Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 18: Discovered

Harry Potter Junior Level

Ch. 18: Discovered

After finishing breakfast, Harry gathers his schoolbag. Checking to make sure he has all assignments, books and required materials, he sees he needs his wand.

"Dad? My wand is missing. Have you seen it?"

"Where did you put it the last time you had it?"

"It was right here in my bag on Friday. I took it out of my wand holder and put it in it's case, then I put it in the bag. It's not here!'

"Calm down, son. I'm sure we'll find it. Let me do a locator spell." Sirius replies, waving his own wand. A few seconds later, Harry's mahogany wand case floats out of his bedroom into Sirius' hand.

"OH! Right! I took it into the bedroom! I remember that now. I didn't want it to get crushed or something in the schoolbag!" Harry says sheepishly at the scolding look from his Dad.

Shaking his head at the boy, Sirius answers "You really are a nutter sometimes. Panicking over your wand when you yourself moved it. I do hope your memory is better for your classes today. Have a good day, Pup. Remember to come straight home after classes. I'll meet you here when my last class is finished, about five o'clock."

"I remember, I'm grounded." Harry sighs. "Have a nice day, Dad. Don't be too mean to the poor little first years. They're new and young."

"They're older than you are, Pup." Sirius says smiling at the boy's statement.

"In age but not in experience. Uncle Sev says experience counts more than age."

"He's right about that! Harry, you better get moving, you have five minutes to get to Charms!"

"Oh, right! If I'm late, Professor Flitwick will send me to you for a note. So could you just write me one now?"

"Out with you! You're not going to be late as you are leaving and hurrying to class! Move your bum, mister!" Sirius replies aiming a playful smack at the bum he's referring to.

"I'm going! Bye Dad!" Harry grins as he fast walks down the corridor. Out of sight of his Dad, he breaks into an all out sprint to get to class. Sliding into his seat beside Draco, the tardy tone sounds just as he gets his legs under the table.

"You just barely made it! Where have you been? I thought you'd be here before now! Something's wrong and I've got to talk to you!" Draco whispers as Professor Flitwick begins his lesson introduction.

"Long story, but I'm late because I misplaced my wand." Harry whispers back. "What's wrong?"

"When I woke up I..." Draco begins as their Professor sternly commands "Mr. Snape! Refrain from speaking during my lesson. You and Mr. Black are to be listening, not whispering!"

"Yes Professor." Draco responds automatically.

When his professor begins talking again, Draco whispers "I woke up hot and covered with scales under my pajamas! Did you?"

"Mr. Snape! For deliberately defying my instructions, you just lost Gryffindor ten points and your father will hear about this."

"Yes sir. I apologize, sir." Draco says, slumping in his seat.

"Are you going to be in trouble?" Harry writes in his notebook, a few minutes later.

"Maybe only scolded. Did you do the same as me this morning?" Draco writes back.

"Yes. It went away though. I'm so tired, also hot then cold and clammy. You?" Harry writes.

"Same. He's coming! Turn page!"

Harry quickly flips the notebook back to the page of written directions for the charm they are discussing. He prepared the notes before the class to be able to use them as a cover for his written conversation with Draco.

"What's all of this, Mr. Black? We haven't discussed the exact wording for this charm." Professor Flitwick asks.

"Yes sir, I just prepared some notes ahead of time to be able to work on the charm today. If you tell us something different than what I have, I'll change them, sir."

"That's very good planning, Mr. Black! Class? Mr. Black has prepared ahead of time for today's lesson. All of you could do that also. I dare say, your extra preparation would serve some of you well! Isn't that correct Mr. Pippen?" Having seen the boy glaring at Harry, the professor calls on him.

"Yes, that's very true, professor." Jeremy answers in his oh so proper voice.

"Thank you Mr. Pippen for the agreement. Now, today's lesson is going to teach you a most valuable charm. Everyone take out your wands and follow my lead." Professor Flitwick instructs. As the children all watch he demonstrates the upward flick and then swish and point of the wand.

"Now practice the movement. Watch and practice with me. Flick the wand tip up and then bring it down in a sideways movement to point directly down."

Watching the students, he helps those who don't quite have the correct movements until he is satisfied everyone has learned the technique.

"Very good, now the incantation for the Mobilarbus charm is the same as the name. Enunciate clearly as you point to your object and say "Mobilarbus!" If you do this, your object will perform as expected. Yes Ms. Nelson?"

"Um, well, I was wondering what the charm was going to do, sir. You haven't told us that. Is it going to blow the feather up?"

