Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 17: Good Day Bad Night

Harry Potter Junior Level

Ch. 17 : Good Day/Bad Night

The morning after the boys grand adventure with Operation Dragon, Harry and Draco are happy to wake up normal. Neither boy is sporting any green on their skin or seems to have any effects from their adventure.

"Let's go to the Great Hall for breakfast. I'm so hungry this morning." Harry calls to his friends as they all dress for the day.

"I'm actually hungry myself. I'd like to have a big bowl of porridge." Neville tells them.

"PORRIDGE?! What are you, one of the Three Bears? How can you eat porridge when we have hotcakes, sweet rolls, kippers and eggs plus more?" Harry asks incredulously.

"I'm not a bear, Harry. I happen to enjoy a hot bowl of porridge. It's great with milk, butter, sugar and fruit mixed in. You ought to try it."

"No thank you. I know all about porridge. My Dad makes me eat it at least once a week at home. He claims it makes me strong. I don't believe it does. If it did why would it look so horrible."

Parents always tell kids something that tastes or looks horrible, is good for them, Harry. My Mum pulls that one on us at least once on the times we're at home. The "It's good for you" line is a sure clue, whatever it is will taste terrible. My sister is really good at distracting Mum so we can all get rid of our disgusting food. There's a potted garbage plant just outside the kitchen window and we take turns throwing the mess out to it. The plant won't eat much of it either." Ron says, grinning.

"Your Mum never catches on to what you are doing?" Draco asks, skeptically.

"No, my Dad knows but he doesn't care. He doesn't like the "good for you" meals either. He'll vanish the food we throw out so Mum never notices. After she thinks we've all eaten what she gave us, we get the real food."

"Well, now that we are all ready, let's go get some real food!" Draco announces moving towards the dorm room door.

"Wait! Remember everyone, we were all up here playing chess and cards last night. Just in case anyone asks, we need to stay with one answer." Harry tells his friends.

"Yeah, it sure won't do to have someone find out about last night. There's bound to be some talk this morning, but we just listen, we don't talk." Draco adds, nodding agreement to what Harry said.

"Since none of you bothered to tell me what went on last night, I couldn't tell if I wanted to!" Neville complains.

"We'll tell you, Nev. Just not now. We have to show up at breakfast just to be seen if not to eat. We don't want anyone suspicious about us being involved." Harry placates his friend.

As the four boys are finishing their overloaded breakfast plates, Sirius walks over to their table.

"Good morning boys. Did you enjoy your activities last night?"

"Good morning, Professor Black" Ron and Neville answer as Harry and Draco swap a quick glance.

"Yes sir, we enjoyed having a night to play with each other." Harry answers.

"I'm very pleased to see you at breakfast. I halfway expected the four of you to be up all night and miss breakfast. Harry, if you are finished, I need you to come home. We can go by the dorm first to get your bag. Draco, Neville and Ron, Harry will see you boys later."

"Yes sir. Bye Harry."

"Dad, I thought we were going to get to play together until after lunch today. You said I could." Harry complains as he follows Sirius to the dorm.

"Something has come up and I have to change your plans. There was an attack of some sort on the Astronomy castle last night. I'm needed to help clean up and for other things. I need you to come home so you will be somewhere safe. We don't know who or what attacked."

"Can the guys come to our quarters then? We would stay there and not go anywhere. Please Dad?"

"That is a good compromise, Harry. I'll send word to the boys to meet you there. Severus will be available if you need anything. Also, I don't want to come home to a ransacked home. You keep yourself and the other boys under control. If you don't, and I come back to find a mess, you my son, will have a problem. I don't want it to be this way and I don't believe you do either. Am I correct?"

"We'll behave Dad. We'll play some of those board games you got me and just hang around together. We won't leave the quarters either so don't worry about us."

As he is preparing to leave for the tower, Sirius tells the boys "I will be up on the Astronomy tower boys. Professor Snape is going to be checking in on you while I'm away. Harry is not to leave here and I expect all of you to control your behavior. I've already spoken to Harry about the rules so he will inform you of them."

"Yes sir." The four boys chorus politely. None of the boys ask why he is going to the tower. Eyeing them suspiciously, Sirius wonders what is going on. It's unusual for Draco and Harry not to pester him with questions. This silence is something new. Deciding to accept his good fortune, he leaves before the questions begin.

