Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 22: Disagreements

Harry Potter Junior Level

Chapter 22 : Disagreements

Finished crushing the snake fangs for the Awakening Potion, Harry begins to count out the billiwigs. The instructions say the potion calls for six of them.

"I have the potion heated enough now, so drop the billiwigs in and I'll scrape in the crushed fangs." Draco whispers to Harry.

"Did you remember to put the standard ingredient in? We can't leave it out of the potion or it won't be the correct consistency or color."

"I've done all the steps leading up to adding the crushed ingredients. Now, what's next?" Draco asks as he stirs the cauldron.

"Umm, it says to add four measures of the standard ingredient, I only saw you put in three. Are you quite sure you put in four?"


"Okay, don't get mad at me. I'm sorry for asking. Here's the next ingredient to add. Now we heat it on medium for 10 minutes until it turns green." Harry tells him. "Did you turn the flamer on?"

"Why are you doubting me today? I've been doing the brewing just as long as you or longer even! I brewed my first potion with Uncle Severus when I was seven! Of course I've turned on the flamer. Why we can't use magic to heat it is something I still don't understand. Using this muggle thing is so wrong."

"Your Dad says we aren't proficient in fire spells and so this way is safer. You know that, Draco. Merlin, you are so irritable today! Did you get in more trouble at home?"

"Harry" Someone behind him whispers before Draco has time to answer. Turning slightly, Harry sees Jeremy motioning to come to him.

"I'll be right back Draco. I, uh, need something from the back."

"What is it Jeremy? Professor will be back from his office anytime now. I can't get caught away from my station or he'll take points."

"We need to know what the standard ingredient is today. I forgot what it is. Do you know?" Jeremy asks.

"Yes, it's the dried salamander blood. Be careful to measure exactly or it will cause the potion to be ruined."

"Thank you, Harry. I can't afford to make any more dreadfuls. I have four already. Potions is hard for me." Jeremy replies as he carefully measures the ingredients.

"It's not too hard if you keep your mind on what you are doing. I've got to get back to my brewing." Harry whispers as he watches Jeremy mix in the salamander blood.

"What are you talking to him for? He's nothing but a troublemaker! You know that, Harry." Draco says when Harry walks up.

"I'm trying to be nice to him so he'll be nicer to us. It seems to be working."

"Don't count on it, Harry. He's a tricky one and a backstabber too. Oh no, look!" Draco says gazing forlornly into the cauldron.

"What is it?" Harry asks, also looking into the cauldron.

"Draco! It's dark green! It's supposed to be light green! What went wrong?"

"HOW AM I TO KNOW?'" Draco answers angrily. The ruined potion making him more snappish than he usually is.

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Snape?" Severus asks from a nearby table, having just come from his office.

"Not much sir." Draco answers hoping to keep his Dad from walking their way. He hopes to begin the potion again and not have his Dad discover his mistake.

Draco's woebegone look and evasive answer has Severus curious. Walking over to the boy's table, he looks down at their cauldron. Shaking his head, he informs Draco "You didn't follow the instructions, Mr. Snape. You obviously added to much of the salamander blood. Your potion is to be light green, not Christmas tree green as yours is. Inattention is the cause of many potions mishaps. An incorrectly brewed potion could cause irreparable harm to someone. See me after class, boys. For now your actions just earned you both a score of dreadful. While the rest of the class finishes, you two read the chapter seven in your Potions book. I want a one foot essay from each of you on the subject of the chapter at the end of class."

"Draco! You said you had done it correctly. Now we're both in trouble! I can't be late home or I'll be punished. I'm grounded and have to be home within fifteen minutes of the last class." Harry whispers.

"Mr. Potter-Black! You have an assignment that I suggest you get to work on, instead of this incessant whispering! Do not make me speak to you again!" Severus scolds sternly.

"Yes sir." Harry replies, blushing from the scolding.

