Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 12

Harry Potter Junior Level ch. 12

Coming into their quarters, Draco follows his Dad looking very dejected. His shoulders are drooping along with his mouth and he's moving as slowly as he knows he can get away with. This upcoming 'discussion' his Dad wants is not something he's looking forward to at all.

"Sit, Draco and tell me exactly what went on today. I want to hear what happened to cause you to lose control." Severus tells him motioning to a chair as he takes one nearby.

"Dad, it was Jeremy Pippen again. You know how he has bothered me and my friends since he was coming here this year on the Express. His Dad and Lucius were, I can't say friends as Lucius didn't have friends. I guess acquaintances would be the word. Jeremy is always ragging us about something. Our looks, our ages, our friends, today it was my being a coward like Lucius. Now I don't care if he calls Lucius a coward, he wasn't, but I don't care about that. He called Harry a baby and said he wet the bed and then called me a death eater. He wanted me to show him the mark and when I wouldn't roll up my sleeve he called me a coward. I am not a coward and I am not a death eater!"

"So you lashed out with your wand? Because his words got to you?"

"I tried talking to him first and telling him to leave us alone. He just kept right on bullying us anyway the way he has all year. A couple of times he has even called Hermione a Mud... well you know the word." Draco says cutting it off at a sharp look from his Dad. "I lost my temper and lashed out as you said, when he called me a death eater. He can call me a coward, an infant or any other thing and I will take it. I will not let anyone call me a death eater and get by with it. You can wallop me with your belt if you want but I will not let him get by with calling me a vile name like Death Eater! I would never support the Evil One! I'm not Lucius Malfoy!" Draco says fighting to keep the tears from falling.

"Draco, I have never disciplined you with a belt and have no intention of starting that now. In fact you can relax because I'm not going to "wallop" you at all."

"You aren't going to punish me?" Draco asks in astonishment.

"Oh yes, you are definitely going to be punished. I said I wasn't going to spank you, not that you wouldn't be punished. I see now that you did not intentionally harm the boy. Son, bullies are hard to deal with, I do realize this, but you have to just walk off not fight back. It's difficult at your age to do that but it will keep you from getting into major trouble if you do. Next time, walk away and find an adult to tell that he is bothering you. I want you to know he is not going to get by with this. He's in Junior Slytherin and since I'm now the head of Junior Slytherin I have the authority to discipline him and I plan to do just that!"

"Are you going to spank him Dad? He needs a good hard walloping! When Professor Lupin was Head he never punished anyone, just scolded."

"That is not your business, Draco. Mr. Pippen will be punished. I will have to check to see if I have parental permission for corporal punishment. Now, as to your punishment. Draco, you disobeyed our family rule and also the school rules. For using your wand on another student, you are grounded to your room except for classes, lunch and meals here, for one week. I expect a written essay of three feet on the ways to avoid confrontations with bullies. You will also be serving detention for five nights beginning tonight in the Potion's lab. There are several things you will be expected to accomplish each evening. Failure to do any of these things is unadviseable as I will rethink using corporal punishment for you. Any questions?"

"No sir. I am sorry Dad, I just want you to know that."

"I know you are son. You can not go around hexing other people when they make you angry. All this did was cause you to be in major trouble. You know better Draco. You have been brought up knowing this. This use of magic on another person in this way had better not ever happen again. No matter if you are provoked. I will not be lenient with you if I hear of you drawing your wand on another person outside of class again. Do you understand what I am telling you Draconis?"

"Yes sir, I understand very well. It won't happen again."

"I'm going to hold you to your word, Draco. You may go to your room until I call you for dinner. After dinner we will go to the lab for your punishment work."

Walking to his office, Severus pulls out a file with the name Pippen, Jeremy. Keeping records on all the children in his House is part of his duties as a Head of House. The Head of House is considered acting parent while the child is in boarding school. Glancing through it, he finds there is a signed release for the use of corporal punishment while at Hogwarts. Replacing the file in his desk drawer, Severus walks back out. "Draco, I'm leaving for a few minutes. I'll tell you when I return." He calls as he passes the boy's room.

