Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy In Wizardry: Junior Level Year Two

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Harry Potter Jr. Level

Severus calls out "Son? Are you ready to leave? I'd like to get there before noon."

"Yes Dad, I'm ready. I was just held up 'cause my trainers don't fit and I was having to hunt other shoes. Can we get some new trainers today? I really like the ones called Nike Air. Please Dad?"

"We'll see if we can find some. If not we'll place an order for them. Do you know what store your Mum bought them from?"

"No Sir. I never got to go when she bought clothes for me until we shopped for Hogwarts supplies and robes. I never got to pick out what I wanted to wear. I just had to wear dress pants and shirts all the time. Until you bought jeans and T shirts for our trip to America, I'd never had any." Draco answers softly.

"Well Dragon, I tell you what we'll do. We'll plan to take a shopping trip to Muggle London also. Today I need to get things from Diagon Alley but another day we'll go shopping for shoes and clothes too if you'd like to."

"REALLY? You'd let me pick out my own clothes? Anything I want?"

"Well, I would have to approve it, but yes, I would let you pick out your own clothes. None of those torn jeans or shirts though. My son isn't going to look like a beggar on the street!"

"How about if I shave part of my head, get a tattoo and pierce my nose? Can I do that?"

"Sure you can."

"I CAN? Seriously?" Draco asks gaping up at his Dad.

"Yes, as long as you are willing to drop your pants and have me apply a belt to your bare bum once we got home, that would be perfectly fine."

"I don't think I'll get those last three things, Dad." Draco answers quickly.

"Good plan, son." Severus says with a smirk.

"Let me look at you. Hair brushed, teeth cleaned, shirt and pants clean, shoes tied and even on the right feet too." Severus teases.

"DADDDD! I'm almost eleven not four! I know how to dress myself and get my shoes on the right feet!" Draco complains wiggling away from Severus trying to tuck in his T shirt.

"Tuck your shirt in, Dragon. It looks neater that way."

"But if I do that, I'll have to go find a belt to put on and I don't want to wear a belt. Why can't I wear it out?"

"What's wrong with wearing a belt?"

"They're all getting too tight. Harry said it's because I'm eating too much and getting fat." Draco says a bit sadly.

"Harry's just teasing you. You aren't eating too much or getting fat. You have grown over the summer and look much healthier. You are average size for someone your age. Come, let's go to Hogsmeade so we can go through to Diagon Alley. Do you have spending money with you in case you find something you want to buy?"

"Yes Dad, I have my money with me. May we go to the Quidditch shop today? What's the name of it again?"

"Quality Quidditch Supplies, we'll go if we have the time after I finish shopping. Stick by me today, Draco. I don't want to turn and find you missing. Understand me?"

"Yes Sir. I remember the rules, Dad."

Once entering Diagon Alley, Severus heads for the Apothecary first.

"Good afternoon, Professor Snape! Who would your young assistant be today? I didn't know you brought students to shop with you."

"Afternoon, Mr. Mulpepper. This isn't just a student, this is my son Draconis. Draco, this is an old friend and fellow potions enthusiast, Mr. Mulpepper."

"Hello sir, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Draco replies formally.

"My, quite well -mannered isn't he? It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance also, young man. You resemble your Dad with the brown hair and long chin. I should have known you were his son." Mr. Mulpepper responds smiling.

"I brought you several vials of pepper-up and a few weggenwold potions as you requested. Why the weggenwold though?"

"Well, I've had a few wives come asking for them. It seems to be there's a rash of magically induced sleep happening. The wives need it to help their husbands." Smirking at his own words, the older man wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

"Dad? Why would someone be in a magically induced sleep?" Draco asks listening to the conversation.

"Many reasons, son. One would be for medical reasons. Now, just look around the shop but keep your hands in your pockets."

"Yes sir."

"He's very perceptive, Mr. Mulpepper. He's not even eleven yet but he can pick up things very quickly so please watch what you say around him." Severus says quietly.

"Right, now what may I help you with today?"

"I need to restock my supply of flobberworms, I'll take six dozen, Ironfish spines, also six dozen, four dozen runespoor fangs and two dozen vials of frozen salamander blood. If you'll just crate that up for me, I'll come by later to pick it up."