"Alright mate, let's hear it. What horrible rules do we have today?" Ron asks frowning.

"They're not that bad, Ron. Just the usual things: Don't leave the quarters, keep ourselves safe and clean up any messes we might make. He told me he didn't want to come home to a ransacked home. I'll be in trouble if we don't keep things picked up. So will you guys help me clean up?"

"Sure Harry." Draco and Neville answer.

"Making a mess is part of the fun of being left alone. We don't have parents to tell us not to leave things about or not to do this or that. Surely we can have a little fun without having to watch ourselves every minute." Ron complains.

"We'll have fun, Ron. It's just that we have to be sure to clean up afterwards. We can't just leave everything lying about, we have to pick up! Now, I've got some good games to play. I have Monopoly and Battleship and Clue and Scrabble. Which one do you want to play first, Neville?"

"Hey, why does he get to choose first?" Ron sputters angrily.

"Because he was our lookout and best helper last night. Now, which one is it to be, Nev?"

"I don't know any of those games. Tell me about them, Harry. Which one do you like best?"

"I like all of them, Nev. Monopoly is a game where you buy and rent houses or hotels on famous property. The winner is whoever has the most money at the end of the game. Scrabble is a word building game where you build onto each person's words, Clue is a mystery game where you solve the mystery by solving the clues, and Battleship is a war game where you try to sink the other person's ships."

"I like the sound of Battleship. Let's play that one. Ron, you can pick next if that's okay with Harry."

"Fine, we'll play Battleship. How do you play it anyway?" Ron asks, looking at the game box."

"We have teams, two of us together. Ron, I'll let you choose who you want on your team then we'll talk about how to play."

"Good, I choose you, Harry. Draco and Nev. can be the other team." Ron answers quickly.

"Alright, this is what we do. You each get to place your ships on this bottom half of the game box. You see each line of holes is marked like a grid with numbers and letters. So when someone calls out a number/ letter combination, you look to see if they hit your ship or not. If they do, you put a red peg in the ship and if not put a white peg in the hole they called. Each ship has a set number of hits before it's sunk. This top half of the box looks the same and it's where you keep track of what you call. If you get a hit on someone's ship you put a red peg in that hole to show you hit it. The first team to sink the opponent's ships is the winner." Harry explains.

"Does this make noise, you know when the hit happens?" Ron asks,excited at the prospect of battle noises.

"Umm, well no, it doesn't. There is a set that does, but this one isn't it. Dad said I didn't need to have the electronic one when I could do the sound effects myself. I tried to tell him the one that makes noises for you, is more fun but he still wouldn't buy it. We got these games at a muggle store we went to." Harry answers.

"We can make it make noise though. Can't we Harry?" Draco asks with a smirk.

"Drake! You're asking me to use magic without supervision again. You know I'm not allowed."

"So? You did plenty last night that you weren't allowed so what's one more? Come on, it'll make it more fun to have sounds!"

"Alright but you have to remind me to take the spell off of it again. I can't have it making sounds when my Dad is around. He knows it didn't before and will ask what makes it have sounds now." Harry surrenders.

Quietly he holds the two plastic game boxes in his hands and whispers an enchantment. Opening one, he places a plastic ship in a set of holes and then places a peg in it. The boys hear the sound of an object hitting something metal, as a voice says "It's a hit!".

"Well it's set up to make sound now. Ron and I will be the red set and you two can take the blue. Since Ron chose the game then Draco and Nev get to call the shot first. Let's get our ships set up and we'll start. Don't forget to put the pegs up on the top when you call a shot. You also have to say "miss" if it is a miss." Harry reminds his friends.

By the time the four boys are on round three of Battleship, they are too engrossed in the game to notice Severus has come into the room.

"Draco? It's four twenty and you were to be back home by four! Did you forget our agreement?"

"Hi, Dad. I didn't know the time. We've been having a tournament and me and Nev have one two games already! This is a really fun game!"

