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“Congratulations! You have successfully brought your own animatronic! It will be arriving in a few hours or if there is any problems then tomorrow!” - “She looks so pretty -pretty delicious.” - “It won’t kill her if she doesn’t know, But it may hurt her.” He smiled as he stared at himself in the mirror.

Romance / Thriller
jamless queen
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"Look at you, already starting your new job! I'm so proud of you!" Namjoon exclaimed as he clapped his hands together before resting his hands on both her shoulders.

"Shut up, you don't even know what my job is." Y/N stated as she gently pushed Namjoon's hands off her. A loud gasp was heard from the man as he clutched the left side of his chest, acting as if he got shot.

"Of course I do! What kind of friend would I be if I didn't!?" Y/N rolled her eyes at his behaviour, not believing whatever nonsense was spewing out of his mouth.

"Sure, then what's my job?" Y/N leaned on her left leg and laid both her hands on the sides of her hip, raising an eyebrow.

"You're a doctor!" Namjoon proudly guessed before he noticed Y/N's face scrunch up in disgust. "I meant midwifery!" He guessed once again, mentally begging for him to be correct. But Y/N's expression only changed into an even more disgusted look. "Oh wait, I know! You're a ballet teacher!" Namjoon squeezed his eyes shut, hoping he was correct.


He slowly opened his left eye only to realise that Y/N had disappeared.

"Hey! I was just kidding! I know what your job is!" Namjoon yelled across the empty cafe, and a sudden head popped out of the corner. "Go on then." Y/N muttered loud enough for Namjoon to hear and a smirk appeared on his face.

"You're a waitress!" He guessed again only to get a disappointed look on Y/N's face. "Okay I give up, I don't know what you're job is! Just tell me, please!" Namjoon begged as he ran to her and held his hands in a ball.

"I'm a game developer." Y/N crossed her arms and pouted at him. "What the fuck! How was I supposed to guess that?" He shouted causing Y/N to, once again, roll her eyes.

"You could've looked at my uniform." Namjoon was left speechless at how blind he was to not notice the name right in the middle of her shirt, in bold.

'Game Developer Of Pear'


It's been months since Y/N has started working in the gaming industry. It was really overwhelming seeing as she was still a newcomer.

Yes, Y/N loved making and playing games, but she didn't really know if making games was what she wanted to do in life.

She sighed as she sat down at her not-so-comfortable chair, before going on ZooTube and watching random cat videos. Suddenly, as she was about to close the tab, another tab opened.

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows as she tried to close the tab, believing it was just a scam or a virus.

She left her computer open, too lazy to shut it off and decided to have a little nap.


"Princess~" A voice called out at Y/N, as it bent over her, examining her human features.

She is pretty...

It thought before smirking as another thought popped in it's mind.

-pretty delicious.

It let out a low laugh before chanting her name quietly in her ear, trying to wake her up.

"Fuck off Namjoon." The figure widened it's eyes, surprised at the human's choice of words.

Feisty one she is.

"Hmm, I'm not Namjoon princess~" it purred again at her ear, causing her to jump up and scream at the being before her.

"Oh, I'm sorry did I scare you?" The figure turned his head to the side slightly, before grinning at her reaction. It scanned her expression, mentally laughing in their head.

Sweat was streaming down the side of her pale face, as her natural brown eyes enlarged by the second. Her drenched hair gripped on to her head and random parts of her face as her chest reached higher and lower synchronizing with her breathes.

The being bit their lip as they couldn't help themselves but stare at her nearly exposed breasts. She was only wearing a white top with a heart designed in the middle, and a pair of baby blue sweatpants with the quote 'This is what I wear in the morning' along the side of it.

"Who the fuck are you!?"

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