Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 3

Ch. 3 Harry Potter Junior level

This is an Alternative Universe story so things are not going to follow canon.

"Dad?" Harry calls coming in to their quarters.

"Yes, I'm in the kitchen, Pup."

"Dad, can we talk for a bit? There's something Draco and I want to talk to you and Uncle Sev about. He's going to get Uncle Sev to come here in just a minute."

About that time, the floo bell goes off signaling someone is about to enter.

"I'm sorry for just barging in like this Sirius. Draco insisted I come with him right now. He said it was urgent. Is Harry ill again?"

"No, neither of us is ill. Harry said the boys want to meet with us together. Let's sit down and we'll see what this is all about." Sirius answers after coming into the front room.

"All right boys, we are listening. What is it that you two find so important that you dragged me away from my dinner?" Severus asks scowling at Draco.

"Eh, well Sorry about that Dad. We just thought now would be a good time to talk to both of you together." Draco says quietly.

"Go ahead Pup. We are listening."

"Dad, Uncle Severus, Draco and I think we shouldn't get in trouble two times when one of you punishes us. Like when I got punished by you Uncle Sev. You gave me lines to write. Then I got in trouble from Dad too. That's just not fair. We think if we get punished by one of you then we shouldn't get punished again. We should not be punished twice for the same thing."

"I agree with Harry." Draco says "If one Dad punishes both of us or one of us for something then we shouldn't have to be punished again for the same thing by our Dad. I don't know if that makes any sense by what I said. I can't quite get it to sound right."

"I understand what you boys are saying." Sirius tells him.

"Severus, what are your feelings here? Do you think the boys should be punished just once if they find themselves in trouble? I tend to agree somewhat. I think it depends on the situation."

"Yes, I agree. Boys, for the most part we agree with you so there will not be double punishments." Severus tells them.

Both boys swap a happy smile at this news.

"However Harry, if what you have done is something against our major rule, then I reserve the right to punish you also. I will not have you putting yourself or someone else in danger, son. It will not matter who has already assigned punishment, I will deliver the consequences again, here at home." Sirius states giving Harry a stern look.

"Yes Sir, I understand." Harry answers, blushing a little at knowing Severus and Draco understand what his Dad means by 'deliver the consequences.' "

"That is why I punished you again for sliding down the bannister, son. You put yourself in danger and that is something I can not let you do without consequences. I love you too much to let you deliberately put yourself in situations where you are likely to be hurt. "

"Draco, that particular rule will be in effect in our home also. If you behave in a way that puts you or someone else in harm's way, I will put you over my knee! Do you hear me?"

"Understood, Dad. I won't be doing crazy things to put myself in danger. That's Harry's job not mine." Draco says grinning over at Harry.

"I don't do it all the time!" Harry huffs. "Everybody makes it sound like that's all I do!"

"Well Pup, let's just leave it at this: from now on, you aren't going to be doing it at all."

"Yes sir. Can Sev and Draco stay for supper?"

"That would be UNCLE Sev to you young man and that would be just fine if they would like too." Sirius says giving Harry a light smack on the seat of his pants.

"Before I decide if I want to stay, I need to know something. What are you having Uncle Sirius? If I don't like it I'm not staying." Draco says haughtily.

"DRACO TOBIAS SNAPE!" Severus gasps reaching for the child.

"I'm kidding! I'm not being rude, Dad. Honest! I was joking!" Draco says quickly backing away before he winds up over his Dad's knee.

"Apologize please. That was not funny young man. What you said was rude and unnecessary. You know very well, If you are a guest at someone's table you eat what is served without complaint or rude comments!" Severus says quietly while holding Draco's eyes in a firm stare.

"Yes Sir. I apologize Uncle Sirius. I didn't mean anything by it. I was trying to be funny."

"That's fine, son. I know you didn't. We're having a special treat tonight. I hope you like Cottage Pie. It's a favorite dish of ours."

"Yes Sir, I do. It's one of my favorites also. Can we please stay Dad? I'll behave, I promise."

"Are you certain, you want company tonight, Sirius? After all, we are going to be together tomorrow to take the boys school shopping and you may want to be alone tonight."

"We want you to stay Sev. Harry and I enjoy the company."

"In that case, we'll accept the invitation on one condition, you allow me to help with the preparations."

"I'll agree to that condition. Boys, you may go play in Harry's room until we call you down to set the table." Sirius tells the two children.

Up in Harry's room, Draco asks "Can we get out that miniature Quidditch match game you have? I'd like to play a round."

"Yeah, we can. You got lucky downstairs, you know." Harry says as he pulls the game from his closet shelf.

"What do you mean?"

"When you mouthed off about the dinner. Your Dad was about to haul you across his lap and paddle your backside! If I said something like that, my Dad would have spanked me even if I said I was teasing."

