Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 13: Halloween

Harry Potter Junior Level: Ch. 13- Halloween

Thank you to Mae Silverpaws1, RubyBlue100, Loving Siri and V.L. Crawford for their input into the Halloween events.

As Harry follows Draco and the other students into the Potions classroom, he is elated that double potions is the last class of the day. In the five days since his side trip to Knockturn Alley, he can think of little else. He's tried several times to talk to Draco about the monster he saw, but Draco refuses to discuss it. Thinking now might be a chance to get Draco to listen he waits until Professor Snape has his back to them to whisper "Draco, I saw it! It just has to be the one you saw. If you'd just listen..."

"Harry! Shut It! You are to be listening to the lecture and so am I. I just got off being grounded and I sure don't want to do anything to get punished again!" Draco whispers back.

Harry, seeing Professor Snape glance their way, stays quiet while Severus lectures on the use of caterpillars and shrivelfigs in potions. As soon as Severus turns his back to enlarge a picture of a shrivelfig, Harry whispers "Draco, I need to tell you what I saw! It was in the same place as ..." He stops as a firm hand squeezes his shoulder. Glancing up he sees his Professor standing behind him.

"Mr. Potter-Black, corridor if you please."

Out in the corridor, Severus scolds "Young man, this is my Potions classroom, not your common room. You will refrain from this incessant whispering you are doing and PAY ATTENTION! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir, I'm sorry Professor." Harry replies, relieved not to have been questioned on what he and Draco were talking about.

Walking back into the classroom, Severus scowls at the gaping students and snarls "That will be fifteen points from Gryffindor thanks to Mr. Potter-Black's disruption!"

Following Harry as he walks to his seat, he hears Draco whisper "Nice going there, cousin! You just lost us fifteen more points! You've now lost twenty five points just today!"

"Mr. Snape, do you wish to have a conversation in the corridor as well?" Severus asks, giving the boys a stern glare.

"No sir."

"Then the two of you remain quiet and listen to the lecture as it will be very beneficial to do so."

"Yes sir." Draco and Harry answer in unison. Neither boy daring to even breathe loudly at the look on Severus' face. Both know they are being given their final warning and will be punished if they continue.

Being careful to show proper attention for the rest of the lecture, Harry lets his mind wander. How to get Draco to talk about the monster and to do it in a way where no one will know where he saw it, is a problem. He sure doesn't want anyone, other than Draco, to know of his trip to Knockturn Alley. The twins purchase of memory altering potion is bothering him also. Fred and George refuse to explain their plans for the potion. Harry has a feeling the two are planning something and that something could lead them, as well as he and Ron to major trouble.

At a poke in the side from Draco, Harry looks at him. "Are you going to get our potion supplies or shall I? We each have to make the Shrinking Solution for a grade this time. I'll get out the cauldrons and set up the workstations if you go get the supplies."

"Fine, I'll get them." Harry replies walking to the supply closet. Busy gathering shriveled figs, caterpillars, daisy roots, rat spleens and leech juice he nearly drops the vial of leech juice when someone jostles his arm.

"Thanks so much Prince Potter-Black for losing more points for Gryffindor! You thought you could get away with not listening because he's your uncle, didn't you? Well you can't. You are just like the rest of us and have to follow the same rules."

"I don't think I'm special at all! I don't get treated special either! I get punished for breaking the rules! You aren't all so wonderful yourself Klesco, so shut it!" Harry answers back angrily.

"Mr. Potter-Black, Mr. Klesco, is there a problem in here? You two are holding up the rest of the class. Your tablemates are waiting for their supplies!"

"Yes sir, I'm finished." Harry answers wondering again how Professor Snape can move so quietly and how he always seems to know when trouble is afoot.

Setting down the supplies on their workstation, Harry whispers in Draco's ear "Your Dad really does have the hearing of a bat and moves as quietly as a snake too!"

Draco grins at him and nods agreement as he begins to prepare his caterpillars. "Get to work Harry, we have a lot to do." Draco tells him.

"Yes sir!" Harry whispers back cheekily. Looking at the instructions in his Potion's book, he sees he needs to slice five caterpillars. Sighing he begins to work. Cutting up formerly living things is difficult for him to do. His mind keeps wandering back to the problem he is pondering. What do the twins want to do with the potion they bought and is the monster he saw real? Not paying close attention to the lecture earlier, he doesn't know to peel or shake his shrivelefig and adds it whole. Letting his potion simmer as the instructions read, he sees it begin to turn a sickly green color instead of purple as the book read.

