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"If your husband won't please you, I will." - Kim Taehyung Bts Taehyung AU "Sex Therapy" Deleted at 1.31million views ©️_bangtanlove2018-2019

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"You feel so good, baby."

You stare up at the ceiling as your husband hovers over you. With your back touching the mattress, he slowly thrusts in and out of you at an impeccably slow rate. You weren't feeling it, not like you should. When losing your virginity you thought it would be as magical as it said it would be in the movies.

You were wrong.

Newlywed and being with the man that took your v-card was supposed to be a dream. You loved Shiro, love him more than anything but when it came to late night festivities, your body disagreed with your heart. You want more, want to be touched and brought to the brink of a climax.

You've never climaxed before. Never had that gut wrenching feeling of an orgasm that made your muscles spasm and body quiver. Feeling your husband's torso, his eyes are closed and he mumbles incoherent words as he starts to grow close. You were no where near pleasure.

"Shiro," you breathe out. "Let's try a different position this time."

"D-Different?" His hips halt. "Why?"

You shrugged. "All we ever do is missionary. I want to try something different."

He slowly blinked before nodding and breathing out an 'okay'. You start to grow excited and you roll over and prop your self on your knees. You bite your lip as you arch your back and wait for him to do something.

Anything. At least something that would get your body aroused. Shiro slowly poised himself at your entrance and you tap your fingers against the mattress as you wait.

He sighed. "I don't like this position."

"Why?" You were starting to grow annoyed now.

"I can't see your face," He mumbles. "Can't we just stick to our usual?"

The usual. The usual of when you just laid on your back while he had the time of his life humping you. There weren't any spark, no excitement. Just him jumping away while you stared at the ceiling. Of course you didn't want him to know this though, so you throw in a moan or two—something you've learned over time while being with Shiro.

You love your husband, so you oblige and flip back over onto your back. He smiled happily and quickly positions himself in his usual spot. This time he leans over and kisses your lips, slow but just a normal kiss. No tongue, no passion, just the usual peck he would give you before leaving for work.

Again; no spark.

This goes on for about another ten minutes or so and he grunts as he cums inside you. You close your eyes, flexing your muscles as if you'd just came and he collapses into your body. Wrapping your arms around your husband you can't help but feel guilty for not coming clean and being honest. You wanted to enjoy it, wanted to make love with your husband and not have to fake an orgasm.

You also wanted that spark, that fire to ignite your body and send you through a spiral of ecstasy. You wanted him to touch you, pull your hair, kiss you like he would never kiss you again. You wanted such demands and you only thought you were being selfish. So you put up with his one position and barely any passion kissing.

Smiling with contentment, he rolls off of you and pulls you into his chest. You snuggle into him, sighing deeply as you glance up to see that he's already fallen asleep. You were unsatisfied and your body ached with a need you weren't aware of. But you ignore it like always and decide to sleep it off.


When morning comes, you're back to your regular routine. You find yourself in the kitchen cooking breakfast for Shiro as he gets ready for work. You place his plate on the kitchen table and quickly pour him a glass of orange juice.

"Good morning." You smile as Shiro rushes towards you.

"Morning," He mumbles before pointing to his tie. "Can you help me, babe?"

You nod and gently adjust his tie for him, another daily chore you had to do for your husband. You straighten out his tie and suit and he quickly kisses your cheek as thanks before grabbing a piece of bacon off the plate.

"You're not eating?" You frown as he grabs his suitcase and quickly stuffs a another piece of bacon into his mouth.

"I have a meeting in thirty," he rushes back over to you and pecks your lips. "Im gonna be late tonight so start dinner without me."


"I'm sorry baby," he kisses your forehead and you frown. "I love you."

"I love you too." You mumble and he smiled before rushing out the door. The door closes shut and you sigh before leaning against the counter. Deciding not to waste your food, you grab his plate and walk over to the living room.

You channel surf, trying to find something to watch while you enjoy your breakfast. Finally deciding on a channel, you lean back into the sofa and stuff a piece of bacon into your mouth. It's quiet, nothing but the sounds of the characters on the screen fill the home and you start to grow bored.

"Guess I could clean.." You mumble to yourself. Huffing out a breath you decide to do just that. You quickly walk back to the kitchen and wash the pots and pans in the sink. Once finished you wipe down the counter and stove, including the kitchen table which didn't even need it in the first place.

Then you decide to vacuum, you softly hum to yourself as the loud noise of the vacuum fills the home. Just as you finish, your phone rings in the other room. You sigh before shutting the vacuum off and slowly walking to retrieve it. You can't help but think it's Shiro and he most likely forgot something. But this time it isn't and you instantly smile when you answer.


"Y/n, hey!" Your best friend chimes. "Are you busy?"

"Not really. I was just cleaning but I'm bored out of my mind." You kick the fallen pillow on the ground.

"I'm going shopping, wanna come with?"

You nibble on your bottom lip before grinning.

"I'll be ready in an hour."

"I'll be there." You hang up the call and immediately head to your bathroom. Slipping out of your night gown, you turn on the shower and take a step inside. You happily hum as you lather yourself with your favorite body wash.

It takes about another thirty minutes before you're dressed and applying minimal cover up to your face. You leave your hair loose and wavy and you catch a glimpse of your wedding ring on the vanity. You purses your lips before grabbing the large diamond in your finger tips and your eyes fall as you sigh.

