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Broken and Shattered Hearts


Second chances weren't in her plans but he was persistent. Four years later, she never thought she would come to face him again with her secrets now completely out in the open. Can she handle it?

Amanda Frenzy
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1; Spilled Secrets.

She walked out into the kitchen in front of the island facing her two best friends chatting away on the counter. Her last earring was finally put into place then she fixed her hair one last time before looking at the two of them.

"Okay, so! you've got all my numbers by heart and regardless they are on the fridge alongside plenty of other emergency numbers as well. I can't come home until after the event so it might be around- say, 1 in the morning? Dinner shouldn't be a problem, obviously and you know what time things go off meaning bed. And please nothing with sugar too late this time?" Kagome begged as she made sure everything she needed was in her purse.

"Yes, mom." they both said, saluting her.

"I'm serious guys, let's not make a repeat of last time. If Bankotsu wasn't my boss I would have seriously been fired." She said

"My brother has always had a soft spot for you" Jakotsu said turning on the little tv at the end of the counter.

"ugh, I know." she groaned

"Relax, he only sees you like a little sister now." he said flipping to some news channel.

"Thank god" she muttered to herself before he tv caught her attention.

"Hm, seems like a certain dog is supposed to make a few appearances in the city soon." Sango said sipping on her tea.

"Ooh, delicious" Jakotsu added both staring at her from the side as she watched the screen. She snapped out of her daze and stared right back at them.

"Not a word." was all she said.

Before they could do more than pretend to lock their lips a screaming boy ran into the kitchen. Heading straight for the dark-haired best friend by the counter. She made sure to secure her tea on the platform before catching the boy mid-run.

"Sango!" he yelled into her.

"Hows my handsome boy doing, huh?" Sango said putting him down and messing up his hair.

"Great! Are you staying?!" He gazed at her.

"Why, of course! Me and Jakotsu that is, meaning sugar for everyone!" she yelled throwing up her hands before attacking the boy with tickles.

"N-noooo, mama, mama, ma-mama!" he yelled before breaking free and running behind Kagome.

"Honestly, Sango. Don't torture him." She said to her best friend before bending down as much as she could in her knee-length dress to look at the boy.

"Takumi, you know mama's gotta leave for work now, right?" She asked as he nodded looking upset.

"No need to be upset, my love. Sango and Jakotsu can handle you until I'm back okay? And tomorrow I'll take you guys out, yea? Sound fun?" She added and the boys happiness peaked as he threw himself around her neck.

"Haha, okay okay, now go and get your sister so I can properly say goodbye to both of you." She said to him before he ran back up the stairs.

"Such cute little-" Jakotsu let slip before covering his mouth right after. Kagome glared.

"I said, not a word." She shot at him an icy glare.

"Yes, ma'am" He said from behind his hand.

Just then a little girl came slowly down the stairs looking at Kagome.

"Shiori, come on. You know mommy has to go to work." She motioned for the girl to come down when Takumi caught her hand and forced her down to Kagome.

"You look pretty mama.." Was all Shiori said before looking down again.

"Thank you, princess. Now, remember to behave for aunties Sango and Jakotsu. Last time will never happen again, am I clear?" She asked them sternly. They nodded.

"Okay, now give your mother a hug and kiss before I'm late, again." she said before bending down and saying goodbye to her twins. She went to say goodbye to her friends and thanking them for staying before heading out for the elevator.

She got in alone and the doors closed in front revealing her reflection. She wore on a knee-length dark blue dress with a falling strap on one shoulder while the other was bare. The fabric clutching to her skin was satin but the over portion of the dress and the strap on her one shoulder were a light tulle of the same color. Her raven hair was tucked towards her right shoulder with her ends in a simple curl together. Her bangs were swept to the left side of her face. She had on long silver earrings with a hanging oval diamond at the end. Her makeup was light with a flick of mascara, tight top eyeliner, and rose-red lipstick. Her cheeks were naturally rosy so there was no need for any facial powders. Her heels were black with lacing up to the tip of her ankles. Her nails were done and a bracelet was resting on her right wrist. Last but not least a small chain with a small diamond pendant laid over her chest and one ring rested on her left hand, fourth finger to the left. The only piece of jewelry she cared about. The doors opened up to the first floor lobby. She picked her head up, held on to her jacket and purse and walked out to hail a taxi.

