Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 : Harry Potter Junior Level

Friday morning, the students are all gathered in the Great Hall dining room for breakfast. The tables are bare however and the students are all whispering as to where the food could be.

The staff table is also empty of breakfast items. When the Headmaster appears at the table, he raises his hands for silence.

"Everyone, breakfast is coming in just a few moments. Before we eat, I've had a special request to make a short announcement. It is a day for celebrating, it seems. Today is our own ghost Porthos Peeve's birthday today. Now everyone, let's join in on a toast to him."

Pitchers, glasses and cups appear in front of everyone as he says the last. "Everyone ready? Cheers for Peeves on your birthday." The Headmaster announces taking a drink as everyone else follows his lead. "Now let us enjoy another delicious breakfast." Dumbledore says waving his wand. Each table is now laden with bowls of breakfast items including fruit, sausages, kippers, ham, eggs, potatoes, breakfast rolls, sweet rolls, porridge and pitchers of juice, milk, or teapots with warm tea.

"Harry! Draco! Look at your Dads!" Ron whispers after glancing up at the head table. Having heard his not so quiet whisper, several other students also look up at the Professors. Soon every child in the room is snickering or trying not to, as they go about eating breakfast.

"Sirius, old friend, I love the new look this morning." Remus says smiling.

"Whatever are you going on about, Remus?"

"Well, here let me just show you." Remus says conjuring a hand mirror. "It will take some getting used to, but I think I like your new look. It's a bright one though. I can't say who has the better look, you or Severus! Then again Minerva and Pomona are giving you a tight race for most colorful."

Just becoming aware of the other adults at the table, Sirius looks around with his eyes going wide. Seated around him are a bright yellow haired Professor McGonagall, orange haired Professor Sprout, rainbow colored hair for Severus, purple and pink for the Headmaster and now looking at himself sees neon blue hair with silver highlights on his own head. The other professors also have brightly colored hair, all except for Remus. The sputters and murmurs around him show his colleagues are not amused by this prank either.

Having finished his breakfast, the Headmaster stands to address the students once more. "Well, we all thank you for the fine Birthday party headwear this morning. Be advised that whoever is responsible will need to let the Professors and myself know how to remedy this. You may do so anonymously. That is all except for the first period classes are cancelled this morning giving time for the Professors to deal with their unexpected looks."

Not quite finished eating yet, Harry is enjoying his sweet roll when Sirius walks up. "Harry, when you are finished, I need to see you at home." He says somewhat sternly.

"Yes sir." Harry answers wondering what is going on.

"I like your new look Professor Black." Draco can't resist teasing his uncle.

"Finish your breakfast, Draco. " Sirius replies crossly.

"Hmm, he's in a sour mood today. Harry, whatever it is he wants to talk to you about, be sure and act respectful and polite. I wouldn't do anything to irritate him this morning if you get my drift, here." Draco says raising his eyebrows.

"I get it. I agree with you. He isn't his cheery self today. I wonder if he's getting the illness you had. You got a little grouchy when you were sick too." Harry teases.

"Alright son, we need to have a little chat this morning. Take a seat on the couch." Sirius says as Harry comes in to the room.

Uh oh the couch! That's the serious talk spot! Harry thinks beginning to feel a bit nervous. Surely he doesn't know about the potion supplies!

"Harry, we had a faculty meeting last night and a few things were brought up we need to discuss. Several of your Professors report some misconduct in their classes. What do you have to say about this?"

"Well Dad, I'm afraid it's true. There are days when some of the kids act up and get in trouble. Don't you have that in your classes sometimes?" Harry answers with a slight smile. He's hoping to tease his Dad out of this mood he's in.

"I am referring directly to YOUR behavior young man, not everyone else's! Did you misbehave in Herbology and earn a detention last week? What about not following the class rules in Transfiguration and also in Potions? You are to be respectful and obedient in class. We've had this discussion several times."

"You know Dad, I think the neon blue hair looks really good on you. Maybe you ought to keep that look."

"You are about to have a colorful body part yourself, Harry James! Enough with the cheek! Answer my questions unless you wish to try out a nice pink color for your bum this morning! I won't even need to use magic to do it either! "

"Dad, are you feeling ill? You seem slightly grouchy today. Draco got grouchy when he was ill too. Maybe you need a pepper up potion this morning." Harry replies clearly darting around the questions about classes.