"The correct way to say that is Nev and I. That's good to know, son. It's time to get home. Ron, Neville, you two need to go to your Dorm. Harry, Sirius sent word saying you were to start in on your schoolwork. He says he'll be back home by five thirty. I suggest you have this room straightened and your homework started by that time. You other three help Harry straighten up. Draco take the dishes to the kitchen. I'm surprised at you boys for making such a mess. Cushions on the floor, dirty dishes everywhere, crumbs all over, be ashamed Harry for allowing this!"

"Yes, Uncle Sev." Harry replies hiding his grin at the motherly scolding, from Severus.

"Thanks for coming everyone. Maybe we can have another championship soon. I'll see you in the morning for breakfast or in class." Harry says as he holds the door for his friends.

After picking up the couch cushions from the floor, putting the games away and putting up the boy's snacking items, Harry glumly starts his homework. Busy reading in his Transformation textbook, he hears the front door open and close.

"Well, it's good to see you studying, son. I take it, you received my message. Everything looks clean and straightened up. Good job, Pup! I'm proud to know you are responsible enough to entertain guests without problems."

"We had fun, Dad. I hope we can do that again."

"Well Pup, I don't know of any reason you won't have fun again. You have a long life ahead of you, so surely somewhere in there you'll have some fun again!"

"Silly Dad! That's not what I meant! What I meant was, I hoped we could all four get together to play again soon." Harry says giggling.

"We'll try to arrange time for more get- togethers. What do you want for dinner tonight? I'm already hungry as I skipped lunch."

"Why didn't you eat, Dad? Didn't Grampa let you?"

"Aren't you the funny one, today. After we inspected the tower, we had a long meeting with Professor Dumbledore. Until further notice the top of the Astronomy tower and all other towers are off limits to students. The notices have been posted in the common rooms and the Headmaster is going to make an announcement of the ban at dinner tonight. Are you listening Harry?" Sirius asks noticing the far away look on Harry's face.

"Yes Dad. The towers are off limits. Let's make meat pies and dinner rolls with creamed corn tonight. You can choose what other vegetables you want to make too."

"I may? Why thank you Lord Black for that honor! I shall do my best to please his lordship with my choices!"

"You better or his lordship might just say, Off with his head!" Harry responds, playing along in hopes of getting the talk away from the damage to the tower.

As Sirius cooks their dinner, Harry finishes up his assignments.

"I'm all through with my homework Dad. Can I help you now?"

"Yes, chop the carrots and potato wedges for me, please. We'll boil those together for a side serving. I'll read over your assignments after we eat. You certainly finished the homework quickly."

"I had everything done except for writing the essay for Transfiguration. I had the Astronomy assignment done and the Charms essay finished too. We didn't have homework due tomorrow in Potions because we don't have it until Tuesday." Harry explains as he prepares to chop the carrots.

"Even so, it seems you sped through that assignment. You were just reading the material when I came in and now here it is an hour later and you have the essay completed. That's pretty quick, my boy. Are you doing your best on your work? You know that's our rule, is it not? That you are to do your best at your schoolwork whether it be learning spells or written work?"

"I'm just a whiz kid, Dad. It doesn't take me long."

"Hmmm, I seem to remember you just learning to use a quill and to write essays last year. Now you claim to be a whiz kid. Well, Mr. Whiz, we'll just take a look at that essay and see won't we. After we eat, that is." Sirius responds with a raised eyebrow look.

Beginning to feel uneasy at his Dad's continuous pushing of the homework topic, Harry pretends to be busy with his chopping task.

During dinner, Harry is unusually quiet. So quiet that Sirius begins to wonder what went on while he was away.

"Did something happen today, Harry? Did one of the boys make trouble or make you upset?"

"No Dad. We all got along fine and we didn't cause any trouble. Uncle Sev came by, you can ask him if we were behaving. We played a game and had a few snacks but that's all we did. What makes you think we caused trouble?"

"You are so quiet tonight, for one thing. It's not like you. I'm concerned."

"I'm fine Dad. We did stay up late last night so maybe it's just that I'm a bit tired."

"I'm pretty worn out myself. The worry over the damage and the clean up was enough to tire me out. We'll both have an early night tonight." Sirius tells him, waiting for Harry to ask something about the incident with the tower. Not getting any questions, Sirius frowns to himself thinking something is definitely not right with the boy.

"Before we do that, aren't we having dessert?" Harry asks anxiously.

"I thought you were tired. If you're tired, you need to call it a night."

