Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 10

A/N: Thank you to Truman's Shell, V. L. Crawford, Dixief9 and anyone else I have forgotten, for their creative ideas. Many thanks to RubyBlue100 for the excellent help with the shops and attractions in and around London. Also, The London Eye was not in existence during the year the boys were ten. We'll just pretend it was. Anything else that is not quite right, just ignore. :) If you would like to see a tour go to You Tube London Eye and find: London Eye HD High Definition: watch?v=mAbvc9qySlk a video of a trip on the London Eye.

Harry Potter Junior level ch. 10

Midway through the morning, just as Draco and Harry stop for a refreshment break, a scroll pops into the air inside the Amusement Area. Fluttering in the air for just a second, it zooms over and lands in front of Harry.

"Harry! That's a summons scroll! Someone is wanting you to come and they mean right now! You'd better unroll it and find out who it's from!" Draco says as he stares worriedly at the paper.

Unrolling it, Harry sees :

To: Harry James Potter- Black

From: Sirius Orion Black

Message : Come home immediately after reading this. You have ten minutes.

This will self- destruct and a timer will begin here in our quarters. I will know you have seen this.

As soon as he finishes reading, the paper bursts into confetti and disappears.

"Merlin Harry! You must be in trouble. Your Dad wouldn't have sent this if you weren't. It's a lot like a howler only worse because you have to go to face who sent it. You're being timed so you best hurry! Don't run though, 'cause that's all you need is to get caught running on top of whatever you did to be summoned home! Send me an owl later so I'll know you're still alive." Draco says quietly as Harry just sits staring at where the paper just was.

"I will." Harry answers moving towards the door.

"Leaving already Harry? We just got here!" Ron complains as Harry walks by where he's sitting with Hermione and Neville.

"I just got a summons, Ron. I've got to get home and right now. The thing said I had ten minutes! It takes that long to get down to my floor! I have to go!" Harry answers rushing out.

"He's in trouble guys. I don't know what it is exactly that he did but when you get summoned you are in for big trouble! The summons was from Uncle Sirius!" Draco explains as he joins the group at the table.

"Sirius? Merlin! Harry's bum is on the line then!" Ron mutters.

Skidding to a stop at the door to their quarters, Harry stops to try to catch his breath. Watching the counter that appeared on his arm as a watch, he sees four seconds left. His all out dash down the hall to the door saved him a few seconds. Pushing open the door he walks inside trying to breathe normally.

Standing just inside by his lounge chair is Sirius.

"Come in Harry. You made it by two seconds. Have a seat on the couch so we can discuss why I summoned you here."

Settling into the couch cushions, Harry eyes his Dad uneasily. The tone of voice he's using means he is seriously upset.

"I had a very interesting talk with Severus last night. It seems some potion ingredients went missing From Severus' private closet in his quarters last week. Sometime around the days the hair color prank occurred. Would you by any chance, know about those missing ingredients?"

"Yes sir. I know about them. I borrowed them for something." Harry answers looking at his feet.

"Eyes on me, Harry." Sirius commands.

Swallowing does nothing to help the lump that has appeared in Harry's throat as he snaps his eyes up.

"When you are borrowing something, you intend to use it and give it back and you ask permission to use it. Did you do this Harry?"

"No sir. I didn't ask and I didn't put any back either. I couldn't get the ingredients to put back. I haven't been to Diagon Alley to the stores."

"Then we need to call this for what it really is. This is not borrowing something is it Harry James? What is this called: when you take something that is NOT yours to take, without permission to take it?" Sirius asks his voice a little more stern and getting louder.

"Stealing." Harry whispers brushing the tears gathering in his eyes.

"Yes it is stealing. When Severus talked to you about why you were in his quarters when they were not home, what reason did you give him for being there? Where were you supposed to be at that time of day?"

"I told him I had to get something and I was supposed to be in Magical Creatures. Hagrid doesn't mind if we miss one class."