The few snickers he hears around the room are quickly cut off by a scowl from the professor. No one is brave enough to continue after one of his thunderous looks.

All too soon for Harry's liking, Professor Snape is assigning homework and dismissing the class. "Next meeting we will be discussing the use of the dandelion and other wild roots for use in potions. Read chapter twelve and have a two foot essay ready on the use of one of the roots. Include at least one potion in which the root can be used and name the use of the potion. This gives you three days as we do not meet again until Monday. Class dismissed."

Scribbling down his Uncle's assignment, Harry can't help but be apprehensive about why he is being kept after class.

"Boys. Come up here please." Severus directs after he straightens his teaching materials and the boys have packed their schoolbags.

Standing in front of his uncle, Harry feels very small. For some reason, the fact that Severus is wearing a professor's robe makes him appear more fierce. The current scowl being directed their way doesn't help much either.

"Explain yourselves! What caused you two, both gifted students, to botch your potion? I would not have been surprised from some of the students but your work is usually correct. You know how dangerous inattention can be and I suspect that is why your potion turned out the way it did. Am I correct?"

"Umm, well, you see, I Umm, ..." Harry tries to respond not really getting anywhere as the words seem all jumbled up in his mouth.

"Very articulate answer, Mr. Black." Severus chides him. "What do you have to say Mr. Snape? Could you enlighten me, please? Your partner seems to be unable to do so."

"I don't know, Dad. It just didn't work out like it was supposed to. We followed the steps." Draco tells him.

"You followed the steps but you mixed up the order and put in too much of one ingredient. It only takes one mistake to cause an explosion. When your potion started to bubble, why did you not remove it from the burner? You both know better than to let it sit until it is near to causing a catastrophe."

"But Professor, it didn't bubble as you said. It turned the wrong color but that's all it did." Harry defends himself and Draco.

"I disagree. Your potion was bubbling up to the top of your cauldron and nearly boiled over the side! That is why I banished it when I did! Both of you were too busy whispering to be attentive to your work. As punishment, you may report back here tonight at six o'clock. You will serve a two hour detention in which you will rebrew this potion separately and prepare ingredients for future potions. You are dismissed until then."

"No." Draco replies, arms crossed in front of him.

"What do you mean "no"? Are you defying me, young man?" Severus asks his glaring child.

"I mean, NO, I AM NOT DOING DETENTION! I didn't do anything that wrong." Draco all but shouts at his father.

"Draconis Tobias! I'm warning you. You'd best lower your voice and alter the tone. You will do as I say and serve detention."

"NO! I WON'T! YOU ARE BEING UNFAIR AND A GIT!" Draco shouts back, causing Harry to stare at him open mouthed.

"Harry?" Severus says not taking his eyes off his wayward son, as he begins to roll up the sleeve of his teaching robe.

"Yes sir?"

"You need to go home. I'll see you back at six o'clock. Be sure to eat first."

"Yes sir." Harry agrees, eager to leave before that large hard hand is applied to his posterior as well as Draco's.

Just as he reaches the classroom door, he hears two sharp smacks and Draco begin to wail. Not turning around, Harry quickly opens and closes the door as he reaches the corridor.

"What's the rush, Harry?" Hermione asks as he passes her a few minutes later.

"I've got to get home. I'm running late. I'll owl you later and explain." Harry answers nearly running to get home.

Rushing into his quarters, Harry closes the door a little too quickly, causing it to bang loudly.

"Harry? Is everything alright?" Sirius asks worriedly, looking up from the book he's reading.

"Yes sir."

"Is there a reason you are bursting through the door as if the hounds of Hell or a Cerberus is after you?" Sirius asks smirking.

"I didn't want to be too late, sir."

"Merlin, Harry. You are thirty minutes early, not late! Want to tell me why? Are you in some trouble?"

"Err, well kind of."

"How can you 'kind of' be in trouble, pup? You either are or you aren't. Come sit and tell me what has you in such a state. Did you get kicked out of class?"

