Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 14: Halloween Part 2

Harry Potter Junior Level ch. 14

Halloween: Part 2

Standing in the doorway of the girl's lavatory, Harry, Ron and Draco stare open mouthed at the scene in front of them. Hermione is cowering against the back corner, her face streaked with tears as a monster hovers over her.

"Go AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!" She shrieks as the monster walks closer to her. "GO ON GET BACK!" Hermione shouts covering her head. She's trapped against the sinks and the stalls with nowhere to move.

"You! Get Away From Her! Leave Her Alone You UGLY Arse!" Harry yells running forward to kick at the legs of the monster. "Come ON, Draco! You have to help me! You can't let the monster from Knockturn Alley get her! You remember what you saw! You had nightmares about it!"

"Harry, that is not the monster I saw. The one I saw in Knockturn Alley at the Potion's shop, didn't have polka dots and green hair. This is something else!"

"It's the one I saw in Knockturn Alley! We can't let it harm Hermione! Help me, Ron! Don't stand there staring like my dumbarse cousin!" Harry calls to the other boy standing in the doorway. "Run at it, wave your hands. Yell, kick it ! Just do something to help me!"

"Harry Potter-Black, do you really think I would hurt Hermione?" The monster asks calmly.

"How do you know our names? Are you a death eater in disguise?" Harry asks as he pummels the monster with his fists. Seeing he isn't going to get any help from his friends he decides to attack without them.

"Alright young Mr. Black, back off. I will reveal who I really am but only to you four. You must not spoil the surprise for everyone else." The monster announces calmly, holding Harry at bay with one hand.

"By the way young man, you should not have been in Knockturn Alley nor should you be using the word 'arse'. I know your father would not approve of either of those two things. Neither do I, for that matter." The monster scolds as his free hand removes his wand from somewhere on his body.

"RON, DRACO, It has a wand! DO SOMETHING!" Harry calls again to his dumbstruck friends.

"I'm not here to hurt anyone. Now all of you watch and calm yourselves" The monster replies as it waves the wand over it's face.

The four children gasp in shock to see the face transform from a multi eyed monster to Professor Dumbledore.

"Oh Merlin! I am sorry Gram... Professor Dumbledore." Harry says, suddenly feeling very nervous about his language and for his actions.

"Ron, Draco, Please escort Hermione back to the Great Hall. Harry and I will be along in a few minutes. Remember no one is to know who I am."

"Yes sir." both boys answer moving forward to help Hermione out of the loo.

"I guess I'm in a lot of trouble now. I'm sorry for hitting and kicking you sir. Please don't punish me, I thought you were a real monster!" Harry says as the door closes behind his friends.

"I'm afraid there are people out there who would agree that I am a real monster. You were protecting your friend and I forgive you. I'm proud of you for standing up to something you felt was harmful. However, I'm disappointed also, Harry. You know better than to follow the twins into Knockturn Alley the way you did! What would Sirius say about this?"

"He'd lecture me on safety and obedience and then he'd turn my bottom ruby red, sir. Not only that but I would be grounded until I'm really old like fourteen! I suppose you will tell him of my trip and my language here? You don't have to, you could punish me yourself. You can whack me if you want, I won't mind."

"What do you say to making a pact where you promise me to never go there again without an adult and to clean up your mouth?" Dumbledore suggests.

"Honest? You won't tell or punish me? I love you Grampa. I promise to obey you." Harry answers hugging the monster.

"Good, let's go to the Great Hall and remember, you have no idea who I am."

"Nope, no idea at all. You sure are one ugly and scary looking monster!" Harry tells him as he walks out of the room.

Inside the Great Hall, Remus asks Professor McGonagall "Have you seen Harry or Draco in the last twenty minutes or so? They are dressed as Dracula and the Headless Horseman. I've been walking around the Hall and can't find them! I'm supposed to be looking after them tonight, while Sirius and Severus attend the council meeting."

"Calm down, they wouldn't get far dressed the way they are!" She answers smiling at her rhyme.

"Professor, as I said, I am in charge tonight and they were told to stay in the Hall. Something must be wrong as they are not ..." He stops as the large doors to the Great Hall are pulled open and the missing children enter following a hideous looking monster.

"Who could the monster be?" Remus hears McGonagall ask but ignores her as he makes his way towards the boys. Getting close enough, he takes each by the arm.

