When You Survive


Sequel to Human Inside! When Kee-Ara, a young human witch with a dark past, became traveling companions with Sesshomaru, where the last story ended, this one will continue, showing just what happened

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

Will Survive

Human Inside part two! Please review, tell me what you think :)

Kee-Ara smiled as the little boy ran towards her, his golden hair blowing around his face. He grinned up at her, his arms outstretched and he trustingly bounded into her arms as soon as he was close enough. He knew that she would be there to catch him.

"Takeshi!" Kee-Ara exclaimed in delight and spun with her little boy, giggling with him as he wrapped his short arms around her neck. He was perfect, every single piece of him. His golden hair that flowed to his shoulders was the perfect mirror image of hers, but that was the only thing he got from her.

The rest he got from his father. The father he had never met. The small pair of perfect white dog ears that peeked out of his golden mane was the most evident trait he had gotten, but his slitted golden eyes that perfectly matched his hair were definitely not from her.

Pushing his bangs out of his eyes Kee-Ara kissed his forehead square on the crescent moon that was set above his warm golden eyes. He giggled as she kissed him and started squirming in her arms just like any other little boy who thought he was growing up and too old to be babied.

"Momma, quit it! You have to come look at what I found!" he told her excitedly slipping out of her arms before taking her hand and dragging her in the direction of the small barn. Kee-Ara followed a bit worried. The last thing he found that he thought was exciting had been a very hungry demon who thought a small half dog demon was the perfect snack.

Tsuki, her faithful horse demon and companion from her childhood, was still with Kee-Ara after the four years since she had given birth to her small half demon child even though she hadn't traveled that much afterward. He had helped on the small farm she had started to support her small family, adamantly not acknowledging the fact that pulling the plow and small wagon they owned was beneath his dignity. He took it in stride and she was more grateful than she could ever express. The local demons and humans came to Kee-Ara for help, she had made her healing and fighting skills known and they had named her there "priestess" ,but she didn't charge them anything, they had done enough just accepting her and her son into their village. It had been rough at first but they had decided that having the skills of someone like her far outweighed their prejudice. That didn't mean she still didn't have to shelter her son from some of the cruelest, but it was far easier than she had hoped.

Kee-Ara smiled down at her son as he led her into the barn and Kee-Ara saw what he had made him so excited. Standing next to Tsuki the demon mare that had been his lady friend about twelve months ago. Kee-Ara's eyes widened in surprise as she saw the small colt at her side. Kee-Ara stared at it in shock. She was pure silver like her father, the color a stunning contrast for the red demonic eyes. The foal was graced with a mane and tail that was as midnight black as her mother's, with its little hooves to match.

"What did you do Tsuki?" Kee-Ara asked her friend teasingly and he shook himself before snorting in surprise. The small demon foal walked up to Takeshi and whiffled at his golden hair. Takeshi giggled before wrapping his arms around the foal's neck and kissing the tip of her fuzzy silver nose.

"Can we keep her, Momma?" Takeshi looked at his mother with pleading eyes not taking his arms from around the small mare's neck. Kee-Ara swung her arm over Tsuki's back and smiled at her son and the small silver foal.

"It's up to her mother," She started and the little boy squealed in delight as the foal neighed happily. Kee-Ara held up one finger and immediately they both stopped and looked at her, "She will be a big responsibility and you have to take care of her." Takeshi started nodding so fast that he might have gotten whiplash, excitement already building in his golden eyes.

Kee-Ara looked into the demon mare's red eyes as she stood next to the door, "Do you want her to stay here?" The little boy held his breath as he looked at the demon mare and Kee-Ara unconsciously did to. She could see how much her little boy had become attached to the little foal and she didn't want to have her taken away.

The mare looked at the little half demon with his arms wrapped around her foal's neck before looking back at Kee-Ara. Staring into Kee-Ara's eyes she nodded slowly. Then she walked up to her foal nuzzled it's small mane and galloped away running so fast she was a blur in the distance before anyone could react, a midnight speck on the horizon before she disappeared out of sight.

"Yorugin you get to stay!" Takeshi yelled excitedly hopping up and down. The little mare reared a little bit whinnying in excitement. Tsuki took becoming an unexpected father in stride and he walked up to affectionately muzzle the small foal. If every father could accept their children so easily Kee-Ara thought wistfully as she looked at her small son.

"Yorugin?" Kee-Ara asked her small son bemused as she realized he had already named her and he grinned at her sheepishly while nodding.

"Night silver. It fits her with her night colored mane and her silver coat. Like her dad, but his name is moon!" The little boy told his mother proudly and she swooped to pick him up. He wasn't quite grown up enough to deny her hugs every now and then and she held him close pressing her face into his soft hair.

