Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

One Day

Harry Potter Junior Level ch. 15

One Day

Life returned to normal a few weeks after the Halloween festivities. Classes were becoming routine for Harry and his friends. The weather had turned from a normal cold for Scotland, to frigid. The students were huddling together in groups while waiting for a class to let out so they could enter the warm classroom. No matter how many times a heating spell was cast, the hallways and staircases of the old castle remained cold.

"Hi, Harry. We thought you were going to be late to your Dad's class when you weren't here as we walked up." Hermione tells him as he rushes up.

"He'd be really upset with me, if I was! I forgot my assignment at home and had to run all the way there and back. Lucky for me no one saw me. Even though he knows I have it done, it wouldn't save me from being punished. He would be upset because he reminded me last night to pack my bag and I waited until this morning. I had to rush to do it and forgot to put the essay in. I went back for it because I don't want any more detentions. Last week's two days of scrubbing out cauldrons and taking apart telescopes to polish them is enough."

"What did you do to earn detention?" Ron asks having been in the infirmary during that time, with a chest infection.

"I got caught flying without having Dad's permission to be outside. Uncle Severus caught me and gave me one detention. Then he took me and made me tell Dad. I had to choose being grounded for two days or a second detention plus something else I'd rather not think of if you get my meaning. I chose not to be grounded. I absolutely hate being confined to my room with nothing to do but think about why I'm grounded. He takes all my games and books away. He leaves me my schoolbooks but that's all."

"I'd rather be grounded myself." Draco says as Ron nods in agreement.

"Well boys, we can certainly arrange it for you to be grounded if you like." The three boys hear behind them. Whirling around in surprise, they see Professor Black standing with his arms crossed and a severe look on his face.

"No sir, we don't wish to be!" Draco answers quickly, looking around for the other students.

"Your classmates are inside. They have been for five minutes, while you three stand out hear chattering like magpies. MOVE YOUR BUMS INSIDE, NOW!" Sirius says.

"Yes Sir!" All three boys say as they rush to enter the classroom.

Taking a chance on being caught, Draco leans over to whisper in Harry's ear, "What's wrong with him lately? For the past two weeks he's been growling and snapping like the dog he can be!"

Stifling a giggle, Harry whispers back "I don't know what it is. He's coming this way!"

Both boys quickly reach into their schoolbags for parchment, quills, and Astronomy textbooks as Sirius walks past them to the front of the classroom.

"Class, we are going to begin learning the names and locations of the constellations. Knowing the constellations and their locations can help you find your way if you are out at night. We were going to be having a lab to view these in the sky this week, but since it is so cold we will postpone the actual viewing for a warmer time. If you know one of the constellations raise your hand."

"Mr. Snape."

"Orion." Draco answers grinning at his uncle, knowing that is Sirius' middle name.

Harry waves his hand frantically but no one else seems to be participating so Sirius calls "Mr. Black".

"The Draco constellation, sir." Harry answers with a poke to his cousin's side.

"Thank you boys for the participation. How about the rest of you? Surely you know the most famous two. Think of soup spoons." Sirius says smiling at the baffled looks on the children's faces.

Brian Montgomery raises his hand looking warily at Jeremy Pippen. Jeremy glowers at him for contributing to the class.

"Yes, Mr. Montgomery, what is your answer?"

"Uh well sir, would one be the big dipper, sir?"

"Yes, Mr. Montgomery. The proper name is Ursa Major for the big dipper and Ursa Minor for the little dipper. If you will open your books now to page 106, you'll see pictures of these two constellations. They are said to be easy to spot even without a telescope."

Seeing Hermione raise her hand, Sirius asks "Do you have something to add, Miss. Granger?"

"Yes sir. I was wondering if you would show us a live scene of the sky with the constellations for the ones we just talked about. The pictures are small."

"Excellent idea, Miss. Granger. I was planning to do just that later on in the class. For now, let's read about where constellations are found."

"Wellll, they're found in the sky, dumb thing to say." Jeremy says quietly but not quietly enough.