"Well, I can do all except the runespoor fangs. Now our second shop over in the other alley, probably has that. I don't carry those here."

"Thank you, I'll check there. Well, let me be on my way as I have several more things to buy. I'll stop by later to pick up the order. Draco? Let's go, son." Severus calls turning to look for his child.

"I'm here behind you, Dad." Draco answers.

"What do you call yourself doing young man?" Severus asks eyebrows going down and eyes getting darker.

"I'm looking at potions supplies, Dad. There are fireflies and flying beetles here. This vial has liquefied rat spleens. What do you use that for?"

"I believe I told you to keep your hands in your pockets and here I find you picking up and handling the supplies. PUT THEM BACK! You're liable to drop them."

"I am not clumsy Dad. I don't drop things! You must have confused me with someone else. I'm Draco not Neville!" Draco says saucily.

"Let's go Draco. We have more to purchase today." Severus says giving the boy a warning look.

"Good bye Mr. Mulpepper." Draco calls cheerfully as he follows his glowering Dad to the street.

"Good bye, son. Enjoy the rest of your day."

"Where are we going to go now, Dad?"

"I'm going to Flouish and Blotts. I need to check on a few books. You may look around and if you find something you like, I'll buy it for you. You, young man are to stay in the section for young wizards and not go into the adult section. I'll come find you when I'm ready to purchase."

"Yes Dad. When we get finished here, can we go get a snack and a drink? I'm getting hungry. We didn't eat lunch you know."

"Well then we'll just have to stop off at The Leaning Lantern and get some. Try to hold out until I finish this buying. I do need to do a little shopping besides feed you, you know." Severus teases.

"I know and I can wait a little longer. Don't take forever though. Sometimes you get into books and it's hours before you look up! Uncle Sirius gets the same way when he's researching. He's gone into a different world and isn't listening."

An hour and forty minutes later, Draco has waited as long as he can for Severus to come back. He's hungry, thirsty and needs to tell his Dad something. Walking quickly, he heads for the adult side of the store. After walking up and down several long rows of bookcases, he finally spots his Dad at the end of row twenty.

"Dad!" He whispers walking up to him.

"Draco! I told you to wait on the other side of the store! "

"Yessir, I know. But Dad, I …"

"No BUTS, now mind me and go wait in your section. I'm nearly finished and will be over there in about fifteen minutes. Now go on." Severus says shielding the book he's holding from Draco's eyes.

"DAD, I need to tell you something." Draco tries again.

"Do you want to be sent home to wait for me in your room? I can call an elf to escort you home!" Severus asks sternly.

Knowing his father means waiting in his room for a spanking, Draco answers "No Sir." as he turns and walks back to the other side of the store.

Flopping back down on the overstuffed sofa in the children's section, he huffs "I just need to tell him what Uncle Sirius told me too. I just remembered! He won't even listen! "

"Problem mate?" asks a boy around Draco's age.

"No, just fussing to myself, I guess." Draco answers.

"Who is it that won't even listen? I have had that problem myself. I can tell you how to get them to listen if you like."

"It's my Dad. I have something important to tell him and he just sent me away. How do you get them to listen?"

"Lean close and I'll tell you. " When Draco leans closer the boy whispers "You breathe in deep and hold your breath until you turn blue, that makes them pay attention. It always works for me. My Mum and Dad rush over and start asking me if I'm alright and what do I need and start listening. They do." He adds the last after Draco gives him a doubting look.

"Matty dear, it's time to leave." A woman says coming into the room.

"I'm not ready yet. I need a few minutes." Matt tells her.

"We need to leave now. I already gave you ten extra minutes."

Not saying anything, the boy just breathes in and holds his breath beginning to turn pink in the face.

"Alright, Matty! We'll stay as long as you want. BREATHE for Mummy! Come on, breathe. Good boy." She says as Matt exhales.

"See what I mean?" Matt asks Draco.

Thinking this over, Draco hears Severus say "I'm ready to leave, son. Gather the books you want to purchase and let's go."

"Yes sir. 'Bye, thanks for the advice. I may have to try that." Draco tells Matt as he walks past him.

"Alright Draco, what is it you needed to tell me that couldn't wait until I came for you?" Severus asks.

