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"Mine." - Kim Namjoon Bts Kim Namjoon Au ©_bangtanlove2019

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*How he looks but with blonde hair and has an X tattoo on his neck*



My muscles coil as I force myself from the bed. I let out a breath, bracing my elbows on my knees and haunch over. My body aches, an agonizing feeling of drowsiness and a hangover punches my gut. My ears perk at the soft sound of a woman's sleepy moan. I glance over my shoulder and take account of the brunette snuggled in silk sheets.

I curse. Last night occurs to me, slamming into my throbbing head like a train. I went to the bar, I got drunk, and apparently I went home with someone I had no clue about. Her name doesn't come to mind but like my other one night flings, it didn't really matter.

I liked it this way. No strings, just one night of pleasure for the both of us. I don't plan on settling down, not unless my true mate were to finally emerge from her hiding. No I didn't stay pure for her but I made sure to take the precautions to avoid any unwanted pregnancies. I wouldn't have a pup with anyone other than my mate.

So I steer clear of females that were in or even close to their heat. My wolf simply needed to get off. I needed to get off. As an alpha, females tend to flock around in hopes I'd claim them for my own. I had no issues with mating a female, even if she weren't my true mate. But I didn't feel right biting someone else without even looking for my mate. I wouldn't hurt her before even meeting her.

I sigh and force myself to my feet. Finding my clothes, I quickly get dressed and silently leave the room. The female stirs but doesn't wake and I slowly make my way out the front door and into the dark night.

I take this walk of shame for the second night in the row, taking the moment to rethink all of my life choices up until tonight. I won't lie and say I don't feel a bit...sleazy. But I can't really lie and say I regret it. Not being bonded by fate is so much simpler.

I don't just sleep with every female I see. I have standards and a type. I always make sure to wear condoms and—

My phone rings, cutting off my thoughts. I don't break my stride as I answer.

"Hello?" There's a slight pause and my face tightens. "What is it?"

"Humans." The one word makes my feet halt. I can feel a growl forming in the back of my throat and my hand tightens around my phone.

"Where?" I say as calmly as I can and a long sigh drawls from my beta.

"Front gate. They brought pitchforks this time." He chuckles humorlessly and I take in a deep breath before speaking calmly into the phone.

"I'm on my way." I say.

"I told Lia to take the pups and elders to the safe room. Wouldn't want them witnessing bloodshed." He says lowly and my brows press together.

"There won't be any bloodshed." I say growling. His slight pause makes me pick up my pace.

"Jimin and Jungkook are—"

"You tell those two to stand down!" I grit, my jaw muscles tight now at the thought. Those two fucking hot heads will start a war we don't need.

"Hurry." Are the last words I hear before the line goes dead and I'm breaking out into a full sprint.

Dodging trees and jumping over logs, I finally make it to the front gate of my pack. As my beta said, there's a crowd of humans pushing against the large gates, hoping to enter. I growl loudly, making all of them freeze in their spots.

"What's the meaning of this?" I snark, stalking towards the tall man who I'm assuming is their leader. He frowns.

"Your kind isn't welcome here!" He sneers, earning the crowds agreement as they raise their pitchforks. You've got to be fucking kidding me, did they seriously bring pitchforks? I thought my beta was being sarcastic but...

"If the counsel won't kill you beasts, we will!" A gun is aimed directly at my head and I sigh.

"I don't want to kill you." I say calmly, my wolf itching to be released. Unlike me, my wolf is more aggressive and believed that fighting was the way to go. I preferred peace and understanding. But that didn't mean I wouldn't bite if needed to.

The tall man shouts something that makes his little human crowd go into a frenzy. They're on the move, charging right at me with their pitchforks and knives. Barrels of guns point at me and I stay put in my spot.


"I tried to stop this." I say, hearing the loud snarls of wolves busting through the gate and attacking. Of course Jimin is the first to lead, taking head between his wolf's jaw and biting down savagely.

Horrid cracks and loud crunches make my blood boil and my wolf agitated. He wants to fight but I refuse to unleash him, he'd only go into a frenzy at the taste of blood. And the three large wolves were doing pretty well for themselves against the small army.

It's the large black wolf that lunges at their leader, knocking his body down and stepping on him with one large paw.

"Leave him," I say but the young male continues to growl down at the man. "Jungkook."

His head whips up and he slowly backs away, lips curled back into a snarl. The man trembles as he comes face to face with the large black wolf. I sigh as I make my way over to him.

"Well," I say, crouching down to meet his eyes. "What now?"

His eyes widen in fear when he sees the three large wolves behind me, ready to pounce on my say so. I smile down at the man.

"You're on our territory mister," I say lowly. "And according to counsel, whatever happens on pack lands is out of their jurisdiction. It was pretty dumb of you to trespass, now innocent people lost their loved ones today, all because of your foolishness."

"You demons trespassed a long time ago!" He spats, spitting into my face. "Rot in hell!"

I slowly wipe away the saliva, sighing as I stand to my feet and wipe my hands off against my pants. I raise my chin to the three before walking off, enjoying the sound of the man's screams behind me.


"Get rid of the bodies before more show up." I instruct Jimin.

"They want war," He seethes. "We should hit them while they're not expecting it!"

"I second that." Taehyung nods.

"Me too." Jungkook says. I glance at all three warrior wolves and hum.

"It won't come to war, I won't let it." They roll their eyes and I let out a low growl. It's Taehyung who meets my gaze challenging, making my wolf snarl aggressively.

"It's final!" I say and he lowers his head, looking in the other direction. "You three, go blow off some steam. I need to talk to Yoongi and Hoseok."

The three young wolves file out of my office reluctantly, leaving me alone with my best trackers. Yoongi and Hoseok sit in the chairs in front of me and I sigh deeply.

"I don't know what to do with those three." I groan, leaning back into the chair and pinching the bridge of my nose. "Jimin isn't any help. He's just as hot blooded as the other two."

"What do you expect?" Hoseok shrugs. "They've been together since they were pups. Of course Jungkook is starting to learn their aggressiveness. Taehyung is quiet but we all know his temper. And Jimin—"

"Is a fucking psycho." Yoongi finishes. "That kid can probably end the war by himself."

I nod in agreement before furrowing my brows. "So about that she wolf."

"Right," Yoongi places a pair of black rimmed glasses on and holds up a sheet of paper. "She's a loner. No pack, runs alone. I don't know what her human skin looks like but she's mostly running in her wolf form. She killed a town of humans last night, Hoseok caught her scent."

"I tracked her up north near the moon pack territory. I contacted their alpha and apparently they caught her and they're holding her there. He wants to know what to do with her." Hoseok finishes, smoothening down his hair.

"Hmm," I brace my elbows on my desk. "I'll go check it out with Jin, you two watch over those three while we're gone. Check on the others as well, let them know it's safe to come out now."

They nod and I pick up the phone to call my beta.

"Get ready. We're going to the moon pack."


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