"Yes Mr. Pippen, they are found in the sky. I was referring to the coordinates and exact position. Your attitude just earned you detention. You will see me after class young man and if I were you, I'd refrain from any more comments such as that one."

"Yes professor."

"Now, some of you may know, my family is named for constellations or stars. For example, I have a cousin who is named Andromeda, my father was Orion which is also my name. Mr. Black named the Draco constellation. Draconis is the actual name. Look through the list of constellations on page 107 and see if you recognize any.

One girl raises her hand as she reads through the list.

"Yes, Miss. Merriwether?"

"Sir, my Mum likes Astrology, and I recognize some of the names from there. Capricorn is my sign since I was born in January."

"Yes, that's true. Astrology and Astronomy share some of the same terms. Cancer and Sagittarius are also constellations which are signs in Astrology. While we are discussing this, I want all of you to look up your Astrological sign and see if there is a constellation of the same name. Make a list of your family's birth dates as well as the astrological signs and the constellations that match. I want you to include the coordinates for where these constellations are found. That will be your assignment for tonight. The library has books that you may use for research. You have two days to finish. This assignment is due at the next class meeting."

"Yes Mr. Pippen?" Sirius asks seeing the boy has his hand raised.

"Sir, what if we don't know all of our family's birth dates? I don't know my Grandparents dates or their parents either."

"Thank you for the question, Mr. Pippen. Students, your attention please? Thank you. Mr. Pippen just brought up an excellent point. You are not required to include Grandparents or anyone other than your immediate family. Your parents, brothers, or sisters plus yourself is all I'm asking for. No Miss. Granger, I will not award bonus points for extra family members. Immediate family is enough." Sirius says, correctly interpreting why Hermione had her hand raised.

"He's being So unfair. We should get bonus points if we research more than required." Hermione whispers to Ron, beside her.

"Hush, 'Mione before you get in trouble. You don't need to go over and behind on every assignment!" Ron whispers back.

Hearing their whispered conversation, Harry has to cover his mouth to keep the giggles inside at Ron's mistake.

"The phrase is 'above and beyond', Ronald. If you're going to say something profound, at least try to say it right!" Hermione whispers back.

By now, Harry is shaking with keeping the laughter inside. Draco nudges him in the side and shows him a note he has written.

The note reads: Dry up before you get punished!

Having seen Harry's reaction to something, Sirius calls "Mr. Black, a word out in the corridor if I may."

Sighing, laughter completely gone now, Harry follows his Dad out of the classroom.

"What, may I ask, is so amusing about your Astronomy lesson?" Sirius asks sternly.

"It isn't the lesson, sir. I apologize for my behavior." Harry answers.

"If it wasn't what you read, then what was so amusing? I could use a good laugh myself."

"You won't get upset and punish them?"

"I won't. What was it?"

After Harry repeats what he heard, leaving out the part where Hermione said Sirius was unfair, his Dad is laughing too.

"Thank you for sharing that son. I needed something to cheer me up and this did the trick. Ron isn't known for being one to get words correct! Come, let's go back inside and look downcast when you do. I can't have the class thinking I'm going soft."

"Yes, Dad." Harry replies happily.

The children's next class is Defense which is Draco and Harry's favorite class.

"Good afternoon everyone. I hope you all are awake after eating the fabulous lunch today. We are going to be learning some repelling spells so everyone needs to listen carefully. The first spell we will discuss is useful to put out a fire, water a plant, or in defense to knock someone off their feet! Some of you may know this one already. The incantations is aguamenti and you flick your wand with an upstroke followed quickly by a downstroke. Watch as I demonstrate."

Remus flicks his wand as if he's aiming to have it straight up in his hand. He then follows by a motion that appears as if he's dropping the wand. A stream of water shoots out the end as he intones "AGUAMENTI."

"The movements are quick and precise. This is something you will need much practice on. It isn't as easy as it looks. Now the second spell is much easier. We will begin with this one. A repello spell will as the name suggests repel or force something away from you. Let's have a demonstration. Hermione, please be so kind as to throw your text at me."

