Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 H. P. Jr. level.

One week later, the children were discussing the classes for the day during breakfast.

"What did we have to do for homework in Potions? " Neville asks as he sits with Draco, Harry and Hermione. "We didn't have anything did we? Professor Snape was gone."

"Neville, we still had an assignment to do. We have an essay due today on the uses of milkweed or honey in potions. Honestly don't you fellows ever pay attention in class?"

"We had an essay to do?" Harry and Draco both say at the same time.

"Didn't I just say that? What's with you two lately? All you do is whisper to each other and sneak around."

"What do you mean we sneak around?" Draco asks worried she might know something.

"Oh, I've seen how you sneak in and out of the dorm looking around as you do it. What are you so worried about anyway? You're not out after curfew, so what's the problem?"

"The problem is we don't have an essay for today. Draco and I are going to be in big trouble if we don't come up with something fast! Thank goodness, Potions is not until 11:00. Draco, is your Dad going to be teaching today?" Harry asks getting Hermione off the subject.

"As far as I know, he is. He didn't say he had a meeting to go to today or tell me to go to your place after classes this weekend. Harry, how are we going to get the essay done with all the rest of the classes we have today?"

"I have a plan, Draco. We have History of Magic and then you have Math class. I have that period free so if you could figure a way to get out of Math, we could do it then."

"I thought your Dad said you had to work on Math in the library during that period."

"I do but I don't have to work on Math today. I can skip that today. I'll meet you in the library at ten o'clock and we can work until time for Potions at 11:00. Alright?"

"Yes, I can figure out something to get out of Math. Stop glaring at me Hermione! You act like you're my Mother sometimes. I don't need a mother in my life thank you!"

"Well, if you're going to be rude Draco, I'm leaving! I'll just go check on Ron in the infirmary! He's come down with Wizard's Flu you know." Hermione answers back.

"Do you get the Flu from going through the floo, do you think?" Draco asks snickering at his own joke.

"It's not funny! You obviously have never had the flu or you'd know that!" Hermione snaps as she walks off.

"I think she's mad with you, Draco." Neville says sadly.

"Yep, probably, but at least she won't be here to scold me for not living up to her standards. I meant it when I said I didn't need a mother!"

"Well, I'll see you chaps later, I've got to go back to the dorm and do my essay. If anyone says anything about me not being in History, just tell them I felt sick and went back to bed."

After Neville leaves, Draco whispers "You know that's actually a good idea he had. I'll just pretend to feel sick and get out of Math that way."

"You are a conniver, Draco. Come on, let's get to History. I've got my homework done for this class of course. I would be in big trouble if I didn't! Dad is checking every day to make sure I have my History assignment. I'm making sure I get at least an Acceptable on everything from now on. My end of term grades must be at least Acceptable if I want to have any freedom during the break."

"I still can't get past how you made a Troll and Uncle Sirius didn't even spank you for it! My Dad would probably have seen to it I stood up for the rest of the day if I'd brought him a score like that!"

"Yes, Uncle Sev is more strict on you about grades than my Dad is. He says if I'm doing my best and get at least Acceptable then he isn't going to be upset with me."

"Harry, it isn't doing your best when you skip out on assignments so we'd better make sure we get that essay done!" Draco reminds him.

Three hours later, the two boys are passing in their required essays with the rest of the students in Potions. "Today's lesson will be making the potion for a soothing solution to be used on burns or insect stings. Remember to follow the steps in order. Each of you will work alone today, without your partner and create this potion. I expect each of you to have the vial filled, labeled and on my desk by the end of class. This will be graded. It is not a practice. We have done this before. Alright children, you may begin."

As Harry and Draco gather their supplies from the back cabinet, Harry whispers "Why is your Dad giving the evil eye to you? You did turn in your essay didn't you?"

"Yes, you saw me. I don't know what it is unless he already knows I ducked out of Math class. If that's it then I'm in trouble for sure. I told Professor I felt sick and needed to go to the dorm to rest. He didn't seem put out or suspicious at the time. He must've sent word to Dad." Draco whispers back.

About halfway through the directions, Harry notices Draco looking strange. "What's the matter?" He whispers after a quick check to see where his Uncle is. Finding him at the back of the room, he feels safe enough to risk whispering.