Coming into the Junior Slytherin common room, he spots Jeremy Pippen sitting with several boys he recognizes as friends of his. "Mr. Pippen, come with me. You and I are going to discuss a few things." Severus announces sternly, causing all conversation in the room to stop.

Entering his quarters with the boy following him, Severus says "Take a seat Mr. Pippen. You seem to be doing well for a boy who had a head injury today."

"Madame Pomfrey said I was fine and could go to my room to rest. I didn't have a concussion but I could have. Your son hexed me, sir! He made me fall and hit my head on the stone floor! Using magic outside of class is forbidden!" Jeremy answers in a know it all tone.

"Yes, it is. Do you know what else is forbidden here in this school?" At a shake of the boy's head, Severus answers "Bullying. Can you give me an example of bullying behavior Mr. Pippen?"

"When someone deliberately tries to hurt someone else for no reason."

"Good answer. Now does that mean only with physical contact? Using hands, feet, or are words and use of magic also bullying?"

"You can bully someone that way too. Draco bullied me today. He hexed me!" Jeremy repeats whining a little this time as the first time got no response.

"Mr. Pippen, do you recall our House meeting last month? We had a very long discussion on bullying and the rules for Slytherin."

"I remember it. What does that have to do with Your NEW Son beating me up with magic? Is he above the rules since he's your adopted son?" Jeremy answers saucily.

"No he is not above the rules and neither are you young man! Draco has been punished for his part. Your attitude and behavior have earned you this punishment."

Severus says, standing and taking the boy by the arm. Before Jeremy can open his mouth, he finds himself face down over Severus' lap.

"What are...? OWWW! You can't do this!" he calls out as he feels a hard smack to the seat of his pants.

"Contrary to what you believe, I CAN spank you. I have written permission from your parents. You admitted to me just now that you were involved in bullying several students today. Mr. Pippen, your calling fellow students names and teasing is bullying also. You seem to have forgotten the fact that you and I have had a similar discussion on your teasing younger students before. You will leave the other students alone and cease this bullying behavior or I will turn you over my knee again!" Severus says laying down four more hard smacks.

"YOW! OW! STOP THAT!" Severus hears between smacks.

Watching through his slightly open door, Draco has to smother a giggle at the way Jeremy is shrieking. His Dad does know how to spank hard, that's for sure.

"Alright Mr. Pippen it is over. Your punishment for bullying is a spanking and two hundred lines of I will treat other people respectfully at all times. These lines are to be brought to me at the end of Potions on Friday afternoon. Do you have anything you wish to say?"

"No sir." Jeremy says sniffling.

"Here is the card with your assigned line. Take it and you are free to go straight to your dorm. You are to be in your dorm except for meals and classes until I receive these lines. Do you understand? I will also be writing your parents to inform them of your punishment and why it was given."

"Yes Professor Snape sir."

As the child leaves, Severus turns and sees Draco peeking out his bedroom door. "You may come out now, son. We'll have our dinner. You really shouldn't have been spying but I forgive you this ONE time. Remember son, this is a private matter not to be discussed with schoolmates."

"What is this, Draco?" Severus asks in surprise as Draco grabs him in a big hug.

"I love you Dad. Thanks for sticking up for me and for walloping Jeremy the Brat. Although I do wish you'd used a paddle not your hand."

"I love you too, Draco but, unless you also want a walloping, refrain from name calling if you please." Severus says returning the hug.

The next day at lunch, Harry asks "Did your Dad come down on you badly?"

"I'm restricted to my room for one week except for lunch and classes, I have to do a punishment essay plus I have detention with him all week. I don't like it but at least he didn't spank me. He did spank a certain someone who I can't mention though." Draco whispers in Harry's ear, grinning widely.


"I'm not allowed to say. I would get the same treatment if I did. Just guess."

