Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 2

The story is based on the Harry Potter books and movies. It is not intended to recreate said books or movies. It is solely a work of fiction based on the imagination of the author.

Harry Potter - Junior Level Ch. 2

A few days after the boys enjoyed time in the Amusement Area, they are helping Sirus in the Astronomy classroom again.

"Alright now boys, the first thing we're going to do is change your clothes. Draco, come stand by Harry and both of you stand still. With a flick of his wand, the boy's jeans and T shirts are replaced by worn pants and gray long sleeved shirts."

Looking down at his new outfit, Draco asks "Uncle Sirius? This is just temporary isn't it? When I leave here, I can have my other clothes right?"

"Weelll, are you saying you don't approve of these clothes, Draco?" Sirius asks winking at Harry.

"Um, not really sir. But if I lose my other clothes and go home in this, I'll get in trouble! Dad got mad at me day before yesterday for that. I was out by the lake and the giant squid splashed me so I was all wet. Hagrid was out there with me and he transfigured some leaves into a shirt and pants for me. They were so old looking too. He did something to my clothes and never could get them back. Dad said if did something to lose my clothes or mess them up again, he would punish me! He's really irritable lately and no matter what I do, he gets mad at me. He didn't act like this during the summer."

"Don't worry, Draco. He's just under a lot of stress with the start of school. I think soon he'll be back to the Dad you remember. Your clothes are over there in my office. I put you both in these clothes because you are going to be painting. I didn't want you to ruin your other clothes. Even magic can't remove this paint. It will not come off fabric or the walls so we are dressing for the job."

"What are we painting Dad? The whole room?" Harry asks looking around a little worried at having to paint the entire classroom.

"Today, we are going to paint the solar system on the walls. If you look closely, you'll see the outlines of the planets are sketched on the wall. What I want the two of you to do is to fill in the sketches with paint. The picture for each planet is beside the sketch. Just follow the color guide."

"Dad, why can't we just use magic to put the pictures on the wall?" Harry asks.

"I want them to look as if students painted them and I thought it would be something you two would enjoy doing. Both of you are going to do this without using any magic. This paint is charmed to be resistant to magic so don't try it."

"But Uncle Sirius, what if we accidentally get the colors wrong or mess it up?"

"Draco, this is not going to dry that quickly. If you happen to make a mistake, just wipe it off with the wet rag and start again. Now which planet do you want to paint first? You get the first choice."

"I can pick first? Can I have Saturn then? I think the rings are cool!" Draco answers.

"Cool, hmm? Well I hope that means something good. Now Harry which planet do you want to do?"

"Dad, if Draco doesn't mind, could we both work on the planets together? I think it would be more fun if we could both paint on the same one."

"Draco? Do you want to paint by yourself? It would be just fine if you do. Either way, we will get the planets painted. What do you say, son?" Sirius asks.

"I like Harry's idea. Let's both work together and do one planet at a time."

"Alright then let's get you two set up and you can begin. Take all the time you need boys. We are not in a hurry and we want the walls to look really nice. We'll use two shades of yellow and some black for Saturn. The planet itself is going to alternate stripes of this yellow. Then the rings will be yellow and after they dry, you'll go back and paint a slim black stripe close to the outer edge and another broad stripe on the inside ring closest to the planet. That will make it have depth. If you have any problems, one of you come let me know. I'm going to do some research and lesson preparations in my office."

"Yes Sir."

"Boys?" Sirius asks, waiting for both to look at him. "Hear me out, I don't want any arguing or playing around out here. You both have a job to do and this isn't the time to be playing around. Do you understand?"

"Yes Uncle Sirius."

"Yes Dad."

"That's good, we understand each other. One other thing boys." Sirius says watching as the two young boys' faces droop even more than they already were. "After you finish today, we're going to go down to the Quidditch Pitch for you to fly. Draco, Sev said you could stay over tonight if you'd like to. Would you like to?"

"Really? At Sirius's nod, he says "I'd love to stay over! Thanks Uncle Sirius!"

"Come on Draco, let's start. Maybe we can do two planets this afternoon. I want to paint the planet and you can do the "cool" rings. You can paint that part better than I can."

"I'll see you two later. Enjoy your painting. I'll come check on you in an hour or two." Sirius tells the boys as he heads into his office. A few hours later Sirius remembers the boys. He's been so busy researching for lessons, he's forgotten he needs to check on the boys. Walking out into the classroom, Sirius is amazed with what he sees.

"Merlin Boys! What did you do? However did you get those two done so quickly?" Sirius asks looking at his classroom wall. Both Saturn and Mars have been painted, outlined and are dry.

"Draco? Harry? Did either of you use magic for this?"

"No Dad, we couldn't. We don't have wands with us. We just worked really hard and finished. Can we have a snack? I'm hungry." Harry answers.

"Why do you think we used magic Uncle Sirius?" Draco asks curiously.

