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Darkness Rising (Book One)


While the Titans were away defeating Brushogun's ink army in Tokyo, they left behind several loose ends. The Titans face even more questions when a stranger appears in Jump City. Is he friend, or foe?

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Road to California

"Ah, you must be the young prince", said the strange man through the cloud of dust.

A large hole in the wall stood behind him, the hole he blasted upon his random entrance. The dust eventually clears to reveal a slim man dressed in black with designs throughout his outfit that compares him to a spark plug. I leap over my register, nearly kicking my customer across the face in the process. If it weren't for the fact that two minutes prior to the stranger's entrance he took the time to express his disgust in the fact that I work there, I might've taken the time to apologize.

"Just hold on, who exactly are you", I asked as I pointed my finger at him dramatically. Perhaps I watch too much television.

"Why, I'm your next challenge. I'm here to claim the glory of defeating the infamous Prince of Darkness".

"I can see that, but who are you? I've never even met you, let alone heard of you, and here you come blasting through my workplace, which by the way is a military shopping mall, and declaring yourself as the vague title of "my next challenge". Here's an idea, how about a name? Who the frig are you?"

"My apologies, your grace. I guess we can't all be as well-known as you —"

"Don't patronize me", I interrupted as a growl escaped from my throat mid-sentence.

"As you wish. I am who they call Doctor Light". Something in his suit must've activated as he said that for he was now surrounded with an electrical aura.

"I see…", I said as I sized him up by surrounding myself with my own purple aura.

"So it's true, the mighty prince runs from no challenge."

"That is correct. And since you know so much about me, you must also know what I am known for. So I will only ask you nicely once and only once, turn around and walk away, now."

Without hesitation he pushed one of his palms towards me as if he were firing a repulsor blast. A single blast of light escaped from it and slammed into me. The recoil sent me crashing through two of the freezers near the registers and into the jewelry counter. The valued customers at this point were either running in panic or ignorantly standing nearby with their camera phones recording their next YouTube upload. I picked myself off the ground and onto my hands and knees. Doctor Light walks over with both palms out for another attack.

That won't work twice. When his next blast was fired I was ready for it. I raised my right hand, fingers stretched, and absorbed the blast. Once that was done, I could feel his power coursing through my veins. The raw power of light amplified my own powers as static electricity sparked along my arms. To show off my increase in power I change my eyes from brown to purple. He fired again. I jumped out of the way. He fires at me once more while I'm still in the air. I don't have time to dodge so I exhaled as hard as I could. A powerful flame of purple, black, and red sores from my mouth and collides with the light. The resulting explosion caused enough of a cloud to temporarily conceal me from the Doctor. I stand there for a moment as I look at my foe. His eyes cautiously dart back and forth. He cannot see me, but I can see him quite clearly. It was payback time. I push my right palm forward and release a blast of my newly acquired power in the form of a single bolt of purple lightning, my own personal touch. Doctor Light yells in shock as he sores through the air towards the wall he originally blasted through. It was then my instincts kicked in, and everything slowed down. My adrenaline levels were through the roof as my eyes showed me the world in slow motion. I leap forward as if I were about to tuck and roll, but instead Change in midair.

Blindimon digivolve to…. Lobomon! As I think that to myself on the way to the ground, I realize that I indeed watch way too much t.v.. I dash forward as fast as my four paws could take me and I leap once again at the still slow motion and airborne Doctor Light. I then instinctively lean in with my right shoulder as I think to myself, Take Down attack! I slam into the flying Doctor as time seems to correct itself. My foe blasts through the wall again, this time creating a brand new hole. Doctor Light immediately picks himself up and fires a barrage of blast attacks.

Agility, I thought to myself as I dash through the mall dodging every single blast. Patrons screamed as merchandise and shelves flew through the air. I would occasionally send another bolt of lightning his way in midair hoping to throw him off balance for another assault, but surprisingly he held his ground. When he failed to strike me after several attempts, he instead turned his attention towards the patrons. At first they were warning shots which forced me to move closer to him little by little. He continues to fire several more attempts at me only for me to dodge them all once again.