Walking among the students to observe their work, Severus catches sight of Harry's potion and quickly calls "Mr. Black, cover the cauldron NOW!"

Hearing but not being able to move from surprise, Harry doesn't obey. Standing beside him and seeing the cauldron beginning to fume, Draco quickly covers it for Harry. Looking up, Harry sees Severus towering above him with a deep scowl on his face.

"Mr. Potter-Black, just what did you forget to do?"

"Umm, cover the cauldron sir?" Harry tries, knowing that isn't what his Professor is asking.

"No, in the lecture earlier, we discussed what happens when ingredients are not prepared correctly. Would you remember the answer to this?"

"I don't know sir." Harry whispers already biting his lip nervously.

"Go into my office and wait for me, young man. You and I are going to have a long talk about your behavior today. Now go."

"Yes sir." Harry replies walking slowly to the office door just past the supply closet.

Waiting in his Uncle's office, Harry is feeling sorry for himself. "I'm not the only kid who whispers in class. I don't know why he couldn't he just take points or send me to detention. Why does he make me come here to wait?" Harry thinks squirming a little on the hard couch. It just doesn't look good for his bum when he's told to "wait in my office" by either his Dad or an Uncle. The last time it was Remus and that is one experience he doesn't want to repeat!

The office door bangs open causing Harry to jump nervously as Severus comes in scowling. Coming to stand in front of the nervous child, Severus says in his best stern tone, "What do you have to say for yourself, young man? Your inattention today nearly caused a disaster! What is the golden rule of Potions?"

"Pay attention to your work and stay focused." Harry recites.

"Were you doing that today?"

"no sir" Harry whispers studying the carpet at his feet to not have to look at the disappointment or anger he might see in Severus' eyes.

"Look AT ME not the floor!"

"So much for studying the nice design on the carpet" Harry thinks raising his eyes to meet the dark, angry ones of his Uncle.

"What did you not do to your potion today to result in this mishap?"

"I don't know sir."

"We covered this in class during the lecture! What did I say would happen if you forgot this step?"

"I don't know sir."

"That is obvious Harry! There is a reason you don't know. That would be that you were NOT PAYING ATTENTION both during the lecture and during your brewing! The mistake you made was not shaking up the shrivelfigs after peeling them. They must be shaken before you add them or the potion begins to make noxious fumes! I stated this in class and it was WRITTEN in your instructions! Your potion was nearly at the stage to emit these fumes which would have made the entire class ill! Potion making is dangerous and you must pay attention to your work. You do know this as I've said it nearly every class meeting for a year and three months!"

Trying to keep the tears back, Harry is biting his lip again. Knowing his Uncle is waiting for a response, he finally whispers "I'm very sorry, Uncle Sev. I'll pay attention to my work from now on."

"I accept your apology but that does not get you out of this. Your behavior today has been inexcusable. I gave you several warnings to straighten it up and you continued." Severus says reaching behind his desk and rolling his chair out from behind it.

"Please, Uncle Severus! I said I was sorry and would do better!" Harry says quickly as he watches the chair being placed.

"Come here Harry." is the only answer he gets and is not the one he wants to hear.

Fifteen minutes later, Harry is walking slowly towards his quarters wiping the tears from his face. Being a small ten year old just sucks somedays! He thinks, as he rubs his backside. He didn't have to be so hard on me either! He would have given someone else detention or lines! Not me, I get walloped! It's not right! Now I have to tell Dad about it and risk him walloping me too! I wish I could just start this day all over and I would change it to a good day!"

Coming into his family quarters, Harry doesn't see any sign of his Dad. Good, maybe he's not home yet! Harry thinks just as Dobby pops in to stand before him.

"Hello Master Harry Potter-Black. Dobby has a message. Mr. Sirius Black says to tell you he's going to be detained and to start your homework. He will be home for the evening meal." Dobby recites in his squeaky voice.

"Thanks Dobby. You may go now."

"Why is Master Harry crying? Is you hurt? Dobby can help!"

"I'm alright, Dobby. I got into some trouble with my Uncle and he punished me."

"Dobby does not like to see Master Harry upset." Dobby says wringing his hands.

