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Daisy, Daisy

By kaiwai

Humor / Horror

Chapter 1

"Daisy, Daisy, 

Give me your answer, do. 

 I'm half crazy,

All for the love of you."

Kaneki picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder, looking in the full-body mirror in the corner of the room one last time to make sure his eyepatch was properly in place. Couldn't let it slip and show the world he wasn't human, though, as he would quickly learn, this school already knew.

It was his first day at this school, and though he was used to Kami University, this school's headmaster had promised something his old school couldn't:

Protection from her. 

Since the night he had been attacked by Rize, she has haunted him, never leaving his mind, and forcing him from focusing on what he really wanted. Here, he could study all the literature and psychology he wanted, while still taking care of his other responsibilities as a ghoul. 

He couldn't forget or put aside what joining Aogiri had done to him, and why he had to abandon Touka and Hide and his friends back at Anteiku. Not to mention, he had to leave the country because of them.

Everything would be different now. He would make sure of it this time.

And what an odd little name for a school; Bloody Cages. He was sure there was some story or reasoning behind the name, like there always was to every school, but still, to name your school Bloody Cages? 

And what kind of headmaster had to earn the nickname Lieutenant?

This is definitely going to be interesting.

"Hi, you've reached the one and only Lieutenant of Bloody Cages! Sorry I couldn't answer your call. You know what to do!" Lieutenant's cheery voice rang through the phone speaker, before there was a short beep. Zero wanted to chuck his comm across the Pacific, but of course, that was the fourth one he'd been through that month, and Lieutenant would kill him if he had to come to him to get another one.

It was his fault for not answering the damn phone!

