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"I'm not your Noona." Bts Kim Seokjin au © _bangtanlove

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The loud roar of a mustang causes you to clench around the knife in your hand. You grit your teeth before slapping the knife down and huffing.

You just wanted to have a nice peaceful dinner but the kids next door just can't seem to understand what bedtime is exactly. Every Saturday night you enjoyed the re-runs of Martin and My Wife and Kids, sipping a few glasses of wine while enjoying a home cooked meal.

This has always been your routine and it was a very peaceful life for you until the neighbors moved in next door. In the beginning you didn't mind having the new family there, the married couple are actually pretty nice and you find yourself making conversation from time to time.

It's when their lively college boy comes to visit. Every damn summer the boy would come down with a group of buddies, party until late and ruin your alone time. You've constantly complained to his parents and they always promised it wouldn't happen again and yet, it does.

The loud music infiltrated your home, blasting through walls and crumbling your patience. You close your eyes, inhaling deeply before allowing the knife to gently fall against the counter. You aggressively strip your apron from your body and toss it down before storming out the door.

You stomp over to the yard filled with college students, pushing past the taller boys and marching right up to the door. You knock repeatedly before the door finally opens and reveals a drunk boy, cheeks a bright red just like his hair. His eyes land on you and a grin instantly curves his lips.

You hike a hand on your hip before puffing out a breath.

"Where is Seokjin?" You question with authority.

"Well hello miss!" The boy slurs before taking a wobbly step forward. "What can we do for you at this hour?"

"You can turn this trash off and let me enjoy my evening." You spit out with an arched brow. The boy blinks slowly before suddenly bursting into a pit of laughter.

"I'm glad you find this amusing," you roll your eyes before pushing past him and entering the room. The smell of alcohol and marijuana instantly hits your nose and you force yourself to push past the smoke.

Your eyes scan the room, looking for one particular college boy. You ignore the young boys trying to cat call, their whistles barely reaching your ears as you storm up the stairs. You slam open every single door, nothing but horny students in each one.

But none of them him.

Your eyes land on one last door down the hall and you stomp your way over. You practically kick the door down before entering, anger already fueling through you. The couple on the bed jump and you scoff as you see the sight before you.

Two girls scramble to cover themselves while a head slowly pops out from under the sheets.

"Kim Seokjin," you grit with aggression. "Get your ass out of there!"

Jin scrambles out of the sheets, grabbing his underwear from the floor and pulling them on. Your eyes glare at the two young girls who are still naked.

"You two, out!" You demand and the girls practically sprint from the room barely dressed. The door closes, leaving you and the young man alone.

Jin chuckles nervously, ruffling his already messy hair, hands fishing for a shirt and pair of pants. You don't care that the boy is half naked and you march over to him.

"Didn't we discuss this with your parents the last time?" You question, pointing a finger right into his hard chest. "You promised this wasn't going to happen again!"

"I know," he surrenders before looking down. "I'm sorry noo—"

"I'm not your Noona." you grit through your teeth.

"Yes ma'am." He curtly nods and you cross your arms across your chest with a huff.

"Do I have to call your mother?" You threaten and his eyes widen as he shakes his head madly.

"No ma'am," he responds. "My mother would kill me."

"I'll get to you first if you don't get these damn kids out of here." You say before turning around. Jin gently grabs your arm and you shoot him a glare.

It doesn't affect him though and he simply wraps a hand around your arm. "Please don't call my mom. I'll tell everyone to go home."

You stare down at his hand before glancing back up at him. You tug away, giving him one last look before walking out of the room and slamming the door shut. You mumble under your breath as you push past the crowded home of college students.

"Hey miss," the kid from earlier calls but you ignore him. A rough grab of your arm causes your body to yank back. "Hey, I'm talking to you."

The boy grabs you roughly, pulling your body into him and you scrunch your nose as the smell of booze tickles your nostrils. You cover your nose with your hand and his eyes narrow.

"What? My breath stinks?" He asks, challenging you to answer a way he would dislike.

"Stink?" You scoff. "It's horrendous. Did you even brush?"

The group of students next to you hears your remark and start to laugh. The red head man frowns, face heating up with embarrassment. Anger is evident in his drunk eyes and he grips your wrist harder, causing you to wince.