"I didn't explain on purpose, Miss. Nelson. We will learn together. Everyone, wands ready! Flick, swish, point and say "Mobilarbus"! Let's begin."

Throughout the room the pairs of students are practicing the new charm. Several are smiling happily as their feathers move across the tables. Some are having difficulty. Jeremy Pippen is one of them. No matter how many times he flicks the wand, the feather just lays still.

"Professor? I believe my feather is defective sir!"

"How is that Mr. Pippen?" Professor Flitwick asks as several students giggle.

"It won't move, sir."

"Perhaps it's not the feather but the casting. Show me your casting."

"Just as I suspected, you are forgetting the sideways swish. Try once more and add the swish. Very well done, son! You're feather is moving!"

After every student has demonstrated the ability to move the feather, Professor Flitwick instructs them to practice using their textbooks.

"Class, take out two of your textbooks you have with you and practice moving them. Remember the movements and to point at the books. Everyone take turns to move the books across your tables."

While the students are all practicing this new charm, Harry and Draco continue their written conversation as well as move the textbooks every so often. This charm proves fairly easy to do for both of them.

Harry, how are we going to keep our condition hidden if the you know what appear on our arms or hands? If our Dads catch on, we are finished! Draco writes in the notebook.

We'll just keep ourselves covered and hope it stops. I'm still feeling hot and cold. You? Harry writes.

Draco nods his head, not daring to write back now that Professor Flitwick is standing back in front of the class and could see him.

"Students, this charm can be useful to move something very heavy. Say, you need to rearrange your dorm room, well this will help you. Just be sure to point the wand only at what you want moved and hold the wand pointing at the object to guide it. Let's practice moving a desk. I want all of you to take turns to move your desk to the opposite wall. The students on the left row, move to the left, the right row move right. Mr. Black may go first since your desk is first in the row. We'll have one student move it to the wall and your partner move it back into position. So, Mr. Snape, you will be responsible for moving the desk back."

"Yes Sir." Draco answers.

After moving all of the students to the opposite side of the room from where Harry and Draco's desk sits, Professor Flitwick announces "Mr. Black, you may begin."

Taking his wand, Harry points it at the desk once, flicks it upward and down in the technique he was shown as he says "Mobilarbus!"

The students watch as the desk slides across the floor to touch the wall.

"Well done, Mr. Black. Alright now Mr. Snape is going to return the desk to it's previous position. When you are ready, Mr. Snape."

Draco walks over to where the desk is resting against the wall, pulls his wand and casts the charm. The desk moves as he walks behind it pointing his wand at it all the way across the room.

"That was very good, Mr. Snape. Let's try that once more only this time control the desk from your position on the wall. You should be able to use the wand to control it from there. Move it back to the wall and try once more."

"Professor, I did the charm. Why do I have to do it over?" Draco asks petulantly, surprising everyone, including himself, with his question. His classmates know Draco is not the type to question instructions, especially from one of the professors.

"Because I am your Professor and I instructed you to do so. Let us begin."

"Yes sir. MOBILARBUS!" Draco shouts pointing the wand at his desk again. This time the desk nearly hits the group of students on the opposite wall, it moves so quickly across the room.

"Draco! Watch what you are doing! You nearly flattened me and Neville!" Hermione calls to her friend.

"Mr. Snape! There is no need to shout the charm. You see the result when you do. Be more careful! You are going to harm someone with your actions. You have more control of your magic than you are showing this morning. Is something wrong? Perhaps you are feeling upset or tired this morning."

"No sir, I'm not. I'm not trying to do harm, sir! I don't understand why I can't control it. I'm sorry sir, for nearly hurting someone. Am I going to be given a low score, sir?" Draco replies.

"I will give you another chance with the charm, later this morning. Sometimes it just takes a few tries to get the charm to perform correctly. You just are not one who usually needs more than one try. Let us have two more to practice." Professor Flitwick replies, wondering about the tearful child he is addressing. Despite the boy's denial, he sees evidence just in the tear filled eyes that something is wrong with the child. Of all of his young students, Draco is one who rarely shows emotion over something as small as a missed charm.

None too soon for Draco, the Charms Class is finished. As soon as Professor Flitwick finishes discussing the homework assignment, a three foot long essay on charms for mobility, he declares "class dismissed". Draco is first to leave the room, not even waiting for Harry or his friends.

"Draco! Wait will you? We can walk together!" Harry calls as Draco rushes out of the room.