"I remembered Uncle Sirius wants us to buy a couple of books for him. I thought I'd save you time by telling you while you were over in the side where they are. You wouldn't listen." Draco answers a little irritated.

"I didn't listen because you were disobeying me. I told you to wait on this side and you did not do it. I was in the restricted section, Draco. You just walked right in. There are books in that section that are not appropriate for your age."

"Why, do they have pictures of girls without clothes? Did you look at naked ladies Dad?" Draco asks giggling to himself.

"OW! DAADD, we are in public here!" Draco complains rubbing the seat of his pants where he received a stinging smack two seconds ago.

"I am aware of that, Draco. I was thinking maybe you were the one who was confused. Now what are the titles of the books Sirius requested?"

"Here! It's all on this paper!" Draco answers irritably shoving the folded paper into his Dad's hand.

"Straighten up, Draco. You are teetering on the edge of trouble. " Severus replies sternly.

Going to the desk to pay for their purchases, Severus asks "Do you have either of these books in stock?" showing the list to the clerk.

"Let me check, sir." Snapping his fingers brings an elf to his side. "This Gentleman requests these books. Go check our supply listings."

"Right away sir." The elf answers bobbing his head.

Three minutes later, he returns. "Bob sorry sir. Books not here sir."

"We can order them for you and send them to you or you can check with us later in the week."

"Place them on order. Send them to Professor Sirius Black, Hogwarts. We will pay half now and half when they are received. The amount would be?"

"Ten galleons sir."

"Is that half or the total amount? "

"Tis half, sir. The books are rare and expensive sir."

"Fine, just add that to my total for today and I'll pay. What is it Draco?" Severus asks crossly, scowling at the child who has been pulling on his sleeve for several minutes.

"Dad, he's finagling you! Those aren't as he says! Uncle Sirius told me he would be pulling this and not to fall for it. They aren't rare books. They've just been published! He said they wouldn't be but around two galleons each." Draco whispers in Severus's ear after he bends down.

"Excuse me, sir. I'd like to see a listing of the price for each of those books. The person I'm ordering for would like to know the exact cost of each book." Severus tells the clerk.

"Well, just a minute then. Let's see, Ahh here we are Astronomy, The New Frontier is ….. well it seems we were mistaken. This isn't a rare book after all. The listing price is two galleons. As to the other, Comets, Asteroids and Meteors, …it's also two galleons. I do apologize sir." The clerk stammers at Severus's dark scowl.

"Yes, well mistakes happen if you are careless. Now, I'll pay half of that which is two galleons. That should bring my total today to ten galleons 12 sickles. Correct?"

"Why, that's it exactly Professor Snape. You have a keen mind." The clerk says beginning to sweat under the severe dark scowl he's receiving.

"Thank you. Let's go eat, Draco." Severus says taking the bag of books and shrinking it to fit his pocket.

"Your evil dungeon bat act had him really scared, Dad. I think he was about to wet himself!" Draco whispers gleefully, as they walk to the Pub.

"I knew I was frightening to the younger students but I had no idea it would work on anyone else. I'll have to work on my Evil Bat act more often." Sev whispers back causing Draco to snicker.

"Dad, don't make me laugh!" Draco whispers hopping a little. "I need to go right when we get there. I can not wait for after we order. Okay?"

At the reproachful look he receives, Draco says "I was going to tell you I needed to go when I came to tell you about the books but you didn't let me."

"Let's don't get into that discussion again. It's finished. Let's walk, Draco. It's at the far end of the street and you are in a hurry."

"What would you like to eat today, son?" Severus asks after he's joined at the counter by Draco.

"May I get a butterbeer, Please?" Draco answers after studying the menu for several minutes.

"Only one and have some water with it. What else do you plan to get?"

"Umm, could I have a double club sandwich with chips and a piece of chocolate cake?"

"We would like to order a double club sandwich with chips, a bowl of fish soup with crackers, a tuna sandwich on rye, two glasses of water, a butterbeer and one piece of chocolate cake." Severus tells the lady behind the counter.

"Right away Professor. Find a table and we'll have it to you in a jiffy! Cute young man you have their. Is that your boy? He looks as if he is related."

"Yes Julie. This is my son, Draco."