"One of the Slytherins?"


"Someone who bothered us and caused you trouble?"


"His name rhymes with drippin?"

"Correct on all counts. He really shrieked too. I loved it! I'm glad it was him and not me. Now, you have to keep this quiet! Dad would paddle my bum if he thought I'd told what went on! You will won't you?" Draco asks a little worried by Harry's gleaming expression.

"It's a hard secret not to share, Draco. I'll do it for you because I don't want you in more trouble than you already are."

"I knew you would, you're my best friend." Draco answers beaming.

The following afternoon in Defense class, Professor Lupin instructs the students in a defensive block technique.

"This is an effective way to put an opponent on the ground quickly. After using expelliarmus or another spell to disarm them first. Draco? If you'd be so kind as to volunteer your services for this demonstration, I need you to stand on this mat."

"This is a move used in Martial Arts. You are not trying to harm anyone just put them on the ground. Alright Mr. Snape, pull your wand on me as if you are ready to use it. Watch closely, children." Remus says as he spins and sweeps one leg behind Draco's legs causing him to plop right on his backside.

"You see? I had the advantage of startling him and then placed him off balance. I did something wrong though. Who can tell me what that might be?"

"Yes Ms. Chandler?"

"You fought with him with your leg. Wouldn't that be considered fighting sir? Isn't this against the rules?"

"Yes, here at Hogwarts, there is a rule against fighting, you are certainly correct. We are learning defensive procedures to be used OUTSIDE of school. Now what was it that I did wrong in the procedure?"

"Mr. Black?"

"You didn't take his wand before you took him down. If you didn't disarm him then he can just fire a spell at you from the ground as easily as standing."

"Ten points to Gryffindor for that extremely logical and correct assumption. You are absolutely correct. I didn't disarm him first. Without disarming your opponent, the sweep and strike does no good. As Mr. Black said, he could cast a spell as easily sitting as standing. Always disarm someone if they are attempting to use a weapon on you. A wand can be used as a weapon in the hands of an enemy. Alright, pair up and practice this. You will spin and sweep your leg behind the opponent not kick them. The goal is to knock them off balance."

Walking among the students as they practice Remus hears Harry say to Draco "Drake, the next time ole shrieker tries something with one of our group, we'll sweep him so fast he'll be on his sore butt before he can squawk! That ought to make him think before taking us on again."

"Yep! He'll regret not leaving us alone. I'm ready for anything he wants to attempt!" Draco replies. Neither boy is aware Remus has heard their whispered conversation until the end of class.

"That is all for today and this week. Remember the class rule "Defense is not to be used to harm and is not used on fellow students." Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you Monday morning." Remus says dismissing the students.

As Harry and Draco start to walk to the door they hear "Mr. Snape and Mr. Potter-Black remain behind if you please."

"Yes sir?" Harry asks as the boys turn back to look at Remus.

"Come to my office boys. We need to have a private conversation for just a few minutes. I will try not to make you late for the next class." Remus tells them walking into the side room.

"Harry, Draco, I overheard you planning to use this technique on a fellow student. I would rethink that plan if I were you boys. If I hear of any retaliation on your parts using ANY techniques I have taught you, then consequences will follow. I do not mean only taking house points or writing lines. I will go directly to your Fathers and after they are finished you will serve hours of detention with me. Do I make myself clear boys?" Remus asks gazing sternly into the boy's shocked faces.

"Yes Sir." Draco answers immediately.

"We weren't going to hurt anyone, Uncle Remus. We just want to get back at someone who is causing trouble." Harry replies, trying to reason his way around what he was just told.

"Harry James Potter- Black! You had better heed my words or you will be extremely sorry! No using defense techniques on other students! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good, then you may leave. Draco will be with you in a moment."

At this, Draco gives Remus an apprehensive look. Being told to stay behind alone does not seem to be a good sign at the moment.

