Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 5

**** Warning: Parental corporal punishment of a child in this section.

Harry P. Junior Level ch. 5

Head down walking slowly, Harry dreads the outcome of this meeting. Here it is the very first class on the first day of school and he has been sent to the Headmaster's office! In all of his schooling, he's never been sent to a Headmaster's office for misbehavior.

"I didn't even do anything wrong. I didn't mean to be cheeky. He said to write the hardest problem and that's what I did." Harry thinks to himself.

Coming up to the Gargoyles guarding the entrance to the Headmaster's office, Harry whispers the password for family members, "Galloping Gumdrops " and the doorway appears. Slowly climbing as the staircase revolves under his feet, Harry finds himself at his Grandpa's office door. Raising his hand to knock, he hears "Come in, Harry."

"Well young man, what have you gotten yourself into already? I just received a notice that you were dismissed from your first class for insolent behavior."

Harry hands over the note Mr. McTavish wrote. Reading it, Dumbledore sternly looks over his glasses at Harry.

"You disrupted class, were disobedient and were disrespectful to your teacher? This doesn't sound like you Harry."

"Grampa, I didn't mean too. I did what he said but he didn't believe I did. I didn't mean to be cheeky at all it just came out. I can't do that work like Hermione can! I must not be smart."

"Now hold on a minute, young man! You are smart. Too smart at times but that's for another discussion. Now don't let me hear you talk like that again or I'll turn you over my knee!" Dumbledore scolds.

This being too much for him to take in one day, Harry breaks down. "I'm Sorry! I just can't do anything right today! " He sobs out. "Don't tell my Dad, Please? He'll be so disappointed in me."

"Come Harry, sit with me. Tell me about it. I'm afraid your Dad is already on his way little one." Dumbledore says sitting down in a big overstuffed chair. After several minutes of sobbing, Harry is able to tell his side of the story. He has just finished when there is a knock on the door.

"Come in Sirius." Dumbledore calls and the door swings open to reveal Harry's Dad. One look and Harry can see his Dad is not at all happy with him.

"Harry James, what is the meaning of this note? It says I am to report to a meeting with your Mathematics instructor here in the Headmaster's office because YOU have been sent there?" Sirius's voice sounding more stern with each word.

Harry burrows deeper into his Grampa's chest, trying to keep as far away from his Dad as possible.

Chuckling softly at Harry's actions, Dumbledore says "Now Sirius, calm down please. I heard Harry's side of the story and we will hear Mr. McTavish out too. I'm sure this can be explained. You are scaring your son."

"I'm going to be doing more than just scaring him. Sent out of class for being cheeky on the first day of class! We just talked about this last night, Harry James! You deliberately disobeyed me and your instructor too apparently."

"Enter" Dumbledore calls at the next knock on the door. He's moved behind his desk and has Harry in one chair and Sirius in another with a table between them. Harry is trying hard to keep from crying again as the last thing he wants to do is cry in front of his new teacher.

"Mr. McTavish, come in and have a seat. Now that we have all the people involved present, why don't you tell us what went on today. Oh, that's right. Sirius Black, Ian McTavish, the new Mathematics Instructor. Ian, Sirius is our Astronomy Professor. Now what went on with young Harry?"

"I was attempting to find out what level each student is on so I instructed them to come to the board at their turn and show me the most complicated multiplication problem they could solve. I'm grouping them for now into third, fourth or fifth level. I explained to the class we would be moving from one level to another as their needs show. During my lecture, he decided to be a clown and amuse the class. One comment was something about why I was the only one allowed to talk. During our discussion, he disrupted by whispering to his friend. When it was Harry's turn, he had not paid attention and seemed to be daydreaming. When I finally got his attention, he attempted to get out of doing the problem at all by making jokes. He said he would pass and let someone take his turn."

Sirius gives Harry a stern look at that information as Mr. McTavish continues. "I told him he could not pass so he wrote a problem that was not suitable. When I asked him if multiplying by ones was the hardest problem he could solve, he informed me saucily that he wasn't multiplying by ones but by eleven. Mr. Black, I don't know about in your classroom, but in mine, I do not accept cheek as an answer. He had deliberately made a mockery of my class, tried to get out of work and disrespected me by being argumentative, so I told him we would be having a meeting with you after class. I then told him to take a seat. His response was and I quote "Where do you want me to take it, sir?" This insolence was the last straw so I sent him here."

Sirius turns to Harry and asks him "What mathematical problem did you write?"