"Draco, this kind hearted gal is my friend Julie Welch. She's worked here for years."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Ma'am. I've not been here before."

"Well a Pub isn't exactly a place for young boys to be without their folks so I hope to never see you in here without your Dad. It's a pleasure to meet you though."

"Dad? Why is this a place not for boys? What did she mean?" Draco asks quietly after they find a table.

"She means exactly what she says. This is not a place for children to be alone. I don't ever want to hear of you being in a Pub unless you have an adult with you, understand?"

"Yes sir, but why? It seems just like any other place to eat."

"Right now, yes. Later in the day and evening it can be very rowdy. Men come here to drink and often become…. I guess I should just say inebriated."

"You mean drunk? They drink until they can't stand up huh? They get sloshed, bombed and splattered!" Draco says, grinning at his Dad's expression.

"Here's your lunch. Eat and hush the dictionary review, young man! That is not a topic for a public place no matter where it might be!" Severus says sternly.

"Yessir." Draco giggles. Then not being able to help himself, he says "Dad have you ever been soused?"

"Draconis! Cease this kind of talk!" Severus replies giving the boy his best 'I mean business' look.

"Dad, did you know this is the first time we've been somewhere other than school where people knew you?" Draco asks getting the silent message.

"No, I hadn't thought of that. Is this important?" Severus asks giving Draco a teasing glance. He knows there's a reason for this being brought up.

"People recognize me as your son, Dad. They are saying I look enough like you that they can tell. That means the blood adoption potion DID change my looks!"

"Well son, you've been able to see yourself in a mirror many times so why is this surprising?"

"I sometimes thought I was seeing only what I wanted to see and it wasn't really real. I'm glad to lose the arrogant nose, chin and the blonde hair too!"

"So, where are we going after we eat? Can we go to the joke shop I saw? Gambol and Japes is a favorite place for Fred and George Weasley." Draco announces later in the meal.

"Do not mention those two while I'm having lunch, please. I would like to finish enjoying my soup!"

"They're quite fun to be around, Dad. You just have to get to know them."

"I know them quite well, Draco. I've had them in class for two years and starting the third. I have also had the enormous pleasure of supervising their oh so many detentions for all the pranks they've pulled! Change the subject from the Weasley twins."

"I can't talk about anything! Not books in the restricted section, not drinking or the Weasley twins either. What would you like me to talk about?" Draco snaps back angrily.

"How about how a certain young boy is going to find trouble if he doesn't desist with the disrespect?"

"Why do you talk like a professor even when we aren't in class? Who goes around saying 'desist with the disrespect'? You need to work on sounding less stuffy and more like a real person. It's mortifying to hear you go on like that! Real people don't say... Wait! Dad, I'm just talking here, not disrespecting!" Draco says quickly as Severus begins to stand up and reaches for his arm.

"Too late, let's go." Severus says taking Draco by the arm and escorting him to the loo once more.

"Dad, you really need to get a sense of humor. I don't think I deserved to get spanked." Draco says tearfully after carefully easing back into his chair.

"Four smacks do not make a spanking. We can go back and let you see what a real spanking is if you would like to do that. Would you like to?"

"No Sir. My seat is stinging enough now!"

"My patience with your behavior today is at an end. Not one more complaint, cheeky comment or problem from you or it will happen! Now finish eating."

Alright Draco, we are going to a place where you must stay beside me at all times. If you do not mind me you will be sorry. This is another potions shop but it is a shop that sells the more dangerous items. I absolutely forbid you to touch ANYTHING in this shop! It is extremely dangerous. Do you heed what I am telling you? Explain to me what I told you."

"Yes, I am to stay beside you and not touch a thing because they are dangerous. I understand Dad." Draco answers remembering his Dad's admonition inside the restaurant.

"Dad, this shop is called Mulpepper's Apothecary also! " Draco exclaims in surprise.

"Yes, this is run by his brother and remember, it has dangerous items. No touching at all!"

"Yes sir, I remember." Draco answers wondering why his Dad keeps telling him the same thing.

"Hello Mr. Mulpepper. I have need of a two dozen box of runespoor fangs, a three dozen set of bat spleens and eight dragon livers. I'll just have the order delivered to Hogwarts in the name of Severus Snape please." Severus says just as the door to the shop opens.