"That is not the point. The point is you skipped out on class and lied to your Uncle. You deliberately misled him into thinking you left something of yours behind when you stayed with him. You also stole from him. Do you have anything else to say about this?"

"No sir."

"What did you do with those ingredients? Do not attempt to lie to me as it will only increase your punishment."

"I gave them to Fred and George so they could make the potion."

"The hair color potion?"

"Yes sir."

"Well young man, you have succeeded in getting yourself into quite a bit of trouble. You stole, skipped class and lied to Severus about why you were in his quarters, you lied to me and the rest of the faculty by not coming forward and telling what you knew about the prank. Harry James, I am extremely disappointed in your behavior. Lying and stealing are dreadful behaviors. This better be the last time I ever hear of you doing either."

"I won't do it again. I swear Dad! I promise I won't! I'm sorry I lied to everyone and I'll tell them I am. I just wanted Fred and George to think of me as one of the older kids and like me more, so I helped."

"You don't do things you know are wrong just because someone asks you to. If you know it is wrong then you DO NOT DO IT! This was wrong and you know it don't you?"

"Yes." Harry whispers, fighting not to burst into tears at the disappointment he hears and sees in his Dad.

"You were also the person who sneaked into the private kitchen and poured the potion in the breakfast drink pitchers for the Head Table. Isn't this true?"

"Yes sir, but it was just a prank. I didn't think it was all so awful, Dad. It was a prank just like you and Daddy used to pull when you were in school" Harry answers trying to talk his way out of punishment.

"Son, this is not about the prank. This is about lying and stealing. Yes, I pulled pranks but I never lied to anyone or stole from anyone in a prank and if asked I owned up to doing it. You said you would not steal or lie again. Well it's my job to see to it that you at the very least, think before you attempt to do so again. Come with me, Harry." Sirius says pulling the boy up off the couch by his hand.

Ten minutes later Harry finds himself in his room, face down on his bed with what feels like streaks of fire continuing to race across his bum. Sobbing into the pillow for a few more minutes, he finally whispers to his toy dragon. "Don't ever let me lie or steal again Dragon. If I think about it, remind me of what that hairbrush feels like, okay? I don't ever ever want another spanking with his brush on my bare bum again! I didn't know four pops with the brush would sting so much 'course I got more with his hand and it's hard too. I guess it's good that I'm grounded to my room since I can't sit right now!"

The next afternoon, Harry, Fred and George are waiting in the Potions classroom for Severus to assign their punishment. "Boys, since you seemed to enjoy brewing potions, you will also enjoy preparing the ingredients. There are three buckets here. Each of you is to dissect the material you find in the bucket. I want wings, legs, head and body in separate piles. Fred and George you will also write a five foot essay on the hair color potion you created, listing ingredients. I want the essay on my desk by Tuesday after class. Oh, one more thing boys." Severus says lifting his wand and whispering a few words before putting his wand back in his robe sleeve.

Wondering what that was all about Harry glances over to where the twins are standing. He gasps in shock and then covers his mouth to hide the giggles at the boy's new hair. Fred has orange, green and blue hair while George is sporting green, silver and black.

"Boys, since you thought having colored hair would be enjoyable, the two of you will experience the joy of it for one full week. The color will not wash out and no charm or spell will work. It has a time limit and your natural hair will come back after one week." Severus tells the twins right before leaving them to their detention.

"My my, George. Slytherin colors on a Gryffindor!" Fred moans in despair.

"Well you also have a Slytherin color, Fred. Your hair is orange, blue and green!" George replies huffily as Harry stifles his giggles.

Three weeks later the first term is officially over. The tests have been taken, the essays written and the performance tasks are all finished.

"Man Harry, my Dad really was tough on his Potions lab. Having to brew the potion from memory! I don't know if I did it right or not."

"Yes, I almost forgot to add the right number of porcupine quills. At least having to write the instructions down for the essay helped. He did tell us we needed to memorize them. I am so happy this term is over. I think I did well on all the tests. How do you think you did?"