"Merlin! What is his problem? He just ran off with out a word." Ron complains.

"I guess he's upset about not doing well on the class charm today. You know how he expects to do well with everything. A bit of a perfectionist, I think." Hermione replies.

"Draco is not the only one who is a perfectionist, Miss. I -have -to -do- twice -the- assignment Granger." Harry teases his friend as they walk towards the staircase leading down to the first floor.

"There is nothing wrong with learning as much as you can when it comes to magic, or anything else really. Your Dad would agree with me, Harry."

"I'm sure. He's an old guy though, probably thirty five or more. You are a young girl, not even twelve yet. Take time to enjoy being a kid, like we boys do." Harry answers.

"You don't know how old your Dad is? I really don't think Professor Black is thirty five or more, Harry. My Mum is twenty nine and my Dad is thirty one. Ron, do you know how old your parents are?" Hermione asks.

"Yeah, Dad is thirty eight and Mum is thirty seven. Why do you want to know?"

"I just thought it strange, Harry didn't know his Dad's age, is all. Harry, why don't you ask him?"

"It's not something I really care to know. I know when his birthday is and that's all that matters to me. That's the eleven o'clock chime. We are going to be late to Herbology! Let's move it!"

Panting from their race to the greenhouse, the three friends settle on to their stools.

"Welcome children, thank you for hurrying to class. Now, today we are going to discuss the Venus Fly Trap and it's magical uses. Let's begin by examining the plant itself. Each table will have one to examine. As the children are busy with the plant, Professor Sprout address' Harry "Come with me, Mr. Black."

Once outside the door to the greenhouse, Harry asks "Is there something the problem, Professor?"

"I wanted to ask if you knew why Draco is not in attendance today. Is he ill, perhaps?"

"It's possible, Professor. He ran out of Charms at the end of class and it very well could be he was feeling ill." Harry replies, not wanting to lie but, wanting to keep Draco out of trouble. Not showing up to class is a sure fire way to be in trouble. The professors have absence lists and if a student does not show up, their name is reported to their Head of House. The Head of House checks with the infirmary to see if a child was feeling ill. If no illness or other excused reason is found, the student is punished for not attending class. In Harry and Draco's case, the Professor would most likely speak directly to their Dad.

"Harry, I'm going to have to report this to Professor Snape. He needs to know if his son is ill. I know you are trying to protect Draco from discipline but his actions are worrying me. It isn't like him to not attend class this way."

"Yes Professor, I understand. I'm not making anything up, Ma'am. He really did run out of class and might be ill." Harry replies hoping she won't speak to Sirius about their discussion. Sirius would most likely check the infirmary list and then inform Severus when Draco's name didn't appear on the list for today.

"Back to class, Mr. Black. All is well between you and I." Professor Sprout informs him with a comforting pat to his shoulder.

While Harry is busy trying to keep Draco out of trouble, Draco is busy jumping straight into it!

After running from the Charms classroom to the nearest loo, he finds himself losing his breakfast. Finished with emptying his stomach, he finds he is now ten minutes late for Herbology. Feeling drained and slightly sick, he decides to stay where he is, instead of attempting to join the class. Knowing all Professors had private loos in their offices, he feels safe in staying where he is. Resting against the cool stone wall, Draco closes his eyes. Finding himself jerked awake by loud talking, he opens his eyes to see Jeremy Pippen and his gang of friends enter the loo.

"Ach! Look mates! 'Tis Snape here by himself. No magical friends to help this time. You mates go on, I'll catch you at lunch. Snape and me have unfinished business!"

"Jer! You know he's the son of Professor Snape now! You're asking for trouble running up with his son." One of the other boys tells him.

"I've got it, now leave us be!"

"So, Draco, you and I have a secret don't we. What is the punishment for dragon smuggling these days? I'm sure the Headmaster would like to know his favorite Giant is a criminal. I imagine the board of Governors would enjoy knowing students at Hogwarts were put in danger from having several dangerous animals on the grounds. Then there is the part where you and your best mate, Harry, and the Weasleys helped the dragon get free. What do you suppose your Dad and the Headmaster would have to say about your little dragon game? They want to know what happened to the tower don't they? I can let that information slip real easily."

"What do you want, Pippen? I'll do it just tell me what it will take to keep you quiet." Draco answers tiredly.

"OH, now we are listening are we? You'll do anything I want hmmm? Well to start with, you can do all my homework for the classes we share. That's Charms, Astronomy, Transfiguration and Defense. All written essays will be done by you. Also, you have to continue to mess up on the classwork as you did today in Charms. I want the Professors to think I am better than you in these classes. Do you comprehend?"