"The planets look just like the pictures and it doesn't seem you had enough time in just two hours to do both planets the way you have."

"Dad, it is four o'clock. We started at twelve. Four hours is a lot of time to do two planets. We took our time and worked carefully for you."

"Four o'clock? Sirius quickly casts a time spell and sure enough, it reads four ten. My goodness boys, the time got away from me. I meant to come check on you and tell you to take a break but I was so busy the time slipped past. Besides, my clock in the office is wrong by two hours!"

"Are you two in need of a trip to the loo? Harry?"

"DAD!" Harry says complaining. "We are old enough to go when we need to. You are embarrassing me."

"Sorry son. We are all grown up now, I see. I'll try to behave better." Sirius bows mockingly to Harry causing Draco to laugh.

"Come on you two, let's get you changed back into your other clothes and go for a fly! I need to feel the wind in my long gorgeous locks!" Sirius says flipping his hair around.

"DAD! You are embarrassing me again! Please, Dad, stop being so silly."

"Yes Master Harry. Come Draco, you and I will fly and let the sourpuss sit here and wait." Sirius says leading him into the office.

Still giggling, Draco follows his uncle. It doesn't take long for Harry to come into the office to get his clothes changed back also.

"I'm not going to complain anymore. May I please come for a fly too? I'm sorry for acting like a prat, Dad." Harry apologizes quietly.

"You aren't acting like a prat, son. You're just growing up on me. I apologize for embarrassing you. I'll do my best to remember you aren't my little one any longer. It's hard for me to remember how mature you are all of a sudden. You suddenly became so grown up after your birthday."

"I was just acting a lot younger than I was Dad. I'm not going to be that way now. I feel better than I did after Mum and Daddy James were killed. I know you are here to take care of me for always and I don't need to be a little boy anymore. I thought if I acted little you would want me."

"Harry, I would want you no matter if you were a tiny baby or a teenager. You are my child and you are always going to be my child. You and Draco are our children. No matter how old you get or what you do, you will always be my son and Draco will always be Severus' son."

"Yes Dad, I believe you. Let's go flying!" Harry announces.

"Hey Harry?" Draco whispers after they have flown for nearly an hour.


"Why don't you show Uncle Sirius that new Quidditch move you can do? Don't you want him to see it?" Draco asks eyes twinkling.

"SHHHH! Are you crazy? Are you trying to get me in trouble?"

"Well, now that you are so grown up and all, I thought you wouldn't mind him seeing it."

"I might be more grown up now but I still know he'd punish me if I was to show him that move! He'd say I was putting my life in danger! So to answer your first question, NO thanks I'll pass on doing the move at this time. YOU keep quiet about it." Harry tells a giggling Draco.

"Anything you say, brother."

"Draco, do you think anyone will be able to tell we did use some magic today? We wouldn't have if we hadn't needed the paint to dry faster. The rings on Saturn needed to be finished. Do you think someone will find out?" Harry asks later that night as they lay in bed together.

"First, there was no "WE". I didn't use magic because I didn't have my wand. YOU used magic because you can do it without your wand. Even if someone happened to find out, why would it matter?"

"Because I lied to Dad. I don't know why I did that, I just said it before I thought. Lying is a spanking offense Draco! So is using magic without adult supervision and I did both. I'm going to be in big trouble if I get found out! I broke two major rules. I can't seem to think before I do something. I just do it and then wish I hadn't!"

"I can tell Uncle Sirius, I used magic if you get found out. That way you won't be punished for it."

"But then you would get punished, wouldn't you?"

"Probably not. My Dad is too busy to notice what I'm doing. Even if he heard, I don't see the problem with using magic like that. We'll go with that plan, Okay?"

"If that's what you want to do. Thanks Draco, you're a great brother."

The next morning, the boys walk into the Astronomy classroom ready to do more painting. After getting the paints and brushes ready, Draco happens to glance over at the painting of Saturn.

"Harry! Look!" He gasps pointing.

"What? Oh, look at it! What happened to it? It was just fine when we left it." Harry says gaping at the planet that looks more like a yellow and black smudge than a carefully outlined planet.

Walking into the room to check on the boys plans for the morning, Sirius is also surprised to see the wall. After examining it closely, he turns to look at the two boys.

"Boys, do you know what happened here?" He asks sternly.

"No sir, it looked like that when we came in this morning." Harry answers.

"The reason it didn't stay painted as you left it, is because someone used magic on the paint. If magic is used on the paint, it does not stay. It has been charmed to resist magic. Both of you come with me." Sirius announces solemnly.

Taking the boys into his office, he closes the door and places a silencing charm on it. Seeing this causes Draco to take a quick look at Harry. He notices Harry doesn't look very happy to see that either.

"Harry, Draco, yesterday I asked you both if you had used magic on the paintings. Do you remember me asking you this?"

"Yes Dad."

After a quick swallow to wet his throat, Draco manages to whisper "Yes sir."

