Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy in Wizardry


Carol Woodham
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Chapter 1

Thank you to all who have read and reviewed the Paradise stories. I will continue writing those. I decided to try something different. Thanks to Truman's Shell for the encouragement.

Harry Potter: A Child Prodigy in Wizardry

A/N In this alternative fiction story you will read about Harry and his adoptive father Sirius Black. This story will contain some spanking of minor children as a disciplinary tool.

Sirius was not imprisoned in Azkaban in this story. In fact he has been teaching at Hogwarts and frequently visited Harry at his parent's house. This story features the relationship between Harry and Sirius as Harry comes to live with him at Hogwarts at the age of eight after his parent's deaths. Many events from the books/movies will be included but may be altered to fit the story.

The story is based on the Harry Potter books and movies. It is not intended to recreate said books or movies. It is solely a work of fiction based on the imagination of the author.

Now, I hope you will let me know what you enjoy about the story.

The background

For eight year old Harry Potter, the last month of his life has been what some would refer to as a nightmare. For the young wizard, it has been all too real. Living in a remote area in a house supposedly protected by magical bonds and charms Harry has felt safe as long as his parents were there with him.

He has been told the story of his parents work, James and Lily Potter's involvement in the War Against Evil. He knows his parents have fought the Dark Lord and his followers several times. Three weeks ago something went horribly wrong.

The Dark Lord himself somehow broke through the wards and charms on their house and destroyed it. He killed Harry's parents and was attempting to kill Harry also.

Harry's father, James had been tipped off that something might happen. He transferred some of his magic to his son through a mixing of their blood. Harry was able to use his Father's strength plus his own exceptionally high level of magic to successfully block the killing curse from the Dark Lord. In blocking the curse he sent it back to Lord Voldemort causing the evil wizard to be apparated from the area. In doing so the evil one lost most of his powers. His followers have now set out to continue his War and destroy Harry now known as " The Boy Who Lived."

Harry was rescued by his Father's friend and his Godfather, Sirius Black. The connection between the boy and his Godfather has strengthened through the years. Sirius frequently visited and also stayed with the Potter family during the summers.

Sirius, a professor of Astronomy and head of house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has taken Harry to live with him at the castle in Scotland. The castle is in an area completely hidden from the outside world. No one except people with magical abilities or who have family with magical abilities know of its existence. Hogwarts and its surrounding grounds are protected from evil with the highest and oldest protection spells in existence. Sirius feels this would be the safest place to raise Harry. Sirius and Harry live in the castle during the school year. In the future they will live at Sirius' manor home during the summer months.

Harry's Introduction to Hogwarts

For eight (almost nine) year old Harry James Potter his new home is a boy's dream come true. His new home is a magical castle with moving staircases, paintings that move and talk, many floors full of many exciting things to see and explore. There are even ghosts he can see and talk with roaming the castle. Harry would be ecstatic except for one thing. He does not have his parents with him any longer. It's been five and a half months since their deaths. Although he still misses seeing them every day, he feels as if he has a new family now.

Harry has his Godfather, Sirius as a parent. He also has many other adults who live and work in the castle to act as surrogate family. One of Harry's favorites is the Headmaster of the school, Professor Albus Dumbledore whom Harry thinks of as a Grandfather.

Professor Dumbledore looks a little like the pictures Harry has seen of the great wizard Merlin. They both have long white hair and long white beards as well as the colorful wizard robes and pointed hat. Professor Dumbledore likes to have Harry come visit him in his office where he tells wonderful stories and gives out all kinds of candy even before meals! He tells Harry stories about his father and godfather's adventures as students at Hogwarts.

"Harry, my boy, I remember one of the second year pranks your Father and Sirius pulled here at Hogwarts! Somewhere they managed to get their hands on an Invisibility Cloak. The cape makes the person or persons wearing it seem invisible to others but the wearer will see through it.

The boys took this cape and wore it to the great hall dining room. During my introductory and welcome speech they snuck around some of the first year students and disrobed them. My you just wouldn't believe the screams! Those children said later "They thought a ghost had gotten to them." The poor children were already nervous being first years and all. That stunt earned your Dad and Sirius two weekends of confinement to their dorm room.

"Did that make them behave better, Grandpa.?" Harry asked sitting at his feet.

"For a while young Harry, for a while." Looking up at the wizened old face, Harry sees the twinkle in the bright blue eyes and laughs along with his Grandpa.