"Yes. Now, you are agreeing to staying quiet if I do as you demand, correct?" Draco asks.

"Well, I'll do my best. You see, I have a tendency to blab without thinking sometimes. Something could slip!" Jeremy answers. grinning gleefully.

The statement and the evil grin infuriates Draco who suddenly finds himself lunging at Jeremy. Grabbing the other boy by the front of his school robe, he proceeds to drag him into a stall.

"I've had enough of your lip, Jeremy. You have a hot head and need to cool it down. I'm going to help you do that, now!" With this said, Draco plunges Jeremy's head into the toilet and flushes it.

Walking by the boy's loo, Remus hears screaming coming from inside. Bursting through the door with his wand raised, he finds Draco and Jeremy in the stall together. It appears Draco is trying to drown the other boy in the toilet.

"MR. SNAPE! CEASE THIS IMMEDIATELY!" Remus shouts to be heard over Jeremy's yells.

Whirling around to see his irate Defense professor and honorary uncle, Draco feels all the anger leave his body. Letting go of the other boy, he leaves the stall to stand before Remus with his head bowed.

"I'm sorry Professor Lupin. It was just a boyish spat, sir. We didn't mean to disturb you." Draco informs him.

"As this is one of your class periods, I assume the two of you skived off class today. Am I correct?" When neither boy responds, he reminds them "All I have to do is to request attendance reports for today's classes for the Junior Level students. I will do that right now if you do not answer my question. It will not bode well for you to have me request such a report instead of being honest."

"I should be in Herbology now, Sir." Draco answers shamefully.

"I didn't skive off a class, Professor. This is my free time." Jeremy answers wiping the water off his face. "Professor Lupin, HE shoved my head in a toilet and flushed it!" He then accuses, pointing at Draco.

"I see. Let's go boys. We'll just allow Headmaster Dumbledore to settle this one. Follow me now." Remus says walking towards the door.

"Please, Professor Lupin! Couldn't you assign us punishment? Detention, lines, and an essay would be a suitable punishment." Draco requests quickly. Being taken to the Headmaster means his Dad will be notified, which he would particularly like to avoid if at all possible.

"Let's go boys. Draco, I am turning this over to the Headmaster so you might as well come along."

Outside of the Headmaster's office entrance, Draco tries once more to avoid going in.

"Please Uncle Remus! Please don't do this. I'm sorry for fighting, honestly I am! It won't happen again!" He whispers desperately, at this point, he doesn't care if Jeremy hears him begging his uncle. Ever since the day Professor Lupin took he and Harry to Hogsmeade for Harry's Birthday, Draco has called him Uncle Remus when not in class.

"Lemon Gumdrops!" Remus intones, taking the boy's hand. "I am required to report this, Draco. All incidents of fighting are reported. You'll just have to accept it."

"Please excuse our intrusion Headmaster, I have two boys here who were involved in a fight in the third floor boy's loo. It seems Mr. Snape was attempting to push Mr. Pippen into the toilet as he had his head pushed inside the bowl."

"Well Draco? What do you have to say about this?" Dumbledore asks trying his best to sound stern and not let his eyes twinkle as they usually do.

"I admit it, sir. I did push his head down in the toilet. I wasn't trying to harm him however, just wash the bloody smirk off his face!"

"You two have a history of conflicts, isn't that so? This isn't the first time I've heard reports of the two of you not treating each other as friends."

"Friends? He's not my friend! He's a bloody bastard who deserves to be wiped out!" Draco snaps angrily.

"DRACONIS TOBIAS SNAPE! Apologize for your language at once!" Draco hears his Dad command.

"I'm extremely sorry for my language. It won't happen again." Draco addresses Professor Lupin and his Headmaster. He wouldn't have sworn if he'd heard his Dad enter the room.

"I received word Draco was in your office for an altercation. What has he done?" Severus asks while giving his child a look which causes him to drop his eyes to the floor.

"Draco, why don't you inform your Father of your escapade." Dumbledore tells him.

"I got into an argument with Jeremy and we got carried away." Draco responds quietly.

"Carried away how? Was magic used? Did you two exchange blows or just words?" Severus asks sternly.

"I didn't punch him or use magic, sir." Draco replies.

"No sir, we didn't punch each other, he just tried to drown me in a toilet! He pushed my face in and held it there while he flushed! I'm lucky to be alive!" Jeremy speaks up.

