question, No, I'm not going to spank you for this. I've already told you what your punishment will be. That does not mean I want to hear of you deliberately misleading another adult. If you know information the person should be told, then you make sure to tell them. Harry, withholding information as you did today is another way of lying. You know that lying leads to a spanking, right?"

"Yes Sir. I won't do it again. I truly am sorry. I wasn't really trying to mislead Uncle Remus. I just wanted to try the chocolate ice cream just a little. I didn't think just a little would make me sick. It didn't , Dad."

"You were lucky son. Maybe you are not allergic to chocolate in small doses. I still want to monitor how much you have. From now on, you may have a few bites but if you start feeling ill again, we'll stop it altogether. Agreed?"

"Yes sir, I agree."

"Go to sleep, son. We have a long day of school business to work on tomorrow. You will need to be rested for it."

"Night Dad, I love you."

"Good night Pup, I love you more."

After the door closes, Harry calls softly "Dobby? Can you come?"

With a POP, the small house elf appears. "Yes Master Harry? What can I do for you?"

"SHHHHH! Not so loud. I'm in trouble and if Dad hears you in here I'll be in more trouble. I need you to pop out to Draco's and give him this note. Be sure to do it where his Dad can't hear or see you. I'll be in for it if you get caught. Dad said I was to leave you alone and let you do your work here at the school. I promise not to be a bother but I just need you to get the note to Draco."

"Right away Young Master. Dobby loves to help. You are kind to Dobby and Dobby wants to do for Young Master all the time. Young Master's Father says No to Dobby doing much for Young Master." Dobby says frowning at the last part.

With another POP he's gone. Appearing suddenly in Draco's room causes the young boy to jump as he lays on his bed. "Dobby! Is Harry alright? Is he sick? What is it?" Draco asks words running over each other.

"Young Master Harry fine. He send Dobby with a note for Young Draco. Must go." Dobby hands over the note and POPs out again.

Opening the note, Draco reads:

D.T.S. I'm grounded for two days and no dessert the rest of the week. I got sent to bed at six o'clock too! Dad did bring me supper later and we talked. He didn't spank me but said if I ever did this again I would be in for it. H.P.B.

P.S. My stomach hurts and I got sick but don't tell Dad! I got sick from two much ice cream not the chocolate. Dad is going to let me have just a little chocolate from now on. YES! H.

Draco smiles at the P.S. on the note. I'm just glad he didn't get sick again. Oops I hear Dad coming, I've got to get in bed. Draco hurries to pull the covers over himself just as the door opens.

"Draco? Are you alright son? I thought I heard something." Severus asks softly

"Hmmm? Oh Dad! Is something wrong? Is it time for breakfast?" Draco asks pretending to just wake up.

"No you nutter. It's nine o'clock at night. You go back to sleep and I'll see you in the morning. Love you son."

"Love you too, Dad."

Four days later Harry and Draco are enjoying spending some free time in the Amusement Area. "You know Harry, you sure did a good job helping to plan our Amusement Area. I love the roller coaster that we can change the tracks to make different rides. I think that is my favorite part of the whole area."

"Thanks, I like that part too. I like the climbing bars where we can mold it to be any shape or size we want. The only part of this room I don't like is the sitting area. Dad made me have tables and chairs with places for parchment and ink. Who wants to write or read in here? This is the AMUSEMENT area not the homework area." Harry answers disgusted.

"Hermione likes having the tables, Harry. She and some of the other girls like to go over there and sit to read. For some people reading books is an amusement too. I like reading myself. I'm reading about King Arthur right now. "

"I like books too Draco. I wasn't saying I didn't. I like to read in bed though. I need quiet to read stories not a noisy place like this usually is. I've been reading the book Uncle Remus bought me. I can't wait to try out some of those moves. It isn't fair that we can't try out for Quidditch if we are in Junior Level. I fly as good as some of the Upper level kids!"

"No Harry, you fly BETTER than most of them. I've seen how you can catch that practice snitch you have. You catch it faster than almost anybody! I have an idea! Let's play catch the snitch right now!"

"We can't Draco. We aren't allowed to go to the Quidditch Pitch alone! I thought you were grounded from your broom still."

"It's over today. Besides, I'm not going to be using my broom as it isn't here. We'll have to use the school brooms. We are in the Amusement Area and alone. We aren't going to hurt anybody or anything in here. Come ON! I'll even watch you practice some of those new moves you were just telling me you were reading about."

"You get two good brooms and I'll go get my practice snitch. It's in my room." Harry says running out the door. Running down one staircase he reaches the landing before starting down one more set of stairs. Just as he steps down the stairs swing around to connect with a different floor. "Blast it all! I forgot about the moving stairs! Now I have to go down the stairs to the second level again! This is taking too long." After checking to make sure no one was around, he climbs up on the banister and slides down. WHEEEEEE! He thinks as he slides. Reaching the end he flips head over heels and lands on his feet.

"My! What an acrobat we are! Was that fun young man?" Asks a voice Harry knows well.