"Yes, I know. I had to talk really fast before I got swatted! I'm trying to loosen him up some and get him not to be so darn perfect acting all the time. I nearly got carried away this time. It's hard to know when he will know I'm playing around and when he'll wallop me!"

"If you sound rude or bratty, you will probably get walloped! That's how it works for me anyway. Come on you pick your team first and we'll get started. We may not be able to finish a match before they call us downstairs. If we don't we'll finish after supper."

The next afternoon, the boys find themselves being fitted for new school robes. As the tape measure flies around Harry while the hovering quill records his measurements, he asks "Dad, when we finish here can we take a walk through Magical Menagerie? I need some Owl treats and other things."

"We can but exactly what 'other things' are you thinking of?"

"Well, Hedwig could use a new roost in my room and I thought we could look at them."

"We'll look but don't count on us buying it today. That might be something we need to wait on. We're already buying robes, shoes, books, potions supplies, a new cauldron, and more. When we finish here, we were going to get your schoolbooks. We will go buy the owl treats first and then get the books."

"Dad LOOK! Do you see that little pygmy owl? That would be a perfect friend for Hedwig! It's solid black and she's solid white! Could we buy him please? " Harry asks as they walk around the shop.

"No son. We don't need another owl. I don't think Hedwig wants a brother. I think she's perfectly happy being an only owl. Besides, you don't have time to spend with two owls. You're starting classes next week remember?"

"Yes, I remember. Who could forget when you talk about it every day?" Harry teases.

"I guess I do talk about it often. It's just on my mind. Well, let's get those treats for Hedwig and go to the bookstore. I told Severus, we'd be there in just a few minutes." Sirius tells him.

As Harry is purchasing the owl treats, the shop clerk tells him "I saw you were interested in the little Pygmy owl. It's a really good little guy. I've had him here in the shop for a month and no one wants him because of his size. Everyone wants the bigger owls. Wouldn't you want to take him home?"

"Yes, I really do, but my Dad said I couldn't have him. I already have an owl, you see."

"Well, we could make you a really good deal today. You keep trying to talk your Dad into buying him and I'll even throw in an extra owl perch just for you if you buy him today."

"I'll think it over. I'm not supposed to badger him about something when he says No. I'll work on it though." Harry whispers taking the bag of owl treats.

Meeting up with Draco and his Dad at the bookstore, Harry tells Draco all about the cute Pygmy Owl. "It's solid black and even its feet are black! It does have yellow eyes though and I guess that's kind of unusual. The shop clerk said he would make a really good deal on the owl and even throw in a perch for free."

"Are you going to get your Dad to buy him for you?" Draco asks.

"I tried but he said I already had Hedwig and something about she wants to be an only owl."

"What's he mean by that?"

"That's his way of telling me I can't buy the owl without just coming right out and saying no to me. He's trying to be funny, I guess. I didn't think it was all that funny. I really want the little owl."

"Why don't you ask him again? You can tell him what the clerk told you."

"No, once he tells me I can't have something that's it. If I keep on about it, I get in trouble. I Know! You don't have an owl or any pet at all. YOU need the owl. Go on, go ask Uncle Sev for a pet. Then take him to see the little pygmy. You can get it. I bet Uncle Sev will get it if you ask."

Just as Draco is about to go ask for a pet, Severus calls them to come over. "Boys! Come here please. We are not shopping for books for ourselves but for the two of you. Come pick them out."

Reaching into his pocket when he gets to his Dad, Draco pulls out the list of required books and reads:

Standard Book of Spells book 1

Grade four Mathematics

Grade one: Potions and Magical Herbs

Grade two : A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration

A History of Magic

Defense for Beginners

"I don't know why we still have to take that muggle math class. We shouldn't have to take it on top of all the other classes." Harry complains.

"You need mathematics skills to be able to complete the higher level potions. It is also good training for other areas. Do you know your multiplication facts, Harry?" Severus asks.

"Some of them but I don't know past the sixes. I'm only just turned ten, Uncle Sev. That's higher grade math."

"No excuses young man! Draco is ten also but he knows every single fact by memory. Draco! Tell me the product of twelve multiplied by eight."

"The product of twelve multiplied by eight is ninety six, sir." Draco answers immediately.

"Twelve multiplied by seven?"

"That would be eighty four, sir." Draco replies without hesitating.

"Excellent Draco. So you see Harry, age is not a factor here. You can learn them just as well as Draco. You just have to make a commitment to doing it and stay with it. I'm sure Draco would be willing to help you practice. Right son?"

"Whenever you say, Harry. I love to work with mathematics." Draco answers smiling at his Dad.

"I wouldn't be holding my breath there Draco. I won't be calling on you anytime soon you show off!" Harry whispers in Draco's ear.