"I'll be fine as soon as my bum stops stinging. I got spanked, okay? It's not like it hasn't happened before, so just go away." Then realizing how hateful that sounds, he adds "Please, just leave."

"Dobby will go. Call Dobby if he is needed." Dobby replies stiffly, popping away.

Going into his room and changing out of his school uniform, Harry starts his homework. He realizes he has left the books for today's classes in the lab but can work with the others. About forty minutes later, he hears the floo spark and he hears "Harry? Are you here?"

"Great, just what I need right now. He's supposed to be gone awhile."


Going to the door of his room, Harry opens it slowly before answering "Yes sir?"

"Come out and lets talk." Sirius tells the young boy who is obviously stalling to stay in his room.

"I heard from Dobby that you are upset. Come talk to me, son. Tell me what is going on. I left a meeting to come check on you so I'd appreciate it if you'd show a little more cooperation here." Sirius tells him, as Harry drags his feet coming into the room.

"Now, what is going on, Harry?"

"I've just had a really bad day. I wish I could start today all over. It went wrong early this morning and never got better." Harry tells his Dad sorrowfully.

"Tell me about what went on. I'm sorry I missed seeing you this morning. I had to supervise early detention."

"I forgot to tell the clock to alarm and woke up late. I didn't get breakfast and had to rush to get dressed. I was ten minutes late for Transfiguration and Grandma docked five points from Gryffindor and scolded me in front of everyone. Then I got to Charms and found I had left my wand here. I got scolded again and lost another five points."

"Those were unpleasant mishaps but they happened this morning. What has happened to make you upset now?" Sirius asks looking Harry straight in the eyes.

"We had double Potions class after lunch. I was thinking and didn't listen well during the lecture so I missed some instructions. When we made our potion, I missed a few steps and it turned bad. Uncle Sev made me stay after class for it. He took fifteen points from me in class too."

"What else went on, son? There is more to this than what you have said so far. Tell me the rest. Remember, the truth will always be better than a lie when you have done something wrong."

"He caught me whispering to Draco and took me out and scolded me for it. I messed up the potion because I wasn't thinking about what I was doing and it nearly caused everyone to be sick. Uncle Sev got really mad with me and he walloped me after class." Harry tells his Dad.

"So the reason you were crying when Dobby came, is because Sev spanked you? You aren't ill or hurt in any other way?"

"No Sir, I'm just mad at myself and my bum hurts." Harry says quietly, waiting to see if he's going to be punished again.

"I doubt it hurts much now. Well Harry, what did you learn from all of this today?"

"To always make sure I remember to tell Clocky what time to wake me up! Maybe if I'd gotten up on time this would have been a good day!" Harry answers grinning.

"I agree with you there. What else did you learn?"

"I learned that Uncle Sev has a hard hand and isn't afraid to use it!"

"Harry James, you know what I'm waiting to hear." Sirius scolds softly.

"To pay attention to my Professor and keep my mind on what I'm supposed to be doing. No one will be hurt when I pay attention to my work." Harry replies quietly.

"The 'no one will be hurt', includes you son. You would not have received that spanking if you had behaved as you are to do. Isn't this true?"

"Yes sir. Are you going to punish me too?"

"No son. I believe you have had enough punishment for this. If I hear of any more times when you are not doing as you were told, I will punish you. You are to listen and follow the class/school rules. Correct?"

"Yes Dad."

"Good, let's get our dinner started, I'm hungry." Sirius says ruffling Harry's hair as he walks by.

Just as they finish dinner, there's a knock on the door.

"I'll get it Dad, while you dish up the pudding and cake." Harry exclaims jumping from his seat and rushing to the door.

"Oh, Hi, Draco. Want to come in for dessert?"

"Hi, I can't stay but here's your bag. You left your books in the Potions classroom and Dad told me to bring them to you."

"Thanks so much, Draco." Harry answers cheekily.

"Dad also told me to tell you he expects the five foot essay on what you did wrong on the potion plus two hundred lines of "I will listen to the Professor's lecture from now on." They're due by noon tomorrow." Draco announces, chuckling at Harry's shocked face.

"What lines? What essay? I got punished already and that was enough! I should not have more after I got my bum burned!"

"AHH, so he spanked you did he? I wondered what he would do to you for blowing up the potion that way. You deserved it, you know." Draco smirks.

"I DID NOT BLOW UP THE POTION!" Harry yells, causing Sirius to come to the kitchen doorway.