"I need the loo. My stomach... I'm not kidding either!" Draco whispers back beginning to sweat a little.

"Well, speak up Draco!"

"You know he says we have to take care of business before class!"

"I know but say something anyway! You're looking ill, Draco!" Harry whispers back just as Draco puts his hand on his stomach and moans softly.

"Mr. Potter-Black! No talking during this assignment! This is individual work today!" Severus scolds from a row behind them.

Whirling around on his stool, Harry says "Please Professor, Draco is sick and needs the loo, right now!"

Taking a quick look at his son, Severus snaps "Everyone continue their work, I'll be right back. Mr. Simms, be class monitor." Quickly lifting Draco to his feet he ushers him into his private office and loo.

After several minutes of emptying his stomach, Draco whispers "Dad, I don't feel good. My stomach hurts and my head too. I'm hot and cold all at once."

"I can tell you aren't feeling well, son. Stretch out here on this couch and rest while I finish the class. Here's a basin if you need it and a pitcher of cold ice water also. If you'd come to me when you first started feeling ill this morning instead of going back to the dorm, I could have prevented this from happening." Severus says conjuring the two items with a wave of his wand.

Coming back into class from his office, Severus asks "Any trouble, Mr. Simms?"

"Some Professor." The eleven year old reports. At Severus's glower he continues. "Mr. Potter- Black left his potion and went to the back to see Mr. Longbottom, sir."

"Thank you Mr. Simms. Mr. Potter-Black remain after class please."

"Yes sir." Harry answers quietly.

"Is Draco going to be alright, Uncle Sev?" Harry asks anxiously after all the students have left the classroom.

"He's not feeling too well right now. I'm sure he'll be fine in a few hours. Why did you leave your seat during class Harry? Did you go give Mr. Longbottom instruction on how to accomplish this assignment?"

"Oh, No Sir. I heard him sigh and I went to ask him if he was feeling sick too. Ron has whatever Draco has, you see and I wanted to check to make sure Neville wasn't getting sick with it too. I'm sorry I disobeyed the class rule, Uncle Sev. I didn't even think about it at all. I was just checking on Neville. Am I in trouble?"

"Not this time, but you will be if you disobey me in class again, young man! Go on to your Defense class and tell Professor Lupin why Draco isn't there, please."

"Yes sir. May I come over to your apartment and check on him after classes?"

"No Harry. I don't need you getting sick too. You go on to the dorm or your quarters whichever you prefer. Draco will be fine. I am a Master Healer so I can take care of Draco, son."

"Yes Uncle Sev. Tell him I'll see him tomorrow if not tonight, okay?"

"Go young man, before you get detention for being late!" Severus says pointing to the door.

Sliding into his seat in the Defense classroom, fifteen minutes late, Harry glances at Remus to see his reaction.

"Mr. Potter-Black, your class began fifteen minutes ago! Do you have something you need to say to me?" Remus asks sternly.

Gulping at the sound of his last name and knowing Professor Lupin only uses last names when they are in trouble, he answers "Yes sir, I apologize sir for being late today. Professor Snape asked me to tell you Draco isn't feeling well and won't be here. I was talking to him and that is why I am late, sir."

"Thank you for your explanation. We are discussing the expelliarmus defense. Wands are put inside the desk please and just repeat after me, EXPELLIARMUS! "

As the twelve children all shout the word, Remus grins to himself. "Um class, I didn't necessarily mean you need to shout it. Just say it firmly with meaning. Just the way your parents do when they are scolding you for misdeeds. Now let's try that again."

"Good job. Now when you are using this spell, make sure to point your wand directly at the object you are wanting to remove. Most of the time you will use this as a disarming charm to remove your opponent's weapon of choice. Let's all take out our wands and pair up. Let's see, Harry you can pair up with Neville for today. Everyone take turns practicing this disarming spell."

"Children, stress the AR sound in the word. It works much better that way." Remus tells them as several are stressing the wrong syllable and not getting any results.

Pointing his wand at Neville, Harry says firmly "EXPELLIARMUS" and grins as Neville's wand flies out of his hand. Catching it easily, Harry says "Okay Neville, I'll give this back and you take my wand now."