Standing beside his Dad, Draco cringes at the order of Dragon livers but looks up curiously at the sound of the door opening. With a strangled gasp he starts backing away from the counter, eyes glued to the door.

Hearing his son's gasp, Severus looks down in time to see Draco backing up and calls "Draco! HALT!"

Draco continues to walk backwards until he hits a set of shelves. As the shelves begin to teeter, Severus quickly pulls his wand saying "Gegenstand! En plein ciel" Watching the items on the shelves hover in mid-air and keeping his wand out, he walks quickly to Draco. Pulling the child away from the shelves he says sternly "What were you thinking? You could have been badly injured knocking into the shelves that way! Go stand by the door and DO NOT move!"

His arms and legs shaking and his hands trembling, Draco obeys without comment. Merlin! I wish Harry were here to see that! He'll never believe me. I don't even know if I believe me! Draco thinks as he waits for his Dad to finish his business.

"We are leaving. Come with me. We are going to the Leaning Lantern and floo to Hogsmeade to go home. You and I have some talking to do young man!" Severus announces as he takes Draco by the shoulder and walks him out of the shop. Stopping briefly to pick up his order of potion's supplies at the other shop, Severus then leads a very quiet child back to the pub.

Back in their quarters, Severus has Draco sitting on the sofa as he talks to him.

"Alright Draco Tobias, explain yourself. I told you how dangerous that shop was. You agreed to mind me and then deliberately disobeyed my instructions! When I warned you to halt, you ignored me and nearly wound up injured! Those shelves are full of dangerous items and any one of them could have harmed you! Most were about to fall on top of you! I need an explanation and it had better be a very good one!"

In tears now, Draco replies "I'm sorry Dad! I am! I got scared and was trying to get away! Please believe me, Dad. I'm sorry I didn't mean to do it!"

"What scared you?"

"The thing in the shop."

"What THING Draco? Earlier today you were a dictionary of terms for drinking and now you are reduced to calling something a thing?" Severus responds incredulously.

"That thing that came in the door! I don't know what it was, Daddy. It had four arms and six eyes! Three on one side of it's face and three on the other. It was coming right at me, Daddy! It was going to get me! Now you're going to wallop me for getting away!" Draco says burying his face in his knees and sobbing.

Coming over to sit by the distraught child, Severus rubs his son's back. The sobbing and the 'daddy ' are too much for him to take. "It's alright Dragon. Calm down. I'm not going to spank you or punish you. I'm not sure you need any more butterbeer if you're going to react like this. I'd hate to see what a real beer does if you have hallucinations with butterbeer! You know son you had root beer in the states and didn't have a reaction. Butterbeer isn't all that different in my way of thinking."

"I did see it, I wasn't hall you sin whatever you said. I saw it come through the shop's door. It was almost as big as Hagrid is. Hagrid's nice but this thing wasn't. It was evil Daddy. It wanted to eat me! Don't let it get me. Okay daddy? Don't let it get me!" Draco whispers curled into Severus's side still shaking all over.

"Never Dragon. Nothing and no one is going to get you. You are safe with me. Here drink this, it will calm you down. Go to sleep, son. I'll stay right here with you while you fall asleep." Severus says softly. Watching the boy succumb to sleep, Severus wonders what it really was that traumatized the child. He hadn't seen anything come in the shop.

Later that evening after getting Draco settled in bed, he floo calls Sirius.

"Hi Sirius. I wanted to let you know I ordered the two books you asked Draco to tell me about. They should be here by Thursday. Is Harry asleep?"

"Thank you Sev. Yes, he's asleep. Why do you ask?"

"Could you step through for just a few minutes? It won't take very long."

"Did you and Draco have a successful shopping trip? He was really looking forward to going with you. He told me he had only been to Diagon Alley one time. How was shopping with a child?" Sirius asks grinning knowingly.

"Not quite the same as shopping alone, I tell you. I wound up in a shop in Knockturn Alley and he says he saw something there. He insists he saw a half giant with four arms and six eyes. I'm thinking the butterbeer he drank at lunch, did something to him as I didn't see a thing. Whatever he imagined reduced him to a traumatized five year old. He was shaking all over, sobbing and calling me Daddy. I finally got him to take a dreamless sleep potion and he's in bed now."

