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Day 1

Drops of sweat fell from the side of his face, down to his neck. Shirt soaked. As he let out soft heavy breaths, though trying to keep it calm.

He concentrated on my appoinents every move. Jeon Jungkook. He payed attention to his stance. His movements and breathing.

“I’ll for sure win this one Taehyung, make sure not to hurt to much..” he remarked giving a small smirk. He kindly returned the gesture “Don’t get to ahead of yourself Jeon, I always win.”

With that, Taehyung got himself ready once Jungkook ran towards him preparing a hard punch. Once he got to him, Taehyung easily dogded the punch being able to grab Jungkook from the neck, swiftly wrapping his arm around it.

He held him tight, but not enough to almost kill him. Almost. Jungkook tried his best to get out of his hold, but it was of no use.

“Maybe if you ask for mercy now and admit defeat, i’ll gladly let you free.” Tahyung said giving am innocent smile. “H-Hell no..” he said, voice strained. His face began to grow red. “suit yourself then..” Taehyung gave a small shrug, knowing jungkook wouldn’t exactly just stay like that for ever.

All of a sudden, there commander came in the room. Taehyung turned to look at him Jungkook still in his arms. Taehyungs mistake there though was loosening his grip, which to Jungkook was a relief.

“Hey, make sure you too stay focused and practice hard, alright?” There commander said, voice stern. Taehyung gave a soft nod. “Yes, sir” Him and Jungkook said, although Jungkooks voice was small and a little weak at the moment.

“Taehyung, make sure not to kill him okay?” Taehyung looked at Jungkook then back at him. He gave a soft chuckle. “of course sir.” with that, there commander left, and what Taehyung didn’t know was his biggest mistake was, letting his guard down and looseing his grip.

Jungkook elbowed him as hard as he could on the stomach, air leaving Taehyungs body. Karma was a bitch. Jungkook then moved his head to hit Taehyung on the face with the back of it, making Taehyung completely let him go and step back.

Taehyung felt sharp pain, but hes been through worse during all the training they have been through. He soon composed himself quickly as Jungkook went towrads him with another hard punch. Pretty useless at this point. Taehyung doged it, giving Jungkook a punch making him stumble. He then kicked the back of his legs making him fall to the floor.

Taehyung then went down to sit on top of him, pinning his arms down on the floor. He let out a couple of heavy breathes as for Jungkook. “I win.” Taehyung said giving a smile. Jungkook rolled his eyes before giving a small smile. “yeah yeah.” Jungkook said slightly annoyed by the males cockyness. But it was something that just made Taehyung...Taehyung.

“Now can you get off of me? you’re pretty heavy..” The male said beginning to feel discomfort. But Taehyung didn’t move. He starred at the man beaneath him. Taehyung never exactly looked at Jungkook as a friend. Ever sense they met..

“Taehyung?” Jumgkook called out. Taehyung simply starred. Jungkooks sweat glistened. But to Taehyung it simply made him look beautiful. He didn’t know what went over him, but without his consent his body moved on his own.

As he kissed Jungkook softly on the lips.

It felt amazing until he felt a hard punch on his cheek. “what the hell are you doing?!” Jungkook yelled, as he got Taehyung off of him and stood up from the floor, while Taehyung stayed on the floor.

He didn’t look up to look at him. He made a big mistake. he just couldn’t help it. But now it hurt to know that jungkook didn’t feel the same way.

But that wasn’t it.

Jungkook was just shocked. He didn’t exactly know how to react, either way he knew he hurt Taehyung.

Taehyung stood up, still not looking at the man. “im sorry. I shouldn’t have done that...i know it was huge mistake. Just forget-”

he was cut off. By soft lips touching his. Jungkook was kissing him.

“kiss me back idiot..” he muttered against Taehyungs lips. The said man didn’t think twice, as his eyes fluttered shut, placing his hands on Jungkooks hips bringing him closer.

The kiss was slow, deep and passionate. Taehyung soon felt arms around wrap around his neck. it was a while before they both finally pulled away, both breathless. They both smiled at eachother.

But then suddenly Jungkook became serious. “you do know that we can’t be together right?” Taehyungs smile slowly faltered. “oh..” he looked down once again, hands slowly loosing grip from his hips.
“hey..” jungkook moved a hand to lift Taehyungs head, making him look at him.

“I didn’t mean it that way Taehyung..” he smiled again “I mean we can’t be together while we’re here.” he placed his hand on Taehyungs cheek, softly caresing it with his thumb.

“we can get out of here whenever we want you know that right?..on our next break we have the decision to get out. Once we do, we both can live a life together. With the money we’ve earned here, we can live a life just the two of us. With the additon of maybe adding some kids when we’re ready.”

Taehyung smiled brightly, boxy smile showing. he kissed him again before pulling away. “I’d love that.”

There moment was then interrupted when the alarm of the building went off. They both slowly pulled away from eachother as they both grew confused. Then there gaze averted to the door when there commander came running in. The both males went on full alert.

“You two, get yourselves ready right now. We’re under attack!”

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