Neville's hand shakes as he points and says "expelliarmus". To Harry's amusement, instead of his wand, his glasses fly off and land on the floor.

"Nice one Neville, now if this were a battle, I wouldn't be able to see well." Harry chuckles.

"I'm so sorry, Harry. Here let me get them for you. Neville says as he bends down to pick them up. Looking at the glasses, he says "Um, Harry? Does your Dad punish you for breaking your glasses?"

"I don't know. I've not ever broken them since I lived with him. Why do you ask that?"

"Because they are broken in the lens and the frame. I'm so sorry. I'll tell him I did it and he can punish me not you."

"What seems to be the trouble, gents?" Remus asks seeing the two worried boys.

"Oh, Professor Lupin! I expelliarmused Harry's glasses and they're broken. I don't want him to be in trouble with Professor Black because of my clumsiness!"

"Neville, you are not clumsy and I doubt Professor Black would be upset at an innocent mistake. Besides boys, I can fix the glasses easily. Let me hold them."

After taking the glasses in his hand, Remus points his wand at them as he says "Reparo". The lens and the frame are no longer broken. "There now, better than they were to start with. Harry, ask your Dad to perform a charm to make them unbreakable. I'm sure he knows it, but just hasn't thought of doing it for you. There's also a surgery that can be performed to fix your eyesight if you are interested."

"Yes sir, I'll tell him and no sir I'm not interested in having someone work on my eyes, sir." Harry says with a small smile.

"Very well, you may change your mind when you are older. Now, let's see you perform the spell. Neville, you may go first and this time hold that wand steady."

Later that evening, Harry is trying to do his homework at the table in the front room while Sirius works at the kitchen table on his lesson preparations for the upcoming week. Their agreement is to work quietly for at least two hours on Friday nights to get most of the weekend work finished. Harry's mind keeps going back to how ill Draco looked in Potions. He can't concentrate on writing about the aloe plant and its uses for Herbology and he certainly can't concentrate on writing his essay on the steps for making a shrinking solution for Potions. His Astronomy assignment should be interesting, drawing a diagram of Saturn and writing one and a half feet on the properties of its rings. Even that assignment can't interest him right now.

"Dad? Can I take a break, please?" Harry asks quietly.

"Sure you can, Pup. Come on in here and we'll have a juice break. What is troubling you so tonight? Is there something you need to tell me?" Sirius asks somewhat sternly after watching Harry sit dejectedly for the last ten minutes.

"HUH?" Harry asks perplexed at his Dad's sternness.

"Harry! The word "Huh" for one isn't a word and two is not polite. Answer politely please."

"I'm sorry. What do you mean Dad?"

"You seem worried or upset about something. I just wondered if you had found some kind of trouble to get yourself into."

"Oh, Um, No Sir, I haven't been in trouble today. Well not really anyway."

"How not really?"

"I was scolded by Uncle Remus for being fifteen minutes late to class until he heard why I was late."

"And why may I ask, were you so late to class Harry?"

"Draco got sick during Potions and I stayed to check on him. Uncle Sev told me to let Uncle Remus know about Draco. When I did, I wasn't in trouble any longer."

"I understand. Why the long face and so many sighs tonight? I don't believe you've done much on your homework have you?"

"No Dad. I can't stop wondering how Draco is doing now. Can we go check on him and I can take his assignments to him too."

"Wouldn't you want to take Ron his assignments too? He's ill also, I believe."

"Ron doesn't care about getting his assignments, Dad. He's just going to be mad at me if I take them to him and besides Madame Pomfrey won't let me in the room with him. I tried day before yesterday to go visit and she wouldn't let me come in."

"What makes you think you can visit Draco then?"

"DAAAAAD, I have to go check on Draco. I just have too! Please?"

"We'll go to his quarters but if Severus says you aren't allowed in then you must accept that and not complain. Do you agree?"

"Yes Dad. Thank you."

"You're welcome. I think this is the only way to get you to do any homework tonight." Sirius says grinning now.

"I'm sorry to bother you tonight, Severus. Harry here just HAD TO come check on Draco. He also NEEDED to give Draco his assignments. It's very urgent, apparently, that Draco get these right away." Sirius says with his eyes twinkling.