"Do what sir?" Hermione asks appalled.

"You heard me correctly. I want you to throw the book at me! Now!" Remus commands.

As the book sails towards him, Remus simply points his wand at it and enunciates "REPELLO!" This causes the book to fly off sideways and fall to the ground.

"Thank you for your help Miss. Granger. I know that was difficult for you to do." Remus smiles as he compliments her.

"Harry and Thad come forward please."

When the two boys are facing him he says "Boys, I'm going to move to the side of the room and I want you two to throw the desk chair at me."

"I'm ready boys." Remus calls.

Harry and Thad try to throw the chair but it's too heavy to lift enough to throw it.

"Draco, Jed, go help them, please." Remus commands. "I'll count and you throw, on three boys, One ...Two ..."

The boys all lift and heave the chair at Remus before he gets to three. Reacting quickly, he again points the wand and shouts REPELLO. The chair drops to the floor in front of him.

"Excellent job boys. Thank you for the element of surprise also. You see children, you won't always know when something might be thrown at you or something might try to jump you. Repello works best for objects although it can repel small animals. Now, pair up and practice tossing things up and using repello to move them."

An hour and a half later, all fifteen students have mastered the repello spell. Walking out of the class and down the stairs to Potions, Ron says "Professor Lupin is bloody wonderful! What other professor or adult even would ever let us throw things at him and then at each other! Amazing man he is!"

"Thank you for that brilliant observation, Yoda." Draco giggles as he pokes Harry in the side. Both boys have fallen into the Star Wars mania and love the films.

Still snickering, the boys walk into the potions lab and all amusement ends quickly. There on the chalkboard are the words "Test today, take out parchment and quill in preparation."

"Did he tell us we were having a test today?" Harry whispers in panic.

"No, not that I remember." Draco answers taking out the required items.

"My last two potions tests were scored Poor. I can't make another score like that or I'll be punished! Dad said if I brought home any more scores of Poor, he would ground me to my room. He'll make me study Potions and write essays if I bring home any more low scores!"

"Harry, calm down, will you listen to yourself? You are panicking over a test you haven't even seen yet! Just stop worrying so much. You know potions well." Draco whispers as Severus sweeps into the room.

"Silence! Everyone sit still as I erect the barriers. With a flick of his wand, wooden screens appear around each student's workspace. The screens are three sided and only shoulder height. This is done to ensure everyone does his or her own work.

"I want to see how much you have retained from previous potions lessons. Not all of you will have the same quiz so it won't do much good to try to cheat. Write your answers with the number corresponding to the question you are answering. It won't do to answer question two and write the answer by number five. Keep your writing clear and precise. Anything illegible will be counted wrong. You have one hour." Severus says flicking his wand at a stack of paper. Each paper floats and positions itself in front of a student.

As Harry looks down at the test that just landed on his workspace, the number on the test, twelve, suddenly appears at the top of his parchment in blue ink. Picking up his quill, Harry dips it in the ink, blots it and writes his name at the top of his parchment beside the number. Looking at the first question he relaxes.

"Oh good, I know this one. Write the ingredients for the Boil Cure Potion. That's an easy one." Harry thinks. Quickly writing a one and his answers, he moves on down the list. Getting to the sixth question: List in order the eleven steps for making a shrinking solution.Harry reads. "I don't know that one! I can't remember that! I'm going to miss it!" Laying the quill down he wipes his eyes, as tears have gathered there. "Okay, what did Dad say to do about getting overwrought? Take deep breaths, calm down, think about what you are doing. Yes, that works. I'll skip question six and come back. Best to leave a lot of room for that one." Harry thinks to himself.

Walking around the classroom, Severus nods and frowns at what he's reading over the children's shoulders. "Merlin! Adding bumblebees to a boil cure! Just where has he been for the last year and a half? We have done Boil cure at least fifty times since they entered this class!" As he passes his son, he glances at his answers. "Hmm, doing quite well, good job son!" He thinks, his face remaining in the frown he has been showing since class began.