"I wrote eleven multiplied by ninety six. I tried to think of a harder one but I couldn't. I'm not up to twelves yet! You see Dad, I didn't use ones, I used eleven."

"Did you try to get out of doing the work he assigned?"

"I was slow and he wanted me to hurry so others could have a turn. I told him I would pass and they could have my turn."

"Did you interrupt his discussion with the class by talking and then begin daydreaming when you were to be paying attention?"

Squirming in his seat, Harry whispers "Yes Sir."

"When your Instructor told you to take a seat, what did he mean?"

Biting his bottom lip, Harry looks at the floor at that question.

"Harry James Potter-Black! I asked you a question. I want to hear your answer now!" Sirius says very sternly.

Swallowing the mouthful of spit that has accumulated from nerves, Harry sighs and answers "He meant for me to go sit down."

"Headmaster do you still have that object in your bottom desk drawer?" Sirius asks.

"Sirius….." At the look from Sirius, Dumbledore says "Yes, I do."

"May I borrow it for a few minutes please?" Sirius asks.

Pulling out the bottom drawer, lifting out the small rectangular, wooden paddle the thickness of about six rulers, he passes it over the desk to Sirius.

"Come stand in front of me Harry." Sirius says to his son.

"When you are sent out of class to the Headmaster, you can expect a paddling. Listening to your account of what went on, I believe you deliberately tried to disrupt this class and then you were deliberately insolent to Mr. McTavish. I counted two different times in your telling and his that you disobeyed plus that little outburst of yours over the seat. Therefore, you will be receiving four with the paddle right now. Bend over my knee."

Harry stares at his Dad pleading with his eyes. "You deserve this Harry and you know it. Over my knee or I'll put you there and add two more licks."

Tears already flowing, Harry does as he's told. The first lick stings but doesn't burn as he thought it would. "Hmm, not really as hard as I though…YOW! OOOOH That Burns! Owwwww! I'm burning here! " Harry thinks between lick one and then feeling the second one. After the second whack he calls "NOOOO, stop! Please, Dad! I'm sorry!"

"Two more Harry. You do not speak cheekily to adults! You do as you are told to do without answering back!" Sirius says sternly before applying the last two licks firmly enough to cause a sting but not too hard.

"Now apologize to Mr. McTavish correctly." Sirius says standing the boy up in front of him.

"I am very sorry for my behavior and I will be better from now on, sir." Harry says through his tears.

"Good job, son. Now, for the rest of your punishment, you are restricted to your room in our quarters for the rest of the day. You may rejoin your classmates tomorrow at breakfast. Go to your room now and do not go anywhere else. I will have your books delivered later."

"Yes sir." Harry answers walking slowly to the door.

"Mr. McTavish, I also apologize for Harry's behavior. He knows better than to be cheeky the way he did when you told him to sit down. Harry is my son but he is my adopted son. He's the son of my best friends who were killed when Harry was eight. Harry attended a muggle primary school for the first four years of schooling and his math ability is behind where it should be. His writing of eleven multiplied by ninety six was a difficult problem in his mind. He doesn't see the number eleven as two ones but eleven. I don't believe he was being deliberately disobedient in that case. Harry has not memorized the multiplication facts past ten yet. It would be helpful if you would place him in the third level group until he feels confident. I will work with him at home also." Sirius informs him.

"Thank you Professor Black, I'll do just as you suggest. I will also assign a tutor for Harry to help him during class. I'm sure with hard work that by mid-term he'll be back up to fourth level. I also wish to thank you for disciplining your son. Some parents brush off the problems and the problems get worse."

"That will not be the case with Harry. If he acts out again, you just let me know and I'll repeat the lesson he didn't learn today! I don't tolerate defiance in my son and he knows it!" Sirius answers.

After McTavish leaves, Dumbledore says "Sirius, my boy, don't you think you were a little too tough on young Harry? A paddling and doing it in front of his teacher? "

"It's what James would have done if he were here. Charlus did the same thing to James, remember? In third year, James set off stink bombs in Barnes' DADA Class and then told the man he "made the stink and didn't he know where the loo was?" Mr. Potter came to Hogwarts and paddled James in the classroom in front of Professor Barnes! James couldn't sit for the next two days unless he sat on a pillow! I was much softer on Harry. He will most likely sting for the rest of the day but by supper he'll be fine. I'm making a point here, Albus. You do not disrespect adults!"

"Well I believe you made your point. The boy has to be embarrassed to be spanked in front of not only me but his teacher as well. I only hope this doesn't cause problems for him and McTavish because of it." Dumbledore answers.