"Harry? Hello Draco, would you like to join us for dessert?"

"I can't Uncle Sirius, thank you. I just came by to give Harry his books from today and have to go back home."

"Did you thank Draco for his kindness, Harry?" Sirius asks causing Harry to roll his eyes while his back was to his Dad.

"Thank you so much for your kindness in remembering to bring me my books and homework." Harry answers glaring at Draco.

"You are welcome. By the way, I was joking about the lines and essay."

Before Draco can turn to walk away, Harry punches him straight in the nose causing it to bleed all over his shirt.

"I hope you find that funny too, Malfoy! You aren't so high and mighty now are you?" Harry sneers at the boy covering his nose and moaning.

"Harry James Potter-Black! Go to your room right now! We will discuss this abominable behavior later! Go!" Sirius commands sternly as he pulls Draco to the nearby couch.

After healing Draco's nose with a spell, cleaning the blood off his face and wiping his tears, Sirius says "I'm sorry Draco. I don't know what has Harry acting this way. He will be punished and he will apologize to you! Thank you again for bringing his books. Use the floo to get back to your Dad's quarters."

"Uncle Sirius, please don't punish him. I deserved it in a way. I was teasing him. He's been on edge lately and I should of known not to tease him."

"That's kind of you, son. Go on to your Dad, he's probably wondering where you are by now."

Walking into his son's room without knocking, Sirius finds Harry sobbing into his pillow.

"Sit up and explain what prompted this behavior tonight. Draco did nothing to you, I was watching." Sirius says firmly.

"I know. I just lost it, Dad. I haven't been sleeping well and I just lost my temper when he teased me. He told me Uncle Sev had assigned an essay and lines and then later told me it was a joke. I didn't think it was funny at all."

"Lashing out at someone is not acceptable behavior, Harry. You know this as we've talked many times about this very thing. I'm disappointed in you. Now, what is it that is causing your restlessness at night? Being tired I understand but fighting I do not."

"I guess I'm just excited about the Halloween activities coming up." Harry replies thinking there was no way he was going to admit the real reason. Nightmares about a monster seen in Knockturn Alley would not be something to tell his Dad.

"Are you certain that is all that is keeping you from sleeping well? There isn't anything else you aren't telling me?" Sirius asks searching Harry's face.

"I'm just really excited about my costume and the party, Dad."

"Well young man, you are lucky I'm not taking the party away from you. Your punishment ought to be a trip over my knee, but since you were already punished that way today, we will go a different route. Harry, you are grounded for the next two days. You will go to class and lunch and that's all. You will be in your room the rest of the time even for meals. While you are here, think about your behavior today. I will allow you to participate in the Halloween festivities but, listen well, Harry. If you find yourself in any more trouble between then and Winter break, I guarantee you a very sore backside and being grounded for a month! Understand me?"

"Yes Sir."

"Very well then, I want you to write an apology letter to Draco right now. We will have Dobby deliver it as soon as you're through. You will also apologize in person when you see him tomorrow."

"Yes, Dad."

Finding parchment in his desk drawer, Harry writes out a short note apologizing to Draco. He then writes a message to Ron.


Show this to the doubles. The stars are out. Watch them carefully. Don't forget to use the Alphabet chart.

13 25 ... 4 1 4 ... 9 19 ... 17 21 5 19 20 9 15 14 19 14 7... 1 14 4... 19 21 19 1 15 21 19 .

4 15... 14 15 20... 12 5 20... 19 12 9 16... 1 2 15 21 20... 15 21 18... 20 18 9 16.


Dad, I'm finished with my letter. I wrote Ron to tell him I was grounded because he won't be at breakfast tomorrow. He has early detention and has to eat there. May I call Dobby to deliver the letters?" Harry asks as he stands in his doorway talking to Sirius in the sitting area.

"Yes, call him and ask him to deliver the notes. After that it's bathtime and finish your homework. I want you in bed by nine thirty."

Studying the note Dobby just delivered, Ron can't make much out of it. Sighing, he walks to his brother's room in the upper level dorm.

"Guys, I just got this note and I can't make it out. I need your help." He tells them.

"Ron, you have to have permission to be in our dorm. You are risking trouble. I'm proud of you!" Fred says grinning.

Looking at the note Harry sent, George says "I've worked it out. He's sending a coded message. Hand me a quill." Quickly writing out the alphabet with each letter having a number he solves the code.