"You two are coming with me! Let's go boys and not one word from either of you right now!" Remus whispers, leaning down near the boys. Leading them back out and up a flight of stairs into an empty classroom, he asks " Draco! Harry James! I want the truth! Just where were the two of you? You were told not to leave the Hall and yet when I searched it, there was no sign of you!"

Swallowing first and thinking fast, Harry answers "That monster is Professor Dumbledore and he was with us. We were in the Loo, Uncle Remus. We thought as long as an adult was with us it would be fine to be out of the Hall."

"Draco, is the reason Harry just gave, the same for you?" Remus asks staring into the boy's eyes. If the boy can't meet his gaze he knows he is not being truthful.

"Yes sir. We were in the loo and the monster is the Headmaster. We didn't mean to worry anyone, sir." Draco answers meeting Remus' gaze easily.

"I accept your apology but, I absolutely do not want to find you missing again tonight! You stay in the Great Hall! If you need the loo, you come find me and I will walk you there and back! I can and will tan your hide if necessary! Are we clear on this now or do I need to start swatting?"

"I'm good!" Harry answers backing away from his irate Uncle.

"Understood, sir. I'm fine, thanks." Draco replies also walking backwards.

"Stop! You will walk back with me. Let's go." Remus commands, as the two boys reach the classroom door.

Finding the rest of their group by spotting Ron's bright orange Chuddley Cannons jersey, Harry and Draco rejoin their friends.

"You okay, mates? Either of you need a cooling spell for the bum area? The way Professor Lupin dragged you out, I guess he applied his hand to your bum." Ron says.

"No, we're alright. We got a reaming out but that was all. Harry is one quick thinker and told enough of the story to get us out of trouble. We have to watch it and not get caught out of the Hall or we'll catch that hand action!" Draco answers quietly.

"Let's go do the Bat Pinata! I hear it's full of joke products and candy from the Hogsmeade shops!" Ron tells his friends.

"Welcome to the Pinata Party! Come grab a Quidditch bat and each of you take a turn to swing once. Beware, this is not an ordinary pinata." Professor Sprout tells them as they enter the tall dividers draped with black netting and covered with glistening live, but stunned bats.

"Ron, you go first as it was your choice to come here." Draco tells him as he hands Ron the bat.

"Step up to the line. Now watch the pinata and swing when you are ready." Professor Sprout instructs.

"This is going to be hard to whack, if it keeps flying out of the way!" Ron complains after swinging and missing the target.

"Who is next? How about you Dracula?" Harry asks taking another beater's bat and handing it to Draco.

After everyone had three tries to hit it, Professor Sprout tells them "Alright I'll let you in on the secret to success. You must keep it quiet though. Promise?" Receiving nods of agreement she whispers, "To hit and break it you must use your bat senses not your eyes but another sense. Now try again. This time close your eyes and try to listen for it as it comes near."

Ron takes his place on the line and follows her instructions. Listening carefully, he swings when he hears a sound and is rewarded with a loud CRACK as the pinata breaks open.

"Great Job Chuddley!" Draco calls enthusiastically as Harry, Neville and Hermione scoop up treats. "Save some for me!" he says bending to get his own loot.

"Here you are children. Use these little sacks for your treats. You may have as much as you can get in the sack. The rest will be sent back up into the pinata for the next group to have." Professor Sprout says, handing out bags.

"You're using the pinata again?" Harry asks.

"Yes, with magic, I just repair it and it's filled, new and ready to be used."

"Come on Harry, the food tables are calling my name! Let's go eat! We've got time to do more after we check out the spread!" Ron complains tugging on his friend's arm.

"Enjoy the rest of the night, children. I'll see you in class on Monday with your essays on the uses of the snapdragon."

"Professor! You didn't assign any essay! I would have remembered if you did." Hermione replies with concern.

"Hmm, that's correct, my Cinderella. See there I can play a trick on you! Happy Halloween!" Professor Sprout cackles in her best muggle witch sound.

Laughing, the five friends walk over to the tables covered with orange and black tablecloths. One table has three kinds of punch in cauldrons. One slime green, one smoking black and one bright fizzing orange. Each cauldron magically refills itself as the punch gets low. On another table is a layout of all kinds of treats made with pumpkin. There's individual pies, cookies, cakes, pudding, cupcakes, punch, baked pumpkin with marshmallows, nuts and raisins, there are pumpkin candies also. Another table is loaded with sandwiches cut into bats, pumpkins, cauldrons, wizard hats, or ghost shapes. This table has pumpkin soup that Ron insists is good.