In the end you slip the ring on and force yourself not to think about it anymore. You quickly grab your purse and slide into your wedges before hearing a car horn just outside. You smile as you exit your home and rush over to the bright link Lamborghini.

"Get in bitch, we're going shopping!" Jisoo honks the horn again and you chuckle before climbing inside the expensive car.

"You've brought out the lambo, must be a special occasion." You peck her cheek and she shrugged before backing out of your driveway.

"Anniversary." She sighed. "Three years in counting."

"Three years already?" Your eyes widen. Jisoo nods as she takes a right turn and speeds down the high way.

"I know. Chae said the same thing the other night."

"How is she?" You apply a soft amount of gloss to your lips as you speak and Jisoo grins.

"She's my wife," she said proudly. "What do you think?"

"Then I feel so bad for her." You chuckle as Jisoo throws you a quick glare and reaches out to hit you.

"How's it going with you and Shiro? You're finally a wife, must be exciting." Your smile instantly falls and you nod before shrugging.

"It's okay," you said. "Shiro works hard so he's always home late."

"But I'm sure he's handling his manly responsibilities." She winks and you gulp as you look down at your hands. Jisoo raises a brow and pushes more.

"He is handling them, right?"

"I mean yeah but..."

"But?" Jisoo repeats and you sigh before slouching in the seat of the car.

"Its just casual sex, nothing really special about it."

"What?" She scoffs or a laugh. "How can it not be special? He's your husband."

"Ji," You close your eyes. "I've never orgasmed."

Her eyes widen. "Seriously?"

You nod your head and bite down on your lip and she pulls into the parking lot of the shopping mall. Once parked, she turns to you and shakes her head in disbelief.

"Never?" She squeaked. "Like, not even once?"

"Never." You deadpanned.

"Have you talked to him about it?"

You shake your head. "No, I don't want him to think I don't love him or something."

"Have you guys tried experimenting?" Jisoo unbuckles her seatbelt and you do the same.

"I try to switch things up but he doesn't want to comply. He just wants to have sex in one position, nothing new." You and Jisoo climb out of the car now and she shakes her head as she intertwined her arm with yours.

"That's not good," She mumbles. "It's not fair if you're not on the receiving end as well."

"I think it's me." You said. "I think it's something wrong with me."

"How so?" You both enter the large mall and Jisoo guides you over to infamous Gucci store.

"I don't know, maybe something is wrong with my body." You glance around the expensive store and Jisoo heads straight to the purse she remembered her wife wanted.

"Maybe you should get checked out, see one of those vagina specialists, you know?"

"I don't want someone inspecting my vagina, Ji." You whispered lowly as a couple walks behind you. Jisoo chuckles as she grabbed the purse and heads over to the register.

"Okay, then how about one of those sex therapists?"

"Sex therapist?" You raised a brow. "That exists?"

"In this day and age, I wouldn't even be surprised anymore." You grow curious and wait until Jisoo finished paying for the Gucci purse.

"So like, what is it exactly?" You rush to her side as she walked out and she hums softly.

"Like a regular therpists but for sex I guess."

"I'm not following." You furrow your brows and she sighs before entering Sephora.

"It's basically a specialist who specializes in sexual health and shit."

"So not a gynecologist.."

"No," she scans over the aisle of makeup. "They don't check your vagina and they don't do anything physical to you. They basically guide you based on the issue you're dealing with."

"Isn't that a bit personal? To just tell a complete stranger about your sexual struggles?"

"They go to school for it," she shrugged as she grabs a fenty beauty foundation. "They're professionals and if you really need the help, I think it's quite beneficial."

You nod as you scurry behind her.

"Besides, it's not just about sex with them. You can ask about your sexuality or your sexual health in general. They're there to help you through all of that."

"And how do you know this?" You raise a brow and she whirls around to face you.

"Google," she stated. "You'd be amazed by what you find when you randomly click on things."

You chuckle. "Of course, I'm not even surprised."

She pushes past you and heads over to the register. You hold her Gucci bag for her while she pays for the foundation. Once finished, you both exit the store and intertwine your arms once again.

"I think you should check it out. It might help, you never know."

"During your little google reasearch, did you so happen to find a specific place that has good reviews?"

She nods. "There's a few but I hear Doctor Kim is the best of the best."

"Doctor Kim?" You raise a brow. "Is that a woman?"

She shrugged. "Didn't dig that deep, I just know that they have very good reviews. Like, not a single complaint or bad mark."

"Do you know the name of the place?"

"No but I know their office is located in that large clinic building on fourth street." She pulls you towards the pretzel stand and her eyes light up at the sight.

"I know that place," You mumble. "I go there to see my doctor."

"So then just ask for Doctor Kim's office and set up an appointment." She points to a large pretzel and the man nods as he grabs it.

"Want one?" She turns to you and you nod.

"I'll take the bites with extra cheese."

"Of course," She snickered. "I forgot you have a little mouth."

You nudge her and she chuckles.

"But seriously, if you're really that concerned you should go."

You nod as you silently think it over.

Couldn't hurt to just check it out.


Sex therapy was deleted at 1.31Million reads. I am reposting it but it will take time since I've written well over 30 chapters. Let's get sex therapy back up there you guys ❤️

And if you're a new reader hello, this story is a fucked up romance with a happy ending. Don't come for my character unless you're perfect 👌🏼

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