"I wasn't trying to show off, Harry. I just have to answer when he asks me something. You know that. You do the same when your Dad asks you something. If we don't answer then we are being disrespectful and get in trouble. Did you want to see me get scolded?"

"Let's just get our books and finish this stupid school shopping. I really detest shopping for this mess."

"Well young man, this mess as you call it, is your education and you are going to be shopping for more today than just books. Buck up and be the well behaved young man I know. I don't want any more complaining or name calling today. The consequences for disobeying me will be bedtime at seven o'clock. If you are going to behave as a younger child then you can go to bed at the same time as one. "

"No Dad! I don't want to go to bed at seven o'clock! I'm ten now remember? I'm not five!"

"Then behave as a ten year old should without this attitude and backtalk I'm witnessing. Alright?" Sirius asks having stooped down to be on face to face level with his son.

"Yes Sir." Harry responds knowing he's being warned and he'd best do as his Dad tells him or face the consequences.

"Thank you son. Let's find Draco and Sev as they have walked off and left us. "

Walking back to the rear of the shop, Sirius and Harry find Draco sitting alone surrounded by two stacks of books.

"Where's your Dad, Draco?" Sirius asks.

"He went into the back room to see if he could find a rare book. He told me to sit here and keep our books. We gathered yours too, Harry. We have everything except the Mathematics book but the shopkeeper said the professor for the class has those."

"Thank you for telling us, Draco. We won't need to look for that book. Are you alright son? You are looking a bit pale in the face."

"Uncle Sirius? Did you know that in the early 1700's and even before then, people who were thought to be magical were hanged ? They killed them and set their bodies on fire! I just read about it in the History of Magic book! It says it happened all throughout Europe and in the American colonies as well!"

"Yes son, I did know that. It's a very sad but true story. But Draco, son, we don't live in that time period and people generally don't believe in magic these days. That is why we do not allow our magic to be seen by non magical people. It causes reactions such as what you read about."

"You mean if we accidentally did magic around a muggle they would BURN us?" Harry asks horrified. Draco shudders at the thought.

"No, I don't believe that would be allowed in modern times, boys. What might happen is the magical person would be put in a special hospital for people who are mentally off. Muggles don't believe in magic so anyone who said they were magical would be thought of as crazy. We keep our magic just between us for that reason and others. Do you understand?"

Coming up at the very end of the conversation, Severus asks "What is going on, Sirius? Has the boy been into something he shouldn't?"

"Draco read about the witch trials in the History of Magic text and we were just discussing that event." Sirius answers nodding towards Draco, who is still pale.

"It's disturbing to read about isn't it son? Well, let's get these books bought and shrunk so we can go finish shopping. We need to get your potions kits and we'll be finished." Severus says after giving Draco a brief hug of reassurance.

"Dad? After we finish could we go to Magical Menagerie, please? I would like to get a pet. Could I Dad? Please? I'll take excellent care of it."

"Draco, I don't …." Severus starts to say then seeing the child's face droop he finishes "see why we can't go get you a pet today. Every child deserves a chance to have a pet when they are young. You haven't ever had one so let's go get something special!"

Draco gapes up at him in astonishment not really trusting his ears. "I can have a pet? Today? You don't mind if I get a pet to take home to the castle?"

"You may get ONE pet to take home today. Now I'm not going to have some toad or lizard loose in my bedroom or kitchen so think carefully about the pet you would like."

"Yes sir, I don't want a toad or lizard, Dad. I'd like to get an owl."

"We will go pick out an owl as soon as we get our potions supplies. While we finish shopping, you can be thinking of what you will need to care for your owl. We'll need to buy those things today also."

Walking across the cobblestone street beside Sev, Sirius whispers teasingly "Turning into a real pushover there Sev, you'd better watch it. Before long you'll have two dogs, three cats and the owl as well! "

"No, this will be the only pet we have in the castle. Now, later he may wish for something else but I won't be caving on that wish. It's true, he's never had a pet before. Lucius never allowed pets of any kind on his property. He went so far as to put up anti animal wards around the grounds. The wards only allowed the mail owls to land on a perch to drop the mail in a bin but not to stay. Draco had no contact with animals until he moved here."

After they finished buying the potions materials Severus insisted the boys would need, all four went to the shop to help Draco purchase his pet.

"So you came back, I see. Are you going to get the little guy after all?" The clerk asks Harry as they come in the door.

"No sir, I'm not the one looking for a pet. My friend is interested in seeing the Pygmy Owl though."

"Today's your lucky day, young man. The pygmy is going to have a perch given away free with his cage also. All you have to pay for is the owl itself! Of course, any little extra things you may want for him will have to be bought also. Come let me introduce you to Raven." The clerk tells Draco with Severus listening.

"His name is Raven, sir?"

"Yes, since he's solid black, I named him Raven. You may choose another name if you wish too. Once you purchase him, he belongs to you to name."