"Try it Harry, it's really tasty."

"No, thank you Chuddley. I don't care for any at this time. My headless condition makes me not able to sip soup!" Harry answers grinning.

"Try one of the cauldron cakes, mates. It's chocolate with orange creme inside. It's really good!" Neville tells them stuffing the last bite into his mouth.

"I thought Venus Fly Traps only ate flies!" Draco teases as Neville reaches for a bat shaped sandwich.

"Well, this one eats anything that tastes good. I'm starving."

Walking up to the boys with a cup of green punch, Hermione says "You have to try the green punch. It's lime and lemon favored with a touch of something I can't figure out but it's really delicious. The black one is chocolate flavored I believe. I didn't taste the orange one but I would guess it's orange or pumpkin flavored. Have you noticed the HUGE pumpkins along the ends of the tables? I wonder who carved all the Jack o'lanterns that are decorating the tables?"

"I believe the professors did them. Dad did the one with the cat face. He complained that it should be a dog face instead! I told him dogs weren't part of the Halloween tradition." Harry exclaims between bites of a sandwich.

"What are we going to do after we eat? We haven't done the events in section five or six yet. We also skipped over section three. We could go back and do that one." Neville says.

"Section three is Professor Trelawney and her crystal ball fortunes. I really don't want to know I'm going to die by the age of twelve again. She's told me this only about a trillion times since I came to the school! Dad said to ignore her predictions and that I would not be taking her class! Let's go see what's going on up front as I see a crowd around the platform." Harry answers, walking off, not waiting for anyone to disagree.

"Well are we going to go with Headless or split up? I'm going with Headless!" Draco tells the others.

"We're sticking together so let's all go." Hermione answers for the group.

As the children are enjoying the Halloween festivities, Sirius and Severus are finding the meeting to be a tense one.

"There is evidence, recent evidence that He Who Shall Not Be Named has been gathering power. There are also many more supporters ready and able to defend him. What precautions are being taken to protect citizens and especially the children of Hogwarts?" A member of the council asks.

"Hogwarts has tripled the wards around itself. Professor Dumbledore has checked and rechecked these wards and all are secure. The students are not permitted off the grounds of the school without an adult escort. Each dorm has also been warded to prevent anyone from entering. We change the passwords weekly, also." Severus answers.

"And what of young Harry Potter? He is our best hope you know for the defeat in the future. Is he being kept safe and up to date on his training? He's nearly old enough to be taught Defense Against the Dark Arts as he is a prodigy."

"You are speaking of my son. He's ten years old and not some pawn to be manipulated into a fighting machine. I don't believe in teaching him anything about defending against the dark arts at this time. He is taking basic defense lessons."

"Mr. Black, the council is aware, the prophecy states that young Potter will ..."

"STOP! ONE- His name is Harry James Potter BLACK. TWO- I do not care to hear a repeat of some prophecy made ten years ago! THREE- I AM HIS FATHER AND AS SUCH I MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS ABOUT MY SON! Now do you have any further questions about Hogwarts School or is the council only interested in one ten year old child?"

"He is a very special child, Sirius. Even you must admit this fact. We are only concerned." One councilman replies, trying to placate Sirius.

"Yes, he is a very special child because he is my child. Now, it appears as if our business here is done. By your leave, gentlemen." Sirius replies standing and walking out of the room his dress robes swirling around him.

"Professor Snape, reason with Professor Black. You know what we are discussing here, is our future. Talk to him."

"I know that what you are discussing here is my nephew. I am in agreement with Sirius in all ways. Harry is a child and will be raised as every other child in wizarding society. Good night Councilman Everett." Severus replies standing to follow Sirius from the room.

Catching up with Sirius at the apparation point, Severus just looks at him waiting for the onslaught he knows is coming.

"How DARE they talk about Harry as if he is some machine created just for their benefit! I thought this council meeting was to discuss the safety and training of all Hogwarts students not just my child. If they think they are going to turn Harry into a warrior they are sadly mistaken! I could care less what some outlandish foolish prophecy says. It may not even be about Harry! How many other wizarding families have sons born in the same time period? More than just Lily and James, I'm positive of that!" Sirius exclaims angrily, his hair whipping around his head and eyes blazing with anger.