"Harry James! I told you this afternoon NOT to come by here. I said you were to go to your dorm or Quarters." Severus scolds the child standing in front of him.

"I did as you said, Uncle Sev. I didn't come after classes. I waited until after supper to come. Please sir, how is Draco?"

"Harry hasn't been able to concentrate on his assignments tonight, Sev. He's worried." Sirius defends his son quietly.

"Draco is still feeling ill, Harry. I've dosed him several times and he's doing some better. I don't want you to go near him though as you may catch it also. I'm not quite sure what he has at the moment. I will tell him you came by and are asking about him. I'll let you know when you can come again."

"Please Uncle Sev, I need to talk to him. If I was going to catch what he has, I'd already be sick. We've been together all week. Please?"

"No, Harry. It isn't safe right now. I will let you know when he's able to have visitors but until then you stay away from him. Do you hear me?" Severus asks sternly. He is well aware of the stubbornness in the child he's talking too.

"But I …..Yes Sir." Harry answers after a stern look from his Dad.

"Alright son, you have delivered the assignments and checked on Draco. It's time to go back home and finish your own assignments. Let's go. Tell Draco we are hoping he feels better soon, Severus." Sirius says taking Harry by the hand.

"I will and let me know if Harry begins to feel ill."

"Definitely. Come Harry, we both have work we need to get done."

Back in their living quarters, Harry still can't concentrate on his school assignments. Wanting to ask his Dad to take another break, he decides against it. Sirius has been quite stern with him since he returned from visiting Draco's. The last time he tried to ask his Dad a question about Draco, his Dad had snapped "HOMEWORK, Now! You'd best have at least one assignment complete before bed or you will be confined to your room tomorrow!"

Thinking to himself as he draws Saturn, "I might as well stay inside. There's no one to play with anyway. Everybody is sick! " In an hour he has his Astronomy assignment finished. He chose that one to do because it was the easier of the three and maybe it would pacify his Dad too.

"I'm done with my one assignment Dad. May I do something fun now? I still have thirty minutes before I have to get ready for bed."

"Let me see your work, son."

"Well son, you did a very good job on this. You are turning into quite an artist. Did you know your Mum used to like to sketch and draw? I don't think she did much of that after you came along."

"No, I didn't know. She never did any while I was old enough to see. Dad? Would you play chess with me? Please?"

"Alright, you set up the game while I fix us a game snack and something to drink. What'll it be, butterbeer or lemonade tonight?"

"Let's go with butterbeer and chips with ketchup. We could have hot chocolate though."

"We could but we won't. Chocolate this late will only keep you awake. Besides, hot chocolate with chips and ketchup sounds disgusting!"

"Dad! You are so silly! We'd eat something else if we had the chocolate." Harry answers giggling at Sirius' expression.

The next day being Saturday, Harry decides to go to the Amusement area. Going by the dorm first, he asks Neville if he'd like to go too.

"We could hang out there since it's raining and we can't get out. Besides, I don't have anywhere to go outside." Harry tells him.

"Yes, I'd like to go with you. It's been weeks since I went there. I don't like to go alone."

"You should have said something! Draco, Ron or I would have gone there with you, Neville. We are your friends too."

"Thanks Harry! I... Well, sometimes I just feel in the way. You and Draco are like brothers now and it's hard to get used to his new self. Does that make any sense?"

"Yes, he's not like he used to be. He won't make fun of you or play tricks on you anymore. His Dad would punish him if he did and if he didn't mine would! Sometimes it's like we have two Dads instead of just one. Either of them can punish us!"

"Did you get in trouble for having to go to detention last week? Professor Sprout is usually more easy going about pranks. I didn't think what you did was all that awful. I thought it was funny. Giving the plants earmuffs while you screamed at them was funny."

"Thanks. She didn't find it funny. Lucky for me, she didn't tell Dad, she just made me prune every black rose she has."

In the Amusement area, Harry is pulled aside by Ron's brothers. "Harry, old pal. Ron told us about the great prank you pulled last week. How about helping us out to do something even better?"

"I don't know Fred. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, we can't get into it here. There's too many ears." George tells him. "Come to our room tonight. We'll tell you at six."