"No sir, I like the name Raven. It's different."

Coming up on the cage holding the little owl, Draco smiles. "Dad, that's the owl I want. He's perfect for us. Can I please have him?"

"Very well. Sir? We'll take the pygmy today and two bags of owl treats, a bowl and a separate cage also."

"Yes sir, right away sir."

Pulling on his Dad's robe sleeve, Draco whispers "Why do we need two cages Dad?"

"Well, what were you planning to put him in while you cleaned the cage? Until he's trained to stay on his perch, we need to put him in a cage for his safety. You wouldn't want him to fly away would you?"

"No Sir, I don't want to lose him. Thanks for helping me Dad. I don't know what to buy."

"You are quite welcome, son. I'm your Dad and I'm here to help you. Are you ready to go pick out your owl cage now?"

"Yes sir. How much should I spend?

"Never mind the price, Draco. Just pick out the cage you like the best and we'll buy it. I believe Harry is waiting in the cage area for you. You two pick out a nice one."

"Hi Harry, Dad said to come pick out another cage for Raven. I don't even have to watch the price either! He just said for us to pick out a nice one! "

"Well, the other cage, the one he's in now is small so I think you should get a larger and nicer cage for him. Here's a nice golden cage. "

"Yes, that one is nice but I like this one over here. Look, it's silver but it has the pewter colored designs on the top dome. This looks like a cage for a boy."

"Are you planning to sit in the cage with Raven?" Harry asks giggling.

"No Nutter! I'm talking about a boy OWL not me! This cage looks just right for a boy owl don't you think?"

"Yes, I like that one too. Do you want me to go get your Dad to look at it? I think you should ask him if this one is alright. He has to have it in his quarters."

"Well, he did say for us to pick out one. Let's carry it up front and if he doesn't like it, we'll come get something else."

Walking up to the counter carrying the cage, all Severus and Sirius could see of their sons is their feet.

"Look at that Sev! The cage is walking by itself! I've never seen a cage that has four feet and can walk. Have you?"

"No, that's quite a sight alright. I wonder why the cage is coming this way?"

"Dad, Uncle Sirius, it's us! We are carrying the cage. Dad, do you like this cage?" Draco calls as they get closer.

"I think that is a fine cage, son. Is this the one you wish to get?"

"Yes Dad, I think this one is the best for Raven."

"We'll take the cage along with the rest of these things." Severus tells the clerk. As he pays for all of their purchases, Sirius shrinks the two cages down to pocket size. Severus hands the small carrying cage with Raven inside, to Draco.

"Here you are son. You are now the parent of an owl. Congratulations." He says making the boys giggle.

"Are you ready to show Raven his new home? At Draco's nod, Severus says "Sirius? Are you and Harry finished for today?'

"Yes, we are ready to head back also."

"Wait Dad! What about our robes? We didn't pick them up, remember?" Harry asks.

"The robes will be sent on to the school as soon as they are ready. We have the rest of the things we came for don't we?"

Remembering they were to get new shoes but not wanting to go through trying on different shoes, Harry answers "I think we do. Let's go home. I'd like to have some free time this afternoon."

"Let's go then." Sirius says walking out with Harry beside him. Reaching the apparition point, the boys take hold of their Father's robes and are whisked back to Hogwarts.

Landing back inside Severus' quarters Draco tells Harry "Look at Raven! He's staggering around like he's been drinking at the Pub!"

"What do you know of Pubs young man?" Severus asks sternly.

"Only that men go there to get drunk, Dad. Is Raven alright?"

"I believe he's reacting to the apparating. Give him some water and he'll be fine in just a minute or two."

"Harry? I'm going home now. You may stay an hour and then I want you home. You have some lessons to go over this afternoon. That means I want you inside our quarters at four o'clock this afternoon." Sirius tells him. Sirius has learned to be very specific with his boy, as Harry is very good at talking around why he couldn't do what he has been told.

Two weeks later, the boys are walking one on each side of Remus as they head off to the platform 9 & ¾ at King's Cross Station. The day has come when the younger students get their first ride on the Hogwarts Express. Harry asks "Uncle Remus? Are you going to be traveling in the same compartment as Draco and I?"

"No, Harry." Remus answers chuckling at the boy's relieved looks. "I'm not here to spoil your fun or tattle on your behavior to your Dads as long as you follow the train rules. You must not use magic on the train and you must be dressed in school robes when we get to Hogsmeade. During the ride, you must conduct yourselves as young ladies and gentlemen with honor and dignity. That means no brawling on the train in case you don't speak that language!" Both boys giggle at that statement.

"Is the ride very long, sir?" Draco asks.

"Call me Uncle Remus, when we aren't in class, Draco. Now as to your question. It takes us four hours to ride from King's Cross Station to Hogsmeade. The Hogwarts Express is a magical train and can move very quickly."

