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Both men ran for their lives as they were chased by vicious beast. They finally made to a safe place, able to catch their breathes for a while before they heard low growls. Yoongi closed his eyes in fear, holding his breath mouth over his mouth. Taehyung held his hand tightly, The older looked at the other male fear in his eyes. "I'm scared..." he replied. The other grabbing hold of his face whispering quietly a reply, "we'll be fine..no matter what ill be here for you always. You aren't alone."

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LostCause _101
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The bottle gave a cling sound, as the scientist gave soft flicks on the glass. They inspected the chemicals that the bottle contained, as it soon began to change from a dark blue, to an almost black green.

The sicentist hummed to themselves, as they concentrated intensely.

“Sir, are you sure you want to go through this?” The scientist averted his eyes to look at the person speaking.

“Yes Sunmi, I’m sure.” he gave her a small smile, reassuring her. But that didn’t help her keep her calm.

“But Mr. Kim, the chemicals we are mixing can-” “I know Sunmi.” he interupted, voice stern.

“I know the dangers about it. But evrything will be okay..” He looked down at he dog Sunmi was corrently holding in her arms.

“Just get everything ready, we’ll be starting soon.” “Yes sir.” With that Mr. Kim turned to walk towards one of the drawers, taking out a syringe. Before anything, he was going to put his microscope to use. Meanwhile, Sunmi began to prepare all the materials they were going to use, Organizing the whole table. The main subject was the dog. There test subject. Sunmi felt bad for it, but she had to remember that the animal was just a test subject and nothing more.

‘why did I agree to taking this job?’ she asked herself. But then she thought it just had to be something she was interested in. Once everything was done, they made sure the animal was tied down. As Mr. Kim was getting the syringe ready, Sunmi got her notebook ready to write down, and analyze what was about to happen. She was nervous. The reasearch shes done, but Mr. Kim was a stuborn man.

She always had to follow orders from the stubborn man.

Mr. Kim then walked closer to the dog. Grabbing hold of him and slowly letting the needle poke into the animals leg, making it whine softly. He then stepped back and lifted his wrist to look at his watch. five seconds in, nothing.

“see, I told you it was nothing..” he said almost in a dissapointed tone, but he spoke to soon. Thirteen seconds. The animal began to shake. Then began to shake violently, but its body was so tense. ‘A seizure?’ the man thought. But that wasnt it. As the animals shaking stop, it out a low growl.

Not a growl you would normally hear from a dog. This one was monstrous. All of a sudden its bones began to crack, as it began to form into something else.

Sunmi stood frozen, as she then looked at Mr. Kim for any sort of command. But he was just as shocked and frozen as she was.

But then once the animal, if it should be considered that anymore, began to move and grow as something more, Eyes beginning to bleed.

“shit...” he mumbled. “Sunmi hold it down now!” he yelled, as he turned to grab a syringe with medicine that would put it down. Kill it. But that thought flew out of the window as fast as it came when he heard a scream. Sunmi. He turned to look at her and as he did, he felt his heart drop. Her arm had a chunk missing, blood oozing out of the wound rappidly.

A look of complete pain was evident all over her face. The creatures movements completely stopped, even its rapid breathing. Mr. Kim starred at Sunmi, her face was going pale by the minute.

Her wound, began to portray black looking veins. As it also began to spread all over her arm.

“Mr. kim...i dont feel so good.”

Mr. Kim didn’t know what to do rather then back away when Sunmi began to walk towards him. who knew what she was infected with now.

Mr. Kim’s eyes began to tear up. He’s worked with Sunmi for as long as he can remember. and now...

“im sorry..Im so sorry Sunmi..” Sunmi, in her state, looked confused. But soon turned into one of dread. Mr. Kim turned away from her, running towards the exit.

He heard Sunmis weak calls for him, hearing footsteps running towrads him. He finally made it to the door, opening it then closing, securing the lock. He heard a bang through the door.

He turned to look at the medium sized winodw on the door, being able to see Sunmis state. it made his heart feel heavy as he felt his tears stream down his cheeks. Blood red tears began to come from her eyes, giving the man a weak smile.

For an infection or whatever it was as strong as the one sunmi had right now, she was fighting it off well. But she didnt have much time.

“Run..Please..” The all of a sudden the creature they took as dead, appeared behind her. Giving a horrid screech, before it got close enough to bite her head off. Her headless body dropped to the floor, as the male let out a sob. She was gone.

The monster stood there looking at him as they made eye contact. It then let out another Hideous screech that the man will never forget.

He closed his eyes, covering his ears. Once the sound stopped he heard glass break from the other side. He slowly opened his eyes, confused, Before he moved to look through the window of the door. his eyes widened. The glass window from the lab was broken open. The monster was nowhere in sight. it escaped.

“what have I done?”

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