"No Dad. Draco and I messed up our potion and Uncle Sev kept us after class. He really scolded us and then assigned detention tonight. Draco weirded out on him and wound up getting his bum busted. I was hurrying home so I wouldn't get the same from you. I thought I was late. Uncle Severus must have dismissed us early today."

"Weirded out? What does that mean?"

"He backtalked and called his Dad a git. He wasn't acting himself so I said he weirded out."

"Hmmm, alright, that makes some sense I guess. Now what happened in Potions to cause Sev to assign detention. He usually doesn't assign one just for ruined potions. What are you keeping quiet about?" Sirius asks with a knowing look.

"We didn't mean to cause it to nearly explode, Dad. I was checking with Draco all along to be sure we were following instructions and he said he was. It was his turn to monitor the potion and mine to get ingredients ready. I really don't think it's quite fair that I get punished for Draco's mistakes." Harry says after explaining in detail what went on in class.

"I'm sure it does seem unfair to you, son. Think of it this way. You and Draco are a team and are to work together to create the potion. Aren't I correct?" At Harry's nod, he continues. "Well, if you are a team and you both get credit for a successful potion then you also both are to blame for an unsuccessful one. In this case, it seems Severus is disciplining you for inattention not a ruined potion. I agree with his decision."

"But Dad!It's not right! I really didn't do something bad enough to do detention. Besides, I don't want to do detention! We lose points when we have detention." Harry whines.

"You will serve it whether you want to or not. Go change clothes and start on your assignments for tomorrow. You must have all of your homework done before you leave for detention. I'll call you when we are ready to eat." Sirius tells the frowning boy.

"Dad? What's a Cerberus?" Harry asks, switching subjects.

"A Cerberus is a three headed dog. Why do you ask?"

"You asked me if one was after me so I wanted to know what it was. I sure hope I don't ever have one after me. I would like to see one though. A three headed dog sounds wicked! Could you take me to see one?"

"No, that would not be something I would want to be near. The only place you are going right now, is to your room. You have assignments to finish for classes tomorrow. You won't be able to finish after detention. You'll need a snack, a bath, and bed by then. Let's get moving." Sirius replies, gently pulling the boy up from the hassock he's sitting on.

"Homework, Harry. Now." Sirius answers, pointing to the boy's room and giving him a light swat to get him moving.

Four hours later, Harry is busy cutting up dandelion roots. Uncle Sev has already checked and approved his potion. Draco is sitting across from him and is also cutting up dandelion roots. Looking around for his Uncle and not finding him in the room, Harry asks "What made you go mental after class today?"

"I wasn't mental!" Draco responds glaring at Harry.

"It was mental to argue and backtalk the way you did. It's not like you to do that so I want to know why you did."

"I got tired of being scolded, I guess. He's been all irritable with me for days."

"Because of what happened on the tower? I thought he'd forgiven us a little for that." Harry asks.

"I think he's still a bit peeved about it but he is even more so by my Maths grade. That old guy just had to go and report me. When Dad found out I had a failing grade on the last three tests and was supposed to have let him know, he wasn't happy."

"How did you fail in Maths. You are great in it. What'd you do sign the tests for your Dad?"

"No, I got Fred Weasley to do a copying spell and had Dad's signature magically copied to the test papers." Draco replies.

"Oooohh, that's not a good idea. What happened when he found out about what you did? My Dad would have spanked me!"

"First he scolded me for not showing him the tests. After he talked to the instructor though and found out I had been missing class, he walloped my bare bum. I, now have to do an hour of Maths every night whether I have a homework assignment or not."

"Why'd you skip out on the class. I thought you loved doing Mathematics."

"The class isn't fun anymore, Harry. The new instructor is dull and doesn't do anything interesting. He won't let me do any advanced maths either. I showed him where I was working on algebra and he said I was too young yet. I've been doing algebra since I was eight!"