"I'm not so tired, I can't eat some dessert. Come on Dad, we need a pick me up tonight."

"Where did you here that expression?"

"Mr. Filch says it all the time. Is it something bad? I didn't swear or anything."

"It's not bad, just not something you expect to hear from a young boy. Let's not use it anymore, Pup. Now, what kind of dessert do you have in mind? Pudding? Cake? Tarts or Pie?"

"Yes." Harry answers grinning at his Dad.

"Yes to which one?"

"Yes to all of them! I have all of them in mind, Dad!"

"Maybe so, but you are only allowed ONE dessert so choose one and I'll have the house elves bring it. I didn't make dessert tonight."

"I would like to have treacle tart with strawberries on top. What are you having Dad?"

"I'll just have some scones and coffee tonight." Sirius replies and then calls out "Rupert, could you come, please?"

With a loud POP, a small house elf dressed in a mini version of a professor's robes appears.

"Yes Lord Black? What may I do for you tonight?"

"I'm not Lord Black, here at Hogwarts, Rupert. I'm Professor Black or just Sirius. This is my son, Harry. Harry, this is our newest Hogwarts elf, Rupert. He's a former Black family house elf."

"Hello. You're not related to Kreacher are you? He was not very nice at first but is now."

"Hello, young Master Black. No young Master, I served Master Sirius' Grandfather not his Mother. What may I get for you tonight Master Sirius?"

"We would enjoy some scones and a small serving of treacle tart with strawberries" Sirius informs him.

"Make that a big serving with strawberries on top! Don't forget to put the strawberries on the top, not beside it!" Harry commands forcefully.

"Harry! You don't talk to anyone in that tone. Apologize for ordering Rupert around. Ask politely or skip dessert." Sirius scolds the boy.

"I'm sorry. Please put some strawberries on my tart. I enjoy the fruit." Harry apologizes to the elf.

"No worry, young man. I knows children sometimes get cranky and bossy. Not to worry, Rupert will remember the young master likes strawberries on top." The elf replies before popping out of the room.

"Harry James, you do not want to let me hear of you ordering anyone around that way again. You and I have discussed this before. Speak and act politely to everyone no matter who they are. I know some people order elves to do for them but we are not going to be that type of people. Do we understand each other?" Sirius asks giving Harry his best Dad glare.

"Yes sir. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound that way. I just said it without thinking how it sounded." Harry replies quietly, as the desserts pop on to the table in front of each of them.

"I think, my son, you are more tired than you are saying. Eat your dessert, get your bath and ready yourself for bed. We'll talk more before you go to sleep." Sirius announces as they each enjoy dessert.

"I'm not that tired! Let's do something fun together! I don't want to take a bath and get ready for bed! It's way too early yet!" Harry argues as he finishes the last bite of dessert.

"Nonetheless, you will be doing it. Now, put your bowl in the sink and go to your bath. We have something to discuss when you are through. I'll be reading over your homework while you are bathing. If we have time after our talk, we'll try to do something fun as you say. Now off you go, Pup."

"I told Ron and the guys, you were a fun and wicked Dad at home. I said you were different than you were as Professor Black. Right now you are not wicked at all! You're just being an old stuffy professor like everyone else here!"

"You are treading on thin ice, son. You have been irritable all evening and are bordering on getting in trouble if you don't watch the mouth. Now, do as I say and go to your bath.'

"I don't want a bath now. I'll take it later."

"Harry! You have until three to be in that room, ONE..."

"Dad, stop counting! I'm not a little kid who needs you to count it down." Harry says, inching towards the door to the bath.

"TWO!" Sirius responds, standing up from the table and moving towards the boy. "THR.." Before he can finish the word, Harry has run into the bath and shut the door.

Running his bathwater, Harry has to wipe the escaped tears off his face. "He really meant he was going to swat me! He would have if I had not gotten in here before he said three! He's being so unfair tonight. Scolding me for everything, counting at me like he did when I was just nine, ready to wallop my bum over nothing!" Harry thinks as he also wonders why he's feeling so irritable and sad tonight. "No wonder he treated me like a little kid, I'm crying like one!" Harry thinks as he begins to wash. "I forgot clean underwear and pajamas with all that counting business! What a mess I'm in."