The restaurant was buzzing. It was cutting close to 7 o'clock when the guests were meant to arrive. The restaurant was The Feudal Era, Japanese grill. They were a franchise brought from straight out of Tokyo to the states. Right round the time when Bankotsu was opening up in the states was when Kagome showed up and he gave her the head managing position. Basically she ran things here while he laid on his ass back in Japan. Not that it mattered since her salary obscured her desire to give a crap what he did anymore. She's known Jakotsu since high school and with that came meeting his successful yet extremely lazy older brother Bankotsu. Sango became her best friend around the same time. They were nearly inseparable during those four years mostly because Sango and Jakotsu had the same future goals, Fashion. Hence why after high school they made there way to New York faster than a bullet. Sango always believed that the states could offer so much more to them and with Jakotsu's family money they moved in together finding jobs. Today, Sango is now an amazing photo and runway model and Jakotsu is her favorite stylist. While Kagome manages an old friends restaurant and takes care of two feisty 3 year old's.

She went up to her office on the second floor and shut the door. She could still watch what was going on down on the dining floors since her walls were glass and there was only one small hall of offices aside of the dining area and overlooking the railing that was over the consecutive dining floor. She went to her desktop and started working on printing several copies of the guest list to hand out to security. Putting her jacket on the coat rack and her purse securly in her closet (after checking for any calls or warnings from home) there was a knock at her door.

"Ohh, Kagomeee" Ayame sang into the office. 1st floor manager underneath Kagome.

"Ayame? What's up?" she asked, closing her closet and locking it.

"The men are downstairs awaiting your orders for the night. I've placed them all in the backroom downstairs."

"yes, thank you." She replied following Ayame out towards the backroom downstairs.

The security had their lists and their orders and went to take their places around the facility.

The doors are ready for opening and she's going over every little thing to make sure it's perfect before anyone touches those doors. It didn't matter who was impatient to enter, she wanted everything done before anyone saw it. This was just how she worked. With everything checked a thousand times over, she allowed them to open the doors as she took her place by the front to greet most of the guests walking. A lot of them took their sweet time but she wasn't complaining seeing as most of them were taking in the beauty of the place. It instantly made her proud. This was the reason she could actually stand her job.

Her earpiece started ringing louder before she realized someone was actually trying to get her attention.

"Ayame, honestly. this whole ringing thing is a horrible code, just call my name." she said into it moving away from the doors.

"Hehe, sorry. I just wanted to let you know that the bar is just beginning to make cocktails and some people look like they pre-gamed." she said.

"Fantastic" Kagome answered sarcastically before nodding towards Ayame and going to have a chat with the bartenders.

"Aika! Ginny!" She called to the two bartenders.

"Yes, ma'am?" they asked.

"Apparently some people couldn't wait for the actual event to enjoy a few cocktails so if you notice anyone with slurred anything, do not serve them. We don't need idiots roaming around for this event. Also, let me know when you see someone like that so I can do everyone a favor and handle them before they start anything, kay?" she asked them with a smile

"Sure thing" they said back before serving the guests again.

She turned to look at the event settling down. Everyone was finding their seats and getting drinks before they were going to have to stay seated for the speeches. Apparently, this was a company event for the actual restaurant franchise so this was something about congratulating the company on making more money within the past year. Kagome thought it was ridiculous but it payed her bills so she put on that smile and went to make sure the sound room was all set for the upcoming speeches. All this time she never noticed one guest staring at her in awe, awaiting the chance to get her attention.

The techs were set and she gave the okay for the first host of the evening to make her way up to the podium on the built stage. As she started talking, people were clapping and sipping their drinks. Kagome took this chance to stand near the bar and get some water from Ginny. Again, she didn't notice the person that was making their way up behind her before they spoke and scared her

"Well, who would've thought." Kagome jumped before turning around

"Ri-Rin!" she hissed trying not to make so much noise jumping up and hugging the girl with everything she had.

"Hello, love" Rin said back with the warmest smile.

"What on earth are you doing here?" She asked, setting her water down on the counter before she spilled it on herself.

"Bankotsu told me about this event after I asked if I'd be able to see you soon." she said simply.