"Good, I think. Dad said he wants you and Uncle Sirius to come to our place for supper tonight. He said they have something to tell us."

Later that evening after the boys were finished with their dinner and dessert, Severus says "Boys, we have some news for the two of you. Your first term grades have been recorded. The term reports won't be sent until tomorrow but we thought to tell you of your scores tonight. We'll let Sirius go first."

"Well son, I have to say I'm a little surprised at the scores."

The look on his Dad's face causes Harry to think 'I didn't do that badly did I? Could I have thoroughly messed up something? He looks upset!' Then not being able to take the suspense any longer he says "Please Dad, just tell me how I did."

"Well Harry, you have scores of Exceeds Expectations for everything except Potions and Astronomy. Really son, I would think you would do the work on those two classes first since myself and Severus are your professors." Sirius answers still looking stern.

"I do, Dad! I study and practice and pay attention and do essays more on those two classes than any others! I really do, Dad!" Harry says beginning to panic at the thought of a bad score in either of those classes. This would surely mean punishment.

"Sirius! You're causing the boy to hyperventilate! Tell him!" Severus says softly.

"Calm down, son. I'm teasing you. You have an excellent score report. As I said everything is Exceeds Expectations except for our two classes. In both of those you have received a score of Outstanding! I'm very proud of you Pup!" Sirius says as he reaches out and pulls Harry into a firm hug.

"Dad, I can't breathe. Let me loose a little." Harry says pushing against Sirius' chest.

Watching and grinning at Sirius' joke, Draco turns to his Dad and asks "How about me? How did I do?"

"You did very well as always my boy. All of your scores were Outstanding. I was a little surprised at your Potions practicum however. What happened on the final practicum, son? It isn't like you to make mistakes on something that important."

"I don't know, sir. I suddenly couldn't remember the steps. I guess I failed it, didn't I?"

"No, not failed. Your potion was salvageable but it wasn't your usual effort. I'm still proud of you son for doing so well. Both of you boys deserve a reward for the work you put in to your first term. Sirius and I would like to take you to London for a few days. Draco and I had planned to do some shopping and then we could take in a few tourist attractions while there. What do the two of you think?"

"I'd love to go on a vacation! Will we see The Big Wheel?" Harry asks excitedly?

"What is the Big Wheel?" Severus asks curiously.

"Sev. , Sev. my friend, you have to get out more! The Big Wheel is The London Eye. It's a ferris wheel that allows you a bird's eye view of London!" Sirius explains. "We'll see, Pup. I don't know how much time we'll have to sightsee but we'll keep that on our list. Draco, is there something you would like to do in muggle London?"

"I've heard there is a zoo. I'd like to visit there if we have time. How long are we going to stay?"

"We planned to stay three days but we could stay four if we need to. We have rooms reserved at a hotel in walking distance of shops. We'll shop for clothes and then see the sites. You both need new clothes." Severus answers.

The very next day Harry and Draco are being led around a clothing shop by Severus. "Alright Draco, here are four pairs of trousers and four shirts. Take them and see how they fit, the dressing room is over there.

"Yes sir. Harry come with me." Draco replies with a quiet sigh.

In the dressing room, Harry asks "Why are you upset? Don't you want new clothes?"

"I do, it's just that I wanted to pick out something myself and not the same old clothes I always have. Trousers and button up shirts. Next he'll be making me pick out jumpers and blazers. I want jeans and T shirts like we wore in America!"

Walking back to where Severus and Sirius are waiting, Draco hands the clothes to his Dad. "They all fit fine, Dad."

"Good, now let's get you some jumpers and blazers, also a new coat for winter. Harry, do you need a new coat also or jumpers?" Severus asks glancing at the giggling child wondering what he said that was funny.

"I have a new coat that still fits but maybe I can pick out a few jumpers. Uncle Sev? Draco and I want to get some jeans and T shirts today. May we look at some, please?"