Catching sight of the train as it waits by the platform, Harry gasps in delight. "Look! It's gorgeous and so new looking too. I thought it was fifty years old but it looks brand new! Draco, look at the engine! It's a steam engine just like we saw in America on the old west telly shows! Remember?"

"Yes, it looks like one of those except much newer and I think bigger too. May we go up closer to look at it?"

"You may and you may also climb up to look in the Engineer's compartment. I'll wait down here for you." Remus answers.

"Harry, look at that! This train is set up to go without an Engineer! The dials and settings are all set for the time and destination. Do you think it really runs by itself?"

"I guess it could being a magical train and all. We'll ask Uncle Remus. He seems to know all about the train."

Both boys jump as a voice says "I am not 'the train' young men. I am THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS. Yes, I run by myself and have for over fifty years. I do not need a driver when I know exactly how to take young men and women to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have never had an occasion to miss a schedule and I will not do so now. Kindly get off of me and go to your compartment!"

"Yes Sir!" Draco answers climbing down quickly, feeling slightly silly having been scolded and then responding to the scolding from a train.

Remus calls from below "Let's go please, Harry. We need to be boarding now. I need to be on the train as the students come."

Harry can't resist asking before climbing down "Sir Express? Did you take my Mum and Dads to school? Their names are Sirius Black and Lily and James Potter."

"I did young Harry. I have taken many a great wizard and witch in my time as I will now take you. I believe your Uncle is calling for you young sir. Be off with you now. I have a schedule to keep you know!"

"Yes Sir. Thank you sir." Harry answers climbing down to the platform.

"The Express talks, Uncle Remus! It said it took all of my parents to school."

"Yes, it also scolded us for referring to it as the train. I think we insulted it but we didn't mean too." Draco adds still a little put out at being scolded by a machine.

"Yes, it speaks to some but only those it deems worthy enough to listen. You boys should be proud to have been honored enough to speak to The Express. Don't feel badly about its comments, it's a curmudgeonly old engine. Come, it's time to board and find your compartment. I will see you both when we arrive at Hogsmeade."

Carrying their rucksacks with their school robes and money for treats, the boys climb up the shining metal steps and walk into the train car for the first time. "Okay you two, once you find your compartment, you need to stay in it. I'll be in the next car over so if you have an emergency one of you can come get me. If not, then I don't expect to see you until we get to Hogsmeade. You both have money and your tickets, correct?"

"Yes sir. We'll see you when The Express stops, Uncle Remus." Harry says looking around in awe.

"C'mon Draco, let's go find a good compartment with a lot of room for Hermione, Ron, Neville and us. They'll have trunks with them so we need to have a lot of space."

Walking down the thick carpeted aisle, they come to a compartment with golden sliding doors. Each compartment has silver or golden doors with a brass number plate above each set of doors.

"Compartment number twelve looks good to me. How about you Harry?"

"Yes, that one looks fine. Let's go in and claim it while we wait for the others. Watching out the window, they see Ron and his family arrive. Waving at Mrs. Weasley, Harry calls out "Hello Weasleys! We have our compartment picked already."

"There's Harry, Dear. Now you behave yourself this term, Ronald. I don't want any floo calls or owls telling me you have misbehaved. Remember, Uncle Sirius has your Father's and my permission to discipline you as he would Harry. If he does, he will inform us and you will be hearing from us. Make us proud and follow the rules."

"Yes Mum."

"Follow the rules? Mum, you take all the fun away when you say that!" Fred and George protest alternating the sentences. "We are rebel rousers Mum and we stand for fun. "

"You may stand for fun but if you two get too out of hand, Sirius has our permission to see to it you don't sit comfortably for awhile. I'd keep that in mind my rebel rousers!"

"I'll ride herd on them, Mum. You can count on me to see to it that they are studying more than causing trouble."

"Thank you Charlie. At least I have you, Bill and Percy who can behave themselves. All of you write us, it's going to be so quiet with just Ginny, Dad and me. We'll see you at Christmas if not before. Go on with you now!" Molly Weasley says shooing her flock of sons off towards the train.

"Mummy, when am I going to get to go on the train? The boys get to go every year and I want to go too! Ronny isn't much older than me and he can go so why can't I?"

"Maybe next year sweetie. You're only eight and a half and you have to be at least nine to go to Hogwarts. We'll have your examinations this Spring and I'm sure you'll go next year. Then I'll be all alone! I don't want you to leave me just yet, my girl. We have another year to be together first."

Opening the compartment doors for number twelve, Ron exclaims "Hi Harry! Hello Draco. I haven't seen either of you since your birthday party, Harry! Will you help me with my trunk guys? Bill but a featherweight charm on it but it's still bulky to try to lift by myself. Are you excited to be on the Express this year? Now it's like we're real Hogwarts students because we can ride the Express to school!"