As he begins to let the bathwater out, a clean pair of pajamas. some underwear, a pair of socks and his bathrobe appear on the counter. The toothbrush and toothpaste levitate out of their holder and land on top of his clothes, followed by a comb from the drawer under the sink.

"I see I'm to brush my teeth and comb my hair. Dad still treats me as a little kid. I'm almost ten and a half not five! I can remember to do all this without his magical help!" Harry fumes to himself. "I oughta walk out there naked! That would be fun to see his expression if I did. No, better not, he is irritated with me as it is and might swat me!"

Walking into the sitting area, Harry sees Sirius in his favorite lounge chair still reading over Harry's assignments. The frown on his face makes Harry turn around to walk back out.

"Harry." Sirius says with enough command to stop the child from fleeing to his room.

"Come sit beside me. We need to talk."

"I've been looking through your assigned essays tonight. They are both good especially considering how little time you spent on them. I have here another essay you wrote recently. I was sitting here comparing the most recent to this one. I've come to a conclusion, son. Before I continue, I'd like you to read over this essay." Sirius says handing Harry his Potions essay on the uses of cattails.

Taking the paper, Harry reads :

The Uses of Cat Tails in Potions.

I want to say first that I am against the use of animal parts in potions. I don't like ti at all dna wish ti would pots. Animals are my friends and ti si wrong to use them like this. That is the end of my essay. You wanted lots of feet so here is more. WRONG WRONG WRONG ...

Looking up at Sirius after reading, Harry just waits to see what his Dad is going to say.

"This is your essay is it not? You didn't have someone else write it for you did you?"

"Yes sir, it's mine and I wrote it."

"Well comparing today's writing to this, you aren't having a problem with reversing letters in words today so why were you the day you wrote this one? Was there a problem with the quill or your eyes?"

"No Dad. My eyes and quill were good." Harry answers quietly.

"Harry, I find this Potions essay very disrespectful. If you were trying to be funny, it didn't work. Harry, schoolwork is not a time to be funny. You deliberately reversed letters and words, did not complete the assignment, and used the word 'wrong' one hundred times. Severus informed me, the assignment was clear, you were to write on the uses of the cattail plant as you had been discussing this in class. Isn't this correct?"

"Yes sir."

"It is also one of the rules in our family, to do your best on your schoolwork, be it written or practicum, is it not?"

"Yes sir."

"Do you consider this to be your best effort, Harry James?" Sirius asks, his voice becoming more stern as he asks each question.

"No sir." Harry answers, avoiding his Dad's stern glare.

"That is good to hear as I personally agree with you. This essay is despicable! You are going to rewrite this and add three more feet to it. Severus is expecting to have a new essay turned in by Wednesday. For the cheekiness, you showed, you are going to write lines for me. One hundred lines of "I will always do my best work on my assignments, be respectful, and pay attention to the professor." One more thing, you are grounded for the next two days for this behavior."

"NO DAD! THAT"S NOT FAIR! I SHOULDN'T BE GROUNDED AND HAVE LINES. DOING THE ESSAY OVER IS ENOUGH!" Harry shouts, standing up and throwing the essay on the floor.

"Lower your voice, young man. Do Not shout at me! The punishment stands, whether you think it is fair or not. Now pick up the paper and go to bed. You are obviously in need of extra rest."


Shaking his head, Sirius stands and lifts Harry into his arms, walks into the boy's bedroom and puts him on his bed.

"You just added another day to your grounding for being disrespectful. I told you to lower your voice and to not shout at me! Sleep well, son. Let's wake in a better mood tomorrow." Sirius says walking towards the door.

"BLOODY HELL! I"LL SHOUT IF I WANT TO AND STAY UP IF I WANT! YOU CAN"T STOP ME!" Harry yells, jumping up off the bed in his fury.

Turning around and striding back to the boy, Sirius sits down on Harry's bed looking at the irate child.

"Alright Harry, you seem to need more than words tonight. So be it." Sirius tells him as he pulls the boy between his knees.