"Hmm, that was an eventful day! Is that what you wanted to tell me?"

"No. I wanted to tell you that I believe I have some clues to our mystery suspect in the grand hair color prank. When I was inventorying my supply closet, I found several items mysteriously missing. I keep a checklist so I know when I've used them. I didn't use them but they are missing."

"I didn't take them Severus." Sirius can't help but say with a smile.

"No, but I believe Harry did."


"Last week, the portrait on the door to our quarters mentioned my nephew came in while I was out. Draco was in class at the time but Harry apparently was not. I checked. He missed his Magical Creatures class that day."

"Did you ask him about this?" Sirius asks all teasing gone from his voice.

"I did. I had him stay after class and asked him if he needed to talk to me about anything. I told him the portrait let me know he had been here. At the time, I didn't know he had missed his class so I didn't ask about that."

"What was his answer?" Sirius asks his voice getting more stern.

"He told me he didn't need to talk to me. When I pressed him on why he was here when Draco and I were not, he mentioned needing to get something. At the time, I thought he meant something of his he had left. Later, I realized there wasn't anything of his to pick up. I had everything sent back to your place after you returned home."

"So he lied to you, skipped out on class and apparently stole items from your supply closet."

"The supply closet is opened by password. Draco, Harry, you and I are the only ones who know it. Three of us didn't open the closet one of us did."

"The items taken could be used to make a potion for hair color. I don't believe Harry made the potion. From little things I've picked up, I believe it was the Weasley twins doing. Sirius, I hate to say this on top of what I just told you but if the Weasley twins were the ones who made it, then Harry is the one who slipped them the ingredients."

"Yes and he also has direct access to the private kitchens, knows which pitchers are used for the Head table and enjoys a good joke. The prank itself isn't the problem however. The stealing, lying and skipping class is the problem. I will be having a very thorough discussion with Harry tomorrow. When I am finished I will send him to you. I want you to deliver punishment also. He lied to you and stole from you. You have my permission to deal with him as you see fit. You know that right?"

"The same goes for Draco. Anything that needs correcting, feel free to correct it."

"Did you punish Draco for misbehavior today?"

"Yes, he was smacked a few times for being deliberately disobedient. What makes you ask that?"

"Sometimes if I've disciplined Harry for something, he has episodes similar to what you described with Draco. Sobbing uncontrollably, shaking, calling me Daddy."

"Are you suggesting he was putting on an act because he was getting back at me for disciplining him?"

"No, not at all. I am not an expert on children by any means but I think it has something to do with the trauma they have both been through. Harry seeing his parents killed and Draco having been traumatized by Lucius. They seem to react to an overload of stress by going into these, well I think of it as some kind of trance in a way. They both revert to being younger when they weren't as traumatized."

"Yes that does make sense. I've not seen Draco do this before. It was heartbreaking to hear him sobbing that way. I've disciplined him much more firmly in the past and he's never reacted this way."

"He's never been on an emotional trip of excitement and then disappointment quite this way either. I'm sure he felt disappointed when you disciplined him. The boys seem to have the idea if we are doing something fun somewhere, then all the behavior rules and consequences are non- existent! I've seen Harry react the same way to a scolding in public. I do not feel that way and I'm sure you don't either."

"The rules and consequences are the same no matter where we are. I've explained that to Draco but as you said he seems to think differently." Severus replies.

The next morning right after getting dressed for the day, Sirius receives a floo call from the Headmaster.

"Good morning Sirius. I am sorry to disturb you on a Sunday but something urgent has come up. I need to meet with both you and Severus right away in my office.

"Yes sir, I'll be there in just a minute as I have to let Harry know where I'll be."

"Harry? Wake up son, I need to talk to you." Sirius says shaking the child's shoulder.

"Hmmpflphf Whaa?"

"Harry, come on son. Sit up and listen for just a minute." Sirius says pulling the sleepy child into a sitting position.

"Harry, Sev and I have been called to a meeting this morning with the Headmaster. I have no inkling of how long this may last. You need to get yourself washed, dressed and go to breakfast in the Great Hall with Draco as I won't be eating with you. I'm sure I'll be back by lunch and we'll get together then. Do you hear what I'm saying?"