"Fred! You know I can't be out after curfew! I have to either be in the dorm all night or in my Dad's quarters. Dad has me staying with him this weekend. If I suddenly ask to go to the dorm, he'll be suspicious!"

"Not to worry Harry, we have that all planned where you won't be caught. Just leave it to us."

That evening at five fifty there is someone pounding on Sirius's door.

"PROFESSOR! EMERGENCY!" someone shouts before Sirius can open the door.

"Yes Theo? What seems to be the problem?" Sirius asks the boy currently outside his door.

"Two younger students have disappeared! We've looked all in the Common room, Library, Amusement area, Great Hall, Kitchens... Sir, we've looked everywhere and they're gone!"

"Calm down, Theo. Who is missing and why were you looking for them to start with?"

"There older brother was looking for them. He alerted the Prefect who sent me to tell you! It's the Atkinson-Dell twins sir. Perry and Peter are first years sir."

"Harry? I need to go out for a time. I'll be back before you go to bed."

"Yes sir, I hope you find them. They seem to get lost quite often."

As soon as he feels enough time has gone by where he won't be caught, Harry sneaks out to the Gryffindor common room.

"Fred? George? I'm here." he whispers coming up to the twins as they are playing a game. He can't be seen, having put on his invisibility cloak just to be safe.

"Good, come into our room and we'll tell you the plan. Okay, this is what we need. We need you to get some potion ingredients for us from Snape's supplies. We need essence of wormwood, five silver slugs, a vial of salamander centipede blood. We're making something special to use for the Birthday Celebration on Friday."

"Whose birthday is it?"

"Why it's Hogwart's own wonderful ghost Peeve's!"

"Um, how can a ghost have a birthday?"

"Harry! He wasn't always a ghost. He was born in 1871 and died a horrifying death, so he says, in 1892. The question is wil you do this for us? You'll be entertained by the results I promise you that." George tells him.

"When do you need all this stuff by? I can't just get it tonight! I need some time."

"We need it by Wednesday or at the latest Thursday afternoon. We have to let it sit for three hours after making it. Then we need time to use it for what we plan to use it for by Friday evening."

"I know I'll probably regret this, but I'll do it. I can have it all here in your room by Thursday. I might have to get it a bit at a time or I might be able to get it all at once. I can't say."

"As long as you get it all by Thursday, Harry. We owe you one!" Fred answers.

Sneaking back into his own Quarters, Harry has just put the cloak away and settled on the couch to read, when his Dad walks in.

"Well we found the wandering duo. They were down by the lake playing toss stones at the squid." Sirius says taking off his outer robe.

"They were out after curfew then? There's no way they could have made it back by six. Did you punish them?" Harry asks.

"Normally I wouldn't answer that last question as it really isn't your business. In this case, so many people know what went on, I might as well. I, myself didn't punish them, their older brother Jefferson took care of that. I dare say the boys won't sit comfortably in their first class tomorrow. I had to intervene on their behalf, he was whacking so hard! I take it they wander off often and he's tired of it."

"I know Peter and Perry wish they didn't have an older brother here at school! Being walloped by their brother in front of you must have been horribly embarrassing! Ron's Mum walloped him with a spoon one time when I was there. She did it right in front of me! Would you do that to me?"

"I'm not the spoon type, son." Sirius answers smirking.

"No, Dad! I mean would you spank me in front of my friends or another professor?"

"It's highly possible that I would. If you pulled some dangerous stunt with other people around, I probably would put you over my knee in front of them! You best keep that in mind, young man!"

By Wednesday, Draco is back in class feeling much better. "I don't know what I had, but I sure don't want to be sick like that again, Harry! Even Dad's potions couldn't keep me from feeling ill. I could keep from losing my lunch, not that I wanted to eat, but I couldn't seem to stay awake. Dad would wake me every four to five hours and make me take another potion. I'm glad you didn't catch whatever it was that Ron and I had. He's still not feeling his best, so he says."

"Yeah, I'm glad your back mate. I was lonely there for a few days without you around. I'm feeling fine, not sick at all. I wonder why you two caught it and I didn't." Harry replies puzzling over the problem.