Harry happens to glance up just as his Uncle walks beside his desk. Seeing Sev frowning, causes Harry to begin to worry again. "He's thinking I'm not doing well enough. I've got to write the shrinking solution one. Oh, I hate written tests! I do! I do! I'd rather MAKE the potion than write about it!"

Glancing at Harry's test answers, Severus sees the boy has skipped a question and appears to be on the verge of a meltdown. Leaning over to whisper in the child's ear he says "Harry, son, calm yourself. You are sweating and pale. Just keep answering those you know instantly and come back to this one. It's going to be alright."

Across the aisle, Jeremy Pippen watches angrily as Severus whispers to Harry.

"Probably telling him the answers! We can't have famous Harry Potter doing poorly now can we? We'll just help him out! Professor's aren't to show favorites!" The boy fumes to himself.

Twenty minutes later, Severus tells the students "We have fifteen minutes left, please use the time wisely. If you have finished, read back over your answers, if not continue to do your best."

"AHH! FIFTEEN MINUTES! I have to answer about the Shrinking Solution and the list of ingredients for Blood Replenishing Potion! Oh, what were those? I just wrote that essay last week, I should know it!" Harry tells himself.

Stopping to breathe to calm himself down again, Harry's memory suddenly clicks back on.

"YES! I'm back on! SHEESH! Why does my mind do that to me?" He thinks as the steps for the Shrinking Solution come to mind. Quickly writing: Steps for Shrinking Solution on his parchment he then writes Number One: Add five sliced caterpillars.

Number two: Heat until potion turns... Turns what? Blue, green, purple ... No... It's RED! Harry thinks.

Quickly writing down the word red, he writes Number three: Peel a shrivelfig and shake it until it turns brown.

Number four: Add peeled

"QUILLS DOWN, TIME!" Harry hears Severus command.

Slumping in his chair, Harry glances at his test paper. Two questions left to answer and one unfinished question. He feels this is not going to be good even if he has every other answer correct. Just as he finishes looking over his paper, the test soars up and over his screen to Severus' desktop. The rest of the children's tests are also flying through the air. The screens disappear from the front of the tables.

"Class, you will read the section on swelling solutions and be prepared to list the ingredients at the next class. Class dismissed, enjoy the rest of the day."

Walking to their common room, Ron says "Well, that was a bad way to end the day. I think I only got five of the twelve questions right. I simply can't recall the ingredients to a Blood Replenishing Potion. I don't care to either!"

"Now Ron, what if someone you knew was bleeding and needed your help? Wouldn't you want to know the potion then?" Hermione asks.

"No, I'd just take them to Madam Pomphrey in the Infirmary." Ron answers smugly.

"How'd you do on the test, Draco? How about you Harry?" Hermione asks as they crawl through the entrance to their common room.

"I feel that I did well. I answered all the questions and I'm pretty sure I listed all the steps and ingredients correctly. You know Ron, doing your assigned reading would help you remember the answers better." Draco tells them.

"Having the Potion's Professor as a father doesn't hurt your scores either does it?" Ron answers back.

"No, because I have to do well or I'm in trouble. He makes sure I study and complete my assignments. If I don't, I get punished. It's not like you where you get to goof off and have fun all the time. I have to keep up with my schoolwork before I get any fun time." Draco answers somewhat angrily.

"I have the same, Ron. Being a professor's kid is not all that easy. Hermione, I don't think I did well today. I could not remember the blood replenishing ingredients either. I also only got three of the eleven steps down for the Shrinking Solution."

"Let's not talk about classes and work. It's Friday and we have some extra time together since we had an early day. Getting finished at two is nicer than four! Let's play chess, Harry. Draco, you can play the winner." Ron replies setting out the wizard's chess set.

"I'm going to my room to read then if you're going to play that messy game. I'll see you boys later" Hermione tells them, standing up.