"I DID NOT try to drown you! I just tried to wash your filthy self a little! You rat faced fink!" Draco shouts at his enemy.

"DRACONIS! That is quite enough out of you, young man!"

"Mr. Pippen, what is your side of this?" Severus asks

"I was in the loo and he was in there too. He was supposed to be in class but I had a free period. I said something about his being in trouble in Charms class this morning and he attacked me." Jeremy answers smirking at Draco for telling on him.

"Severus, I will release Draco into your hands. Draco, I want to have a five foot essay on the 'Values of Friendship' by Wednesday noon. Both you and Jeremy will write this essay. You both have also just lost Gryffindor and Slytherin twenty points each! You know we do not allow fighting here at this school. Mr. Pippen, you are released into the hands of Professor Lupin, as Head of house, he is your school guardian. Gentlemen, we will not have a repeat of this fighting, do you both understand?" Dumbledore asks gazing at the two boys firmly.

"Yes Headmaster." Jeremy replies politely as Draco answers "Yes, Sir."

"Very well then, you are released to your fate." Dumbledore replies chuckling at the looks on the boy's faces.

"I have to get back to class, Draco. You go straight home and stay in your room until I tell you differently. You'll have to get your assignments for the missed classes from Harry. I will be finished with classes in two hours and by then you should have this punishment essay finished. We will discuss your behavior at that time." Severus tells him, as they reach the corridor outside of the Headmaster's office.

Nodding to show he understands, Draco makes his way slowly down to the family quarters. Glumly letting himself in with the password 'Snarky Snakes', he goes to his room. Quickly jotting down a note to Harry he writes "H. Caught fighting rat fink. Uncle Remus took us to Headmaster! Probably grounded forever as not allowed out of my room. Still feel horrible. Stay strong. D." Calling Raven, his Pygmy Owl, he says "Deliver to Harry." Opening the door to the outside corridor, he watches the owl fly off.

Right now Draco is feeling grateful his Dad allowed him to keep Raven in his room, instead of the Owlery. He couldn't contact Harry without his owl. Raven had not been adjusting to other owls well when kept with them. He had a serious feather molting problem. and lost all his wing feathers. Raven has grown them back in the three weeks he's lived in their quarters. The only downside to having an owl loose in his room was cleaning the owl pellets.

Feeling exhausted from the tension of the morning, Draco stretches out on top of his bedcovers. Deciding he has enough time for a quick rest before starting the essay, he tells his alarm clock "Wake me in one hour, Clock."

Just finishing lunch, Harry is surprised to see Draco's owl Raven, sitting outside the doors to the Great Hall.

"Isn't that Draco's owl?" Hermione asks.

"Yes, that's Raven. He has a message tied to his leg. I'll hold him still, if you'll take it off."

"What's it say, Harry?" Ron asks impatiently, a few minutes after Harry reads the message.

"Drake got caught fighting Pippen and Professor Lupin took them both to the Headmaster. Draco's in trouble with his Dad. That's why he didn't come to lunch."

"Is he going to be allowed to come to class? Did he say?" Hermione asks. Having to miss a class would be a horrible punishment in her opinion.

"He didn't say. I don't think so though. He says he's grounded to his room."

Walking out after his students leave the last class of the day, Severus is stopped by Professor Flitwick.

"Severus? I need just a few moments of your time. It concerns Draco."

"What concerns Draco? He did go to class this morning did he not? I only ask because he seems to have missed his second class of the day."

"He came but he wasn't himself. We were practicing the Mobilarbus charm today. First he and Harry were too busy whispering or writing notes to each other to bother to listen to the lecture, then when it came time to do the charm he couldn't do it correctly. When I suggested he practice more he became hostile, rude and defiant, questioning why he had to do it over. He nearly took out several of the students by shouting the charm causing the desk to speed across the floor towards them. I request you speak to him about his attention in class and attitude also. I wouldn't have said anything, except this is not the first time he's had a bit of an attitude. Your son does not accept second tries well. If he doesn't succeed the first attempt he becomes a different child."

"Thank you Filius I will certainly be discussing this matter with Draco. You shouldn't have any further meltdowns or any other problems with him. However, if you do, just let me know that day and it will be handled."

"Did you assign a detention? He's been in some trouble today after your class and is currently waiting for me in our quarters. I will send him for detention if you assigned one."

"No, Severus, I didn't. I took points and informed him I would let you know of his actions. I thought you might want to handle the discipline yourself. If you prefer I can assign detention instead."