"ACCIO ruler" Sirius says in reply to Harry's question.

"NO DAD! I'll answer, I promise!" Harry says quickly, watching the thick wooden ruler as if it suddenly might fly up and try to attack his backside. He remembers it has done that before.

"I'm sorry I misbehaved in Herbology! It was just a small prank and I had to prune black rose thorns for detention. The rule breaking was more an accident. In Potions, I got up during a lab without thinking because I heard Neville sigh. I thought maybe he was getting sick like Ron and Draco and went to check on him. Professor Snape didn't punish me when I explained this to him. In Transfiguration...well, I was daydreaming and not paying attention to what I was casting. My toothpick came out to be a muggle pen instead of a quill. I was punished by having to stand in the corner and I got a long lecture too. I won't do it again, I promise." Harry says scooting himself a little further away from his Dad and the dreaded ruler.

"No more pranks during classes, Harry. I won't have you disrupting class. Understand me?" Sirius replies sternly.

"Yes Sir."

"Now, listen to me. You are to pay attention and do as your Professors tell you to do at all times. I understand your need to check on your friend and admire you for being such a caring person, but you need to follow the rules also. If you had waited to tell Professor Snape, he could have checked on Neville without you needing to get up. You were to be graded on your assignment and could have been thought of as trying to cheat. Do you see what I'm saying? It was a mistake that could have had some serious consequences for Neville and you also. You do remember the outcome last year when you copied Draco's report?"

"Yes Dad, I don't want to go through that ever again. I didn't think of that part of it. Not until afterwards that is."

"Harry, you must stay focused when you are conducting magic! Your inattention could have caused someone to be injured! If I hear of any more misconduct from you in any class, you will be punished. I just might decide to take this ruler to your bum! Do you understand me Harry James? I have informed all of the Professors to give you consequences as well. You are not to be misbehaving in class."

"Yes sir, I understand. May I go get ready for class now sir? I have to go to the dorm for my books."

"Go and I'll see you this afternoon in class. After classes you are to come back here for homework and study time. Depending on how today goes, we'll see if you are going to get freedom this weekend or be confined to Quarters."

"Daaad! I'll behave, I don't want to be grounded all weekend!"

Meeting his friends at the common room, Harry is bombarded with questions. "Why so glum, chum?" Ron asks trying to get a smile from Harry. "What was blue hair so cross about?" Draco asks. "Are you alright Harry?" Hermione asks seeing the sad look in Harry's eyes.

"Yeah, I'm alright for now. Dad got wind of my behavior in Herbology and the trouble I got in at Transfiguration and Potions. He really scolded me fiercely and I came really close to getting a bum warming with a ruler! I'm under house arrest today and if I get in any trouble at all in classes today, I'll be grounded for the weekend too! It's not really fair. I didn't do anything that bad. Other kids cause trouble in class sometimes too."

"Yes and they lose points and serve detention for it. You usually don't lose points or serve detention." Hermione tells him.

"No, I just get walloped by my Dad or Uncle! I wish I could be a regular kid and not a professor's kid."

"I feel the same way, mate." Draco says quietly.

"You two need to think about all the advantages you get from being a professor's son. You get extra help with classes, the other professors all know you well, you get to go to the Headmaster and visit when you want to, you get taken to Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley for extra trips during school and there's so much more you don't even think about. I'd be thrilled to be a professor's kid!" Hermione tells the boys.

"I hear what you're saying mates and agree with most of it. The part about getting walloped? Well some of the rest of us, no names mentioned, get that too. Not just by a Professor either. They fire call our parents and the parents can come here to deal with us. It's happened to the twins two times so far." Ron tells them.

"Honest? That really happens?" Draco asks shocked.

"It does. My Dad came to Hogwarts last year two times and paddled the twins both times for causing trouble. I sure hope he doesn't ever do that to me. It would be just horrible!"

"Well guys, looking at the clock, it's about time for us to head on out to second period. Harry, do try to behave yourself in Transfiguration today. Professor McGonagall was not thrilled when you didn't listen last time. We only have three classes and then we get a late lunch and the rest of the day to study."