"Harry, we are in Brooks Brothers, they sell upscale clothes here. You won't find jeans and T shirts." Severus answers as Draco frowns at that news.

"Then let's go somewhere that does sell them, Dad. I want to get those trainers I told you about and jeans with new T shirts. One of the boys at school said the shop called the Blue Banana was a good place. Let's go there next."

"The Blue Banana, what kind of shop is that? We'll have to look at the map to find it Draco but we'll try. Now let's get the rest of the clothes you need. Sirius? Is there anything you want to pick up for Harry while we are here in this section?"

"Harry has enough trousers and shirts for now, thank you." Sirius says winking at Harry. He knows his boy despises dress clothes.

After consulting a map, the men and boys take a double decker bus to the area where there are casual clothing shops.

"Dad, Look! Pizza Hut is over there on the corner! Let's go get some!" Harry calls out as the bus stops.

"Harry, we are here to buy clothes not pizza. You had a huge breakfast this morning." Sirius reminds him.

"We can get pizza for later though. You can warm it up. Please Dad? Draco wouldn't that be good?"

"What is pizza?" Draco asks curiously.

"It's something you eat and it's got loads of gooey cheese and tomato sauce and toppings and it's just sooooo gooood! Can we get some Dad?" Harry answers still looking at Sirius.

"After we shop, we'll see." As Harry opens his mouth to complain, Sirius says "No complaints or we won't even think about getting any."

"The shop you want to see is at the end of the street, boys. Let's walk down." Severus tells them as he starts walking.

"Draco, you have to help me convince them to buy us some pizza. You'll love it!" Harry whispers following their Dads.

Inside the shop, the boys immediately head over to the T shirts hanging on the wall above shelves holding the same shirts in different sizes. Harry chooses a light blue shirt with a picture of an eagle flying as Draco looks through a stack of black shirts. Finding one he likes, he unfolds it to show Harry.

"Look Harry, this one has a picture of a wolf howling at the moon. I want to get this one and look for more."

"I like that one but can't you get something that isn't black? You like black as much as your Dad! Look here's the same shirt only in dark blue. It's your size too, get this one Drake."

Looking at a stack of shirts on a different shelf the boys begin to giggle. Hearing them Severus walks over to find out what is going on that is so funny.

Walking up behind the boys he sees Harry holding a shirt with a picture of the Union Jack flag. As he tries to see what is funny about the flag, it begins to flash on and off making the colors light up.

"Harry! Draco! Which one of you boys caused this?" Severus asks sternly causing both boys to whirl around in surprise.

"Caused what Dad?" Draco asks cautiously as he sees the simmering look on his Dad's face.

"Which one of you cast something on that shirt? Answer me right now!" Severus replies quietly.

"What's going on here? Severus, what has happened?" Sirius asks walking up and seeing the irritation on his friend's face.

"One of our sons has used something we have forbidden them to use on this trip. The shirt is flashing on and off."

"Harry James?" Sirius asks somewhat sternly, knowing Harry is capable of wandless magic.

"No Dad, neither one of us did anything. It goes by itself. Look inside and you'll see." Harry says handing the shirt to Sirius.

"He's correct Sev. Look inside, the little wires are attached to something and I'm guessing that is making the shirt light up."

"I apologize boys. I was wrong in thinking you disobeyed us."

"That's alright Uncle Sev. Dad, can I buy this shirt? I think it would be cool to have one like this. Draco could get one too and we could wear them together."

"Absolutely Not!" Severus and Sirius answer in unison.

"But why?" Harry asks.

"It's not respectful and I don't like the look of it." Sirius answers.

"Well, it's me that would wear it, not you! I like the look of it just fine. I want to get it!" Harry argues angrily.

"Watch yourself Harry. Remember what happened at the Quidditch store. I don't believe you would want to repeat that but if you do, I can accommodate your wish." Sirius warns quietly after squatting down to look his son in the eyes.