"You told me you had not. That was obviously a lie. One of you lied about using magic and one of you covered up for the other one's use of magic. Covering up someone's bad behavior when asked about it, is also lying. Harry, you are capable of doing magic without a wand. So, that would mean Draco lied by covering up for you and you lied by saying you didn't have your wand so you couldn't have done magic. So my question would be: Do either of you have anything you'd like to say on this? "

Neither of the boys answers so Sirius moves on to the punishment. After the two boys are calm enough to listen he says; Boys, I want you to remember, I did not punish you for using magic although you know you should not have without permission. This punishment was for lying. When you are not truthful you are also untrustworthy. Neither one of you are going to be thought of as Untrustworthy! To be trustworthy is an honor. I want you both to remember to always be truthful. Draco Tobias Snape and Harry James Black are going to be two of the most honorable and trustworthy students in the school. Do you understand what I am telling you? To be trustworthy is the foundation for success. You are both probably too young to understand what I am trying to tell you but know this YOU WILL BE TRUTHFUL!"

Later that morning, two slightly sore young boys are admiring their finished painting of Saturn.

"It looks as good as the first one. Now we will do the rest of the ring part tomorrow. We have to let it get all the way dry first. We should have done that yesterday and we wouldn't have had our pants warmed this morning!" Draco tells Harry.

"I know and I'm sorry. It's my fault we have a stinging bum and are grounded to my room after lunch!"

"It's alright. I was wrong to cover up and to get you to do it to start with. I deserved to get punished too. He wasn't as hard on us as I was thinking he would be. We only got six smacks, that's not too bad really. They stung but that's not as bad as it could have been. I was afraid he was going to use that ruler or even the paddle when he put up the silencing charm the way he did. He just used his hand and I'm glad about that!" Draco replies.

"Yeah me too! He sure does have a hard hand though! The part that bothers me more is we were going to get to go to Hogsmeade for lunch and now we are grounded. We can't even go to the Amusement Area today." Harry says sorrowfully.

"It's only for this afternoon. We can go to the Amusement Area tomorrow and if we try to really behave, maybe we can go to Hogsmeade before the other kids come next week. Have you asked if you can go on the train yet?"

"I'm waiting until he has time to forget my misbehavior first. I want to ride the Hogwarts Express this year so badly. We didn't get to last year, what with having to come and take magical exams. Have you asked Uncle Sev yet?"

"No, he's still being so grouchy that I'm afraid to ask for anything. I hope I don't get in trouble again with him for what happened in here."

"Don't worry. Dad's already punished you so he won't tell Uncle Sev. I don't think he will anyway."

"I don't think it's fair to get punished by both of our Dads if we misbehave. If one punishes both of us that should be it. Don't you agree?"

"Yeah, I really do. Let's talk to Dad about it when he comes out to look at our work. Which planet do you want to start next? Mars looks fine, it didn't get ruined. "

"Which one do you want to do? I picked first yesterday. It's your turn now."

"How about we do Earth? With all the sections of blue and green it's going to be a lot to paint. Can I do the water?"

"Yeah, I'll do the landforms on one side of the picture while you paint the water. When they dry we can swap places. If we do it that way maybe the colors won't run into each other."

After painting for several minutes, Harry asks "Draco, you are really good at painting. Have you ever had lessons?"

"Harry! Think about where I grew up. Do you really think Lucius Malfoy would let his pureblood son take Art lessons?"

"I don't know. Would that mean you didn't take lessons?"

"Of course not stupid! How could I ask to take art lessons? I might as well have asked for ballet lessons as far as Lucius was concerned. Art lessons are for little girls not pureblood wizards. I'm not a little girl!"

"DO NOT CALL ME STUPID!" Harry says angrily. "I did not grow up in a pureblood house you know. My mummy and daddy weren't practicing the old wizard ways much. I don't know these things. I was just little and didn't see all that much. Stop being so mean. I didn't say you are a girl either so there!" Harry finishes sticking out his tongue at Draco.

"Grow up Harry! I mean it! You are acting like a baby again! You have to learn to think about things and stop falling back on the 'oh poor me' stuff all the time. You should know what wizarding families are like. I'm tired of arguing. Tell Uncle Sirius, I went home. When you are ready to act like a big boy, come find me."

Walking out into his classroom after hearing the outside door slam, Sirius finds his son sitting at one of the desks. His head is down on his arms and his shoulders are shaking.

"What's wrong Pup? Where is Draco?"

"He left. He said he was going home. He called me stupid, got really sore at me, told me to grow up and quit being a baby and stormed out. I am trying to grow up Dad. I don't mean to make him angry at me. We were getting along so good and I went and messed it all up! Now he's just going to be all mean to me again just like all of last year." The sobs he was trying to hold back escape as tears run down his face.