"I'll be nice. I don't want to get grounded for the weekend or walloped or both!"

Walking into the classroom fifteen minutes later, the children are surprised to see their professor still has the bright yellow hair.

"Take your seats, please. We have much to discuss this morning. First, as you can see my hair is bright yellow. There has been no word from the person or persons who caused this on how to reverse it. Therefore, we will just continue as usual. Now, I believe you have some essays due for me. Mr. Snape, I will take your essays first."

"Yes Ma'am. Here you are Professor, all six feet as you requested." Draco says smiling brightly.

"SIX feet?" One student whispers loudly. "I thought it was two feet!"

"Mr. McConnell, kindly refrain from unnecessary interruptions! Now, for your information, I assigned two feet for homework on Wednesday. Mr. Snape has some make up work to turn in. You may relax." McGonagall tells the boy who went ramrod straight as she addressed him.

Smothering a giggle at the boy's relieved look, Harry pulls his essay out of his bag. Looking down at it, he sees a large ink stain spread across half of the page. Hastily taking out a blotter, he desperately tries to use it to soak up the ink. It does no good since the ink has dried. When the child collecting essays comes by he puts his on the pile and slumps in his seat.

"What's wrong? Did you lose part of the homework?" Draco asks.

"It got ink spilled all on it and it's ruined. You can't even see half of what I wrote. You know how she is about everything being neat and orderly. I'm probably in trouble again!"

"Professor?" One young girl asks hand raised.

"Yes Miss. Greendale?

"Um, I just wanted to tell you I like the color of your hair. It makes me think of bright sunshine and yellow chicks."

"Thank you Miss. Greendale for your observation. I am however, not a chick or a sun, I am a teacher. Alright class, thank you for the timely collection of homework. Let's take our wands and everyone select a toothpick. Today we are going to practice transforming the toothpick to a nail and back to the toothpick. We will also practice what we studied Wednesday, transforming the toothpick to a quill. All ready? You may begin."

Harry notices a little ink has spilled on the wand as well. Wiping it off as best he can as it is dried also, Harry begins to cast the spell for toothpick to nail. The toothpick remains as it is. No amount of waving and changing his voice on the incantation does any good.

"Mr. Potter-Black, why are you just sitting looking at the toothpick? You need to get busy young man before you receive a detention."

"Professor, my wand, it seems to have a problem today. Maybe it is tired."

"Hmm, the only problem I see is one cheeky little boy. Complete the assignment!" McGonagall says as she easily performs the spell with Harry's wand after he has given permission to use it.

Taking the wand back, Harry tries the toothpick to nail again but nothing happens. Beginning to get frustrated and angry he waves the wand fiercely as he tries the spell for the quill and this time he has results. The toothpick is now a yellow chick!

"Professor? Mr. Potter-Black is being disrespectful to you! He's made a bright yellow chick!" Alloysus Ambrose announces loudly.

"Mr. Ambrose! Do not speak without permission and do not interrupt me that way again!" Professor McGonagall scolds having been speaking to another student. Turning now to look at what the boy is referring to, her eyes widen as she sees the extremely bright yellow chick on Harry's desktop.

"Class, we will continue with this practicum on Tuesday. Please place your toothpicks back into the container on your desk and you are dismissed. No homework for this class period. Enjoy your weekend."

As Harry packs his wand back into his bag, he wonders what he should do with the chick trying to hop off his desk.

"Mr. Potter-Black remain behind please."

After the class filed out, Professor McGonagall asks sternly "What are you trying to pull Young Man? This type of behavior you are showing again today is out of line! Are you deliberately mocking me?"

"I'm sorry Professor, I don't know what happened. I wanted to do the assignment but it wouldn't work today! I didn't try to make the chick, honest! " Harry responds to the woman he thinks of as his Grandmum.

"I'll keep the chick. You may take this note to your father and have him sign it. I will have it back by tea today or I will be visiting him myself. Harry, if you recall, I warned you on Wednesday that I will not allow this type of deliberate disruption in this class. You have better control over your magic than this, which makes me believe this was deliberate. I have to say Harry, I am very disappointed in your behavior. Now you better hurry as you are going to be late for the next class."