"I'm going to have a talk with Harry and will take care of this. Harry is not going to disrespect anyone and get by with it. He has to learn to keep his temper and his attitude in check. You know this as well as I do! He can't fly off the handle and act out at the slightest provocation. His life may depend on keeping a cool head and thinking through a response someday. If I have to embarrass him or spank him to teach him this, then I will. Despite what you may believe, I don't want to spank my son. It hurts to see him so upset. It's just one of the ways to get through to him at times. There are times when no amount of talking or taking away privileges is enough to get the message across."

"Sirius, what you just said is a complete opposite view of what you thought as a youngster. You truly have become his parent in all ways. The marauder has become the guardian! James would be proud of the way you are raising his son but shocked too, I expect."

"Lily wouldn't be though. Shocked, I mean. She always said I was the strict one in the group. I didn't think so at the time. I saw Remus as the rule maker."

"He did love the rules but he was easily swayed also. You were a more stubborn sort and stuck to your opinions. "

"Yes, and like Harry I suffered a sore bum many times for that one reason! You used that paddle on me once if I remember right. The night we set off firecrackers in the girl's lavatory and there were girls in it at the time. After a session with you, James and I had a session with his Dad too. I think his paddling was worse. Yours stung but his made you feel as if you sat on the hot stove and also left you feeling lower than a worm! He had that ability to make you feel so ashamed."

"I do remember that event. You and James were fourth years then. Your reason was, if I remember correctly, you wanted to see the girls without clothes. Charlus was NOT impressed with that thinking. He borrowed this very paddle that night. You didn't know that did you?"

"No, not the part about the paddle. I did come to realize very quickly that he was not impressed with us. Let me go talk to Harry. We'll see you at breakfast." Sirius replies.

Going back into their quarters, Sirius can hear muffled sobbing coming from Harry's room. Without knocking he walks in to find Harry face down on the bed.

"Here now Pup, it's all over. Sit up and calm yourself down. Let's talk about this together." Sirius says stroking the boy's hair.

"You hate me now." Harry says into his pillow.

"Harry, I do not hate you and I never will. I love you. Come, sit up so I can understand you better. Here, we'll have some hot tea while we talk. Sirius says waving his wand and conjuring two cups of steaming tea with biscuits."

"If you don't hate me, why'd you do that to me?"

"What exactly do you mean?"

"Paddle me and do it in front of Grampa and Mr. McTavish! I'll never be able to look at Mr. McTavish without being embarrassed. He saw me get paddled!"

"Harry, you acted out in his class, were disrespectful to him in front of his class, probably embarrassed him by your actions and you deserved to be punished for it. I will not apologize to you for how I punished you. You will just have to accept it and move on. You will face Mr. McTavish so just get used to the idea." Sirius answers somewhat sternly. This isn't what he expected when he planned to talk to Harry. This accusing and belligerent attitude is new.

"I don't want to move on! You embarrassed me, Dad. The man already thinks I'm dumb and now he thinks I'm a baby too!"

"You don't seem ready to listen right now so we'll talk later. I'll leave your tea with a stasis charm on it so it will be warm when you want it."

"I don't want tea! I want to TALK! YOU SAID WE WOULD TALK! YOU ARE NOT BEING FAIR!" Harry yells.

"I understand you are frustrated and angry with me right now so I'm not going to talk to you about what went on. When you calm down then we'll talk. You let me know when you feel calm enough to talk reasonably." Sirius says before he leaves the room.

Reaching out Harry shoves the tea tray off the bedside table. Smiling when the cup and teapot crash to the floor. Then seeing the mess he just made, he glances at the bedroom door expecting his Dad to come back in. Instead, the mess on the floor just clears up and the broken pieces vanish.

An hour later after a nap, Harry goes to find his Dad. Sirius is sitting in the study going over plans for upcoming lessons when he hears Harry open the door.

"Come in Pup. Let's sit together in the big chair." Sirius says indicating a large blue chair.

"Pup, let me tell you a story about a time when your Daddy was paddled as you were today." After telling Harry the story of James and the stink bombs, he says "so you see you aren't the only child ever spanked in front of their teacher. I did that today to make a point, son. You must keep a cool head and not be discourteous. You know that is one of my biggest rules for you to follow. I expect you to be well- mannered to everyone. You didn't do that today and were punished for it. I hope it makes you think before acting this way in the future."

