Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 19: Actions Have Consequences

Harry Potter Ch. 19

Actions Have Consequences

After leaving Herbology, Harry and his friends make their way to the last class of the day, Defense. As far as Harry is concerned, this is the best class ever! No other class allows him to learn spells to fight with and actually use them. Of course, Uncle Remus never discusses using the spells to actually fight but Harry knows the real use of these spells.

Settling into their seats, Harry wishes Draco were here to enjoy the lesson with him. As his partner, Harry wonders who he will be teamed with for today's practice. I sure hope it isn't Pippen! I heard his partner is in the infirmary still. I can't tolerate Pippen long enough to do a practicum and will most likely hex him if I have to be with him! I sure hope the twins were able to force him into taking the potion. If he tells what he saw the other night, we'll all be better off dead! He thinks to himself just as the classroom door opens and Jeremy walks in followed by Professor Lupin.

Ha! He's in for it now! Late to class and the professor catches him as he comes in! Get him, Uncle Remus! Detention, points taken, essay, lines! All of it! Harry thinks watching Remus just walk to the raised platform at the front of the room.

"Jeremy came in late and Professor Lupin just ignored it! What in Merlin is that about?" Ron whispers in Harry's ear as Remus turns his back to them.

"Don't know but I was hoping for Uncle Remus to jump on the bloody git really good! I detest Pippen the bloody pipsqueak! He sure would jump on me if I came in late!" Harry whispers back.

"Eyes open, mouths closed, please sirs." Remus announces turning back around. With a stern glance at Harry, Remus begins class.

"Today in charms, I believe you practiced the Mobilarbus charm. Am I correct?" Remus asks the students.

"Yes Professor Lupin." Hermione answers as most nod in reply.

"Then you will find this lesson useful. Miss. Granger, if you will, come up to the platform and demonstrate the Mobilarbus for me. Let's just use my chair instead of the whole desk for this demonstration. Moving across the room to the opposite side, Remus calls "Whenever you are ready, Hermione."

Raising her wand, pointing and moving it, Hermione intones "Mobilarbus." The desk chair moves across the floor towards Professor Lupin as all the children watch. The students gasp as the chair seems to be going to hit him. Smiling at their reaction, Remus points his wand and intones "impedimenta" causing the chair to slow down. As the chair approaches him, he stops it with his hand.

"That is today's lesson, class. The defensive charm Impedimenta is used to slow a moving object. If someone throws something or spells an object to come at you, cast Impedimenta to slow it down. Many of you seemed to think I was going to be impaled by my own desk chair. Not to worry, I am a Defense professor, am I not? What good is a Defense professor if he can not defend himself? Not much, I tell you. Have faith, my young ones!" Remus chuckles at the astounded looks on the children's faces.

"Partners will practice this spell for twenty minutes then we will move on to our textbooks for the rest of the class. Mr. Weasley, come practice with Miss. Granger. Mr. Black, may I speak to you privately?" Remus asks as the children begin to practice their spell casting.

Moving over to the back of the room with his Uncle, Harry feels a little uneasy at being singled out this way once more. Twice in one day, a professor has wanted a private talk with him. Having forgotten until now, about Remus' enhanced hearing, Harry is expecting a scolding for talking about Jeremy the way he did. He is caught by surprise at Remus' question.

"Harry, are you aware of Draco's reason for not attending class today?"

"Draco?" Harry asks, his mind busy preparing excuses for his misbehavior, he's thrown by the question.

"Yes, Draco. The boy you call your cousin, dark brown hair, slightly long nose, blue eyes, about ten years old, nicknamed Dragon. Where might he be, do you know?"

"Yes Sir, I think he is ill. He left Charms quickly and I haven't seen him since. He may be in the infirmary, sir." Harry answers wondering why Remus was looking at him in a strange way.

"Harry, I imagine you know about the fight. I saw Draco's owl at the Great Hall. You may not know that both boys were taken to the Headmaster. Draco left with his Father but I assumed he'd be in class as this was over an hour ago. I gave out consequences for Mr. Pippen's part in the altercation. During our discussion, Mr. Pippen informed me of some interesting information regarding you, Draco, the Weasley boys and a certain forbidden creature. The same creature I just referred to as Draco's nickname. Answer me honestly. Is this true?" Remus asks sternly.

"I don't know sir as I do not know what rat fink, ... " At Remus' stern "Harry James!" Harry quickly says "I meant to say Mr. Pippen, might have told you. May I go practice my spell now?" Harry asks, deliberately avoiding discussing what Draco wrote in his note. He and Draco have a pact not to discuss each others punishments with other people.