"I grow tired of the game of chase, you filthy mutt!" In the chaos Doctor Light runs over to a little girl who apparently became separated from her mother and snatches her arm.

"Get your hands off her", yells a man who I assume was her father as he charged towards him. The Doctor didn't appreciate that.

"Not another step", says Doctor Light as he points his free palm at the girls head. The girl whimpered as static electricity sparked through his fingers and through her hair as it slowly ascended over her head. He turns back to me with a grin on his face. "Now be a good little doggy and come to your master", said the Doctor as he insulted the black werewolf only feet away from him. I let out a roar in objection to his demand. A small spark zaps the girl's cheek, she screams in fear. Doctor Light's grin doubled in size. I couldn't jeopardize her safety so I walked over to him. My plan was simple, walk over, give a whimper, lower my ears and tail into the submissive position, and wait for an opening. Unfortunately I took four steps and wound up triggering a trap. He had a force field waiting for me, and now I was encased in it. I rose to my hind legs and clawed and punched at the walls of the shield, nothing worked. As the force field rose off the ground I looked down and noticed that the source of the shield was four small receptor-like devices. Currents of electricity were surging from the devices and into the shield, making it stronger by the second. The longer I stayed in the force field, the harder it was going to be to get out.

"Ha ha ha. At last, ultimate power shall be mine! Once I harness your dark energy, I will convert every last drop of it into light to absorb for myself. With you out of the way, no man, woman, child, or teen will ever stand in my way again!"

"Children and teens? Suddenly I feel very embarrassed for falling into such a cliche trap."

"Silence" he screamed as he lifted his palm towards me. It was then that his palm glowed for a moment before triggering a reaction in the force field, because several hundred volts of electricity surged through the shield. I couldn't help but howl in pain. "I waited for what feels like an eternity to get to this point, and I will not be humiliated by a floating, talking dog!"

"Again with the dog references? I'm a frigging werewolf for Christ's sake!" He chuckled for a moment before speaking again.

"Indeed you are. A werewolf fueled with the powers of darkness. Darkness so powerful that it allows you to bend all six elements to your will, and allows you to become a great many different monsters."

"Oh, I see. I had no idea you were such a huge fan of mine. Is that why you came all the way out here? If you wanted my autograph, all you had to do was ask me for it."

"You sicken me!"

"What did I do?"

"I told you, I need your dark energy in order to gain limitless power. You just happen to be cursed with the power I need. Your only crime is that you exist. But since I'm such a nice guy, I will spare you the agony of being the only one of your kind. It's the least I can do." I let out what I like to call my evil laugh, which in actuality is just me imitating Yami Bakura's laugh from my favorite anime show.

"There's a little problem with your plan, Doc. From what I've gathered, your plan only works so long as I stay trapped in here, so it's only a matter of time before you crash and burn by my paw."

"You think you're so clever, don't you? But what you fail to realize is that you're the only one of your kind, so there's nobody for me to fear, and therefore nobody that can set you free."

"You sure about that", I asked as I point my claw at the holes in the wall behind him. What he turned to see caused him to gasp. A purple aurora similar to that of the northern lights danced in the sky. The patrons were in awe as they forgot about the potential peril they were in to watch in wonder.

"That light, it's…it's…what is that? Tell me!"

"Just keep watching, Doc." Just then an orange counterpart to the light I created joined it in the sky.

"No, this cannot be!"