Shaking his head quickly before his Dad acts on his threat, Harry answers "I remember and no sir, I don't want to repeat that."

"Then go pick out the rest of your shirts and some jeans. We came to buy nice looking clothes."

"Yes sir." Harry answers walking over to join Draco who is looking at another section with shirts.

"So, when and what happened at the Quidditch store?" Draco leans over to whisper his question having been close enough to hear his Uncle's words.

"Last year. I got mad, demanded he buy me something he had said No to, had a bit of a temper tantrum, was disrespectful, got my bum set on fire when he got me in private." Harry whispers back.

Draco nods in understanding before he says "If you want a chance to get that pizza you asked for, you better be much nicer the rest of today."

Several shops later, Draco is beaming as his Dad purchases his Nike Air trainers.

"Harry, I've found all of the shirts and jeans I want, how about you?"

"I'm worn out what with following you to six different shops! I was done over an hour ago." Harry answers back.

"Good, maybe we can get something to eat. I'm ready, we haven't had lunch and it's one o'clock!" Draco replies grinning at Harry's happy look.

"Dad, we're hungry. Are we going to go to the pizza place now?" Harry asks as they leave the shop.

"Sev? Would you and Draco like to have pizza?"

"You know I do Uncle Sirius! I want to try this fabulous thing Harry is so happy about." Draco says grinning at his cousin.

"It's fine with me too. I'll find something there, I'm sure. The boys want to go so let's do it."

"Okay Draco, would you like to get a little pizza just for you or do you want to get a big one and we share it?" Harry asks after Draco has stared at the menu for several minutes.

"Let's get one to share. You pick it out since I don't know which is good."

"Dad? We want to share a bigger pizza. Let's get one with pepperoni, Italian sausage and extra cheese. Drake? What do you want to drink?" Harry asks.

"Ummm can I have a coca cola, Dad?"

"Yes, that's fine, Draco."

"Cola then, Uncle Sirius, uh Please sir." He adds at the reproachful look he receives from his Dad.

The boys settle into a booth to wait for their pizza. While they wait, Sirius tells them the plan for the rest of the day.

"We're going to take all of the bags of clothes back to the hotel. Then we'll catch another bus out to the Thames river to see the London Eye. We will decide then if we will take a flight on it or just watch."

"Does it fly, Uncle Sirius?" Draco asks wide eyed as Harry tries not to giggle.

"No, son. That's the word used for riding it. This is really high boys and I'm not sure you will be comfortable doing it. I'll let you decide when you see it."

"How high is it Dad?" Harry asks reaching for a slice of pizza but pulling his hand back as Sirius swats at it.

"Draco first, Harry and we pass the plates not reach. Here Draco, try a taste and see if you love it as much as brat over there does."

"It's really hot, Uncle Sirius!"

"Let it cool a bit and then taste it, son. It's just come from the oven!" Severus tells him.

"Alright Harry here's your plate. Don't burn yourself impatient one, wait for it to cool a little. Now to answer your question about the wheel. The brochure listed the height as 135 meters (443 ft). There are pods or capsules to ride in and you stand up. Each capsule holds about sixteen people so we would be in a large group. The sight is the view of London from the air."

"That sounds cool Dad. I love flying and I want to ride the wheel! Don't you Drake?" Harry exclaims through a mouthful of pizza.

"Harry James! You are not minding your manners well at all this afternoon. Do remember to swallow before you speak. Perhaps you need a nap instead of what we have planned." Sirius says quietly while looking Harry straight in the eye.

"Um, no sir, I don't. I'm sorry for my bad manners. Please excuse me." Harry replies subdued by the warning look he's receiving.

"I like flying too, Uncle Sirius and I would like to go on it too. How about you Dad?" Draco asks turning to look at Severus.

"I prefer to watch not ride, son. You may go if you wish too after you see it, but I'll refrain."