"Take a breath, Ron!" Harry answers laughing at his over excited friend. "To answer your many questions, yes, we'll help and yes we're excited too. Come on Draco, let's give the trunk a lift up to the rack above the seats. Be sure to strap it down or it might slide off on someone's head!"

"Hello boys! I see you are good at strapping a trunk in place. Would you help me strap mine down too?" asks a voice from behind them. Turning to look behind him, Harry says "Hermione! I didn't recognize your voice. It's deeper this year. How did you manage that?"

"I have been drinking warm lemon juice and practicing deepening my voice so I can sound older. I'm glad to know it works. Hello Ron. Hello Draco. It's good to see you both again. This Express is just lovely! The burgundy velvet seats, the brass trim on the windows and doors, the dark cherry wood panels behind the seats, it's all gorgeous and so elegant looking too! I'm so glad we get to ride this year!"

"We are too, Hermione." Ron answers smiling at his friend.

"Ron, I saw the twins and Charlie on my way down to your compartment. Charlie was kind enough to cast a featherweight charm on my trunk for me. I think it's very nice of the Headmaster to allow all the brothers and sisters of the Junior Level students to ride the train together even if they are starting classes later."

"Well it just makes sense, my Mum says. She says it's easier to get all the children ready and sent off at the same time than getting one or two ready and then having to get the others ready two weeks later. "

"Are your brothers excited about returning to school, Ron?"

"Bill, Charlie and Percy are but the twins are not excited about classes starting. They want to be at school but not for classes. They think they are going to have the next two weeks to just goof around and go to Hogsmeade. Dad told them he didn't believe that would be the case. Bill is starting seventh year and Charlie is doing his Newts this year! Both are somewhat apprehensive about that."

"Well, I should tell the twins that the next two weeks are not going to be all fun and trips to Hogsmeade. I heard my Dad talking to Uncle Sirius and they both have assignments prepared for the older students to complete these next two weeks. One is a six foot essay too! I'm glad, I'm in junior level and we don't have to write past three feet on essays!" Draco tells the others.

"Man, I'm glad I'm in Junior Level too! Six feet! It would take me the rest of the two weeks just to research enough to get six feet! Don't tell them Draco. I want it to be a surprise for them!" Ron replies.

"Draco, how did you just happen to be around when they were talking school? Most of the time they send me away when they are making plans for school. I guess they don't want me to now early what is going to happen." Harry asks.

"They didn't know I was in the Kitchen and could hear everything they said. Dad sends me away too. If he knew I had been listening he would have been upset with me."

"Does Professor Snape assign you lines to write or does he make you do detentions when he punishes you?" Ron asks curiously.

"Does your Mum or Dad assign lines or detention when you are punished, Ron?" Draco asks back.

"No, my Mum and Dad are the type to whack first and ask why last. My Mum has a big wooden spoon that is the size of her hand and she likes to use it on our backsides! If we really misbehave, Dad might use a hairbrush or a small paddle he has in his study."

"Well, my Dad doesn't punish me as a student. He is more like your Mum and Dad."

"He SPANKS you?" Hermione asks aghast at that idea.

"Hermione, both of our Dads are big believers in applying something to the seat of our pants when we misbehave badly. Dad says, it seems to be that the quickest way to our minds is through a little sting in our behinds!" Harry answers.

"They don't beat us, Hermione. Believe me I know the difference. Lucius beat me but my Dad and Uncle Sirius spank me. They do it because they love me and to teach me to think before I act." Draco tells the horrified girl.

"Well, my Mum and Dad have never spanked me. I might lose my books for a time or be kept in my room but I'm never spanked."

The train started to move just then and the children stopped talking. A few minutes later as the train picked up speed, Hermione asks "Did any of you see Neville get on the train? Do you think he got left?"

"I didn't see him board but that doesn't mean he isn't on. We'll go look for him. Come on Harry, let's go find him."

As Harry starts to leave with Ron, Draco says "Harry, aren't you forgetting what Uncle Remus told us?"

"I'll be alright Draco. I'm just going to look for Neville in this car. I'm not leaving the car."

"I'll remind you of this when you complain later!" Draco says knowingly.

"Shut it, Draco! I don't need a keeper at this time." Harry snaps back walking out with Ron.

"What was all that, Draco? What were you telling Harry just then?" Hermione asks.

"Uncle Remus told us to stay in our compartment. Harry just disobeyed a direct order. If Uncle Remus learns he didn't obey, he'll get in trouble."

"Why would Professor Lupin tell you to stay inside the compartment? I know we are free to move around in the train car."

"I don't know as he didn't explain. I'm going to do as he says though because I for one like to be able to sit for supper!"

"Your Dad would spank you?"

"No, but I get the feeling Professor Lupin as you called him, would! He seems all mild mannered and calm and yet I get the feeling he could be very strict if he needs to be!"