"Well, it is over now so let's just get on to the better things. Do you think Professor McGonagall will punish me for not having completed my homework for her class? I know you brought me the books and assignments but I just wasn't up to doing them. Dad thought I did my schoolwork but I just read Quidditch magazines when he wasn't looking."

"Draco! You are getting to be so bad! You used to be finished with homework and even do extra and now you just act like a layabout!"

"I don't either act like a lay a bout, Harry! What's a lay a bout?"

"Someone who is lazy and doesn't do their work, I think. That's what Grandmum calls Ron."

"Well I've been really sick so I have a excuse for being a little lazy. Will you back me up if she asks why I don't have my homework today?"

"I'm always there to back you up. We're brothers by name right?"


"Good afternoon, Class. Today's assignment will be to transfigure a toothpick into a quill. Let's read the incantation and rehearse the wand movement. Everyone look on page thirty eight for this information. Ready, now all together say the incantation." Professor McGonagall instructs the children.

"Good try, some of you speak more forcefully when you enunciate the incantation. Now let's practice the wand movement. It's similar to what we learned with transfiguring the toothpick into a nail. This time we add in several swoops and a flick at the end. Watch carefully."

Having mastered this lesson, months ago at home, Harry's mind begins to wander as he flicks and swoops his wand. Several minutes later he's brought back into focus by several students giggling nearby. Wondering what could be funny he happens to glance at his toothpick. Instead of seeing a wooden toothpick, he sees an overly long silver muggle writing pen. It looks like something someone Hagrid's size would use.

"Well now Mr. Potter-Black. It seems you have not been paying much attention today. If you had listened you would know not to perform more than two swoops and one flick of the wand. We are transfiguring the toothpick into a QUILL young man. This is not acceptable behavior in my class. Stay after class, today."

"Yes Ma'am. I'm sorry."

"Very well children, continue your practicing while the monitors collect homework. Place your homework on the side of your desktop for them to collect. Remember to have your name written in the upper left corner, the class name and date in the upper right corner. Check those requirements before your homework is collected. No name equals missed assignments and no credit is given for missed assignments."

As the class came to an end, she announces, "Tonight's homework is to write the incantation and wand movements for the following transformations, toothpick to nail and toothpick to quill. I also want one foot on the uses of each of these transformations. Class is dismissed. I will see you Friday. Mr. Potter - Black and Mr. Snape stay behind."

"Draco mutters quietly "Great, now I'll be late to my next class and be in trouble again."

"Mr. Snape, you wouldn't need to worry about being late, if you had turned in the assignment today. Where is your homework essay, young man? Did you intentionally skip it because I was not here last class meeting?"

"No Ma'am, I didn't try to skip out on it. Professor, I've been ill. I haven't even been in classes since Friday. Today is the first day I've been allowed to come to classes and be up for more than a few minutes. Please Professor, don't punish me. I'll do my make up work." Draco answers giving her his best sorrowful look.

"It's true, Grandmum. Draco's been very ill and confined to bed until yesterday afternoon. You can check with his Dad, even." Harry speaks up.

"Harry James, you are not in this discussion. Now go put your nose in that corner and don't move until I say too! You are to pay attention and follow instructions in my class, young man!" Professor McGonagall says pointing to the far wall.

"Very well, Draco. I will expect all of your homework to be turned in on Friday. You are excused."

"Yes Ma'am, I'll have it for you on Friday." Draco replies sending Harry a regretful look as he passes, on his way out of the room.

"Alright Harry, you may leave for your next class. I expect complete attention from now on. If we have this problem again, I won't hesitate to speak to Sirius about your not listening in class."

"Yes Ma'am. I am sorry Grandmum. I know the incantation and the wand movements already. I could do this one back in July! I guess that's why I zoned out on you." Harry tells her as he suddenly flicks and swoops the wand while saying the incantation. The toothpick immediately turns into an ostrich feather with a sharpened point at the end.

"Off with you, you little know it all!" Minerva says fondly as she points to the door.

Checking his watch for the time, Harry sees he's already ten minutes late for Hagrid's class. Thinking about how it would take at least another ten minutes to get out of the castle and down the hill, he decides to go to his common room instead.