"Yes, it can", shouted Taiyo from a hidden location in the room. His booming voice echoed through the room, and the earth itself began to shake. As Doctor Light darted his gaze through the room in fear, two large hands made of sand shot out of the ground, breaking the tile floor in the process. The left hand dragged Doctor Light into the earth as if he had stepped into quicksand, and the right balled into a fist and punched his arm, freeing the young girl as she ran to her father. Once my opponent was buried up to his neck, the two sand hands flew through the air like dust in the wind and morphed into its source. From the shifting piles of flying sand, came the Elemental Prince of Earth and my third in command, Taiyo Sano. With a smirk on his face, a single rose grew and bloomed from his shoulder. He picked it and sharpened the stem to a point with his claws. He paused for a brief moment to act out his signature "James from Team Rocket" pose and threw it like a dart at one of the devices below the shield. It shorted out and exploded, destroying my prison. I landed on all fours and walked over to Taiyo's feet.

"This changes nothing", shouted Doctor Light. "I'm not through with you yet!" The light bulb symbol on his helmet began beeping faster and faster.

"Oh, shit", said Taiyo once we realized what it was. Another explosion sent us flying backwards into the electronic department. I landed on my back with an X-Box controller jamming into my shoulder. I leapt back onto my paws and let out another roar. Taiyo then joined me at my side. The large rhino stomped its hoof and let out a large snort. Doctor Light, now free from Taiyo's trap, stood before us with his arms crossed and his suit surging with power.

My liege, the amount of electricity from his suit is off the charts. If this continues much longer he could put the entire city of Anchorage into the Dark Ages.

I agree, we need to end this now. Quickly, Change into your Armored form so we can merge together. I was not the only one of the Elementals that watched too much television. Having understood exactly what I told him, Taiyo and I prepared to Change. Poor Doctor Light didn't have a clue what was going on, the benefits of telepathy. He fired a blast of light at us, and with synchronized timing, we leapt high into the air into somersaults, which is quite impressive when you consider that one of us was a 5000-pound rhino at the time.

Digi-Armor Energize, we shouted, at least in our minds. Then Taiyo began.

Rhiyomon armor-digivolve to…. Aardemon, the Wolf of Power!

Lobomon armor-digivolve to…. Gizamon, the Wolf of Faith! And with that the Change was complete. We landed from our somersaults as two new beasts. To my left was Aarde, a large wolf with tannish fur, with the exceptions of his mane, the patches around his eyes, and his nine tails, all of which were dark green, as well as his eyes, which were as orange as his aura. As for myself, Giza, I was an even larger black wolf with a large mane around my neck, longer claws, a large pair of bat-like wings on my back, and purple eyes. We were even stronger than we were before, and the best part was, we weren't done yet. Doctor Light, sensing a final clash in the works, begins charging for one final attack. Aarde and I took advantage of the situation and began to merge together. We began.

Gizamon….Aardemon….DNA-digivolve to…. Gizaardemon! In this form we merged into another large black wolf, this time with almost demonic red eyes, rotting skin, unsightly flesh wounds, and several bones from our skeleton exposed to the elements. In other words, we were basically a zombie werewolf now. Just then, Doctor Light fired his blast at us. We made no effort to move out of the way. We blacked out as we were struck by his attack, but only for a moment. We awoke to the sound of Doctor Light laughing maniacally over the victory he thought he won. The look on his face was priceless as he watched us regenerating ourselves. All of our limbs, bones, organs, and fluids, flew through the air as they joined together once again to become Gizaarde.

"Now it's our turn", we said in a unified voice. We rose to our hind legs and charged at him.

"Wait, time out", shouted Doctor Light as he stood there frozen, perhaps, fatigued from his last attack. We drew our right paw back and tract our claws for our final attack.

Venom Claw! I guess we have a thing for drama. We had him right where we wanted him. Just as our claws were about to swipe across his chest, I sensed something. Something was wrong, I just didn't know what. It was too late to stop ourselves from attacking him, and I dared not risk my friend's safety, so I forced us to separate. Using my aura, I pushed out Taiyo at the last minute just as Lobomon's claws connected with Doctor Light. My dark powers reacted to his power source and a white light filled the room. I blacked out once again.

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