"Come on Pup. Let's go into my office and you can lie on the couch for a time. When you feel like talking about what went on, I'll be ready to listen. I think we can come up with a plan to get Draco to not be mean to you. I don't want you to worry about that."

After settling Harry on the couch, Sirius goes in search of Draco to hear his side of the story. Finding his nephew in Harry's room at his own quarters surprises him. He'd already checked to see if Draco had gone to Severus' quarters without finding any sign of him. Asking one of the portraits led him to his own quarters. Sometimes, the paintings were helpful in finding someone.

Seeing the child stretched out on his bed in Harry's room, Sirius can see he too has been crying. The boy's face is streaked with tear tracks.

"Well Draco, I've been looking for you. You don't just run off the way you did. I think you need to explain yourself, son."

At the boy's startled gasp and seeing the fearful look come on his face, Sirius realizes Draco has taken his words the wrong way.

"I'm not here to punish you nor am I angry with you. I am concerned but I'm not angry. I heard some of what went on from Harry but he didn't say much. It will help, if you talk it over with me. Tell me what it is that caused you to get so upset that you wanted to leave. I'm happy to see you came here."

"I had to come here. I'm grounded remember? You grounded me to this room, sir. I was thinking if I didn't come for grounding, you might whip me!"

"Draco, I have never 'whipped' you and don't plan to either! The most you will ever receive from me is a paddling. Since you have already had the misfortune of experiencing that you don't need to worry over what it might be like any longer. I am not here to punish you." Sirius feels it best to repeat himself.

"Now can you tell me what made you get so upset? I want to help."

"I just got really angry sir. I shouldn't have lashed out at Harry the way I did. He didn't do anything to me or say anything really. We were talking and he asked me if I'd had any art lessons. I used to want to take art lessons when I was little. I like to draw and I like to paint too. When he asked me, it made me remember something bad. I got really ugly to Harry and said some very mean things. I know I hurt him and I'll tell him I'm sorry. I should get spanked for how I acted."

"Are you sure Harry didn't say something unkind to you? You aren't covering for him again are you Dragon?" Sirius asks using the boy's nickname.

"No Sir, I'm not covering for him at all. It was all me. I was rude and mean and ugly and I hurt him. You ought to spank me for it too! I called him stupid and that he was a baby and I told him he needed to grow up. I deserve a bad spanking for being so mean and for running off like I did."

"You are right, Draco. You've convinced me you do need harsh punishment. Do you want me to handle this or would you rather let your Dad know? I can conjure the paddle if you want me to handle it." Sirius asks trying not to smile at Draco's shocked face.

"I ggueess I'll let you do it sir. Should I take down my pants?" Draco asks standing up and reaching for the snap on his jeans.

"No son. We aren't going to be doing any spanking. I was kidding with you to get you to stop being serious. That's who I am, not you." Sirius says reaching out and pulling the child into a hug. He is rewarded with a small giggle so he knows the boy is better now.

"Draco, I understand why you ran out. You were upset and you reacted without thinking. I want you to sit back on the bed and let's talk this out. Something happened to make you this upset. I want you to tell me what it was. It's not going to make me angry and I promise no one is going to be punished at all. No matter what you tell me. Can you tell me now?"

"Yes Uncle Sirius."

"Harry and I were having a good time working on the planet Earth. Harry told me I was good at drawing and painting and asked if I had ever had art lessons. That made me think of Lucius. "

"What about Lucius? What did he say or do?" Sirius asks knowing there was more to this than the boy was saying.

"I started liking to draw and paint really early. Mum used to let me use her paints and canvas when she sat In the Solarium painting. By the time I was six, I could draw well and I enjoyed painting too. One of Mum's instructors even said I showed a lot of talent for someone so young. I made the mistake of asking Lucius if I could have art lessons along with the magic lessons he was making me take. I thought if I showed him my best picture, a dragon flying over a castle, he would be impressed. I thought he'd see the same thing the instructor saw. He didn't." Draco stops talking so Sirius whispers "Tell me the rest, son."

"Lucius went crazy. He screamed at me that I was a pureblood wizard not some pansy little girl. If I wanted to act like a girl and paint stupid pictures he would dress me like one and change my name. He said I had better not let him hear or see me drawing or painting again or I would be his daughter and not the Malfoy heir. Then he punched a hole with his fist right through the picture. I haven't touched paint since, until yesterday." Draco finishes as tears roll down his face.

"I'm sorry son. Your Mum married a real loser. He deserved to be put in prison years ago. I tell you son, if Severus or myself had known about how Lucius was treating you, we would have pulled you out of that house as fast as we could. I am going to remove that memory from you if you don't mind. I don't want you to ever think of that again."

"Please take it out. I wish I could get rid of all memories of him. I hate him! I DO! I HATE HIM!" Draco shouts.

Having come to find out what his Dad is doing and why he never came back to the office, Harry arrives just in time to hear the part about getting rid of memories and hating him. Thinking Draco is talking about him, Harry turns and runs out of the flat. Not even looking where he is headed he just runs. He can't see for the tears that are blinding him.