"Yes Ma'am" Harry says sadly as he stuffs the note into his pants pocket and walks out of the room. As soon as he is clear of the doorway he breaks into a run. His next class is Potions and it's three floors down! "This day is not turning into one of my best days! Not yet anyway!" he says to himself.

Reaching the second floor at a dead run, he careens around the corner only to run smack into his Uncle Remus! Papers and books go flying out of Remus' hands as he is mowed down by a small figure in black.

"What is the meaning of this! You know not to be running full out this way and certainly not to go around corners without looking where you are going! Stand up!" Remus says to the child currently scrambling to pick up his papers and books.

As the child stands, Remus exclaims "Harry James Potter-Black! What in the world are you doing running that way? Of all people, you would be one to know better! You have been in trouble for this very thing before and now you are doing it again? "

"I am sorry, sir. I am trying to get to Potions and I'm late. I was hurrying. Please forgive me for knocking you down that way."

"You are forgiven but you are not in the clear, here. This is a serious safety issue. I know you have been told several times not to run or play in the corridors since you moved here last year. In fact you and I had the same type of meeting last term because of your running! Isn't that correct?"

"Yes sir."

"Then I have no choice but to punish you. I let it go with a warning then, I will not do so this time. Come with me."

"Uncle Remus, please! I have to get to class. I'm late already."

"Yes, you told me. You,young man, are going to be a few more minutes late. Let's go."

Ten minutes later, Remus is delivering Harry to Professor Snape's classroom. "I'm sorry Mr. Potter-Black is tardy Professor. He and I met up in a second floor corridor a few minutes back and we were having a discussion in my office."

"Very well Professor Lupin. I will excuse his tardiness for this class. Thank you for the explanation."

Walking to his seat next to Draco, Harry sits down wincing slightly. Draco's eyebrows go up in question but he doesn't dare whisper to Harry. His Father is right behind him.

"Mr. Potter-Black you will remain after class so we can have a talk. I will send a note for you to be excused for tardiness in your next class." Severus tells him as he walks to the front of the room.

"We were discussing the properties of wormwood versus Elmwood. Who can tell me the difference in these two substances?"

After what seems to Harry to be an extremely long lecture session, Professor announces "Homework for the weekend will be two feet each on wormwood and it's uses as opposed to Elmwood and it's uses. Use your text plus research in the library for this essay. For anyone confused that equals four feet altogether. We will meet again on Monday. Dismissed. Mr. Potter-Black remain please."

Draco slowly packs up his text and parchment, trying to stall to see if he can talk to Harry before the next class.

"Draco! Get moving! You will not be receiving a pass for tardiness so if you are tardy you will be in trouble with your Professor and with me!" Severus informs his son.

"Harry, I asked you to stay behind because I need to know what you were doing in my quarters Thursday. Was there something you needed to ask me?" Severus asks after Draco has left the room.

"How did you know I was there?" Harry asks shocked and a little worried at what else his uncle might know.

"The portrait on the door informed me you came by. I don't know how I missed you but was there something you needed?"

"I didn't have a question sir. I was looking for something and needed to get it. May I go to Dad's class now Uncle Severus? I've not had a good day and I am going to be in so much trouble for being late."

"Well, I hope you found whatever it was you left in our quarters. I'll write you the tardy slip now and you shouldn't be in trouble. I hope your day gets better, Harry."

Walking into Astronomy ten minutes later, he's greeted by a glowering blue haired Dad. Taking a seat, Harry quickly gets his text, homework, parchment, ink and quill out. He's glancing at Draco's book for the page number when he is suddenly lifted to his feet by one arm.

"Excuse me, class. Please read the section on Jupiter and it's moons while I have a brief discussion with my son. Come with me, Harry!" Sirius says waking towards his office.

Sending Draco a 'Help Me' glance Harry drags his feet. His stomach is somersaulting as he walks towards his Dad's office.

"Professor Black, sir? My Dad should have given Harry a tardy slip, sir. Won't you look at it?" Draco says quickly.

"I saw the tardy slip Mr. Snape! Unless you would also like to join me in my office, I suggest you mind your own affairs! The assignment is to read the selection!" Sirius reprimands sternly.