"Did you explain to your Dad? He could fix it so you could still do what you enjoy."

"I tried but he wouldn't let me explain. He just put me over his knee and walloped me until my bum was numb. You are so lucky not to have to do that Muggle studies anymore. Dad's coming. Don't say anything about Maths." Draco whispers quickly.

Walking back into the Potion's classroom, Severus tells the boys, "Harry, Draco, when you finish with the container of dandelion roots, dice this canister of leaves I want each of you to have a jar full of prepared leaves before your time is up for tonight."

"Yes Sir." Harry answers as Draco replies "Yes, Professor."

Watching the boys try to hold the leaves and cut at the same time, Severus sighs to himself. Rising from his stool where he was attempting to read over essays, he approaches the worktable where Harry and Draco are sitting.

"You two seem to be experiencing some difficulties. What seems to be the problem?"

"We're just fine, sir." Draco answers.

"Just fine? If that is the case, why are you insulting the leaves by calling them 'stupid' my son? There's no reason to be insulting the leaves." Severus replies causing Harry to giggle.

"They won't lie straight, Uncle Sev. Every time we lay one down to cut it, the leaf rolls up. What am I doing wrong?"

"Ahh, yes. I forgot about that little problem. Watch and learn, boys." Severus says as he takes a large leaf from the canister. Laying it on the table, he strokes down the center of the leaf with his index finger. The leaf collapses flat and stays that way while he cuts slim strips from it."

"Now, you know how to get Mandrake leaves to stay still. After you cut the strips, dice them and put them in the jar. The trick is to calm the leaf by stroking it gently down the center. You try, now."

Watching the boys each demonstrate the technique, Severus praises them. "Good job, Boys. Now you have one hour left of your time. Let's get those jars filled."

Three weeks later:

Once again, Sirius is startled out of his concentration by the door to the quarters being slammed against the wall.

"Harry James! I've told you several times not to come in this way. You are going to give me heart problems!"

"Sorry, Dad." Harry says grinning happily and not looking sorry at all. "Guess what's happening down in the Great Hallway!"

"Guess, hmm. Alright, I'll guess. The ghosts are dancing and Sir Nicholas is wearing a kilt."

"A kilt, Dad? Sir Nicholas isn't Scottish. No, but that is a good guess. I'll give you a little hint. The house elves are gathering and bringing something inside that grows outside."

"Alright, let's see... something that grows outside and can be brought inside. It must be ... yes, I've got it, it's vegetables. The elves are gathering vegetables from Hagrid's garden."

"No, Dad. That's not it either. I'll just have to tell you. The elves are bringing in Cedar, Juniper and Pine boughs to decorate with."

"They are? MY! What do you suppose they are decorating for?" Sirius asks his now bouncing child.

"CHRISTMAS! They're getting started on decorating the hall for Christmas! Dad? When are we going to go get a tree and put it up?"

"Pup, Christmas is four weeks away, yet. You have exams to study for and take in the next two weeks. We'll have plenty of time. Besides, we don't spend Christmas here at Hogwarts, we spend it at the Manor, remember?"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. May I go watch them hang the boughs? It's Friday so, I can get homework done tomorrow. Please Dad? Dobby said if I could come, I could tie the ribbons through the bough he's hanging."

"Yes you may, but stay out of trouble. I don't want reports of any use of magic from you, young man! House elves don't count as adults so they aren't suitable chaperones for young wizards."

"Yes sir, may I go now?"

"Yes, my young kangaroo. I'll meet you in the Great Hall for dinner tonight."

"Yes, Dad. Bye!" Harry calls as he fast walks out of the room. He knows running will only get him scolded and possibly kept in, so he walks as fast as he can.

Stopping down at Draco's quarters, he knocks twice on the door. When Draco opens it he asks "Would you like to come down and help decorate? Dobby is letting me help and I'm sure he'll let you help too."