"you're working for him again?" she asked.

"Oh god, no! I quit for life when you did, remember?" She asked.

"Oh yea, too bad I didn't keep that promise" She mumbled.

"I just wanted to see you and I heard from your mother that you were still working for him so I went to ask him." she said

"So you just flew to New York for me?" Kagome asked shocked.

"Well, as important as you are to me. No, that's not the only reason I'm in New York. I'm here wi-" she was cut off by a heaving Ayame.

"So.. sorry.. bu- Kagome. Theres.. people trying to.. get in.. that aren't… on the. list" She forced out between breaths.

"Of course. I'm sorry, will you excuse me a minute." She said towards Rin before racing to the door with as much grace as she could muster up. Just as Ayame said there was a group of snots attempting to get in but her security wasn't letting them past him by an inch. She went to handle it and unsurprisingly they also had a few drinks before this which only made keeping them out more important.

Rin was watching her with a warm smile on her face. She hasn't seen Kagome in four years. Yes. they've made sure to keep contact with each other through calls, postcards, and letters. It wasn't the same for Rin. They used to work together in one of Bankotsu old places before his parents helped him become a franchise. They were super close and now Rin was here to invite her to a very special event praying to God that she would come. Kagome hasn't been to Japan in years and hasn't been to family events anymore. Her parents have been saying that work keeps her here but everyone knows the truth. But this was important to Rin and if Kagome cared at all she would put away her pride and come with her. She still wasn't sure if she should tell her the true reason why she was in New York in the first place or who she even came with. The latter should probably be kept to herself though. She was taken from her thoughts when she noticed Kagome on her way back.

"Hey, sorry about that." Kagome said flashing her a smile.

"No problem, I did catch you at work." she replied with a wink.

"Anyway, what were you saying?"

"Well, there's a reason I came to see you Kagome" She said trying to hide her smile.

"And that would be?" Kagome raised an eyebrow.

"I'm getting married!" Rin tried not to say too loud seeing as the speeches were still going on.

Kagome was caught off guard with that one. She was ecstatic. An old friend coming back to tell her that she's getting married. She started jumping up and down with Rin before a thought entered her minding stopping her in her happy tracks.

crap, Rin thought

"Waaaaaait, married to whom?" Kagome asked stepping back with her hands out ignoring Ayame calling her in her earpiece.

"Uh, fluffy…?" Rin answered.


Fucking Fluffy.


She was marrying Sesshomaru.

Don't get it twisted, she was happy for her but that only meant one thing. She was invited. Her family was invited. She had an obligation to go because it was someone she cared about and thats what started to scare her the most. She had to go but she didn't know how. She had two little creatures at home that she couldn't just show up with four years later to the family.

"K-Kagome?" Rin asked shyly.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking. I'm so happy for you Rin." she said forcing a smile.

"I know what you're thinking. Come on- you can't do this! Kagome even Sesshomaru wants you there, you were like a sister to him too. He misses you. Letters and phone calls are great but this is our wedding!" She pleaded. Kagome honestly felt bad for making her friend feel like this about her own wedding.

"No. no. That's not what I'm worried about." She said still thinking about her babies at home.

"Then what it is?" Rin tried to say.

Ayame came up to her talking about how the first run of speeches were ending and the food was ready to be served. Kagome gave the okay and told Ayame to show Rin to her office while she got some air.

15 minutes later, Kagome walked into her office and saw Rin at her desk looking down at her phone.

"Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked walking in.

"He called but I ignored it." Rin sniffed.

"Why?" Kagome asked coming closer and bending down by the chair.

"Because he's going to ask about how you took it.." She trailed off. Kagome felt horrible.

"Listen, Rin. I love you and I am thankful that you invited me to your wedding. I would want nothing more than to be th-"

"Not just to go Kagome." Rin stopped her.

"What?" Kagome asked, confused

"I want you to be in it. My maid of honor" She answered looking down again.

"Seriously?" Kagome asked.

"Who better than my closest friend and the reason I even met Sesshomaru." Rin smiled.

"I'm honored." She said

"Really so, you'll do it?" Rin asked grinning. Kagome was happy to see her smiling again.