After Harry has left the room, Remus turns to the worried child before him. "I heard of you using the Jelly Legs Jinx on Mr. Pippen." As Draco opens his mouth to defend himself, Remus says "I know he was bullying you and your friends. I've heard the tale. It does not matter what Mr. Pippen said or did. You defied my explicit command to never use defense against a student. Therefore you will serve detention with me for a week beginning today at five o'clock. You are to report here at that time."

"I can not do that Professor." Draco answers somewhat angrily.

"Why is that?"

"I'm already serving Detention with my Dad every night for a week. I'm also grounded to our quarters for a week, have an essay to write, plus whatever punishment you give me."

"Very well, I will discuss this with Professor Snape and we will let you know what your punishment will be. Now off to class. Here are two late slips for you and Harry because I know he is waiting for you instead of heading to class."

"Yes Professor Lupin. Oh, I also wanted to say I'm sorry for disobeying. Jeremy has bullied us all year and I just lost it and fought back. If I hadn't used the jinx I probably would have punched his nose. I just used the first thing I thought of and I'm sorry."

"I except your apology but the punishment will still occur. No scoot as I have another class in five minutes." Remus replies smiling.

"Draco, are you okay?" Harry asks as Draco walks to him where he is leaning against the corridor wall outside the classroom.

"Yeah. Why?"

"I thought he might well spank you." Harry whispers in Draco's ear.

"Why would you think that Professor Lupin would ever do that to me?" Draco asks with an incredulous look at his best friend.

"He did it to me once not long ago! The time I was running in the hall and knocked him down, remember?"

"Hmm, yeah, I do. Merlin, Harry! You are like his nephew but I'm not so I'm safe there. I am going to be punished though. He wanted me to serve detention all week but I told him I couldn't do it."

"You told him what?! Are you mental? You don't go around telling a professor you can't do his punishment! Your Dad is going to go mental when he hears this!"

"No, calm down, I didn't mean it that way. I told him I had detention with Dad all week so I couldn't do it with him. He's going to talk to Dad and get back with me on my punishment. Now, don't you think we need to start on our way to YOUR Dad's class?"

"Bloody Hell, Draco! I forgot we had to go to Astronomy after all this. I'm in so much trouble and you are too probably. We're at least fifteen minutes late already and we have to go up three floors to the Astronomy tower!"

"You let one of the Professors hear you swearing and YOU will be in more trouble! Merlin Harry! Don't you think you take enough chances without adding in loud swearing? Do you enjoy getting your Dad angry enough to paddle your bum? Is it some kind of bonding thing, the more whacks your bum gets, the more you think he loves you?" Draco asks only slightly teasing.

"Of course not. No one likes getting spanked. Don't be ridiculous, Draco. Right now, I'm worried about what Dad's going to say. We get there this late and he's going to get us both! You probably already have two detentions and don't need more. I don't need any at all. Besides that, if he asks for our essays today, I'm going to be in trouble. I forgot to do it."

"Professor Lupin gave me two late passes so we should be alright there. As for you not doing your assignment, well all I can say is good luck to you on getting out of this one. You live with the man, Harry. How could you possibly forget to do his assignment! What's your excuse going to be other than "I forgot" because that, I'm telling you, is not going to help any."

"I'm still working on what I'll say. I hope I'll get lucky and he won't ask for them. Do you have any ideas?"

"Oh no, you are on your own on this one. I'm not getting involved this time. Every time I try to help you on some problem like this, I wind up getting in trouble. As you said, I'm already in enough trouble." Draco tells him, shaking his head.

Entering the Astronomy classroom, Draco and Harry walk quietly to their seat. Sirius is in the process of instructing the class on the makeup of the planet Mars. He has a fully formed illustration of Mars rotating on the wall.

"Scientists believe Mars was once similar to our planet Earth as it has signs of plant life and water. In the near future, some believe we will send people to live on Mars. There are engineers and scientists at work now, building and examining ways to sustain life on this planet. Now, open your books and read the selection on Mars. After you are finished, work with your partner and let's see what you can design to sustain life on Mars. Remember the basic needs of food, water and shelter. Try to include at least one of these in your work."