"I'll try harder to do that Dad. I'm really sorry I acted bad today. I know you don't hate me and I don't hate you either. Dad, there's something I have to tell you."

"What might that be, Pup?"

"I broke your teapot and cup on purpose. I pushed it off the nightstand to make it fall. I'm sorry."

"I accept your apology, son."

"Am I going to get punished for breaking it on purpose?"

"I think you've been punished enough for today. I'm ready for some supper, how about it?"

"I don't want to see anyone, Dad."

"I was planning to order in tonight. How about some hamburgers, fries and a shake?"

"Yes, those are some of my favorites."

Sirius nods thinking about how to tell Harry the news about his Math class.

"Harry, do you remember Mr. McTavish discussing how he is going to be grouping the class by levels and the levels will change according to your needs?"

"Yes sir."

"Son, do you feel you are accomplished enough in your math work to attempt fourth level problems right now? We looked through the book the other day and you were commenting on how difficult it looked remember? That's why I'm asking if you feel ready to take on fourth level and make at least Acceptable. Our house rules are no grades lower than acceptable or you will be punished."

"Dad, if I don't go into fourth level, I'll look dumb! Hermione's going to be in fifth level! Draco's in fourth, he did a complicated problem that Mr. McTavish really liked. He didn't like my problem at all!"

"Son, what other people will think is not the important part here. What is best for you is what is important. I explained to Mr. McTavish that you were not taught as much Mathematics as some of the other students and were really doing your best today on the problem. Harry, as much as you may not want to do this, I am recommending he start you in level three. I'm going to help you move up to level four as soon as possible but you have to work for it. You and I will have a work session every Saturday morning for two hours and you will get extra help in class also."

"I'm not a child prodigy after all am I? Everyone says I am but I'm not really. If I were I could do fifth level math as good as Hermione! I'm just slow." Harry says sorrowfully.

"Feeling sorry for yourself is not going to help you, Pup. You are a child prodigy in the wizard world but that doesn't mean you excel at everything. You are extremely gifted with unusual magical ability for your age but you struggle with math. Everyone has things that are difficult for them to do, Son. That doesn't make you slow, as you put it. Take Ron, he does well in magic but he isn't nearly as good at reading and writing essays as you are. Does that make him slow?"

"No, he just has problems sometimes."

"Well, you have problems with math, sometimes. Do you see what I'm saying, Pup?"

"Yes sir. Will you punish me if I can't do the level three math work?"

"Only if you are not putting your best effort into it. If I see that you are not trying or hear of you fooling around instead of working, that would be when you are in trouble."

Four weeks later, Harry, Draco, Ron and Neville are all busy working on homework in their dorm room when Harry throws down his pencil in frustration. "This is too hard! I can't remember all the stupid steps to this! I quit! I'm just not doing this assignment!'

"Harry, you have to. If you don't you'll get in trouble with your Dad. Do you really want to risk that after what he told you just last week? You told me he said you would be punished if you didn't do your work for class. You can't skip any more homework as you have four missed assignments already!"

"I Don't Care! I'll take it Draco, if he wants to punish me! I just don't want to do this anymore!"

Sighing to himself, Draco puts his Potions essay away and walks to Harry's desk. "What is the problem that is causing you so much trouble, Harry?"

"This whole page is division and I can't get that."

"Harry, you did it Tuesday in class and for homework. Why do you not get it now?"

"It's too hard to keep the numbers straight. I keep putting them in wrong."

"Show me what you mean." Draco says sitting down beside his cousin who he thinks of as a younger brother.

Two hours later, Harry has the steps down for long division and is much happier. Rubbing his tired eyes, Draco goes back to his desk to finish his homework essay for tomorrow's class. He'd put it off and didn't do it until now when he had two nights to work on it.

After writing another half foot he now has one foot done and two more to do. He's just about to begin the second page when he hears the lights out in five minutes bell. Everyone else in the room scrambles to put away books and homework to prepare for bed. Draco continues to research for the assignment. Ten minutes later, he has to turn on his desk lamp to be able to see as the dorm room lights are cut off.

Making his rounds to check on the boys in the dorm, Sirius sees a light shining from underneath Harry's room. Opening it he finds Draco with his desk lamp on and still working. Shaking his head at the boy, he crosses to the desk.

"Draco, lights out was twenty minutes ago. You aren't even dressed for bed yet! Put down that homework and get in the bath! I will be back in ten minutes and you, young man had better be bathed, pajamas on and in your bed! Hear me?"

"Uncle Sirius! I have to finish this!" Draco complains quietly.