"Harry my boy, I think I have something here you should have." Professor Dumbledore says waving his wand at a cabinet across the large room. To Harry's delight a drawer in the cabinet opens and what looks to Harry like a folded tablecloth floats over to them. He loves any display of magic. His parents rarely used magic in their home, preferring to do most things the muggle or non magical way.

"Here you go young Harry. This is your Father's invisibility cloak. Here stand up and let's try it out. Okay, now wrap it around your shoulders and look down." Grandpa tells him.

Harry follows his directions and then looks down. He can't see anything between his head to the floor.

"My body's gone!" he gasps.

"No son, it's still there but it's invisible. Now cover your head. Can you still see me?"

"Yes Sir, I see you." Harry answers.

"Well, I sure can't see you! Walk over to my mirror and look at yourself."

Looking in the mirror Harry can't see anything. "I don't see anything Grandpa! This mirror doesn't work."

"You are invisible Harry. No one can see things that are invisible. Now why don't you take your cloak and go find Sirius. You can surprise him with it. I'll see you later."

"Sure Grandpa and thanks so much for the cape. I love it!"

Back at Professor Black's quarters, Sirius is pacing back and forth wondering where his godson could be. It is five thirty in the evening and their rule is to be home by five o'clock or tell each other where they would be. As Sirius has not received word from Harry or anyone else about his whereabouts he is worried.

The door to their quarters opens and closes but Sirius doesn't see anyone enter. Suddenly he feels a hand on his arm. He's just about to pull his wand and cast a revelation spell when he hears Harry say " HA! HA! I scared you didn't I? You didn't even know it was me did you?" as he uncovers himself holding his cloak in his arm.

"Harry James! Where have you been? You didn't send word and it's thirty minutes past five! I was worried about you!" Sirius asks frowning down at the boy.

"Oh come on! It's not that late and besides I was fine. I have this cloak and no one can see me when I wear it. Grandpa said it was Dad's and I could have it. Isn't that great? It's going to be such fun to sneak around with this on."

"Harry! " Sirius scolds. "You know our rules. You must always let the other person know where you are at all times. That's one of the safety rules.

You must be home by five o'clock or send word of where you will be. That is part of our rule of being respectful. Did you forget to tell someone to tell me where you were?"

"No, I didn't forget. I just didn't think it mattered. I just told you I had the cape! Nobody could get me with the cape. I was fine and having fun. You don't have to be so cross!" Harry answers just a little defiantly.

Sirius stares at his Godson in surprise. He's never heard Harry speak so disrespectfully. The boy had just willfully broken the rules he had set down for his safety. Sirius thinks to himself "What would James do in this situation?" Then he remembers from the summer before.

"Harry, come over here and sit with me on the couch. I want to talk with you." Sirius says leading the boy to the couch. "Do you remember last summer when you took your broom out without permission?"

Harry answers "Yeah, I remember. I really wanted to go flying but Mum said I had to wait until you or Daddy got home so one of you could go with me. I didn't want to wait so I went up by myself."

"Why was it that your Mum and Daddy didn't want you flying by yourself?" Sirius asks.

"Because it wasn't safe and something could happen to me and they wouldn't be there to help or know where I was." Harry recited what he remembers being told.

"What happened when your Mum found you missing?" Sirius continues.

"She floo called Daddy and you and he came home. He went up after me and brought me home."

"Yes, I remember his panic at finding you and your broom both missing. What happened when he brought you home?" Sirius asks.

"Daddy really scolded me and told me I had put myself in danger by disobeying Mum. Then he took my broom away for two weeks and he spanked me." Harry says sorrowfully.

"Well young man, you disobeyed me today. Just as when you went flying by yourself, I didn't know where you were and couldn't help you if you needed it. As I am now your guardian it is my job to enforce the rules just like your Daddy did that day."

"Harry, this is the first time you have deliberately disobeyed me and broken one of our rules. The rules we have are to protect you. I'm not going to spank you but I am confining you to your room tonight and all day tomorrow. This cloak of yours is going to be kept until I feel you are responsible enough to have it back."

"No! You can't take my cloak! It's mine not yours! Grandpa gave it to me. He said it was Dad's and I could have it. I Want To Keep It!" Harry says loudly, angrily stomping his feet.

"Let's go Harry." Sirius says lifting the child into his arms. He carries the squirming, crying child into his bedroom and lays him on his bed. "You just stay here until you can speak to me in a calm polite voice. If you speak to me in that disrespectful tone of voice again Harry James, I will turn you over my knee!" he says trying not to show the hurt he feels. He walks out of the boy's room and closes the door.