Busy comforting Draco, Sirius does not know Harry was near. "It's alright to cry. Let it out. You have every right to feel anger and hurt. You are safe now, Dragon. No one is going to ever treat you that way again. They will have to go through your Dad and Me if they even try it. No one is brave enough to take on the Evil Dungeon Bat or The Grim now are they?"

Smiling through his sniffles, Draco says "No one calls you "The Grim" Uncle Sirius."

"Does that mean I am still the "Evil Dungeon Bat" then?" Draco hears.

"Dad? What are you doing here? I thought you had to work on Potions class preparations all day today."

"I believe a certain young boy needs me more right now. Thank you for the patronus Sirius. I heard everything. I have to tell you, you do a better job of comforting than I do. You may want to go find your son. He came in a few minutes ago, stayed long enough to hear Draco shouting and ran out. I tried to catch him but he flew by so quickly I couldn't."

"He probably headed for the Owlery. He does show up at the worst possible times and then gets upset with what he hears. Here, you take your son and I'll go look for mine. I tell you, after today I need a trip to Hogsmeade for some refreshing ice cream! Let's plan one for tomorrow. We all need to get away for a time."

"One o'clock tomorrow would be a good time. Let's schedule it then." Severus answers.

Climbing the stairs to the Owlery, Sirius stops to ask one of the portraits "Would you be so kind as to tell me if you saw a young boy come by here in the last hour?"

"Yes, your son was extremely upset. What did you do to the poor child?"

"Ma'am, you have no call to be scolding me. How do you even know the boy is my son?"

"Everyone in the castle knows Harry Potter Black. We do know things that go on even if we are stuck to the wall, sir."

"Hmm, seems so. Well thank you for the help and I'll just go collect my son. Just for the information, he is upset by something he overheard and mistakenly believes. Good day Madam!"

After several more flights of stairs, Sirius pushes open the door of the Owlery. Turning to the left, he walks past many large and small owls perched on posts, ledges or perches. Most are asleep but one or two follow him with their eyes as he walks past. Knowing Harry's owl Hedwig prefers to perch in an area without many of the other owls, he walks there. Soon, he sees the snowy white owl perched on her favorite place, a small ledge. It is just big enough for an owl and apparently a small boy, as Harry is curled up sleeping beside her. As he approaches, Hedwig lifts her head from under her wing and hoots softly at him.

"Hey girl. Yes, I see him. Thank you for taking good care of him for me. I'll just take him home now." Sirius says dropping several owl treats on the ledge before lifting Harry up into his arms. Hedwig can be a bit possessive as she seems to think Harry is her owlet. It pays to give her a bribe if he wants to take Harry from her.

As he carries the child whose head is now on his shoulder, he wonders why it seems the boy has changed lately. The clinging small child has been replaced by a more grown up acting young man. All of the things he used to do for Harry are now being rejected as being "babyish". Reading aloud is 'too babyish', tucking him in at night is 'too babyish', reminding him of something he needs to do is 'too babyish' and now carrying him must be also as Harry is complaining.

"Dad! Put me down! I'm too old to be carried around. I'm awake now and I can walk. Please Dad!"

"Alright Harry, calm down. Let me just get to the next landing and you can walk. What were you doing on the ledge in the Owlery? Are you practicing to be an owl? Hedwig already seems to think you are her owlet as she gets put out with me if I come around."

"She's good to me and loves me. I don't think she'll hurt you Dad. Just tell her what you are doing so she'll know and she'll be okay with it. She does not want to be surprised by anything. She wants to know what is going on around her."

"Hedwig is very much like her young master then. You just described yourself. You also want to know everything that is going on and sometimes that leads you into problems. Am I right?"

"Am I in trouble for not staying in your office, Dad?" Harry asks thinking that is what his Dad is referring to.

"No, you are not in trouble Pup. We need to talk about what I believe you overheard. I know you came home Harry so don't deny it. What you heard was a private conversation and you don't have all the facts to make a decision on what you heard. Let's talk about this at home." Sirius answers as they walk.

Later that evening after Harry had his bath and they were finished cleaning up from supper, Sirius says "Pup, let's talk. Come sit with me in the living room."

When Harry is sitting on the couch, Sirius settles into his favorite overstuffed chair. "Pup,what made you so upset that you felt the need to hide out in the Owlery today?"

"Draco hates me again. I told you he would remember? I heard him saying he hated me and wanted all of his memories of our fun times together, taken out! I know I shouldn't let it hurt me but it does. I was thinking of Draco like a brother and now he says he hates me." Harry says softly trying to keep from crying.

"Harry, son, look at me please when I'm talking to you." When Harry's tear filled eyes are on him, he continues "Son, you heard Draco saying he "hated him and wanted his memories of him gone" is that right?"

"Yes, he was talking about ME!"