"See you." The boys answer.

Three hours later, Harry happens to look at the clock. "Five thirty! Merlin, I'm late getting home! I was to be home by four. I've got to go, I'll see you later." Harry announces grabbing his schoolbag and the robe he threw over it.

"I'm late too. I was to be home by five. I have to leave too, Ron. Harry, wait and I'll walk with you." Draco says picking up his schoolbag.

"Hurry Draco, I need to get home before he sends out a search party. I didn't tell him or ask him to go to the common room and he doesn't know where I am! You know my Dad. He always has to know where I am at all times." Harry says as they walk down the steps towards their Quarters.

"You are in for a head spinning lecture, my cousin. Uncle Sirius is probably floo calling my Dad to see if we are there. I'm probably in trouble too so you're not alone."

"Draco, that doesn't help me feel any better. This day hasn't been a good one so I'm happy it's nearly over. How soon does your Dad usually check his test papers?"

"Most of the time, he checks them that day. Do you want me to owl you your score tonight?"

"NO! I don't want to know until I absolutely have to. That way I can keep pretending I did fine. Draco, I've got to use the loo bad! I can't wait until I get home so I'm going to duck in here. You go on and I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast. I doubt I'll be allowed to go to the Great Hall tonight." Harry says walking to the door of the loo.

Opening the door to his home, Harry doesn't see Sirius anywhere so he walks quickly towards his bedroom.

"Hold It! What have you been up to, Harry James? I've been looking for you for an hour!" Sirius calls, walking into the room after hearing the door open.

"I was with Draco, Ron and Hermione, Dad. I wasn't doing anything wrong."

"Come here and sit beside me. Where have you been? I checked up in the Amusement Area, the Owlery, and in the Library. I called Severus and he didn't know where you were either. He said Draco was also missing. The rule is you tell me where you are going to be at all times, young man! You know this. Perhaps a trip over my knee would be a reminder." Sirius tells him angrily.

"Please Dad, don't spank me. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you where I was. I was safe and not doing anything dangerous or wrong. After Potions class, we all went to the common room just to talk and be together. Draco, Ron and I played Wizard's Chess and the time went by before I knew it. I didn't mean to make you worry or to make you mad either. I'm really sorry I did, Dad."

"I accept your apology, but we are still going to discuss this more. Right now, go put your schoolbag away and change clothes. Then come out and we'll make something for our evening meal. We won't be going to the Great Hall tonight."

"Yes sir. Are you going to wallop my bum?" Harry asks, fighting tears. His day has been a hard one and he is feeling more emotional than usual.

"No Pup, go on, do as I said." Sirius says quietly to the tearful child beside him.

Smiling now at the use of his nickname, Harry goes to his room to change out of his school uniform.

Talking while they make dinner, Sirius says "Severus mentioned you had some trouble today in his class. What was this trouble? I know you weren't misbehaving, Pup." He adds at Harry's frantic look.

Sighing, Harry answers "He gave us a test today without telling us to study first. It was a hard test and I was feeling upset about it."

"I wouldn't worry about it, son. I know you've been studying hard since the last test. You promised you would and I've seen you doing just that. I'm sure you did better than you seem to think. Now, how was Defense today?"

"Dad, Uncle Remus taught us a terrific defense move. Did you know he even let us throw things at him?! Can you believe a Professor would do such a thing?"

"Why was it things were thrown?"

"He was teaching us the REPELLO spell. I love going to defense! It's always great!"

"Soooo, you are saying Astronomy is not great? Being that the Astronomy Professor is standing right here beside you, do you feel that is a smart thing to say?" Sirius says advancing on Harry as the boy backs away from him.

"Now Dad... That's not what I said... " Harry reasons to the man advancing on him.

"Dad... What are you ..." He squeaks finding himself in his Dad's arms.

"DAAAAAAD NOOOOOOOO!" Harry squeals as he's suddenly flipped upside down with his feet stuck to the ceiling.