"James, I hope I'm doing the right thing here. I love him so and I hate to see him crying and upset like this. I'm doing what I think you would do. I wish you were still here and I was just the fun guy who got to spoil him." Sirius thinks as he goes to the sitting area to calm himself down. Then feeling the need to talk with someone about the incident with Harry he walks to the fireplace.

Reaching up the ledge above the fireplace, he takes a handful of green powder, throws it in the fireplace and says "Minerva McGonagall's quarters". He steps into the green flames and is whisked in seconds to the second floor residence of the deputy headmistress. Minerva McGonagall is a woman around the age of fifty, is a long standing professor and most recently Deputy Headmistress at the school.

"Sirius! What a surprise. What are you doing here? Where's Harry? You should have brought him along. I haven't seen the sweetheart in three days. Professor McGonagall stops talking for just a minute, at the look on Sirius' face. "Whatever can be wrong, is Harry sick? You look upset."

"I'm a little upset, true. But Harry isn't sick. I need to ask you something. With all of your years of dealing with children I need your expertise. Harry came in late today without sending word of where he was. I panicked and really scolded him and then I punished him."

"I see. Well why don't you sit down here and tell me what happened." She says motioning to a chair at a table and summoning a tray with tea with her wand.

After hearing the story from Sirius, the professor says kindly "Well Sirius, I would say you handled this just perfectly. Harry knew he was disobeying but did it anyway. He seems to be testing his limits with you. He's checking to see how far he can go before you punish him. Reminding him of the rules you have and why they are important is good. Also by reminding him of the punishment from his parents helps him remember he had rules with them also."

"Thank you but I still feel so guilty for making him upset. Maybe I shouldn't have punished him so harshly." Sirius replies.

"Sirius, what you did was not harsh. You confined him to his room not beat him with a belt. Even if you had spanked him, I don't feel that wouldn't have been too harsh. You do know that we use corporal punishment here at Hogwarts occasionally.

I myself have been known to use a ruler on a boy's disobedient bottom. In fact, I believe I used it on Harry's Dad, James once during his years here. Somehow you managed not to get that particular punishment."

"I never did from you that's true. I did get whacked twice by Professor Caldwell though. Both times it was for going to Hogsmeade under that blasted cape of James's when it wasn't a Hogsmeade school weekend. The second time he floo called my Father and he came here. When he left I couldn't sit without hurting. I never tried to sneak out of the castle again. I was too afraid of getting another whipping with my Father's belt."

"Yes, I remember your Father. Orion did have a considerable temper. His howlers were memorable! His make the Weasley twins Mum sound like a pussycat in her howlers! "

Grinning Sirius says "Those two are quite a handful alright. Luckily I haven't been on the receiving end of one of their pranks yet. They seem to like me. I know they like Harry. They took to him right away when he moved in with me. They were so nice to him even though they are three years older."

"Remember, they do have a younger brother and sister. They are used to younger children. I believe their younger brother is the same age as Harry. You could try to get the two boys together and give Harry a playmate. He may just need someone to play with to keep him out of trouble."

"Thank you for all the advice. I will think about contacting the Weasleys. Right now I need to go back and check on my godson. Have a nice evening." Sirius says as he steps into the fireplace and floos back to his quarters for the night.

After stepping out of the fireplace into his sitting room he immediately goes to check on Harry. He pushes open the door of his godson's room to find Harry cuddled in bed with his favorite stuffed toy, a golden dragon. The dragon is one of the few things that weren't destroyed the night his parent's house was attacked.

Sitting on the side of Harry's bed, Sirius softly strokes the little boy's hair. As usual it's sticking up in the back. The fringe in front is pushed up revealing the lightning bolt scar on the boy's forehead. That scar is from the battle Harry went through with the Dark Lord Voldemort. It is one thing that easily identifies Harry as being what the newspapers call "the boy who lived."

Harry, feeling his godfather's hand opens his eyes to peer fuzzily up at the figure on his bed. Reaching out he finds his glasses and puts them on. "Hi Sirius." He greets his godfather slightly subdued. Then taking a big breath as if gathering up all his courage he quickly says "I'm sorry I was a bad boy. I won't be naughty anymore. Please don't be mad at me."

"Harry, Pup, I'm not mad with you. I was worried about you but I'm fine now that I know you are safe. You must always remember to follow our safety rules. I don't think asking you to check in with me or to tell me where you are going is too harsh of a rule when it comes to safety.