"I'd love to come. I've never decorated anything before. Let me ask, come in."

"Dad? Harry's here and says the elves are decorating and will let us help. May I please go with Harry to help? We're not grounded any longer and I really want to go too. Please, Dad?" Draco calls loudly.

Coming out of his study, Severus frowns down at his son. "Is shouting the way to get what you want Draconis?"

"No sir. I'm sorry. I didn't know where you were. I thought maybe you were in the private lab."

"No, I was just across the hall, in the study. Now what's all this about decorating?" Severus asks, looking at Harry.

"The elves are getting started on the Christmas decorations, Uncle Sev. Dobby invited me to come down and help them. I'm inviting Draco to come too. Please may we go? We'll behave and not cause problems."

"I've never decorated anything before, Dad. My Mum always hired decorators to come to the Manor and outfit it for Christmas." Draco explains.

Harry can't resist teasing his cousin so he says "What did the Manor's outfit look like? Did it wear a fancy dress or a velour set of knickers and vest?"

"Harry! Houses don't wear clothes! Don't be a nutter!" Draco protests.

"Well, you said it got an outfit for Christmas. I wanted to know what it looked like." Harry replies.

"I SAID it got outfitted for Christmas not that it got an outfit. I meant it got decorated." Draco explains in exasperation.

"Draco, mind your tone. Harry didn't have the same as you when he was with his parents. He may not know the purebred traditional ways."

"Yes sir. I'm sorry, Harry. May I go, Dad?" Draco asks anxiously.

"Uncle Sev, may Draco eat dinner with me? Dad and I are going to meet in the Great Hall." Harry asks.

"Go on you two. Stay out of trouble!" Severus replies waving his hand at the door.

"We will! Thanks, Uncle Sev. C'mon Draco!" Harry replies, anxious to get going.

"Dobby! Harry calls, as the two boys hurry down the stairs.

"Ah, hello Master Harry and Master Draco."

"I hope you don't mind, I brought Draco along. He wants to help too."

"That be fine, Master Harry. Now, let me teach young masters ribbon swirling. Take long ribbon, heave it in and out tween brantis." Dobby intones solemnly as he weaves the ribbon through part of the bough.

"Umm, Dobby? I think you mean to say weave it in and out between the branches." Harry corrects not daring to look at Draco who is wiping his eyes. Trying to keep from laughing has his eyes tearing.

"Could be Master Harry. You young masters do ribbons on these." Dobby replies motioning to the two long boughs on the floor.

As the boys get started, they are greeted by Professor McGonagall. "Hello Harry. Hello Draco. Do your Fathers know you are here?"

"Evening, Professor." Draco replies as Harry answers "Yes Ma'am, our Dads gave us permission."

"Very well, then. You are going to be expert at this by the time we are finished. Let me give you one bit of advice. Keep the ribbon wound around the spool and only pull out enough to wind in and out of the branches. If you pull too much at once, it's harder to keep from tangling. Don't you think the red velvet ribbon looks spectacular? Headmaster Dumbledore suggested we use purple and gold, but I insisted on red for the Great Hall corridor. He is in charge of the staff room and between you and me I don't want to even look at what he's done."

"Yes Ma'am. I love the deep red color best." Draco answers.

"Grandma? Why don't you want to see what Grandpa has done? Don't you think it will be festive?" Harry asks, using his pet names for the two older people.

"I'm sure it will be festive, Harry. It is which festival it will look like that has me worried. Now, enough of my ramblings. You two have work to do, so I'll leave you to it."

"She's a lot different outside of the classroom. Does she not mind you calling her Grandma? I just can't see it." Draco whispers to Harry.

"I started calling her that when Dad first brought me here and no, she doesn't mind as long as we're out of class. She's not fierce when she's not being Professor. Tonight she is just my Grandma."

"I never knew my Grandparents. Mum's Mother and Father died when I was a baby. My Father's parents were dead before I was born. Is it nice to have Grandparents?"