"I'm on your side here, Sirius. I told them I was in agreement with you and walked out. Now let's go home to enjoy Halloween with the boys. We still have to change into our costumes. I can not believe I let Draco talk me into dressing as Igor! What did Harry choose for you?"

"I chose it myself. Harry doesn't know what I'm to be so don't let on. I want to surprise the boys. I'm dressing as a two headed dragon. I ordered the costume from the shop in Diagon Alley."

"I wish I had not let Draco talk me into this. I'm going to feel ridiculous." Severus tells him.

"This should be a sight to see, no nonsense Professor Snape dressing up for Halloween. Let's go Igor, I want to get back in time for some of the fun."

"Shut it, Two Head!" Severus says just before apparating, sounding very much like his son.

Arriving back at the castle, after changing into their costumes, the men join the children in the Great Hall.

"Well students, I am happy to see everyone enjoying the Halloween festivities for the lower form. If all the junior level students will please come to the front, we are going to have our costume judging at this time. We have four prize packages to give out tonight. For the winners of Third, Second, or First place, the prize will be given here. For our Grand Prize winner, the prize will be a trip to Hogsmeade to Fortescues Ice Cream Parlor for four people. Now votes have been gathered all evening for the best costumes. We will start with third place." Professor McGonagall announces, as the children line up behind her on the platform put in place for the evening.

"Good Luck, Hermione. I think your costume is the prettiest of all the girls." Harry whispers to his friend beside him.

"Thank you. You should win something because no one has a costume as creative as yours is." She whispers back.

"Children, settle back there so we may begin!" When the whispering and rustling stops, McGonagall reads the list she summoned from the tallying of votes.

"For the third place prize, a box of chocolate frogs with cards, we congratulate Christopher Fox on his Merlin costume. Mr. Fox, step forward please."

A small nine year old hesitantly walks out of the line to claim his prize as everyone applauds.

"For the second place winner, we have a prize of a gift certificate to any store in Diagon Alley. This goes to Hermione Granger for her superb Cinderella costume. Miss. Granger used her creativity to shrink a real pumpkin for a carriage. Excellent spell casting Miss. Granger! Please come forward."

"These next two were nearly tied. There is a one vote difference in First Place and the Grand Prize winner. I ask Mr. Potter-Black and Mr. Longbottom to step forward please."

Listening and watching from the side of the room, Sirius watches as Harry walks forward happily.

"For the First Place winner, we have a prize of a certificate to Hogsmeade and the opportunity to waive one homework assignment this term. This prize is awarded to Mr. Potter-Black! Congratulations Harry! Your costume choice of the Headless Horseman and use of magic to create the illusion of a floating head is outstanding." McGonagall tells him.

"Thank you Professor." Harry replies smiling at Neville.

At hearing a few grumblings over the fact Harry didn't cast the spell himself, McGonagall says "Students were not required to use the magic themselves. Remember the rule was create a costume and the use of one spell to enhance the costume. Mr. Potter Black followed the rules."

"This means the Grand Prize for the Junior Level students goes to Mr. Neville Longbottom! His creativity to make a Venus Fly Trap costume is remarkable. Congratulations Mr. Longbottom on winning the trip to the Ice Cream Parlor. Everyone on stage may leave. We'll have the judging for the First and Second years now. All First years come to the stage, please." Professor Lupin calls out as he is the announcer for the next two groups.

"Congratulations Neville, you won the top prize!" Draco tells the boy staring at his gift certificate.

"I really did, didn't I? I won something. I've never won anything before. I can't even win at wizard's chess or regular chess either. Gran will be so surprised! What will I do with the certificate for tonight. I have nowhere to put it to keep it safe." Neville replies.

"That's easily remedied my child. We'll just have it sent to your dorm room to keep." The monster known as the Headmaster tells him as he walks up.

As the judging for the second year students ends, Professor Lupin announces "Students, you are now going to vote for which of the faculty has the best three costumes. You may write your choice on the paper that is appearing right about now." As he says this, paper and quills pop out of the air beside each group of two to three students. "All of the Faculty wearing a costume, please line up on the stage behind me."

Minutes later, the votes have been magically recorded on a single paper that appears in Remus' hand.

"We will now announce the winners. Starting with Third place, the winner is the person dressed as a Gargoyle. Please come and reveal your true identity."

The students gasp as Professor Flitwick removes his headpiece. He's of average height in the costume so they are amazed to see him."