"Yes, partner with Jeremy since Draco is not here." Remus informs him.

"Uncle Remus! NOT HIM! I don't get along with him. Can't I be with someone else?"

"No, now do as I say. This conversation about the creature is not over, young man. Stay after class so we may talk more. One more thing, DO NOT even attempt to cause problems with Jeremy. If I think for a minute, you have used this lesson to get revenge or cause harm, you will be over my knee! Comprehend?"

"Yes sir." Harry replies dejectedly as he moves towards Jeremy. After such a stern talk, he's grateful Remus cast a silencing charm around them. It would be embarrassing to have the class hear him being scolded and threatened with a smacking.

"I have to be your partner, Pippen. Professor told me we had to work together. Do you want to go first to cast Impedimenta or Mobilarbus?" Harry asks.

"You cast Mobilarbus and I'll try the Impedimenta one. What do we use?" Jeremy asks noticing all of the objects the students use for practice in defense were being used.

"Well, we could use a book. I could throw the book at you." Harry says grinning at the double meaning in his words.

"What is so funny? You want to hit me with a book don't you?"

"Truthfully, yes, but I would get in trouble if I deliberately hurt you. Throw the book at someone is a muggle phrase. It means to find as many things as possible to say someone did wrong."

"I understand that. Professor Lupin just finished throwing the book at me, before class. I have detention for two nights in a row with Mr. Filch and Professor used his ruler on my backside. He whacked me six times! All for getting in a fight with your pal Snape. I had to tell him why we were fighting and that earned me a smacking. Everyone thinks he is a easy Head of House since he doesn't punish much. Maybe, but he will get you for fighting! You are in big trouble now, Black. I had to tell him all about the secret meeting on the tower. It was, after all, our reason for fighting."

"Step back over there and be ready. I'm going to toss the book! Be ready with Impedimenta to stop it." Harry answers walking off angrily. His anger causing the scales to pop out on his arms, legs and back. He can feel them under his school robes.

Calming himself with a few deep breaths and thinking of how nice it will be to be able to actually throw something at Pippen, he relaxes enough for the scales to disappear.

"Ready?" He calls out to Jeremy.


Pulling back his arm as far as he can he tosses his heavy Defense book straight at Jeremy's face.

"AHH! Impodomontay!" Jeremy calls out flailing his wand about his head as if swatting a fly.

"IMPEDIMENTA" Harry calls quickly pointing his wand at the book. It slows just before reaching Jeremy's head and the boy reaches out to pluck it from the air.

"You TRIED to hit me in the face! Did you want to break my nose?" Jeremy asks angrily as he stomps over to Harry.

"No, I wasn't trying to hit you. You were supposed to slow it down." Harry answers right before Jeremy shoves him with both hands. Harry shoves him back causing him to fall on his backside. Jeremy immediately springs up rubbing the seat of his pants through the school robe.

"Professor Lupin! Look at Harry and Jeremy!" Hermione calls out, worried the boys might be about to punch or worse, hex each other. She knows how much Jeremy is disliked by Harry and his friends. Shoving is bad enough but punching or hexing would lead to harsher punishment.

"MR. PIPPEN! MR. BLACK!" Remus' voice causes both children to freeze in place. "Both of you come with me." Professor Lupin calls leading the boys into his office.

"Boys, I want to know what you think you were doing. Mr. Pippen, I believe you and I had a conversation about fighting not but an hour ago. Mr. Black, I know I told you to mind your actions during class. Did I not?"

"Yes sir." Both boys answer. Jeremy looking as apprehensive as Harry.

"I want an explanation, boys. Harry, you tell me what happened in there."

"I threw the Defense book at him and he mispronounced the slowing spell. I really wasn't trying to hurt him, I just didn't have anything else to use to practice the lesson, sir." Harry explains.

"Jeremy? What do you have to say?"

"He threw the book at my face! It was coming fast and I forgot the spell sir. I guess he was only doing the lesson but I got angry and I pushed him. He pushed me back. He did stop the book though with the new impodimentul spell." Jeremy answers quietly. "I apologize for shoving you, Mr. Black."

"I accept your apology. I'm sorry for throwing the book right at your face. I really wasn't trying to harm you. I was trying to get you to use the spell quickly without thinking." Harry replies.