"Sometimes it is, Draco. They don't scold and punish as much as Dad, most of the time anyway. You know what? I'll ask if you can be their grandson too. I'm sure they will let you. What about Uncle Sev's parents, where are they?"

"His Mum died when he was in school. His Dad... Well, I don't really know as he never wants to talk about him. His name was Tobias so that's where my middle name came from. I wish we could just spell this ribbon to weave itself. My hands are getting scratches from the cedar."

"Yes, me too. I even know the spell for it but we'd better not. We just finally got off being grounded. I for one, don't want to be grounded again. Not even if it's just one day. Those four weeks were long and so dull! Nothing but chores, classes and homework. I'm anxious for the end of term, aren't you?"

"I am too. I don't want to be grounded either, by the way. Dad said we would be going to Snape Manor for the holidays. I've never been there. I hope it's decorated already when we get there. After this I don't want to weave any more ribbon!" Draco replies.

"Me and Dad will go to Black Manor. We spent Christmas there last year. I like it there. We'll have to visit each other during the Winter Break. I can floo to your house and you can come to mine."

"Yes, that would be fun. Maybe we could spend several days together. It's going to be lonely without you to play with." Draco answers as he unwinds more ribbon.

"For me too. Dad lets Dobby come with us to Black Manor but it's not the same as having a real person to play with. We'll talk to our Dads about this tomorrow and plan it out. I'm done with my bough, are you about finished?" Harry asks looking over at Draco.

"Yes, just a few more branches to go. Okay, I'm done. Now what do we do with it?"

"That's where I come in young Draco." The boys hear.

"Hi, Grandpa. Did you finish making the staff room festive?" Harry greets the Headmaster.

"I see Minerva's been complaining to you. Yes, I did. You'll have to come see it later. For now, I'm going to drape these boughs of yours." Waving his hand at the staircase, the boughs float through the air to drape along the lower staircase railings.

"Excellent, my boys. Now, to finish the stairs, we'll do a duplicating spell. Will you help me?"

"Uh, well, Grampa, our Dad's said we couldn't do magic with the house elves supervising us." Harry answers regretfully.

"I'm not a house elf, am I Harry?" Dumbledore tells him, eyes twinkling.

"No Sir!"

"Well then, I think with my supervision it will be alright. Now on three, say EFFINGO. One, Two, Three"

"Effingo" Harry and Draco say together. To their delight, the two boughs duplicate into six long boughs.

Waving his hand again, Dumbledore watches as the new boughs are draped all along the main stairway railing until they reach the second floor.

"Well boys, that is just beautiful. You two are excellent young wizards." The Headmaster praises.

"Yes, they are. They are also disobedient." Harry hears his Dad say from behind him.

"Dad! You said not to do magic with the house elves. We didn't." Harry rushes to say before he is scolded.

"I'm aware of that, son. I was referring to the fact that you two were told to meet in the Great Hall for dinner. It's past dinnertime by my watch. Aren't you hungry?"

"Yes sir, I guess I am. How about you Draco?"

"I can eat. We're not really in trouble are we Uncle Sirius? We were busy working and didn't know the time." Draco asks worriedly.

"No son. I'm just teasing with Harry. Let's go find what the Kitchen Elves have cooked tonight. Whatever they are serving smelled heavenly when I passed the dining room. Headmaster? Are you joining us for dinner?" Sirius asks.

"You go on, I'll find a snack later on. I need to make some changes to the staff room."

"The staff room?" Sirius questions but the Headmaster has already popped away.

"Grampa is in charge of decorating that room, Dad." Harry explains as they walk.

"Oh Merlin! I can just imagine it. Loud purple, bright gold and silver are his favorite colors. We'll be blinded for life!" Sirius whispers to the boys causing them both to giggle.

Author's Note: Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating. Next up, more Christmas preparations for our Hogwarts friends.

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