"I'll handle it at home, but if he misbehaves for you again, assign detention and tell me. He's to be treated as any other student. Just because I work here doesn't mean I want to see him get preferential treatment on disciplinary matters or anything else." Severus informs his coworker.

"Thank you for informing me, I wasn't sure how you preferred to handle a discipline infraction as it hasn't occurred very often until now. He's usually very well informed on his lessons and behaves in class. He has very high standards for himself and that is where his attitude comes in at times."

"I understand, Filius. Have a pleasant evening."

Hearing his Dad enter, Draco quickly seats himself at his desk with parchment and quill. The essay he began earlier is only half done. Feeling too ill to write, Draco has been resting on his bed until now.

Taking time to brew himself a cup of tea, Severus tries to calm his irritation before confronting his son. Sipping the tea, he thinks on the events of the day. "This behavior isn't typical behavior for Draco. The fighting and the swearing! Then again, he's had several warnings concerning altercations with Jeremy Pippen. Fighting is not something to be dealt with lightly. On top of the fighting, he has been disrespectful to an adult. I must see to it he understands this is not to be tolerated. How to do this, though? Restriction? More essays? Detention? No, there's one thing Draco despises over all of those and it is that one thing that must be used."

Taking one last sip to finish his tea, Severus stands and walks to his son's room to discuss the day. With a quick knock, he opens the door and walks in. Draco is sitting at his desk, slumped over it.

"Draco, we need to talk. Sit up and look at me please." Severus commands.

"I'm sleepy, Dad. Just let me sleep and we'll talk later." Draco mumbles not opening his eyes.

"We will talk NOW, young man! Sit up!"

"Draco!" Severus says sternly when the command is not obeyed. Reaching out and lifting the boy's arm, helping him to sit up, Severus feels the heat radiating from his son's skin. It's warm enough to feel before he even touches the child. Concerned, Severus casts a charm to measure Draco's temperature.

"39.444 Celsius!" (103 F.) "Draco! Open your eyes! LOOK AT ME!"

"What Dad? Let me sleep!"

"NO, come, we must get your temperature down. I'm going to put you in a bath. It's going to feel very cold to you but we need to stay in it." Severus tells him as he lifts him into his arms.

In the loo, he eases the boy out of his clothes and gently puts him in the cool water he conjured in the tub. Noticing a strange green tint to the boy's skin as he does so. A few minutes later, he casts the tempus charm again.

"Good, we're going down some. I'm going to get Poppy here to go over you, son. You seem to have contracted something. Let me wrap you up." Severus tells the unresponsive, limp child.

After wrapping Draco in his dressing gown and two blankets, Severus carries him to the front floo.

"Infirmary! Poppy!"

"Severus! What's wrong with Draco? Why do you have him trussed up so?" Poppy asks looking through the green flames.

"There's something unusual going on, and I need you to step through."

"Alright, I'm here. What is unusual? You are a healer as well as a Potion's master so what do you see?"

"His temperature was 39 before I cooled him down. Even now, I have a cooling spell on the blankets and gown. His skin has an unusual tint to it." Severus responds.

"Let me look." Poppy Pomfrey says pulling the blanket from around Draco.

"Severus, I believe he is suffering from Dragon Scale Flu. The only way to know is to run a diagnostic check. May I?"

"Of course."

Waving her wand over the boy, both adults watch as the results of the scan appear written in the air before appearing on the conjured paper.

"Yes, this is Dragon Flu. He'll need to be in bed for several hours and drink liquids. Use a Pepper Up potion added to a flu fighter to take the fever down. I don't know what to say about the scales and green tint on his skin."

"SCALES? He didn't have scales when I examined him in the bath." Severus exclaims.

"Well he does now. Take a look at his arms. The only way to have contracted this is to be in close proximity to a dragon. Have the two of you been near a dragon lately? Perhaps a quick trip to Romania's Dragon Compound?"

"With all the work going on here at school, I haven't been anywhere. Draco doesn't go places such as that, unless I'm with him."

"Well, he contracted this from a dragon so ... "

"There must have been a dragon here in the castle. Is that what you are implying?"

"There's no other way, Severus. I'm thinking of the destruction of the Astronomy tower. It could be a coincidence but, something large made that damage."

"If Draco was involved then I'm pretty sure Harry was also. You'd best go check on him as I have a feeling he has this also!" Severus says before addressing the sleeping child in front of him.

"Draco, you better hope this theory of ours is wrong. Your name means Dragon but that does not mean you are to interact with one!"

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