"The message is: 'My Dad is questioning and suspicious. Do not let slip about our trip.' That boy can rhyme!" George says grinning.

"Yeah, okay but what about this first part that isn't in code. The part about watching the stars makes no sense!" Ron says irritably.

"That's easy enough. He's talking about stars because Sirius is the Astronomy Professor. He's warning us to watch for him as he may question us on the trip. You can keep it zipped can't you Ron?" Fred asks.

"I hope I can. I don't want any of us to be found out. We'd never sit again!" Ron answers shuddering at the thought.

"You just keep Mum and Mum won't know!" George snickers shoving his little brother out the door. "Go to your dorm and stay before you get caught!"

The day for the Halloween party finally arrives and Harry is released from his grounding. Bouncing around the sitting area in his costume, Harry hears "Harry! Calm down before you hurt yourself! I have to cast the headless spell and can't do it with you impersonating a kangaroo!"

"Yes Dad, but can you hurry? I want to meet Draco and Ron before we go to the Great Hall!" Harry answers smiling.

"Yes Impatient One, you have told me this four times now. Before you bounce off again, tell me the rules for tonight."

"DAAAAD! We've talked this to death! Pleeeeease can't I just go now?"

"Not until you repeat the rules for tonight. If you can't show me you understand the rules, we can remain here."

"Fine! Stay with the other students in the Great Hall. I must remain in sight of an adult at all times. No using magic without an adult supervising. I'm to stay in the Great Hall until you or Uncle Remus escorts me home." Harry rattles off the list huffily.

"Lose the attitude, Harry James. I'm only trying to see to your safety. I will not be there for all of the events so I have to be sure you are safe. There are wards around the castle but things can happen. Promise me you will not take risks tonight."

"Yes Dad. Where are you going to be if not at the party?"

"There's an Order meeting tonight. Both Severus and I have to attend. Remus is in charge of you and Draco if I'm not around. You mind what he tells you."

"Yes sir. May I PLEASE go now?" Harry whines pitifully.

"Yes brat, enjoy yourself but don't overdo the sweets. Save some for the rest of the week. You don't want to be up all night having to take potions for your stomach." Sirius answers giving the boy a light tap on his backside.

Meeting his friends outside the doors to the Great Hall, Draco asks "What took so long? We've been waiting forever!"

"Dad. I had to recite the rule list and nearly take a blood oath to obey Uncle Remus just to get to come. YEEESH, the man is paranoid lately! All I get is rules and escorts and lectures about keeping safe and behaving myself. Merlin, I'm ready to get away from him for a fun time!"

"Yeah, I got the same treatment. Ron and Neville said they got notes from home listing do's and don'ts for tonight. All the adults are worried that we may be in for trouble from the V. supporters tonight. I'm not allowed to leave the Hall without an escort. I guess that means we'll have to ask an adult to walk us to the loo!" Draco tells him.

Turning to look at his friends, Harry says "Ron! You are a sneaky one! When you bought all the Quidditch things I didn't even think you were going to use them in a costume. You look great as a Chuddley Cannon team member! Neville, your Venus Fly Trap costume is terrific. Your Gran did a good job sewing it. I see she used magic to make the fly go in and out to be eaten over and over! Drake, you make one eerie looking vampire! Let's go in, guys. I know this is going to be a night we'll remember."

"Thanks Cousin, you look great yourself. What's that on your fingernails?" Draco asks.

"I put brown polish on them to make them look dirty. Headless is not a well kept guy this time. Do you see my head next to me? Dad did a spell on me to make my head float beside me. You shouldn't be able to see my real head. Can you?" Harry asks.

"Well, yeah a little, you have to look carefully to see it though." Ron answers.

"I'm going to go ask Uncle Remus something. You guys go on over to the first table exhibit and I'll be back." Harry responds waking toward the spot where his uncle is standing.

"Well, hello there Headless. What brings you over tonight?" Remus asks cheerfully.

"The guys can still see my real head. Dad was supposed to cast an invisibility spell on my head so no one could see it. Can you do it for me?"

"I can try, Harry. It's difficult to do for just part of something." Drawing his wand he points it at Harry's head and chants "Absconditus caput".

"What did you say and did it work?" Harry asks.

"I used latin for hidden and head. Yes, I do believe it worked. When the night is over come to me and I'll take off the charm. We can't have you going about without your head all the time."

