Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 11

Harry Potter Junior Level: chapter 11

After the short trip to London, the boys eagerly share their experiences with Ron and Neville.

"You rode on the London Eye? That thing is like a million times as high as we go on brooms! Way too high to get on as far as I'm concerned! How about you Neville, would you ride it?" Ron asks as they lounge around in the common room.

"No, I am a person who keeps his feet on the ground. I don't even care for flying. I'm glad you chaps had a great time though. Your Dads are good about taking you places. Last summer you went to America to Disney World and now you go to Muggle London! My Gram doesn't go anywhere so I don't either. I'd like to sometime, though."

"Well Nev, we'll try to take you along on the next short trip. If your Gram agrees, I'm sure my Dad would take you." Harry assures his friend.

"So, Ron, Nev., what's going on with Hagrid and the secret lately? Does he still have them?" Draco whispers.

"We went day before yesterday and yes he still has them. He wants all of us to come together next time because he has something important he needs to tell us. We told him the two of you were gone on a vacation. I didn't tell him when we would all come back but he wants us there soon." Ron answers for both of them.

"What do you think he wants to tell us?" Harry asks a little uneasily. "I really hope he doesn't want us to go to the Forbidden Forest again. I'm not going to risk that. My Dad would see to it I didn't sit down comfortably for days if he found out I went there!"

"I really think he needs us to help him with them somehow. I just don't know how. I don't think it's to go into the forest though, he's been doing that himself." Ron answers.

"Well if that is what he wants, we'll have to be very careful not to get caught. The last time we went into the forest for him, my Dad nearly caught me. I happened to see him before he saw me and quickly moved behind some trees. My bum would have been in need of some help from Madame Pomfrey if I'd been caught!" Draco tells his friends seeing them nod in agreement with that statement.

"If you'd been caught, all four of us could have been found out! Let's talk about the Halloween festival coming up. Have any of you thought about a costume yet? The Headmaster said we can use magic to enhance our costumes but they can't be all magic. What did that mean anyway?" Ron asks changing the topic of discussion as Hermione walks in to join them.

"To me, that means we can use magic to create a costume but it can't all be done by magic. You can change your hair color by magic, for example, but not use magic to transform yourself into a wolf. Get the picture?"

"What picture Harry? What are you talking about?"

"Never mind him, Nev. Harry just likes to say that phrase! He picked that up in London from someone he heard talking. He said it so often that Uncle Sirius finally told him if he said it again that day, he'd muzzle him!" Draco giggles.

"Well, I know what I'm doing for my costume." Hermione announces proudly.

"What? You can't just throw that out and not tell us!" asks Ron after she stays silent.

"I'm going as Cinderella with the pumpkin carriage. I will have a beautiful gown and gorgeous slippers. I'll do my hair differently and change the color too."

"That sounds nice Hermione." Harry tells her.

"NICE! Halloween is not for nice! Halloween is for scary, wicked, cool, costumes not princess barbie." Ron says scornfully.

"Princess who?" Neville and Draco say together.

"Well then Mr. Expert on Halloween, WHAT are you going to be?" Hermione asks Ron.

"I haven't decided yet. It won't be some silly old fairy tale I tell you that! It's going to be wicked!"

"If you are going to be hateful then I'm leaving! Bye Harry, Draco and Neville. I'll see you at supper." Hermione says flouncing out of the room.

"You need to go apologize, Ron. You hurt her feelings. If she goes to our head of house about this, you my friend, will be in trouble. My Dad does not put up with students being rude to each other." Harry tells Ron knowingly.

"I'll go after her and apologize so she won't tell. She just gets to me with that know-it-all attitude at times." Ron says walking out of the room.

"So Harry, have you thought of a costume?" Draco asks.

"I've been thinking of the Headless Horseman. That would be a cool costume, don't you think Drake?"

"Yeah. I would like to go as Jack the Ripper but Dad said 'over his dead body' which I guess meant I couldn't. I'm going to need help to come up with a good costume. How about you Nev? Have you decided yet?"

"Yes, Gran is going to help me and I'm going to be a Venus Fly Trap. I can have fun with that."

"A plant? Only you would want to be a plant, Neville." Draco says grinning at his friend.

"I happen to like plants, Draco."

"I know, don't get mad. I'm sure it will be a cool costume." Draco answers.

"Drake, I know the perfect costume for you. We'll fix you up to be Dracula!" Harry says having been thinking while the other two were talking.