"What do you think he will be teaching us in the Defense class? I had to really beg my Mum and Dad to let me take it. They just didn't think it is something a young lady needs."

"I think everyone needs to know how to defend themselves both girls and boys. I don't know much about what he might be teaching except I know it is NOT about the Dark Arts. He was adamant about that when he discussed the class with Uncle Sirius and Dad. Harry and I were right there at the time so no, I wasn't eavesdropping again." Draco says as he sees her begin to frown at him.

The compartment doors were suddenly thrust open and Ron and Harry collapsed on the seats panting.

"What's with you two? Did you find Neville?"

"No, we found someone else. Do you know a Jeremy Pippen, Draco? He is looking for you. He's going up and down the car asking everyone where Draco Malfoy is sitting."

"Yes, I know him. He's a pureblooded bully whose Father is a friend of Lucius. Stay away from him as he will fight first and talk last. I had fencing lessons with him and he would thrust his sword at me without the blunt tip on it. I complained to Father but he told me to take it like a man and not complain. I was eight at the time!"

The compartment doors are thrust open again and a boy with dark black hair is standing in the doorway. "Malfoy! Found you didn't I? You can't hide from a Pippen! We are excellent at hunting! What are you doing in here with this scraggly bunch of babies? You belong with the purebreds not these mudblood babies!"

"First off, these are my friends and my cousin. Second, my name is no longer Malfoy and I do not answer to it. Third, I will sit with whomever I like and you are not to use that term to describe me or my friends again. Fourth, LEAVE before I smash in that oh so perfect nose of yours!"

"Is there a problem here children?" asks a stern voice.

"No sir, I was just meeting up with a boy I used to know. We aren't having a problem here sir." Jeremy answers in his politest voice.

"You young man, are in the wrong car. This is for the Junior Level students only. All first year and above are in the next car up. I strongly suggest you take your belongings and move to the correct car. I don't want to see you out of that car. "

"Yes Sir, right away Professor, sir."

"You are such a suck up, Pippen! Go, get away from me before I barf up my breakfast!" Draco sneers.

After the boy leaves for the next car, taking his friends with him, Remus says "Draco, a word if you please. The rest of you stay inside the compartment."

Walking down to the newly vacated compartment, Remus ushers Draco inside and closes the door. Waving his wand he locks it and puts a silencing charm up.

"I didn't leave the compartment or hit him sir." Draco says worriedly.

"Why do you think I brought you in here, son?" Remus asks seeing the child looking anxious.

"To punish me for what I said, I guess, sir."

"Why do you believe I'm going to punish you, Draco?"

"You brought me in here alone, locked the doors and put up a silencing charm. When my Dad or Uncle Sirius does that, it means I'm about to be spanked!"

"Relax Draco, I'm not about to give out any spankings. If I were, it wouldn't be to you. I brought you in here to talk to you. Who is that boy and what was he doing?"

"His name is Jeremy Pippen and he's around eleven now I think. He and I took fencing lessons together when I was eight. He's a mean boy and is very used to getting what he wants when he wants it. He was demanding I move away from Harry and come sit with him. He called Harry and the others scraggly babies."

"What else did he say? I know there is something else or you and Harry would not have been about to jump him. Harry looked one blink away from pounding the boy. I know you and I haven't become acquainted very well but I sense that you are not the type to fight for no reason."

"I used to be, sir. I've changed since I moved in with my Dad. I don't have to be angry and lash out as he calls it because I'm safe now. The boy called us a really ugly word, sir. If I say it, I'll be in for a bad spanking from my dad if he finds out. Please don't make me say it, sir."

"Alright son. I won't ask you to say it. I do need to know what was said for my report to the Headmaster. We need to record this incident in case something comes up with the boy again. Would you write the word for me?"

"Yes sir, I could write it." Taking the quill and parchment, Remus transfigured from two knuts, he writes the word 'mudblood'.

"He called you this term?" Remus asks, his voice stern.

"No sir, he called Harry, Hermione and Ron that term. He knows I'm from a pureblooded family since his Father knows my Fa.. … I mean Lucius."

At Remus's puzzled expression, Draco explains "I don't consider Lucius Malfoy my Father any longer. I do not use his name and I don't call him Father. My name is Draco Tobias Snape now not Draconis Lucien Malfoy. When Severus blood adopted me, I legally and magically became his son not Lucius'. Please let me go by that name in class, sir."

"Draco, you are already registered as Draco Snape so there is no problem with that. I will speak to this young man and set him straight on a few things. You and your friends just enjoy the trip and I'll see you when we stop. Go on back to them now."

"Yes sir, Thank you sir."

"Draco! Did you get in trouble? Am I in trouble too? What happened?" Harry asks nearly all in one breath as Draco comes back into their compartment.