As the children begin to follow his instructions, Sirius walks over to the table where Harry and Draco are sitting. "Mr. Black, Mr. Snape, I'll see the two of you in the corridor. Let's go."

"Dad, before you start scolding, we have late passes." Harry says quickly as soon as Sirius closes the classroom door.

"Why are you late boys? Were you misbehaving in your class?"

"No sir. Professor Lupin kept me back to talk to me and then he talked to Harry too. He was talking about using his defense lessons on other students. I'm in trouble with him now too." Draco sighs sadly.

"Honest Dad, we didn't get in trouble in Uncle, err, Professor Lupin's class. He just had a lot to say. We're sorry we came in late."

After a few seconds of studying the boy's faces, Sirius decides they are being truthful. "Thank you for the explanation and apology. You may return to your assignment."

Later in the class, the students listen as Hermione explains in detail, the greenhouse idea she and Neville designed. "It will be solar powered of course because they don't have electricity on Mars. The fans will cool the air because the temperature level for plants must be maintained. We would have different rooms for different types of plants so each room could be climate controlled. With condensation building in the rooms, we could collect that for water if we couldn't find a water source."

"Well done, Miss. Granger and Mr. Longbottom. Fifteen points to Gryffindor. Students, I want to see a written essay from you describing more details of your idea. I will look forward to hearing more ideas next week. We'll collect the essays when we meet again next Tuesday. As for the assignment due today, please leave that on your table before you leave. Enjoy the weekend."

Harry has just reached the classroom door with Draco, Neville, Ron and Hermione when he hears "Mr. Potter-Black, come here please." With a gulp, he turns and makes his way back to his Father. His Dad's use of both last names is a sign he is displeased and Harry can guess he has noticed the missing essay.

"The rest of you children, go on, Harry will join you later." Sirius tells the four friends waiting by the door. As the door closes behind the children, Sirius turns a firm gaze on his son. "Well young man, I don't seem to be able to find your assignment. Did you forget to leave it on your table?"

"No sir."

"Did you accidentally leave it in your room this morning?"

"No sir."

"Alright Harry, suppose you just explain why you don't have the assignment. I'm not going to continue this guessing game we seem to be playing."

"I didn't do it. I just forgot, Dad. I'm sorry. I was thinking about Halloween and I just forgot to do it. I had finished my Herbology essay, Transfiguration homework and the Math assignment you set me, but I forgot all about this essay. I didn't remember it until right before we came in late." Harry sighs, mentally kicking himself for reminding Sirius of his tardiness.

"Then you will do the essay along with four extra feet for not having it today. This is due by tomorrow before dinner. You may leave."

"FOUR more feet! That makes it seven feet of writing! Come on, Dad! That's way too much. You aren't being fair." Harry complains irritably kicking his Father's desk.

"Stop that kicking young man! I am giving this punishment for a missed assignment as your Professor. Would you rather I assign punishment as your Dad? I can take care of that right here and now if you prefer. You know the rules of our family. Schoolwork comes first before anything else. Failure to complete assignments will land you in trouble." Sirius says as he moves his desk chair out from behind the desk and sits in it. "I can very easily paddle your bottom right here as wait until we are at home. Would you like to go that route or do you accept the longer essay?"

"No Sir! The essay is fine. I'll have it done by lunch. The kids are waiting, may I go please? We're having lunch together in the Great Hall. They're serving treacle tart!"

"You may go and as long as you have your essay turned in at the assigned time, that will be all of your punishment, this time. I expect you home by five o'clock."

"Yes sir. Do you think someday I will get to live in the dorm again, Dad?"

"Someday when the threat of danger is lower, yes. Off with you now. You've kept your friends waiting long enough." Sirius says smiling as he watches the boy walk as fast as he can to the door. "I knew he would accept the longer essay when presented with the alternative punishment, not that I really would have spanked him. Harry does not need to know this however." Sirius thinks.