"I have tried extremely hard to have patience with your attitude and behavior tonight. I allowed myself time away from you to calm down after your display at dinner, I believe my punishment for your atrocious schoolwork is fair but you continued to throw a fit over it. I added one day to your original punishment and you continue to disobey. Cursing and shouting at me after I told you twice to stop shouting, have led to you getting your bum warmed! You had many chances to avoid this but you didn't take them." Sirius informs Harry as he flips him over and applies his hand to the boy's bottom.

No, Dad! I'm so sorry! I will not shout and complain! OW! Dad? Did you hear... OWWW! Dadddddddyyyy Ssssttoooopp! I"ll behave! Daddy, I won't do it anymore!" Harry sobs out the last sentence after Sirius delivers the sixth and final solid smack to his throbbing bum.

Standing before his Dad with tears running, Harry rubs his burning bum. "You didn't have to smack me! I think you like doing it!"

"Harry, I don't enjoy spanking you. However, I will do it when I feel it is necessary because of your behavior. I love you son. Good night." Sirius says hugging the sniffling child close before placing him back on his bed.

Feeling emotionally drained after his round with Harry, Sirius decides to have his bath and turn in early. Hearing nothing from Harry's room after he comes from the bath, Sirius goes into his own room across the hall.

Having fallen asleep from crying, Harry wakes in a cold sweat. His face, hands and feet feel hot while the rest of him feels cold and clammy. After trying to go back to sleep and not succeeding, Harry decides to go to the loo for a warm cloth. Sometimes having a warm cloth over his eyes helps him fall asleep. Looking into the mirror, he sees green scales on his arms and legs. Lifting his pajama top, he finds more green scales. His face, hands and feet are normal but most of the rest of his body is covered in scales. Not knowing what to do and feeling too exhausted to try to solve this problem, Harry decides to tackle it in the morning.

The next morning he wakes to find most of the scales have faded leaving a light green tone to his skin. Washing does nothing to take the tint out of his skin. Luckily, the light green skin is in places that can be covered with clothes. Dressing in his school clothes of black pants, white shirt and school robe, covers the green skin.

"Harry? Get a move on in there Pup! Breakfast is ready." Sirius calls through the bedroom door.

"I'm coming." Harry calls back. Taking a quick look at himself before opening the door.

"Good Morning, Pup. Did you sleep well?" Sirius asks as Harry eases himself slowly into his chair.

"Good Morning, Dad. I slept fairly well. Dad? Am I still grounded for three days?"

"As I told you last night, the punishment stands. You are to come straight home after your last class. No friends over or visiting Draco until Thursday. You have the essay and lines to keep you busy enough as well as homework assignments from today."

"Yes sir. Am I allowed to go to the Great Hall with my friends for lunch?"

"Only for lunch. Breakfast and Dinner will be eaten here. I will also be monitoring your homework from now on so don't get annoyed when I request to look it over. We aren't going to have any more essays written the way you wrote the one for Severus. From now on, you show me all your work, tests, quizzes, essays, I want to see all of it. Is this understood?"

"Yes sir."

"I'm not trying to be mean to you son. I just feel I need to get a better look at your schoolwork. I know you struggled on the last Potions test. I am not going to punish you or scold you for that so don't be afraid to show it to me. Together, we can keep up with where you might need some extra studying. I should have been doing this all along but mistakenly didn't. You are very bright for your age, but you are still only ten years old. You still need someone to monitor your schoolwork. Severus brought this to my attention and he's correct."

"I wish he'd kept his big nose out of it! I don't want to be spanked and scolded all the time for work that isn't up to his standards. His standards are for kids in the sixth year! Draco and I are not even First Years, yet. He wallops Draco if he doesn't get the work done up to his standards. You're going to do the same to me!" Harry moans.

"Harry be respectful! Severus does have high expectations for his students and I would imagine his son as well. I do not believe he expects any more from you or Draco, than he knows you are capable of doing. I give you my word, I will not be criticizing or punishing you for everyday mistakes. However, if you pull another stunt as the one you did on the Potions essay, well that would be a different story. Do you see what I'm saying?"

"Yes Dad."

"Then stop squirming around in the chair. I'm not about to pull you up and wallop you! You can sit still to enjoy your hotcakes, eggs and toast with your favorite strawberry jam. You even have your favorite juice, pomegranate, to drink."

Trying to stop wiggling is difficult when his skin itches, but Harry does as asked. He can tell it's going to be a long day today.

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