"Obey me son or face the consequences." Sirius tells him sternly.

Muttering to himself after leaving the room, Draco quickly takes a bath and dresses for bed. Hoping the water would wake him up so he can finish his Dad's assignment, it has the opposite effect. Now he's feeling vey sleepy. Forgetting that Sirius said he would be back to check on him, Draco slips out of the dorm and down the stairs to the kitchens.

"I'll just get the elves to make me some coffee to keep me awake. It worked the other night when I had to stay up to get homework done. Trying to do my work and help Harry is getting hard. I've got to get that essay for tomorrow done." Draco thinks as he quietly walks into the kitchen.

"Dobby?" He calls.

With a 'Pop' the elf appears. "Yes young Master Snape?"

"I'm in need of a cup of black coffee, Dobby. Will you get me one? "

Before Dobby can answer Draco hears a voice say "Dobby disappear. Young Master Snape is NOT having coffee. He is in need of something else!"

"Uncle Sirius!" Draco gasps in shock.

"Did I not tell you I would be checking on you?" At Draco's nod, Sirius tells him "I saw you leave the dormitory and I followed you. Draco Tobias, you have broken two school rules tonight and disobeyed me. You know the rules! Lights out means bedtime and also No one is allowed outside the dorm after seven o'clock. You left at nine thirty! I told you to get a bath and go to bed not come out of the dorm to the kitchen!"

"Yes sir, are you going to give me detention?" Draco asks hopefully, not liking the steely look in his Uncle's eyes at all.

"I have something else in mind. Come here!" Sirius says pulling out a stool and sitting on it.

"No, Please Uncle Sirius, don't do this. I'll take two detentions even. Please? I'm sorry, I just wasn't thinking about the time or the rule. I needed some coffee."

"You are not allowed to have coffee, Draco. I know that for a fact. Enough stalling, come here or I will get you myself and it will be worse for you."

Walking quickly Draco is beside him in one minute. "Draco as your Head of House I am responsible for keeping you safe. I can not do that if you insist on breaking the safety rule of staying in the dorm after seven o'clock! As your Uncle, you are to obey me when I tell you something. Am I correct?"

"Yes sir."

"Then you know what to expect to happen. Lay over my lap, Draco Tobias!"

Ten minutes later Sirius is tucking one sad boy into bed. "Good night Draco. You are much loved." Sirius whispers in his ear as he straightens the blanket around Draco's shoulders.

"G'night Uncle Sirius, 'm sorry." Draco whispers tearfully.

The next morning, Harry pulls Draco away from the other boys and whispers "What happened last night? I saw Dad in the room so you must have done something."

"He caught me in the kitchen trying to get a cup of coffee. He had already caught me out of bed and ordered me to bathe and go to bed. I did bathe but I went down to the kitchen."

"Uh Oh! I bet he was not happy with you for that. Are you in detention?"

"No, he punished me another way. The same way he would if it had been you." Draco answers.

"No wonder you couldn't sit still at breakfast. I should have guessed. Come on we can't be late to your Dad's class or we'll both be squirming!" Harry says.

As the students practice their skills of measuring, stirring and cutting up ingredients, Severus checks through the homework assignments. Not reading them yet, he just checks off the student's names as he checks through the stack looking to see they completed the assignment. Two names are left unchecked when he is finished. Draco Snape and Thomas Stubbins.

"Mr. Stubbins and Mr. Snape come with me." Severus calls out walking into his office. The two boys look at each other and hurry to the office coming in behind him. Before closing the office door, Severus calls out "Miss. Granger is in charge and will report to me any misbehavior."

"Have a seat boys. I was checking the homework assignments from Tuesday's class. I don't see either of your papers. Care to explain?"

"I'm sorry Professor, I have mine but I mistakenly packed up the wrong folder today and left the Potions folder in my dorm. I could bring it to you after classes today, sir. I really did do it, sir." Thomas says nervously.

"Very well, Mr. Stubbins. I will expect you back here to my office at four o'clock with the assignment. It will not bode well for you if you do not show up. Understand?"

"Yes sir, Professor Snape."

"Go back to class and finish this assignment as I will be checking it in a few minutes."

As the door closes, Severus looks at his son. "Explain to me why you have not completed your homework assignment."

"I was sent to bed and couldn't get it done last night." Draco answers petulantly.

"Draco! You have had two days to find the time to write this assignment! Are you saying you couldn't find the time to even BEGIN until late last night?"

"No sir, I had started it but I didn't get to finish it."