"No Harry, he wasn't. I was there and he was telling me about something that happened a few years ago with Lucius. It had to do with Draco enjoying painting and drawing and Lucius reacting to that. As you can probably guess, his Father disapproved. Lucius was crazy, son. I can only say that he traumatized Draco so that he hasn't painted since. You accidentally brought back that memory by complimenting Draco and mentioning lessons. That is what the fuss was about this morning isn't it?"

"Yes sir. He just went off on me for nothing. I was being kind, Dad."

"I know you were son. Now all that talk you heard this afternoon of hating and removing memories was directly about LUCIUS not you. He wants to get rid of memories of his Father, son. I'm sure if you went to talk to Draco now, he wouldn't be angry with you at all."

"So can I?"

"Can you what?" Sirius asks baffled.

"Can I go talk to Draco?"

"Right now? It's eight o'clock at night, Pup!"

"Can I ? PLEASE DAD? I'll never get to sleep if I don't."

That's how Sirius found himself in the middle of Severus's living room ten minutes later. "So, Harry had to come talk to Draco, did he?"

"Yes, we were talking and I said I was sure if he spoke to Draco, Draco would not be angry with him. He insisted on coming down now."

"You walked right into that one didn't you?"

"Yes, I sure did. I know better now. Do not plant ideas into your child's head unless you want the idea to be carried out at that time. New rule for Dad."

"Well, we are new at this so we are learning as we go. I did as Draco requested and removed all the memories he had of Lucius. I stored them in the pensieve in case he wishes to view them someday. I hope this will help relieve the stress he has been feeling. I had no idea all of that was taking place. If I had, I would have taken steps to remove Draco from his parents. They were not fit to raise him."

"You have him now and can go from here. He's young enough to need guidance for quite a while. Although both boys insist they are grown, they are still young boys. We have to stick together against them also. Together we might be able to survive the years to come."

"I'm with you there. If today is a preview of the emotional troubles ahead, I need all the help I can get." Severus replies smiling.

In Draco's room, the boys are discussing the events of the day.

"I am sorry for bringing back bad memories by what I said. I didn't mean to cause you problems Draco."

"I'm sorry too, for being mean to you. It wasn't you I was upset with but you were there so I took it out on you. Uncle Sirius helped me see what the real problem was. Dad took all my bad memories out so now I feel a whole lot better."

"Are we still friends, Draco? I really want you to be my friend."

"We're more than friends, Harry. We're family! We're cousins remember?"

"Just so we're not enemies any longer. I couldn't go back to that not after we have had such a good time getting in trouble together!"

"Well young man, you and your co - conspirator will have to wait on any more mischief. It's time for Harry to leave and you to get to bed. We're all going to Hogsmeade tomorrow afternoon for lunch so you two need to go to bed." Severus announces.

"Yes Dad, bye Harry, see you tomorrow."

"Good night Draco, see you then."

The next day after having a late lunch of sandwiches, crisps, butterbeer for the boys and fish and chips for the men, Sirius clears his throat. Both boys instantly stop talking to look at him. That sound he makes always means they are to listen immediately. They learned that in his Astronomy class.

"Well boys, I have some news for you. I talked to Severus and he confirmed the news also. It arrived this morning." He stops and pretends to be interested in his coffee now.

Exchanging a look with Draco, Harry speaks up "What arrived Dad?"

"Hmm, what do you mean, Pup?' Sirius asks innocently.

"You said something arrived, sir. What was it?" Draco asks unable to wait quietly.

"Well boys, it seems we have your official Welcome Back to Hogwarts letters with us today. They arrived this morning." Severus answers.

"Our official letters? What official letters, Dad?" Harry asks confused.

"The official letters congratulating you for being accepted as junior Level students for year two along with your timetable and list of supplies needed." Sirius answers smiling at the boys.

"We didn't get letters last year." Harry says still confused.

"Last year you were told in person after your magical exams. This year you receive a letter just as every other Hogwarts student does informing them of their upcoming classes and supplies. We will take a trip to Diagon Alley for those needed supplies." Sirius answers as Severus looks surprised.

"May I see the letter, Dad?" Harry asks.

Taking the envelope from his Dad, Harry sees a large symbol on the envelope with the mascots of all the houses represented. Opening the envelope and removing the two sheets of white parchment paper, he looks at the first sheet. The letter is addressed to him! He's never received anything written just to him before. Silently he reads:

Dear Mr. Potter-Black,

It is with great pleasure that we announce you have been accepted to the Junior Level at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As a Junior level Year Two student you will be taking courses more advanced than the entry level students.

You will still be residing in your same house, Gryffindor and your room remains the same. Enclosed you will find a listing of your classes, the supplies needed for them and your first semester timetable. Please be prepared with all of the required supplies on the first day of classes, August 19th. The Hogwarts Express leaves the King's Cross station at noon on the 18th of August if you wish to board, be advised to have your ticket purchased and board by eleven thirty that morning.