After closing the door and placing a silencing charm on it, Sirius turns to look at Harry.

"I received word from Remus and Professor McGonagall that you have been in trouble with both of them today. Was I not clear enough this morning when I said for you to obey the rules? Running in the corridor is NOT obeying the rules. I believe you have a note for me. Let me see it now."

Reaching into his pants pocket, Harry pulls out the note and hands it to his Dad. "Dad, I haven't had a break between classes yet today. May I use the loo, please?" Harry says quietly.

"Straight in and straight out, no dawdling." Sirius says looking over the note at Harry.

"What happened in Transfiguration this time?" Sirius asks when Harry returns.

"I don't know for sure, Dad. My wand wouldn't work right. Ink spilled on it and on my homework also. When I tried casting the spell for toothpick to nail nothing happened. I can do that easily most times. Then I did toothpick to quill only it didn't go to a quill it went to a yellow chick. Grandmum thinks I did it on purpose to make fun of her hair. I didn't Dad! I swear to you that's the truth! I wouldn't make fun of Grandmum and besides I think her hair is a nice color!"

"What about the running in the corridor? Remus wasn't pleased with you at all."

"I was late going to Potions because Grandmum kept me in after class. I had three floors to go down so I was running. I accidentally knocked Uncle Remus down. I apologized to him." He whacked me for it too! He has a harder swat than Dad even! Harry adds mentally.

Taking Harry by the arm, Sirius turns him sideways and delivers four hard smacks on the seat of his pants.

"OW! Dad, Please! It was an accident! I didn't mean to run into him!" Ow, that smarts! I stung enough already without adding more on top of it! Harry thinks, rubbing his backside.

"You are pushing it lately, Harry. These are just warning smacks. Either you straighten up or you will be feeling much more burning in your behind! This is absolutely my last warning. I better not hear of any more problems out of you this school term! I think you can make it four more weeks! You may consider yourself grounded this weekend. Now let's go back to class!"

"Dad! What if they heard you! You know I'll get teased for being spanked!"

"They didn't hear a thing, Harry. I placed a silencing charm on the room. Now let's go. Remember, you are to come straight home after lunch today."

Sliding into his seat next to Draco, Harry can't help but wince as his sore backside rubs across the metal chair. Without looking at Draco, he opens his book and begins to read as two tears begin to run down his face.

"It's just not fair! Grounded and then walloped two times in one day! I never even meant to do anything wrong either! Why is everybody against me?' Harry thinks to himself as he wipes the escaping tears off his face. The more he thinks of the injustices of the day, the harder it is to concentrate on his reading.

"Mr. Potter-Black, explain to the class how many moons Jupiter has please." He hears his Dad say sometime later in the period.

"I don't know the answer to that, sir. You know what else? I don't care to know that either! Now everybody just leave me alone!" Harry yells as he stands and runs from the room.

Draco and Hermione swap an open mouthed look of horror! Harry has just back talked his Dad in public and disrespected a professor all at the same time! Draco shakes his head in sorrow for his soon to be dead friend/cousin.

Throat burning, feeling sick to his stomach and blinded by tears, Harry heads for the place he feels most comfortable, his own room in their Quarters. He knows his Dad will find him and it won't be pleasant when he does, but he wants the comfort. Curling up in his bed holding Dragon, he cries himself to sleep.

Waking up sometime later, Harry finds himself dressed in pajamas and covered with his bedcovers. There's a tray with supper sitting beside his bed. Hungry, after having missed lunch, Harry sits up and tries to eat some of the supper. After a few bites of steak and kidney pie, he covers it back up and drinks the pumpkin juice. Carefully sliding out of bed, he slowly makes his way to the loo and back to the bed. Curling back up with his Dragon he goes back to sleep.

Sirius, hearing Harry moving around, comes in to talk to him. Surprised to find the child back asleep, he leans down brushing the hair out of his boy's eyes. Harry's forehead is burning with fever!

"No wonder the boy's behavior is so out of sorts lately! That explains everything! Time to call Severus!" Sirius thinks as he walks to the fireplace.

"Severus Snape's Quarters" he intones briskly after throwing floo powder into the fireplace.