Giggling now, Harry says "Come on Dad. You've got to get me down from here. I can't hang up here like this"

"Hmm, I must be getting old. I'm now hearing voices." Sirius remarks to the room as no one appears to be there but himself.


"Yes, definitely hearing voices. I've got to get that checked. Now I'm talking to myself. Not a good sign at all!" Sirius says aloud, shaking his head sadly.

"ALRIGHT YOU WIN! ASTRONOMY IS GREAT TOO!" Harry shouts from his upside down spot on the ceiling.

"Harry! What in the world are you doing hanging there like an owl? Come down from there nutcase! Hedwig already thinks you are her owlet. There's no need to prove it to her." Sirius states, grinning up at the sputtering boy.

"DAAAAAAAD, I want to get down! Please put me down."

"Very well since you did say please." Waving his wand at the boy, Harry flips over and softly lands on his feet.

"That wasn't nice, Dad." Harry scolds.

"Maybe not but it was funny!" Sirius answers with his bark like laugh ringing through the kitchen.

"If I did that to someone you would wallop my backside. How come you can do it and I can't?" Harry asks peevishly.

"Well, for one, because I'm grown and I only did it to my son for fun. Two, because I don't believe you know that particular bit of magic yet. Three, because I say you can't do it even if you did know the spell. Anymore questions?" Sirius asks still grinning at Harry.

Changing the topic of discussion, Harry asks "Dad, tomorrow is Saturday. Can I just spend one night with the guys in the dorm, please? I wouldn't go anywhere other than the dorm. Please Dad? I haven't been there at night in a looooonnngggg time and I want to stay with Ron, Neville and Draco if Uncle Sev will let him. I'm getting tired of not having fun with my friends. Please Dad?"

"Why don't you invite them to spend the night here? We could expand your room to hold everyone."

"I'm tired of being The Chosen One and The Boy Who Lived! I never get to do anything normal kids get to do! I only want to stay in my own house dorm room! If I'd known I would have to give up everything, I'd of asked Voldie to kill me too when he got Mummy and Daddy!"

"Harold James Potter Black! Do NOT ever say you wish to be killed! If I hear anything such as that again, you won't sit comfortably for a week!" Sirius says, voice deep, quiet and very stern.

"Yes Sir. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad. I didn't really mean it. May I go to my room now? I'm not hungry." Harry whispers as tears begin to roll down his face.

"Go ahead. I'll bring you something to eat later."

Two hours later, Sirius knocks on Harry's door and opens it to find the boy asleep.

Setting the tray of food down on the bedside table, Sirius reaches out and gives Harry a slight shake. "Wake up, son. I brought you something to eat."

"I'm sleepy, Daddy. Can't I sleep?" Harry moans not opening his eyes.

"Not now, Pup. You need something to eat and I have some news for you."

"What news? Classes are canceled until after holidays?" Harry asks sleepily, causing Sirius to chuckle out loud.

"No, I'm afraid that's not the news. I have arranged it where you may stay in your dorm room with the rest of your friends tomorrow night. Severus is allowing Draco to go also. Isn't that news worth waking up for?"

"REALLY? You aren't pranking me are you?" Harry asks awake and sitting up now.

"Really and no, I'm not pulling any pranks on you. Wizard's Honor!" Sirius replies smiling at Harry's thrilled look. "We'll talk more about it tomorrow. Right now, I want to see you eat some of your dinner. You are beginning to look too thin and you are too pale. I like my pup to look healthy so, eat up."

"Yes Dad. Thanks Dad for letting me stay in the dorm. It's going to be wicked!"

"Wicked? It better not be too wicked, young man or you'll be one sorry boy!" Sirius says mock sternly.

"I hear you old timer. Wicked means fun!"

"OLD TIMER is it? Well, maybe you need to have some more stuck to the ceiling time. What about it?" Sirius asks reaching for the boy.

"No, No that's fine. I'm done with sticking to the ceiling. I have to eat remember?"

"Good save there son. Now eat!"

Giggles escaping, Harry does just that.

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