Congratulations on your acceptance to Junior Level year two! We at Hogwarts look forward to discovering all of your hidden talents.


Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Looking up at his Dad after reading the letter twice, he sees Sirius studying him with a strange look on his face.

"Dad, are you alright? You are giving me a strange look." Harry explains.

"My child is growing up. He's already in Junior Level year two. My, it seems hard to realize you are almost the age of beginning Hogwarts students of old."

"DAAAD! Not here, don't get all gooey and mushy here! Please?!" Harry whispers frantically while his eyes dart around to see if anyone's paying attention. Next to him, Draco snickers softly at Harry's panicked actions.

"Relax Harry. No one from school is here. Even if they were, Dads and Mums act like this sometimes. You just have to put up with it until they get it out of their system." He tells him.

"Put up with it hmm? Well then let me give you something to put up with." Severus teases the boy as he pulls him into a tight hug ruffling his hair. "We are proud of both you boys. Draco, you have a letter also if you'd like to read it."

"Idonneetosemyltr." Severus hears.

"How's that again?" He asks letting the boy out of his embrace.

"I said "I don't need to see my letter. I read Harry's! Besides, I got one of those last year. My Father was so happy he framed it and hung it in his office. "

"Hey, I didn't get a letter last year! Why didn't I get one? That Isn't Fair!" Harry asks loudly sounding a little petulant.

"Harry, watch your tone. You are getting close to the edge." Sirius warns him causing Harry to flush.

He remembers "close to the edge" is code for about to be in trouble. Lowering his voice and trying not to sound sulky Harry repeats his question. "Why didn't I get a welcome letter last year? Draco got one."

"I can answer that, Harry." Severus tells him. "The letters were mailed to the home addresses of all the students. At that time, your home address was not on the records as Black Manor or Hogwarts School. It was still listed as your parent's home. I was helping Minerva stuff the envelopes and I remember we did not know what to do with your letter. Sirius was not your legal parent and the records didn't show he was your legal guardian at that time."

"You mean it went to my Mummy and Daddy's home? We weren't living there. We were at the school already." Harry replies quietly.

"The letter was mailed to Godric's Hollow, as that was the address listed in the official registry of students. It was never returned so I do not know where it wound up. I really don't think that is the important part of the story. The important part is that you, as a nine year old child, was accepted as a student at one of the most sought after schools of magic in existence. You and Draco are to be commended for achieving such an honor to begin with."

Thinking quietly for a few minutes, Harry asks "Uncle Severus? Why was my address listed in the official registry of students if I had never been a student?"

"I can answer that one, Pup. When you were born, your name as well as many other wizards and witches born that year, was written in the official registry of students. At the time, there was no Junior Level so you would not have received an official Welcome Letter until you were eleven. That is the age for entering Hogwarts unless you are admitted to the Junior Level. As Sev just said, you two are special. There aren't many children at your age, who are admitted early to Hogwarts! "

"Dad? Did my Mummy and Daddy know I would go to Hogwarts when I was eleven?"

"Yes, they did. James used to tease Lily and say you would wind up in Ravenclaw if she kept teaching you to read before you were three. She'd laugh and say you were ready so she was teaching you. Your Dad secretly taught you basic spells. You performed accidental magic at the age of six months, way earlier than most children. Lily walked into your nursery and your teddy was hovering above your bed. James taught you to fly on a toddler broom by the time you were two. Both of your parents were eager for you to begin learning magic. They are very proud to know you are enrolled early in the Junior Level."

"You said that as if you have talked to them recently and they know about me." Harry says watching Sirius' face intently.

"Come over here to me, son." When Harry is standing beside Sirius' chair and Sirius has him tucked into his arm he says quietly "Harry, I talk to your Mummy and Daddy often. I tell them all about the things you are doing now. Every so often, I feel I get an answer back. Don't ask me how I know. I just do. When I told them of your being accepted to Hogwarts early last year and again this year, I just could feel the warmth and happiness. They are still here in ways we can't see or understand. Do you believe that Pup?"

"Yes, I feel them too sometimes. Especially at night. I sometimes think I can hear them but when I listen again I don't."

"Not to spoil the tender moments here, but Draco and I are eager to get our dessert. What do the two of you say to going over to the ice cream parlor and having some?" Severus asks.

"I say YES!" Harry answers eagerly.

"Let's pay for our lunch first, Pup. We can't be walking out without paying." Sirius says catching hold of the back of the boy's shirt as he starts to leave the restaurant.

Walking down the street to the Splurge Ice Cream Parlor, Harry announces "I'm getting Dragon's Breath and Wizard Pox again today."

"Harry, you may have the Dragon's Breath but not the chocolate." Sirius informs him.

"But Dad! We're celebrating! I should be allowed to get what I want! I want CHOCOLATE!" Harry answers.