"Yes, I would love to be a part of your wedding Rin." was all she got out before Rin started squealing and jumped to hug Kagome and knock her to the floor.

"Ri-, I can't- brea-" Kagome tried to say before Rin let her go with a shy smile.

"Rin, listen. I will be part of your wedding but there's some-" she was cut off

"I'll make sure they behave Kagome" Rin said.

"Oh, I know for a fact they won't" Kagome tried to say to herself but Rin heard.

"You'd be surprised. Around family he's become tolerable. Not as tolerable as he was when you were around but-" Rin tried to say

"No Rin, I know for a fact that HE will go ballistic." Kagome said as Rin's phone started to ring.

She gave Kagome a reassuring look as she answered Sesshomaru's call. Rin was on the phone for a few minutes before coming back to Kagome with a nervous smile.

"I have to go, the car's here to pick me up." Rin said.

"No worries, I'll walk you out." She said as she led her down to the main floor.

They were at the doors and Rin was nervous, she wanted to talk to her. It was obvious that Kagome was going to be there for her but she knew that underneath Kagome was going nuts. She wasn't always good at hiding how she really felt from those who knew her and Rin had known her since she was 14.

"Kagome" She said turning to her before getting in the car.


"Are you busy tomorrow, I would really like to catch up before I have to go home on Tuesday." Rin tried.

Kagome thought about this. She was to be in her wedding which means life was ready to explode in her face. She wanted nothing more than Rin to be the first to know and she wanted to be the one to tell her. Tomorrow she is supposed to go out with the kids. What a better time.

"I am, but make sure you come alone?" Kagome asked.

"Um- okay?" Rin said confused.

"I'll call you in the morning and find a place to meet, yea?" Kagome tried to smile for her friend.

"Alright, thank you for seeing me Kagome. It's been too long." She turned to get into the car but stopped midway.

"You still have it I see.." She smiled at Kagome, shyly.

"I do." Kagome smiled back. She didn't even need to think to know what she was talking about.

"Everything will be okay. You can finally come home.." Rin said before embracing her and getting in the car. Thinking of how long it's been since she's been able to see her close friend almost made her start to tear as Rin let go and went into the car to drive away. She held it back and waved at the tinted car as it turned the corner.

well shit, Kagome thought.

The next morning, Sango and Jakotsu woke up to Kagome pacing all throughout the condo. A thing she normally does when she's troubled. The kids were asleep which means they couldn't have done anything. Her belongings were not thrown everywhere when she came home last night which means it isn't work. They were both stumped. After a bit of preparation, they both stood up and walked over to her dragging her out to the balcony for air and to stop the damn pacing and muttering.

"wha-What are you doing?!" she yelled.

"Quiet before you wake the kids!" Jakostu said closing the balcony door.

"Why are we out here?" Kagome demanded to know

"To get you to talk dammit!" Sango snapped

"We have been trying to sleep for the past hour but with you pacing and muttering we haven't gotten much progress. Kids wear you out ya'know!" she added

"Seriously, you're telling me?" Kagome asked incredulously.

"Will you both stop the motherly bickering and will you just tell us what made you like this, this time?" Jakostu hissed.

With that, she went and told them about Rin coming to her job last night and how she was supposed to meet her today and how she was planning on telling her the truth. When she was done with the story she realized that she needed a minute to breathe seeing as she sped through it. She finally looked up at her two best friends and found both of their jaws on the floor.

"are-are you sure about this, honey?'" Jakotsu asked, coming back before Sango and putting a hand on Kagome's shoulder as she turned to look over the balcony.

"What choice do I have?" Kagome asked.

"Kagome, it's been almost five years. This is not that easy to take in that fast. To go just give it away to the whole family at once?" Sango chimed in coming back to reality.

Before Kagome could answer her phone rang and of course, it was Rin. She answered and they both came up with a place to meet. Thankfully, it was kid friendly, Kagome thought. She hung up to turn and face her friends again.

"Well, that answers us" Sango said to no one in particular,

"Do you want us to come?" Jakotsu asked getting a glare from Sango.

"No, no. I know you guys have work today. No need to get fired because of me." Kagome said.

"Sweetie, please. Sango and I are the best things they have. Like we would get fired." Jakotsu scoffed while Sango rolled her eyes.