"That would be Impedimenta, Jeremy." Remus tells him smiling. "It really helps to know the correct pronunciation, young man. You might be casting something you don't wish to cast. You might wind up as a frog just like in the storybooks!"

Harry can't help but giggle at this statement. He wouldn't mind it at all if Jeremy turned himself into a frog! He couldn't tell on Harry and his friends then. No one understands croaking!

"All right boys, I think we have cleared up this misunderstanding. I'm proud of you both for being gentlemanly enough to not only admit you were wrong, but to apologize without me having to order you to do so! Jeremy, I want you to write the word 'Impedimenta' thirty times tonight as part of your homework. I will have the word on parchment for you to copy. As you write it, say it to yourself and you will never forget how to pronounce it. Harry, you will work with Jeremy again in the next class. I want the two of you to work together until you become able to get along with each other. When your former partners, Mr. Snape and Mr. Collingsworth come back to class, they will partner each other."

"Professor! If I have to partner with Pippen until we get along, we'll have to be partners for the rest of our school career! That's YEARS! We just do not like each other!" Harry protests, aghast at Remus' actions.

"You two will learn to like each other. Now, do we have an agreement here? The two of you work together or do you wish to serve detention for a month plus be reported to your Head of house for misbehavior in class?"

As Harry's head of house is his Dad, he has no intention of choosing that option. Jeremy is shaking his head "no" when Harry looks at him in question.

"We'll partner together, sir." Harry says dejectedly as Jeremy also answers "I'll get along with him, sir."

"That is a very good answer, gentlemen. Let us go back to class. You have bookwork to do." Remus tells them as he opens the office door to enter the classroom.

At the end of the class, Remus hands out the homework assignment, a two foot essay on slowing spells and dismisses the class. Harry, hoping to escape the lecture, tries to hurry out with Ron.

"Just a minute there, Mr. Potter-Black! Come up here. You and I have a discussion planned. Ron, Harry will see you at a later date. Off with you, now." Remus stops the boy's rush for the door.

"Bye Ron. I'll try to owl you later." Harry whispers solemnly as he turns to slowly walk back to his honorary uncle.

Waiting for the door to close all the way, Remus then takes his wand and casts a silencing spell on the room. No one other than he and Harry will be able to hear what happens in the room. He also charms the door to stay closed.

"Come here, Harry." Remus tells the reluctant child standing three rows of seats from him.

Harry slowly obeys until he is standing beside his Uncle at the front of the room.

"Take a seat, Harry." Remus tells him as he moves a chair up by his desk.

"Let's talk, shall we?"

Briefly Harry wishes he could say "No, I'd rather not." Why do grownups ask stupid questions like this? He knows I don't want to talk but can't say it. Harry thinks hoping his uncle isn't able to read his thoughts the way Uncle Sev seems to at times.

"Harry, you are aware of my advanced hearing, are you not?" Remus begins.

"Yes sir."

"Well then it won't be a surprise to you to learn I heard what you said about Jeremy Pippen before class. Is this acceptable language in your family? When you call a person a bloody git and pipsqueak? Does Sirius allow you to behave in this manner?"

"No sir. Please don't tell him Uncle Remus. I'm already grounded to my room for something else. If you tell him about me using unacceptable language and the fuss with Jeremy, I'll get in big trouble."

"I believe you are already in big trouble, young man. You and your friends were involved with a dragon recently. This dragon is the cause of the destruction of the tower. Correct?"

"You shouldn't believe everything someone tells you. That's what Dad tells me, anyway." Harry answers dodging the question.

"Harry James, let me tell you something, along with my advanced sense of hearing, I also have an advanced awareness of smells, especially other animals. I can smell the scent of dragon on you, so don't try to lie to my face by telling me you didn't have contact with a dragon. Besides the scent, you also have a green tint to your skin and then there are the scales."

At Harry's look of shock, he adds "Yes, I know about the scales. They give off a particular scent. You are breaking out in scales when you are upset, am I right?"

"Yes sir, I am having problems with scales coming on me. Why is it you can see I'm slightly green today and no one else has?"

"The werewolf senses are much stronger than humans, Harry. The only reason to be breaking out in scales that I know of is because you came in direct contact with a dragon. Isn't this correct?" At the boy's hesitancy to answer Remus tells him "You may as well admit it, Harry. I can help you with this problem."