"Severus! It's Harry. He's burning with fever and can't stay awake. I need something to reduce the fever."

"Step back and let me come check him. I'll know better what he needs then." Severus says. "Draco, stay here and finish your homework. I'll be right back."

Straightening up from running the wand scan on Harry, Severus says "It's the same as what Draco had. It's not Wizard Flu as I first suspected. If it was, Draco would not have been sick as long. I figured out what it was or similar to, after the second day. It is something similar to Dragon Scale Flu. The only way to get this is to be around a dragon. Since there are no dragons here, it must have been something similar. There's no telling what these children get into exploring the grounds the way they do. I'll fix up the potions I made for Draco and I'm sure Harry will be much better by tomorrow afternoon."

"Thank you. Have you found the antidote for our rainbow colored hair yet? Whoever the perpetrator is doesn't want to come forward with the information or just does not know it. Either way, I'm sure all of us would appreciate being back to normal."

"I'm to the point of preparing the potion. I was just about to go gather the supplies when you called. I'll have it ready by tonight. First, I'll get the potions for Harry and then start on that one. It's difficult when you don't know exactly what was in the first potion."

"So you believe this is the work of a potion and not a spell?" Sirius asks.

"Yes, someone must have spiked our drinks this morning since all of us had the hair color experience at the same time except for Remus. He's the only one who did not drink anything at the toast. I've been asking around and that is what I've determined."

"Why just the professors and not everyone if it was in the drinks?"

"I'm assuming we were the target. It wouldn't be difficult to do if you poured the potion into the pitchers with the Hogwarts Crest. They are the ones we use at the head table. The children don't use the same pitchers. Someone has access to the private kitchens to do this. Well, let me go and start mixing the potions for Harry. I had several on stock but haven't had the time to replenish them after Draco's illness."

Back in his own quarters he checks on Draco. "Draco, I'm going to need to go down to the lab for a few hours. Would you like to come or would you rather stay here? Harry's come down with whatever illness you had and needs the potions for it."

"I would like to come with you. May I help make the potions, Dad? I can stir or chop for you."

"You will be working on homework if you come. Let's get the homework out of the way so you and I can go to Diagon Alley this weekend. I need to restock some missing supplies. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?"

"Why would I know about that? I don't go into your potions cabinet unless we are in class or together."

"That's true, however these missing supplies came from my potions closet here in our quarters. Look at me and tell me again. Did you go into the potions closet?" Severus asks sternly, looking the child in the eyes to see if he's being truthful.

"No Dad, I haven't been near the potions closet. I've been sick in bed, remember?"

"Well someone's been into the closet. There are several missing ingredients I know I haven't used. I have a list and I check off or note how many of each thing I remove so I know what to replace. When we get back tonight, I want you to check your room to see if you have anything missing. I'll do the same."

"Yes sir. Um, Dad? Do you think it might have been one of the Three Bears or Goldilocks?" Draco can't resist asking.


"You said "Someone's been into the closet." That made me think of the story The Three Bears. You know "Someone's been sitting in my chair, Someone's been sleeping in my bed." Draco stops giggling at the look he's receiving.

"Well it was funny to me. I guess you just didn't ever hear the story."

"I know the tale. I just don't find stealing very funny. Get your cape and school things and let's go."

Down in the lab, Severus is finishing the two potions needed for Harry's illness when Draco asks "Dad, can I go to the loo? We've been down here three hours already and I really really have to use it."

"Why didn't you say something sooner?" Severus asks watching his son wiggle. "Go on, you can answer me when you get back. Go straight there and straight back!"

Coming out of the boy's bathroom, Draco is surprised to see the Weasley twins standing there. "What are you two doing down here? Aren't you supposed to be in the dorm?"

"We came to ask you something and your house elf said you were down here with your Dad. "Does your Dad know how to reverse the prank we pulled this morning? We don't know what went wrong. It was supposed to fade back to their normal hair after ten minutes. We haven't said anything because we don't know how to fix this."

"You did this? That was so cool! I won't tell you know that right?"