"Uncle Sev, I didn't know you were a scared chicken." Harry giggles at the mental image his words give him.

"Young man, I am not afraid. I just do not enjoy heights. You are being impertinent."

"Uncle Sev! It's sounds fun not scary. Don't be a scaredy snake be brave like a lion!" Harry sing songs continuing to tease his uncle.

"OW" Harry exclaims jumping a little in the seat. "Yowch! Ow!" He says rubbing his backside while glaring at his Dad. "OW! Dad quit it, that stings!"

At Sirius' raised eyebrow from across the table, Harry says "I apologize for teasing, Uncle Sev. That was rude."

"Apology accepted, Harry." Severus answers smirking. His nephew was still rubbing his backside.

"Dad, may I go to the loo please?" Harry asks still rubbing his bottom.

"Go straight there and straight back. It's the door down the hallway by the counter where we placed our order."

"Yessir. Draco, come go with me, please."

"What was all that about? You were jumping in the seat as if someone was smacking you but no one was." Draco asks as they enter the bathroom.

"Dad was sending stinging hexes to my bottom! He must have had his wand out under the table! It feels the same as it would if he had swatted me! I just got a magical smacking!" Harry answers as they wash their hands.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I really like pizza, Harry. Thanks for bringing me here so I can try it. These muggle foods are really good too."

"Draco, pizza isn't just a muggle food. It's just something we don't get at Hogwarts. Mum and Daddy used to take me to get pizza and spaghetti when I was a little boy. We never got hamburgers and chips though and I like them a lot too. Come on, let's get back before we get in trouble for dawdling. Dad's in a irritable mood and I do not want another spanking."

Catching the red double decker bus to go to the river, the boys ask to ride on the top level. After getting permission they scramble up the stairs. "Harry, there's a bus kind of like this where we live. It's called the Night Bus." Draco tells him being careful not to reveal the fact the bus is magic. "I heard Lucius talk about it one time but he didn't know I was awake. Maybe one day we can take a trip on that bus."

"I would like to see it sometime. Did I tell you Ron said the surprise down at Hagrid's is growing? He's had to build an enclosure for it. We're to go down as soon as we get home and help him. We're to plan on how to take care of this situation. He has something in mind, I just don't know what it is."

"You know we'll be in humongous trouble if we get caught. I sure hope whatever his idea is will be a really good one. When we were sick, we couldn't go down and now that we can I'm not sure we should. Is this worth the trouble we'll be in?"

"Drake, you have to stay positive here. You can't let something like the fact we might get caught and we might be in trouble stop you from adventures. You have to go on and be adventurous or you'll never get to have much fun!"

"I have fun, Harry. I know many ways to have fun without risking the wrath of parents. Our Dads will go mental on us for something like this! You know that right?"

"I'm not dumb, Draco. Yes I know what the risk is but I plan to help anyway. You can chicken out if you want to but I'm helping! Ron will help and so will Neville. That makes three of us so if you want to back out on a promise then we have enough to help."

"I'm not backing out of a promise and I'm not a chicken! I just don't want to be in trouble. I'm trying to stay on Dad's good side for awhile. I don't want to be on punishment any more. If you're going to be hateful about it then I'll go sit with our Dads and you can stay here by yourself!"

"I'm sorry, Drake. I didn't mean to make you mad. Please don't leave."

"Harry, sometimes you are a real prat, you know?"


"Draco, Harry, time to come sit with us. We'll be arriving soon." Severus calls from the steps to the lower level.

"Yes sir, we're coming." Draco calls, immediately standing to go down.

"Coming?" He asks his cousin who is still sitting looking mutinous.

"Yes, I'm coming. Go on and I'll follow you."

Seeing the look on Harry's face, Severus asks "What is the problem here? Are you two arguing?"

"No sir, we're fine. We had a little misunderstanding but we're fine now." Harry answers with a fake smile hoping it fools his uncle.