"How much have you done so far?"

"Two feet, sir."

"Draco, you will stay after class today. I know you have no other classes and neither do I, so we will be discussing this and your late night jaunt at that time. Go to your seat." Severus says having to restrain himself from giving the child a swat on the seat of his pants.

Watching as Draco comes out of Uncle Sev's office, Harry can see he isn't near tears or walking stiffly so that must mean he didn't get punished. Seeing Uncle Sev headed his way he quickly gets back to work.

"Mr. Potter-Black, just what is it you are attempting to do to those roots?"

"I UH, I am cutting them sir." Harry answers baffled by the question.

"Mr. Potter-Black please read the directions from the board aloud. Just step four if you will."

"Step four, take the dandelion roots, grasp them firmly with one hand and dice them into small chunks until you have fifty grams." Harry reads.

"Now look at your workspace. You are, as you said cutting them. The directions say to dice them." Walking back to the front of the class, Severus calls "Knives down! Hands in your lap." Checking to make sure his order is followed Severus then says "Everyone look up at the right wall. I'm going to project my work to that wall and I want each of you to pay close attention."

Selecting a set of three dandelion roots, Severus begins to dice the roots by cutting chunks and then cutting them into smaller pieces. "Children, when you are to dice something, that means to cut it into small chunks or squares. Think of cubes. This is what you do when you dice ingredients either in cooking or potion making. If the directions call for something to be diced you do not slice it. Now watch while I demonstrate slicing. Do you see the different way I am holding the knife? Potions have to have the ingredients prepared EXACTLY or the potion will not come out correctly. Everyone pick up your practice knives and dice another set of roots."

Seeing Hermione with her hand raised he asks "Yes Miss. Granger?"

"Professor, it is difficult to dice or slice correctly with the blunt knives. Couldn't we practice with a sharper knife?"

"No, this is a safety precaution. When you reach the age of twelve, we will think about providing real knives but until then this is what we will be using." Severus answers giving the girl a stern look. They have had this same discussion before privately.

"Very good job, Mr. Potter- Black! You now see the difference in dicing and slicing. Very well done! Mr. Aimes, watch how you hold the knife, wrap your fingers all the way around the handle to dice. Mr. Snape , Mr. Weasley, Miss. Bellamy great job!" Severus praises or corrects as he walks around the students.

"Children, stop and listen. You have done well in your practicum today. When we meet again I want a one foot essay on the difference between slicing and dicing, the proper procedure for each plus why it is necessary to know the difference between the two. Enjoy your weekend, you are dismissed when you are finished cleaning your area.. Mr. Snape and Mr. Potter-Black stay behind please."

Approaching his Uncle's desk, Harry wonders what he did to be kept after class. Standing with his hands behind him silently he waits for Severus to acknowledge him. Draco is still packing his bag slowly.

"Professor Snape, Sir? Did I do something wrong sir? I didn't mean to cause trouble sir." Harry says after a few minutes. He can't help but speak although he knows he's to wait to be addressed.

Looking up in surprise at the sound of Harry's voice, Severus sees the worried look on the boy's face.

"No Harry, you aren't in trouble. You haven't done anything wrong. I received a message from your Dad earlier right before class began. Something has come up and he must be away from the castle for the weekend. He asked me to have you come stay in our quarters this weekend. You need to go pack your schoolbooks and a bag for the weekend. We'll meet you at our quarters in an hour."

"Yes sir, but Uncle Sev?"

"Yes Harry?"

"I was going to go with Ron to visit Professor Hagrid after classes today. May I please go? Dad gave me permission to go for two hours. I had to be back by five. Could I please go Uncle Severus?"

"Professor Hagrid will be there tomorrow and you all may go visit him then. I want you in our quarters in an hour, Harry. Tomorrow you will have more time to visit."

"Yes sir."

"Good, now go get your things together and don't forget schoolbooks."

"Draco Tobias Snape come here!" Severus calls to his dawdling child.

"Yes sir?" Draco asks bottom lip trembling slightly.

"Let's take this talk into my office." Severus says opening the office door from the classroom.

"Sit down Draco. Now tell me about what happened last night to keep you from finishing your homework assignment."

"I was working on it sir. I had half of it finished and was planning to write the rest last night. I had all of my other assignments done that were due today. I started working on it but Harry was having some trouble with his division so I stopped and worked with him. I guess I helped him longer than I thought because I only had time to write another half foot before Lights Out was called."

"So you never were able to finish, is that what you are saying?"

"Yes Sir."