You must remember to keep yourself from dangerous situations Harry. Being alone without anyone knowing where you are could put you in danger. Not putting yourself or someone else in danger is also one of the rules isn't it?"

"Yes Sir, it's a major rule. I didn't think I was putting myself in danger, I'm sorry. Are you going to spank me?" Harry asks.

"No, I'm not Pup. This time we'll let your grounding to your room be a reminder of what you need to do from now on. But Harry, the next time you put yourself or someone else in a harmful situation, I will spank you. If that's what you need to help you remember to keep yourself safe then that's what I'll do. Even if I don't want to do it, I love you too much to let you get away with that kind of behavior."

"Yes Sir, I understand. I love you too." Harry says wrapping his arms around Sirius.

"It's time for supper Pup, I'll go fix us something and bring you a tray when it's ready."

"Sirius, please can't I come to the table and eat? I'll come straight back to my room afterwards." Harry pleads.

"No, when you are grounded to your room that means staying here until you are allowed to come out. You will be allowed out by supper tomorrow night but not tonight, Pup." Sirius says fighting not to smile when Harry flops backwards on the disgust. He knows that for a young boy being confined to his room is a difficult punishment.

Three weeks later, Headmaster Dumbledore has called a meeting with the faculty of Hogwarts. All of the professors are meeting in the great hall dining room for a meal and to discuss the latest plans for the coming school term.

"We have spoken with the board of directors and it has been decided to lower the age of admittance to Hogwarts from eleven to nine year olds. A special examination will be given to those who wish to attend early. We will only be accepting the top ninety children in the nine to ten year old group. Since we have always accepted those children beginning at age eleven we will not have examinations past the age of ten.

Those children whose magical core meets or exceeds the standard we have set for the examination will be our newest students. We have already secured four more dormitories for these students. We will call them the lower form for the nine to twelve year olds and the upper form for the thirteen to seventeen year olds." Professor Dumbledore announces.

Minerva McGonagall continues the announcements " As Professor Dumbledore said we will have four new houses for the lower form. We have decided to call them junior Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. We will refer to them as Lions, Dragons, Ravens, and Snakes which are with the exception of Slytherin, different symbols than those used for the upper form houses. The rules and disciplinary procedures will remain the same for all houses.

We do have new heads of house for the newer dorms. These will be Professor Sirius Black- Junior Gryffindor Lions, Professor Leah Julian for the Junior Ravenclaw Ravens, Professor Katherine Talbot for the Hufflepuff Dragons. Our newest Professor for Defense of the Dark Arts, Remus Lupin will take the head of house position for the junior Slytherin Snakes. Now let our lunch begin and we will continue discussion of the new term following lunch." With that said she taps the table with her wand twice and dishes and platters of food appear all along the table.

Just as most of the adults are finishing the meal, they see the doors to the entrance hall open but no one enters. There is the sound of wind swirling above their heads and the sound of whispering can be heard.

"Severus Snape, Potions Master grabs his wand and demands "Show yourself!" just as a volley of water balloons hit the professors table.

Despite the sound of splashing water, Sirius identifies the giggling he hears as coming from his godson Harry. Although he can't see the boy he can feel the connection they share and knows the child is there in the room. "He's using the cloak to keep himself invisible." Sirius thinks.

"Accio Harry and broom!" He commands waving his wand as he steps out onto the main floor away from the professor's table. Immediately a young boy and his broom are standing before him.

Placing his hand on the boy's shoulder he turns him to face the astonished and wet table of professors. Bending down he says firmly into Harry's ear "Apologize for your behavior and do it right NOW!"

"I am sorry for getting everyone wet Professors. It was not a nice prank and I apologize." Harry says trying hard not to grin at the soaked professors staring down at him.

Professor Snape barks out "Black, this child of yours needs a firm hand! He's out of control !"

"Young man! I am ashamed of you. You know better than to fly inside the building! Your behavior today is disrespectful and quite dangerous! What if you had been hexed or fallen from the broom? I'm very disappointed in you Harry!" Professor McGonagall scolds the boy.

Hearing his adopted Grandmother scold him so severely makes Harry's eyes fill with tears as he drops his head. "I'm sorry I didn't think about that. I was just having some fun with Peeves."

"PEEVES!" Professor McGonagall calls sternly. "Show yourself!" A small ghost appears in the air. He's wearing a checkered vest with a derby hat on his head. "You called Ma'am?" the ghost asks politely.