"What you are getting is badly behaved. Now unless you'd like to sit and watch the rest of us enjoy ice cream, you will settle down and lower your voice when you speak. You are allowed to choose another flavor but not chocolate. You ate chocolate yesterday and we are not having more today. Agreed?"

"Yes sir, I'm sorry for yelling. I just got mad."

"Yes, I saw, you are doing better at controlling your temper and that's good, Pup. Now think about what other flavor you might want so you can tell the clerk when we get there."

Harry scans the menu overhead several times while everyone else places their order. Finally the clerk is waiting for his order. "I would like a double scoop sundae with Wizardly Warts and Dragon's Breath, please."

"I'll have those orders right out. Just seat yourselves, please." The young clerk informs Sirius as he pays for Harry's sundae.

Sitting down at a booth, Sirius says "You are one sneaky boy, Pup. You had me going there when you ordered saying the word Wizard."

"Yes Dad, I saw your face and I heard you suck in your breath. You were getting ready to scold me weren't you? You thought I was going to get Wizard Pox anyway didn't you? I got you this time!"

"You did at that. Just so you know, I wasn't going to scold you if you ordered the chocolate after I told you not to." At the surprised looks on Harry and Draco's faces he adds "I had something else in mind that would make sitting more difficult if you defied me."

"Uh well, I'm smarter than that Dad. I'm not going to do what you told me not to do when you are standing right beside me. I don't want to get in big trouble in public! I think the Wizardly Warts will be good. It's a huckleberry and vanilla flavor." Harry says changing the subject away from punishments.

Leaning over to whisper in Harry's ear, Draco says "Risky move there cousin. You nearly got yourself swatted! Uncle Sirius was about to spank you!"

"When I ordered?"

"No, when you were arguing outside about not being allowed the chocolate. You nearly pushed it over the edge with him. Couldn't you tell?"

"Yes, that's why I apologized and agreed so fast. I knew he was about to turn me over his knee in the alley if I didn't hurry. Everything is fine now. Let's just enjoy our ice cream."

About half way through his sundae, Harry says "Dad, Uncle Severus, Draco and I have something we want to ask. Would you listen please?"

"Oh No Severus, he's gone all polite and respectful on us. This is going to be something bad." Sirius says teasing Harry.

"DaaaaD Please."

"We are listening boys. What do you want to ask?" Severus replies looking at Draco.

"We want to know if we can ride the Hogwart's Express this year." Draco answers.

"The Express? Why would you do that if you are already at school?" Sirius asks puzzled.

"For fun Dad. Draco and I won't ever get to ride it because we are kids of Professors. We want to see what it's like to ride it with the other students. Please Dad? Can I ?"

"I don't think that's a good idea boys. Not this year anyway. You two are only ten years old. Maybe when you get to be twelve I'll think about letting you do it. You'd be alone on a train full of children and that just makes me uncomfortable." Severus says.

Draco's spoon drops into his ice cream and he has to bite down on his lip to keep the unexpected tears inside. He really wants to ride the train. Sitting beside him, Harry clasps his hands into fists under the table. It takes all his control to keep his mouth shut. Inside his mind he's seething. 'He's not my Father! He has no right to order me to not do something! I don't have to listen to what he says! Draco does but I don't! Say Something Dad! "

Noticing his nephew's tear filled eyes and the furious look in his son's, Sirius says "Severus, I don't think this is going to be as much of a problem as you think. I know for a fact that the Junior Level students will all be together in two cars. Remus is going to be at King's Cross to board with the children and he's also going to be sitting in one of the two cars. The older students will be monitored also. They are assigned to Professor Stubbins, the new Muggle Mathematics and Literature teacher. He will be arriving tomorrow to set up his class. What do you say Sev? Shall we allow them this treat?"

"Draco, this is something you really want to do, isn't it?" Severus asks quietly having seen the boy's fight to control his emotions.

"Yes Sir. I have always wanted to ride the Hogwart's Express. Lucius told me stories about it when I was really little and I want to do what the other kids do. Please Dad? Please can't I go on the Express this year and not have to wait two years?"

"Very well, I'll agree to this trip. We will be having a long discussion beforehand on behavior and rules for the trip. You will not go wild on this train, young man! Do you hear me?" Severus scolds.

"Yes Dad, I hear you. Thank you Dad and Uncle Sirius too."

"You are quite welcome, Draco. Harry, you and I will also be discussing rules and behavior so don't look so smug. We will allow this trip but you are going to be under Remus's care. You will do what he tells you."

"Yes Sir. Can we go get our tickets today?" Harry asks bouncing in the seat.

"Irrepressible isn't he?" Severus whispers to Sirius.

"Yes, that's my son alright. Never one to be down for long. You were lucky there Sev, I must tell you. He was furious at you when you initially denied their trip. I'm surprised your ice cream sundae didn't fly off the table or up into your face he was so angry. He controlled his magic and his temper though and I'm proud of him for it!"

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