"Yes, that's why we came to ask you the question. Now do you know if he's working on it? Someone is going to connect us to this if it takes too long to fix it! We'll get in so much trouble if we are found out! Our Dad issued a NO PRANKS rule to us for this term. If he was to hear about this we'd get our bums warmed by his paddle!"

"Uh, well at the moment my Dad's busy working on healing potions for Harry. Harry caught the same thing Ron and I had. I guess he'll work on a solution to the hair color later. He hasn't said anything to me about that. Listen guys, I'm going to get in trouble with him if I don't get back to the lab. I was supposed to come straight here and go straight back and he knows how long that should take."

"Just tell him you had a stomach problem if he asks. That's a good excuse." Fred tells him.

"Okay, thanks. How are you two going to get back to the dorm without being seen? You know it's after curfew!"

"We have ways to get around. Don't worry about us, Little Snape. Go to your Dad before he comes looking for you." George answers.

Hurrying into the lab, Draco sees his Dad is pouring the potions into the glass bottles. Settling back into his spot, he begins writing the rest of his homework essay on Jupiter.

"Well young man, how about answering me now that you have returned."

"Answering what Dad?" Draco asks heart pounding at the thought his Dad saw him with the twins.

"Why you didn't speak up when you were in need of a loo break."

"Well because the last time I interrupted your potion making by talking, you walloped my bum with a stirring stick! Those flat things are thicker than a ruler and really burn!" Draco answers.

"I remember that. You were interrupting me every ten minutes whinging about having to sit here and watch me when you could be out playing. You were confined to quarters at the time for misbehavior. I warned you several times to be quiet but you ignored me. That is why I walloped you. You are always free to tell me if you are in need of food, drink or the loo, son."

"Well then, I'm in need of food and a drink, Dad. I'm starving! It's been hours since lunch and we skipped Tea because you were checking on Harry. Are you nearly done here?"

"I'm done with the potions for illness, yes. Let's go back home and have supper. While you enjoy some free time tonight, I'll come back to work on the other potions I need to prepare."

"What potions are they, Dad?"

"I need to do something for restoring our hair to the natural color. It seems we won't be hearing from whoever pulled this little stunt."

During their supper, Draco asks "Dad, may I please come back to the lab tonight? I won't get in the way or interrupt you, I promise. I like to watch you work."

"You'd rather go down to a cold Potions lab than stay here and play or read?"

"There's no one to play with and I can read down there or I can help you. You know I'm a good helper. You've said so yourself."

"Well then Draco, let's get these dishes washed and we'll go make some hair color restoration potions. You can be my assistant tonight." Severus says reaching out and giving the boy a quick hug.

While Sev and Draco are busy making more Potions, Sirius goes to wake Harry.

"Pup? You need to wake up for me for just a few minutes." Sirius says quietly, shaking the little boy's shoulder.


"Sit up for me, son. I have some medicine for you to take."

"Yucky potions? Noooo!" Harry says covering his mouth with the bedcovers.

"Harry, stop that. You will sit up and drink these. I have some butterbeer for you after you drink them. Come now, up with you and drink them down." Sirius tells him firmly as he pulls the blanket down.

"YUCK YUCK and YUCK! What does he put in that to make it so awful?" Harry whispers making a face.

"Something to help you feel better. Here's the butterbeer. After you drink this, I'll help you to the loo if you need it. Then you can go back to sleep. You should be feeling much better in the morning." Sirius answers smiling.

"Dad? Am I in big trouble? I'm sorry for running away and for what I said to you today. It's been just a awful day all day today. I felt sick since right after Transfiguration. Are you going to spank me?"

"Lie back, son. It's time to go back to sleep. We'll have a talk about all of this tomorrow when you are feeling up to it."

"Dad, I can't sleep if I have to think about getting a spanking tomorrow." Harry whispers with a worried glance at Sirius.

"Then you can relax. I'm not going to be handing out any spankings for what happened today. Will you sleep now? I want to see you all better in the morning."

"Thanks Dad, I love you." Harry whispers drowsily, closing his eyes.

"Love you more, kiddo. You're my pup." Sirius answers rubbing his hand over the boy's hair.

A/N. When "The Dads" find out about the latest mischief Harry has been into, how should they react? What do you think they should do about this? Should the twins be punished for their part? All ideas will be considered.

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