"Have I told you how much I love you recently?" She asked him and he rolled his eyes.

"Yesterday. And last night. And this morning." He told her exasperated,and she tickled him in retaliation. He laughed at her showing his slightly sharp canines before hugging her back and whispering softly to her," I love you to Mom."

Kee-Ara felt her heart swell about two times the normal size but then Takeshi had to go and break her perfect moment by wiggling out of her hold. He took off running to his new friend who was already waiting for him excited. But before he left her he tossed her a small sweet smile over his shoulder and Kee-Ara felt her heart twinge. She loved him so much. If only she didn't have to worry about losing him.

She remembered perfectly well the danger he was in. From the father who could never know he existed. She closed her eyes against the pain but it just let her relive the vivid memory in her mind, when she realized she wouldn't have the life she pictured.

She was lying in his arms, happiness and joy spreading through her as she realized she had found her home. Not in a place but in this man who was so vastly different from her and yet completed her in a way she never thought anyone could.

She listened to his breathing, content in knowing that he trusted her enough to rest beside her. That he cared for her enough to show her how he felt, and that he had felt the same way about her. He might even love her. Kee-Ara smiled, and as her joy grew her power flickered inside her, making her literally glow from happiness. She closed her eyes and let the golden power move within her as she studied the connection between them. Maybe it was made for a reason, because they were meant to be. She smiled at the thought but then she noticed her power was circling, not just into their connection or to Tsuki but somewhere else. She was connected to something else. She frowned, confused as she followed it, not outside of her but within her. She gasped as she realized what it was, what was pulsing in her womb. A life.

Her eyes flew open, shock coursing through her. She immediately slammed the connection with Sesshomaru as shut as she could, forcing it closed painfully when it fought her, fear making her stronger as Sesshomaru's words echoed through her head. Tsuki's emotions flooded her as she registered panic and shock silenced him as well.

Sesshomaru stiffened in his sleep and she realized he had felt their connection close. Tears dripped down her face as she laid one hand on his cheek and whispered to him.

"Kesha ra. Kesha ra, nata Risha tren kasha ra frum," she kissed his lips once more, softly before slipping away from him and praying that her spell would work. That he would sleep, and sleep until the sun was ready to sleep again. Because if he woke before she woke she wouldn't be able to leave him. She yanked on her clothes quikly, ignoring the way her hands shook. Her heart broke as every good emotion she had broken, the happiness of the moment before dying as quickly as the future she had thought was in her reach. She wouldn't be able to survive this, she thought sinking to the ground half clothed as sobs threatened to tear her apart. But she looked inside once more, seeing the life that was growing inside her and love filled her. She would survive.

It was her child. Their child, one made of both of them and that made her love it already. And it was the reason she had to leave. Because she could hear the way Sesshomaru talked not only of humans but of half breeds, of inferior filth, of his own brother. Half demons were almost worse to him because they dared claim to be demon. To share his blood. No, Sesshomaru could never know of his child, because if he did he would hate it at the least. And at the most his disgust would not let the child live.

She stopped before she left, turning and snipping just a piece of Sesshomaru's long hair and slid it in her pocket with Tsuki's discarded hair. She was careful not to damage it and the trimmed piece fell back into his hair seamlessly. And so even though she knew leaving would not only tear her apart, but break whatever fragile acceptance of emotions Sesshomaru had displayed she gathered her things and cast another spell. This one to hide her scent from him and so she walked away, already knowing that Tsuki was on his way. Sesshomaru would wake and when he did she would already be gone.

Kee-Ara brushed the tears off of her face, stifling a sob as Tsuki nuzzled her face gently and she felt his love for her and sympathy. She pet his cheek and forced back her tears.

"Mom? Are you ok?" Takeshi called turning back towards her with concern on his small round face, his sweet voice worried about her making her want to cry more but she shoved it away and smiled instead.

She walked towards him and tousled his golden hair between his soft ears before grabbing his hand.

"I'm fine, Leshan," she told him and he smiled sweetly, tightening his hand around hers and she smiled in return when she felt his small claws.

"Let's go see if Yorugin is settling in well," she told him and he grinned, nearly dragging her after his new friend. Kee-Ara followed and watched him whisper into Yorugin's small silver ears with a smile on her face, her heart full of love. They will survive.

I know it's devastating! :D Review and tell me about it! Also, tell me if we need to change Keearmaru's name...

I wasn't sure what to name him, and if ya'll don't like it we'll have a vote. I wanted something that meant balance in Japanese but couldn' find anything I liked... So review!

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