"A vampire? Yeah, I like it! Draco- the- Dracula! Yes, that's good Harry! Surely Dad will not object to that. Kids call him a vampire sometimes."

"We'll talk to him together and I know he'll let you do it. Come on let's go down now." Harry says getting excited.

Rushing in to Draco and Severus' family quarters, both boys call "Dad! Uncle Sev!".

"Draco! Harry! The two of you are to enter this home quietly and respectfully. I happen to be entertaining a guest and you two are showing your bad manners. Come and greet our guest politely and then you may go about your business."

"Mr. Horishimo, this is my son Draco and my nephew Harry. Please excuse their boisterous arrival and ill manners. I can assure you we will be discussing that later." Severus says with a promising look at the boys.

"Hello sir, welcome to Hogwarts. I'm sorry I interrupted by being loud." Harry says.

"Hello sir, I apologize for my behavior and manners sir. I was just excited and wanted to talk to my Dad right then."

"Hello young ones, no need to apologize. I have boys myself and know how exuberant they can be. Mr. Snape, please do not chastise these boys further. They are only young and did not know you were entertaining company."

"Yes, Mr. Horishimo. Boys, be off with you. Draconis, I will see you at six for supper tonight."

"Yes sir. Good bye Mr. Horishimo, it was a pleasure to meet you sir."

"Nice to meet you sir." Harry says before leaving the room.

"Are you in trouble with him, Drake?" Harry asks as they walk up to Harry's quarters.

"I don't think so. Why did you ask?"

"He called you 'Draconis' so I thought maybe you were in trouble. If Dad calls me 'Harold', then I'm in for it."

"I've never heard him say 'Harold' and you have been in big trouble before. You mean your name is Harold?"

"Yes but only if I'm about to be scolded big time. If I'm close to being punished then it's "Harry James" or "Harry James Potter-Black" if I'm in major trouble."

"Yes, that's why I know I'm not in major trouble. He didn't call me "Draco Tobias" so I'm safe."

Snickering at their own silliness, the boys enter Sirius' quarters.

"Dad? Are you home?" Harry calls out.

"Hello lads. What brings you two here on a schoolday afternoon?"

"Dad, we need help planning Draco's costume for the Halloween festival." Harry announces before Draco can speak.

"Well, I know the perfect costume for you Draco. You can go as Padfoot the dog." Sirius says with a big goofy grin.

"No offense to Padfoot but I had rather not be an animal, Uncle Sirius. We had something else in mind."

"What might that be?"

"A vampire." Draco tells him.

"No, not 'a vampire', THE vampire. Dracula! Will you help us Dad? You can do such good tricks with magic."

"What does Severus think of this idea, Draco?"

"I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it. We went by there first but he shooed us out. He's got company. Some old Japanese guy is visiting." Draco answers glumly.

"That Japanese guy, as you call him, is one of your Father's long time Potions customers and a friend. You had best watch your words Draco." Sirius says somewhat scolding the boy.

"Yes sir, sorry. It's just that every time I want to talk to Dad he's busy with something. I can't talk to him when he's researching, brewing, shopping for ingredients, in the forbidden forest, in class, or has company. Just when can I talk to him? Except when we were in London, he's always busy. I feel like I'm just in the way lately."

"Son, your Dad is working on developing a very special potion. I understand how you feel left out. If you can't talk to him, you can come to me. I will listen."

"I know, Uncle Sirius. I can't do my Halloween costume unless Dad approves and I can't get time to talk to him to get his approval!"

"Draco, Harry, Halloween is three weeks away! You have more than enough time to fix your costumes. Don't worry so, Draco. I don't see any reason your Dad won't approve of this. I'll help you both with designing and creating your costumes. What is Ron going to be?"

"He doesn't know yet. Hermione says she's going as Cinderella and Neville is going as a plant." Draco answers cheering up a little.

"A plant?"

"He's going to be a Venus Fly Trap, Dad." Harry says giggling at the look Sirius gives him. "I know. I think it's a little strange to go as a plant."

"Well that will be one costume that no one else will be wearing, I'm pretty confident about that!" Sirius grins at the boys.

"Now then, let's talk about your costume Draco. Let's see, we need a long full black cape, white shirt, black pants, black boots, a red tie, maybe a set of pointy teeth, what else?"

"I wanted to have something on my head too. Maybe some kind of funny ears. How am I going to show blood though?"