"We were trying to help get the dragon and the hippogriff to safe keeping. We knew they would be destroyed if they were discovered here at the school. Hagrid would also be in trouble for having illegal animals at Hogwarts. We only meant to do something helpful but it went all wrong. A momma dragon came and she whipped her tail all around knocking down part of the tower. We really did want to help out, Uncle Remus." Harry says feeling somewhat relieved to have someone else know the tale.

"Harry James Potter-Black! You put yourself and your friends in extreme danger with this latest escapade."Remus scolds sternly. Shaking his head sadly he says "You really remind me of James at times. He too, rushed into things without a thought. His escapades were not as dangerous, however. Well, I said I'd help you and I will. Let's go, Harry."

"Where are we going, Uncle Remus? Do you know of a special healer I can go to so I won't be scaly anymore?"

"I know just the people to help you, Harry. We are going there now."

"Do we have to apparate to get there? If we do can you do a time spell on me so I can get back home by five? Dad will spank me if I'm not in my room at five when he comes in."

"You will be taken care of. I'm positive about that. Now follow me."

Following Remus, Harry sees he is being led up to the Astronomy tower.

"Uncle Remus! I can't come up here! Dad is teaching here and if he sees me I'll be toast!" Harry whispers. It might be his imagination, but he feels the portraits are whispering about him and glaring at him too. "Surely they were all asleep the night we smuggled the animals up here." Harry thinks.

"Hmm, I prefer bread toast over people toast so no worries, Harry." Remus replies, smiling at his joke as he escorts the boy further up the stairs.

Opening the door to the Astronomy tower rooftop, Remus motions Harry through. "After you, Harry."

"Alright, look around. I'm sure you have been wanting to see for yourself what happened to the tower. The whole school has been buzzing with speculation about it." Remus tells the boy as he steps up beside him.

Looking around, Harry sees the crumbled wall where the dragon's tail hit, the opening in the tower's rock lined edge where the dragon landed. The singed area where he and Draco ran under a rock awning when the dragon landed. There are loose boulders from the wall, lying all around. Half of the boulders lining the tower's edge are missing.

"Stay right beside me, Harry. I don't want you tumbling off the edge. My rescue flight spell is quite rusty. I brought you here to face up to what your actions have caused. I know you don't want to Pup, but doing so will help the guilt I know you feel. Well, have you seen enough?" Remus asks after he and Harry have explored the destruction.

"Yes sir. I didn't know it was this bad. We couldn't tell in the dark."

"Well, it is this bad, isn't it young man? A dragon can cause extreme damage as you can see, which is why it is an animal only trained professionals get around. Even a baby dragon is dangerous." Remus scolds the forlorn boy beside him.

"I agree with everything you just said Remus, and have some things to add: You children could have been killed! What you did was not only against the law but extremely dangerous! I am very disappointed in you, Harry."

Harry whirls around at the first word to see his Dad standing in the doorway behind them. By the end of his short speech, Harry is in tears.

"I'm sorry! Honest, I am. I didn't mean for this to happen. I never wanted to destroy part of the castle. I love her!"

"Come here, son." Sirius calls to the overwrought child.

"Hush now. Everyone will understand you didn't mean to destroy the castle. No one will be allowed to blame you for that. Let's go home. You and I have quite a lot of talking to do. Thank you Remus for the patronus. I needed to hear and see what went on. We will see you soon." Sirius tells Harry as he hugs him, burying the boy's face in the front of his teaching robes.

"Harry, I want to hear from the beginning, how this came about. The whole story no matter who is involved." Sirius directs his son as they sit in the living area of their quarters. Just as Harry is about to begin, the floo roars and Severus appears.

"Hello Sirius, I've been looking for you. Draco has been ill and I feared Harry might be also. I have some information you need to know. May I step through?"

"Of course, come in." Sirius replies with a glance at Harry.

"So it seems the boys came in contact with a dragon recently as Draco is suffering from the Dragon Scale Flu. I have him under a sleep healing spell at the moment so he will be well soon." Severus finishes telling Sirius.

"Harry was just about to explain how the boys came in contact with a dragon when you came through. I don't see Harry being ill but then again he is excellent at concealment at times." Sirius replies turning to look at Harry.

"How are you feeling, Harry? Are you feverish or aching?" Severus asks as he does a quick spell to examine the boy.

"No sir. I'm not feverish now and I don't hurt anywhere anymore. I felt hot and had chills last night but not today. I am a bit itchy when the scales break out though."

"SCALES? You have scales on your body?" Sirius asks aghast at this news.

"Umm, yes sir. They are coming and going, Dad. They don't stay long."