"Did you help young Harry here with the balloons?"

"Yes I did." The ghost answers in a singsong manner. Lovely prank it was too. Did you all enjoy your bath?" Peeves asks drifting away giggling madly.

Back on the floor Harry can't help but giggle along with the ghost. "This is not a laughing matter young man. You are in big trouble. Come with me." Sirius says taking the boy's hand and apparating back to their quarters.

"Sit on the couch Harry." Sirius sits beside the boy looking directly into his eyes. "Harry didn't we talk about keeping yourself out of danger? Haven't I told you NOT to use the broom without permission and to only fly with an adult?"

"Yes Sir."

"Did you hear what Professor McGonagall told you? She was correct when she said flying INSIDE a building is dangerous. Also flying with the cloak, which by the way you are not allowed to use (Harry drops his head at this) is also dangerous. One or more of the professors could have sent hexes or even spells at you when no one could see you! Did you even think about that when you pulled this stunt?" Sirius's voice is getting louder and even more stern than when he began this talk.

"No sir, I didn't think about that." Harry says beginning to cry not liking the sternness he is hearing in his godfather's voice.

"Putting yourself or someone else in danger is one of our biggest rules. You broke that rule today Harry James. If you remember I told you what would happen the next time you put yourself in danger. Did I not?"

Seeing Harry nod his head and wipe tears from his face Sirius asks "What did I tell you the punishment would be if you put yourself or someone else in danger?"

"You said you'd spank me. Please don't. I'm sorry and I won't do it again." Harry says with a pleading look.

"Well Harry, when I tell you I'm going to do something I always mean it." With that said he pulls the boy over his knee and proceeds to spank him with his hand. After eight hard spanks he stands Harry back up.

Looking into the boy's eyes again he says "I love you very much Harry James Potter! I will do whatever I think is necessary to keep you safe. Please don't ever put yourself in danger like this again. I don't want to have to spank you the way I just did. You know that right?"

The boy collapses into his godfather's arms hugging tightly. "I know Sirius and I'm so sorry. I love you too even though you did spank me!" Harry says through his tears.

After holding each other quietly for several more minutes, Harry asks still sniffling "Sirius? Can I take the test you all were talking about? I want to be a student here. I already know a lot about magic so I bet I could ace that exam. Would you let me, Please?"

"Yes Pup. I have already written your name on the list for examinations. I was planning to talk with you about it tonight after we had our faculty meeting. I needed to know a little more information before we talked." Sirius tells him. "After I find out all of the information we'll talk about what to expect on the exam alright?"

"Yes Sir. I can't wait to see what house the Sorting Hat puts me into. I want to be a Gryffindor just like you and my Dad. Then remembering his godfather and father's friend he recently met, he asks "Was Professor Lupin in Gryffindor too?"

"Yes Harry, we were all together and best friends. We called ourselves the Marauders. I'll tell you stories about our adventures after we have our tea. Are you hungry enough to eat some pumpkin tarts today? I have some from the Hogwarts kitchen elves." At Harry's sleepy nod he says "Maybe a nap for you first before we have that tea."

Lifting the boy he realizes again how small for his age Harry appears. For a child nearly nine he looks more the size of a child of seven. He carries him over to his bedroom and tucks him in with Dragon for a short nap. Leaning down he gives the boy a kiss on the top of his head.

"Sleep well Pup, no nightmares." Quietly he leaves the room leaving the door slightly cracked to hear Harry if he needs him.

After nearly an hour of sitting, reading in his favorite overstuffed lounger, Sirius hears a muffled crash from Harry's room. That plus a smell of smoke has him leaping to his feet and rushing to investigate.

Pushing open the door that is now closed, he blinks in surprise at the scene before him. Harry is kneeling at the foot of his bed with his back to the door. He has his comforter off the bed and seems to be trying to mop up something on the floor. There's a strong smell of something burning in the air.

Stepping further into the room Sirius questions "Harry?"

Seeing the look of concern on the boy's face as he turns his head towards him, Sirius says quietly "What's going on Pup?" as his eyes lower to the floor in front of his godson. Upon seeing the smoking hole in the comforter he leans down and grabs Harry around his waist. As he lifts the child away from the smoking comforter he draws his wand to extinguish what he believes is a small fire.

"NO, don't hurt him. He didn't mean too. Please it was an accident!" Harry says tugging on Sirius' wand arm while still in the crook of Sirius's other arm.