Kaneki looked the gloomy scene over again. Rainy skies, a cliff just off the edge of the soccer field where the Pacific appeared to flow forever, a Victorian themed-library to the left, and in front of him, a mini-plaza where there was a bookstore, a cafe, and an attached lounge center. He was about to give up and against every fiber of his being, set aside his social anxiety to ask somebody in the library or bookstore or cafe for directions, when he heard the loud revving of an engine, and he had to back behind the library to keep from getting splattered with mud and grass as a sleek, beautiful, black muscle car swerved into a donut on the grass, uprooting crabgrass, skittering mud, and sending fallen leaves flying for safety. The driver drifted to a stop, and stepped out of the car in a motorcycle helmet, leather jacket, and crisp grey Levis with black Converse. Silver hair poured from the ebony helmet as the figure took it off, and fiery amethyst eyes met a hidden camera in the golden decorations ebbed in the Victorian style library's balcony. "How do you like that, you fucking bitch!?" The male screamed at the camera, and Kaneki had thought he'd seen everything. Then he felt it. There was a tug at his chest, and he froze. Crap. Not now. Please not now.Zero threw down his helmet in frustration, and ripped his comm off. Lieutenant was definitely going to have his head later, but he didn't care anymore. She'd finally answered her phone only to tell him he had to take care of some stupid brat kid!? To hell with that!! A white haired teen in all black stepped out from around the library, and Zero's hand went to Bloody Rose when he saw the kid had one red eye. His heart skipped a beat, fearing Rido had come back. He held up Bloody Rose."Oi! This campus had been cleared! State why the hell you feel you're so damn special you got permission to be roaming around!" Zero barked, but all the kid said was, "do you plan to shoot me with that?"Zero widened his eyes a bit. This kid was almost as frustrating as Kuran!"I said, state your purpose here!" he growled, and the teen walked up to him, boldly leaning into Bloody Rose and making sure Zero would have a clean shot at killing him."I heard what you said," he said calmly, "and I asked, 'do you plan to shoot me with that?' Because you and I both know; even though than gun is cursed, it's designed to shoot vampires, isn't it? So I'll ask you again, do you plan to shoot me with that?"Correction. This kid was definitely more frustrating than Kuran. "Yeah," Zero said, glaring the kid down. "I do."The kid shrugged. "Then go ahead," he said, "shoot me."Zero wanted to tear this kid's head off and play soccer with it, but realization came to mind. This kid couldn't possibly be Rido, or even a vampire. If he was, he wouldn't be so calm and steady about getting shot by Bloody Rose, and he sure as hell would've at least heard of Zero, the infamous vampire hunter and president of the Hunter's Association, and most-feared hunter out there. "You're not human, though. I know that. So...what are you?" Zero asked, his anger diminishing, but it came right back when the teen spoke again. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he said, and walked off. "Oh, and you might want to move that before it gets towed."
Lieutenant rubbed his temples. "Just one day, Zero," he said, "please. One day where you don't destroy something." Zero ignored him, simply leaning against Lieutenant's desk and looking away, a scowl on his face."I want your card," Lieutenant said after a minute of silence. Zero glared at him. If looks could kill."What!?" he hissed, and Lieutenant held his hand out. "You heard me, Kiryu. Card. Now." Zero snapped. "First you stick me on a mission with that evil spawn pureblood, then you don't answer the phone when I need you on an emergency call, and when you do answer, you stick me with some useless brat that tells me where not to park my car!? I can park where I damn well please!""No, Zero! No you cannot park where you damn well please! There is a reason there are separate areas for vehicles and pedestrians! I stuck you on that mission with Kuran because I knew he would watch your back! You are reckless, careless, and you're a damned idiot! If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be alive! And you want to talk about useless!? I give you the simplest assignment; handle the new student coming in from Aogiri, and you couldn't even do that because you were so caught up in your own damn made-up bullshit! Now give me your fucking card or I'll stick you in the detention cell like I should've eons ago!"Zero blinked, his face turning surprised. He pulled out his BlackCard and clipped it off his belt before handing it to Lieutenant, who was now holding a glass bottle of a clear liquid in his free hand. "Get out of my sight," he said, and Zero turned and took his leave, not even bothering to slam the door shut. Kaneki poked his head in through the door. "Lieutenant..?" he said meekly, "may I come in now..?"Lieutenant nodded, gesturing to the leather cushion in front of his desk. Kaneki sat up straight, watching the brunette male take another swig of the clear liquid in the glass. "Is that..?" Kaneki asked, and Lieutenant shook his head. "Medicated water. Azalea, my cardiotherapist devised it from some chemicals that are released in your brain when you meditate; supposedly, they calm you down. It's bubblegum flavor. Not really as terrible as you'd think it would be. Wanna try?" Kaneki shook his head. "I'm sure you need it more than I do," he said, and froze, his face turning red. "Uh, I didn't mean like that! I meant-"Lieutenant chuckled. "I know what you meant. It's okay. I don't mind. I know I have a terrible temper. You should see my female form; Reney's literally a short fuse."Kaneki frowned questioningly. "Female..?""I'm a shapeshifter. All the students here in BC know this, but they think my natural form is Reney. Who knows? I feel more natural in this state, but then again, everyone tells me I fill the part of a female much better."Kaneki grew quiet, and the soft clink of the now-empty bottle was heard as Lieutenant set it down and kneeled in front of the ghoul. He smiled, an unaturally beautiful and perfect smile that would make any model insane with jealousy."Kaneki," he said, "you're new here, so I have a lot more leniency towards you. I understand you're still getting used to things around here, and it's okay to say something or ask something if you're curious. I'm here to answer all your questions, okay?"Kaneki blushed a bit and nodded. Lieutenant flashed that perfect smile again. "Good," he said, "then I hope you wouldn't mind terribly if I kept you assigned with Kiryu. It's not to punish you, it's to punish him. And, whatever you did or said to piss him off, keep it up for me, kid, okay?"Kaneki smiled and nodded again, and Lieutenant stood, leaning back against his desk so Kaneki could get a better look at his full body. He was wearing what appeared to be brand-new black-and-white Jordans', matching black jeans with the audio cord of a set of headphones hanging from the iphone in his back pocket to the actual earphones in his front pocket, and a white t-shirt that hung semi-loose off his body; Kaneki noticed a lump from under his shirt. Lieutenant saw Kaneki's eyes wander to the dogtags under his shirt, and he unconsciously gripped them. "Belonged to a close friend," he said, and Kaneki studied Lieutenant's face. It was unreadable, like he was thinking about something, but Kaneki couldn't quite figure out what it was. Lieutenant's eyes flickered for a moment, and Kaneki noticed he actually had delicate, beautiful features for a male. He had fair, porcelain-like skin, almost like a doll, and bright, shimmering blue/green eyes, like they were made of paint and glitter. His lips were soft, thick, but pale, and were parted slightly to show off the perfect teeth behind them. Lieutenant blinked back into reality, and noticed Kaneki staring at him a bit. He smirked. "If you're going to tell me something I already know to get a number out of me, might as well say it now. I've heard them all," he said, making Kankei blush furiously."N-no, uhm, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stare. You just...look so...""Doll-like?" Lieutenant finished, and Kaneki nodded. "It's because I'm not human. I actually don't know why shapeshifters need looks. It's not like we need blood, or, no offense, human flesh to survive. I mean, I don't need sleep. I don't need food, or water. I can windstorm the crap out of my hair, and it'll never look bad. The logic is unreal." Kaneki bit his lip. "I know what it's like," Lieutenant continued, "to be a monster and wonder what your purpose is, or why something like this could happen to you. Mostly, you wonder, why you, and why this..? How could everything be fine one day, and the next, you're something....not human?" Lieutenant stood up straight. "Well, I have a lecture in a few minutes. If you have any questions, my number and Zero's are in this," he said, handing Kaneki an iphone like his own. "Just let either of us know. You can pretty much do whatever you want, just make sure to stay clear of areas that have been cleared. This card will help you identify those areas. The card will sense a certain energy in areas that have been cleared, and it'll notify your phone, so keep that thing on. These dogtags are yours, but to get them officially printed and engraved, you'll have to see anyone from the Final Fantasy series, preferably Cloud Strife from VII, because he's typically the friendliest to new kids. You'll also get your schedule digitally, and you'll need to get cleared by Nayya or Lily from the lab to go on missions. Billy downstairs can help you with whatever else you need help with, and give you anything you'll need. He's really sassy and has a heavy accent though, so try to just let him talk if goes on a ramble. You're Tokyo Ghoul, so your room is in the T building; you've probably already figured that out. Any questions?" Lieutenant continued, handing everything to Kaneki as he spoke.Kaneki thought for a minute. "Just one," he said, "and don't take this the wrong way. Are you with anyone..?"
A/N: So, I dunno if we're allowed to do this here on this site or not, but there are a few little things I need to clarify, so I'll make these notes brief. I am joining this contest, super late, I know. This is a crossover, obviously, and I don't own any of the games, animes, manga, or characters except Bloody Cages, Lieutenant, Nayya, and Lily. Also, please forgive the structure. I keep editing the paragraphs so they're not one, improper paragraph, but it just edits it back to one paragraph so I just gave up.
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