"Severus! My son is not going to become a dragon is he?" Sirius asks.

"No, people don't become dragons from contact with one. They do become ill. Harry, when you and Draco were both very ill a few months back, the readings came back you were in contact with a dragon. None of us could explain why that was. Now would be a good time to hear the story."

Taking a deep breath and hoping for the best, Harry begins. "A few months ago, Hagrid found three eggs in the forest. He brought them home and hatched them. There were two baby dragons and one hippogriff. Draco and I helped take care of them. We fed them and played with them."

"So when the two of you were sick earlier this year and the readings came back showing contact with a dragon, they were correct. I couldn't understand at the time why the spell was continuously giving the misreading. Now I see it did not." Severus says, frowning at Harry.

"Umm, no sir, I guess it didn't."

"Continue Harry. After the dragons hatched and you cared for them, what happened next. Let's skip to the part about the Astronomy Tower. Just what involvement did you and Draco have?" Severus asks.

With a quick glance at Sirius, Harry continues. "We went to Hagrid's the other night and smuggled the animals up to the tower. The mother dragon came and landed on the edge. She did all the damage you found. Someone came and took the young hippogriff but they weren't able to rescue the baby dragon. The mother took it in her teeth and flew off with it. I'm sorry, really I am." Harry finishes, reacting to the glares from The Dads.

"Did you touch the dragon at all Harry? You must have to be showing signs of Dragon Scale Flu with scales popping out on your body." Severus asks as Sirius seems unable to speak.

"No Uncle Sev. none of us touched him. I tripped on a loose stone and jostled the cage. When I did, he spit on us. It covered most of Draco's shirtfront and my arm. Draco began feeling itchy right afterwards so I vanished his shirt."

"You two boys have been sneaking around, deliberately misleading us and helping to conceal illegal animals. You put your lives in danger the other night! The dragon could have killed you." Sirius speaks up, his tone of voice causing Harry to duck his head.

"Severus, will Harry become more ill or is this the extent of it? Slight chills, scales and green tinted skin or is there going to be more?"

"I believe since Harry had the extreme reaction the first time he became ill with Dragon Scale Flu, this time will be mild. Draco didn't react then as he is now. I'd say he is more ill because of having more contact with the dragon's body fluid. I have him dosed and he is sleeping it off. He'll be much better in the morning. As will you, Harry. I'll send the necessary potions to you when I return home."

Finding his voice, Sirius asks "Who else was involved in this, Harry? You, Draco and who else? Was it Ron and the twins plus others?"

"No one else besides Draco, Me, Ron, Fred and George."

"Are you positive about this? You aren't protecting someone are you?" Sirius asks sternly.

"No sir, that's all. The Weasleys took over handling the hippogriff while Draco and I took the dragon. I guess Hagrid was going to take the other dragon but he never came up to the tower."

"How was it you were heard, but not seen on the tower? I believe your invisibility cloak is locked in my trunk."

"I took the key and took the cape, Dad. We needed to get from Hagrid's cabin to the castle without being seen and that's all I could think of to do."

"I've been told Mr. Pippen was forced to take a memory altering potion. This potion didn't work as he was able to inform myself and the Headmaster of you children's part in the tower destruction. Do you know who gave him the potion and where they got it? I am not missing any ingredients or potions, I checked." Severus continues the questioning.

"I can't answer that Uncle Severus because I wasn't there. Perhaps Jeremy can tell you. I do know it wasn't me or Draco."

Rubbing his temple, Sirius asks "Severus, do you have anything else to ask? I've heard all the answers I need to hear. I would like some time alone with Harry. If you would wait to send the potions for an hour, I'd appreciate it. Since he doesn't seem to be ill, one hour couldn't make much difference could it?"

"Oh, but I am feeling much much worse now. My head aches and my arms and legs tingle. I think I'm feverish too. My throat is burning." Harry recites quickly, causing Sirius to turn pale.

Taking his wand and running a diagnostic spell, Severus announces " The test shows a slight increase in temperature, the scales are out, his heart is beating more quickly than usual but other than that nothing."

"Does this mean he is becoming ill with the flu?" Sirius asks.

"In my opinion, I would say no. I think this is happening because he is apprehensive about what you plan to do." Severus answers as he walks towards the floo.

"I believe Draco will react the same way when it is his turn. Will you be informing the Weasley parents or do you wish me to do so?"

"I'll contact them later today. I know Arthur will be paying his sons a visit. I'll be talking with you later on what else needs to be done. Thank you for coming."