"What? Not so tough now are you?" He smirks before leaning in more, his breath causing your vision to waver. "You've got a strong tongue on you, you should be using this mouth for something else."

"Excuse you?" You frown before glaring at the younger man. "You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"Nah," he chuckles deeply. "Just you."

The boy leans in and you turn your head. Your hand used to cover your nose is now flying across his face and the entire room falls silent. The slap rings off the walls and everyone stops and stares. The red haired boy slowly brings a hand to touch his cheek and you scowl at him before tugging out of his grasp.

"Where do you think you're going?" He grabs you roughly again and you punch against his chest. The boy is muscular and your hits are practically jello compared his rock steel chest. You flail before you're being pulled harder and you yelp.

The boy grabs your face in his hands, squeezing tightly and you squirm in his hold.

"Relax baby," He chuckles, his friends now joining. "I just wanna see what else this mouth can do."

Your eyes widen when he puckered his lips, slowly closing in. You squirm more before another guy decides to help his friend, grabbing your arms and holding you in place. Fear and anxiety starts to kick in and your eyes start to water as the boys jump you.

"Stop!" You shout. The boys continue to enjoy your struggle, eyes filled with something scary.

"Damn she's strong," the boy behind you says as you elbow him hard. "She won't stay still!"

"Pin her down." One says and your eyes search the room for someone to help you.

These damn kids have lost their damn mind. You're about to bite down on the boy's hand before a fist flies out of nowhere, landing on the red haired guy's face. His body falls to the ground limp and you slowly look up to see Jin hovering over you.

His eyes are large, enraged before he's grabbing you and pulling you to his chest. You gasp when your head hits his chest and his heartbeats drums madly in his chest.

"The fuck do you think you're doing?" He shouts at the boy still conscious.

"It was just a joke dude, we weren't serious."

"Out," Jin says lowly before looking around the room. "Everyone out! NOW!"

Now is when the dam bursts and the flood exits. The kids stumble from the home, most talking under their breath as they walk to their cars. The crowd slowly dies down, leaving you, Jin and the drunk man on the ground now snoring.

"Are you okay?" Jin asks and you simply nod. He furrows his brows before suddenly placing a hand on the small of your back.

"Then why are you shaking?" He asks softly and you tense. You handle realize your hands were gripping his shirt for dear life, your body shaking uncontrollably.

You instantly let go of the young man, pushing his body away and clearing your throat. You cross your arms across your chest before facing him directly, your eyes casted down at the ground.

"Thanks." You mumble and Jin nods silently, eyes still watching you. "Um, I'm gonna go."

"I'll walk you." He says.

"That's not—" he's already grabbing his jacket, insinuating there was no denying and you sigh before pushing your hair behind your ears. "—necessary."

Jin opens the door, putting out a hand and signaling for you to walk out first. You reluctantly walk out, feet scurrying down the porch steps.

"You didn't have to do this I literally live five feet away." You mumble as your feet hit the pavement.

"My mother always told me to never let a woman walk home alone." He smiles gently, pushing his hands into his jean pockets.

"You listen to your mother?" You gasp sarcastically and Jin chuckles.

"Yes ma'am, I do." He says before shaking his hair from his eyes. You spare him a glance, watching his face before all the way to your front porch.

You walk up the stairs and he follows. You whirl around to face him and he smiles softly down at you.

"I think I can manage from here." You say and he shrugs.

"You sure? I can inspect your house real quick," he grins. "Chase the bad guys away for you."

"Yeah I rather take my chances." You scoff as you open your door. "It's past your bedtime is it not?"

"Bedtime?" He laughs hard. "I'm twenty-four."

"Right." You allow yourself to smile just a bit. "Goodnight Seokjin."

"Jin," he corrects. "You can call me Jin, ma'am."

"Goodbye Seokjin." You say before closing your door in his face. You can hear his light sigh before his footsteps leave your porch and disappear altogether.

You sigh heavily before grabbing your thrown apron, tying it around your waist.

"Stupid kids."


Hope you enjoy this little prologue. Yes Jin is younger and is in college. The protagonist is 28 and is older than him. If you have an issue with an older woman and younger man relationship then please kindly leave and not complain in the comments about it.

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