"What did he say?" Draco leans over to whisper as they sit down to eat.

"I have to do the assigned essay and four extra feet added on as punishment." Harry whispers back.

"That's not too bad. You didn't get grounded or spanked so he let you off easy." Draco whispers. Harry nods in agreement, busy filling his plate from the serving platters.

The next week went by slowly for Harry. With Draco being grounded and in detention all week, he only saw him in classes or lunch. After their last class Thursday afternoon, Ron asks "Harry, would you like to go with me to Diagon Alley tomorrow afternoon? Mum is going to take the twins, me and Ginny for our Halloween stuff and then we're going to go to lunch at the new place that sells all the ice cream flavors!"

"You mean Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor is open now? The last time I was there it wasn't open yet. I'd like to go, Ron but I'll have to ask my Dad first. He'll probably let me if your Mum is going to be with us. He has this problem of not letting me go anywhere unless I have an adult with me. I think ten is old enough to go some places outside of Hogwarts alone. I can't even go to Hogsmeade without someone tagging along."

"I am not allowed to go places by myself much either. For one thing I can't get there by myself, except Hogsmeade. We can walk there. I can't apparate yet, can you?"

"Of Course Not, Ron! You have to be seventeen before you are legal to do that." Harry answers. "So, have you figured out your costume yet? You must have some ideas if you are going to buy things for it tomorrow."

"Yes, I know what I want to dress up as but I'm going to surprise you with it tomorrow. If you get to come, that is."

After asking his Dad's permission and having Sirius discuss it with Ron's Mum through the floo network, Harry is told he may go. The next morning during breakfast he has to suffer through his Dad's lecture on behavior.

"You must stay with Mrs. Weasley and mind what she tells you. I expect you to behave as a young gentleman at all times. Do not let the twins coax you into mischief, Harry. You know what is right and wrong and you know consequences will be given if you get into mischief. Am I right?"

"I will do as Mrs. Weasley tells me, Dad. I won't cause trouble or get into mischief." Harry promises earnestly.

"Have fun this afternoon and I'll see you for supper if not before. Here is some money for lunch, ONE ice cream and a little extra for something you might need for Halloween. Don't forget to listen and do your work in classes this morning. You do have classes before you get to gallivant off to Diagon Alley." Sirius teases sending him out the door with a slight smack on the seat of his pants.

"Yes Dad, have a good day with the masses today. Don't let the students upset you and make you lose your temper. Make sure you have your assignments ready too." Harry answers cheekily as he runs off laughing at the shocked look on Sirius' face.

"All right children, now we are all going to stay together. The first place to shop is Gambols and Japes. Fred, George, I don't want you purchasing disgusting body odor or elimination products. Fake blood is fine but I draw the line on fake poo." Mrs. Weasley announces causing the three younger children to break into giggles.

"MUM! That's so disgusting!" Ginny whispers aghast at her Mum using that word in public.

"Mum, I need to get some of this for my costume." Ron tells her as he puts a tube of bruise paste on the checkout stand.

"Alright, let's see bruise paste, two rolls of bloody bandages, two eye patches, two fake scalps, one fairy dust casting wand, one hair shimmering gel. Is there anything you need to purchase Harry?" Mrs. Weasley asks.

"No Ma'am. I have what I need for my costume."

"Very well then, we are ready to total up." She tells the clerk.

Coming out of the shop, Ginny asks "Mum, may we go to Flourish and Blotts? I need a new level one spellbook, remember? The one we have is out of use now."

"Yes dear, I remember. Boys? I will allow you to go to the Quidditch store but you must remain there. Ginny and I will wait for you at the Ice Cream Parlor in one hour. That should give you plenty of time. Ron, put everything we discussed on our account and I'll settle it later. Fred and George, you may not buy anything on the account. You must use your own money if you purchase anything. Does everyone understand these instructions?"

"Yes Mum. Yes Ma'am, Mrs. Weasley." She hears.