"Blood? Why do you want to show blood?" Sirius asks, teasing the boy.

"Uncle Siri! Everyone knows vampires suck blood! How I show that on my costume is what I need to know. We are allowed to use magic for part of our costume so maybe that can be where the blood comes in."

"We'll work on that part after we get the rest of the costume together. Do you have a black cape?"

"I know where one is and it will be perfect! I have black pants and a white shirt already too. I don't think I want to wear a tie. I'm not a dressy vampire."

Harry giggles at that statement. "Aw, come on Dracula. All well dressed vampires wear ties! You want to be well dressed don't you?"

"I tell you what Headless. When you wear a tie then I will too. So what will it be, tie or no tie?" Draco answers grinning.

"If I don't have a head, how am I supposed to keep a tie on? I say No tie." Harry answers still giggling.

"Alright Giggles, that question is settled. Draco, if you will bring all of the clothes over here tomorrow, then we'll start creating a vampire costume. Right now, I need to get back to schoolwork. I believe you two also have some homework to get done, correct?"

"Yes Dad, we have a little left to do."

"Then by all means, don't let me stop you from homework. You may work here until nearly curfew. I'll be in the study if you need something."

"Yes sir."

After Sirius has left, Draco whispers "Why did you say we had just a little homework left? You know we haven't done any of it yet."

"SHHH! I had to say that or I'd be in trouble. I'm supposed to do my homework or most of it before I do anything else during the schoolweek. He would scold me if he knew I had been running around with you instead of doing homework. We can get it done. You do some and I'll do some and we'll share."

"Harry! That's cheating! We would get punished badly for that! Remember last year?"

"It's not cheating. We're going to do our own work. I'll just rewrite the work you do and put it in different words. It's the same as reading it from the book and summarizing it. I'm summarizing what you wrote from the book."

"Uh well, okay I guess that makes sense. We both better do the Potions essay though. I sure don't want my Dad to think we copied each other do you?" Draco answers.

"Absolutely not. My goal is not to get a spanking for at least a month!"

"Good luck on that one, Harry. You get into more trouble than any kid I've ever known!" Draco teases.

"Children, come to order please. Thank you. Now, today we are going to practice the Jelly Legs Jinx. This is a good way to stop someone who wants to harm you. You can cast this and then Expelliarmus to get their wands and you'll be out of danger." Remus explains to a wide eyed group of ten children.

"The incantation is "Locomotor wibbly". The person you cast this on will then have "jelly legs" or wobbly legs and be unable to stand for long. This is NOT a technique to be used on fellow students just for the fun of it. Anyone caught or heard of jinxing a fellow student will be punished. This is taught as a defensive procedure to be used only against someone wishing you harm. Is this understood?"

"Yes Professor Lupin. Yes Sir." Remus hears around the room.

"Very well then, partner off and let's practice. Do the jelly legs jinx with the wand pointing to the legs of your opponent."

"Locomotion Wobbly" Ron calls pointing his wand at Neville. Instead of having his legs collapse, Neville finds his legs moving him around but wobbling as if he had drunk firewhiskey.

"Finite incantation!" Remus snaps his wand out as he passes.

"Mr. Weasley, the correct pronunciation is Locomotor Wibbly. Let's try that again, shall we?"

Harry has to wipe his eyes from laughing so hard before he can try the spell on Draco. "I swear I won't cause you to stagger around like you've been on a three day binge, Drake!" Harry giggles as he raises his wand. "Locomotor Wibbly" he enunciates carefully. Draco's legs wobble and he has to sit down or fall.

"Good technique, Mr. Potter-Black." Remus praises aloud, but then scolds quietly,"No more discussion of drinking, if you will."

"Yes sir."

One week later in the corridor outside the Transfiguration classroom, Harry, Draco and Ron are stopped by Jeremy Pippen. The older boy is known for bullying younger or less brave students.

"Well, what do we have here? A bunch of Junior level infants? What are you infants doing out of your cribs?"

"We are Junior level that's true, but so are you. If we are infants then you are also." Harry tells him calmly.

"Hush up little baby Harry. You're daddy has to put a diaper on you at night so you don't wet the bed."

"Grow up Jeremy. Try to act like the eleven year old you are." Draco says scathingly.

"Oh, the former death eater's son is lecturing me. Oh, wild one, I'm so scared. Why don't you roll up your sleeve coward and we'll see if you took the mark like your coward of a Father! C'mon show everyone you are a coward as well!"