"Did you bring what you have written?"

"It's right here." Draco answers handing over his unfinished work.

Taking a few seconds to glance through his work, Severus can see the boy has done well except for the fact he didn't finish. "All right Draco, I'll accept what you have finished and grade you on this. I won't make that exception again though so you find a way to get your work finished. I admire the fact that you are helping Harry but you must get your schoolwork done also."

"Yes Dad. Thank you for not penalizing me for not completing my assigned essay."

"You may want to hold off on the thanks. We need to have a discussion on your visit to the kitchens last night. Explain to me why you broke the school rule of staying in after seven o'clock and directly disobeyed Sirius?"

"I went to get some co… um … something to help me stay awake so I could finish the assignment."

"I heard about your order of coffee so don't bother trying to cover that up. Why do we have the school rule of being confined to the dormitories after seven o'clock?"

"It's for our safety so we won't be hurt by someone and so we will be concentrating on our schoolwork." Draco says sighing to himself.

"Dad, Uncle Sirius has already punished me for this. Didn't he tell you? Remember how you and Uncle Sirius promised not to punish us twice for the same thing?" Draco asks hoping to avoid more punishment.

"Yes, I am aware of how he punished you." Severus says watching as Draco slumps in relief.

"Do you remember what we both said was the exception to our agreement, Draco?"

Eyes widening as he remembers, Draco answers softly "If we put ourselves or someone else in danger."

"Did you put yourself in danger last night, Draco Tobias?"

Briefly wondering why the Dads always used both names when they were seriously upset, he answers "Yes Sir."

"Then you will be punished by me also. I'm not going to spank you again so stop looking so worried. I think Sirius took care of that for me. I saw how you were having trouble sitting still today. Your punishment is you will be confined to your room until after lunch tomorrow. Harry will be with us so I'm not going to keep you in your room the whole day. Be warned Draco, if I hear of you breaking this safety rule another time, I will take a hairbrush to your bare bum! Do you hear what I am telling you?"

"Yes Sir, I hear you."

"I love you too much to let you risk being hurt. Now go pack your school things for the weekend and I'll see you boys after I finish my office meeting. I'll expect both of you there when I get to our quarters."

Coming into his home, Draco finds Harry stretched out on the couch reading a magazine. "Hi, did you get in big trouble with your Dad?'

"I didn't get spanked again but I am confined to my room tomorrow until after lunch. I'm free tonight and then again after lunch so it's not really that bad. I was afraid he was going to spank me though! I didn't get my homework done and then I left the dorm. I just knew I was going to get it."

"Yeah, I thought you were in for it too. I'm sorry Draco for last night. If you hadn't been helping me, you would have been finished with your homework. I'm trying to do better."

"I see you doing a lot better. What's the grade you made on the last test?"

"Don't tell your Dad and for goodness sakes don't tell mine, but on today's test I made Poor again. I don't know what I did wrong. I did the steps just as you showed me. If Dad finds out I made Poor again this week, he'll punish me. I am trying but I keep getting mixed up when I do the test."

"Don't worry, I won't say anything. I'll help you again tonight before we have to be in bed. Maybe I can figure out what it is you are messing up on. You do fine when I watch you."

"I know but I get scared when I have to do the test. Draco, I have three tests with Poor on them and that's not going to get me an Acceptable. Dad said I had to make Acceptable on the grades or he would punish me. They are sending out progress report grades at the end of next week! I'm in big trouble!"

"Doesn't Uncle Sirius already know about the test grades? I thought he signed off on them each time you had below Acceptable. "

"Well, yes and no. His signature is on the tests but he doesn't know about them."

"Harry! Are you saying YOU signed the tests for him?" Draco gasps horrified. "If you did, you are in enormous trouble!"

"No and I didn't ask anyone else to forge his signature either."

"Well how did he sign the tests without seeing the grades? Explain that one to me."

"Fred and George have a great new invention. It's a quill that remembers signatures! I got Dad to use it once and from now on, it will sign his signature. It remembers the last thing it wrote and will continue to copy that until used for something else. So see, I didn't forge his name." Harry replies happily.

"I wouldn't get too thrilled here, Harry. I somehow think Uncle Sirius would not be as happy about this as you are. I guess we'll find out next week won't we. I for one think you should tell him about the grades and the quill before he finds out." Draco tells him.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Think some more. I need a way to let him know I'm not doing well in Mathematics without mentioning the tests."

"We'll think of something. For now let's play chess or do something else fun. I don't want to think about schoolwork for a few hours." Draco tells him.