"Merlin, Harry! Give a guy a chance to sit before you start interrogating him!" Draco complains causing Ron to grin. "Now, I'll answer all those questions, no I did not get in trouble, I don't know if you are in trouble since he didn't ask about you. He wanted to know what made the two of us so angry and what that boy said to us. He wanted to know the boy's name as he is writing up a conduct report about the incident. He was really upset when I told him what Jeremy called all of you."

"You mean that word mudblood? You looked ready to punch him when he said that. What exactly is a mudblood Draco?" Harry asks innocently.

"Harry! " Ron and Draco both say at once. Draco tells him "Hush! Merlin, you'd better stop saying that word! If one of the professors hears you they'll tell your Dad and you, my cousin will not sit for a week!"

"But what does it mean? Why is it such a bad word?" Harry asks." I know you got in trouble this summer at Spinner's End when you said it but I don't know what it means or why it's so bad. Dad just said it was a word for non magical people."

"It's a bad word that is not allowed to be used because it's insulting. It's almost as bad as some of those curse words we have heard. It means someone who is not of a magical blood family. Someone who isn't a pureblood." Draco explains.

"Well, what exactly is a pureblood then?"

"Someone who comes from a long line of people with magic. Both parents being purebloods makes the kids purebloods. If one parent is not a pureblood then their children are not either. Some families think only pureblood witches or wizards are worthy of being associated with. It seems Jeremy comes from that kind of family. We don't want to be like him." Draco answers out loud while thinking I used to come from a family like that!

"Let's talk about your birthday party, Harry. I wish I could have a pool party for my birthday too! However did you get a pool that big?" Hermione asks.

"Dad bought it and then used his magic to expand it big enough for all of us to enjoy it. I love swimming and we had a great time at the pool in America. Dad fixed the pool at my party to be somewhat like the one in Orlando. We had TWO slides though and it only had one. My pool also didn't have any water over my head so we wouldn't have to be so careful. This summer when you come visit us, we can play in the pool again. We kept it but Dad shrunk it and has it stored in the house."

"Harry, Draco, tell us some about your trip to America. I really liked the lunch we had at your birthday party. If that is American food, I really like it. What else did you do on the trip other than get to swim in a great pool?" Ron asks.

"We went horseback riding one day and Harry wound up hurt because of me. We were supposed to stay with this man who was leading us around a trail in the woods. I got bored and talked Harry into going off on our own. We cut through a pasture and we were having fun until Harry came up on a wooden rail fence. He couldn't stop the horse and it stopped itself so fast Harry went over it's head and hit the ground. It knocked him out and scared me really bad too."

"Draco was able to cast a patronus and it went to get our Dads. I was okay by the next day though." Harry tells Hermione who looks as if she might burst into tears.

"What about you Draco?'" Ron asks "I guess you got punished, hmm?"

"Yeah, I got my bottom burned with a hairbrush for being foolish enough to leave the trail. Dad knows I can ride but I was disobedient and got Harry hurt so he walloped me."

"Draco, not many children can cast a patronus! That is advanced magic. What was your patronus?"

"Well, I didn't really cast a patronus. I convinced a rabbit to speak and take my message to our Dads. A patronus is not a real form and this was a real rabbit."

"I don't think I can cast a patronus yet, Hermione. I'm only ten you know. That is something we don't learn until fifth year or above."

"Talk about the place you went with the dolphins. That sounds like a place I would like to go to. I loved the stuffed animal you brought back for me."

"That's called an Orca whale. They look just like that except much much bigger!" Harry tells her. "We saw them do tricks. They can leap out of the water all at the same time, three of them together. Two of them can swim together with a person standing one foot on one whale and one foot on the other. Just think, if one whale moved too far up the person might just split into two pieces!"

"Harry! Stop exaggerating. No one splits into two pieces." Hermione tells him.

The compartment doors open and a lady dressed in a colorful smock with pictures of candy all on it, is standing in the doorway. "Hello children, I'm the Candy Trolley Lady. Would you like to buy some sweets for the trip? I have lollies, pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs, truffles, Bertie Botts beans and more. Come on out and have a looksee!"

"I'll take six packs of chocolate frogs, three boxes of Bertie Botts beans and four all day lollies." Draco tells her handing over his money.

"That's an awfully large order of sweets, Drake. Aren't you getting a little more than you are allowed?"

"That's the idea, Harry. I am not allowed to have much sweets so I'm taking the time now to get them while I can!"

"Good idea. I'll have three lollies, six chocolate frogs, four red licorice whips, two boxes of Witches Wart candy." Harry tells the trolley lady.

After Ron and Hermione get what they want, all four children settle in for some candy time.

"Hermione, you are supposed to eat that chocolate frog not just stare at it." Harry tells her.

"Yes, I know that! It's not the frog but the card I'm looking at. You'll never guess who is on this card!"

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