"Locomotor Wibbly!" Draco shouts pointing his wand at the other boy. Jeremy's legs collapse and he falls to the stone floor hitting his head on the floor.

"Draco!" Harry exclaims in shock.

"Just WHAT is going on out here? Mr. Potter- Black, Mr. Snape and Mr. Weasley report to my office at once. I will meet you there after I take Mr. Pippen to the nurse."

"Yes Ma'am." The boys answer.

"Harry, can you get me out of this? She's like your Grandmum so maybe you can talk her around. Please? My Dad is going to go ballistic over this." Draco whispers after Professor McGonagall leaves.

"I can try but she's not easy to talk out of something. All she has to do is check our wands and she'll know who did it."

"Well boys, what happened out in the corridor? One of you needs to explain how Mr. Pippen came to fall and strike his head on the ground." McGonagall says after taking the boy's wands and having them stand in front of her desk.

"Professor, he was insulting me and then Draco. He called me names and told Draco he was a coward just like his Father. It made us irritated." Harry answers.

"I wasn't involved, I was only there, Ma'am." Ron whispers, too scared to speak normally.

"Mr. Snape, what do you have to say about this incident? What did Mr. Pippen say to you?"

"He said I was a coward like my Father and he told me to roll up my sleeve to show him I had the mark. I refused."

"Mr. Snape which Father do you feel he was referring to?"

"Lucius Malfoy. Jeremy's father and my birth father were friends. He has been spreading tales of me being a death eater's son and joining the family business since August. Every chance he gets he insults me. I am tired of it. I cast a jinx on him. Harry and Ron didn't have anything to do with him being hurt. It was me. I'll take whatever punishment you wish to give but let them go."

"I appreciate your honesty Mr. Snape. Well Mr. Potter- Black and Mr. Weasley you are dismissed. Here's a pass for your professor of your next class. Mr. Snape you will have to accompany me to the Headmaster's office." Professor McGonagall tells Draco after the other boys leave. "Fighting and injuring another student using magic is strictly prohibited. I will inform Professor Snape to meet us there."

"Please Ma'am, don't tell my Dad. I'll accept any punishment just don't tell him."

"It is required procedure to notify the parent of any student who uses magic outside the classroom, Draco. Professor Snape will be informed either by me or by the Headmaster. I just think it would be best to have him there in the meeting with you." She answers sending a scrolled message to Severus.

"Yes Ma'am." Draco answers softly, eyes downcast.

"Are you afraid of Severus, Draco?" Professor McGonagall asks quietly.

"No Ma'am. He'll probably be angry and punish me but I'm not afraid. It's just that I do not want him to be disappointed in me. He will be, I know."

"Parents who love their children are often disappointed in them when they misbehave, Draco. He loves you very much and he will still love you even if he is upset with your behavior. Do you understand this?"

"Yes Professor. Could we go and get this over with please?"

"Very well, come along."

Waiting in the Headmaster's office for his Dad is not the most favorable activity Draco could think of doing. It seems hours before he hears "Headmaster, what is the meaning of this? I was summoned out of my fifth year class! The summons didn't say the reason."

"Yes, Severus. We'll get to the reason as soon as you sit calmly. We are here to discuss a problem with Draco." Dumbledore answers as Severus takes a seat.

"What have you been up to, young man? Why are you not in class?" Severus asks, his voice quiet but stern.

"We'll get to that right now, if you please. It seems young Draco had an incident with another student, a Mr. Pippen. The boy was teasing Harry and Draco and young Draco here, lost his temper."

"Jeremy Pippen? Draco, you know better than to let him get to you. We've talked about this."

"Yes sir, I know and I'm sorry Dad."

"So what exactly did you do?" Severus asks.

"I hexed him." Draco whispers avoiding his Dad's stern look by examining the floor.

"I'm afraid I couldn't catch that. Please look at me and repeat yourself."

Sighing quietly, Draco looks up and says "I cast a jelly legs jinx on him."

"You drew your wand on a fellow student outside of class?!" Severus' voice is both shocked and angry. "I understand that is against school rules but why not just assign him detention and notify me. Why the meeting here in your office?" he asks the headmaster.