"Uncle Sev. I thought you and Dad were in a meeting with Granpa this afternoon." Harry answers."The meeting is over. Are you allowed to run inside or slide down the banisters young man?"

"I was in a hurry sir and I took the moving stairs by mistake. I wound up back on the third floor after I had just been down to the second floor. I was going to get something from home." Harry answers trying to talk around the question.

"Harry James! Either answer me or I'll take you to your Dad. Would he want to know of your latest adventure?"

"No sir."

"I'm not allowed to slide down the banisters or run inside. I was doing both. Uncle Severus, please don't tell Dad. I'd be in trouble and I don't want to be grounded to my room again."

"Harry, you either tell him about this or I punish you myself. You can't go around breaking school rules and not face the consequences."

"Yes Sir, I want you to punish me." Harry answers hoping he isn't about to be spanked.

"Very well then, I expect to see you tomorrow morning before nine with one foot of neatly written lines. Just to make sure you don't misunderstand, that would be one hundred lines. Here is the line I expect you to write." Severus says handing Harry a notecard. Looking down Harry sees the words I, Harry James Potter Black am expected to follow the school rules at all times to keep myself and others from harm.

"Yes Sir. I'll have them to you in the morning sir. May I please go now sir?" Harry asks.

"Go on but be warned, failure to complete my punishment will result in a trip over my knee, Harry James!"

"I understand Uncle Severus." Harry says mentally rolling his eyes. Grownups! Never trust kids to do what they say! Harry thinks.

As he comes back into the Amusement Area, Draco asks "What took you so long? Did you forget where you kept the snitch?"

"No, I got caught running in the hall and sliding down the banister. YOUR Dad assigned me to write one hundred lines by nine o'clock in the morning! If I don't get it done, he's going to spank me! If my Dad finds out I got in trouble and why, he will punish me too. I've been trying hard not to get in any more big trouble since the time they found out about us taking those things in Orlando. I don't want to get my backside paddled again."

"Is this something your Dad would call big trouble?"

"YES! One of his major rules is: never do something to put myself or someone else in danger. He would say I put myself in danger by sliding down the long moving staircase banister."

"It was the moving staircase? Harry! That's really dangerous. What if it moved while you were on the banister?! You are in for a spanking if Uncle Sirius finds out. For your sake you better make sure to do all those lines and I'd add about a half a foot more to make my Dad happy. Maybe then he won't tell on you."

"I am. Now let's play! " Harry says mounting the broom as he releases the practice snitch. Soon they are racing around the room, battling each other for a chance to catch the snitch. In a surprise move he's seen in the Quidditch book, Harry sends the broom in a twisting dive and catches the snitch right before Draco reaches it.

"Wow! Where did you learn to do that?"

"I saw it in the Quidditch book Uncle Remus bought me."

"But how do you know how to do it? Have you been practicing it? I didn't think your Dad let you practice these stunt moves."

"He doesn't and I have not practiced it. That was the first time I've tried it. It worked didn't it? I really didn't know if I could do it."

"You know what Harry? You are a real daredevil sometimes! It's a good thing we didn't have our Dads watching us. They would both be worried to see that move you just did! Uncle Sirius would have pulled you off your broom and paddled your bum right here if he was watching!"

"Draco, I wouldn't have been dumb enough to do that trick stunt if either of our Dads was here! I don't want my bum lit on fire thank you! You aren't going to tell them are you?"

"I'm not a tattler Harry!" Draco says angrily.

"Well, you told on me to Uncle Remus when we were getting ice cream. I know you did so don't lie about it. All that talk about him having allergies was to get me to confess. I've been around him almost a year and he hasn't ever told me about his allergies until now."

"I had to tell him. He came right out and asked me what the problem was with you and the ice cream. I tried to get out of answering and he said he would tell Dad if I didn't give him a straight answer. My Dad would have paddled me with the hairbrush for lying. I didn't have a choice! I'm sorry."

"I understand. It's getting late, we need to get home before they get worried about us. I've got lines to write remember? I'll see you at breakfast tomorrow. I'll stay and put up the brooms so you go on."

"You aren't going to fly anymore or do tricks right?"

"I'm just putting up the brooms. Stay if you are worried and we'll walk back together."

"Alright, I'll take the brooms, you open the cabinet doors and get the holders open. I'll put one in and you snap the holder closed. Remember, you have to snap it around the handle fast or the broom will pop back out." Draco says.

"Yes, Dad says it's like putting a little child to bed. You get them in and all tucked up and they pop right off the bed again. He says I did that when I was really little. He just stuck me to the bed the next time. My Mummy got mad at him for doing that!"

"Your Dad stayed with you when you were little?"

"Yes, he and my Daddy James were best friends growing up. They made him my Godfather and he would babysit me sometimes. He practically lived with us during the summer when he didn't have to be here at the school."

"Was it like having two Dads then?"

"No, he never spanked me or punished me then. He was like a fun Uncle all the time. He mostly let me do whatever I wanted when he babysat me."