"You two probably just need some time apart. Draco you come sit with me and Harry will sit with Sirius."

"Yes Dad. Dad, how much longer is it until we get there?" Draco asks.

"I believe it is about ten more minutes. Not long at all. In fact if you look out the window, you can see the wheel from here."

"Dad? What else is there besides the big wheel?" Harry asks sitting beside his Dad.

"I know they have a snack and gift shop. I believe there's a park as well. We'll find out what all is there once we get to it. Are you certain you are up to riding this, son? It's extremely high."

"I want to ride Dad. I'm not scared to be up high. I like to be high remember?" Harry asks making flying motions with his hand.

"Hmm, yes I do remember. I had to put height limits on your apparatus or you'd be out of bounds!"

"I was born to like heights. I want to go out for Quidditch when I'm old enough." Harry whispers in his Dad's ear.

"Well thankfully, you will have to wait a few years before you can do that. Maybe by then, I'll have enough calming droughts saved to allow you to try out." Sirus says smiling.

Riding up to the section of the river containing the London Eye, Harry is amazed at how high it actually is.

"Let's go purchase three tickets. I know there will be a wait time so we'll explore the park while we wait." Sirus tells the group.

"Draco, one last time, are you sure you want to ride this with Harry and myself? You are welcome to stay with your Dad if you like."

"No, Uncle Sirius. I want to go with you and Harry on the flight. It looks fascinating."

"Alright, you two stay here with your Dad while I buy our tickets. I'll be back and we'll go see what else they have to do here."

"Come boys, we'll look in the gift shop while we wait. Each of you may buy one thing but we'll get it right before we leave today. As the boys started to complain, he explains "If we get something now, you'll have to carry it and keep up with it all day. Waiting until we are ready to leave you will not. Do you both understand we are only looking right now?"

"Yes sir."

"May we pick out what we want now, Dad?" Draco asks.

"Of course, you may. If you find something you'd like to have before Sirius returns."

Walking into the shop, Sirius finds Harry and Draco enthralled with a working model of the ferris wheel. Looking at the price, he says "Boys, unless you have quite a bit of money on you, I think you'll have to put this one back. We have our tickets and we're also in luck. The operator is allowing parents and children to board right now so you two come with me. Let's tell Sev we're leaving."

"I'll wait in the cafe for you. Enjoy yourself and listen to Sirius, son."

"I'll see you later Dad and I always listen to Uncle Sirius." Draco answers grinning.

As the wheel turns and their pod rises, Harry exclaims "I love this! This is so cool, Dad! Look down there Drake! You can see the barges and other boats on the river. That one ship by the side is a restaurant. I heard the gift shop man tell someone that it was."

"Look boys, over there you can see the tower of Big Ben. See if you can find the London Tower Bridge from here."

"I see it Uncle Sirius! Look way over to the left, Harry. Can you see it?" Draco asks.

"I see it, Drake. Some people call it London Bridge. Dad, what's that with the high towers on each end?"

"I don't know son. Let's look through this guide and we'll learn what some of these buildings are. I know the building over there is St. Paul's Cathedral. Let's find more."

"Uncle Sirius? What's Houses of Parliment?" Draco asks reading from the guide.

"The government offices, Draco."

"If you two look over that way, you'll see Buckingham Palace. Who lives there, boys?" Sirius asks in his professor tone.

"The Queen when she's in London. Sometimes she lives in Scotland too. They have many houses or I should say castles." Draco answers quickly before Harry can say anything.

"Yes, they do have many homes. Would you like to go visit the outside of Buckingham Palace?"

"No Sir, not really. Let's go visit the Science Museum, Dad. They have a dinosaur skeleton! We saw a brochure in the gift shop about it. Can we go there?" Harry asks.

"We may be able to go tomorrow. After this trip, we're going to end the day." Sirius answers.

^^^^^^ Jumpers are pullover sweaters and trainers are running shoes.^^^^^^^^^

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