"Thanks Uncle Remus, you are great! Bye, see you later." Harry calls dashing across to the table where his friends wait.

"Now do you see my real head?" He asks breathlessly.

"No, not at all." Hermione answers having come up while he was with Remus.

"Hermione! You look smashing tonight! I love the small pumpkin carriage with you!" Harry says looking at her Cinderella dress.

"Thank you Headless. Now what shall we try first? Bobbing for apples, the bat cave, or the chairs?"

"I say the apples, as I'm hungry." Ron replies.

Walking over to the area designated as Apple Way, the five children see an old fashioned washtub filled with apples floating in water. One student at a time is attempting to pick up an apple from the tub with just their mouth. Looking closer the boys see the students have their hands tied behind them.

"Hello, welcome to Apple Way. Do you want to try the washtub or catching one hanging from the cords?" Professor McGonagall asks motioning to the long line of apples hanging at various lengths of cord.

"I want to try the tub!" Harry and Ron say together.

"Very well, you must have your hands tied and lean over the tub. You have six tries to catch an apple. I must warn you, these apples are a little different than you normally see." The Professor tells them.

"I'll go, Harry." Ron says immediately ducking his face in the tub.

"OWW!" He sputters coming up for air. "An apple BIT me! They bite back!"

Grinning an evil Vampire grin, Draco tells him "You just discovered some angry apples. Look closely at them, they are all scowling at us! You still want to try it?"

"Not if the apple is going to bite me before I bite it!" Ron answers.

"Come then, let's go find another area to do. What's it going to be now, the chairs or the pinata?" Harry asks his friends.

"What is it with this chairs you keep talking about?" Neville asks curiously.

"I'm not sure exactly, it's just one of the things to do. See the sign over there it says musical chairs." Harry answers.

"Well, let's go check into that. I like music and I think this will be fun to do." Hermione tells the boys.

"Fine, but after this can we go get some food? Just look at all the food laid out on those tables!" Ron motions towards the front of the Hall near where the Head table is. "I see pumpkin pasties!"

"Ron! We've only been here thirty minutes. Can't we have a little fun before you stuff yourself?" Hermione asks him.

"I can wait a little longer but I'm hungry. I haven't had anything since lunch!" Ron replies following her into the partitioned off section. This area had bales of hay sitting up against the partitions and different sizes of Jack- o -lanterns spread out on the hay. Six black cushioned but armless, chairs sat in a straight line. Standing nearby is Professor Flitwick, their Charms professor.

"Come in, Come in, enter our little game. You are our first group to participate. I guess I'll have to recruit more to come but for now, come take a seat. Let me explain what we will do."

After the five children are seated he continues. "We play music and while you hear the music you will walk around the chairs, when the music stops you quickly sit down. One of you will be out and the rest continue until there is only one person left. That person wins the prize. Everyone understand?"

"Professor, I have played this before and we have too many chairs here. We should only have four chairs to begin the game with five people." Hermione speaks up.

"Ah, yes but that is the muggle version, my child. You will see this works a little differently. Now are we ready?" At the "Yes Professors" he hears he waves his wand and the music begins. The group circles the chairs five times before the music suddenly stops. All five children plop down into a chair wondering what might happen. In a second, Draco is bucked out of his chair when the chair suddenly drops it's front legs to the floor causing him to tip out.

"Ouch! That chair broke." Draco complains.

"Not so, Mr. Snape. The chair dumped you out. You are out of the game. Let's continue."

The children walk around again and when the music stops everyone finds a chair avoiding the one Draco sat in. This strategy proves unsuccessful when Neville's chair rises into the air about two feet, turns around and tips him out backwards.

Laughing, Neville gets to his feet. "Well, I'm out now. That was funny!"

Each time the chair tips someone out, it does so in an unexpected way. Harry's chair turns upside down after rising off the floor. The game continues until Professor Flitwick declares "Mr. Ron Weasley is the winner, he is the only one who found a chair willing to accept him. Congratulations Mr. Weasley. Your prize will be a box of Chocolate Frogs. Take this ticket to the prize table to claim it."

Giggling at the silliness of the game, the five children walk out of the area.

"Musical Chairs is a great event! Try it out!" Harry tells a group of kids as they pass by.

"Where's your horse, oh headless one? If you are supposed to be the Headless Horseman you need a horse!" one of the boys sneers at Harry.