"What about you and Uncle Sev? Did he ever spank you when you stayed with him before he was your Dad?"

"Yes, sometimes he would. I tried to be really good all the time though. I didn't want him to tell Lucius I'd misbehaved. If he did I got a session with his cane."

"Harry! The clock is showing ten minutes to five! We're going to be late! Come on we've got to get home. You know we have to be back by five!" Draco says after glancing at the clock. They've been talking for much longer than he thought.

"Don't panic Drake! I'll get us there in time. We won't be late." Harry says just before he calls "Dobby!"

The small elf pops into the room seconds after Harry calls. "Yes Young Master?"

"We need to get home really fast. Can you POP us to just outside our quarters please? We'll be in trouble if we are late."

"Yes Dobby can do. Both grab hold." Harry takes one hand while Draco grabs Dobby's other hand. By the time the boys blink they are at the hallway to Draco's home. Then before Harry can even say "Bye", he's outside his door. "Thanks Dobby!" he whispers.

That night over supper of Toad in a Hole, Sirius asks "Well son, did you enjoy yourself today?"

"Yes Dad. Draco and I had a great time in the Amusement Area. It was fun to have it all to ourselves. We fixed different tracks for the roller coaster four times. Draco likes to have it go up really steep hills and come down fast. I like the coaster to have those cool upside down circles and tight turns. On one run we made both tight turns and high hills."

You two can design some exciting tracks, I'm sure. What else went on today?"

Feeling just a little uneasy about the question, Harry answers "We played Catch the Snitch with the practice Snitch you gave me for my birthday. We took turns trying to catch it the fastest and then we raced each other to catch it. I won that race. Draco is a good flyer too. He's almost as fast as me, Dad!"

"You two are speed demons on those brooms. I thought Draco was being punished and couldn't be on a broom."

"He couldn't ride HIS broom but that was over yesterday. We just used the school brooms anyway. Dad? Will you try to get Granpa to let the Junior level play Quidditch too? We could have a couple of teams."

"That won't be happening, Harry. No one wants their children to play a contact sport like Quidditch when their child is younger than twelve. All students must be thirteen and older to play."

"But Dad! I want to play on a team! I'm good enough now and so is Draco! We don't want to have to wait three whole years! We'll be too old to have fun then! Please ask Granpa Dad!"

"No Harry. You won't be asking or bringing it up to him either. It wouldn't matter if Hogwarts had Junior level teams as you would not be playing! You are enough of a daredevil without the added competition to make you try more stunts. My answer is final Harry." Sirius adds as Harry opens his mouth to argue more.

"Okay Harry, it's time to get ready for bed. "

"But Dad, it's only six o'clock! Bedtime is eight thirty." Harry reminds him.

"Yes, that is true, except when you are sick or find yourself in trouble. Then bedtime is when I tell you. I had an interesting discussion with Severus this afternoon. It seems he caught a certain young boy running in the halls and sliding down the banister of the moving staircase. He says he assigned you some punishment lines. Is this correct?"

"Yes Sir." Harry answers ducking his head.

"Show me the line he told you to write."

"Here Dad, I have to do this one hundred times before nine o'clock in the morning. I can't go to sleep this early."

"I will allow you two hours to get this finished. If you are not finished by eight, you will have to set your clock to get up early to finish. Tomorrow night you are going to write the same line two hundred times. Best get started on the lines."

"Uncle Sev didn't say I had lines for tomorrow night too! That's not what he said, Dad."

"I never said he did. The lines tomorrow night are my punishment. I wouldn't argue about it if I were you. We can always skip the lines and use the original punishment for putting yourself in danger. Would you like to be doing Severus's lines too sore to sit, Harry James?" Sirius asks sternly.

"No Sir. I'll just go start on the lines sir." Harry answers walking quickly to his room. In his room, he can't help muttering "Not fair! I have to write even more lines! Stupid lines! By the time I get all three hundred done my hand will be sore! Stupid, stupid lines!" He knocks the books off his desk angrily and kicks his chair.

"Your hand is not the only thing that's going to be sore if you aren't careful Young Man! No more of this temper tantrum. Here is your card with your punishment line. I advise you to sit down in that chair and start writing! The only sound I want to hear from this room is a quill writing on parchment. Do you understand me?" Sirius says standing in the doorway.

"Yes Sir." Harry answers swiping the angry tears from his eyes.

"Tomorrow, you and Draco are staying with me in the Astronomy classroom. I have some projects I need two assistants for. We're going to decorate the room. I sure hope your hand is up to some painting tomorrow. If not we'll just have to let you do it the next day. I'll bring you a drink in an hour, Pup. Get started."

As Harry begins the terrible punishment, he thinks At least he's calling me Pup again so I know he's not upset any longer. I should have known when he kept calling me by my name that something wasn't right. Uncle Sev loves to get a kid in trouble. No, that's not right. It isn't Uncle Sev it's Professor Snape. Yeah old Snape is back!

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