"Tomorrow, after lunch do you want to go to visit Hagrid with Ron and me? He has something new he wants to show us."

"Would Ron mind if I come too? I don't want to be in the way."

"You are the closest thing I have to a brother and you're not going to be in the way. Do you want to go?"

"If Dad lets me, I do want to go."

"What do you think he has to show us? Did he give any hints?"

"He said we wouldn't believe what he had and it was to stay a secret! It's something really good if it has to be a secret, Draco!"

After a long time of concentrating on the chess game, Harry asks "Draco? What did Uncle Sev say about you having to serve detention those two nights for fighting? Was he mad?"

"SHHH! Harry! Not so loud, he's right in the next room you know! Dad doesn't know and I want to keep it that way thank you! Professor Lupin didn't tell Dad on me. He scolded me and made me write lines as well as spend two evenings washing the Kitchen floor! He gave Julian and Jeremy detention for a week for starting the fight. He also took points from all of us. They lost forty for Slytherin and I had to lose twenty."

"Uncle Remus must have been mad to dock that many points from his own house! How did Uncle Remus know who started the fight?"

"He happened to be on patrol by the boy's lav when they attacked me. That Julian McDonald is as mean as Jeremy Pippen! I was just using the lav and they came in and started badgering me about being a Professor's kid. You know the usual things they say. I got mad and answered back and they started hitting me. I got in a couple of good punches though! Professor Lupin heard the whole thing."

"What do you think your Dad would say if he knew?"

"Come here Draco!" Draco whispers in an imitation of Severus's voice. Both boys collapse on the bed giggling at this. "Really though Harry, don't tell him. He would spank me for getting involved in a fight. I'm to use words, not fight, no matter what. You know that time you and I had our fight with our wands in the corridor? Well after he flooed you home to Sirius, he took me into his bedroom. He made me take down my underwear and pants then he whipped me."

"He whipped you ? With a cane?"

"No, not a cane, his belt. He calls it a whipping when he uses his belt to spank me. He hasn't done that since I came to live with him and I'm hoping to keep it that way too! I think he'd do that for something really wrong the way he did that day. Using spells against each other, unsupervised magic, breaking school rules and deliberately defying what he had always told me got me in humongous trouble."

"Draco, Harry! Time to get ready for bed boys." Severus calls from the front room.

"Yes Sir." The boys call back. "Harry you take your bath first and I'll go ask if I can go to visit Hagrid."

"Okay, don't tell him about the secret though. Hagrid wants to keep whatever is the secret, a secret."

"Only I would understand what you just said, Harry! I'm keeping it mum, I promise." Draco answers grinning.

Going into the front room, he asks "Dad? Harry has asked if I can go with him and Ron to visit Professor Hagrid after lunch tomorrow. May I go, please?"

"I don't believe so, you are grounded tomorrow remember?"

"But, you said only until after lunch." Draco says mystified by this new information.

"Actually I said you would stay in your room until after lunch, I never said you would not be grounded after lunch. You are confined to quarters all day tomorrow so my answer would be, No you may not visit Hagrid tomorrow."

"I'm grounded all day for not completing my homework? That's not fair, Dad." Draco complains irritably.

"You are grounded for putting yourself in danger, disobeying your Uncle and for disobeying school rules. If you had rather go with a different punishment, we can certainly take care of that while Harry visits Hagrid tomorrow. Unless you want him to witness you getting your bottom tanned!"

"I'll stay with being grounded, sir. Good night."

"Good night son. You boys have one more hour before I want you in bed with the lights off."

"Yes sir."

When Harry comes back from his bath, he finds Draco looking angry. "What is it?"

"Dad said No, I couldn't go with you. I'm grounded to the quarters ALL day! It's not fair, he never told me I would be grounded ALL day. He just said I was confined to my room until lunch."

"So did you tell him this?"

'Yeah and he said I could take a spanking instead. I'm still sore from Uncle Sirius's walloping last night. There's no way I would TAKE a spanking again tomorrow."

"I'll tell you what ever I find out, okay?"

"Yeah. I'll just go get my bath now. Dad said to be in bed with the lights off in an hour so pick out something for us to do that's quick and we'll do that after I come back. I won't take long."

"Exploding Snap is quick, how about one game of that?" Harry asks uncertainly.

"Sure, whatever you want, just something we can get finished and cleaned up in less than an hour. Dad has a rule that everything has to be in its place when its lights out. I don't want to be in any more trouble today!"

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