"Congratulations Finnius, you had us all fooled!" Remus says, shaking his hand.

"Second Place goes to the person wearing the Igor costume. Please come forward and tell us who you are."

As Severus waves his wand over his face, the costume parts to reveal his face causing the students to gasp again.

"I imagine if you had known who I was you would not have chosen me. Thank you for voting for my costume." Severus tells the silent students.

"Now for the First Place winner tonight, we have a tie. Will the Polka Dot Monster and the Two Headed Dragon step forward? Alright we'll do the Dragon first, please reveal your identity."

"Professor Black!" The students call as he removes his headgear and bows before them.

"Now, for the Monster, please."

"I am sorry but I am unable to reveal my true identity. You see, I changed myself into the monster. I am not wearing a costume." Dumbledore whispers to Remus.

"Hmm, we seem to have a problem here children. The monster has informed me that this is a spell not a costume. Now, discuss this among yourselves and we'll see which group can guess who this might be."

"First Years, I see you have a spokesperson. What is your guess?"

"We voted and the winning answer is Hagrid!"

"No, I'm sorry that isn't correct. Second Years? "

"We voted for Hagrid also."

"Junior Level? What is your guess?" Remus calls, noticing Harry and his friends have removed themselves from the group.

"We decided the monster must be Professor Dumbledore!" Ginny Weasley calls out loudly.

"We have a winner! Congratulations Junior Level. Hold on, the monster wishes to say something."Remus tells the children.

"Junior Level students, your prize for correctly guessing my identity is each house will get to choose a new dessert to be made for our dinners. Just tell the House Elves your choice. Everyone we have one hour to enjoy the festivities before curfew, go have fun!" The Headmaster announces loudly as cheers erupt among the Junior Level.

"Harry, Ron, there aren't many sections left here in the carnival. Would you all like to come to my place and do something else?" Draco asks.

"What about Hermione and Neville?" Harry asks his cousin.

"I meant for them to come too if they want to that is. We can play exploding snap or Wizard's chess. I have a new set of Potions supplies and recipes if you want to make some. We might even be able to get into the real potions supplies and lab. I think I know the combination to the door lock."

"What about your Dad though? He's here and could catch us." Ron asks.

"He and Uncle Sirius are going to be busy monitoring the rest of the activities tonight. They have to go chaperone the older kids Halloween Ball since they missed most of our carnival." Draco tells him.

"Well do you have something good we can make to eat?" Ron asks.

"Ron! You've eaten too much already tonight!" Hermione scolds.

"That was sweet stuff. Now I'm ready for some real food. So, what do you say Snape?"

"I'm sure we can find you something, bottomless pit! If not we'll call the house elves to get us a dinner!"

"Oh Merlin Yes! Let's do that! I'd love to try the hamburger meal you and Harry talk about all the time. My Mum doesn't believe that's real food so she won't allow us to have any." Ron says rubbing his stomach in anticipation.

Severus walks into his Quarters two hours later to find five young children asleep on the living room floor. Looking around he sees the remains of what appears to be milkshake glasses and plates. On one plate is a half eaten hamburger with a few fries beside it. Spread throughout his living room is Halloween candy, joke products, some which have been used, remnants of exploding snap games, a chess set with pieces obliterated from wizard's chess and one empty vial.

Walking over to his son who is spread out on his stomach beside the couch, Severus leans down to whisper "Draco! Wake up son!"

"Huh? What? Oh, uh, Hi Dad. When did you come home?"

"Just a few minutes ago. What in Merlin's name have you been up to tonight? This place is a disaster area! We'll be discussing this later. Right now I want an answer to this question. Where did you get the vial and what was in it?"

"Stomach soother, Dad. I had to go into the private storeroom to get it for Ron. He ate too much and was feeling ill."

"Come with me, Draco. I want to see exactly which vial you took." Severus exclaims holding his hand out to help the child stand up.

"This one, Dad. This pink one. That's the potion for stomach aches isn't it?"

"No Draco it isn't. The potion for stomachaches is this blue green vial marked STOMACH SOOTHER! What is written on the vial you were looking at?"

"Um, well, um, you see I could not read it in the dark and I was in a hurry 'cause he was about to be sick." At his Dad's stern glare he finally answers "The label says "itch relieving potion", Dad."