"Hagrid won't tell on me. Draco won't either, so I'm safe as long as no one sees me. All I need is to get caught out of class and hauled off to Dad. He'd set my bottom to blaze if that happened! Let's see, I could go get the things for the twins now. Everyone is in classes so no one could see me. I'll use the cloak and that will help also." Harry thinks as he walks up the stairs to his room.

A little later, he finds himself outside his Uncle Severus' quarters. After a quick glance to make sure no one is watching, he whispers the password "Snape's snakes" and the door unlocks. Quietly pushing the door open, Harry walks in slowly. Listening for any sound to see if Draco or Severus is home. Everything seems very quiet and empty so he quickly moves to the door of Severus' private Potion's closet. Twisting the knob gets no results. Harry tries " Alohomora" to open it but has no success.

Looking at the snake handle on the closet, he thinks "What is the password? It must be something different! Let's try SALAZAAR SLYTHERIN!" To Harry's surprise his voice sounds different when he speaks this time. It has more of the SSSSS sound to the words. With the door lock clicking open, he doesn't take much time to ponder this strange voice, he just rushes in and starts putting the needed supplies in his bag. Grabbing a set of porcupine quills also, he backs out of the closet and closes the door. Hearing it lock back is a relief as he had no idea how to lock the door. Moving quickly, Harry lets himself out of the apartment. He has just turned a corner to go back to his common room when he hears voices.

"Thank you Professor Snape for letting me come with you to pick up the books. I meant to send a house elf yesterday but was delayed. We need those accounts for the meeting tonight but I need to go over them myself first."

"It's not a problem Williams, I've had them finished for two days now. I would have gladly sent them by elf if you'd let me know you were ready." Harry hears his Uncle say.

Realizing the men are going to pass by him, Harry ducks behind the one statue in the dungeon. Salazaar Slytherin, one of the four proud founders of Hogwarts school, provides a nice hiding place for Harry. Being invisible is great but he feels the need to hide just in case. His Uncle Severus seems to be able to see through the invisibility cloak at times, so Harry isn't risking it!

Later that evening on the way back from supper, Draco asks "What did Professor McGonagall do to you this afternoon? You never showed up so I thought it must be something bad!"

"SHHHH! There's too many people around. I'll tell you later." Harry whispers.

Once safely in their bedroom, Draco asks again. "Well, give! What did your Grandmum do? Did she wallop you? Take you to Uncle Sirius?"

"No, neither one. She made me stand in the corner longer and lectured me on listening. She threatened to tell Dad if I didn't pay attention any more. Then when I showed her I could perform the transformation she got all happy again. I think I'm good. She won't tell on me this time. At least I hope she won't. Dad would put me over his knee for not listening to her!"

"Well, maybe you're right and she'll let it go with a lecture. She sure is scary when she gets mad! I thought for a minute she was going to spank ME for not having my homework! I had to do some quick talking to get her to let me go to class. Oh, by the way, Hagrid says we can come by this weekend to visit the twins. He asked about you and I told him you were with Professor McGonagall. He said to let you look at my notes from class today."

"Is he mad? Am I going to be reported for missing class?"

"No, I let on that you were with Professor M. for a good reason and were kind of excused from class. He didn't even question me."

"Good, let's go down to the common room and get up a chess game. We can work on homework after we take a quick break." Harry says walking to the door.

An hour later, Ron comes in through the portrait hole looking excited.

"Harry, Draco! The twins say everything is going well. They said to be sure to tell you and everyone else to watch the Professor's table at breakfast tomorrow morning. I don't know what they are doing but it's going to be something fabulous."

"What are you all a twitter about Ron?" Draco asks curiously.

"My brothers are planning some special prank for tomorrow. They said it's going to be the best birthday prank in the history of the school and we should all be ready to enjoy it."

"Whose birthday is it?" Draco asks.

"Why it is Peeve's birthday, Draco. You should know his birthday!" Ron says exasperated.

"Why should I know a ghost's birthday who is not a friend of mine and is a major pain to everyone? I don't hang around with ghosties, Ron. I prefer more solid friends!"

"Well he's a friend of ours so be nice to him and help celebrate his birthday tomorrow." Ron answers sullenly.