Turning to look at Harry, Sirius says "Go to your room. We have some more talking to do. I'll be there in just a minute."

Walking into his son's room, he finds Harry face down on the bed. Sitting beside him, he strokes the boy's hair for just a minute before saying "Time to sit up, son. You have a long list of misdeeds we need to discuss." When Harry is sitting next to him, brushing the tears out of his eyes, Sirius continues.

"Harry, before we start, I want to tell you how much I love you. I know I don't say this to you often, but I do. My life was not complete until you came into it. I loved you from the moment I first saw you, a little bit of a thing with a mop of black curly hair. When you became my child and not just my godson, I didn't think my love for you would change. It did. I love you even more now that you are mine to care for. I don't think I could continue to be sane if something happened to you, my son. I set rules and expectations for you to keep you safe and to see to it you grow into a well balanced young man. You are young but I believe you understand what I am telling you."

"I lobe you, Daddy. I'm sooo sorry, I worried you and made you upset. I won't do it anymore, ever again. I'll be the bestest boy you could ever want." Harry answers thru a stuffed up nose.

"Let's don't make promises you can't keep, son. All children make mistakes and worry their parents. I don't expect you to be perfect. I do expect you to keep yourself safe and not take risks or break the law. You did both of those when you helped smuggle illegal animals. Harry, the adult dragon could have easily killed you or your friends. As it is, both you and Draco are suffering from illness that came from contact with a dragon. You also disobeyed me by taking the invisibility cloak when you knew you were not to use it. By not telling an adult about the animals and covering up your actions with them, you lied to us. All of this could have been avoided by you coming to me or Severus or even your Grandpa to tell us about them. We would have seen to it the animals were removed safely. Now, the castle has been damaged and you are in trouble for being deceitful and breaking the law."

"I wanted to help Hagrid, Daddy. I didn't want him to be put in prison or thrown out of Hogwarts. He's our friend. Friends help each other, you told me so!"

"That I did, son. You knew what was going on was wrong and you continued to be involved anyway. That is why you are in the trouble you are in. What have I said about seeing someone do something wrong and they want you to join them?"

"Not to get involved, walk away and tell an adult about their behavior."

"Did you do any of those things Harry James?"

Hearing the sternness now in his Dad's voice and the use of both names has Harry in tears again.

"No sir. I'm sorry. I'll do it next time."

"Stand up Harry." Sirius responds, taking Harry by the arm and helping him to stand.

"When you think back on this Harry, remember I do this to keep you safe and to help you remember to make good decisions. When you make good decisions, you won't find yourself in the position you are now in." Sirius says, quickly casting a charm to lower the boy's pants as he flips him over his knee.

"NO WAIT, NO DADDY! OWWWW! DAAAAADDDDDDYYYY!" Harry cries out as Sirius applies his hairbrush to the boy's bare bum.

"You have always known, if you put yourself in danger, you will receive a bare bum spanking! I considered conjuring a thin, round paddle but did not. If you are ever involved in illegal activity again, I will! You remember this, Harry!" Sirius tells the sobbing boy as he finishes the seventh and final swat on the red backside. Holding his boy close and letting him cry out his guilt and hurt feelings, Sirius has to suppress a shudder as the thought of what could have happened flashes through his mind again. He tells himself he has to put consequences in place to make his child stop and think before rushing into danger. Preferably, Harry won't put himself in danger at all.

When Harry has calmed down enough to hear, he says "You are now grounded until Winter Break. You will attend class and come home. No friends visiting or going anywhere but classes. All your meals, with the exception of lunch, will be here in our quarters. For the first week, you will be confined to your room. There will be more consequences also. I'm going to consult with Severus and Mr. Weasley. I will inform you of them after I do. Tomorrow, you and I will go talk to the Headmaster to inform him of your part in this. He, also may assign a punishment. Actions have consequences, son."

"Yes Daddy. I'm sorrryy. I ammm! I don't want you to be maddd." Harry answers between sniffles.

"I'm not mad, son. You frightened me Harry. You could have been killed and I wouldn't have my Pup. I never want to spank you or punish you Harry. It's my job to teach you to behave correctly and apply consequences when you don't. Do you understand why you were punished the way you were, son?"

"I broke the law and your safety rules, I lied to you too. I do understand but I don't like it at all! My bum is burning! I wish those darn scales had come out when you were putting the brush to my bum! It wouldn't be burning if they had!" Harry replies rubbing the seat of his pants.

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