"We will be discussing this in great length tomorrow, young man! Tonight we need to wake your friends and get them to their beds. It's nearly midnight. Sirius is probably wondering where his son is. Let me take him home and I'll come back to escort Hermione, Ron and Neville to the dorm. As for you, you take a bath and go to bed! You may consider yourself grounded for the next two days for the mess you allowed to be made here tonight."

"Yes sir. I am sorry Dad. We just got carried away and were having fun."

"I realize that, son. However you do know the house rules and keeping things under control and neat is one of them. So is asking permission to have friends come over. You also know you are not to have anyone here unsupervised! Now go to the bath."

Walking back into the living room, Severus bends down to wake Harry. "Harry? Wake up son. It's time to be getting you home, Headless. Your Dad is probably pacing the floor calling everyone thru the floo looking for you. Let's wake up."

"HMMM? Dad? Uncle Sev? Where am I?"

"Currently on my living room floor. Where you need to be is home in your own bed. Let's stand up son and I'll take you home."

"Draco and I are in trouble aren't we? We just wanted to be alone and have some fun, Uncle Sev."

"I'll let you explain all of this to your Dad. Let's walk son." Severus says guiding the boy out the door and up the stairs to his home.

"Here is your wayward child Sirius and as you can see he has both heads with him still. He, Draco, Ron, Neville and Hermione were all alone in my Quarters having a smashing time. I do mean smashing as the place is a mess! They all fell asleep on the floor so I have no idea how long they've been there. Draco is grounded for the next two days for having unsupervised visits. I'll talk to you tomorrow, I have to go get the three other children to the dorm. Good Night."

"Good Night and thank you for walking him home. He's asleep on his feet! I'll take it from here." Sirius answers reaching out to take hold of his child.

"Come son, let's get you out of your costume and in the bath. Halloween is over." Sirius murmurs to the half awake boy in his arms.

"Dad? Iz 'at you? Where'm I? Where's Drake and evrr'one?"

"Yes, it's me. Draco and your friends are being put to bed the same as you. Now, walk with me to the bath. A hot bath and some milk will help you feel better.

"I didn't know I felt bad, Dad." Harry grins, awake now.

"Still, you need the bath after a long night in that costume." Sirius answers as he vanishes the costume with a wave of his wand, leaving the boy in a robe and slippers.

"Did you hear I won first prize in the costume contest, Dad? I got a gift certificate to Hogsmeade plus I get to escape from one homework assignment! I just might pick one of yours!"

"And I just might pop your backside if you don't get moving towards that bath, young man! It's been a very long night and I, for one am ready for some sleep!" Sirius answers only to be given a sad look by his son.

"You wouldn't ruin my night of honors by whacking my bum, would you?"

"Stand here and continue to run your mouth and you just might be surprised. You can share all the details of your honors in the morning. For Merlin's sake, Harry! It's after midnight!" Sirius replies, pointing to the bath.

"I'm going Dad, don't get mental on me." Harry replies as he gets out of whacking range.

The next morning after a subdued breakfast on Draco's part, Severus says "Let's go have a chat in the living room, son."

Following his Dad, Draco sees the mess he and his friends left the night before, causing him to feel a little apprehensive at this upcoming chat. Feeling it would be best to start with being apologetic, he says "I'm very sorry for the mess we made last night. I will clean it all up, Dad. We were going to pick up last night but we got so tired we fell asleep."

"I know you will clean it up and are sorry, Draco. We need to discuss the other matter on hand. What should you have done when one of your friends began to feel ill?" Severus asks from his seat on the sofa.

"I should have told an adult and let them help him. But Dad, there wasn't an adult available. Everyone was at the celebrations."

"Madam Pomfrey was available as she always is. Remus was also available and was worried as to where you and Harry were. You were to stay with him until Sirius and I returned, correct?"

"Yes sir, but you both were back by the time we came up here. We saw you at the costume contest. Harry and I thought it would be alright to be here alone as you were nearby." Draco answers.

"You are aware you are ten years old and not grown yet, correct? As such, you are not to make those types of decisions."

"Yes Dad."

"I hope you are also aware that we have rules set for what you are not allowed to do. Three of those would be: You are not to stay alone without supervision. You must have permission to have friends come over and you DO NOT go into my personal supply of potions!" Severus informs Draco sternly.

"Yes sir." Draco whispers softly, trying to avoid looking at the fierce glare being sent his way.