"We will Ron, don't get yourself all worked up. Come on, we're working on the dumb essay for History. We have to do a four feet report of the battles of the Goblin war of 1519. My stars, who cares about this Goblin mess anyway?" Draco says sighing.

"I happen to like some of the Goblin Mess as you call it!" Harry tells him.

"Yeah you like it so well you made a TROLL in the class!" Draco fires back grinning.

"Are you ever going to stop with the comments about that?" Harry asks pretending to glower at his cousin.

"Nope! It's too good to pass up. I'm never ever going to let it go, so be ready." Draco answers shoving Harry off his chair.

"You two act just like real brothers. Actually you act nicer to each other than some of my brothers do to me!" Ron says laughing at Harry.

While the boys fool around and attempt homework, Sirius and the other Hogwarts professors are meeting with the Headmaster.

"Thank you all for your input and reports on your classes. As to the issue at hand, well, it seems we have made a decision then. Only students ages fourteen and older will be allowed to have Hogsmeade weekends. It doesn't matter what year they may be in, either third year or fourth year as long as they are at least fourteen years of age. Younger than that and I don't feel they have the maturity to be off campus in a group. We are changing the visit from every month to every two months and there must be two adult chaperones with the students at all times. Also, the Amusement Area for the younger students could do with some updating, I feel. I've noticed less student use this term than last so the newness has worn off. Sirius, perhaps you could be in charge of this update?"

"I'll see what I can do, sir."

"If that is all, then the meeting is adjourned."

"Excuse me Headmaster, may I request something?" Sirius asks.

"Of course."

"Will all Junior Level professors/instructors stay behind please? I need to speak with you all."

"Very well, please do as Professor Black asks. Everyone else, have a nice evening." Professor Dumbledore says dismissing the meeting.

"Thank you for remaining for just a few moments. I have been made aware of my son's misbehavior in a class. I would like to hear from each of you now exactly what Harry is up to. If he is acting out at all, I need to know. Some of you have been letting him get away with behavior you wouldn't allow another child to do."

When Remus begins to protest, Sirius says "Yes, I know he is the chosen one! It's not an issue here. Just because my son has this prophecy about him saying he is destined to do wonders, he is still a little boy. I am raising him to be a good person not to be a spoiled brat destined for greatness! Do not let things slide just because of some prophecy! He's got to be held accountable just like the other students."

The uncomfortable silence that greets this announcement is broken by Severus. "I heartily agree with Sirius. Draco is the same. I do not want him catered to or allowed to get by just because he is the son of a Professor. Now, I'm guilty of letting Harry get away with behavior I wouldn't normally. I was tough on him last term and have let things go this one. Sirius, he disobeyed a class rule to remain seated during a Potions Lab test. I had to leave the room to care for Draco and he went to talk to the Longbottom boy. Any other child, I would have failed him on that potion. I didn't do that with Harry."

"Uh, well, I guess I'm guilty too. I didn't deduct points from him for not following the class rules. The boy is so advanced that he gets bored in this class at times. He didn't pay attention and his transfiguration didn't succeed." Minerva speaks out next.

"I didn't inform you of his prank in the Greenhouse last week. It didn't seem to be much at the time but now I see where I should have spoken up. Harry was cutting up in class. He was to be practicing pruning Mandrakes and the students have been told to keep the earmuffs on during the pruning. I looked up and he is screaming at his plant and the plant is wearing the earmuffs. I tell you, it was quite funny to see the reversal. I did assign a detention, so he didn't get by with it." Pamona Sprout explains to the amusement of the group.

"Thank you all for letting me know of this behavior. I will be having a long discussion with Harry tomorrow and he WILL be much better behaved in your classes. Please don't hesitate to inform me either in person or by note what he is up to. Unless anyone else has something to say I am finished."

When no one else speaks, they all begin to leave the room. Remaining behind, Remus says "Siri, you were much more of a prankster than Harry. Why are you coming down so tough on the little guy? I really don't see a need for punishment on any of the things reported tonight."

"We have really done a reversal, Remus." Sirius says staring at his old friend. "In school, you were always the one to complain when James and I got into mischief. Now you want Harry to get by with it and I want to discipline him!"

"Well, Harry is cuter than you were, Sirius!" Remus answers immediately.

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