"Well, there was a little bit more to the story than you know. After the jelly legs jinx, Mr. Pippen fell and hit his head on the stone floor. He is being treated in the infirmary for a mild concussion. Injuring another student through magic or non magic results in a conference with student, parent and myself, thus the meeting. Now, I've spoken to Draco and received his word this was an isolated incident. I will not assign punishment. I will turn that over to his parent. Draco, if you are brought to me again this year for disciplinary reasons, it will not bode well for you. Am I understood, young man?" Dumbledore asks sternly.

"Yes Headmaster, I understand very well. You won't see me here again for being in trouble." Draco answers meeting his Headmaster's eyes.

"I can assure you Headmaster, when I am finished with my son he will not even think of using magic against a student this way again." Severus responds.

"Of course he won't Severus. Draco is a fine young man who just lost his head there for a few minutes. Enjoy your day gentlemen."

"Come Draco Tobias, you and I have some discussing to do in our quarters." Severus tells the downcast boy beside him.

Following them down the stairs, Dumbledore sees Harry hanging around the entrance to his office. "Well now Harry, what can I do for you today?"

"I, well, Uh, I was just, um, you see, I wanted,... Grampa, Is Draco suspended for fighting?" Harry finally blurts out after exchanging a look with Draco as he went by.

"No Harry, your friend is not suspended. Come on up and let's talk. Fawkes would enjoy a visit too. You are finished classes for the day correct?"

"Yes sir, I just finished Astronomy and Dad said I could come visit for a few minutes if you weren't busy."

"Does your Dad know Draco was here with me?"

"No sir, I didn't know he was here until he came down the stairs."

"So, have you decided on your Halloween costume, Harry?"

"Yes sir, I'm going to be the Headless Horseman. Do you know the book The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? It's from there."

Chuckling to himself, Dumbledore replies "Yes young man, I'm aware of the book and the character. I'm not that out of touch with life you know."

"Oh, no sir, I didn't mean you were. Most everyone I tell about my costume doesn't know the book. Dad read it to me last month. I really liked it too. We're reading Robinson Crusoe this month. It's a good story too but I like Sleepy Hollow better."

"Well, you and your Dad have good taste in reading material. Tell me Harry, do you read the books also or just listen?'

"Grampa, I'm only ten, you know. Dad and I swap out reading. Some of those words are awfully difficult but I can read most of the chapter when it's my turn. I do a chapter and he does one. He helps me figure out the words I don't know already. Sometimes we read books about Wizard Wars. You are in some of those books, Grampa! You're famous! I guess that's why your picture is on the chocolate frog cards."

"Being on a chocolate frog card, might very well be the reason I'm famous." Dumbledore replies smiling. "Now, tell me how you plan to show you are headless with your costume."

"That's the part I haven't figured out yet. I could do an invisibility cape over my head but I get hot under those. Besides that, I want to eat and drink at the party so I'd have to be taking the cape on and off all the time. Are you coming to the party Grampa? It's going to be wicked!"

"I might be too afraid to go if it's going to be full of monsters and the like."

"Grampa! You're not afraid of anything!"

"Everyone has fear, Harry. It's how you handle it that matters. Let me walk you home and I'll share a spell with your Dad for making you appear headless. You will have to pretend to be carrying your head as it will appear to be floating beside you. How will that be?"

"That sounds perfect! If Dad uses the spell does that mean I can't use magic on the costume?" Harry asks as they walk down the stairs to his quarters.

"You will still be allowed to use magic. Only on that one night and not to harm anyone. That is the rule."

"Yes sir."

"Hello Sirius, I walked young Harry home so I can discuss something with you."

"Is Harry in some kind of trouble, Professor?" Sirius asks with a sharp glance at his son.

"Oh no, my boy here, has been a perfect gentlemen. We've been discussing his Halloween costume and I thought to share a spell with you. Harry has told me he wants to go as the Headless Horseman but couldn't figure a way to show the "headless' part. If I may, I will tell you a spell to use so his head will become invisible and appear to float beside him. This way he will still be able to eat and enjoy the festivities at their party."

"That would be excellent. I've been trying to come up with something but haven't had any success yet."

"Harry, while your Dad and I discuss this, would you mind fixing me a cup of tea? I'm partial to tea you know."

"Yes Grampa."

"I didn't want him to overhear the spell and try it himself, Sirius. He's an exceptional little wizard and I feared he just might."

"Smart thinking as you are probably right. He's a handful at times when it comes to using magic or otherwise!" Sirius smirks.

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