"Ron, why do you suppose parents always question whether we understand their instructions?" Harry asks.

"Don't know."

"Because they want to make sure you don't have a excuse for getting in trouble. They ask if you understand to make sure you can't use the 'I didn't know' excuse when you do something wrong." George explains to Harry and Ron. "Now we have an hour so we can go to the great place Fred and I need to go to after we go to the Q.Q. S."

"Q. Q. S. ?" Ron asks?

"Quality Quidditch Supplies, Ron! Man you are dense!" Fred tells him shaking his head at his brother.

"Ron, do you have everything you wanted, now? We have only thirty minutes left to get it done." George whispers inside the store.

"I'm ready but what's the big secret and why the hurry?" Ron asks picking up his packages. "Could you shrink these for me, please?" He asks the young man who bagged his purchases. "Thanks."

"C'mon, we're going to take you somewhere you two've never been. You best not tell parents about it either or your bums will be on fire as well as ours."

Harry and Ron's eyes widen in shock as the twins lead them down Knockturn Alley and into the potions shop.

"Stay right here with us." Fred tells the younger two. "We need two vials of the memory altering potion, please." George tells the clerk.

"You of age?"

"Do we look of age?" George answers.

"Very well, wait here, it's in the back."

Just as the twins, Harry and Ron turn to walk out of the shop, the monster Draco described to Harry appears.

"Ron! RUN!" Harry yells turning to run back into the store. Before he has taken a step, George has him around the waist. Looking over he sees Fred holding onto Ron the same way.

"What is with the two of you? You can't go racing around a store full of dangerous potions ingredients! You'll get yourselves poisoned or something! Let's go meet Mum before we get caught here." George whispers carrying Harry out of the store.

"You didn't see it? It was huge and it was coming right at us!" Harry says shaking all over as George puts him down.

"I saw two boys about to cause us to be in huge trouble other than that nothing." Fred answers.

"A monster was coming in the door. It has four arms, six eyes and two mouths. Both mouths were missing teeth and drooling. It is purple with pink, blue, and orange dots all over it and it has long green hair on it's head. It spoke to me."

"Harry, it's a little early for Halloween stories. We love you like a little brother but you are pulling one on us aren't you?" Fred asks grinning at George.

"NO! I saw it. I heard it too. Draco told me about seeing it and now I saw it too! Why didn't you see it? Ron, didn't you see it?"

"Um, no, I didn't see anything but you freaking over leaving the store. What did it say to you?"

"Harry Potter, I'm going to get you." Harry answers shaking all over again.

"REALLY? That's the best you can come up with? Ginny could come up with a better monster tale than this and she's only just turned nine!" George exclaims giving Harry a slight shove on the shoulder.

"I'm not making that up. I SAW it and HEARD it too. Stop shoving me!" Harry answers angrily.

"Fine, but do not bring this up to the parents or we'll be in deep Hippogriff doo!" George tells him snickering.

Walking into the new Ice Cream Parlor, Harry whispers "Ron, you believe me don't you?"

"Yes, but I didn't see anything. I know you did or you wouldn't still be shaking. Are you gonna be okay?"

"If we get to a loo in the next few minutes I will be. Otherwise I'm going to embarrass everyone."

Ron nods and walking to his Mum whispers to her, getting a nod back he motions for Harry and they walk quickly to the area marked as the Loo.

Inside, Ron whispers "Can you believe we just went to Knockturn Alley? There's some pretty hideous looking people down there. I don't see what the big thing is about it though. Why parents and professors won't let us go there. It didn't seem so bad to me."

"Dad says it's full of dangerous people. We just better not mention this even to each other. If my Dad found out I went there, I'd not have a bum to sit on! I'd probably be grounded for the rest of the year too!"

"Yeah, me too. My Dad would definitely paddle all three of us for this. He uses a paddle from the paddle table ball game and it burns your bum! Let's go get some ice cream. I'm getting two flavors at least. More if Mum lets me."

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