"Hmm, you're going to a meeting and I go to breakfast with Draco. I'm awake now Dad. I'll see you later."

"Yes, we'll talk later." Sirius says giving him a look, Harry can't quite decide is good or bad. Deciding to think about that later, he gathers his clothes for the day and goes to take his shower as he hears the floo roar.

Later that morning, Draco is relaying all the details of his Diagon Alley trip.

"We went to Knockturn Alley too. That's a scary looking place Harry. Dad said we were forbidden to ever go there without him or Uncle Sirius. I don't want to go there again even with one of The Dads. You'll never guess what I saw there."

"I'm too sleepy to guess. I was sleeping good until Dad woke me up too early. Just tell me, Draco."

"We were in this Potions shop and this thing, I think it was a monster Giant, came in the door. It was nearly as big as Hagrid. it had four arms and six eyes, three on each side of it's face. It drooled and it smelled horrible. It came right towards me when I was standing by Dad but he didn't even notice."

"What did you do?"

"I started backing away from it because it was coming at me with it's mouth open. I backed into some shelves and the potions ingredients started to fall on me. Dad waved his wand and stopped them. Then at home he really scolded me for causing trouble in the shop. He was going to spank me too, I could tell. I kind of fell apart on him and he never did spank me. I'm glad of that because it would have been a bad one. He'd told me several times not to touch anything and to stay right beside him in that store."

"Well, sometime we'll have to go find that monster. I want to see it!" Harry says excitedly.

"NO. I'm begging you. Please don't make me go back there." Draco whispers.

"Draco, you can't let being afraid stop you from adventures! Where's the courageous kid who took off on horseback across a field he didn't know?" Harry asks.

"Right here beside you but he learned his lesson from his Dad's hairbrush and does not want to repeat it any time soon! You will have to do this without me!"

"Harry, Draco, Fine morning, isn't it?" Fred Weasley asks as he and George sit next to the boys. "We really appreciate the help you gave us Harry. That was one fine experience. Too bad we didn't think to get out a picture taker to preserve the moment for all time." The twins say both taking a turn to talk. To Draco it's like being trapped between two loudspeakers. One makes noise and the other makes noise, back and forth until one finally wears out. Not having had as much contact with the twins as Harry, he's not used to this way of talking.

"Guys! You're getting on Draco's nerves with the stereo talk here. You guys know what I mean by stereo, don't pretend you don't. We can't talk of this anymore here in public because my Dad is going to flip out on me if he hears of it. I'll never sit again if he does. All right?"

"Mum's the word, Harry." Fred says.

"FRED, no! Not Mum. Mum will blister our arse with the spoon over this if she hears about it. Find another word, please!" George says causing Draco and Harry to laugh at his expression.

"George! Watch what you say around here. That kind of talk gets you a sore seat even if your Mum isn't here!" Harry whispers to his friend. "Especially if my Dad hears of it!"

"What? Saying Mum? Spoon? Blister?" George asks eyebrows wiggling.

"No, that word that starts with ar!" Harry says giggling at George's innocent act. "You know how he feels about such words. You both got detention for a week for writing them on his blackboard in the Astronomy classroom last year. I heard about it from someone, not him. He doesn't talk to me about other children's punishment."

"That's nice to know. We want to be known as Junior Marauders not kids who get whacked or sent to detention all the time." Fred says seriously.

"Then you better watch what you are doing and who you talk to. I think Dad and Uncle Sev. are very suspicious right now. We all three better lay low and keep quiet!" Harry tells the twins.

"Lay low?" George asks frowning.

"Stay out of sight and out of trouble. I got that from a muggle movie we saw one time. I'll explain movies some other time, guys. Right now, Draco and I are going to the Amusement Area." Harry says standing up and motioning Draco to come with him.

A/N: Thank you to all who are reading and reviewing this story. I hope you enjoyed Draco and Severus having a little Dad and Son alone time. Next up will be big trouble for the twins and Harry as their escapade is discovered. Thanks to all who responded with ideas after the last chapter. You think up great punishments! Also Harry and Draco will be having another trip, an adventure to muggle London. Look out London, here comes trouble!

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