"Draco, you have been taught to never give someone a potion unless directed by a trained master or medi-witch. Isn't that correct?"


"So, you directly disobeyed by going into the potions closet and administering a potion alone without trained help available! Then you do not take the time to read the label and administer one that is NOT suited for the purpose you intended! You could have harmed Ron by giving him something dangerous. YOU ALWAYS READ THE LABELS! You also always check to see if the potion looks the way it should, just in case it might be mislabeled. You are a child and as such don't know the appearance of all potions which is my point in saying this. You are not qualified to administer potions, young man!"

"I'm sorry Dad. I won't ever do it again." Draco says brushing the tears out of his eyes.

"I imagine you won't. But we are going to make sure you remember this, come here, Draco."

"Dad! No, please! I said I was sorry and I will even promise on my magic that I won't do it again!" Draco says desperately, immediately knowing what his Dad intends to do.

"There will be no promise on your magic! If something like this even happened by accident you could lose your magic! Come Here. It will be worse for you if I have to come get you."

Laying over his Dad's hard lap is not the way Draco intended to begin his weekend. Feeling as if his bum is on fire, he calls out "Dad! I promise I won't ever touch a potion without permission again. Not Ever! Please stop, Dad."

His Dad's hard hand continues to burn his bum for another five licks before he finally hears "Go wash your face and then come start cleaning up. You are still grounded for the next two days, counting today, for breaking the house rules."

Harry and Sirius are having a similar talk in their quarters at the same time.

"Harry, Severus said you and your friends were alone in his Quarters for some time last night. He also said the place was a mess. I thought I told you to stay with Remus while I was away. What do you have to say about this?"

"We did stay with Uncle Remus all during the time you and Uncle Sev were at the meeting. We left the Great Hall and went to Draco's to get some time alone. We didn't mean to leave it in a mess. We had hamburgers, fries and milkshakes because Hermione, Neville, and Ron wanted to try American food. We were tired and so full after eating that we fell asleep. Before we ate we played some games and I guess that was a bit messy too. Do you want me to go help clean up?"

"Yes son I do. I think apologizing to Sev, helping clean up and also being grounded to your room for the rest of the day is enough."

"Grounded to my room? What for? I didn't do anything wrong!" Harry says loudly.

"Continue to raise your voice to me and I'll put you over my knee! You did do something wrong. You know the rule: You are not to be unsupervised. I told you to stay with Remus until I came for you not just until I appeared in the Great Hall. You disobeyed me, Harry."

"Dad, I don't mean to be disrespectful or argue with you, but what you told me was to stay with Uncle Remus until you returned. You didn't say returned home or that you would come get me. I thought you meant just until you came back from the meeting. I did what you told me. Mostly", he says to himself.

"I was safe in Uncle Severus' quarters just as I would be here. Please Dad, don't ground me. I really didn't understand what you meant." Harry pleads.

"Alright Harry, I'll let you off with just a warning this time. Let me make this very clear to you, I do not want you to be anywhere without an adult supervising. I do not want to hear of this happening again. You know the rules are there to keep you safe. We've talked about this often." Sirius replies.

"I'll follow the rules, may I go to Draco's now?"

"Be back here in one hour, Harry." Sirius says throwing the floo powder into his fireplace.

"Hi Uncle Sev. I came to help clean up from last night. I'm very sorry for making such a mess." Harry says walking into the living room from the fireplace.

"Harry. Thank you for coming and I accept your apology. I'll leave you boys to clean now." Severus answers walking out of the room.

"Hi Draco, are you okay?" Harry asks noticing his cousin's red face.

"I got spanked for giving Ron the potion. He really whacked my bum hard! I'm grounded all weekend for making this mess and having people over without permission." Draco whispers after checking to see that Severus is not nearby.

When Harry tries to stifle his giggles, Draco says furiously "It's not at all funny! I don't laugh when you get your bum smacked!"

"I'm sorry. I couldn't help but picture Dracula getting his bottom whacked by Igor! It was just a funny picture in my mind!" Harry whispers back still giggling slightly.

Smiling now and giggling a little himself, Draco says "Come Headless, help me clear up this mess before we both are in more trouble."

A/N: Thank you again to all who submitted ideas for the Halloween costume for Ron and the celebration. A big hug goes to Rubyblue 100 for letting me vent to her and for letting me bounce ideas off her also. Without her support, we might not have this chapter!

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