The Stone Cries Out



I take her hand as she reaches for mine, in sync, in complete utter momentum as we move forward, where she is and everything always will be.

I will be the last person to say life is easy.

It's difficult as hell.

There are days when getting up and continuing our steps toward the future are so heavy, so detrimental and painful that giving up seems so much easier; and it is easier.

But regret comes back like a bitch and you're left tortured with why you didn't keep going while everyone else is ahead. It's been tough.

Going on to something else, something unknown, is just as terrifying, if not more so than stay in one spot.

I found I didn't want to be trapped in one perpetual moment of stationary bliss, because that's not what it is—life is about moving forward. That's why growth is part of life.

And I can be more than that boy who was content with glory, remembered by those who didn't matter, engraved in stones. I am content with not being remembered as an idol, a champion.

I was meant to be so much more than that—a friend, a father, a lover.

Life is simple yet it's never felt grander. I am at peace. I am whole. I'm one with this woman that made me realize what life was about—it's not about death at all.

It's about becoming compassionate and loving. I could never have done so with who I was before. I don't regret the pain anymore. If this is the destiny that was built on that past, on those choices, I'll gladly do it over.

For her.

Life really is worth it.

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