"What do you mean "he didn't mean to" Harry? Who are you talking about?" Sirius asks lowering the boy to the floor but keeping a firm grasp on his arm to keep him from getting to close to the fire. At the same time he uses his wand to spell a stream of water onto the still smoking comforter.

Turning back to the boy, he asks "Harry, did you do this? Did you start this fire?"

Shaking his head Harry answers "No sir, I didn't do it." Then taking a long look up at his godfather he says quietly "Dragon did it. He set the blanket on fire. I'm sorry. I couldn't stop him."

"Dragon?" Sirius asked a bit puzzled. Then he remembers the toy dragon. "Pup? Dragon is just a toy. Now you need to tell me what really happened here. I promise you I'm not mad and I'm not going to be mad. I just want to know the truth. What really happened, Harry?"

"I'll show you but you have to be really quiet. He scares easily." Harry says as he walks over to the wet comforter and lifts it. To Sirius' surprise there is a foot and a half tall live golden dragon sitting under the comforter. Puffs of smoke are coming out of its nose.

"This is Dragon. He breathed on the comforter and it started to get on fire. I was trying to knock the fire out on the floor but Dragon crawled under the blanket and kept blowing. I'm sorry the blanket got burned. Are you sure you're not mad? You're not going to spank me again are you?"

When Sirius stays quiet and continues to just look at the little dragon, Harry continues "My other Daddy told me one time that if he ever caught me playing around with fire he would use Mum's bedroom slipper on my bare bottom! Sirius, please don't use a slipper. I honestly didn't mean to. It just happened." Harry says beginning to sniffle.

Sirius hearing the sound turns to look at the child. When he sees the tear filled eyes and trembling lower lip he reaches out his long arm and pulls the boy up against him. Then standing he carries the child over to the bed and sits down with him on his lap.

"Shh, Pup. It's all right. No one is mad at you. I promise! I didn't mean to worry you by not answering your questions. It's just that I was surprised to see a live dragon in your bedroom! It's not every day that someone walks into a room and sees a real dragon you know!" he says teasingly.

"Yeah, I know. It kinda surprised me too."

"Pup? Where did the dragon come from? Do you know?" Sirius asks still holding the boy on his lap. Remembering Harry's words from a few minutes earlier "I didn't mean to" he has an idea of what might have happened.

"I was playing with Dragon when I woke up from my nap. I was talking to him and telling him about me maybe getting to go to school here. I said some words and he turned real! I didn't mean to do it. It just happened."

"Harry, can you remember what words you used?" Sirius asks

"It's something Mummy used to say when she wanted her fake flowers to be pretty. I wanted Dragon to look nicer. He was looking scruffy. I said "Dragon you need to be verus." Then there was this popping noise and he turned real and a little bigger." Harry explains.

Sirius chuckles softly to himself. He remembers Harry's mum, Lily having trouble with getting her flowers to live. She would buy and plant them just to have them die the next day. He can very well imagine her using the spell "Verus" meaning real to make "fake flowers" real.

"Pup, do you have your Daddy's wand in here with you?" Sirius asks thinking the wand was tucked away in his own bedroom the last he knew. He had shown it to Harry but their agreement was to keep it put away until Harry was old enough to use a wand.

"No Sirius. I think it's still in that drawer in your room. I haven't seen it. Is it lost?" Harry asks.

"Are you sure you don't have it and didn't use it to turn Dragon real?"

"I don't have it and all I said was 'verus' and he came alive just like Mum's flowers used to do. Was it bad to say that? "

"No Pup, it wasn't bad. You used wandless magic! Did you know that there aren't many children who can do that? Those that can are much older than you. I'm impressed! We'll have to go tell your Grandpa about this. I think he'll be surprised too! What do you say about going to visit after we have our tea?"

"What about Dragon? Are we going to take him too?" Harry asks.

"That might be a good idea. We'll take him along just to see Grandpa's reaction. He'll probably pop his hat when we tell him this is your stuffed toy. He's the one who gave you Dragon when you were just a baby. Did you know that?" Sirius asks.

"Unh uh. Can we get that tea now? I'm hungry. Do we still have pumpkin tarts like you said?"

"As far as I know, unless of course Dragon here has snuck out and burned them up."

Sirius says as he scoops up a giggling armful of boy and takes him into the kitchen area for tea.

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Deleted User: The fact that the book ends before she even goes on the date/dinner is so frustrating. But Even though...I love your story and the rollercoasters it takes me on. 💚🖤🖤⚔☠😁☠⚔🖤🖤💚

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