"Leave us be, Jeremy. We aren't bothering you so go on about your business!" Draco replies recognizing the voice.

"Your costume looks very nice, Jeremy. You look just like a wolf." Harry praises the boy.

"I'm not a wolf, you imbecile! I'm a WEREwolf!"

Turning to Draco, he says "Where's your coffin, vampire? You two make a great pair. Coffinless vampires and horseless headsman!" Jeremy and his friends find this so funny they can't stop laughing.

"As I said, we are not bothering you so leave and go about your business!" Draco repeats a little more angrily this time.

"And what if my business is right here? Why should I be forced to leave. You leave and take your pathetic group of cowardly friends with you!"

Reaching into his shirt sleeve, Draco pulls his wand.

"Drake! NO! He's not worth the punishment you will get if you use that! This can be ignored, don't do it!" Harry whispers in Draco's ear all the while holding Draco's wand arm down by his side.

Tugging on Draco's cape, Hermione says "It's best to ignore impolite children. Come Draco, let's find Ron and have something to eat."

"You just got lucky, Pippen! I don't want to cross paths again tonight or I might forget myself and hex you!" Draco growls softly before following Harry, Hermione and Neville.

Walking up to the tables loaded with food, the children see several cauldrons full of punch, bottles of butterbeer, and hot cocoa. All along the black and orange tables are different sized pumpkins, bats, brooms, witches, ghosts all made of chocolate. Each time a decoration is taken to be eaten, another pops into place to replace it.

"Oh, hi. You found me, I see. Look at this spread, we have pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cake, pumpkin juice, pumpkin soup, and even chocolate pumpkins with orange cream in the middle." Ron tells his friends as they walk up.

"I see you found the sweets already. Seriously Ron, don't you think you should have some chicken salad sandwiches, the soup, or something besides sweets?" Hermione asks scornfully.

"Shut it, Hermione. Your my friend not my Mum! Halloween and parties are meant for sweets. Let up and try to be a normal kid for once!"

"Well, if you are going to be mean and hateful, I'm leaving! Overdose on sugar for all I care. Don't come to me complaining when you have a stomachache!" Hermione says whirling around to stalk off.

"Hermione, wait. Don't leave just because Chuddley Cannon here, is being an idiot. " Harry calls but sees his friend leaving. "Don't ruin the fun we are having, Ron! Apologize to her!" Harry whispers.

"Fine, come on, let's go after her and I'll apologize." Ron agrees reluctantly.

Following Hermione as she weaves through the thick crowd of students, they see her leave the Great Hall.

"Now what do we do? We are under orders not to leave without an adult. We can't tell an adult or we'll get Ron in trouble." Draco tells Harry.

"I'm going after her. You can stay or come, it's up to you."

"I'm staying, Harry. My Gran would kill me for disobeying her." Neville replies.

"I'm coming." Draco answers looking at Ron.

"Since I started this, I guess it's up to me to stop it. I'll come too. Let's go find her." Ron says sighing. "Girls just have to get their feelings hurt. Merlin! What a mess!"

"Yes, and it's YOUR mess to clean up!" Harry tells him as they walk through the doors.

"Where do you suppose she went?" Draco asks.

"Young men, if you are looking for Miss. Granger, she went to the second floor lavatory." A voice answers Draco's question.

"Thank you Nearly Headless Nick. We did not know where to start looking." Harry replies.

"Nice costume young Harry. You and I could be brothers!" Nick answers laughing to himself as he floats into the Great Hall.

Walking up the stairs looking around carefully for professors, Harry whispers to his friends. "We can't get caught up here. There's no explanation good enough to keep us out of trouble if we do. Ron, both Draco and I are under strict orders not to leave the Great Hall. Our Dads will go mental if they hear about this so you better have a good apology ready when we get to Hermione. I want to get back to the Hall before we are found out!"

"I have one, Harry. She may not accept it though." Ron replies just as they hear Hermione scream from the girl's lavatory.

"She's in trouble! Let's go and HURRY!" Harry says running towards the screams.

Bursting through the door of the Lavatory, all three boys stop dead in their tracks. Harry can't believe what his eyes are seeing.

"Uh, Draco? Ron? Do you see what I'm seeing?" he asks his voice shaking in fear.

"Harry! Help Me! IT'S AFTER ME!" Hermione screams to the frozen boy in the doorway.

TBC Chapter 14 :)

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