"No, no. I have to do this myself. I told her to come alone so I should be okay." Kagome said before going back in to wake up the twins.

After getting them up she sent both into two different bathrooms for their showers and took out clothes for them. All the while she was silent and her friends were giving her worried looks. The kids were out and drying when she gave them their clothes to change into. When they were done Kagome was again with the pacing while now her kids looked worried for her.

"Mama?" Shiori looked up at her

"Yes baby?" Kagome asked bending down

"You okay?" she asked shyly

"Mama's just having a rough day" she answered.

"We don't have to go anywhere mama" she said getting a nudge from Takumi. Kagome sent a look to Takumi making him look down before looking back at her beautiful girl.

"Always the thoughtful one" she said poking her daughters forehead and giving her a warm smile making the girl smile back.

She made sure they had everything about ten times before being ushered out of the door by a very strong model and a headstrong stylist. Though they were still scared for her they knew this was something she had to do. Who better to start off with than Rin, they thought together. Getting them a taxi (since Kagome still wasn't on earth yet since they left.). They watched as the world was ready to tip over big time before going home together.

Kagome caught a look at the black car driving up to the cafe before she saw Rin step out and into the building from across the street. Thinking that this was it, she crossed the street with a kid on each hand. When she went inside, Rin had her back to them because she was ordering and Kagome thanked whatever god was listening to her. She sent her kids to a table where she could see them before walking towards Rin. All the time, she never noticed the man in the car who demanded the car stop driving away. With his mouth on the ground he was trying to come back to reality in time to get out.

"ahem" Kagome coughed making Rin turn around with a smile and a hug.

"Hi, Rin" she said

"Kagome!" She yelled and hugged her. She shot a glance at her kids and saw they were playing with each other and not paying attention to her yet.

"I'm so glad you made it, want anything?" Rin asked

"I'll just have two bagels with butter and a side of jam?" Kagome called to the barista.

"Two? quite the appetite Kagome." Rin laughed.

"Actually, they aren't mine.." Kagome said nervously.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He knew he saw the silver. He knew he saw the ears. But what he was really seeing was her, but how? Where did they come from? I thought she was-.

He stopped himself because it was obvious he had been lied to by his own brother. He needed a few minutes to gather himself before going inside so he took a quick walk up the block and back a few times.

"I thought it was just us?" Rin asked

"Um, Rin" she casting a glance at the kids that were now facing her with curiosity.

well shit, she thought.

"Kagome?" Rin asked snapping her back

"Umm Rin…" She was sweating

"Kagome, are you alright? you look pale?" She asked but Kagome wasn't paying attention. She saw silver and then saw Shiori nearing them but she still couldn't form the words. Shiori went to stand behind Kagome's legs as Takumi awkwardly and slowly followed on the other side but Rin hadn't noticed yet. At least, until this.

"mama" Shiori pulled on Kagome's pants but Kagome was frozen.

"mom?" Takumi looked up at her adding fuel to the perverbial fire.

"Are you okay, ma?" he added, she still isn't answering.

She was, however, staring at Rin. From the moment Shiori spoke, Rin's face was frozen on them. Not once has she looked up to Kagome's face. She was stuck. She wouldn't believe what her eyes were showing her. She just wouldn't.

Rin was looking on Kagomes left side and saw the little girl first. She hand a small hand of claws clutching Kagomes pants tightly. Her hair was long, down to her lower back. It was a dark black at the roots but as it went down the color changed. It was a platnium silver by halfway down. Obviously, she didn't miss the little grey ears at the top of her head and the amber eyes. Then she went to the right leg for a boy only a little taller than the girl. His hair on the other hand was only silver and his ears perched a little higher probably because he was more curious than scared like his sister. His eyes were a lighter amber without the brown flecks like the little girl and his claws were longer. He looks just like him.

They were both knocked out of there trance when the barista came back and announced that Kagome's bagels were ready. She stepped out of her trance to grab them and give them to her twins before nervously looking at Rin who was staring at Kagome now but kind of looking at something behind her too. A little confused, she decided to turn around. That was the worst idea she ever had. This was the last thing she ever expected to find standing behind her.

oh for the love of.. was all she could think before everything went black and the floor met her back.

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